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					CS-214                                                                                     1. Position Code
REV 8/2007
                                                        State of Michigan                 PROPATRE
                                                    Civil Service Commission                 PROPATRE
                                                Capitol Commons Center, P.O. Box 30002
                                                          Lansing, MI 48909
Federal privacy laws and/or state
confidentiality requirements protect            POSITIO N DESCRI PT ION
a portion of this information.

This form is to be completed by the person that occupies the position being described and reviewed by the
supervisor and appointing authority to ensure its accuracy. It is important that each of the parties sign and
date the form. If the position is vacant, the supervisor and appointing authority should complete the form.
This form will serve as the official classification document of record for this position. Please take the time to
complete this form as accurately as you can since the information in this form is used to determine the proper
  2. Employee’s Name (Last, First, M.I.)                              8. Department/Agency
      Vacant                                                             Military & Veterans Affairs/5101

  3. Employee Identification Number                                   9. Bureau (Institution, Board, or Commission)
                                                                         Michigan Air National Guard

  4. Civil Service Classification of Position                       10. Division
      Departmental Technician 7                                          Selfridge Air National Guard Base

  5. Working Title of Position (What the agency titles the          11. Section
     position)                                                           127 Wing Civil Engineer

  6. Name and Classification of Direct Supervisor                   12. Unit
      Mark Earl (GS-11, CE Resources Officer)                            Resources/Real Property

  7. Name and Classification of Next Higher Level Supervisor        13. Work Location (City and Address)/Hours of Work
      Major Todd Rupright (T-32 AGR ,/GS-13)                             28890 Selfridge Ave, Bldg 124, Selfridge ANG Base, MI
                                                                         7:30 AM – 4:00 PM, Monday - Friday
14. General Summary of Function/Purpose of Position
      This position is the entry level. The employee works in a learning capacity performing a range of departmental technician
      assignments under close supervision. The employee assists in the management and utilization of all existing real property,
      and use rights as required, and disposal of excess property.

For Civil Service Use Only

                                                               Page 1
15. Please describe your assigned duties, percent of time spent performing each duty, and explain what is done
    to complete each duty.
    List your duties in the order of importance, from most important to least important. The total percentage
    of all duties performed must equal 100 percent.
Duty 1
General Summary of Duty 1                      % of Time 60
In a training capacity, assists the Federal Realty Specialist in the Base real estate/property management activities.

Individual tasks related to the duty.
 Researches and interprets legal documents, such as deed and abstracts of title.
 Maintains a working knowledge of the work unit to advise and respond to inquiries regarding real property and space
 Participates in site selection surveys and assists in obtaining rights of entry.
 Arranges for temporary use rights of government or private property and the renewal of extensions of leases, licenses, or
    permits as required.
 Provides real property statistics and recommendations concerning the utilization, development and disposal programs of real
 Coordinates and works closely with the Corp of Engineers in the amendment of existing ANG leases, licenses, and other legal
    instruments, the out granting of property of other users, and any encroachment actions.
 Provides information to prospective grantees. Coordinates with other professionals including government officials.
 Proposes revisions in procedures and designs new forms and procedures.
 Conducts facility inventories to do space utilization and allocation reports.

Duty 2
General Summary of Duty 2                  % of Time 20
In a training capacity, management and maintenance of real property records.

Individual tasks related to the duty.
 Assists in maintaining a quantitative and monetary capital asset account.
 Monitors all programming documents, work orders, contracts, to ensure all changes affecting real estate records are reflected.
 Prepares and maintains the auditable real estate/property accounts in accordance with applicable federal/state regulations.
 Works closely with government service agencies in all land excess actions.
 Provides counsel and advice to other government and municipal officials, private citizens, and others interested in Air
    National Guard real estate acquisitions, use, or disposal.
 Ensures continued use of land and/or facilities that are required for government construction or on which government
    improvements have been placed.
 Performs studies for use of land.
 Provides staff assistance.

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Duty 3
General Summary of Duty 3                      % of Time 10
In a training capacity, learns space allocation/utilization by Base Tenants and compliance with Guard Bureau’s regulation
activities and performs applicable assignments.

Individual tasks related to the duty.
 Conducts studies on continuous space use to ensure full and efficient use of all building space.
 Reviews and evaluates documents regarding space for compatibility of use, allowable criteria, and cost of any changes.
 Prepares and processes Declaration of Excess and/or the proposed facility disposal actions or real estate, including land and/or
 Screens the excess property with other military services, federal/state agencies, and others, to afford transfer opportunities
    where feasible.
 Surveys and analyzes building conditions, determination of retention of easement of recapture rights, restoration cost (if lease
    property), and for recommended method of disposal.

Duty 4
General Summary of Duty 4                     % of Time 10
In a training capacity, performs related work as assigned.

