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									Southern Ute Royalty 2008-2009
Greetings Visitors. Friends, Family, Welcome to the 7th Annual Sky Ute Casino Powwow. My name is Eleanor Frost, I am the reigning Miss Southern Ute 2008-2009. My Parents are Andrew Frost and the late Janelle Denny-Weaver. My maternal grandparents are the late Lorraine Baker and John Denny. My paternal grandparents are Sherri Howell Pinnecoose and Jack Mc Clure Frost Sr. I am 19 years old and living in Denver, Colorado. I graduated from Ignacio High School, Senior Class of 2008. I just finished my first semester attending The Metropolitan State College of

and Denver and I am planning on returning there for the fall semester.

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all who have attended this event, enjoy yourself and I hope to see everyone next year.

Eleanor Frost Miss Southern Ute 2008-2009

Maiku! My name is Brianna and I am 14 years old. My parents are Jennifer GoodTracks and Gary Alires. I have 12 year old twin brothers. My grandmothers are Anna Mae Alires and the late Shirley Williams GoodTracks. My Godparents are Marvin and Sharon Cook. I am the great niece of Wilbur and Dell Solomon. My great grandparents are the late John S. Williams, Cora A. Burch, William C. Monte and Ruth Archuleta. I am a 2009 graduate of Bayfield Middle School. In middle school m favorite classes were Literature and Spanish, and my extracurricular activities include reading, dancing, skateboarding, swimming and basketball. I am currently a Freshman at Bayfield High School.

I would like to take this moment to welcome everyone to our annual Southern Ute Tribal Fair and Pow Wow. You are invited to join us and participate in many of our scheduled events throughout the weekend. Please enjoy your time here and may the Creator bless you with a safe return home. Brianna GoodTracks-Alires Jr. Miss Southern Ute 2008-2009

encourage all youth and adults to learn about their culture, to appreciate the good things about themselves and most of all to respect one another.

It is truly an honor and a privilege to have represented my people as Ambassador of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe. I have enjoyed representing my people by traveling to numerous pow wows as well as attending various Southern Ute Tribal events near and far. As a young Native, I

Southern Ute Royalty 2008-2009 (cont.)
Mique, hello My name is Izabella Valdez, I am Little Miss Southern Ute 2008-2009. I am eight years old and I will be going into 3rd grade this year.

I would like to give a special thanks to my auntie Toniette and uncle Felipe(he has gone on to the spirit world) Lopez. They have taught me and my siblings, the indian way and how things are supposed to be done traditionally. My parents are Marquetta and Walter Thank you and have great day. Howe. I have 4 siblings, Isiah, Sergio, Izabella Valdez Yllana and Ollyvia. My grand parents Little Miss Southern Ute are Renee Cloud, Stephen Valdez. My 2008-2009 great grandmothers are Molly Cloud and Isabel Valdez and my Great Grandfather is Julius Cloud.

Sky Ute Fairgrounds

Royalty Committee

Sky Ute Fairgrounds Staff (l-r): John Rector, Bob Roulet Kendra Alexander - Manager. Not Pictured: Elco Garcia. Welcome to the 89th Annual Southern Ute Fair and Powwow.

It is always a pleasure to host this wonderful cultural and historical event for the Southern Ute Indian Tribe.

Please join us this year celebrating tradition and culture 2008-2009 Southern Ute Royalty Committee (l-r): Amy here at the annual Southern Ute Fair and Powwow. Barry, Ramona Eagle, Samatha Maez, Tileta JeffersonCook, Andrew Frost and Jennifer GoodTracks. Not pictured: Kendra Alexander Joycelyn Dutchie and Marquetta Howe. Sky Ute Fairgrounds, Manager

The Sky Ute Fairgrounds is pleased to announce that the three new horse barns at the south end of the facility are done. We will also begin construction of the new RV park at the east end of the facility this fall. Once this is complete, we will have 62 full hook up RV sites at our facility.

Southern Ute Tribal Fair PowWow Committee

On behalf of all of us on the Committee we welcome you and thank you for your part in making this year’s PowWow another triumph. Working with the Powwow Committee has been an enriching experience for me. I am working with a dedicated team of individuals who have given much time and commitment to the success of this years Powwow without expecting anything in return. Special thanks to our head staff who have so generously come forth to support this event, we are determined to make a difference in the lives of our youth and in our community by way of our culture and tradition.

2008-2009 Southern Ute PowWow Committee (l-r): Corliss Taylor (Adrienne), Cindy Winder, Dona Frost, Jennette Frost, Jennifer GoodTracks and Amy Barry. Not pictured: Walter Howe, Conrad Thompson and Mike Santistevan. Welcome to the 89th Annual Southern Ute Fair Powwow! I want to greet each of you and welcome you to our 89th

I would be thoughtless if I did not recognize the passion and tenacity of the Sky Ute Fair Grounds staff, Public Relations Staff, Sky Ute Resort Casino Security and all the outside entities for their hard work in making this Powwow a gratifying event for our people. On behalf of the Powwow Committee thank you for your support in helping make this year’s Powwow a success. Together we will make it happen. Regards, Corliss M. Taylor, Chairman Southern Ute PowWow Committee

Annual Southern Ute Fair Powwow. Relatives, friends and guests I am honored to serve as the Chairperson of the Southern Ute Powwow Committee.

Southern Ute Tribal Fair Theme Winner
Roderick L. Grove, Veterans Service Officer was born in August of 1950. His father was Vincent Grove and his mother was Bernice Thompson.

Mr. Grove attended Bayfield High School and St. Catherine Indian Mr. Grove is the 2009 winner of the School in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Southern Ute Tribal Fair theme contest. Congratulations Rod!

