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Butterfield Mail Company’s route passed Col. Hunt’s
headquarters in what is now Lake Bridgeport
by Dr. Robert Marlett               Francisco in 1858 on the first     husks in the barn.’”              miles south, became Vine-           of Cundiff which, in its eleven
and Keith Bridwell                  westbound journey of the              Next     morning,      Mr.     yard.) The stage line, from a       miles or so, uses more than two
    February, 2010, will mark       Butterfield, and riding directly   Greene’s account tells that       few miles above it, paralleled      miles of the mail road.
the sesquicentennial of the first   from Joseph B. Earhart’s sta-      “passengers crossed the river     modern U.S 380 into the                 “The passage is more than
bridging of the Trinity River at    tion at Hog Eye Prairie, as the    on ‘a slippery log’ while the     Jacksboro station, south of the     worth the extra mileage in-
a site that became the village      area was called, inside Jack       drivers, conductor and station    town square.                        volved in traveling it. The
of Bridgeport, Texas. That          County, “to Jacksborough,          men carried the heavy mail            “The 1858 Butterfield           West Fork of the Trinity station
bridge was built to accommo-        fording the West Fork of the       bags over the same way. An-       route, which had passed far         was located on the north bank,
date the Overland Mail              Trinity River about halfway        other coach was waiting on the    north of both Decatur and           just east of where the present
Company’s route from the            between the two stations.                                            Bridgeport, followed a south-       road crosses the West Fork.”
eastern railhead at Tipton, Mis-        “In December, 1858,                                              west course from the Earhart            From Decatur to Bridgeport
souri, through Decatur, Bridge-     a small station was es-                                                      station location on the     the modern highway must fol-
port, Jacksboro and on to San       tablished at this West                                                        banks of Big Sandy         low the old mail road fairly
Francisco on the west coast.        Fork crossing be-                                                                       Creek, and it,   closely.
    This John Butterfield ven-      cause frequent                                                                          too, passes          Mr. Greene continues, “Go-
ture was the first, and longest,    flooding often                                                                          through many     ing south through town
transcontinental stage coach        caused the                                                                             roadless acres    [Bridgeport], you come to a
route in the world. Although a      river to be too                                                                      laced by the        marker telling about the toll
mail stagecoach route already       high to ford,                                                                      maze of West Fork     bridge, built over the West
existed from San Antonio to         so passen-                                                                          (Trinity) bottoms.   Fork of the Trinity in 1860, and
California, it did not connect      gers and                                                                                 “But High-      the site of the old town of
directly to eastern railroads as    m a i l                                                                                  way 1810,       Bridgeport, which occupied a
Butterfield’s route did.            needed shel-                                                                             while paved,    meadow some 50 feet to the
    The Wise County part of         ter until the                                                                           sticks close     east of the river crossing. As
this great mail, freight and pas-   water       went                                                                      enough to the      the historical plaque states, the
senger route was constructed        down.                                    far bank to continue                      old roadway to        wooden toll bridge fell in
primarily by local folks, led by        “Albert        D.              the trip.”                                   furnish the atmo-        shortly after the Butterfield
Col. W.H. Hunt, who saw the         Richardson, on September 28,           “The 1860 stage route ran     sphere of the run, going by         ceased operating in 1861. The
benefits of this kind of com-       1859, arrived on the west-         slightly north of Wizard Wells.   Cundiff and Maryetta, four          town moved over about a mile
merce for Wise County.              bound stage at 1 a.m. and          (It was originally named Vine-    miles west. It’s a pleasant         to the railroad when it built to
    This road left the “bridged     ‘found the West Trinity too        yard for George Washington        drive, but if you are bound to      this point in 1893, despite the
port” and proceeded west for        much swollen for fording. The      Vineyard. When the Rock Is-       drive over a stretch of the old     fact a sturdy iron bridge had
about two miles. It ascended        little station was full; so we     land Railroad built through in    trail, there is a gravel road off   replaced the fallen wooden one
the hill that borders Lake          slept refreshingly upon corn-      1898, another town, some two      to the left less than a mile west   in 1873.”
Bridgeport on its southeastern
side. This is probably where
FM 1658 turns from west to
north in the City of Lake
    Proceeding south-south-
west approximately three hun-
dred yards down Twin Hills
Road, it then turned slightly
west and entered the valley
now inundated by Lake
    It crossed Boon’s Creek and
passed near Col. Hunt’s ranch
headquarters. Next, it passed
between the hills that are now
called Rattlesnake and Horse
    The road then ascended the
western side of the valley and
proceeded along a route that is
now Jim Ned Road, passing
through the northern part of
what became Wizard Wells, on
to Jacksboro and thence to San
    A.C. Greene’s 900 Miles on
the Butterfield Trail described
Waterman L. Ormsby accom-
panying two small packages of
mail from St. Louis to San
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Texas Freshwater Fisheries
Center’s ShareLunker Program
by Whitney Bridwell                 Lake Fork in November.               lels the increase in number and    April 30 only) or (903)681-       Call TPWD as soon as possible
    Texas Freshwater Fisheries          The name of the program          quality of fish in Texas reser-    0550.                             with your name, where the fish
Center (TFFC) is headquarters       was changed in 1993 to Share         voirs. Fish have benefitted           1.) The program is limited     is located, a telephone number
for the ShareLunker program,        a Lunker, Inc. and it was            from the program as well.          to largemouth bass weighing       where you can be reached and
which encourages anglers who        merged with the Parks and            When the program began, little     13 pounds or more.                when and where you caught
have caught 13-pound plus           Wildlife Foundation of Texas.        was known about the proce-            2.) Entries are accepted       the dish. Be sure to include
largemouth bass to lend or do-      From 1996-2008, Anheuser             dures needed to care for big       October 1 - April 30.             your area code when leaving a
nate the fish to TPWD for           Busch was the official sponsor       bass. Over time, better care has      3.) The fish must be legally   message on the pager.
spawning purposes.                  and the name was changed to          increased survival to the extent   caught in Texas waters.               6.) A TPWD employee will
    The ShareLunker program         Budweiser ShareLunker Pro-           that nearly all entry fish sur-       4.) Fish must be weighed on    be solely responsible for ac-
can be traced back to the           gram.                                vive to be used for spawning       certified or legal-for-trade      cepting a fish into the program
1950’s drought. The 10-year             Since the inception of the       or are returned to the wild.       scales. Certified scales are      based on the expectation that
dry spell brought the realiza-      program, more than 400 large-        More importantly, proper fish      scales that have been certified   the fish will be able to survive
tion to Texans that our popula-     mouth bass have been donated         handling techniques have been      as accurate by the Texas De-      and spawn. Fish held at Weigh
tion had outgrown the water         from 55 public reservoirs and        publicized as part of the pro-     partment of Agriculture, the      and Holding Stations are not
supply. Over the next two de-       more than a dozen private            gram so anglers are now able       International Game Fish Asso-     officially entered into the
cades, many reservoirs were         lakes.                               to take better care of the fish    ciation (IGFA) or a commer-       ShareLunker program until
built in an attempt to keep up          As the program grew, it be-      they catch.                        cial scales calibration com-      accepted by a TPWD represen-
with the demand. Texas had          came obvious that the Tyler                                             pany.                             tative.
only one natural lake - Caddo       hatchery was inadequate, but           How to Enter a Lunker               5.) Possession of the fish         7.) The angler must sign a
- and the northern, the native      there was no state monety                If your fish meets the re-     must be transferred to a desig-   release absolving all sponsors,
species of Texas bass, was          available to build a new hatch-      quirements listed below, call      nated Texas Parks and Wildlife    Texas Parks and Wildlife De-
adapted to living in streams.       ery. It was decided to let cities    TFFC’s toll-free, 24 hour pager    Department representative         partment, and Texas Parks and
    Fish adapted to live in large   bid to become the site and help      at (888)784-0600 (October 1 -      within 12 hours after capture.              continued on page 20
lakes were needed to take ad-       raise the money for it. Specifi-
vantage of the new reservoirs.      cations called for the facility to
TPWD brought the first              be built within 50 miles of
Florida strain largemouth bass      Lake Fork, where the majority
to Texas in 1971, where they        of large fish are caught. The
were housed at the Tyler Fish       Athens community pledged
Hatchery (now closed). The          more than $4 million to win the
first Florida strain bass were      bidding for the site. The bal-
stocked into Texas waters the       ance of the cost came from
following year. Over the next       federal Sport Fish and Wildlife
several years bass from             Restoration funds and dona-
Florida, California and Cuba        tions. No state money was
were brought to Texas to im-        used for construction.
prove the genetics of the Texas         The Edwin L. Cox, Jr.,
bass population.                    Texas Freshwater Fisheries
    As the Florida strain genes     Center was built around the
worked their way into the bass      ShareLunker Program. The
population, fish grew larger. In    Visitor Center complex, in-
1980 a 14.1-pound bass broke        cluding the Lunker Bunker,
the state record of 13.5 pounds     was completed in 1996, and the
that had stood for 43 years.        exterior hatchery ponds went
Time and time again, the            into operation in 1998.
record was broken leading to            The ShareLunker Program
the 18.18-pound fish caught in      has been instrumental in illus-
1992. Interest in bass fishing      trating the importance of catch-
burgeoned along with the size       and-release fishing in the de-
of the fish.                        velopment of trophy large-
    The ShareLunker program         mouth bass fisheries. Data col-
(formerly called Operation          lected by the program shows
Share a Lone Star Lunker) was       that it takes 8-10 years for a
established in 1986 to promote      bass to grow to 13-pound size.
catch-and-release of large fish     Slot limits that protect large
and to selectively breed trophy     fish have been proven effective
largemouth bass. The first fish     in increasing the quality of         Eleven year old Tre' Melton of Ponder, caught this Hybrid Striper weighing in at 10.5
entered into the program was        fishing.                             pounds. It was certified a Hybrid by Game Warden Chris Dowdy and was entered in the
also a new state record, a              The increasing popularity        Texas Parks and Wildlife record book for Bridgeport. It was caught on Friday March 23,
17.67-pounder caught from           of bass fishing in Texas paral-      2008.                                                                    Photo submitted
                                                                                                                                         2009 Lake Edition … Page 5

                                                                                                                                  FISH TOURNAMENT
                                  1                                                                                                 MAY 1-2-3, 1936
                                                                                                                                  BRIDGEPORT, TEXAS
                                  9              LAKE BRIDGEPORT
                                                     Largest artificial lake in Texas, completed in 1931
                                                                                                                           You are cordially invited to attend
                                                                                                                      Bridgeport’s First Annual Fish Tournament
                                  4              at a cost $2,600,000. Located 4 miles west of
                                                 Bridgeport, Wise County, Texas, state highways 24 adn
                                                 114, most direct route from Lubbock to Savannah, Ga.,
                                                                                                                      to be held in the waters of Lake Bridgeport.
                                                                                                                      Come on all you nim-rods and show us just
                                  5              and one of the main feeder roads from our great west
                                                 and northwest to Dallas and Ft. Worth.
                                                     Has a drainage area of 1000 square miles, maximum
                                                                                                                       what you can do with that old rod. Plenty
                                                                                                                             of competition will be offered

                                 or              storage capacity of 285 billion gallons or 850,000 acre
                                                 feet, maximum surface area of 17,000 acres, normal
                                                                                                                             Meet Your Fellow Fishermen at
                                                 area of 5,800 acres, length of dam 1,850 feet, height of
                                  1              dam 113 feet, shore line 150 miles and depth 90 feet.
                                                     Fishing has been excellent for the past three years
                                                 for crappie, bass, cat, drum and perch. Come and spend
                                                                                                                      RULES OF CONTEST

                                  9              the entire summer if you wish. You will find good
                                                 camping sites, good sand beach for bathing and boating.
                                                 In fact, it is the best place of its kind in Texas to spend
                                                                                                                      1. All entrants must register at any Drug Store,
                                                                                                                      Cafe or Service Station in Bridgeport.
                                                                                                                      2. Any one can enter. No registration fees.
                                  4              a day, week or any length of time for an enjoyable
                                                                   SIZE OF TEXAS LAKES
                                                                                                                      3. All fish must be caught out of Lake Bridgeport.
                                                                                                                      4. Decision of Judges to be final.

                                  6                        LAKE BRIDGEPORT - - 285 Billion Gallons
                                                           Eagle Mountain Lake - - 200 Billion Gallons
                                                              Lake Kemp - - - - 167 Billion Gallons
                                                                                                                      5. Prizes to be awarded each day of contest at 5
                                                                                                                      p. m. for the largest bass and crappie, on the streets
                                                                                                                      of Bridgeport.
                                                             Medina Lake - - - - 100 Billion Gallons
                                                              Lake Dallas - - - - 64 Billion Gallons                  6. Winner must consent to have photograph taken
                            To the right is a                                                                         of catch.
                            depiction of an                                                                           7. Fish to be judged by weight.
                                                                   THE CITY OF BRIDGEPORT
                            actual 1936 flyer          Population, 2,500; fine schools and churches, good streets,
                            of the first fish-    municipal water and sewerage, coal mines, brick plant, dairying      CITIZENS OF BRIDGEPORT WELCOMES
                            ing tournament         and live stock center of county, the county that has more cattle
                                                                                                                      YOU TO THEIR FIRST LAKE BRIDGEPORT
                            on Lake Bridge-      than any other in the state, according to 1933 Government Survey.

OR 46, (a revival was
going on; Bro. Jimmy
Morgan from For t
Worth was evangelist,
and Bill Hutcheson
was Lake Superinten-
dent) these fisherman
were photographed
with their catch: Back-
Earnest Jones, Stan-
ley Caruthers, Homer
Green, Otis Meek,
Leeland Car thers,
and Coleman Meek.
Front: John Fer-
guson, Pastor First
Baptist Church, and
Wilson Ray. Photo
above, John Fer-

      The photos are in a
 collection assembled by
       Addie Ruth Green.
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2009 Fishing License and Fees
by Angela Dale Fair                      A variety of fishing pack-    * Freshwater Package - $28         is $10                            fishing package you will be
     A valid fishing license        ages are offered from which        * Saltwater Package - $33              For non-residents fishing     able to purchase a freshwater
with a freshwater or saltwater      the public may select based on     * All-Water Package - $38          licenses and fees are:            stamp endorsement.
stamp endorsement is required       the type of fishing (freshwater,   * Senior Freshwater Package -      * Freshwater Package - $55             Remember, you do not
to take fish, mussels, clams,       saltwater, or both) and duration   $11                                * Saltwater Package - $60         need a fishing license/package
crayfish or other aquatic life in   of license desired.                * Senior Saltwater Package -       * All-Water Package - $65         in the state of Texas if you:
the public waters of Texas. A            License Year Fishing          $16                                * One-Day All-Water License       * are under 17 years of age.
hunting license is required to      Packages include a resident,       * Senior All-Water Package -       - $15                             * were born before Sept. 1,
take turtles and frogs.             senior resident, special resi-     $21                                    Please note that if you own   1930.
     The first Saturday in June     dent, or non-resident fishing      * Special Resident All-Water       any valid freshwater fishing      * certain individuals with de-
of each year is the annual Free     license valid from the date of     License (for legally blind) - $6   package, you will be able to      velopmental disabilities, as
Fishing Day and no person is        sale to Aug. 31, 2009 and ei-      * Year-from-Purchase All-Wa-       purchase a saltwater stamp en-    defined by Texas Parks and
required to have a fishing li-      ther a freshwater stamp en-        ter Package - $45                  dorsement, and conversely, if     Wildlife Code Sec. 46.002.
cense or stamp endorsements         dorsement, a saltwater stamp        * One-Day All-Water License       you own any valid saltwater
while fishing on that day.          endorsement with a red drum
     A fishing license and          tag, or both stamp endorse-
stamp endorsement are not re-       ments valid for the same time
quired if fishing from the bank     period.
in a state park or in waters
completely enclosed by a state
                                         Senior Resident Fishing
                                    Packages are available to any
                                                                       Island names still remain a mystery
park. All other fishing regula-     Texas resident who is at least     by Staff                           ling Islands are linked to the    cated on the island, and work-
tions, such as length and bag       65 years of age and was born           Horse, steele, stripling and   main roadway by a causeway.       ers continue to find rattle-
limits, remain in effect.           on or after Sept. 1, 1930. The     rattlesnake–these words may           “I have no idea how they       snakes around the land.
     Recreational anglers must      packages include a senior resi-    seem mismatched and jumbled        got their names,” said Richard       The naming of Horse Island
have a Texas fishing license        dent fishing license and either    and may not mean much to           Ellis of the Tarrant Regional     has not been made known as
and saltwater endorsement to        a freshwater stamp endorse-        many, but for those living near    Water District.                   of yet, and the word “strip-
bring any fish taken in federal     ment, a saltwater endorsement      Lake Bridgeport, those words          He guesses that the islands    ling,” found in the Webster’s
waters ashore in Texas (see         with a red drum tag, or both de-   take on a whole new meaning.       were probably named in the        Dictionary means, means an
Texas State Waters – Federal        pending on the package se-             While the lake has nine is-    1920s and 1930s while the lake    adolescent, youth or young
Waters).                            lected.                            lands located on their property,   was being built.                  one.
Resident Fishing Licenses                Special Resident All-Wa-      the four largest and most well-       Rattlesnake Island probably       Unless new information
     Required of any resident       ter Fishing License is available   known ones are Rattlesnake Is-     got its name from its inhabit-    surfaces, the stories behind
who fishes in the public waters     to any Texas resident who is le-   land, Stripling Island, Horse      ants, according to Ellis.         these curious names will re-
of Texas.                           gally blind. Stamp endorse-        Island and Steele Island.             Gas and oil wells are lo-      main a mystery.
     A resident fishing license     ments are not required for this        Both Rattlesnake and Strip-
is included in all Super Com-       license. One red drum tag shall
bination and Combination            be available at no additional
packages (including Texas
Resident Active Duty Mili-
                                         One-Day All-Water Fish-
                                                                          “Today is your reward
tary), the Lifetime Resident
Combination and Lifetime
Resident Fishing licenses, and
                                    ing License includes resident
                                    or non-resident fishing license
                                    valid for the selected day or
                                                                                       for being safe yesterday.”
the various resident fishing        days purchased. Stamp en-
packages offered by the De-         dorsements are not required for
partment. A resident who holds      this license. Consecutive days
one of these licenses/packages      may be bought at the time of
is not required to purchase a       purchase. One red drum tag
separate resident fishing li-       (Item 598) shall be available at
cense.                              no additional charge with the
     Non-Resident Fishing Li-       purchase of the first one-day
censes are required of all non-     license only.
residents who fish in the pub-           Year-from-Purchase All-
lic waters of Texas. Licenses/      Water Fishing Package (avail-
Packages are not required if        able only to Texas residents)
you are a:                          includes a resident fishing li-
                                    cense, a freshwater stamp en-
* non-resident under 17 years       dorsement and a saltwater
of age;                             stamp endorsement with a red
* Louisiana resident 65 years       drum tag, all valid from the
of age or older who possesses       date of purchase through the
a valid Louisiana Recreational      end of the purchase month of
Fishing License (includes Se-       the next license year.
nior Fish/Hunt License); or              The 2008-2009 Fishing Li-
* Oklahoma resident 64 years        censes and Fees for Texas resi-
of age or older.                    dents are:
                                                                                 856 FM 2952 • Chico • 940-644-2759
                                                        2009 Lake Edition … Page 7