Individual tasks related to the duty.
 Conducts surveys of facilities out granted (Inter/Intra – Service Agreements) to tenant organizations or private concerns to
    determine that conditions and terms under which the out grant was executed are being complied with and where discrepancies
    are found.
 Conducts surveys and compliance inspections of Base boundaries to ensure that acts of encroachment have not occurred.
 Coordinates and works closely with the work unit’s Federal Realty Specialist and the Corp of Engineers in the amendment of
    existing ANG leases, licenses, and other legal instruments, the out granting of property of other users, and any encroachment
 Develops information to identify, inventory, protect, and nominate for listing of the National Register of Historic Places,
    existing properties that are considered to be of historic significance.
 Participates in team initiatives, process improvement/action teams.

                                                             Page 3
Duty 5
General Summary of Duty 5               % of Time

Individual tasks related to the duty.

Duty 6
General Summary of Duty 6               % of Time

Individual tasks related to the duty.

                                                    Page 4
16. Describe the types of decisions you make independently in your position and tell who and/or what is affected by those decisions.
    Use additional sheets, if necessary.
      Working closely with the Federal Realty Specialist, decisions include the use of applicable regulation to a particular real
      property assignment and what reporting methods to use. Decisions are required to validate the relief sought. These decisions
      affect the overall management of the real estate/property program.

17. Describe the types of decisions that require your supervisor’s review.
      Decisions include the overall planning, direction, and timely execution of program activities. Sets milestones for
      accomplishing program goals.

18. What kind of physical effort do you use in your position? What environmental conditions are you physically exposed to in your
    position? Indicate the amount of time and intensity of each activity and condition. Refer to instructions on page 2.
      Considerable amount of walking is required on a daily basis. However, there may be some bending, standing while
      inspecting land and building space, or transporting of light objects such as floor plans and contract folders. Also, there are
      some periods of sitting. There is some travel away from the normal duty worksite that includes overnight stays. Daily stair
      The work is usually performed in an office setting. However, there may be occasional exposure to risks when the employee
      makes on-site inspections of properties, particularly undeveloped property or property under construction.

19. List the names and classification titles of classified employees whom you immediately supervise or oversee on a full-time, on-going
    basis. (If more than 10, list only classification titles and the number of employees in each classification.)

            NAME                          CLASS TITLE                            NAME                             CLASS TITLE

20. My responsibility for the above-listed employees includes the following (check as many as apply):

          Complete and sign service ratings.                             Assign work.
          Provide formal written counseling.                             Approve work.
          Approve leave requests.                                        Review work.
          Approve time and attendance.                                   Provide guidance on work methods.
          Orally reprimand.                                              Train employees in the work.

21.   I certify that the above answers are my own and are accurate and complete.

                                    Signature                                                              Date

                                    NOTE: Make a copy of this form for your records.
                                                                Page 5
                                        TO BE COMPLETED BY DIRECT SUPERVISOR
22. Do you agree with the responses from the employee for Items 1 through 20? If not, which items do you disagree with and why?

Not applicable, new PD (entry level).

23. What are the essential duties of this position?
      Manage Day-to Day Operations
      Communication
      Review, Evaluation, and Maintenance of Records
      Reporting
     This list of duties and responsibilities is not inclusive and the DMVA reserves the right to assign additional duties and
     responsibilities as required.

24. Indicate specifically how the position’s duties and responsibilities have changed since the position was last reviewed.

     Not Applicable

25. What is the function of the work area and how does this position fit into that function?
     The function of the work area is to administer the Base real property program. This position fits into this function as a para-
     professional in support of Base programs, services, and activities.

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26. In your opinion, what are the minimum education and experience qualifications needed to perform the essential functions of this

      Possession of a high school diploma or a GED certificate.

      One year of experience performing 7-level administrative support activities.

      Some knowledge of federal, state, and municipal laws governing real property and departmental/ANG/NGB regulations,
      practices, methods, and procedures. Some knowledge of the techniques of interviewing and obtaining information. Some
      knowledge of the techniques of using reference materials and organizing data for reports. Some knowledge of organizations,
      work flow, staffing, forms, and procedures. Ability to interpret and apply complex laws, rules, and regulations. Ability to
      abstract and present significant facts from data. Ability to information sessions. Ability to analyze data and operations and
      make recommendations for change. Ability to travel, communicate effectively, maintain favorable public relations, and
      maintain records and prepare reports/correspondence related to the work.
U.S. Government Secret Security Clearance and US Air Force Motor Vehicle Operator Identification Card (must maintain a valid
Michigan Driver License)

NOTE: Civil Service approval of this position does not constitute agreement with or acceptance of the desirable qualifications for this position.
27.   I certify that the information presented in this position description provides a complete and accurate depiction
      of the duties and responsibilities assigned to this position.

                                Supervisor’s Signature                                                                 Date
                                  TO BE FILLED OUT BY APPOINTING AUTHORITY
28. Indicate any exceptions or additions to the statements of the employee(s) or supervisor.

29. I certify that the entries on these pages are accurate and complete.

                         Appointing Authority’s Signature                                                              Date

                                                                        Page 7

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