He served in the Military with the 25th Infantry and First Field Forces in South Vietnam from August 1970 to October 1971 and was the recipient of an Honorable Discharge from the Department of the Army.

Mr. Grove’s winning theme is: “With our yesterday, we dream of our tomorrow”

Tribal Fair PowWow Head Staff

Thomas Phillips (Kiowa-Muscogee Creek Tribes) has been involved in the field of social services and education targeted towards the Native American Indian populations for over thirty-five years. Currently on faculty with the California State University, Stanislaus in Turlock in the

Thomas PhillipsKiowa/Muscogee Southern MC

A strong advocate in promoting the attainment of education as a process necessary for achieving parity and equality in a diverse an multi-cultural environment Mr. Phillips is currently involved in recruitment and retention of American Indian father’s side. He is an educator by profession and is driven to provide the best educational opportunities for Native American students. With nearly twenty years of experience in the educational field from the classroom level to school administration in both the elementary and secondary education systems within Utah’s public school system, tribal education and now the federal system he is eager to make a difference. His commitment to creating a safe and secure learning environment for students has been proven through his effective leadership style and desire to do what’s best for students. He has created changes needed to specifically address pedagogical practices designed to effectively meet the needs of all students and focus on student learning and achievement.

In his experience in working with American Indian communities throughout the nation, Mr. Phillips has served and facilitated as Master of Ceremonies, Arena Director, Head Gourd Dancer, and Head Man Dancer throughout California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Montana, Idaho, Iowa, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Hawaii and has served as Moderator for Family Conferences, Child Welfare Symposiums, In-Service Training and Cultural Sensitivity Forums as well as Cultural events. Much of the work and experience of Thomas has been in California where he has resided for over forty years.

Graduate Studies of the Department of Social Work. Thomas has extensive background in Social Services and Educational Program development in both Tribal and Urban Programs.

graduate students in the file of higher education in California’s University and College programs.

Thomas is honored to have been asked to served as this year as this year’s Master of Ceremonies for the Southern Ute Pow Wow. He has enjoyed the hospitality of the Southern Ute Pow Wow Committee and is grateful to be invited back again this year. He would like to extend a heartfelt welcome to the traveling singers, dancers and vendors as well as the visitors who can appreciate this annual Pow Wow. Thank you for coming and enjoy the Pow Wow! and the late Mary Kniffin LaRose (Shoshone) as well as his paternal grandparents the late Jesse Stevens (San Carlos Apache) and the late Leah Sundust Stevens (Maricopa). Bart is very much dedicated to Jackie, his wife of 27 years, and their two sons; 21 year old Adrian who is a junior in college and seventeen year old Ian who is a senior in high school. As a family they have traveled extensively within the pow wow circuit and through this have a very large extended family, as well as many friends. He supports and encourages his family to know themselves and where they come from in order to be able to maneuver within the two worlds in which we exist and positively contribute to society. Bart is humbled to have been selected as the Arena Director for the Southern Ute Fair and is honored to be able to showcase his organizational abilities in the operation a fair and well-organized pow wow.

Realizing the need to seek balance in all areas of life Thomas returned to college to complete his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of the Pacific in Stockton and his Master’s Degree in Social Welfare from the University of California at Berkeley. In his career experience he has worked for nine Tribal governments and eleven Urban Indian programs and continues his work with the American Indian communities throughout the nation.

Bart attributes his success, work ethic and Bart is from Fort Duchesne, Utah and Fort leadership style to what was taught to him hall, Idaho where he was raised. He is also by his maternal grandparents, the late Maricopa and San Carlos Apache on his Albert LaRose (Northern Ute – Bannock)

Bart Stevens Shoshone-Bannock and Northern Ute Arena Director

Tribal Fair PowWow Head Staff

John has led the Denver Indian community for many years – people from many tribal nations across the country – in breathing new life into their heritage. We are proud that much of the American Indian culture is preserved due to his dedicated efforts and his commitment in educating the Denver education systems from K-12 to colleges and universities with Native American studies. John Emhoolah also works to build bridges of understanding between cultures. In a recent talk, John voiced his belief that “We are all connected, we all need each other”. He is of the Kiowa and Arapaho tribes of Oklahoma. John is along-time Denver resident with his wife Geneva, his children and grandchildren. He maintains an active role in several traditional Kiowa societies including the O-Ho-Mah War Dance Society, Kiowa Gourd Clan, Kiowa Black leggings Society and the Kiowa Native American Church. Perhaps the most widely known spiritual elder in the Denver area, John carries his message of traditional spiritual ways and prayers to countless events, organizations and gatherings including the 27th NIEA conference held in Denver,

John Emhoolah Jr. Kiowa - Arapaho Head Gourd Dancer

Colorado. John was inspirational in the He is the co-founder and a 20 year memAmerican Indian Religious Freedom Act, ber of the internationally famous Denver March Pow Wow where he has served which passed in the late 80’s. in numerous leadership roles throughout John Emhoolah attended Wichita the years. He has volunteered countless State University and Colorado State hours to advisory roles for John has led University and began his educational the Native American Resource Group at career in Seattle, Washington after he the Advisory Council, University of retired from the Boeing Company as a Denver, University of Colorado, Denver Art Museum, Tesoro Foundation, Tallbull Draftsman Engineer. Memorial Council, and has received In 1970, he began working as Director many achievement awards such as recipfor the Seattle Public Schools Indian ient of the 2006 Martin Luther King, Jr. Education Program and soon became the Award, 2008 Tesoro Foundation honAssociate Dean of the Vocational ored Veteran, DMNS Education of Year Education at Green River Community Award to name a few. Center in Auburn, Washington during his tenure created the Native American Studies program for GRCC. During this period John became an Instruction for the University of Washington and created the Native American Studies program. He is the co-founder and first Chairman for the United Indians of Al Tribes Foundation, the founder and first Chairman for Seattle Indian Health Board, and was the first Chairman of the Northwest Inter-tribal Club and held several other civil committees in the Seattle area. In 1975, John accepted a position with the American Indian Higher Education Consortium in Denver, Colorado. John assisted with the lobbying efforts for education funding for tribal colleges, he assisted in the planning and openings of several tribal colleges that are still in existence today. Randy Frazier Prairie Band Potawatomi, Choctaw & Shawnee - Drum Judge

