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					Mobile Payments:
USA Market Analysis

                      October 2011
Payments have been evolving for thousands of years. From the age-old bartering system, to cash, to check to
electronic forms of payments, people have found innovative and more efficient ways to make a payment. This
evolution has resulted in a significant shift in the current mix of consumer payments: from primarily paper-
based (cash or check) to increasingly electronic (e.g. credit, debit and pre-paid) payment methods. The rate of
change and the movement to electronic payments has been accelerated by the explosive growth of payments
being made in non face-to-face transactions.

Billed as the future of banking, the value of financial transactions carried out through mobile phones has been
pegged at $245 billion worldwide by 2014. At the same time, the number of users carrying out transactions
using mobile money is expected to total 340 million by 2014, equivalent to 5% of existing mobile subscribers
across the globe.

This report evaluates mobile banking solutions, mobile banking SWOT analysis, Google Wallet SWOT analy-
sis, competition between e-wallet solutions, and provides an analysis of the opportunities and market for mo-
bile payments in the United States.

Companies in Report:

    •      AT&T                 •     Durbin             •      Mobiqa               •      RIM

    •      American Express     •     eServGlobal        •      Monitise             •      Samsung

    •      Android              •     First data         •      MPesa                •      Serve

    •      Apple                •     GCash              •      Nordea               •      Sprint

    •      Bango                •     Google             •      NTT DoCoMo Inc       •      Visa

    •      BankAmericard        •     Google Wallet      •      Obopay               •      Vodafone

    •      Cellebrum            •     ISIS wallet        •      Paybox               •      Zynga

    •      Citibank             •     Master card        •      Paymate

    •      CYBS                 •     Mcheck             •      PayPal

    •      Discover             •     mGinger            •      PlaySpan

•       Mobile Network Operators
•       Mobile Software Developers
•       OSS/BSS Solution Providers
•       Handset and Tablet Manufacturers
•       Mobile Payment Service Providers
•       Content and Applications Aggregators
•       Mobile Marketing and Advertising Providers
•       Telecommunications Infrastructure Providers
Table of Contents
Executive Summary. 5
Money Transfers. 6
Mobile Payments Developments in Emerging Markets. 6
The Role of the Devices. 8
The Role of Mobile Operators. 8
Banks Role. 9
Technologies. 10
Future Trends. 11
Features. 12
E-Marketing. 13
Challenges. 13
Management Challenge. 14
Customers Expectations. 14
Security Problems. 15
Technical Challenges. 15
Solutions. 16
Current Mobile Payments Systems the End of the Credit Card Era and the Rise of the Wallet. 17
ISIS wallet. 17
Google Wallet and its SWOT Analysis. 18
Google Wallet Challenges and how to overcome it. 20
PayPal and Google Wallet. 22
Visa Wallet SWOT Analysis. 23
Serve by American Express E-wallet and its SWOT Analysis. 28
Google Wallet Verses ISIS Wallet. 29
Comparison between Current Wallet Systems. 30
Advantages of the M-payments Systems. 31
U.S Telecommunication Market Analysis. 32
Conclusions. 46
Worldwide Mobile Payment Market Analysis 2012-2017. 46
U.S Mobile Payment Market Analysis 2012-2017. 49
Mobile Payment Drivers for the U.S Market. 50
Deployment Mobile Payment System.. 52
The Current U.S Mobile Payment Systems. 52
Mobile Payment Ecosystem.. 53
Mobile Payment Models. 56
The Mobile Payment Methods. 59
Features of the Mobile Payment Ecosystem.. 62
Bumps on the Road for M-payment. 66
The Features of Mobile Payments in the US and its ROI 71
The Conversion from Credit Cards to Mobile Payments Challenges and Opportunities. 72
Business Challenges. 77
Mobile Payment Regulatory in the U.S. 84
Market Potential for Mobile Phone Devices in Latin America. 87
The Market for Mobile Phone Devices in Latin America: 2011 - 2016. 88
The Latin American Mobile Market. 89
Introduction. 89
The Market in the Past. 89
The Market in 2004. 90
The Market in 2005. 93
The Market in 2006. 94
The Market in 2007 to 2010. 97
Conclusions. 100
Mobile Payment Providers in Latin America. 102
U.S Mobile Payment Providers Analysis. 103
Advantages of XIPWIRE. 104
XIPWIRE vs. PayPal Mobile. 105
Zong. 105
Mopay. 107
Luup. 108
Bango. 109
eServGlobal 109
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Description: Mobile payment is to allow mobile users to use their mobile devices (usually phones) for the consumption of goods or services paid for a service accounting method. Following the payment cards, online payment, the mobile payment has become the new darling.