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					What Constitutes a Marketing Job?

So you want to build a career in Marketing?

Marketing jobs involves a very broad field in which many different tasks
might be required of you, depending on the company and what they decide
is included in the marketing department of their business. It's closely
intertwined with almost all departments of a business, and heavily
involves customers more than any other department.

In general, it involves understanding the needs and wants of customers,
and finding ways to provide a service or product to them, based on their
needs. It requires you to identify customers' needs, anticipate when and
how they will need it, and then providing them with the supply when they
do need it. But ultimately, marketing jobs entail providing customers
with what they need in order to make a profit for the company. Marketing
and sales jobs produce revenue from the products that the company makes.
In other words, they create the customers for the company.

They can vary so much because they consist of almost all activities
needed in order to get a product off the drawing board, into the public,
and into the hands of customers.

Professor Neil Borden of Harvard University identified what is known as
the "Marketing Mix" consisting of four elements: Product, Pricing,
Placement, and Promotion. Some marketing jobs are in research, figuring
out what is desirable to customers (Product). Another dimension to
marketing involves pricing strategies, and setting a price that makes it
appealing to the customer due to cost and function that is expressed to
them through advertising efforts (Pricing). Other jobs involve deciding
which channels to utilize the get the already price product out to
market, be it retail, wholesale, mail-order only, or online (Placement).
Finally, there are jobs in which you are solely responsible for the
promotion of a product, using tools such as public relations, advertising
and "marcom" or marketing communications to enable people to know about a
product that has been produced, priced, placed and now available.

But with marketing jobs needing to focus on the customers' needs, some
state that the Marketing Mix above is inside-out, with companies needing
to build a product that customers want, not the other way around.

To further complicate the already muddied clarification of marketing,
there are many more specialty areas under this field. With the advent of
social media, social media marketing jobs are in high demand. There's
global, international, political, product, direct, database, and
nowadays, mobile marketing jobs which are very popular with the mobile
applications leading modern technology. With the latest boom of search
engines, scrapers, and spiders for search engines, Search Engine
Marketing is also a very popular position within this field.

Having a successful career in marketing, therefore, involves a tremendous
amount of knowledge and experience in various facets of business. For one
job, you may be involved in product creation and development where a
company has found a need in "society" (customers) and is performing all
research and development (R&D) in order to bring the product to life.
For another, you may be involved in brainstorming how to take a product
that already exists to market, by researching which stores to place your
product in, which to leave it out of, which channels to use (Internet?
Wholesale? Direct mail? Retail?), and which to avoid for your particular
product. Marketing jobs must associate with all other departments in the
company, including business development, research and development, sales,
and customer service in order to complete many assigned tasks.

While it may be the most ambiguous division in a company, having a
marketing position enables one to gain a very broad range of experiences
and will open the door to many other positions in your career.

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