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					                                      RISK ASSESSMENT FORM

School /

Risk Assessment
                                                         th                                   th
Site          Eg Nant BH              Date of Last     26 May 2009        Date of New        30 June 2010
Location      Abseil                  Assessment                          Assessment

Activity /     Abseiling

Leader        As in Activity Guidelines                 Qualifications    As in Activity Guidelines

How to Use this Form
1. Identify potential hazards e.g. walking on roads, sunburn, getting lost, travelling by
2. Identify those at risk e.g. pupils, students, leaders and other adults.
3. Identify potential outcome and its likelihood and give numerical value. Multiply your
   two values to arrive at your risk rating.
4. Where the risk is medium or high, either identify over-leaf the action required to reduce
   the risk or do not proceed with the activity.
 Hazards Identified
 (Note: Any serious
                        Person/s           Potential        Likelihood/
    and imminent                                                               Risk Rating         Risk L/M/H
                         at Risk           Outcome          Probability
  danger will need
  procedure, etc.)
1 Transport to the     L/OA/PS/I/PV    5                1                  5                  L
2 Slips, trips and     PS              2                3                  6                  M
cuts on sharp
3 Major rockfall       L/OA/PS/I/PV    5                1                  5                  L
4 Minor rockfall       L/OA/PS/I/PV    3                2                  6                  M
5 Falls from the top   PS              5                1                  5                  L
due to failure to
follow safety
6 Falls when           PS              5                1                  5                  L
students are at the
bottom or walking
7 Slips, swings and    L/OA/PS         1                3                  3                  L
8 Equipment failure    L/OA/PS         5                Less than 1        5                  L
9 Stranger danger      PS              5                1                  5                  L
10 Finger, hair,       L/OA/PS         1                2                  2                  L
helmet strap or
clothing trapped in
      Persons at Risk                      Potential Outcome           Numerical Value
L       Leader                   Minor injury                                1
OA      Other Adults             Injury needing medical attention            2
PS      Pupils/Students          Injury - off work / school                  3
I       Instructor               Serious injury / long term sickness         4
PV      Public/Visitor           Fatality                                    5

Risk Rating                      Likelihood / Probability              Numerical Value
1-5       Low                    Unlikely                                     1
6-12      Medium                 Low possibility                              2
12+       High                   Possible                                     3
                                 Probable                                     4
                                 Near Certainty                               5

Risk Assessment Action Plan: to be completed in the event of the initial assessment
resulting in medium/high risk.

 Activity/Situation/Hazard          Action Required                          Target Date
Slips, trips and cuts on      Careful briefing and group               Ongoing
sharp rocks                   management
Minor rockfall                Suitable site selected. Helmets          Ongoing
                              worn. Careful briefing and
                              group management

Assessment and Action Plan prepared by_______AV and colleagues_________

Date_30th June 2010________

Next Assessment Due__June 2011___

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