 From the soft and silly times to the
down and dirty, The Community Bank
       is there alongside you.
      Community banking involves mixing a variety of every-
    thing that makes a town a home - festivals and parades,
    banquets and baseball games, automobile and real estate
    loans, and providing a safe haven for your money.
      We have a passion for those facets of life which make
    Bridgeport and western Wise County “home” to so many
    of you.
      If you’ve already been to our new permanent banking
    home on Highway 380, you know how professional we
    are and how we make you feel welcome. If you haven’t
    stopped by yet, please let us show you how “down home”
    service feels!

                                 507 U.S. Highway 380 • BRIDGEPORT
                                         Phone 940/683-4191
Page 8… 2009 Lake Edition

Gunplay was also part of history of
building of Lake Bridgeport Dam
    The following is an account    foreigners.                        day. Sometimes it was only a      in town on a certain night and          The attackers disappeared
by W.E. Hembree of what was            The tense situation grew as    very small sandwich to each       to stay where they would be          as quickly and as silently as
called the Battle of Mount         the days went by and a group       member of the family. Coffee      seen by all of the public. At that   they had come But in their
Horeb which occurred during        of the local citizens surrounded   or hot chocolate was an un-       time that was not hard to do be-     wake they had not only left
the building of the dam at Lake    Mr. Leamon and his body            known item on most anyone’s       cause all stores stayed open         broken windows and one of the
Bridgeport.                        guard one day in the Frost         daily menu.                       until midnight. The leaders          Leamon faction wounded by a
    In 1930 the construction of    Drug store. The discussion was        The Leamon factions were       obeyed the instructions.             pistol shot from a 38 caliber,
the dam at Lake Bridgeport         very heated and threats were       housed up in the old Mount            On the set date about 9 p.m.     they had created an interna-
was started by Trinity Farms       expressed by several different     Horeb school house. The build-    the Leamon camp was thrown           tional incident. Mexican na-
and Uvalde Construction Com-       ones including Mr. Leamon          ing being vacant and the school   into a turmoil, the first shot had   tionals were in danger and had
panies as the prime contractors.   and his guard.                     had been consolidated with the    been fired into the Leamon           been fired upon by unknown
There were several subcontrac-         The prime reason why a         Bridgeport       Independent      Camp. For the next thirty min-       parties.
tors for various parts. Among      thing like this would happen       School system. There were         utes some 200 shots had been            The Wise County Sheriff
them was the Leamon Clear-         was that people were in need       some 30 or 40 workers in the      fired into the Leamon com-           was called. Sheriff George
ing Contractors.                   of food and clothing. Some         Leamon gang. A few of the lo-     pound, and equal amount had          Young and one of his deputies,
    Mr. Leamon being from the      who were on the hiring line        cal people were hired by Mr.      been fired from the Leamon           Marvin Roach, answered the
Rio Grande Valley area             each morning asking and beg-       Leamon, he paid $3 per day for    faction.                             call. When Sheriff Young ar-
brought his crew of workers        ging for a job were only eating    clearing brush and trees from         The attacking forces             rived about an hour later, men
with him, most of whom were        one meal a day. The members        the lake basin.                   seemed to be only three people       were running everywhere and
of Mexican nationality. This       of the family would stay in bed       A few days after the discus-   as only three types of bullets       shooting at the least possible
did not meet with the approval     most of the morning while the      sion between the group of lo-     could be detected. One was a         noise. It was indeed a risk to
of the local citizens and much     bread winner went to look for      cal citizens and Mr. Leamon       39 caliber, probably of German       be among them. At a later date
talk was spread as to what was     a job. When he returned they       and his body guard, the two       make. A 33 rifle and a shot gun      Young told me that he felt that
to be done about placing the lo-   all would gather at the noon       leaders of the local citizens     using one ounce balls, prob-         he was a very small force to
cal people in these jobs held by   meal for their only meal of that   were given instructions to stay   ably from a 12 gauge shot gun.                continued on page 51

                                   Thousand Trails & NACO

                                         To Experience America’s Finest Family Camping
  • Swimming Pool
  • Cabin Rentals                                                                                                       • Provides Free Overnight Camping
  • Game Room                                                     Special Resort                                          & Rental Cabin Access
  • Boat Rentals                                              Campground Membership                                     • Unlimited Free Day Use For Pool,
  • 200 RV Hook-ups                                                                                                       Hot Tub & Picnic Areas
  • Beach View                                                    One - time low                                        • Boat Access and Launch, Boat
  • 18 Hole Mini Golf                                            Membership Fee                                           Rentals and Great Fishing
  • Tent Camping Area
                                                                 Low Annual Dues

                                                                     Limited Offer
                                                            Call Today For More Information

                                                                                                                                              2009 Lake Edition. . . Page 9

And now, a stringer full of raw facts
   Think you know everything       Rattlesnake Island and Strip-        The maximum depth of the           particular, heavily populate the   Keith Jones at 940/644-1910.
there is to know about Lake        ling Island linked by a cause-       lake is 85 feet and can be found   area surrounding Lake Bridge-      If you plan to boat and fish
Bridgeport? Well, here are         way to the mainland. Accord-         at the north end of the dam.       port. Whitetail deer, coyotes,     while at the lake, there are 8
some well known, and not so        ing to Richard Ellis of the              The lake and surrounding       and bobcats are some of the        marinas open to the public that
well known, facts about Wise       Tarrant Regional Water Dis-          lands are teeming with wildlife    other animals a lucky boater or    are situated at various sites
County’s most popular destina-     trict, you can still find rattle-    other than fish. The skies are     camper may have the chance         around the lake.
tion.                              snakes on Rattlesnake Island,        heavy with ducks of various        to see.                               So you now have a run-
   According to the Tarrant        hence the name. “It’s my as-         varieties, geese, pelicans, wa-        If you are thinking about a    down on the cold hard facts of
Regional Water District, Lake      sumption that they have been         ter turkeys, and, on occasion,     camping trip to the lake, Wise     Lake Bridgeport. However, if
Bridgeport is twenty miles         there awhile,” he said wryly.        a bald eagle. Wild turkeys have    County park is the place to go.    you require more information,
long, with 170 miles of shore-         Over the years, Lake             made a strong comeback in the      The only campsite open to the      you may look it up on the
line surrounding the lake. The     Bridgeport has become one of         area during the last decade as     public, it has 19 RV hookups       Tarrant Regional Water District
                                                                        have many animals that had         with both 30 and 50 amps. For      website at http://www.trwd.
                                                                        dwindled in numbers over the       more information on Wise           com.
                                                                        years. Raccoons and beaver, in     County Park, you may contact

                                                                           Four easy steps to filleting fish
                                                                                   There is more than one way to fillet a fish. Just ask any three fishermen!

                                                                          1. Grip the head of     2. Guiding your           3. To remove the          4. Remove the skin
                                                                          the fish firmly and     knife parallel to the     rib section, insert       from the fillet by
                                                                          cut down to the         side of the fish, cut     the blade close to        inserting your knife
                                                                          spine-but not thro-     along the spine to        the rib bones, then       at the tail and cut-
                                                                          ugh it.                 the tail. Without         slice away that en-       ting the meat from
                                                                                                  cutting the side slab     tire section. Do this     the skin. Start your
                                                                                                  from the tail, flop       before removing           cut about 1/2 inch
                                                                                                  the slap away from        the skin.                 from the tail end of
                                                                                                  the head, as shown.                                 the skin. Turn the
                                                                                                                                                      fish over and repeat
                                                                                                                                                      the same procedure.


surface area, in acres, of the     the finest fishing lakes in North
reservoir is 12,900, covering      Texas. The lake is frequently
land in both Wise and Jack         stocked by the Tarrant Re-
Counties. Green Elm bridge in      gional Water District with
Jack County marks the west-        Florida Largemouth Bass, Hy-
ern boundary of the lake.          brid Striped Bass, and Chan-
   Nine tributaries - Coal Bed     nel Catfish, Crappie, Yellow
Creek, Willow Creek, Boon’s        Catfish, Small Mouth Bass,
Creek, Hunt Creek, Jasper          Sand Bass, Carp, Drum and
Creek, Bean’s Creek, West          Perch are also plentiful in the
Fork Trinity River, Big Creek,     lake and do not require stock-
and Venchoner Creek, feed into     ing. One of the reasons for ex-
the reservoir. The large amount    cellent fishing on the lake is the
of creeks and rivers in the area   mild climate and temperatures
was one of the reasons why the     of the water. The average tem-
area was chosen for the flood      perature of the water during the
control dam.                       winter is a relatively mild 40
   There are also nine islands     degrees while 80 degrees is the
in Lake Bridgeport, with           average summer temperature.                                                                                   Lakefoto by Jo Gilbreath
Page 10… 2009 Lake Edition

Wise Eyes Crime Watch program provides
neighborhood watch around the lake
by Staff                            all kinds of information when        mation goes to participants
    For the people who live         law enforcement officials need       such as neighborhood groups,
around the lake, and are con-       assistance from citizens. Those      businesses, and other individu-
cerned about safety in their        situations may include burglar-      als who are registered with the
neighborhoods, there is a pro-      ies, thefts, scams, drug inves-      program.
gram called " Wise Eyes."           tigations, other criminal activ-         “Wise County is growing at
    “When the citizens of Wise      ity and any other public safety      an astronomical pace, which
County need assistance, they        issues.                              calls for all of us to band to-
call on the Sheriff’s Office, and       To assist citizens better help   gether and fight crime,” said
when the Sheriff ’s Office          law enforcement officers, the        Walker. “With your help, and
needs assistance, we call on the    Sheriff’s Department provides        by joining the Wise Eyes
citizens,” said Sheriff David       training to participants on how      program, you will ensure
Walker.                             to start and maintain a crime        criminals will not only have to
    Wise Eyes is a crime-watch      watch network, how to recog-         watch out for Sheriff’s depu-
program that began in Wise          nize a drug lab and other nar-       ties, they will also have to
County in 1993, and was             cotics, how to prevent burglar-      watch for every citizen, oil
started by former Wise County       ies and have home safety, and        field worker, pilot, utility com-
Sheriff Phil Ryan. The found-       how to identify and report sus-      pany, rock truck driver or
ing sponsor for the program is      picious activities, according to     postal carrier.”
Devon Energy.                       the Wise Eyes brochure.                  Training is available for
    Initially, the program began        When there is a need, law        neighborhood groups and busi-
to help law enforcement offic-      enforcement officers can enlist      nesses. Anyone wanting to start
ers with child abduction cases,     the help of citizens. Wise Eyes      a new group, or get involved
and was meant to help get im-       is designed to get the informa-      in an existing group should
portant information out imme-       tion to the public and those         contact Sergeant Debbie
diately, as the first three hours   who can assist with passing the      Denney at the Wise County                            Lakefoto by J.D. Clark
when a child is missing are the     information along to others          Sheriff’s Department at (940)
most critical.                      who need to be aware of the          627-5971 e-mail the Wise
    Since then, the program has     situation as soon as possible by     County Sheriff’s Office at
expanded a great deal to cover      using e-mail or fax. That infor-

              Century 21 Sue Ann Denton, Inc.
          Jane Kasner - Top Producer

   Let me show you why I love Lake Bridgeport. My family and I have been enjoying the lake each summer for over
   40 years. With my years of experience in real estate and first hand knowledge of the lake and area, I can assist
   sellers in marketing their property to its fullest potential and make sure buyers find their perfect lake home. I
   want to be your realtor and I know Wise County Real Estate.

                                                           940-683-3080                                    Jane Kasner
                                                           940-627-3080                                940-393-2114 (cell)
           Sue Ann Denton, Inc.
                                                                                                                                            2009 Lake Edition … Page 11

Many Web sites offer more information about lake
by Staff                            about Lake Bridgeport’s               More information is to be      site. Enter “Lake Bridgeport,”        To learn about the City of
   If you have a little time, and   Sportsman’s Association, and       learned about Bridgeport Con-     and find out more.                 Lake Bridgeport, log on to
you want to learn even more         find many other links that         ference Center by logging on          At, you
about Lake Bridgeport, you          could be helpful, including a      to        can learn more about Wise             If all that isn’t enough in-
can get online for information.     link to the Bridgeport Histori-       To learn about a visitor’s     County, which is where most        formation for you about Lake
   Many Web sites exist that        cal Society.                       guide online, log on to           of Lake Bridgeport is located.     Bridgeport, there are some ran-
can link you to information             The Texas Parks and Wild-              To learn more about the Tar-   dom blogs out there; just
about Lake Bridgeport. The          life Web site has a link to Lake      Fishing information can be     rant County Water District, log    search the Internet, and you
following Web sites can lead        Bridgeport and Wise County         found by logging on to            on to There          may come across them.
you to more information about       Park at        you can find facts about lake         When you’re done reading
the topics in which you may         There you can learn about of-      At that Web site, you will find   levels, more history on the        about the lake, it will still be
wish to learn, or just a place to   ficial facts about the lake, and   a “Google” search engine that     lake, and other educational top-   there waiting on you to get
visit for the fun of it.            the state park.                    searches just the sport fishing   ics about Lake Bridgeport.         your feet wet in its waters.
   The Lake Bridgeport Web
site is within reach at It’s

                                           Family Clinic
a place where you can find all
kinds of links to other informa-
tion about the area around the
lake. You can report people
who litter, find out about the
Sand Flat Volunteer Fire De-
partment, read unofficial Lake
Bridgeport news, find out
                                        ‘Quality Healthcare for the Whole Family’

                                                                                                                                   • Evening &
                                                                                                                                Weekend Hours
                                                                                                                               • Drug Screening
                                                                                                                                • DOT Physicals
                                                                                                                              • Full-Service Lab
                                                                                                                              • Pre-Employment
                                                                                                                                Physical Exams
                                                                                                                               • Workers Comp.
                                                                                                                                 • Bone Density
                                                                                                                                • Digital X-Rays
      WET & WILD
                                        Front row from left: Jon Copeland, D.O., P.A. - Family Practice
      WATER SPORTS                      and Denise Casper, D.O. - Family Practice. Back row from
         If boating is not
     your idea of an excit-             left: Rusty Tanner, P.A.-C; Jose DeLeon, P.A.-S.; Scott Stowers,
     ing day out on the                 D.O. - General & Bariatric Surgery; Chris Hansen, P.A.-C; and
     water, try your hand               David A. Ray, D.O., P.A.
     at any number of
     other water activities
     of varying levels of
     difficulty. Some ideas
     to choose from in-
                                                     808 W.W. Ray Circle
     clude: white water                                BRIDGEPORT
     rafting — ride the
     rapids of a local river;
     canoeing — paddle
                                                               Phone 940/683-2297
     your way through a                                                  Appointments or walk-ins welcomed.
     nearby body of wa-                                                We accept all patients and most insurance.
     ter; or parasailing —             Office Hours: Mon.-Fri.: 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.; Sat.: 8 a.m. - Noon; Sat.: 1-4 p.m.
     soar way above the
     waves.                                                                            (Subject to Schedule Change)
Page 12… 2009 Lake Edition

First Lake Superintendent, C. L. McNair,
tells of flood that caused lake’s creation
    (Note: C.L. McNair, the         Mr. K. Roby, Engineers, gave
first Superintendent of Lake        their time in promoting the
Bridgeport, drafted a history       flood control project, being
of the lake while in office. This   assisted by the State Board of
is a verbatim copy of the docu-     Water Engineers.
ment.)                                  Through the publicity
    The flood that occurred in      given, Mr. Eugene Munn, of
May 1922, causing a property        Boyd and Mr. S.F. Lillard of
damage to Fort Worth of ap-         Bridgeport became interested
proximately $3 million dollars,     at about the same time, and
not including private losses        called on the local association
and thirty-seven deaths, was an     at Fort Worth and requested an
event that caused the creation      inspection trip in Wise County.
of flood control on the West            Mr. Munn was interested in
Fork of the Trinity River.          reclaiming overflow lands near
    Mr. Ireland Hampton, man-       Boyd. Mr. Lillard, knowing the
ager of the Fort Worth Cham-        topography of the river region
ber of Commerce in 1922 and         west of Bridgeport, which af-
1924, promoted the political        forded an ideal basin for a great
setup which brought about the       water storage reservoir, discov-
creation of the Water Improve-      ered a place which he thought
ment District.                      would be a good location for a
    Major John B. Hawley and                 continued on page 64 This is Trinity River’s spillway during a flood in June , 1930.   Photo by C.L. McNair

This photo shows the water side of the dam. The construction company would finely grade the rock, cover it with 6” crushed stone, and then top
it with 15” “riprap”.                                                                                                    Photo by C.L. McNair
                                                                                     2009 Lake Edition … Page 13

DEPARTMENT         CENTER                                                THERAPY

      Being the new hospital in Bridgeport and western Wise County is exciting for us, and we
    hope for you. Our location gives you the opportunity for quality medical care close to home,
    and we honor all insurance programs.
      New specialty fields like those shown above are being added regularly in the interest of
    addressing all your health and wellness needs. Additional specialists are coming on board,
    and the new medical office building is nearing completion.
      We take pride in being “YOUR PARTNER IN HEALTH AND WELLNESS.”

