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									Rishma Shetty
SAP BW Consultant

 Technically sophisticated and business-savvy IT Professional with proven expertise in a career spanning
  for six years.
 This includes around three years of extensive experience in SAP BW on Administrator Workbench
  (Data Modeling, Extraction and Reporting).
 Involved in one full life cycle implementation of SAP BW.
 Ability to maintain focus on achieving bottom-line results.
 Thorough understanding of BW architecture including the design of custom InfoCubes and ODS.
 Excellent team member with an ability to perform, open to new ideas and concepts, ability to learn quickly
  and a team builder.

BW Expertise Overview:

   SAP BW Operations - Extensive knowledge in Design/Implementation, Data Load Management,
    Process Chain and Reporting.
   Data Modeling - Excellent knowledge in MDM, extended star schema including InfoCube design,
    ODS design, InfoObjects, InfoSources, Transfer/Update rules.
   Extractions - Data extraction from R/3 systems using LO COCKPIT, LIS and CO-PA, Generic
    DataSources as well as non R/3 systems such as Flat Files.
   Customizations - Enhancement of Business Content data structures of Logistics Cockpit configuration
    and customization, update/transfer rules creation. Used ABAP to enhance datasources.
   Business Contents - Expertise in analyzing and activating appropriate Business Contents for the
   Performance Tuning - Evaluated statistical performance and suggested recommendations to basis
    support for optimization. Improved data load and query performance using compression, aggregates and
   BW Reporting - Worked extensively in BEx Analyzer in building Queries and saving it in Workbooks.
    Sound knowledge of Web Reporting using variables, calculated key figures, restricted key figures,
    RRI and filtering of data.
   Data staging - Proficient in using ODS and Persistent Staging Area before transferring data to the
   Process Chain - Proficient in Process Chain to load data into an InfoCube.

Technical Skill Set:
      SAP Technologies        SAP-BW (3.5, 3.1), SAP R/3 (4.6C, 4.7)
      SAP Modules             SD (LO), MM, FI-CO (CO-PA)
      Platforms               Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP/98, UNIX (V), DOS
      Languages               C, C++, Java
      Reporting Tools         Business Explorer (BEx), Oracle Discoverer 9i Rel2
      Databases               Oracle - 9i, MS Access, MS-SQL Server
      Software Suites         MS Office 2000/XP, PhotoShop (7.0), Erwin,
                              Dreamweaver MX, FrontPage 2000
      Web Technologies        ASP, JavaScript, VBscript, HTML, Visual Basic 6.0
Professional Experience:
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Client: ExxonMobil - Fairfax, VA                                                          Aug’05 – Aug’06
Role: SAP BW Consultant
Description: ExxonMobil Corporation is an industry leader in almost every aspect of the energy and
petrochemical business. It became world’s no.1 corporation by dominating the energy sector while drawing a
record net profit of $36 billion dollars last year. The goal of the project was to support SAP BW system
functionalities at the company. I was associated with extraction of Sales and Purchasing data of global
territories (Europe & South America) and generated reports on sourcing data.

Environment: SAP BW 3.5, SAP R/3 4.7, SD, MM, CO, BEx Analyzer/Browser, HTML, Windows 2000

       Maintained custom Sales and Purchasing InfoCubes, Aggregates, ODS objects, InfoSources
         (InfoPackages), and DataSources.
       Specified update and transfer rules as per InfoCube, ODS or DataSource requirement.
       Performed performance tuning for InfoCubes. Functionalities included partitioning (Profitability
         InfoCube) and compression (Sales InfoCube).
       Enhanced Business Content DataSource from LIS purchasing data.
       Performed Delta Management of transaction data.
       Involved in the process of Harmonization of Cost Center data key.
       Extracted logistical data (Purchasing and Sales) from LIS as per requirements.
       Extracted logistical data (Sales Order, Sales Delivery and Sales Billing) from LO-Cockpit as
         per requirements.
       Defined database storage parameters for developmental of InfoCubes and ODS.
       Extensive experience in automation of BW processes through process chains.
       Analyzed data requirements and translated these requirements into BEx queries.
       Designed Global Structures to incorporate query requirements.
       Generated reports as per reporting requirements. Reports included Sales Order, Sales Delivery,
         and Sales Billing reports.
       Stored Sales reports into workbooks.
       Published reports in the web as per requirements.

