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Dear Colleague_ by wuzhenguang


									Dear Colleague,

In 2010, MALAS crowned its 60th anniversary with a highly-successful annual
conference held in St. Louis, Missouri, held within sight of the famous archway
landmark and under the heading "60 Years as a Gateway to the Americas."

Under the dynamic leadership of Jennifer Holmes, MALAS made both an
aggressive effort to increase membership and to again pair with the regional
International Studies Association (ISA) to make our 60th gala a truly memorable

As you know, for MALAS, the definition of Midwest is expansive, reaching from
Utah to Connecticut and from Texas to Minnesota. Last year, participants
included many international scholars and practitioners from around the Western
Hemisphere, as well as Europe. Winning, it has been said, is a group effort, and
the special mix of camaraderie and scholarship we achieved in St. Louis was no

A fraternal as well as scholarly association, MALAS is again reaching out in
search of participation from new colleagues, including both undergraduate and
graduate students.

MALAS owes special thanks to many for the success of the 2010 conference, but
especially so to Jennifer, Jaime Torres, Orlando Perez, Richard Millett, Sheila
Amin Gutiérrez de Piñeres, Guillermo A. Rodríguez and Thomas Shannon Stiles,
as well as to Carolyn Shaw and our other friends at ISA.

This year's conference, to be held November 17-19, promises to be no less

In addition to taking advantage of our keeping up the drumbeat in search of new
members, especially young scholars, we hope to be able to take full use of the
wonderful hospitality promised by the University of Oklahoma in Norman,

We are particularly fortunate to have as our hosts President David L. Boren (the
longest- serving chairman of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
and the current co-chair of the U.S President's Intelligence Advisory Board) and
the College of International Studies and its Conoco-Phillips Professor of Latin
American Studies, Dr. Alan McPherson.

A special treat for any Latin Americanist is the fact that another of our conference
hosts is none other than Ambassador (ret.) Ed Corr, one of the most respected
U.S. diplomats serving in Latin America in recent memory. Former MALAS
President John T. Fishel is working with Ambassador Corr in making the event in
Norman truly memorable.
Below you will find our 2011 call for papers.

This year's preregistration and membership forms will be posted soon on our
Web site (which is currently undergoing renovation).

¡Hasta pronto!

Martin Edwin "Mick" Andersen
President, MALAS 2011

                          MALAS Call for Papers 2011

MALAS is interdisciplinary and welcomes papers on a variety of Latin
American topics. In addition to the suggested disciplines listed below, because
2011 is the 50th anniversary of the founding of the U.S. Peace Corps, we are also
adding to our call scholarly pieces focusing that institution as well.

Political Change
Democratic Processes
Natural Resources
Environmental Studies
International Relations
Sustainable Development
Free Trade Agreements
Gender Roles
Culture and Identity
Economic Crisis
History & Landscape
Migration Topics
Indigenous and Afro-Latino Peoples
New Technologies
Social Justice
Human Rights
Country Studies
Economic Integration
Caribbean Topics

Other paper topics welcome!
Student Paper Sessions & Prizes

                             Proposal Deadline:
                                   August 15, 2011

Please send by email title of paper, 150 word abstract and contact information
             (name, affiliation, address, phone, and email) to:
   (For information on papers also please write to us at:

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