                             1905 Doctors’ Hospital Drive • BRIDGEPORT • Phone 940/683-0300
Page 14… 2009 Lake Edition

Wise County Park, haven
of outdoor recreation
by J.D. Clark                          Because        of    recent    boat ramps, a small
    For years, Wise County         improvements, there are now        playground, a vaulted concrete
Park has been a popular            fire rings and grills at every     restroom facility, and three
destination for people visiting    camp table.                        pavilions.
Lake Bridgeport, and for good          According to County               One pavilion features
reason.                            Director of Public Works Tom       running water, its own
    The 180-acre park features     Goode, those are not the only      bathroom, electricity, and an
24 RV (recreational vehicle)       places available for camping.      RV hook-up and can be rented
hookups and 34 campsites.          Visitors of the park may “rough    for $50. The other two
    The RV hookups cost $20        camp” in other locations,          pavilions, according to Goode,
per day and may be reserved        meaning that the spots are not     are “concrete slabs with a roof”
by contacting Park Director        in designated camp sites with      and can be rented for $20 each.
Keith Jones at (940) 644-1910.     fire pits or tables.                  The swimming area is
Campsites cost $5 per tent or          To those that visit Wise       roped off and has large orange
vehicle and, according to          County Park frequently, its        buoys for safety, and the old
Jones, operate on a “first come,   progress in recent years is        bathrooms        have      been
first serve” basis.                immediately noticeable. “Ever      refurbished. There are also
    The only campsites not         since I’ve been here,” Goode       new tops on all of the older
available for overnight use are    said, “we’ve tried to make the     campsites.
the four in front of the           park more family-friendly.”           A walking trail is now
swimming area. These sites are         In addition to the overnight   available for those wanting to
for day-use only.                  spaces, the park features two              continued on page 31           Lakefoto by J.D. Clark

                                                                                                         Lakefoto by Francine West
2009 Lake Edition … Page 15

Lakefoto by Francine West
Page 16. . . 2009 Lake Edition

Keep your boat on the water instead of at the pump
    Recreational activities on      can make meaningful improve-   The engine continues to per- or weak compression will not        It doesn't take much effort
the water offer a good time.        ments in your boat's fuel      form extremely well and I've only perform poorly, but waste to save a bundle on fuel. It's as
You can spend more time on          economy. For instance, numer-  had no out-of-pocket expenses your precious fuel as well. easy as upgrading your oil,
the water, spend less money         ous independent studies have   due to mechanical break down. These are common problems if keeping your engine and prop
and make fewer trips to the gas     documented that Royal Purple   The lower unit also contains your boat sits all winter or for tuned, and hunting down dis-
pump by following these quick       motor oil improves fuel        your product and has no appar- long periods of time.          counts.
and easy tips.                      economy by as much as 5 per-   ent wear," says Dwight
    Get a group discount:           cent or more. Its ability to re-
                                                                   Tannehill, Pro Bass Fisherman.
Groups like Boat U.S.               duce friction and improve seal-   Royal Purple also lasts
( offer              ing also increase horsepower   longer than leading synthetic
member discounts on marine          and torque, while reducing     and conventional motor oils, so
supplies, including fuel. You       heat, wear and emissions.      you can safely extend your oil
can save up to 10 cents per            "I've used your products forchange intervals keeping addi-
gallon at more than 825 par-        years and have saved a lot of  tional dollars in your pocket.
ticipating marinas around the       money on fuel. I have a 1995   The company makes both two-
country.                            Suzuki outboard with over      cycle and four-cycle high per-
    Upgrade your motor oil:         4000 hours. Compression        formance motor oil. You can
High performance motor oil          checks have shown no wear.     find out more by visiting

Fishing and Boating                                                   Tune your prop and your
                                                                   engine: Did you know you
                                                                   could lose up to 5 mph of boat
                                                                   speed with a poorly tuned
                                    • rod holders                  prop? That translates into as
                                    • waders and wading accesso- much as a 10 percent loss in
                                    ries                           fuel economy. Check your
                                    • fishing kites                owner's manual or consult your
                                    • pushpoles and holders        local repair shop to find the
                                    • scales and measurement de- right range for your engine,
                                    vices                          and pick a prop that gets you
                                    • cast, landing and nets       where you are going.
                                    • flashlight and lights           Taking care of your engine                                  Lakefoto by Francine West
                                    • line winders                 and keeping it in tune is an-
                                    • reel covers                  other great way to save fuel. An
                                    • soaps and hand cleaners      engine with contaminated
                                    • downriggers                  plugs, dirty air filter, irregular
                                    • gaffs and tagsticks          timing, a sputtering carburetor,
                                    • maps and charts
                                    • rod belts and harnesses
                                    • sunscreen and skincare prod-
WITH THE RIGHT SUP-                 ucts
PLIES, you can dive right
into recreational boating           • anchors, docks and mooring                                         The “Wise” Choice
and fishing fun.                    accessories

                                                                                           WISE COUNTY
                                    • charts and navigational aids
    Boating or catching some        • batteries and chargers
fish for the first time with fam-   • cleaning and maintenance

                                                                                          TITLE COMPANY
ily, friends or solo this season?
Don’t dive in uneducated. This      • engine parts and accessories
primer will tell you everything     • jack plates and engine lifts
you need to know to make a          • outriggers
splash:                             • purification and filtration
FISHING                             • environmental products
                                    • ladders
• automobile accessories
                                    • paddles and oars                Conveniently serving the Lake Bridgeport area from our
• bags
• carryalls                         • rocket launchers
                                    • binoculars and visual aids
                                                                                                      Bridgeport office
• bait containers
• chairs and seats                  • coolers                           1709 9th St. • Suite 101 • Bridgeport • 940-683-3581
• fish storage bags and sealers     • galley and grills
• hook sharpeners                   • marine hardware                                                    or from our
                                    • ropes, lines and cords
• insect repellent
• knives, sharpeners and acces-     • personal flotation devices                                      Decatur office at
sories                              • covers and canvas                       405 Park West Court • Decatur • 940-627-3581
• markers and buoys                 • safety and lighting products
• rod carriers and storage          • instruments and gauges
• tools and maintenance sup-        • pumps and accessories
plies                               • seats and cushions                   For more information visit
                                    • carpets and flooring
                                                                                                                                       2009 Lake Edition … Page 17

Bridgeport Conference Center ideal for multiple events
by J.D. Clark                         During its peak season, the     spaces available at the camp.      A variety of camp sessions       The facilities can also be
    The Bridgeport Conference     camp employs approximately          The cabins available at the     usually entertain over 2,000     rented by members of the com-
Center (BCC) on FM 2952 oc-       35 people.                          camp are Lakeside Lodges,       children and young adults each   munity for parties and “all
cupies a prime spot on Lake           Each decade has seen im-        Hilltop Doubles, and Hilltop    summer. Between May 27 and       types of events.”
Bridgeport. The conference        provements, growth, and reno-       Dorms. Up to five different     August 16, college camps,           For more information at the
center is part of the camping     vation at the camp. Notable         groups can be accomodated at    SEEK camps, music and arts       BCC or to rent spaces, contact
and retreat ministry of the       improvements in recent years        one time, and food service is   caps, childrens’ camps, junior   Burk at 940-683-2555. The
North Texas Conference of the     include the new water mains,        available to those using the    high camps, and senior high      center also is online at
United Methodist Church.          a new swimming pool, a mas-         camp.                           camps will be held.    
    The camp was developed        sive ropes course, and the
when the North Texas Annual       Lakeside Lodges, which ex-
Methodist Conference ac-          panded the camp’s bed space
cepted a gift of 142 acres of     by approximately 50 places.
land from the citizens of             There are several impres-
Bridgeport in 1947. After that,   sive buildings available for use
a massive capital funds cam-      at the BCC.
paign began, and monetary             The Kiker Building, com-
gifts flowed in from across       plete with cooking, dining, and
North Texas, ultimately result-   conference facilities, was once
ing in the BCC. The camp of-      the main building in the camp
ficially opened on August 16,     until Martin Hall was built in
1949, with 128 intermediates      1964. Martin Hall is a large
and adult counselors in atten-    building that can seat 250 for
dance.                            meals and other large group
    Caleb Burk, who began         meetings. Its large rear win-
working at the camp in Febru-     dows look out over a large
ary 2007, is the director of      wooden cross and outdoor am-
guest services.                   phitheater, with a lake back-
    Trueman Hoffmeister, the      ground.
executive director of the camp,       Folsom Center is located at
just joined the team in Novem-    the edge of the lake and pro-
ber of 2008. He has 18 years      vides wide, beautiful views of
experience working with           Lake Bridgeport. The center
camps and conferences for the     contains a fireplace pit, a bal-
YMCA, and is excited to make      cony, a downstairs seating
the transition to BCCC. He        area, and kitchen facilities. It    Chico High School graduates Steven Gassiot (left) and Jordan Karch face the chal-
moved from North Carolina         is considered to be an ideal spot   lenges that the BCC’s ropes course poses.                        Lakefoto by J.D. Clark
where he managed an 2,160         for meetings and retreats. Ad-
acre YMCA camp that he            ditionally, the pool facility is

                                                                             BRIDGEPORT CAMP &
helped develop and build from     located next to Folsom.
the ground up.                        There are 270 overnight

                                                                             CONFERENCE CENTER
                                                                                          United Methodist Church
                                                                                           A NON-PROFIT RETREAT CENTER

                                                                                                       “WE   CAN HELP WITH YOUR         MEETING, RETREAT,
                                                                                                                     OR   BANQUET      NEEDS!”
The entrance to the Bridgeport Conference Center (BCC)                                                         Fax (940)683-3085
is located on FM 2952, alongside Lake Bridgeport. It is a
popular site for church retreats as well as meetings and
other gatherings.                         Lakefoto by J.D. Clark


                                                                                            P.O. BOX 215, 3280 FM 2952
                                                                                              BRIDGEPORT, TX 76426
Page 18… 2008 Lake Edition

Twin Hills Restaurant was a staple
on the lake that no longer exists
by Staff                           was sold for the same price it
    Golden fried catfish, corn-    was sold for when the restau-
bread hush-puppies, beans, and     rant opened in 1978.
green tomato relish were               “We had a packed house,”
staples at Twin Hills Restau-      she said.
rant and Marina. However,              Bilby smiled as she remem-
Connie Bilby made the restau-      bered some of the good times
rant known for her homemade        at the restaurant, but when she
desserts, especially the bread     began to think and speak about
pudding with rum sauce.            the fire, her face grew somber.
    She served up her special-         “I haven’t been back down
ties for 25 years in the Twin      there since the first week of the
Hills Restaurant and Marina,       fire,” she said, admitting that
since 1981.                        the loss of the restaurant broke
    Bilby will no longer serve     her heart.
those desserts, or catfish, or         She had spent a lifetime
shrimp, or anything else for       collecting unique decorations
that matter, because Twin Hills    for the restaurant.
restaurant, a staple to Lake           “I had a collection of bird
Bridgeport, burned down in         nests,” she said.
December of 2006, in an act of         She said she felt the most
arson.                             stand-out decoration of the res-
    In May 2007, Jesse Warren      taurant was the entry-way
Cahill was arrested for alleg-     where a canvas boat from up-         An early morning fire completely destroyed the landmark Twin Hills Restaurant on the
edly setting fire to the restau-   state New York had adorned           east shore of Lake Bridgeport Tuesday while owners Rollins and Connie Bilby were
rant.                              the space. She had many inter-       out-of-state. Wise County Emergency Management Corrdinator Paul Cunningham was
    Bilby said she and her hus-    esting decorations in the res-       still on the scene late Tuesday morning, attempting to isolate the cause.
band, Rollins, would not re-       taurant that could not be re-              - photo courtesy Greg Raven of Plantation, Florida, while on Christmas vacation at the home of his
build the restaurant, as there     placed, such as a dried hornets                                                         parents, Royce and Peggy Raven of Lake Bridgeport
was no insurance on the build-     nest.
ing, a place where she dedi-           “I put anything in there that
cated her life.                    I thought would be of interest,”
    “It gave me a sense of pur-    she said.
pose,” said Connie Bilby.              The most important aspect
    Now, her memories are          of the restaurant for Bilby was
gone, but when she spoke of        the cleanliness. She said with
them, she remembered her cus-      a degree in home economics,
tomers’ memories also.             she knew how important food
    “They got to be more than      safety was, not just to her but
just customers,” she said.         to the customers, also.
    Bilby said many people had         “I thought that was the most
their rehearsal dinners, birth-    important thing,” she said.
days, anniversaries, and other         She said when she began

special occasion dinners at        she started in the kitchen mak-
Twin Hills. Plus, she said, she    ing sure everything was
saw many families raise their      cooked and served properly.
children, and then those               By the last summer the res-
children’s children, throughout    taurant was open, Connie

the years.                         Bilby had become a staple of
    When the lake was up,          Twin Hills Restaurant in the
boats and other water travellers   front, too.
could actually dock their wa-          At the time of the fire, re-
tercraft at the base of the res-   ports said no one was hurt in
taurant, and go inside to dine.    the fire at the Twin Hills res-
Bilby served only beer, but        taurant. While no one sustained                            Michael Read
customers were allowed to          a physical injury, it was obvi-
bring their own wine and liquor    ous Bilby hurt emotionally.                      P.O. Box 1155 • Bridgeport, Texas
in, but it couldn’t be served by
the waitstaff.
                                       She said not to worry,
                                   though. She’s ready to move                                940-683-4226
    In 2003, Twin Hills cel-
ebrated its 25th anniversary.
                                   on, and find something new in
                                   her life. She’s ready to write the
                                                                                           Fax: 940-683-0171
    According to Bilby, catfish    next chapter of her life.
                                                                                                                                                 2009 Lake Edition. . .Page 19

Crucial Lessons About Life Jackets
   When an emergency strikes        a visible color. Child-size life                               nance of your life jacket can                 remember that heat damages
                                                                         dew odor or signs of shirking.
on water, a life jacket can make    jackets list the weight range                                  help it last for years.
                                                                         Test the jacket in water again                                          life jackets. That’s why you
the difference between life and     geared for the jacket and                                         After a day of boating, let
                                                                         to make sure it still floats. If it                                     shouldn’t leave it aboard a boat
death. That’s why you want to       should feature a crotch strap,                                 your jacket dry thoroughly in
                                                                         failed any of these tests, throw                                        in the sun when the boat is not
be sure you have the right life     an oversized float collar and a      your jacket away.         a well-ventilated place before                in use. Also, don’t dry your life
jacket onboard — preferably         grab loop to pull the child out                                putting it away. If you were in               jacket in a dryer, on a radiator,
one for each member of your         of water.                            CARE AND MAINTENANCE salt water, rinse the jacket thor-                 heater or other heat source,
boating party.                          For all ages, a life jacket        Proper care and mainte- oughly with fresh water. Also                 which can damage it.
                                    should fit snugly but comfort-
SELECTING A JACKET                  ably when all straps, zippers
    When you’re dealing with        and ties are fastened. Test the
water, fashion or price