Client: GMAC - Detroit, MI                                                                 Oct’04 – Jul’05
Role: SAP BW Developer

Description: General Motors Acceptance Co. is the financing and insurance arm of GM. GMAC financing
includes automotive financing, commercial finance, insurance and mortgage products and real estate services.
I was involved in data modeling, extraction of data from R/3 and also in BEx reporting.

Environment: SAP BW 3.1, SAP R/3 4.6C, SD, BEx Analyzer, AWB, Windows 2000

       Created customized InfoCubes based on the client requirements with appropriate update rules.
       Analyzed data requirements and translated these requirements into InfoCubes.
       Installed and extended standard Business Content based on client requirements for enhancing
         DataSources for transaction data and master data.

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          Created InfoObjects, InfoSources, Data targets, InfoPackages, InfoCubes and Data
           Sources to load master and transactional data from SAP R/3 system into BW system.
          Developed logical data model based on business requirements in order to determine the
           completeness of the information and process components (e.g., MDM, Data Flow Diagram,
           Entity Relationship Models).
          Generated data sources in R/3, activated InfoSources, transfer of master data to characteristics
           and transaction data from R/3 systems to Infocubes in BW.
          Enhanced extractors related to SD module.
          Experienced in extract structures using Logistics Cockpit- (LO Cockpit), which includes the
           functionality as maintaining the extract structures, maintaining DataSources, activating updates
           and controlling V3 updates.
          Worked extensively on Administration Workbench and managed and monitored data loads with
           full update and Delta Mechanism.
          Worked on BEx analyzer/browser. Developed flexible queries using filters, navigational attributes
           in BEx to facilitate data analysis in a drill down or summarized way to give granularity to the

Client: Schering-Plough Corporation - Kenilworth, NJ                                       Dec’03 – Sep’04
Role: SAP BW Consultant / Analyst

Description: Schering-Plough provides an innovative, science-based medicines and services which improves
the health and well-being of people. The goal of the project was to design, implement, extract and report on
sourcing data at regular intervals from diverse systems in the Schering-Plough technical landscape.

Environment: SAP BW 3.1, SAP R/3 4.6C, SD, FI-CO, Business Explorer, Oracle 9i, Windows 2000/NT

       Involved in complete life cycle implementation of SAP BW.
       Maintained the liaison among the business analysts and the IT team to gather the requirements for
         SD data modeling.
       Designed and maintained Sales InfoCubes, ODS, InfoObjects, InfoSources and DataSources.
       Enhanced Business Content DataSources as per requirements.
       Extracted Sales data using Logistics Cockpit (LO Cockpit) while maintaining V3 update.
       Specified update and transfer rules as per InfoCube, ODS or DataSource requirement.
       Performed Delta Management of transaction data.
       Loaded data using ODS and PSA before transferring consolidated data to the InfoCube.
       Extensively worked on automation of BW processes through process chains.
       Fixed the load failures by integrating email alerts in the process chains.
       Used tools like BW statistics for analyzing and optimizing the processes in BW.
       Performed performance tuning for InfoCubes. Functionalities included partitioning (Profitability
         InfoCube), maintenance of aggregates.
       Developed MultiProviders to generate reports.
       Generated reports on InfoCubes and ODS objects for Sales Order, Sales Billing and Sales
         Delivery data.
       Created Queries by assigning restricted key figures, exceptions, conditions and defined
         variables to set parameters for the query.

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          Generated General Ledger reports to monitor daily transaction activities.
          Created documentations for the end users.

Client: DuPont - Wilmington, DE                                                              Apr’03 – Dec’03
Role: SAP BW Consultant/Reporting

Description: DuPont offers a wide range of innovative products and services for markets including
agriculture, nutrition, electronics, communications, safety and protection, home and construction,
transportation and apparel. I was a part of the team in the manufacturing division. The project was to extract
sourcing data at regular intervals from diverse and heterogeneous order and invoicing systems scattered
across the DuPont technical landscape. I was required to create front-end reports using BEx for SD, and FI-
CO modules. Reports that were generated included General Ledger, Sales Order, Sales Billing and Sales
Delivery reports.