In 1982, John held management roles at the Denver Indian Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of Denver’s approximately 30,000 American Indians and in 1997 he accepted the position as Director for the Adams County Five Star Schools Indian Education program which provides support services to American Indian students and creating awareness of American Indian history, culture, contemporary issues, and has logged in over thirty five years of service in the field of education.

Randy Frazier is an enrolled member of the Prairie Band Potawatomi, Choctaw, and Shawnee. He served as chairman of the Oklahoma City Pow-wow Club for 10 years. He is a Southern Straight dancer and traditional craftsman making roaches and feather work, but also has been consecutively voted Oklahoma’s favorite Arena Director in the Native American Times. He is the founder of the Oklahoma Indian Running Club and still enjoys finding time to run. Randy is very proud of the close relationship he has with his family, parents Jack Frazier and Shirley Wapskineh, 2 sons and 3 grandchildren. He resides in OKC.

Tribal Fair PowWow Head Staff

In 1958, Kiowa Tribal member, Ralph Zotigh moved from his home state of Oklahoma to Albuquerque, New Mexico. When he arrived he noted the southwest as rich in the customs of the indigenous tribes living in this region. During their time there were no non-indigenous tribes participating in local tribal ceremonies. An exchange of cultures was inevitable. Ralph, an accomplished southern singer, soon made lasting friendships with members of the Navajo, Pueblo, Apache, Ute and Hopi tribes. He

Zotigh Singers Albuquerque, New Mexico Head Gourd Drum

Veterans Association

In 1996, Ralph Zotigh founded and formed a southern drum group in Albuquerque, New Mexico called the “Zotigh Singers.” He lent his family name Zotigh (pronounced Zoe-tie) to his singing group. The true pronuncia-

encouraged them to learn the songs of the plains. Initially, these tribes joined together with other northern and southern plains tribes at one unified drum. The songs they sang were mostly round dance and war dance, which were easy to learn. Although, Ralph has lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico for over 40 years, he has maintained the southern style of singing.

tion of the name is Zodeah. In the Kiowa language it is translated to mean, “Wood Drifting in the Water.” In 1996, the “Zotigh Singers” made their debut at the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow. In January 1997, at the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow, the group won the Southern Challenge Drum Contest, which lead to numerous invitations across the United States to perform as the Host/Invited Southern Drum Group. Since that time, the group had the privilege to travel extensively and has been in demand across the United States and Canada. The Zotigh Singers have just recorded their sixth cd. The group is unique in that the songs on their cassettes and cd’s are original and composed by the drum group and include everything from a jingly dress side step to gourd dance songs.

The Zotigh Singers appreciate the Southern Ute Pow Wow Committee for selecting them to be this year’s Southern Host Drum and wish to extend their hand in friendship. A’ho.

Southern Ute Veterans Association (l-r): Larry Tucker, Rod Grove, Howard Richards, Ross Denny, Ronnie Baker, and Mike Stancampiano.

Tribal Fair Events Superintendents

Janet Mosher - Softball Challenge Damon WhiteThunder - Southern Ute Fair Shoot-Out

Sarah Russell, McKean Walton and Tara Vigil Youth Games

Sarah Russell and McKean Walton Horshoe Tournament

Trish Valdez and Hilda Burch Baby Contest SUPERINTENDENTS NOT PICTURED

Judy Lansing/Steve Burch Sam Burch Memorial Isiah Valdez Archery Contest

Mike Santistevan Hand Game Tourney

Geneva Watts Frybread Contest

Robert Ortiz Chili/Salsa Contest Jalapeno Eating Contest

Danielle Hight Duck Race

Seven Rivers 4-H Club Pancake Breakfast

Amy Barry Parade/Duck Race

ANNUAL SOFTBALL CHALLENGE Friday, September 11, 2009, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM Ute Park - South Field Superintendent: Janet Mosher - SunUte (970) 563-0214 Games to be determined upon Team registration. General Softball Rules: (enforced) • Single Elimination Bracket. • A minimum of (4) women must play at all times, (2) women in the infield and (2) in the outfield. • Must have at least nine player to start. • Three balls and two strikes. • 12” softball to be used. Official softball ASA bats ONLY! • Substitutes may enter any time. • Players must be at least 18 yrs of age. • Open to Tribal, BIA, Growth Fund & Casino Employees. SOUTHERN UTE TRIBAL FAIR PICNIC Friday, September 11, 2009, 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM Veteran’s Memorial Park, Picnic Area (In case of rain - Sky Ute Pavilion) Contact: SU Public Relations (970) 563-0118