                                                                         Share fishing skills
                                    jacket on land and on water. If
shouldn’t factor into your life     you raise your arms over your
jacket decision. Choose your        head, the life jacket should stay
life jacket based on what you       in place. Have someone lift the
will be doing in the water as       jacket up by the shoulders; it
well as the water con-
ditions. Life jackets vary in
shape, color and material —
just make sure you get one
that’s suited for you.
                                    should stay in place. If you can,
                                    test the jacket in a pool or in
                                    shallow water prior to use on
                                    open water. Relax your body
                                    and tilt your head back. Your
                                                                         with your children
                                                                            Too much Nintendo? Sum-            fishing equipment, like a rod-    source near your home where
    The label on the jacket will    chin should be above water and                                             and-reel combination which        you know there are some fish
indicate if it’s designed for                                            mer boredom? “Nothing to
                                    you should be able to breathe        do,” the typical remark com-          can be obtained at your local     such as catfish or crappie.
your weight, and the proper         easily. Another water test is to                                           sporting goods outlet or bait        When fishing with kids,
uses for its level of durability.                                        ing from your youngster in the
                                    jump into a pool feet first from     summer?                               and tackle store. Add a bobber,   keep it simple. Long casts are
Following are common types          a platform the same height as                                              some small hooks, split shot,     not necessary. Let the young-
of life jackets:                                                            Take them fishing!
                                    your boat. The life jacket              Summer is a great time to          and a can of worms. The whole     ster do all the casting and reel-
    Type One: It’s designed for     should not pop off over your                                               bill won’t top $20, and you’ll    ing. Make it a fun learning ex-
open, rough waters, or where                                             take a kid fishing and share an
                                    head. Once you find one that’   s    outdoor activity that can be          find it is the best money you     perience with or without catch-
it may be hard to be rescued.       suitable, put your name on it                                              ever spent.                       ing any fish.
While it’s bulky, it provides the                                        especially easy, fun, and inex-
                                    so you wear one that is sized        pensive.                                  Then head for a pond,
best flotation and turns most       just for you.                                                              stream, lake, or other water
unconscious wearers from a                                                  All you need is some basic
face-down position to a face-       INSPECTION
up position. It usually comes           Twice a year, re-inspect all
in a visible color and in a few     jackets. Make sure children
different sizes.                    still fit into theirs — children
    Type Two: It’s geared for       grow fast so their jackets will
calm or inland waters, making       need to be replaced often. In-
it the proper choice for boat-      spect jackets for tears, holes,
ing or fishing. It’s used in wa-    deterioration or ripped seams.
ters where there is a good          Patch any small holes, but re-
chance of a fast rescue. Type       place the jacket if they are large
Two jackets are more comfort-       enough for water to seep in.
able than Type Ones, but they       Buckles and zips should fasten
cannot be relied upon to turn       easily. There should be no mil-
unconscious wearers to a face-
up position consistently. As a
result, they are not good for
long hours in rough water.
    Type Three: This jacket is
designed for calm waters
where there is a good chance
of a fast rescue. It’s the most
comfortable type of life jacket
available in many styles, mak-
ing it good for general boating
or the activity marked on the
label. It’s not recommended for
rough waters since the
wearer’s head can be covered
by waves where the jacket can-
not provide adequate flotation.
Select a life jacket that is U.S.
Coast Guard approved (which
means it has endured intense
testing), properly sized and in
Page 20… 2009 Lake Edition

ShareLunker Program. . .
continued from page 4               erything is ready before the         12 hours, sooner if possible.       2425 S. US 83, Zapata, Texas     US 90, Del Rio, Texas
Wildlife Department employ-         fish is removed from the trans-         10.) To request pickup of a      (956)236-6015.                   (830)719-9907.
ees of any liability resulting      port container, weighing time        ShareLunker (largemouth bass           Falcon State Park, Falcon        - Sam Rayburn Reservoir -
from the loss or death of the       can be less than one minute.         13 pounds or over, legally          Heights, Texas , (956)844-          Jackson Hill Park Marina,
fish.                                   7.) It is best to sedate the     caught in Texas waters be-          3426.                            1705 FM 2851, Broaddus,
    At the end of spawning sea-     fish in the transport container      tween October 1 and April 30),         - Lake Amistad -              Texas, 75929, (936)872-9266.
son, the ShareLunker will be        before weighing or taking pic-       call (903)681-0550 or page             Angler’s Lodge, 8969 W.
returned to the angler for live     tures. Marinas and bait shops        (888)784-0600 and leave a
release, or the angler may do-      can supply the recommended           number, including area code.
nate it permanently to the pro-     chemicals. Wet your hands be-
gram. Either way, the angler        fore handling the fish. Lift the     Every effort is made to retrieve
receives a fiberglass replica of    fish from the water vertically       a big bass within 12 hours of                                 Fishing
the catch made by Lake Fork
Taxidermy, ShareLunker
                                    by clamping your thumb on the
                                    bottom lip. To raise the fish
                                                                         being caught. However, Texas
                                                                         is a large state and occasion-
                                                                                                                                  on Lake Bridgeport
clothing, and recognition at an     into a horizontal position, sup-     ally there is more than 1                     People may fish anywhere on Lake Bridgeport
annual awards banquet held at       port the fish’s weight by plac-      Lunker waiting to be picked                except the upstream portion of the dam, near the
TFFC. In addition, the Texas        ing your off-hand under the          up. To keep those big bass               spillway.
resident catching the largest       fish just behind the anal fin.       healthy, TPWD is working                     The lake has several kinds of fish, including bass,
entry of the season is awarded      This method should be used if        with local fishing businesses            crappie, channel cat, perch and others. The Texas
a lifetime fishing license.         the fish is not sedated. Don’t       and tackle shops to provide              Department of Fish and Wildlife often restock the
                                    roll back the lip in an effort to    temporary holding stations for           fishing supply.
    Tips for proper care and        paralyze the fish. This can          anglers who wish to donate fish              A fishing license is required for people 17
handling of Lunker Bass             damage the lower jaw and             to the program.                          or older.
    1.) Land the fish as quickly    hinder or prevent the fish from          A list of holding stations is
as possible. Playing a fish to      feeding after being released.        provided below. Stations are
exhaustion diminishes its           The fish should not be out of        needed at other lakes. Any
chances of survival.                the water longer than 30 sec-        business interested in becom-
    2.) If possible, refrain from   onds. Persons taking pictures        ing an official ShareLunker
using a dip net that has a mesh     should have their cameras            Weigh and Holding Station
larger than an inch and/or is not   ready before the fish is re-         should       contact      David
a smooth mesh. When using a         moved from the holding con-          Campbell at (903)670-2230.
net, always make sure it is wet     tainer. Holding the fish out of          - Falcon Lake -
before it touches the fish.         the water two to three minutes,          Robert’s Fish n’ Tackle,
    3.) Avoid excessive han-        or holding it in a plastic bag
dling or dropping of the fish       without proper aeration, causes
while removing the hook. The        stress that can damage the eyes
fish will benefit from remain-
ing in water (boat livewell or
                                    or cause a bacterial and/or fun-
                                    gal infection. Such damage                           We care about you and making
a large cooler filled with wa-
ter) while the hook is removed
                                    could cause mortality even
                                    several weeks later. Note that
                                                                                                  your dreams come true!
with needlenosed pliers. Hold       stress is increased by extremes
the fish vertically by the lower    in temperatures and/or windy
lip while it is in the water so     weather conditions.
that the total weight of the fish       8.) Ideal water temperature
doesn’t rest on the lower jaw.      for holding fish is 55 to 75 de-                                                                           We Care...
    4.) Take the fish to a ma-      grees Fahrenheit, and the wa-
rina or closest certified scales
as soon as possible. Transport
                                    ter temperature should not be
                                    changed more than five or six
                                                                                                                                       We’re Professional
the fish in a properly aerated      degrees per hour. If water is
livewell or a large cooler          aerated and treated with bac-                                                                           & Personable
equipped with an aerator.           terial/fungal retardant, low
    5.) Before removing the         water temperature may not be
fish from the transport con-        crucial.
tainer, have the certified scales       9.) Call Texas Parks and                                                                                Tana
ready for weighing. Try to ar-      Wildlife Department as soon as
range to hold the fish in the       possible with your name,
mariina’s minnow vat after it       where the fish is located, a tele-
is weighed.                         phone number where you can
    6.) To reduce stress when       be reached and when and
removing the fish from the          where you caught the fish. Be
transport container for weigh-      sure to include your area code
ing, move the fish as close as      when leaving a message on the
possible to the scales and hold-    pager. Every attempt will be                               
ing vat before removal. If ev-      made to collect the fish within
                                                      2009 Lake Edition … Page 21

       250 US H IGHWAY 380 W EST • R UNAWAY B AY , T EXAS
                       940-575-2597                             encompass
                                                               Prepaid Phone Cards
           •F ULL DELI                                           & Wireless Refill

           •C OFFEE & C APPUCCINO
           •B EER & W INE
           •B OAT LAUNCH
           •G AS AT THE DOCK
           •P R O P A N E
           •C AR W ASH
           •L A U N D R O M A T
       O PEN : M ON 5 am-10 PM      Sunday 6 PM
Open: Mon-Sat -S AT 5 AM -10 pm• •S UNDAY 6 AM -10 am-10 pm
Page 22… 2009 Lake Edition

“Off 380 Players” celebration of 10th theatrical
by Joann Pritchard                 and Detour production, with        teers that are passionate about      needed with the actors'
    “Is that a band, or what?”     more to come in upcoming sea-      making Off 380 Players truly         makeup.
    The Off 380 Players are cel-   sons,” he said. “We encourage      ‘your road to theatre fun.’”              Once the set is constructed
ebrating their 10th season of      anyone who would like to get           The Players welcome par-         and the actors know where
theatrical performances, hear-     involved to feel free to contact   ticipation by anyone interested      they are supposed to be at all
ing less and less often such       us at 940-575-4548 or visit our    in any aspect of theatre,            times, the Light and Sound
questions as the above as more     website for more information       onstage or off. Call 575-4548.       Crew starts to work. During
and more people become             at”             Experience within the            performances the crew has to
aware of their productions.           Coming up for the 08-09         group varies from professional       watch and listen closely and be
    After knocking about from      season are the musical “Sub-       to strictly amateur. Stan Baker      ready to bring lights up and
venue to venue since present-      urb” and the summer youth          of Chico, past president, prom-      down and execute sound ef-
ing “Everybody Loves                                                                   ised to find a      fects at the exact moment they
Opal” at the Runaway Bay                                                               job (non-paid,      are needed. The crew has to be
Community Church, the                                                                  that is) for any-   prepared to improvise in case
community theatre group is                                                             one interested      an actor forgets a line or
now at home at the Bridge-                                                             in participat-      changes the script.
port Stage. Renovation of                                                              ing.                     A Backstage Crew moves
Bridgeport’s old Arcadia                                                                Charlotte          furniture and props between
Theater is a story in itself;                                                          Keefe, found-       scenes; pulls curtains, helps
just say that now, the Play-                                                           ing past presi-     actors with costumes, etc.
ers and their audience can                                                             dent of the              The Front of the House
enjoy their surroundings as                                                            group, has          takes care of the audience, sell-
well as their shows. Of                                                                listed talents      ing tickets and handing out
course, ambition has not                                                               and skills per-     programs. Volunteers serve re-
faltered, and Players presi-                                                           taining to pro-     freshments during intermis-
dent Justin Prestidge notes                                                                                 sion.
that “We would be open to                                                                                       After the final performance,
discussing naming rights”                                                                                   it's time to strike the set. Ev-
with anyone interested in                                                                                   erything is taken down, put
donating         $400,000-                                                                                  away and the stage is cleaned.
$500,000 for a theatre.                                                                                    "The imaginary world that
    “Back in 2000, Off 380                                                                                 took six weeks to create van-
Players was founded by a                                                                                   ishes within a few hours,"
group of individuals that                                                                                  Keefe said. "Live theatre must
wanted to bring an afford-                                                                                 have actors, but as you can tell,
able version of live theatre                                                                               it must have the help, talent,
to Wise County,” Prestidge                                                                                 skill, and willingness of many,
said. “Nearly 10 years later,                                                                              many people."
Off 380 Players has accom-                                                                                      Stan Baker lists facts de-
plished this goal and grown                                                                                bunking myths concerning the
as a result. From our humble       camp. Check website for dates      duction.                             troupe.
beginnings of audiences sitting    to be announced.                       A Play Selection Commit-              It is a myth, he notes, that
in folding chairs and following        The Players will add Thurs-    tee "reads lots and lots and lots    "only individuals who can act
our productions site to site, to   day performances during the        of plays," then recommends           are involved in Off 380." Act-
last year’s musical production     2009-2010 season, with “Play       five plays for consideration by      ing ability is not necessary nor
of “Always...Patsy Cline”          On” set for September 17-20,       the board of directors, who          required.
where over 1,000 area resi-        24-27; “Dearly Beloved” No-        pick three plays for production.          The myth that only creative
dents came to see this wonder-     vember 12-15, 19-22; Holiday           A Director plans staging,        people join theatre groups re-
ful production, we continue to     show December 12, with pos-        auditions, actors, and then, of      quires definition: Baker says
offer quality entertainment to     sible additional perform-          course, directs.                     that "Everyone is creative --
the surrounding communities        ance(s); “Arsenic and Old              The director works with the      community theatre helps
at a family-friendly price.”       Lace” February 18-21-, 25-28;      crew (the Off 380 Roadies)           people find their creative
    The 2008-09 season has         and “Nunsense” April 29-May        who build the sets, find the         niche."
broken attendance as well as       2, May 6-9. Evening perfor-        props, etc.                               As for theatre requiring too
participation records, Prestidge   mances are at 7:30 p.m.; mati-         People with carpenter skills     much time, Baker stresses that
said. The May 2009 production      nees 2:30.                         are welcomed when it comes           "We want you to be involved
of “Annie Get Your Gun” will           “We sincerely thank our        time to build sets.                  as much as you have time for -
feature a cast of 40-plus, not     supporters,” Prestidge said.           "Most of the time the set        - a tiny bit or a whole lot!" Only
to mention technical crew, he      “Without support from our au-      needs to be painted," Ms Keefe       outgoing, gregarious people
said. “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”      diences and area businesses we     said. "If you can make big           get involved in the theatre? Not
drew more than 400 patrons         would not be able to accom-        strokes with a paintbrush, we        so, Baker says. "People with
and broke records for a non-       plish the goals we set over ten    can use you."                        every type of personality are
musical production. “Off 380       years ago. While we still have         The Props Manager enlists        involved. We love diversity."
Players has grown from per-        a long way to go to reach some     friends to find the props, stage          Myth: You have to know
forming three productions a        of these, I feel that Off 380      furniture, and anything needed       something about the theatre to
year, to this year doing seven,    Players has a strong group of      to "dress" the stage. Costumes       get involved. Fact: "Wrong --
including the summer youth         individuals on our board, and      have to be found or made, and        you can learn along with the
production, Christmas show,        many, many wonderful volun-        during performances, help is         rest of us!"
                                                                                                                                               2009 Lake Edition … Page 23

                                                                                                                                                       Lakefoto by Shelley Moore

Legends abound about Devil’s Den treasure
by Rosemary Bridwell                off through the years and left     the canyon still runs most of       was buried there during an In-      his home in Devil’s Den in the
    For rugged beauty and           high cliffs that drop straight     the year. The water, ice cold       dian raid before the end of the     old days may have stashed
promise of adventure, Devil’s       down.                              in summer and warm in win-          Civil War.                          away another treasure in gold
Den has a reputation that               According to legend,           ter, was one of the benefits the       A rock found near the lake       coins in one of the canyon’s
reaches over a hundred years        Devil’s Den has been the hid-      location offered as a camp-         in 1937 by Trammell and his         many caves.
into the past.                      ing place of army deserters and    ground for Indians.                 brothers is marked with strange        According to legend, the
    The nearly mile-long can-       notorious outlaws, and a camp-         Slick limestone deposits        carvings that Trammell still        old hermit kept a herd of sheep
yon has drawn rattlesnake           ground for various Indian          glaze the spring bed.               believes point the way to the       and never left the canyon. A
hunters, history buffs, the hard    tribes. That was in the day            Chief Jim Ned, Wise             location of the gold treasure, if   Chico doctor, who went
and the curious to lake Bridge-     when natural caves abounded        County’s most famous Indian,        somebody could interpret the        through the Den on his way to
port the way the Lorelei is said    in the high rock cliffs of the     is said to have lived in Devil’s    signs. The figure $80,000 was       Wizard Wells, carried supplies
to draw sailors to their destruc-   canyon.                            den and gone on raiding par-        carved into one corner of the       to the hermit and treated him
tion.                                   In recent years, rock slides   ties from there. Trammell be-       rock that has since been bro-       when he was sick.
    Devil’s Den, now a part of      have covered the entrance to       lieves the chief was buried         ken off. The remainder of the          The hermit would disappear
the Sid Richardson Scout            the caves, and even longtime       there and later removed to an       rock may still be seen at the       into one of the caves and would
Ranch, is on the west side of       Devil’s Den explorer Bennie        Oklahoma burial ground.             general store at the Scout          return with the doctor’s pay in
Lake Bridgeport.                    Trammell of Bridgeport can no          Stories have persisted over     Ranch.                              gold coins. Speculation was
    Located on a former section     longer find his way into any of    the years that Devil’s Den is the      Trammell says as far as he       that the old man was hiding out
of the Ash Ranch, Devil’s Den       the caves he knew so well.         site of Wise County’s largest       knows, the treasure has never       from the law and that the gold
was caused by a geological              The spring that fed a stream   buried treasure. Legend has it      been found.                         was from a hold-up.
fault where rocks have fallen       running most of the length of      that $200,000 in gold coins            A hermit said to have made
Page 24… 2009 Lake Edition

                                                             WISE COUNTY’S
                                                           COMMUNITY BANK.

