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Electric Guitar Lessons - The Hunger Returns

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If your electric guitar is under your bed gasping amongst the dust bunnies, it is not too late to revive it and
give the kiss of life to your electric guitar ambitions.

electric guitar lessons

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Do you have an electric guitar under your bed silently reminding you of a dream which is for the moment,
buried? Did you fantasize about fame and female attention or was your dream about the music? Did you
believe you could make a lot of progress in your musical education without much effort? Maybe you even
spent a little too much money on your first electric guitar, hoping it would somehow fast track the learning

Well the guitar by itself isn't really much help. The most effective input has to be from you, the aspiring
guitar player.

But wait a minute! It was you who put the guitar under the bed, leaving it alone and wondering what it had
done to incur your displeasure. What happened there? Why did you bury your dream? Did the fame and
female attention arrive by some other route? Well obviously they weren't what you expected or you wouldn't
be reading this. I think the issue is that you just need to look a little more closely at the process of learning
the guitar.

The most obvious things to look at are firstly, did you give yourself enough time and space to practice, and
were the guitar lessons you tried really suited to your needs?

If you live in a busy household you are going to have to fight for time and space. Your family or house
mates may be willing to cut you some slack at first but the time will come when you pick up your guitar you
will hear groaning noises from the people who a short time ago were so encouraging. You are going to need
to examine your day. The hours you spend working or studying. The time you need for household chores.
Are there TV programs you just can't do without? You need to include those. If you practice in the living
room you need to do it when other people aren't using the area. You get the idea. If you end up with much
less time to devote to guitar lessons than you thought you had, don't give up. Just use the time you have
available. As your guitar playing progresses you will begin to make more time for yourself.

So what kind of guitar lessons do you feel you could derive the most benefit from? The fact is learning to
play the guitar will flow much more smoothly if you feel comfortable and receptive. So give some
consideration to what works best for you.

So let's look at the simplest solution - buy a guitar lesson book. Too simple? It might be all you need. Some
people can't do without the input of a face to face teacher or the experience of seeing their guitar lessons on
video, but there are many people who do quite well with printed instructions and music.

If you need a more intense experience, but you have a live guitar teacher near where you live then give
online electric guitar lessons a shot. With online lessons, you just sit in your room and absorb the teacher's
instructions, and then do your practice. No time wasted travelling to your teacher, and no putting up with a
teacher you do not care for!

Some people do better without a teacher standing over them, encouraging them to play it until they get it
right. Online electric guitar lessons are more student-friendly in this respect. You can approach any
obstacles in your own individual way, in your own sweet time.

One of the most outstanding advantages of online electric guitar lessons compared to tuition with a live
teacher is the expense. You can get even the very best lessons on the internet for a fraction of what you
would pay your local guitar teacher!

You can also buy your guitar lessons in video format. Video lessons are available for students of all genres
of guitar music whether they be beginners or advanced students. With videos you can review your lessons as
many times as you want, and even if you lose your enthusiasm for learning the guitar, your video lessons
will be waiting for you when your muse returns.

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