Southern Ute Fair Events Information

TRIBAL FAIR PARADE Saturday, September 12, 2009, (Times listed below) Lineup at Ignacio High School, South on Goddard Ave. Superintendents: TIS Department (970) 563-0100 Ext. 2208 Parade lineup and registration: 8 AM Ignacio High School. Parade starts at 10 AM from Ignacio High School. Parade entries will be judged on adherence to theme: “With out yesterday, we dream of our tomorrow.” Categories for Parade Entries: • Floats: All floats will be categorized by either Commercial, Family or Service/Organization. Float Prizes: 1st: $100, 2nd: $75, 3rd: $50. (1st -3rd place awarded in each category except for Chairman’s and Executive Officer’s Award) • Best Native Dress: Male (15 & older) - $100; Female (15 & older) - $100 Male (15 & younger) - $75; Female (15 & younger) - $75 • Best Dressed Western: Tribal Member: (15 & older) - $75, Tribal Member: (15 & younger) - $75 • Best Native Group: $100 • Chairman's Award: (TBA) • Executive Officer’s Award: (TBA)

YOUTH GAMES Friday, September 11, 2009, 4:00 PM Veteran’s Memorial Park – Southern Ute Tribal Campus Superintendent: McKean Walton, Sarah Russell, Tara Vigil Categories (by age): (4-6), (7-9 yrs), (10-12 yrs), (13-15 yrs), (16-18) Cracker and Watermelon Eating, Softball and Egg Toss, Foot Race, Three Legged Race, Bike Race Male and Female Divisions 1st, 2nd, 3rd Cash Prizes Tribal Member and DIRECT Descendant Only CONTEST POWWOW Friday, September 11, 2009 Sky Ute Fairgrounds (Indoor Arena) Gourd Dance: 5:00 - 6:30 PM Grand Entry: 7:00 PM PowWow Contacts: Corliss Taylor (970) 764-7056 or Cindy Winder (970) 563-0100, Ext. 2301

Categories for Kiddie Entries: The Kiddie Parade is open to children 12 yrs and under. 1st Place winners in each category will receive $25 and a prize. Prizes will be awarded to all entrants. • Best Kiddie Floats • Best Youth Group Entry • Best Bicycle Entry • Wackiest Entry • Best Clown Entry • Best Wagon Entry CONTEST POWWOW Saturday, September 12, 2009 Sky Ute Fairgrounds (Indoor Arena) Gourd Dance: 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM & 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM Grand Entry: 1:00 PM & 7:00 PM PowWow Contacts: Corliss Taylor (970) 764-7056 or Cindy Winder (970) 563-0100, Ext. 2301 ARCHERY CONTEST Saturday, September 12, 2009, 1:00 PM Superintendent: Isiah Valdez (970) 563-4525 Sky Ute Fairgrounds (Infield) Only Traditional Bows To Be Used Categories (by age): (11-12 yrs) (13-14 yrs) (15-16 yrs) 1st Place: Bows 2nd Place: Plaques 3rd Place: Trophies 10 yrs & Younger: Various prizes and medals awarded.

SOUTHERN UTE FAIR BASKETBALL SHOOT-OUT Saturday, September 11, 12, and 13th, 2009 Superintendent: Damon WhiteThunder (970) 563-0214 Deadline to sign up is Tuesday, September 8, 2009 Entry Fee: $200.00/Team Cash prizes to be awarded. Tourney will be a double-elimination and will OPEN to everyone. To sign up, or for more information contact: SunUte Recreation Staff at (970) 563-0214

HANDGAME TOURNAMENT Saturday, September 12, 2009, 3:00 PM Sky Ute Fairgrounds (Lawn, Under the Outdoor Tent) Superintendent: Mike Santistevan (970) 799-3331 Event open to all Native American teams. 5-Person Teams. $100.00 Cash Entry Fee. Registration closes at 1:00 PM. Double Elimination Tournament. $7,500.00 Guaranteed Prize Money, plus prizes!!! Handgame Rules: • Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified, including ALL team members. • NO Alcohol/Drugs: Anyone who is intoxicated will be reported to the S.U.P.D and his or her entry fee will be forfeited. • NO Arguing/Attitude: Show good sportsmanship during games. • Kick Stick will be used. • All questions/complications resolved BEFORE start of game. • All team members MUST be on hand & ready for each game. • Must let the other team know who will point before they hide. • NO thumb pointing, NO double pointing & NO fake guessing. • Use hand, stick, bones to point & state your point OUT LOUD. • NO SCARVES - May hide under scarf, but both hands must be out once ready to show. • Show both Bones once point has been made. • NO going back under - if caught only bones are forfeited. • NO double bones - if caught bones are forfeited REGARDLESS IF THEY WERE JUST HANDED OUT!!! • You may bone hop on LAST STICK ONLY!!! • All sticks MUST be visible during tournament games . • Captain’s responsibility all teammates are aware of the rules. • Team Captains, if little children are playing, be sure to help them when they are hiding. • Each game can have new captain; Let the other team know.

HORSESHOE TOURNAMENT Saturday, September 12, 2009, 1:00 PM Sky Ute Fairgrounds (Infield) Superintendents: McKean Walton (970) 769-7745 or Sarah Russell (970) 563-5280 Categories: Mens & Women’s, Singles & Doubles Entry Fees: $5 for Singles, $10 for Doubles. All entry fees go toward jackpot; $200 added in each category. Payouts will be made to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.

Southern Ute Fair Events Information (cont.)