                                          “Easy banking. . .”

                                   FIRST STATE BANK
                                      201 S. Weatherford • 940-644-2218
                              1709 9th Street • 809 WW Ray Circle • 940-683-6300
                                              RUNAWAY BAY
                                       258 US Hwy 380 • 940-575-2265
  Lakefotos by Jo Gilbreath              630 Main St. • 940-969-2265
        and Francine West
                                                                                                                                              2009 Lake Edition … Page 25

Fishing tips and recipes
by J.D. Clark                      where: in front of the dam, near        In the summer, the TPWD
    One of Wise County’s fa-       Rattlesnake Island in open wa-      suggests using jig and pig,
vorite pasttimes is to spend a     ter, and around submerged           spoons, Texas rigged worms,                    Spicy Roasted Pepper Tartar
lazy, peaceful day fishing on      gravel piles. For these loca-       and crankbaits.                                          Sauce
Lake Bridgeport.                   tions, the TPWD recommends              In the fall, baits, spinners,
    According to the Texas         baits such as surface lures,        and jigs that mimic crawfish                                    Ingredients
Parks and Wildlife Depart-         plastic shad, small spoons, jigs,   should be used in the muddy                1 cup Mayonnaise
ment, the most predominant         and live minnows or shad.           and shallow water. The TPWD                1/4 cup Roasted red bell pepper
fish in the lake are white and        Hybrid striped bass are at-      site on Lake Bridgeport says,              Pureed 1 tablespoon jalapeños
hybrid striped bass; crappie;      tracted to similar areas and        “Roll a spinner bait, bump a               Diced 1 teaspoon lemon juice
channel catfish; largemouth        baits. In the winter, hybrid bass   crankbait, or dabble a Texas               1/2 teaspoon tabasco sauce
bass; smallmouth bass; and         can be found feeding on shad        rigged worm over one of the                1-1/2 teaspoon parsley, chopped
sunfish.                           and attracting the attention of     submerged gravel humps and
    In fact, the TPWD reports      many sea gulls.                     you better be holding to some-                                   Directions
that the populations of the           The black bass found in          thing solid.”                              Whisk together all ingredients until well blended. Place
white and hybrid striped bass      Lake Bridgeport include large-          To visit the TPWD’s Lake               in a covered container and refrigerate until needed.
and the crappie are “excellent,”   mouth, spotted, and small-          Bridgeport site, go to http://
while the other four popula-       mouth bass. The TPWD ad-            w w w. t p w d . s t a t e . t x . u s /
tions are “good.”                  vises that the fish can be caught   fishboat/fish/recreational/                       Lemon-Dill Tartar Sauce
    According to the TPWD,         “almost year round” but adds        lakes/bridgeport/.
“(w)hite bass fishing is best      that spring and fall yield the          For those readers who plan                                  Ingredients
during the spring spawning         best results.                       to catch the fish but aren’t sure          1-1/2 cup Mayonnaise
run.” During this time, main-         For trophy fish, try the         what to do with them, enjoy                1 teaspoon dill pickle
lake points and inflowing          months of February and              these recipes from local resi-             minced 1 teaspoon capers
tributaries are good producers     March. Effective spring baits       dents to create a genuine fish             1 tablespoon lemon juice
of crappie.                        include a Carolina Rig worm         fry meal.                                  1 tablespoon dill weed (fresh)
    In the summer, white bass      or 6-inch lizard, a 7-inch Texas                                               2 teaspoons parsley, chopped
are likely to be found any-        rigged worm, and crankbaits.                                                   1/2 teaspoon dijon mustard

                       FRIED FISH                                                                                                       Directions
                                                                                                                  Blend all ingredients until well mixed. Cover and
                   From the Kitchen of:                                                                           refrigerate until needed.
                     Jo Ann Manning
 Fish                       Beer
 Salt and pepper
 Corn meal
                            Peanut Oil                                            Rustic & Traditional Furniture
                         Directions                                         available for every room in your house
           Clean the fish and cut it into chunks. Soak
            the fish in beer, then drain. Salt and pepper                                                 • SMALL STORE • SMALL PRICES
            the fish, and roll the chunks in corn meal.                                                        • LARGE SELECTION
         Drop the fish into peanut oil at a temperature
    of at least 350 degrees. Take the fish out when it is
 a golden-brown and starts to float.

                    From the Kitchen of:
                       Theo Wilson

 Mayonnaise                        Shredded carrots
 Sugar                             Salt
 Shredded cabbage                  Pepper                                                                                        ★Mansion
                                                                                Mon -Fri:
 Start with desired amount of mayonnaise and add                              10 am - 6 pm
 sugar to reach desired consistency. Mix with shred-                              Sat :                     CORNER OF HWY 287 & 1810       
 ded cabbage and a few shredded carrots to liking. Add
 salt, pepper, and other spices as needed.
                                                                              9 am - 5 pm                   IN DECATUR • 940-627-8304
Page 26… 2009 Lake Edition

    Opening April 2009
      - the completely remodeled ONE STOP OF TEXAS!
       We proudly announce the re-opening of
   the completely remodeled and improved
   ONE STOP OF TEXAS - the Shopping
   Oasis of Lake Bridgeport!
       You will find a dining area to serve quality
   breakfast and lunch items, and a well-
   stocked meat market including all your fa-
   vorites - sausages, chicken, beef cuts and
   fresh seafood!
       Of course, all your favorite cold bever-
   ages will be on hand - beer, wines and cool-
   ers - but you’ll also enjoy shopping in a
   clean, brightly-lit and non-smoking environ-
   ment for the grocery items you need.                  YOU’VE RELIED ON ONE STOP FOR YEARS to supply qual-
                                                         ity meats at affordable prices. We’ve expanded those offer-
       Clean indoor restrooms await you, and             ings, and have added FRESH, NEVER-FROZEN SEAFOODS
   your favorite boating and automotive fuels,           flown to you from the Gulf Coast.
   oils and accessories are available.
       You’ll find a clean, well-stocked and up-
   lifting store to entice you to return again
   and again. We hope you’ll accept the of-
              Berry and Linda White and Berry White IV

                  STOP       Est. 1970
                                                         FISHING HEADQUARTERS ON LAKE BRIDGEPORT! We
                                                         stock your favorite lures, rods and reels, minnow buckets and
                                                         related items, and have an enclosed bait room for cleanliness
                                                         and convenience.

                                                          Runaway Bay, Texas
                                                         Phone 940/575-2811
                                                                                                                                                2009 Lake Edition … Page 27

Consider construction, fit and finish to
ensure that you purchase a quality boat
    The first day of any boat        Cobalt boats have a stainless       down quicker and fail more         forget to examine the bimini.       then let the salesperson know
show is the same wherever you        steel scuff plate, right where      often. The hardware should         Frail, thin, tube aluminum with     you are interested, but ask for
go. Every salesperson you pass       the nose hits the front of the      have high-grade stainless ma-      straps and snaps rarely last        some time to consider this in-
grabs your arm, claiming to          trailer.                            terial of 316 grade. Quality       more than a couple years, es-       vestment. Get him or her to
have the perfect boat. Some-             Next, walk around to the        manufacturers like Cobalt al-      pecially when you are trailer       commit to holding a price for
where amid all the ruckus is the     stern, if possible. It should be    ways use thick, sandwiched         boating. Look for a strong,         you. Then, go home, relax and
voice of reason and sensibility,     a solid composite plug or at        aluminum plates to prevent         stainless steel bimini system of    do your research. Ask friends
telling you to look beyond the       least a fully encapsulated ma-      fasteners from pulling out.        the kind offered by Cobalt          or colleagues who own boats
beauty and carefully consider        rine-grade wood. (Ask the               Start opening hatches and      Boats.                              for advice. You can also search
the construction, the fit and fin-   salesperson.) Are the graphics      checking out the interiors. The       Before you leave, check the      online for information about
ish — factors which point to a       applied to the hull by tape or      hatches should be smooth and       engine spaces. Are they neat?       construction, warranty and ser-
quality boat. Beauty is impor-       are they part of the finish? If     catch-free. Interior spaces        Can you get to the oil, belts and   vice before you settle on a pur-
tant, but be realistic — you         taped on, they will eventually      should be well-ventilated and      other fluids easily? Remember,      chase.
want a boat that will offer years    become damaged or fade.             drained. Seat cushions should      you’ll have to service the bat-        Remember, all boats look
of enjoyment and a solid resale          If you feel good about the      be comfortable and securely        tery, hydraulic pump, oil, flame    pretty on the outside at boat
value.                               outside, step inside and start      attached to the boat, especially   arrestor, power steering, belts     shows. But quality boats can be
    As you approach a booth,         lifting and pulling on things. Is   in the front where the wind can    and more during the life of the     identified if you just take the
look around. Is the staff atten-     the floor solid? Some builders,     take you away as you travel to     boat.                               time to look beyond their
tive, well-groomed and sincere       like Cobalt, are using Nidacore     your favorite location. Don’t         If all these things check out,   beauty and into their inside.
or are they grabbing people out      flooring to reduce noise and
of the aisle and putting on a        eliminate the need for wood,
show to get your attention? Do       which has never been friendly
they ask questions about what        to life on the water. Check out
you’re looking for or do they        the dash. Is it made of plastic
simply run through a laundry         that will weather in a year or
list of features they think are      two or of a more permanent
important to you?                    material like powder-coated
    When you look at a boat,         aluminum? All wiring should
move to where the sides can be       be neat, fully wrapped and sup-
seen against the light. You          ported frequently in the run.
should see a smooth exterior         The circuits should be pro-
with no dips, humps or print-        tected by breakers, not fuses,
through. What are the through        and offer the weather-protected                                                                            Lakefoto by Francine West
hulls made from? Quality             convenience of toggle switches
builders use stainless steel in-     over rocker switches.
stead of chrome-plated brass or          Grab the windshield at its
plastic, which can wear more         longest side and see if it moves
easily. If the boat is primarily     when you push or pull. Are the
trailerable, how is the bow pro-     supports at the walk-through
tected? Most boats do not of-        solid, stainless or tubular? Tu-
fer bow protection. However,         bular supports tend to break

                                     Lakefoto by Keith Bridwell
Page 28… 2008 Lake Edition

Lake residents protected
by local fire departments
by J.D. Clark                      assistant chief.                   of multiple successful grants.
   Our county’s recent                Marcus Lambert is the           The department also received
devastating grass fires have       president, with Scottie Ford as    a $56,800 FEMA grant for
reminded area residents of the     vice president. Amy Schex-         more equipment.
importance of volunteer fire       nayder is the department’s            Although the department
departments.                       secretary, and Ronnie Kleam        does not currently have an
   Residents along the lake        serves as treasurer.               annual fundraiser, it is active
have three departments                Max Moore is the public         in the Wise County Toy Run
(Runaway         Bay,     Lake     relations officer and chaplain,    and the Lake Bridgeport
Bridgeport, and Sand Flat)         while Jason Paradise serves as     Clean-up.
keeping watch over the area.       first captain and Gary                The Sand Flat Community
   The       Runaway       Bay     Schexnayder serves as second       Volunteer Fire Department has
Volunteer Fire Department was      captain.                           been active since 2002.
founded in 1969 by J.W.               According to Garrett, the          A list of the department’s
Hadaway.                           department recently added a        officers could not be obtained
   Today, the department falls     21-foot rescure boat, the result   by press time.
under the City’s Department of
Public Safety, headed up by
Director Drew Paschall. The
fire department’s chief is
Jimmy White, and the assistant
chief and fire marshal is Brian
   Walt Warner is the
president, and Roger Hyham
serves as the vice president and
chaplain. Melissa Bennett is
the secretary.
   The Lake Bridgeport Fire        The explosive device which Paul Walsh found in Lake                  East Bay Estates resident Paul Walsh holds a World War
Department currently has 16        Bridgeport was described by Dr. Robert Marlett as one                II-vintage explosive device which he found on an island
active firefighters.               which was dropped from Corsair fighter planes during                 created when the level of Lake Bridgeport dropped by more
   Willie Garrett serves as the    World War II. The explosive used is believed to have been            than 15 feet.                                  - Indexfoto
department’s chief, and            dynamite.                                      - Indexfoto
Tommy Johnson serves as

                                                                                                                                         2009 Lake Edition … Page 29

Seen here is one of the reproductions of six photographs that currently hang in the office of Lake Superintendent Richard Ellis. This photograph
depicts the construction of the Lake Bridgeport flood gates and were originally taken by the Freese and Nichols Engineering firm. The Fort Worth-
based company was hired by the Tarrant Regional Water District to construct the dam, and Ellis says that the 1920 blueprints of the dam were also
done by the Freese and Nichols firm.                                              Reproduction photograph taken with permission by Jo Gilbreath

Lake Bridgeport’s beginnings:
Wise County excited for work, water
    In the 1920s, Wise County      ers around here could stick a     dozers came along and pushed      very few mesquite trees and the   produce to sell to the workers:
and the rest of the nation were    pipe in something like this and   them up there. These rocks        next poor soul might draw one     cantaloupes, eggs, and butter.
in the Great Depression, and       get some water.”                  were laid by wagon and team,      down in the heavy timbered        Bowlin remembers when farm-
Lake Bridgeport, still in the          The Lake Bridgeport           then by hand. The lake work       bottom land, and that was         ers couldn’t sell their eggs for
planning stages, generated ex-     project began in 1929. The        project was for farmers and       tough. You had to cut it, burn    a nickel a dozen or butter for
citement.                          levee on the south of Highway     ranchers who were on their last   it, and get rid of it.            ten cents a pound.
    Former Runaway Bay             380 before crossing the bridge    leg, and townspeople if they          “During the lake construc-       Lake Bridgeport, com-
Mayor Jim Bowlin, raised in        at Runaway Bay was built          had a wagon and team; no          tion, entire families would       pleted in December 1931, is
the Bay area, remembers when       largely by hand during the De-    trucks were allowed.”             camp out here in tents. Some      the northernmost and third-
the lake was a dream by the        pression. Rocks were hauled          The workers then cleared       of the youngsters would ride      largest reservoir in the Tarrant
Tarrant County Water Board         in by wagons and teams; mules     timber from the area between      the school bus to Bridgeport,”    County Water Control and Im-
and the U.S. Corps of Engi-        and horses pulled the wagons      the present Runaway Bay           he said.                          provement District.
neers to give the people of this   and got all the rocks in this     bridge on 380 and the Twin            Excitement was running
area some work and water for       area, Bowlin said.                Hills dam, some three miles       high because people couldn’t
their crops.                           “The whole idea,” he said,    away.                             imagine living next to and
    “People were just existing,”   “was to make work for the poor       “People would draw lots for    working on what was supposed
Bowlin said. “The prospect of      farmer, and they were all poor.   the area they were supposed to    to be the largest man-made
this lake created great excite-    This wasn’t a situation where     clear,” he said. “You might       lake in Texas at the time.
ment in that farmers and ranch-    trucks dumped rocks and bull-     draw a lot where there were           Farmers would bring their
Page 30… 2009 Lake Edition

Surveyor’s journals from the 1930s and ‘40s provide
interesting glimspe into the past of Lake Bridgeport
                              by J.D. Clark                         hotter than hell” at 108 degrees.     1944, Funk had drawn a map of
                                 Sometimes,          the   most         Funk was sometimes very           the lake. However, on one area
                              interesting historical accounts are   specific with his notes on the        he wrote, “Bean lost $2.00 here,”
                              buried in places that most people     weather. A good example is on         in a reference to George Bean, one
                              would never think of.                 June 9, 1949, when he wrote that      of his crew men.
                                 Take, for example, the             it was “moderately windy” from            In June of 1952, Funk was
                              notebooks of Owen Funk. Funk          the south-southeast.                  doing work at the park at the
                              was a Wise County surveyor who            In that same year, Funk and his   Bridgeport Lake Beach, a public
                              spent a great deal of time working    crew battled high temperatures in     swimming and recreation area
                              at Lake Bridgeport in the 1930s       July. On July 19, Funk recorded       that no longer exists. Funk’s
                              and 1940s.                            the temperature as “fair and hot”     diagrams indicate that the park
                                 Funk’s notebooks are now the       at 102 degrees. The next day, it      included a dancefloor and
                              property of Tommy Edwards             was up to 104 degrees, and up to      restrooms.
                              Surveyors in Decatur.                 106 degrees on July 21. It                In this section of his notebook,
                                 Amidst his technical surveying     remained about the same (at 105       Funk noted that a boy with the last
                              jargon, Funk peppered his notes       degrees) on July 22.                  name of Hankins drowned at the
                              with colorful comments on                 On July 25, Funk and his crew     park on June 15, 1952.
                              different events encountered          began working at 5:50 a.m. when           There are also some interesting
                              during his surveys. It often feels    the temperature was still at 95       observations on wildlife. On
                              more like a journal than a            degrees. The following day,           April 1, 1931, Funk said a
                              professional notebook.                however, they didn’t begin            rattlesnake was killed after it bit
                                 For example, on his entry from     working until 6:00 p.m.               a worker named Bingham on the
                              December 16, 1949, Funk noted             It is evident that some of        boot. Funk, however, also noted
                              that the weather was “cold as         Funk’s notes were made simply         there was no flesh wound.
                              hell.”                                because they interested him, not          On June 21, 1951, Funk noted
                                 The opposite can be found on       because they pertained to his         that a rattlesnake was killed that
                              his August 17, 1956, entry when       business.                             was 44 inches long and had ten
                              he noted the weather was “fair and        For example, on October 12,                     continued on page 49
                Owen Funk

      The First National Bank of Runaway Bay would like to say
     “welcome” to those of you who are just now becoming a part of this
    growing community. Whether you are a newcomer or longtime resident
    of Runaway Bay, or the surrounding area, we hope that you will let
                us help you with all of your banking needs.

