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 Florida’s Ex-Felons Fight For Civil Rights Restoration
                   Under Gov. Scott
                                        Vikki Hankins:

  One Woman’s Fight For Her Civil Rights, One Party’s Quest To Keep Them From Her

        A Defiant Republican Administration Plays Politics With Ex-Felons’ Rights
                           As The Battle For 2012 Rages On

                   also available as a free downloadable eBook starting Nov. 21

[Orlando, FL] From Sunshine Slate comes another hard-hitting feature-length story starring Vikki
Hankins, an ex-felon and overachiever who was a victim of overzealous mandatory sentencing
guidelines and now, is a pawn in the Florida political chess match. Hankins has a degree, a
small business and a strong desire to help others. All she needs is her civil rights back.

But Gov. Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi won’t give them to her, or to the more
than one million ex-felons wanting to be integrated back into our sun-drenched society.

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