ROYALTY DINNER Saturday, September 12, 2009, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM Sky Ute Fairgrounds (On The Lawn) Superintendents: Southern Ute Royalty 2008-2009

FIREWORKS DISPLAY Saturday, September 12, 2009, at Dusk (approx. 8 PM) Superintendent: Amy Barry (970) 563-0100, Ext. 2254 Fullam Fireworks Inc. of Moab, Utah. Fullam Fireworks will launch the BIGGEST Fireworks display in the Four Corners from the south end of Sky Ute Fairgrounds. PANCAKE BREAKFAST Sunday, September 13, 2009, 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM Sky Ute Fairgrounds (On the Lawn) Superintendent: Sponsored by the Sevens Rivers 4-H Club Cost: $5 Per Plate Menu: Pancakes, Eggs, Sausage, Coffee or Orange Juice. CONTEST POWWOW Sunday, September 13, 2009 Sky Ute Fairgrounds (Indoor Arena) Gourd Dance: 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM Grand Entry: 12:00 PM PowWow Contacts: Corliss Taylor (970) 764-7056 or Cindy Winder (970) 563-0100, Ext. 2301 GREASED POLE CLIMB Sunday, September 13, 2009, 11:00 AM Sky Ute Fairgrounds (Infield) Sponsored by: 12 Gauge Drum Group ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST SIGN A WAIVER! 18 yrs and younger need a parent/guardian signature. Team Category: 5 Person Teams • Team Prize: $500 Individual Category: Reach the envelope at top of pole. Child (12 and younger): T-shirts & Prizes.

TIPI RAISING CONTEST Sunday, September 13, 2009, 9:00 AM Sky Ute Fairgrounds (Infield) Superintendents: Byron & Etta Frost (970) 946-4061 No entry fee. Registration forms available for this event. All registration will be closed at 9:00 AM Sun., Sept., 13, 2009. Contest will consist of 3 team members who will erect tipi. Prizes: 1st Place 18 ft. Tipi, 2nd Place (3) Canvas Bedrolls, 3rd Place (3) Canvas Sleeping Bags Tipi Raising Judging Criteria: • Contestants will use Tribal Tipi provided or use their own. • Fastest time to erect the tipi. • Each Team will be given 45 minutes max. to erect the tipi. • Technique of erecting the tipi • Each Team will have only ONE chance to erect the tipi. • Absolutely NO tipi creeping during this event.

RED/GREEN CHILI & SALSA CONTEST Sunday, September 13, 2009, 12:00 AM Sky Ute Fairgrounds (Exhibits Hall) Superintendent: Robert Ortiz (970) 563-0100 Ext. 2253 Prizes: Grand Champion, 1st, 2nd, 3rd/each category (TBD). All varieties of Chili and Salsa will be accepted. ALL CHILI & SALSA ENTRIES MUST BE SUBMITTED BY 12 PM NO LATE ENTRIES ACCEPTED!!! The hotter the better, but taste will determine the winners. Frybread Contest Rules: Three Categories: 1) Red Chili, 2) Green Chili, 3) Salsa • ONE CHILI ENTRY PER PERSON! • Open To All Native American • Flour, salt, baking powder, shortening, water will be • No cooking on premises. Must bring finished chili/salsa. • Must provide your own utensils, please label with name. provided. • GHOST JUDGING, JUDGES DECISIONS ARE FINAL! • Must bring own utensils, bowls, potholders, etc. • Singles Categories: (12-14 yrs); (15-17 yrs); (18 and up) JALAPENO EATING CONTEST • NO PRE-MADE DOUGH WILL BE ALLOWED! • Each contestant will be provided with (3) matches to Sunday, September 13, 2009, 2:00 PM start fire Sky Ute Fairgrounds (On the Lawn) • No paper to be used to start fire, no outside help. Superintendent: Robert Ortiz (970) 563-0100, Ext. 2253 • 20 minute time limit: Men & Women’s Categories. Build fire; Prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places (TBD). Prepare dough; Every contestant will get a t-shirt. Fry (2) frybreads to be judged, swap (2) of your best First to eat 5 Jalapenos wins in his/her category. within 20 min. if needed. Grand Champion to the fastest overall time, combined! • Frybread will be judged on color, texture & taste. JALAPENO EATING CONTEST “POWWOW SPECIAL” • NO OUTSIDE INTERFERENCE WITH JUDGES! Approximately 3:00 PM Indoor Arena, During PowWow • JUDGES DECISIONS ARE FINAL! One Representative From Each Drum Group MUST Compete! BABY CONTEST First to eat 5 Jalapenos wins $500; WINNER TAKE ALL! Sunday, September 13, 2009, 12:00 PM All competitors will receive prizes! Sky Ute Fairgrounds (On the lawn) Superintendent: Hilda Burch (970) 759-0294 or Trish DUCK RACE Sunday, September 13, 2009, 3:00 PM Valdez (970) 563-0135 (locations listed below) 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners in each category. Superintendents: Danielle Hight (970) 563-4785 or Amy Prizes for all participants. Barry (970) 563-0118 Category: Native Regalia (Girls & Boys Separate) Open to the General Public. • “Ducks” may be purchased from August 17, 2009 Children will be judged on: Best Dressed Native Regalia throughout the weekend at Fair events and the PowWow. • Infants (0 to 6 Months) • The “ducks” will be released from the Bear Dance • Crawlers (7 - 12 Months) Bridge and retrieved at the Highway 151 Bridge. • Toddlers (2 - 3 Yrs) • The fastest “ducks” will receive payouts. • Children (4 - 5 Yrs) • Payouts to be determined. 1st $600.00, 2nd $300.00, Category: Cutest Kid (Open Attire) 3rd $100.00 • Infants (0 to 6 Months) EXTREME INK CARNIVAL • Crawlers (7 - 12 Months) • Toddlers (2 - 3 Yrs) Friday, September 11, 2009, 12:00 PM • Children (4 - 5 Yrs) Saturday, September 12, 2009, 12:00 PM Sunday, September 13, 2009, 12:00 PM Sky Ute Fairgrounds (Infield) Info: Amy Barry (970) 563-0118

FRYBREAD CONTEST Sunday, September 13, 2009, 11:00 AM Sky Ute Fairgrounds (North of Parking Lot) Superintendent: Geneva Gomez (970) 553-0100 Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place. (Prizes to be determined). Grand Prize (TBD) All participants will receive an apron. Singles Category Only.