         1055 Hwy 380 West • Runaway Bay • 940-575-2100 • Telebank • 374-3522
                                                                                                                                         2009 Lake Edition … Page 31

Wise County Park, haven of outdoor recreation
continued from page 14             attracting “a lot of fisherman     trailers, and someone is usually    Texas Parks and Wildlife       jurisdiction of Goode.
take a healthy stroll.             at the end of March.”              unloading some type of              Department to Wise County in      Goode’s budget pays the
According to Goode, the trail,         Bass clubs hold tourn-         watercraft off the boat ramps       2002. Although Jones is        salary of Jones, and the
which opened in 2006, is a         aments regularly, and the Texas    at any given moment.                director of the park, it is    camping fees go toward the
little over one mile in length     Parks and Wildlife Department          Families can be seen            ultimately     under    the    park’s maintenance.
one way, meaning that, round       hosts a children’s fishing         roasting hot dogs and erecting
trip, it’s over a two-mile walk.   tournament on the first            tents, while swimmers splash
    Rest stops are available       Saturday in June at the park.      around in the water. Some
along the trail.                       It is not unusual to witness   patrons of the park decide to
    Jones said the peak season     a variety of activities taking     toss a fishing line into the non-
for Wise County Park begins        place at the park. On an           swimming areas and hope to
in May and “will build all the     average day during the peak        snag the next big catch.
way through the summer.” He        season, the parking lot is full        Ownership of Wise County
also noted that the park begins    of trucks pulling empty boat       Park was turned over from the

      Jet Skiers, others require preservers
         All people riding any kind of personal water craft, such as wind surfs, aquaplanes,
     jet skis, or other similar crafts, must wear a coast guard approved life preserver.
         People of all ages, not just children under 12, riding these water craft must wear
     the preserver.
         Further, no one under 12 may operate a water craft unless accompanied by some-
     one over 16.
                                                                                                                                         Lakefoto by Francine West

                                                                                                                                         Lakefoto by Shelley Moore
Page 32… 2009 Lake Edition

Guide fishing on Lake Bridgeport
by Angela Dale Fair                 place for you.                      water to drink.                     Crappie or even Carp and Buf-
     If you are looking for a            For those who think guide           The amazing time you will      falo, you will experience a
beautiful place to spend the        trips are for beginners only,       have while out on beautiful         great day of fishing on Lake
day fishing, come on over to        think again. They can also          Lake Bridgeport will provide        Bridgeport.
Lake Bridgeport and have the        bring new life to those die-hard    you with a lifetime of stories          For more information on
time of your life on a guided       fishermen who for one reason        to tell about how you wrestled      how you can hire your own
fishing trip.                       or another have hit a dry patch.    in “the big one!”                   personal fishing guide to ex-
     You can work at catching            All you need to bring is            Whether it is a big Catfish,   plore beautiful Lake Bridge-
your limit of beautiful fish and    yourself, your friends, your        Sand Bass, Black Bass, Small        port, please visit them directly
the endless amount of fun and       family, and your fishing li-        mouth to Hybrid Stripers,           at
fishing is made even better         cense, of course, and you are
when you take a guided trip.        set for one heck of a trip.
     Whether you enjoy fishing           The guides on Lake

                                                                            WÉÇËà wÜ|Ç~ tÇw wÜ|äx AAA
or just looking at the beautiful    Bridgeport provide the boat,
scenery, Lake Bridgeport is the     the gear, life jackets, and cool

Safety Tips for Skiers                                                                                We really want to
    For the number of partici-      which may be required in your
pants in the nation, nearly 16
million, water skiing is remark-
ably a safe sport considering
                                        • The skier should always
                                    wear a USCG approved Type
                                                                                                        see you again!
the action.                         III flotation jacket no matter
    The reason for this is the      how well he can swim.
observance by most boaters              • Never use alcoholic bev-
and skiers to common-sense          erages or drugs that may in-
rules of safety.                    duce sleepiness when skiing or
    It starts with having good      boating.
communications between the              • Never ski double with dif-
boat driver, the skier and the      ferent rope lengths. If the skier
observer in the boat who’s          on the long rope falls, the line
watching the skier.                 can entangle the skier on the
    Here are some additional        short rope.
tips:                                   • When landing, always
    • Know the waters in which      come in parallel to the shore.
you’re skiing to avoid any          Your speed over the water is
shoals, stumps, posts that may      deceptive and the risk of injury
be unseen just beneath the          is greater when the skier comes
water’s surface.                    directly onto the beach after
    • Never water ski at night      he’s whipped away from the
or in a fog.                        towboat.
    • Stay clear of solid objects
such as buoys, abutments, and
other boats and the like.
    • Know the ability of the
boat driver and go over the
                                                                                                  If you’re new to Wise County
hand signals you’ll be using to
communicate before you get
on the water.
                                                                                                   But the place looks familiar,
    • Keep a reasonable dis-                                                                    Maybe you’ve been seeing some of our exports.
tance from fishermen, swim-
mers and other skiers when
water skiing.
    • Know the state and local
laws regarding water skiing
                                                                                                            Building on our
and the extra safety items

                                                                                                                                 Bridgeport • 940-683-4277
                                                                                                                                          2009 Lake Edition … Page 33

Playing it safe on all personal watercrafts
    The advertisements are al-    the little protection they offer.   tors Web site     you’ll probably fall off). Wear   boating apply to a PWC — al-
luring: Skim along the water      These small boats are highly           If you are thinking of buy-    the engine stop safety lanyard    ways keep to the right and
with water brushing your legs     maneuverable, and even the          ing a PWC, be sure to check       if one is included. The Coast     avoid other crafts.
and the scenery flying by. Per-   most experienced mariners can       out the PWIA (       Guard also recommends carry-         •Operate the PWC at a safe
sonal watercrafts (PWC),          be lured into trying dangerous      for general regulation informa-   ing flares for riding on the              speed. Always be able
sometimes called by their com-    stunts. Also, the size of a PWC     tion, and read reviews of what-   ocean. In 1999, a Florida                 to stop your craft and
mercial names of Jet Skis or      makes it particularly attractive    ever craft you’re planning on     couple spent 18 hours floating            remain in control of it.
Waverunners, are more popu-       to kids and teens. All of these     getting (www.watercraftnews       at sea because they cut their        •Do not drink alcohol or use
lar than ever. According to the   factors make it a high-risk wa-     .com) to compare features.        engine and couldn’t restart it.           drugs before operating
Personal Watercraft Industry      ter sport.                             When taking your PWC out       They had no way to signal to              a PWC.
Association (PWIA), approxi-          Still, the number of acci-      on the water, be sure to have     the people on shore that they        A large percentage of acci-
mately 80,000 PWCs are sold       dents on PWCs have actually         the proper safety equipment.      were in trouble.                  dents are a result of the rider
in the United States each year,   decreased in the last few years.    PWIA recommends that all rid-         PWIA also gives these rec-    being under the influence. Al-
and an estimated one million      Several states have enacted         ers wear a life jacket, regard-   ommendations for riding           cohol reduces your ability to
of these vehicles are currently   laws to prevent accidents, such     less of whether required by law   safely:                           make good judgments and
in operation. Small, sleek and    as minimum age requirements         or not. Also, have a map of the       • Avoid other boats.          quick decisions.
cheaper than a motorboat, per-    for riding PWCs, ranging from       waters you plan to navigate,          • Stay in sight of shore.
sonal watercrafts give their      10 to 16, and also require chil-    and have a working knowledge          Avoid congested areas, but
owners an affordable and eas-     dren under a certain age to ride    of the PWC operation manual       keep a safe proximity to land.
ily transportable way to go out   with an adult. Also, most states    (you should especially know           • Know right-of-way rules.
to sea.                           require that all PWC riders         reboarding procedures —               The same guidelines for
    However, according to the     wear a life jacket. There are
U.S. Coast Guard, 71 people       speed restrictions, minimum
died and more than 1,300 were     distance requirements and al-
injured in personal watercraft    cohol laws. The PWC itself is
accidents in 2002. This statis-   regulated as well — most now
tic makes PWCs the second-        come with a “kill switch” that
most dangerous water vehicle      automatically stops the craft if
behind open motor boats. The      its rider falls off. To learn the
Coast Guard notes that PWCs       regulations in your state, visit
can be hazardous because of       the National Association of
the high speeds they reach and    State Boating Law Administra-

                                                                             We are the tire specialists – put us on your team!
                                                                                 Let the knowledgeable staff at Decatur Tire
                                                                                      help you select the best tire for you
                                                                                             – we’re here to help!

                                                                            Decatur Tire Store                                               Monday - Friday
                                                                                                                                            7:30 am - 5:30 pm
                                                                                    1201 N. Hwy 81/287 • Decatur                                Saturday
                                                                                            940-627-3657                                    7:30 am - 12 noon
                                  Lakefoto by Shelley Moore
Page 34… 2009 Lake Edition

 Public Boat Ramps
 1. Wise County Park
 2. Dam Site (F.M. 1658)
 3. U.S. 380 Bridge
 4. Runaway Bay Marina
 5. One Stop of Texas
 6. Jack County Recreation Area

 Lakeside Developments
 7. Sunset Bay
 8. Lakevue Estates
 9. Liles
 10. Sunset Shores
 11. Aston
 12. Twin Hills
 13. Wizzard Bay Estates
 14. East Bay Estates
 15. Lake House Estates
 16. Bay Landing
 17. Cimmaron Bay Estates
 18. Hideaway Bay
 19. Cozy Cove
 20. El Lago
 21. Blocker’s Slough
 22. Jackson Ranch
 23. Wilderness Lakes

 Area Landmarks
 24. Bridgeport Camp and Conference
 25. Twin Hills Store
 26. Bayview Center
 27. Harbor Inn Resort and Restaurant
 28. The Club at Runaway Bay
 29. B & M Marina
2009 Lake Edition … Page 35
Page 36… 2009 Lake Edition

Richard Ellis, superintendent and overseer
of the TRWD office at Lake Bridgeport
                                                                put it into perspective,” Ellis      drought and growth in the lo-      1/2 feet. In March of 2007, the
                                                                said–is 325,851 gallons of wa-       cal area.                          lake levels were down by 17.5
                                                                ter.                                     According to Ellis, the dis-   feet.
                                                                    “Every year the amount of        trict also has several utility        “You just need to remem-
                                                                water sent to Fort Worth var-        contracts with Wise County         ber to use caution,” he warned.
                                                                ies contingently upon de-            Power as well as with area sand       The TRWD also sponsors
                                                                mand,” he said.                      and gravel companies includ-       an annual clean-up day at the
                                                                    In 2005, the district used all   ing TXI, Hanson and Trinity at     lake. This year’s event will
                                                                100 percent of their allotment,      Big Sandy.                         take place on Saturday, April
                                                                but usually each year, only 60           For a few years, the Wise      12.
                                                                to 80 percent is used.               County area has been under a          For more information, con-
                                                                    The reason the entire            drought and because of the lack    tact the district’s Lake Bridge-
                                                                amount was dispersed was due         of rain, in March of 2006, the     port office at 940/683-2349.
                                                                to the previous year’s extended      lake levels were down by 11

                         Richard Ellis
by Staff                           full-time employees at each
    The Tarrant Regional Water     reservoir to monitor the area all
District (TRWD), whose main        the time.
purpose is to monitor water            Ellis lives across the street
supply and flood control, has      from the district’s office and
four area reservoirs that it       considers the interaction be-
monitors closely, with Lake        tween local homeowners to be
Bridgeport being its third larg-   a benefit in his position.
est.                                   “The best part of my job is
    Stretching across ten North    coming in contact with shore-
Texas counties, the reservoirs     line residents,” he said.
in its area also include               Lake Bridgeport covers 170 Pictured above are Angela, Doris, and Robert Lee Ware III, taking a stroll under the
Richland Chambers, Cedar           miles of shoreline and houses Runaway Bay Bridge in the early 1980’s during a major drought.
Creek and Eagle Mountain.          five marinas. Area communi-                                                      Photo contributed by Doris Ware
    Formed in 1924, the TRWD       ties served include Bridgeport,
serves more than 30 customers      Runaway Bay, Chico, Decatur,
across Metroplex, including        and the town of Lake Bridge-
the Fort Worth and Arlington       port. Residents throughout the
areas and the Trinity River Au-    county enjoy utilizing the lake
thority of Texas.                  for recreational activities.
    The district also maintains        The cities of Decatur,
the 27 mile Fort Worth Flood-      Bridgeport, Runaway Bay,
way and makes water quality        along with the West Wise Wa-
its top priority.                  ter Co-op and Walnut Creek–
    Richard Ellis has served as    serving Springtown and areas
the superintendent and over-       in between– are the five major
seer of the TRWD office at         municipal customers of the
Lake Bridgeport since 1995.        lake.
    “I just manage the reservoir       Engineers in Fort Worth
basically–operate and main-        manage and maintain the wa-
tain,” he said.                    ter levels of the lake. When the
    Growing up in the Reno/        flood water is released, it is
Azle area, he joined the TRWD      dispersed to Eagle Mountain
staff nearly 37 years ago when     Lake by way of the West Fork
he needed a place to work.         of the Trinity River.
    Starting at the bottom as a        From there, floodwater runs
maintenance worker, he has         into Lake Worth, which is
worked hard to get to the posi-    owned by the city of Fort
tion he holds now.                 Worth and is also utilized by                                              The Kaker Agency LLP
    “It was a place to work. I     the area for drinking water.                                          Tressa Kaker Parsons • Carl K. Kaker
didn’t necessarily go to school        Each calendar year, the dis-                                                Christi Anderson
for this; I just worked my way     trict can send approximately                                        1104 Stevens • Bridgeport • 940-683-2621
up,” he said.                      78,000 acre feet of water to
    The district employs two       Fort Worth. One acre foot–‘to
                                                                                                                                      2009 Lake Edition … Page 37

Catfish weighs in at 54 pounds, could be a new record
by Angela Dale                       Parks and Wildlife is 45 lbs.
   Now this is a fish! and I am          When asked about the bait
sure that is exactly what Run-       used, he confessed that a fish-
away Bay resident Jim                ing acquaintance gave him the
Henegar was thinking as he           winning recipe. Henegar states
reeled in this “heck of a catch.”    “it is a mixture of wheaties,
   Henegar explained that he         oatmeal, strawberry kool-aid,
was just fishing off his dock        and red soda. This isn’t the
behind his home when some-           complete recipe but when you
thing massive hit his 12-lb. test    get it all mixed up, boy does it
line attached to his rod and reel.   stink!
   After weighing himself and            Henegar also mentioned
then adding the fish, the differ-    that it took over an hour to reel
ence between the two was 54          this thing in, and suddenly re-
lbs. That’s right, a 54 lb. cat-     alized, he is probably going to
fish. At press time, the current     be sore tomorrow.
record recorded by the Texas

Now that’s a BIG FISH!
                                                       Foto contributed   Jim Henegar caught this catfish-beauty, weighing in at approximately 54 lbs. He said it
                                                                          was caught on a rod and reel with 12-lb. test line right from his dock in Runaway Bay.
                                                                          Can somebody say, Hushpuppies?                                            Foto contributed

                                                 FACTS about Lake Bridgeport-
    • 3 miles wide • 8 miles long • maximum depth of 85 feet • average depth of 29 feet • 70 miles of shoreline •
    12,900 surface acres at conservation pool level • 836 feet above sea level • 851 feet maximum flood elevation
    • 844.53 feet highest level in May, 1990; second highest level was 839.57 feet in 1989; third highest was
    838.84 feet in 1982 • lowest level was 779.8 feet in 1956; second lowest level was 784.0 feet in 1957; third
    lowest was 787.0 feet in 1954 • 386,539 acre feet water conservation storage • 537,295 acre feet flood
    storage • 923,814 acre feet total capacity • dam height is 137 feet • dam length is 1,800 feet • spillway
    maximum release is 47,092 cfs (cubic feet per second) • watershed size is 1,111 square miles • lake eleva-
    tion raised from 826 feet to 836 feet in 1972.
Page 38… 2009 Lake Edition

