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									                                 PERMANENT RESIDENCE



In order to help us process your application as quickly as possible, please use the checklist below
to ensure that all the information we need is provided with your application. If you have any
questions concerning what is required, please feel free to telephone Assistant Chief Immigration
Officer Laura McLaughlin on 244-2091.


 you must be at least fifty-five years of age, though the Caymanian Status and Permanent
Residency Board has the discretion to allow an application at a lower age.

You must:

 have no dependants under the age of sixteen years

 have a clean criminal record

 be in good health and be able to demonstrate adequate health insurance coverage

 satisfy the Chief Immigration Officer that you have:

(i) a continuous source of annual income in the amount of CI$150,000 without having to engage
in employment in the Islands; and

(ii) that you have invested the sum of CI$750,000 in Grand Cayman of which at least
CI$250,000 must be in developed real estate

The financial standing requirements are different if you intend to reside in Cayman Brac or Little

You must satisfy the Chief Immigration Officer that you have:

(i) a continuous source of annual income in the amount of CI$75,000 without the need to
engage in employment in the Islands; and

(ii) that you have invested the sum of at least CI$250,000 locally of which at least CI$125,000
must be in developed residential real estate.



Please ensure that you have answered each question FULLY and in BLOCK LETTERS

Please provide a letter addressed to the Chief Immigration Officer explaining clearly the grounds
for your application and providing any other information that you consider relevant.


When you submit your application you will be required to pay a non-refundable administrative
filing fee of CI$250. If the application is successful, you will be required to pay a further fee of


Please provide details and documentary evidence of health insurance coverage for you and your


You and your spouse (if applicable) must submit a medical questionnaire that has been
completed by yourselves (Part 1) and your physician(s) (Part 2). Two copies of the questionnaire
are attached. You must also provide the lab report (original) showing the HIV/VDRL test results.
Note: the HIV/VDRL tests must be taken within the six months preceding your application.


In order that the Chief Immigration Officer can satisfy himself that you meet the financial standing
requirements, please provide the documentation listed below. Please be assured that all
information that you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence.

 Financial statement prepared by:

(i) an accounting company licensed in the Cayman Islands; or,

(ii) an accounting company outside the Cayman Islands provided proof is submitted that this
company is confirmed as being in good standing by the relevant Accounting State Board; or,

(iii) any internationally recognised bank or securities company; or

(iv) any bank licensed in the Cayman Islands

 Bank reference letters showing balances in your bank accounts.


Please provide:

 Land Transfer Certificates and extracts from the Land Register with respect to the developed
real estate you own in the Cayman Islands and valuations with respect to such property.

 Please also provide evidence of other investments in the Islands, e.g. shareholder certificates
with respect to companies that you own or part-own in the Cayman Islands. Please note,
although there is a requirement to invest a minimum of CI$250,000 in developed real estate, the
remaining CI$500,000 out of the CI$750,000 minimum total investment can be in real estate,
either developed or undeveloped, or any other form of investment provided it is in the Cayman


Please provide one full face and one profile photograph (passport size) of the applicant and each
dependant who is included on the application.

Please provide three written references from persons (not relatives) who have known you for
some years.


Please provide a police clearance certificate from your home state or place of last residence for
you and any accompanying dependant(s). This certificate must be signed by the issuing authority
and must bear an embossed seal or rubber stamp. (Note: nationals of the United Kingdom may
submit a sworn affidavit attesting to good character in lieu of a police clearance certificate.)


If you are married, please provide a notarised copy of your marriage certificate


If you have any children over the age of sixteen they may reside with you as dependants until
completion of their full-time tertiary education or until they reach the age of twenty-four, whichever
happens earlier. Please provide notarised copies of birth certificates with respect to any children
who fall within these criteria whom you wish to include as dependants in your application.
                                         CAYMAN ISLANDS

                                    IMMIGRATION LAW 2003

                                              (SECTION 33)

Please ensure that you have read the accompanying information leaflet before completing this application form.
The completed application form and supporting documents should be sent to The Secretary, Caymanian Status &
Permanent Residency Board together with the prescribed fee.

Personal Details:

1. Surname or last name of applicant

2. Given or first name of applicant                                               Sex:      Male        Female

3. Nationality

4. Date of Birth                                           Country of Birth

5. Passport no.                                  Issued at                                    on

6. Address in the Cayman Islands (if already resident):

    P.O. Box                                     House no                              Tel

    Street name                                                      District

7. Present address (if different from above):

8. Marital Status:         Married          Divorced            Separated             Widowed             Single

    Place and Date of Marriage (if any)

9. Do you have any dependants under the age of sixteen years?                         Yes          No

10(a). Please provide particulars of any dependant(s) over the age of sixteen years whom you
wish to accompany you in the Cayman Islands and whom you wish to include in this application:

NAME                                   D.O.B               NATIONALITY                   RELATIONSHIP
10(b). Please provide particulars of any dependant(s) not already listed at question 10(a):
NAME                              D.O.B           NATIONALITY             RELATIONSHIP

11. Have you or any of your dependants ever been convicted of a criminal offence?
   Yes            No
If yes, please provide details, including dates and sentence

Financial Assessment
(Please note the requirements in the information leaflet concerning the documentation you must
12. Do you intend to reside in:     Grand Cayman
                                    Cayman Brac or Little Cayman

13(a). How much is your total annual income?           CI$

13(b). From where is this income derived?