Southern Ute Fair Events Information (cont.)

1) Exhibitor will walk to gate, open while mounted, with a right hand push, ride through, close and latch the gate. 2) Proceed to walk through ground poles and continue, walking over bridge. 3) Trot to side-pass pole. Side-pass pole from left to right. Adult Prizes: 4) Lope through pole bending pattern, changing leads 1st Place: Saddle; 2nd Place: Saddlebags between each pole. 5) Sliding stop at #6 obstacle, settle and back-up 10 feet Youth Prizes: in a straight line. 1st Place: Bridle/Bit; 2nd Place: Leather Halter 6) Do (1) 360? spin to the left, then a 360? spin to the right. OPEN TO ALL NATIVE AMERICANS ENROLLED IN A 7) Dismount. Judge may ask to inspect your equipment at FEDERALLY RECOGNIZED INDIAN TRIBE. this point. 8) Remount and Exit course. HORSEMANSHIP CLASS I - Adult (18 Yrs & Older) CLASS II - Youth (18 Yrs & Younger) Saturday, September 12, 2009, 1:00 PM Sky Ute Event Center Infield “Sponsored by the family descendants of Sam Burch” • Competition: This contest is a competition in the performance and characteristics of a sensible. well-mannered, free and easy-moving ranch horse which can get a person around on the usual ranch chores, in open country rides, and over obstacles. • Equipment: Any western equipment of the exhibitors choices may be used, the kind of equipment apparently necessary for the control of the animals, such as tie down, may be considered by the judge in making awards. Extra credit will not be given for expensive, fancy, or parade equipment of the animal or dress of the rider. • The Horse: The horse will judged on riding qualities of gaits (walk, trot and lopes), and movement; response to the rider, manner, disposition, intelligence. Confirmation will not be judged. Contest Rules:

Superintendents: Judy Lansing and Steve Burch (970) 563-4555

Sam Burch Memorial Trophy

Horsemanship Course (map shown below):

• The Exhibitor: The exhibitor will be judged on proper dress (Native or western) and will remain mounted throughout the exhibition except when asked to dismount and remount and ability to control and maneuver the horse.

Superintendents: Amy Barry (970) 799-3114 and JoGenia LOTS (ART - CLASSROOM COMPETITION) Cross (970) 563-0118 Ext. 2255 1. Traditional Indian Drawing 2. Contemporary Drawing Exhibit Turn-in: 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM Thurs., Sept. 10, 2008 3. Traditional Indian Painting 4. Contemporary Painting at the Sky Ute Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall. 5. Composition - Story (Letter/Original) Judging of all exhibits: Thurs., (Evening) Sept. 10, 2009 Exhibits displayed: Sept. 12 & 13, Exhibit Hall open at 10 AM 6. Poems (Original) 7. Miscellaneous Arts & Crafts Premium Payouts: 1st Place: $24; 2nd Place: $20; 3rd Place: $16 CRAFTS Class V Premium Payouts: (To be determined) ART & CRAFTS DIVISION CLASSES: CLASS CLASS CLASS CLASS I - ELDERS (55 Yrs & Older) II - ADULTS (18 Yrs & Older) III - JUNIORS (7 - 12 Grades) IV - ELEMENTARY (K - 6 Grades)


• Exhibits must be clean and free of visible glue, running paint and other signs of construction. • Judging on neatness, appropriate use of color/material. • Arts and Crafts exhibits must have been completed since last Fair. (Exception: Antiques/Rare Arts) • Limit ONLY (2) entries per lot. LOTS (CRAFTS) 1. Wood Articles (Including Carvings) 2. Plastic Articles 3. Leather Articles 4. Models (Hand-painted or Decal) (Including cars) 5. Ceramics (Pots, Vases, etc.) 6. Soft Sculpture 7. Flower Decor (Dried, Silk, Plastic) 8. Mirror Etching 9. Miscellaneous

LOTS (ART) 1. Traditional Indian Drawing 2. Contemporary Drawing 3. Traditional Indian Painting 4. Contemporary Painting 5. Composition - Story (Letter/Original) 6. Poems (Original) 7. Miscellaneous

• Exhibits must be complete, on backing material. If not framed/matted, exhibits will be tacked/taped to display wall. • Written entries must be typed, double-spaced, on 81/2”x11” paper. • Judges will look for pleasing conformation, use of colors, skill in presentation of theme, and innovation in design, theme overall appearance or work. • Arts and Crafts exhibits must have been completed since last Fair. (Exception: Antiques/Rare Arts) • Limit ONLY (2) entries per lot.