See what Lake Bridgeport can help you fry up fresh tonight!
by Angela Dale Fair                  spring when tributaries are run-         If fall finds you on or in the   of a crankbait, or a Texas             No matter what type of
     Texas lakes provide a           ning and again in the summer        water fishing for bass, try           rigged worm being dabbled         fisherman you are, beginner,
mouth-watering assortment of         when the fish concentrate on        crawfish-mimicking baits,             around the gravel piles to make   amateur, or bonafide pro, Lake
fresh water fish from Bass to        their “sunning” atop sub-           spinners, and jigs in turbid and      their strike. When they do, you   Bridgeport has it all. So plan a
Crappie. In Lake Bridgeport,         merged flats and can be drift-      shallow water. These grand-           better be holding on to some-     trip to the area and see what
the locals know where to find        fished with shrimp or cut bait.     pappy fish are just waiting for       thing solid, or have someone      this beautiful lake can do for
the fish, and it’s what’s for din-        White bass fishing is best     the roll of a spinner bait, bump      holding on to you!                your family’s memory box.
ner.                                 during the spring spawning
     Most of Lake Bridgeport’s       season. All main-lake points
170-mile shoreline makes an          and any inflowing tributaries
excellent bass habitat. It con-      are good places to snag one of
sists of 7 miles of rip-rap, 90      these beauties, but you are
miles of boulders, and many          likely to see them anywhere.
coves and points.                         It is not unusual to see
     The Sid Richardson Scout        them during the summer
Ranch near Windy Point pro-          months in front of the dam,
vides an environment most fish       near Rattlesnake Island in open
love to call home.                   water, and around those cov-
Gravel piles.                        eted gravel piles.
     There are several sub-               The winning baits here are
merged gravel piles that were        surface lures, plastic shad,
deposited when the West Fork         small spoons, jigs, and live
Trinity River flowed free and        minnows or shad.
uncontrolled. The piles provide           Hybrid striped bass like
an excellent habitat for white       the same bait, and can be found
and black bass. Along with the       in the same locations, but dur-
gravel, there is floating pond-      ing the winter months they can
weed, cattails, and a vegetative     usually be found feeding on
cover of bulrush.                    shad and drawing the attention
     Crappie are more easily         of hundreds of sea gulls.
caught during the winter                  The average fisherman can
months when the fish school          look forward to finding a vari-
around structures located in         ety of black bass in Lake
deep water. The spring months        Bridgeport including large-
bring the crappie into shallow       mouth, spotted, and small-
water where they intend to           mouth. They are caught year
spawn.                               round, but spring and fall are
     The main-lake points,           tops for the most successful
ledges, and channels provide         trips.
an excellent wintertime habi-             For those who want noth-
tat for crappie. For Lake            ing but a trophy catch, try fish-
Bridgeport, Bean Creek and           ing in February and March.
Big Creek are two of the best        Successful baits for the spring
spots for crappie during the         months are the Carolina Rig
spring with minnows and jigs         worm or 6-inch lizard, a Texas
being the bait of choice year        rigged worm measuring 7-
‘round.                              inches, and crankbaits. As
     Lake Bridgeport has been        summer rolls around, the jig
known to boast some rather           and pig, spoons, Texas rigged
large channel cats. These fish-      worms, and crankbaits seem to
ing line breakers are best in the    work the best.

 Sometimes a ‘good time’ can
 be anything but a good time -
                                      DON’T DRINK
                                      OPERATE A
2009 Lake Edition … Page 39
Page 40. . .2009 Lake Edition

Sid Richardson Scout Ranch offers wide array
of activities for visitors along with lodging
by Dorothy Clark, Keith            cub scouts.                         council fire, are featured at    Ranch facility, for water rescue   existed, and all three of her
Bridwell and Jennifer Haney            Basic outdoor skills are        Comanche Village.                training.                          boys are Boy Scouts.
   As many as 20,000 boy           taught for rank advancement            Orienteering groups use the       Lakeview Lodge has cot-           Cantero pointed out the
scouts from across the United      with younger scouts. Merit          Ranch for team competitions.     tages and dormitories available    Scout Ranch is not just for
States and several foreign         badge classes for all levels, in-   Orienteering involves people     for rent by the public for meet-   Scouts. Many people from the
countries visit the 2,460-acre     cluding Eagle Scouts, as well       finding their way with maps      ings, conferences, family re-      community have visited the
Sid Richardson Boy Scout           as lifeguard classes are also       and compasses in wilderness      unions, and other gatherings.      ranch just to get away from
Ranch on Lake Bridgeport dur-      available.                          settings.                            The new manager of the         their families for a night, and
ing the course of a year.              Boy scouts participate in a        Periodically, a Texas De-     lodge, Valerie Cantero, said she   others have used the place to
Equipped with scenic cliffs and    wide array of activities at the     partment of Public Safety he-    didn’t know how great the          spend a family-building week-
19 miles of raw shoreline, the     Ranch, including camping,           licopter and approximately 50    place was to visit. She said she   end. She said it’s one of Wise
ranch is a rugged backdrop of      hiking, rock climbing, rappel-      troopers from across the state   didn’t even know the place         County’s best kept secrets.
outdoor activities, in contrast    ling, mountain bike riding,         come to Lakeview Lodge, a
to the ugly scars modern           horseback riding, water skiing,
progress can bring.                tubing, wind surfing, sailing,
   The Ranch is part of the        swimming, kayaking, canoe-
Boys Scouts of America’s           ing, wake boarding, fishing,
Longhorn Council, with ap-         horseshoes, and sand volley-
proximately 38,000 boy scouts      ball. Planned activities con-
in its registry, which also has    tinue after dinner every night
camps in Denton, Palo Pinto,       until lights out.
Lake Worth, and Waco.                  A special challenge course,
   Located immediately west        C.O.P.E (Challenging Outdoor
of Runaway Bay on land do-         Personal Experience), is de-
nated in 1968 by Fort Worth        signed for boys and girls ages
oilman Sid Richardson, the         13 and above and is available
Boy Scout Ranch’s scenic           for use by scouts, church
bluffs, rolling hills, rugged      groups, businesses, and others
shorelines, and open forests       who want to develop team-
provide an ideal setting for       work, self-esteem, trust, deci-     This pavilion is one of the little extras that can add to visitors’ experiences at the Sid
camping, water sports, and         sion-making, and leadership         Richardson Boy Scout Ranch. Surrounded by woods of natural Texas timber on three
other outdoor activities.          skills.                             sides, and beautiful Lake Bridgeport on the other, the structure offers a place for camp-
   The Ranch boasts the pres-          An aquatic school for boys      ers to find a moment of solitude or a special gathering place.                    -Lakefoto
ence of longhorn cattle, work-     over 13 years of age is offered,
ing oil and gas wells, an 1870’s   and advanced water sports are
U.S. Cavalry outpost, and the      taught at the Steele Island
rumor of buried gold at the        Aquatics Base.
Devil’s Den hideout of famous          Captain Kidd’s Escape, a
outlaw Sam Bass. A country         water amusement facility, fea-
store, museum, saloon, and         tures a water trampoline, wa-
post office located on the pre-    ter slide, canoe jousting, rope
mises are official Texas land-     swings, and other activities.
marks relocated with their             Older boys can take day
original artifacts to their new    trips to Fort Richardson Out-
home on the Boy Scout Ranch.       post, where they can fire a stan-
   The Ranch offers boy            dard issue, authentic cavalry
scouts and their leaders seven-    cannon and participate in reen-
day summer sessions from           actment skirmishes. Overnight
early June through mid-July.       stays in a teepee village, in-
Weekend camping is available       cluding learning about Indian
year-round for boy scouts and      hunting weapons around a

                            2009 Lake Edition … Page 41

Construction of Lake Bridgeport Dam
Seen here are the re-
productions of two of
six photographs that
currently hang in the
office of Lake Super-
intendent Richard
Ellis. The photo-
graphs depict the con-
struction of the Lake
Bridgeport dam and
were originally taken
by the Freese and
Nichols Engineering
Firm. The Fort Worth-
based company was
hired by the Tarrant
Regional Water Dis-
trict to construct the
dam, and Ellis says
that the 1920 blue-
prints of the dam were
also done by the
Freese and Nichols

                            Reproduction of photo-
                            graphs taken with permis-
                            sion by Jo Gilbreath
Page 42… 2009 Lake Edition



                                                                                                                                           2009 Lake Edition. . . Page 43

Surveyor’s journals from the 1930s and ‘40s provide
interesting glimspe into the past of Lake Bridgeport
continued from page 30              seven rattlesnakes (with “some     trained helpers were paid $1.02      On April 12, 1944, he wrote    Funk found them important
rattlers. On this same day,         near bites”) and noted seeing      an hour.                          that he measured the lake level   enough to be recorded in his
Funk included a diagram             several large wild cat carcasses       For surveying 4641 feet of    on the gauges at the dam,         professional      notebooks.
where he marked where he            on fences.                         line, Funk recorded that the      which indicated the elevation     Today, they provide an
found a a dead doe and fawn             Funk became the subject of     total cost of the survey          to be 809.6 feet at 8:45 a.m.     interesting glimpse of what life
in Beans Creek.                     his own notes when on August       “including surveyor, car, etc.”   He also noted that the water      was like for a surveyor in the
   On September 10, 1951,           1, 1946, he recorded that he did   was $198.68.                      was calm.                         lake area more than 50 years
Funk wrote a long passage           not work because he attended           His cost for a survey was        Many of these notes may        ago.
concerning the sighting of          a funeral in Dallas.               $0.05 per mile. Today, the cost   sound trivial, but obviously
approximately 15 wild turkeys           On August 12 of that year,     is 44.5 cents per mile.
near the Green Elm crossing on      he missed another day of work          On June 27, 1946, Funk
the west fork of the Trinity        because of a case of poison        noted that he purchased three
River. He then wrote, “Have         oak.                               meals for $1.35, a seemingly
seen many wild deer and                 A dust storm on November       unbelievable figure compared
turkey in and near this area this   5, 1948, forced Funk and his       to today’s restaurant costs.
summer.” Obviously, the             crew to stop working. Funk             On June 28, 1946, Funk
frequent sightings of these         noted the wind was so strong       recorded that he spent $0.50
animals must have been              it could blow the transit over;    sharpening his brush hook and
unusual or Funk would not           a transit is the instrument on a   later spent $0.23 on a phone
have made such a detailed note      tripod used to measure angles.     call.
in his jounal.                          Funk also kept excellent           On multiple occasions,
   In this same entry, Funk         notes on his various financial     Funk noted the water level of
wrote that “skunks are often        affairs.                           Lake Bridgeport. For example,
seen and at times have to be            In 1949, Funk noted that       on September 13, 1943, he
driven away from work area.”        untrained helpers were paid at     recorded that the “top of the
He also mentioned killing           a rate of $0.75 an hour, while     water” was at 810.75 feet.
                                                                                                                                              Lakefoto by Jo Gilbreath
Page 44… 2008 Lake Edition

Lake Bridgeport dining offers spectrum of food choices
by Staff                                square feet of elegant yet com-
                                                                day of the week except Mon-         and not only has bar-b-cue         fresh-made sandwiches come
    Lake Bridgeport has a few           fortable space. A dining room,
                                                                day. Tuesday through Thurs-         baby back ribs ready for a wa-     plain and dry, and are refriger-
restaurants for hungry indi-            lounge, and terrace afford a
                                                                day, doors are open from 11         tering mouth, but also fresh-cut   ated until you choose your fla-
viduals who would like to grab          gorgeous vista, allowinga.m. until 4 p.m., with Happy       T-bones ready to sizzle on the     vor.
a bite to eat in between mo-            guests’ eyes to roam across the
                                                                Hour from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.         grill over the mesquite chips.         On The Bay Grill, as it’s
ments of play.                          green hills of the golf course
                                                                Friday’s business hours at The          One Stop carries its own       named, also offers items rang-
    The Club at Runaway Bay             to the lake.            Club are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.,         spectrum of choices. From a        ing from egg rolls to Philly
is definitely a valuable asset to           Hungry individuals may
                                                                Saturday’s hours are 8 a.m. to      smorgasbord of junk food and       Steaks, and of course, ham-
the area and features 20,000            find an elegant bite to eat any
                                                                9 p.m., and Sunday’s hours of       alcoholic beverages, to hot-off-   burgers. Corn dogs, nachos,
                                                                operation are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.      the-grill cheeseburgers, and       soft tacos, bacon, lettuce and
                                                                    Don’t try to get off the boat   even vegetable seeds for plant-    tomato sandwiches, chicken
 Five churches grace the                                        and run into the grill in your
                                                                swimsuit, though. A dining
                                                                                                    ing in the garden, the store of-
                                                                                                    fers diners more than they may
                                                                                                                                       fried steak and chicken strips
                                                                                                                                       are all on the menu, too.
shores of Lake Bridgeport                                       experience at The Club could
                                                                be considered somewhat up-
                                                                                                    have imagined before walking
                                                                                                    through the doors of the estab-
                                                                                                                                           Food is served in that estab-
                                                                                                                                       lishment from 11 a.m. to 9:30
 People living near the lake do not have to look far to find a scale.                               lishment. One Stop even offers     p.m., every day of the week.
church. Five churches in the lake area are readily available.       The Club at Runaway Bay         the bait to catch your own din-        With all the variety of
                                                                is a semi-private club. Thus, it    ner.                               choices for lunch and dinner,
             Lake Bridgeport Baptist Church                     is open to the public.                  Right across the highway       visitors to Lake Bridgeport can
    Lake Bridgeport Baptist Church is located at 1301 North         Two other dining facilities     from One Stop of Texas is the      decide for themselves what’s
 Main Street in the City of Lake Bridgeport and is the oldest   exist on Lake Bridgeport that       Shell, with its deli-mart. The     for dinner.
place of worship in the lake area. The church is led by Pastor someone unfamiliar with the
                         Craig Rolin.                           area may not consider. Both
    Sunday School begins at 9:45 a.m., and Sunday morning facilities can be found inside
 worship services are held at 10:45 a.m. Wednesday services convenience stores on either
                     are held at 7:00 p.m.                      side of Highway 380 in Run-
   For more information on the church and its activities, call away Bay.
                       (940) 683-5787.                              Whether you want some-
                               ~                                thing already prepared , or you
                                                                want prime cuts of meat to pre-
                   Whitestone Fellowship                        pare in your own kitchen or in
     Whitestone Fellowship, also known as the First Baptist     your own back yard, One
 Church of Runaway Bay, is led by Dr. Gary Miller and was Stop’s Old Fashioned Meat
                     established in 1995.                       Market has a variety of selec-
       Worship services are held on Sundays at 9:30 a.m.        tions.
    Worship care is also available for children in the church’s     It was established in 1970,
               center at 513 Port-O-Call Drive.

