COMMERCIAL RENTAL APPLICATION
                                                     (SUBJECT TO OWNER APPROVAL)

NAME OF APPLICANT: _____________________________________ DATE OF BIRTH: ____________________

HOME PHONE: _________________ CELL PHONE: _________________ WORK PHONE: ___________________

EMAIL ADDRESS: ___________________________

PRESENT HOME ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________________________

CITY STATE ZIP: _________________________________________________________________________________

COMPANY NAME: ________________________________________________________________________________

BUSINESS ADDRESS (CURRENT): __________________________________________________________________

CITY STATE ZIP: _________________________________________________________________________________

PHONE NUMBER: ______________________________ WEB ADDRESS: ___________________________________

NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: ______________________ TYPE OF BUSINESS: _______________________________

CURRENT BUSINESS LANDLORD: _________________________________________________________________

COMPLETE ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________________________

PHONE NUMBER: ___________________________ DATES OCCUPIED: ___________________________________

BANK REFERENCE: _______________________________ BANK ADDRESS: _______________________________

CITY STATE ZIP: __________________________________________________________________________________

TYPE OF ACCOUNT: ____________________________________

VEHICLE MAKE/MODEL: _______________________ TAG NUMBER: _________________________

VEHICLE MAKE/MODEL: _______________________ TAG NUMBER: _________________________

LEASE START DATE: _________________________ LEASE END DATE: __________________________________

BASE RENT PER MONTH: __________ LAST MONTH RENT: _____________SECURITY DEP: _______________

DEPOSIT: ______________________ BALANCE DUE UPON ACCEPTANCE: _______________________________

TELL US HOW YOU HEARD ABOUT US: _____________________________________________________________

Base rent and Other Monthly Charges are due and payable on the first day of each month in advance. This rental application allows First
Orange Realty on behalf of JPFD Investment Corporation to verify all information provided by the applicant. The verification does not
include obtaining a consumer credit report on the applicant. The signature below represents that all information stated in this application is
true. If any statement herein is made not true, First Orange Realty on behalf of JPFD Investment Corporation reserves the right to terminate
any current or future lease with the applicant. All commercial spaces are rented in “as is” condition unless repairs or improvements have
been previously requested and agreed upon by First Orange Realty on behalf of JPFD Investment Corporation.

Signature _________________________________________ Date _____________________________________

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