LOTS (INDIAN CRAFTS) 1. Cradle Boards 2. Rawhide Shield 3. Rawhide Drawing 4. Indian Dolls 5. War Bonnet 6. Beaded Moccasin (Full/Partial) 7. Beaded Neckties, Bolo Ties or Necklace/Chokers 8. Beaded Purse or Coin Purse 9. Beaded Belt/Belt Buckle CLASS V - ART CLASSROOM COMPETITION 10. Beaded Leggings 11. Beaded Earrings Southern Ute Indian Montessori Academy, Ignacio 12. Beaded Hair Ties/Barrettes Elementary School and Southern Ute Head Start 13. Beaded Pins 14. Beaded Key Chain CLASS V CATEGORIES: 15. Beaded Caps/Hats/Sun Visors 16. Beaded Gloves TODDLER (0-4 Yrs) 17. Beaded Hatband PRIMARY (5-6 Yrs) 18. Bone Breast Plate ELEMENTARY (7-9 Yrs) 19. Beaded Cell Phone Covers 20. Miscellaneous


LOTS (COLOR PHOTOGRAPHS - AMATEUR) 1. Portraits (Single/Indian group) 2. Still life (Inanimate) • Awards will be given to those items which are judged to 3. Nature (Wildlife) qualify as GENUINE INDIAN MADE articles or photo- 4. Nature (Scene) graphs which are 25 yrs of age or older. 5. Sport Action • Arts and Crafts exhibits must have been completed since last Fair. (Exception: Antiques/Rare Arts) CLASS II - PHOTOGRAPHY (PROFESSIONAL) CLASS I - ANTIQUES, RARE ARTS, PHOTOGRAPHS


ARTS & CRAFTS (cont.)

LOTS (BLACK & WHITE PHOTOGRAPHS - PROFESSIONAL) 1. Portraits (Single/Indian group) 2. Still Life (Inanimate) PHOTOGRAPHY 3. Nature (Wildlife) 4. Nature (Scene) • Picture should be mounted, framed and/or with a pro5. Sports Action tective covering and backing. • Photo exhibits must have been taken prior to this fair. LOTS (COLOR PHOTOGRAPHS - PROFESSIONAL) Photos CANNOT be from previous Fairs, NO EXCEPTIONS! 1. Portraits (Single/Indian group) • Limit ONLY (2) entries per lot. 2. Still Life (Inanimate) 3. Nature (Wildlife) CLASS I - PHOTOGRAPHY - (AMATEUR) 4. Nature (Scene) 5. Sport Action LOTS (BLACK & WHITE PHOTOGRAPHS - AMATEUR) 1. Portraits (Single/Indian group) 2. Still Life (Inanimate) 3. Nature (Wildlife) 4. Nature (Scene) 5. Sports Action

LOT (CATTLE) 1. Mature Cow Livestock Premiums Payouts: 2. Mature Bull 3. Heifer 1st Place: $200; 2nd Place: $100; 3rd Place: $50 4. Steer • All Livestock entries must be pre-registered by 5:00 PM 5. Cow-Calf Pair on Friday, September 4, 2009. No late entries will be taken. SHEEP • Livestock will be judged on the owner’s premises. • Entries may be done over the phone by calling (970) LOT (SHEEP) 563-0150. • Livestock division is for Tribal members and their imme- 1. Mature Ewe diate family members. 2. Mature Ram • Judging will start at 8:30 AM Tuesday, September 8, 2009. 3. Lamb 4. Ewe-lamb pair (or twins) OPEN CLASS ONLY POULTRY CATTLE

Superintendent: SU Ag. Extension Office (970) 563-0150



LOT (CHICKEN - POULTRY) 1. Rooster 2. Hen 3. Pullet

LOT (TURKEY - POULTRY) 1. Tom 2. Hen


LOT (DUCKS & GEESE - POULTRY) 1. Drake 2. Hen 3. Gander 4. Goose LOT (RABBITS) 1. Buck 2. Doe RABBITS

LOT (SWINE) 1. Sow 2. Boar 3. Barrow or Gilt (Altered sex) LOT (GOATS) 1. Nanny 2. Weather 3. Billy GOATS


Exhibit Turn-in: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Thurs., Sept. 10, 2009 at the Sky Ute Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall. Judging of all exhibits: Thur., (Evening) Sept. 4, 2008 Exhibits displayed September 5 & 6, Exhibit Hall open at 10:00 AM Agriculture Premium Payouts: 1st Place: $24; 2nd Place: $20; 3rd Place: $16 CLASS I - ADULT (18 Yrs & Older) CLASS II - JUNIOR (17 Yrs & Younger)

Superintendent: SU Ag. Extension Office (970) 563-0150



• Produce sample must be market size, clean and uniform as to shape, color and maturity. • Sample should be trimmed, as it would be for market sale. • Remove tops from root vegetables except for radishes and green onions. • Do not husk sweet corn.

Special Categories: Open Class • Largest Zucchini (one each) • Largest Pumpkin (one each) • Largest Sunflower Head (one each)


LOT (GARDEN & ORCHARD) 1. Beans, Green Snap (1 qt) 2. Indian Corn (6 ears) 3. Sweet Corn (6 ears) 4. Beets (6/plate) 5. Tomato, Green, any variety (6/plate) 6. Tomato, Ripe, any variety (6/plate) 7. Cherry Tomato (12/plate) 8. Peppers, Bell, any color (6/plate) 9. Peppers, Cherry (12/plate) 10. Peppers, Chile (6/plate) 11. Peppers, Jalapeno (6/plate) 12. Cucumbers (6/plate) 13. Squash, Acorn (2 ea) 14. Squash, Summer (2 ea) 15. Squash, Zucchini (2 ea) 16. Squash, Winter (1ea) 17. Potato, White (6 ea) 18. Potato, Red (6 ea) 19. Radishes (12 in a bunch) 20. Carrots (6/plate) 21. Turnips (6/plate) 22. Peas, unshelled (12/plate) 23. Peas, Edible Pod (12/plate) 24. Cabbage, any variety (1 head) 25. Onions, any color (6/plate) 26. Onions, green (6/plate) 27. Pumpkin, carving (1 ea) 28. Pumpkin, Pie (1 ea) 29. Plumbs, any variety (6/plate) 30. Pears, any variety (6/plate) 31. Apples, any variety (6/plate) 33. Sunflower (2 each) 34. Miscellaneous Herbs