14. Please provide the following details concerning your investment in developed real estate in
the Islands

(a) Block                                 Parcel No.
(a) Block                                 Parcel No.

(b) Amount invested        CI$

15. Please provide details of other investments in the Islands:

(a) Nature of investment

(b) Amount invested        CI$


I declare the information contained in this application to be correct to the best of my knowledge
and belief and am aware that it is a criminal offence to make any statement or representation that
is false in a material particular which I know to be false or do not believe to be true.

                                   Signature of Applicant ………………………………………………

                                                               Date ………………………………………………


1.   Medical examinations are required on initial application for work permit
     and once in every three years thereafter. The Immigration Department
     reserves the right to require medical examinations at any time.

2.   Laboratory tests have to be repeated with each medical examination. Chest
     X-rays are required once in every five years. For practical purposes, for
     renewal application a chest x-ray is not required if the previous x-rays were
     done within 4 years of application.

3.   Laboratory reports have to be attached for HIV and VDRL tests.

4.   Medical practitioners are advised to perform any tests that might be desirable
     depending on the disease prevalence in the respective countries.
                                                   PART 1
                                     (TO BE COMPLETED BY APPLICANT)

1.    (a)         Name (last)                               (First)                              (Middle)

      (b) Date of Birth         (c) Place of Birth                    (d) Nationality      (e) Passport/ID Number

      (f) Widowed         Single     Married         Divorced         Separated

2.    HAVE YOU EVER HAD OR CURRENTLY HAVE                                          YES            NO
(a) Nervous or mental trouble?
(b) Fits or convulsions?
(c) Heart trouble or raised blood pressure?
(d) Lung tuberculosis, Asthma or hay fever?
(e) Contact with a case of tuberculosis?
(f)   Frequent or prolonged indigestion?
(g) Malaria, dysentery or any other tropical illness?
(h) A sexually transmitted disease?
(i)   Eye trouble?
(j)   Any serious operation?
(k) Diabetes?
(l)   Rheumatic Fever?
(m) Family history of mental trouble, suicide, fits, any kind of
      tuberculosis, diabetes or raised blood pressure?
(n) Any illness or injury not mentioned above?
(o) A physical defect?
3.    Do you take alcohol or habit forming drugs?
4.    Have you ever applied for or received disability benefits?

If you have answered yes in questions 2,3 or 4, please provide details

5.    Are you now in good health?         Yes          No        If no, give details

6.    Are you now pregnant? Yes            No        Not Applicable         If yes, how many months

Date:                                                           Signature of Applicant

Date:                                                           Medical Examiner
                                           PART II
                                     MEDICAL EXAMINATION
                             (TO BE COMPLETED BY MEDICAL EXAMINER)

1. Is the Examinee personally known to you?                 Yes                          No
   If no, did you check ID?                                 Yes                          No

2. Height        feet          in.         Weight            lbs. (in under clothes) Waist           in.
   Chest measurements on respiration                 in, on expiration              in.

3. Blood pressure (two readings: at rest(sitting)           lying down             ) 4. Pulse rate

5. Date and report of last E.C.G. if any

6. Are the following free from any pathological condition or abnormality;

                             Yes     No                                      Yes         No
    a. Skin                                g. Cardiovascular System
    b. Throat & Mouth                      h. Respiratory System
    c. Eyes                                i. Locomotor System
    d. Ears                                j. Nervous System
    e. Nose                                k. Genito-Urinary System
    f. Abdomen

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, please provide details

7. Is the examinee on any drug therapy at present?                if yes, give details

8. Give details of any operations:

9. Medical conditions a)                                     b)

                        c)                                   d)

Signature Medical Examiner                               Date of Examination
                                  PART III
                           (TO BE COMPLETED BY MEDICAL EXAMINER)

(a) Hospital Xray No.                           Date                          Result
      (Must have been done within 6 months of initial application and within 4 years of renewal application)

(b) Urine: Date                           Albumin                        Sugar

(c) Blood Tests (attach laboratory reports)

TESTS                           DATE                   RESULT

(Test must have been done within 3 months of application. The Immigration Department reserves
 the right to request application to repeat these tests in the Cayman Islands)

(d) Other tests (depending on history and disease prevalence in the country of origin)

TESTS                     DATE                         RESULT

Name and address of Medical Examiner in BLOCK Capitals

Qualifications                                   Medical Registration Number

Address of Registering body

Signature of Medical Examiner                                        Date

                                    FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

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