Environment: SAP BW 3.1, SAP R/3 4.6C, SD, FI-CO, BEx Analyzer, Windows NT

       Involved in gathering business requirements from users.
       Analyzed data requirements and translated these requirements into BEx queries.
       Designed Global Structures to incorporate query requirements.
       Assigned restricted key figures, exceptions, conditions and defined variables to set
         parameters for the query.
       Used Report/Report Interface to jump between the queries for efficient analysis of data.
       Extensively worked on query designer for building queries on SD and FI-CO InfoCubes.
       Generated Sales Orders, Sales Billing, and Sales Delivery forecasting reports for SD module.
       Created report for Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) based on the fiscal year.
       Generated General Ledger (Daily Transactions) forecasting reports in FI-CO module.

Non SAP Experience:
Client: Emerson Electric – St. Louis, MO                                                     Jan’02 – Feb’03
Role: Information Analyst

Description: Emerson makes a host of electrical, electromechanical, and electronic products, many of which
are used to control gases, liquids, and electricity. Emerson has five primary segments: process management,
appliance and tools, climate technologies, industrial automation and network power. I was part of the Sales /
Marketing team where I took care all of their IT requirements, which included hardware needs and web site
maintenance. I also worked in close association with the DBA to load flat files into the data warehouse and
created customized reports in Oracle according to the user’s requirement.

Environment: Oracle 9i Database, Oracle Discoverer 9i Rel2, SQL, Access 2000, Excel 2000,
Photoshop and Front Page 2000

       Reconciliation of sales data for Application Motors and finding discrepancies between Oracle
         Apps and Data Warehouse system.
       Load historic sales data for Appliance Motors division into the Data Warehouse.

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          Coordinating jobs and activities among various divisions.
          Documentation of various load processes.
          Fully implement the report security structure and make the agreed upon list of reports
           available to users.
          Maintaining and supporting the existing intranet site and layout.
          Supporting the existing BAR application and Asia Intranet Database.
          Supporting the hardware and maintenance needs of the organization.

Client: CitiMortgage – St. Louis, MO                                                       Jul’01 – Dec’01
Role: Web Developer

Description: As a member of Citigroup, CitiMortgage focuses on providing the highest quality mortgage
products as part of an expansive portfolio of financial services that includes banking, insurance, asset
management, credit cards, and much more. I designed an intranet website for their Architecture and Strategy

Environment: HTML, Front Page, Photoshop, Java Script and Java Struts

       Create intranet website for Architecture and Strategy team to improve internal communication.
       Communicated with a team of approximately fifteen and utilized HTML, Photoshop,
         JavaScript and Java Struts.

Client: Webster University – St. Louis, MO                                                    Jan’01 – Jul’01
Role: Web Developer

Description: Worked as a web developer for the career services department at my university, where I
maintained and updated their website and also catered to all their database needs.

Environment: Dreamweaver MX, FrontPage 2000, MS Access 2000, HTML

       Maintain and update the career services website using Dreamweaver MX.
       Create extensive databases using Access to record and organize information for all events and
       Confer with professional staff to ensure clarity on all projects and provide customer service to
         patron as necessaried.

Client: Asteroid Solutions – Mumbai, India                                                  Sep’99 – Oct’00
Role: Jr. Web Developer

Description: Asteroid Solutions is a comprehensive solution provider specializing in software development,
web designing, web development and marketing. They provide a complete package of services for internet
and business development and IT Consultancy services.
Environment: Dreamweaver, HTML, Photoshop, JavaScript

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       Worked on various projects for different clients as a Jr. Web Developer.
       Clients were a mix of different business groups from restaurants to ad-agencies etc.
       Generated weekly reports on the projects and presented to the manager.


          MBA, Emphasis in Information Management, Webster University – St. Louis, MO

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