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									Skillbuilder Practice – create on pg. ________
Comparing and contrasting involves examining the similarities and differences of two or more things.
During the first part of the 19th century, two ways of thinking—nationalism and sectionalism—affected the
development of the United States. Read the passages below. Then create a Venn diagram to compare and
contrast nationalism and sectionalism. Create a ‘Both’ section in the middle, to show any similarities between
them. Each section must have a minimum of 2 well-written responses.

Nationalism is a feeling of pride, loyalty, and protectiveness toward one’s country. Nationalism, though,
has not always existed. Before nationalism, people tended to be loyal to groups or leaders but not to a
particular country. In the 1800s, nationalism became important in the United States. The young United
States relied on a growing nationalistic spirit among its people to pull the nation together. This feeling of
unity ultimately helped the new nation build its economy. The positive effects of nationalism include a
sense of belonging and pride in one’s country. However, nationalism can have negative effects, such as
tension between countries, military conquest, and even racial problems.

Sectionalism is loyalty to the interests of one’s own region or section of the country, rather than to the
nation as a whole. Sectionalism usually refers to feelings that developed in the United States during the
1800s, mainly between the North and the South. Sectionalism was caused mostly by geographic
differences. Southerners found that the soil and the warm climate promoted the growth of such crops as
tobacco, cotton, and sugar. Such agricultural work required a large labor force. Southerners mainly used
slave labor for this labor force. In the North, the cooler climate and rockier soil prevented the
development of large farms. The Northern economy was based more on trade and industry. The
Northeast became the country’s industrial hub, while the South developed into the nation’s most
agricultural section. Sectionalism caused problems because people focused only on their region and failed
to see how their actions and views affected the country as a whole.

Summarizing: Below the Diagram, write a 6-8 sentence essay summarizing the message of the Monroe
Doctrine and the events that led President Monroe to issue it. Both the essay and Diagram must be
typed as part of your efforts to receive extra credit.
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