Exhibitor must provide vases to keep flower entries watered and attractive. Single samples must be typical of the variety represented as to size, shape, color and texture. Arrangements must be able to stand upright. LOT (FLOWERS) 1. Annuals, Single blossom 2. Annuals, Arrangement 3. Perennials, Single blossom 4. Perennials, Arrangement



LOT (FIELD CROPS) 1. Hay, Oat 2. Hay, Grass 3. Hay, Alfalfa 4. Hay, Mixed 5. Sheaf of Grass (any species)


Eggs must be uniform in size, shape and color LOT (POULTRY EGGS) 1. White eggs (half dozen) 2. Brown eggs (half dozen)


Exhibit Turn-in 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM Thurs., Sept. 10, 2009 at the Sky Ute Event Center Exhibit Hall. Judging of all exhibits: Thurs., (Evening) Sept. 10, 2009 Exhibits displayed Sept. 11,12 & 13, 2009 Exhibit Hall open each day at 10:00 AM Homemaking Premium Payouts: 1st Place: $24; 2nd Place: $20; 3rd Place: $16 CLASS I - ELDERS (55 Yrs & Older) CLASS II - ADULTS (18 - 55 Yrs) CLASS III - JUNIORS (17 Yrs & Younger)

Superintendents: Dixie Naranjo and Brandi NaranjoRaines (970) 779-2185


4. Blouse 5. Shirts (Western, Indian, Sport) 6. Miscellaneous



LOTS (INDIAN CLOTHING) 1. Cloth Dress (Ute Style) 2. Shell Dress 3. Buckskin Dress 4. Ribbon Shirts 5. Vest (Beaded/Cloth) 6. Robe 7. Shawl (Ribbon/Applique/Painted) 8. Miscellaneous


• Exhibits must be clean and pressed. • Judges will look for smooth seams, hems, and finished, well-turned cuffs and collars, even hand and machine stitching, appropriateness of fabric to pattern and use of trim. LOTS (CLOTHING) 1. Dress 2. Suit/Pant (girls and ladies) 3. Children‘s Clothing

• Exhibits must be clean and blocked. • Judges will look for stitches and rows, no visible knots or yarn ends, stability of the article and innovative use of design and trim. LOTS (NEEDLEWORK) 1. Embroidered Article 2. Painted Article 3. Crocheted Article 4. Knitted Article 5. Plastic Canvas 6. Doilies


7. Quilts 8. Afghan 9. Pillow Tops (crocheted, quilted, etc.) 10. Needlepoint 11. Cross Stitch 12. Weaving 13. Miscellaneous


LOTS (FOOD PREPARATION) 1. Canned Fruit 2. Canned Vegetables 3. Canned Meat 4. Dried Fruit 5. Dried Vegetables 6. Dried Meat 7. Pickles 8. Jellies/Jams 9. Frozen Vegetables 10. Frozen Fruit 11. Miscellaneous


Exhibits Must Have: • Required number of product; be attractively presented. • Even browned and raised (baked and fried). • A pleasant taste. • Characteristic and consistency of crumb. • Very smooth texture (candy). Exhibits Should Not Be: • Doughy or undercooked. Too sticky or too hard (candy). • Extremely oily (fried foods).


LOTS (BAKING) 1. Yeast Bread (1 loaf or 6 rolls) 2. Quick Breads (cornbread, muffins, biscuits 6/plate) 3. Indian Bread (fry bread, tortillas, paper bread, 2/plate) 4. Miscellaneous Breads (zucchini, banana, etc.) 5. Sweet Rolls (6/plate) 6. Cake (coffee, angel food, white, chocolate, etc.) 7. Pies (open-faced and covered) 8. Cup Cakes (6/plate) 9. Cookies (6/plate) 10. Brownies 11. Jelly Rolls 12. Miscellaneous SPECIAL CATEGORY: DECORATED CAKES

1. All exhibits entries will be accepted from 7:30 AM to 6 PM, Thur., Sept. 10, 2009, at the Sky Ute Event Center Exhibits Hall. 2. Exhibits will be judged Thursday, evening, September 10, 2009. Judges decisions are final! 3. Exhibits entries are limited to Southern Ute Tribal Members or/immediate families (mother, father, sons, daughters, spouses). 4. Entries will be on exhibit from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Friday, September 11 through Sunday, September 13, 2009. 5. All exhibits must have been completed within the last year with the only exception of Class V - Classroom Competition and Class I - Antique and Rare Arts. NO EXCEPTIONS!! 6. Exhibits will available for pick-up from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Sunday, September 13, 2009. No exhibits will be removed prior to this time. Payouts will be available (See rule # 8). 7. Claim check entry tags will be required to pick-up exhibits and for payment at Sky Ute Event Center Exhibits Hall. 8. WINNING CHECKS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE TO THOSE PARTICIPANTS WHOSE EXHIBITS ARE NOT CLAIMED BY 3:00 PM ON SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 2009 WILL BE DISPOSED OF. 9. Every precaution will be taken for the safety of all exhibits, but in no case will the Southern Ute Tribe and Fair be responsible for the LOSS or damage to any entry. The Sky Ute Event Center and Management assumes no responsibility for INJURY, DEATH, FIRE, THEFT or DAMAGE during the Southern Ute Fair. 10. Loud, unruly, rude or disruptive behavior could result in being prohibited from exhibiting at this/next years Tribal Fair. Information and Questions Please Call Public Relations Office at (970) 563-0118


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