           Runaway Bay Community Church
           Runaway Bay Community Church is an
  interdenominational church located at 20 Runaway Bay                                                        J. P. Carpenter
  Drive. Craig Wills is the pastor of the church, which was
                      founded in 1972.
       On Sundays, adult Bible study begins at 8:30 a.m.,
  followed by a worship service at 9:30 a.m. A children’s
         service is held during the worship sevice.
                                                                                                                  P. O. BOX 581
    For more information on any of the church’s activities,                 PAVING                           BRIDGEPORT, TEXAS 76426
                    call (940) 575-2512.
                              ~                                            COMPANY
                         Bay Chapel
     Bay Chapel is located at 2337 W. Highway 380, right                                                        940-683-2841 Office
beside Bay Landing. Joe Newton serves as the pastor of the
                interdenominational church.
                                                                                                                940-393-1574 Mobile
     Bible study starts at 9:30 a.m., followed by a worship
service at 10:30 a.m. Sunday evening services begin at 6:30
 p.m., and Wednesday prayer services are held at 6:30 p.m.
          To contact Bay Chapel, call (940) 683-3844.
                                                                          C&N                                     P. O. BOX 847

         Lake Bridgeport Community Church
                                                                            RATHOLE                          BRIDGEPORT, TEXAS 76426
  Lake Bridgeport Community Church is located at 1007 S.
   Main Street in the City of Lake Bridgeport. Reverend
  Charles Blackman leads the nondenominational church.                                                                940-683-5447 Fax
           Sunday Services are held at 10:30 a.m.
                                                                                                                                              2009 Lake Edition … Page 45

Lightning only one of many dangers on the water
    Boating, swimming and           year.                                  search for any path to ground    to keep off the water if light-   lungs should they fail after a
other water sports are some of          According to marine ex-            and the human body may be        ning is forecast.                 strike. Remember, there is no
the more enjoyable recre-           perts, there are no ways to ac-        the best route.                  Medical Help                      danger to touching a person
ational activities, provided        tually protect a boat from light-          Radio antennae, fishing         CPR may be required to res-    who has been struck by light-
safety is intermixed with fun.      ning, just ways to limit the           rods - and even lightning pro-   cue a person who has been         ning - the current has already
    There are a variety of dan-     damage if a strike should oc-          tection system rods themselves   struck by lightning. Prompt       passed through to the ground
gers lurking below the surface      cur. Actually, keeping a boat          - may be targets for lightning   artificial breathing and CPR      or water. Keep a level head and
of the water and from water it-     docked during storms that have         strikes. Again, reason enough    can jump-start the heart and      provide emergency care.
self. But many people don't re-     the potential for lightning is the
alize the dangers beyond the        only surefire way to ensure
water, notably lightning.           passenger safety.
    According to the National       How Risky Is Lightning?
Oceanic and Atmospheric Ad-             It's important to understand
ministration (NOAA), an esti-       some fundamentals about
mated 40 million lightning          lightning to realize the danger
strikes account for nearly 100      involved. Lightning occurs
deaths annually in the United       when the difference between
States, making lightning con-       the positive and negative
siderably more harmful than         charges, the electrical poten-
hurricanes and sharks. Being        tial, becomes great enough to
completely exposed on a boat        overcome the resistance of the
or another type of craft, such      insulating air and forces a con-
as a surfboard or water skis,       ductive path between the posi-
makes water recreation dan-         tive and negative charges.
gerous when a storm is pre-         Lightning will generally seek
dicted. Sailboats with their tall   the easiest path to the ground.
masts are more susceptible to       Therefore it tends to strike the
lightning hits than powerboats.     highest point in the immediate
But lightning can also funnel       area. On the flat surface of the
through the electronic systems      water, that is generally a boat.
on any boat. The National Ma-       Most smaller crafts are not
rine Electronics Association        made from metal. They are
dealers report substantial          made from lightweight mate-            Avoid boating or entering the water when strong lightning-producing storms are pre-
amounts of lightning damage         rials such as fiberglass. There-
                                                                           dicted.                                                   Lakefoto by Shelley Moore
to big-boat electronics every       fore, if lightning strikes, it will

                               Take Time to Be Safe
  * Observe the Rules of the Road
  * Carry a life preserver for each person on board: keep life preservers handy and PUT THEM
  ON in adverse conditions.
  * Instruct at least one of your crew in the rudiments of handling your craft in case you are
  injured or become incapacitated.
  * See that all hands know what to do in an emergency and where to find the safety equipment.
  * Check weather and tides before going out.
  * Check the gasoline system, and make sure that the tanks are vented and that bilges are free of
  vapors, oil, waste and grease.
  * Be sure that you have enough fuel with plenty to spare.
  * Check your battery, lights and other equipment.
  * Reduce speed through all anchorage and moorage areas.
  * Reduce speed at night and during periods of poor visibility.
  * Maintain a proper lookout at all times.
  * Take your time in buying a boat or equipment: a bad "bargain" could cost you your life.

  *   Overload your boat or allow passengers to move about in a way that may change its balance.
  *   Leave shore in a leaky, damaged or poorly constructed boat.
  *   Venture into dangerous or restricted areas.
  *   Operate near swimmers or divers.
  *   Forget that your wake can endanger others.
  *   Use gasoline stoves.
  *   Lie at anchor with a short scope of line.
  *   Mix liquor or drugs with boating.

  A boat operator is responsible for any damage to persons or property caused by his wake!!!

                                                                                                                                              Lakefoto by Francine West
Page 46… 2009 Lake Edition

Building of Lake Bridgeport
brought needed jobs to area
                                                                        mine that snaked under the hill
                                                                        at the corner of Hovey and 10th
                                                                        Street had escaped being inun-
                                                                        dated because of the large pile
                                                                        of mine shale outside the en-
                                                                        trance. A guard was posted
                                                                        night and day to sound the
                                                                        alarm should waters begin to
                                                                        enter the shaft.
                                                                            When the water was gone
                                                                        it was replaced with a layer of
                                                                        mud and silt making Bridge-
                                                                        port an unpleasant place to be.
                                                                        Residents had to deal with a
                                                                        foul odor along with the mud.
                                                                        There were also health con-
                                                                        cerns, typhoid being the most
                                                                        feared, but no cases were re-
                                                                            Another flood in 1922
                                                                        caused at least 37 deaths in Fort
                                                                        Worth alone, prompting the
This photograph depicts the construction of the Lake                    city to create an organization
Bridgeport dam.                                                         that would work on flood con-
    Reproduction photograph taken with permission by Jo Gilbreath       trol. This organization later be-
                                                                        came the Water Improvement
    As you drive across Lake       lake, Lillard knew the topog-        District.
Bridgeport it is sometimes hard    raphy of the Trinity River re-           Enter Munn and Lillard.
to remember that it was made       gion west of Bridgeport and          The two worked to sell the idea
by the hand of man.                believed it was an ideal basin       of a dam on the West Fork, four
    Without a knowledge of the     for a water storage reservoir        miles west of Bridgeport, to the
history of this body of water a    and discovered a good location       Fort Worth members of the
person wouldn’t know that          for a dam. At that time, Wise        Water Improvement District.
men once labored where the         County had no reservoir and              In 1925 the proposed dam
water is now, to cut down and      Tarrant County, downstream,          site was inspected by a group
remove trees, clearing the ba-     had no flood plan.                   of men including the director
sin for the lake.                      Despite the building of an       of the improvement district,
    They wouldn’t know that        earthen levee in 1914, the West      W.E. Bideker, attorney Ireland
some of the men stood in line      Fork of the Trinity flooded Fort     Hampton, engineer John B.
for the work so they could         Worth and Bridgeport more            Hawley, Chairman of the State
make two or three dollars a day    than once causing millions of        Board of Water Engineers John
to feed their families perhaps     dollars in damage and numer-         A. Norris, Munn and Lillard.
the one meal they would get        ous deaths.                              Norris requested that
daily. The families often              Some area historians say         borings be made to test the soil
waited for the provider in a       that the most serious flood oc-      and its suitability for a foun-
home that was only a lean-to       curred in 1870. The waters           dation which turned out to be
made from an old tarpaulin set     completely covered the Old           favorable.
up near the work site.             Bridgeport that was located              Plans for two dams were
    It was 1929 and the coun-      about a mile west of present         adopted as part of flood con-
try was in the grip of the Great   downtown, near the original          trol, the dam at Bridgeport and
Depression. When construc-         toll bridge across the Trinity on    another at Eagle Mountain
tion of the lake was announced     Farm Road 920.                       Lake.
it was greeted with enthusiasm         In 1907 the West Fork                Voters approved a bond is-
not only by those who wanted       flooded again, this time cover-      sue on Oct. 7, 1927 to provide
to prevent future flooding of      ing the entire area from the         money for the construction of
the West Fork of the Trinity       Rock Island Railroad to down-        the dams which began in 1929.
River but by men who were          town with back water. It was a           The dams were also being
desperate for work.                week before the waters re-           built to furnish a water supply
    Also, two men, Eugene          ceded.                               for the fast growing Tarrant
Munn of Boyd and S.F. Lillard          It brought commerce to a         County.
of Bridgeport became inter-        standstill and trains did not run,       Building of the levee along
ested in reclaiming overflow       preventing anyone in Bridge-         U.S. Hwy 380 near the bridge
lands near Boyd.                   port from receiving or sending       that now crosses to Runaway
    According to C.L. McNair,      mail. The coal mines were ob-        Bay was done by hand. Rocks
the first superintendent of the    viously shut down. A slope            continued on page 54               Lakefoto by Jo Gilbreath
                                                                                                                                            2009 Lake Edition … Page 47

The unwritten rules of the waterway
    Proper manners is more
than just practicing good social
graces like saying “please” and
“thank you.” Manners tran-
scend to the waters with a thing
called “boating etiquette.” It’s
a school of unwritten rules
about the ways of the water and
behaviors that every boater
seems to somehow learn and
know. Fellow boaters are like
house neighbors — they are
considerate of one another and
follow similar “rules.” Good
boating manners make for bet-
ter experiences on the high
seas. Here are a few etiquette
tips that can help make your
sailing smoother.
    Know the rules of the
“waterways.” The best way to
learn how to act on the water
is to take a certified boating
coarse. It will teach you safety
procedures and how to operate
and handle a boat. Plus, you
can often get discounted boat
insurance, not to mention keep
your family and crew safer.
    Respect the environment.
Be kind to water, one of Earth’s                                                                                                                 Lakefoto by J.D. Clark
most precious resources. That
means avoiding fuel spills and     driving” a boat.                    slowly. That way you won’t         where you can swing the an-       away. That way, you’ll avoid
not dumping garbage into the           Be a good guest. Guests         create waves that can disturb      chor. Don’t get too close to      getting your anchor lines
water. Avoid grounding on ar-      have certain responsibilities       someone who is trying to an-       boats that are anchoring and if   tangled with another boater’s
eas like reefs.                    whether they are on board for       chor his boat. The first boat in   anyone in the area thinks you     and banging your boat into
Minimize noise pollution. Re-      the day or a week. Overall,         the anchorage determines           are too close to them, move       another’s.
spect people’s right to privacy    guests need to be safe. So, it’s
and quiet. Dock away from          best if crew members teach
other boaters if you have bark-    guests safety procedures, any
ing dogs or rowdy children on      duties expected of them and the
board, especially at night.        “rules” of the boat (no smok-
Keep comments about fellow         ing, no running, etc). Guests
boaters to yourself.               should be told not to touch any
    Don’t board a boat with-       gauges, buttons, radios or other                                                    at

                                                                                       Paul’s Marine
out permission. You don’t en-      instruments meant for the crew.
ter someone’s home without an      Remind guests they should
invitation. The same goes for      wait until the boat has docked
boating — always ask permis-       to gather personal items or

sion before boarding and wait      move toward the exit. Such
to be escorted, even if you’re     actions can distract the captain
invited aboard.                    by rocking the boat as he is try-
    Play it safe. Always bring     ing to dock.
along the proper safety gear,          Assist other boaters. Any
including life jackets and com-    boater will appreciate help if he
munications equipment. Con-
sult local boating groups or the
                                   has broken down, run out of
                                   gas or has engine trouble. As a                     Complete Outboard Motor Repairs
U.S. Coast Guard to determine      fellow boater, call for help or
the minimum safety gear you        lend a helping hand. You’d                              • Machinist and welder on duty, Small jobs only
need on board.                     want someone to do the same                        • Full service on outboard motors, All makes and models
    Make good decisions. A         for you. If there is no
good decision is a safe one.       dockmaster or helper on hand                                   • Tune-ups •      Major overhauls
Don’t race other boats or attack   to assist those docking and un-
a boat if it cuts you off. That
means making safety the goal.
                                   docking, you may also want to
                                   offer assistance to them.
                                                                         US Hwy 380 West • County Road 1111 • Decatur • 940-627-5880
Remember — a safe decision             Anchor with care. Enter
includes not “drinking while       the anchorage or mooring area
Page 48… 2009 Lake Edition

Different types of fishing, a sport enjoyed
by millions of people across the country
    Fishing is a sport that cap-   some of the popular types.          of attaching a large net or chain
tivates many people. It pro-           Fishing line fishing: This is   mesh behind a boat to scoop up
vides more than just a chance      by far the most popular type of     fish. It is commonly used to
for a leisurely getaway; fish-     fishing around. Using a rod and     catch scallops and oysters, and
ing is also big business. Ac-      line, a fisherman attempts to       is typically associated with
cording to the American            hook a fish with a hook and         commercial fishing.
Sportfishing Association           bait.                                   Fishing can take place on
(ASA), there are 40 million            Hand fishing: This type of      the shore, while standing in the
anglers in the United States       fishing is just what the name       water or aboard a boat. Regard-
alone. Fishing enthusiasts and     implies. A person uses his or       less of the type, the end result
people who fish for a living       her hands to catch a fish, such     is to catch a meal or a trophy
help to employ the manufac-        as in lobster or pearl diving. In   fish. Still, most sportfishing
turers of fishing poles, lures,    some areas of the southern U.S.     enthusiasts simply fish for the
tackle boxes, and all of the       catfish are caught this way.        thrill, and then throw their
other necessities for the sport.   This type of fishing for catfish    catch back.
It is estimated that $45 billion   is called noodling.                 Bait Fishing vs. Spin Fishing
in retail sales are generated          Trolling: This is a form of         Sportfishermen typically
each year from sportfishing.       fishing that involves drawing       use two main methods of
    A report by the 2006 Na-       the fishing lure through the        catching fish when line fishing.
tional Survey of Fishing,          water in order to attract fish.         Bait fishing involves using
Hunting and Wildlife-Associ-       This method is often used           live or dead bait, which the
ated Recreation, U.S. Fish and     when fishing for big game fish      fisherman attaches to a hook.                                                          Lakefoto
Wildlife Service lists Califor-    such as marlin and tuna.            Depending upon the fish
nia as the state with the most     Bow/Spear Fishing:                  sought out, the bait will either
recreational anglers ages 16           This is based on a primitive    lie on the hook at the bottom
and up for that year. But all      type of fishing where a person      of the water, be jigged to at-
across the country, anglers cast   stands above the water to shoot     tract the fish, or slowly reeled
their lines for fun - and new      or spear a fish. In the past the    in to catch a fish's eye.
fishing recruits sign up every     spears were hand-thrown and             Spin fishing relies on using
    There are many different
types of fishing, so you're
                                   the bows hand-powered. To-
                                   day, automatic spear guns and
                                   pneumatic bows help propel
                                                                       an artificial lure that will spin
                                                                       under the water attracting fish.
                                                                       The lure is chosen to mimic the
bound to find a method you
will enjoy. Here's a look at
                                   the weapon at the target.
                                       Dredging: This is a method
                                                                       natural prey of the species be-
                                                                       ing fished.                         catering to boats on lake
                                                                                                            by Staff
                                                                                                                Lake Bridgeport has several unique business that
   Commercial and Domestic                                                      Tanks Leased                serve customers on dry land as well as on water.
     Propane Delivery                                                              or Sold                      At least three different businesses on Lake Bridge-
                                          Locally Owned                                                     port have marinas that offer many services boaters
                                          and Operated                                                      can appreciate on a hot, busy day of fun in the sun.
                                                                                                                In the Runaway Bay area, One Stop and Texaco
                                                                                                            provide gasoline and a convenience store for refresh-
                                                                                                            ing drinks and snacks.
                                                                                                                One of the special qualities of One Stop is the se-

            WISE PROPANE                                                                                    lection of fresh choice meats available for you to cook,
                                                                                                            and some come already cooked.
                                                                                                                Both stores offer deli food and hamburgers and
                                                                                                            fries cooked to order, and alcoholic beverages are also
    A Fully Owned Subsidiary of Wise Electric Cooperative, Inc.                                                 Another marina on the lake is North Side Marina
                                                                                                            and Resort. It is also a resort where you can rent a
                                                                                                            cottage or own a new log cabin. Boatslip rentals are
            A Full Service Propane Dealer                                                                   available for your boat, like at the other marinas.
                                                                                                                Also like the others, the marina on the north side
                                                                                                            of the lake offers a store and fuel for your boat. Cus-
                                                                                                            tomers can also rent pontoon boats, fish, or hire a
                                                                                                            local fishing guide.
                                                                                                                These lakeside business make it easier for boaters
   Call Wise Electric at 940-627-2167 or 1-888-627-9326 Toll Free                                           to find much-needed snacks and fuel without stray-
                                                                                                            ing far from the water.
                     or Call Direct 940-683-2683
              US Highway 380 West, Bridgeport, Texas
                                                                                                                                               2009 Lake Edition … Page 49

Tips for recreational boating and safety
    It’s that time of year again -   wind and motion produces a          though, that spare fuel contain- law to dump any of the follow-
the end of school, warmer            kind of “boater’s hypnosis.”        ers should not be filled while ing into lakes and rivers: plas-
weather and “fishing fever.”         Adding alcohol only intensi-        inside your boat.                 tic, garbage, glass, food, paper,
It’s the time when everyone          fies this, slowing reaction                                           metal and rags. The fines can
pulls their boats out of dry-        times. Sometimes, even a few        Get Educated                      be up to $50,000 and impris-
dock and head for the lakes.         beers are too many. If you have         You are legally responsible onment for up to five years.
With that in mind, we’d like to      been consuming too much al-         for the safety of those on your       Human contamination or
remind our citizens about            cohol and fall overboard, you       boat and any damage that your waste can stimulate algae
simple safety tips during wa-        may be confused and swim            boat causes to other boaters, growth and deplete oxygen in
ter sport activities. Tragically,    down instead of up.                 property and injuries due to the water. It can be a signifi-
as more boats take to the wa-                                            damage. Just like driving a car, cant source of life threatening
ter, our drowning statistics rise.   Life Jackets                        if you don’t know and obey the bacteria in the water and car-
No matter how much experi-              Get and wear approved per-       rules, the fact that you didn’t ries disease to swimmers. Use
ence you have boating, please        sonal flotation devices that fit    know them is NOT a defense. the local onshore bathroom.
take a few minutes to read this.     well. Make sure that anyone in          There are rules for boating,      Engine contamination re-
These precautions and preven-        your boat has one, most espe-       just as there are rules for driv- sults when your boat leaks gas
tative measures may reduce           cially for children. There are      ing. These include right of or oil. A single quart of oil can               Safety Tips
risks and may save your life.        different type vests and you        ways, yielding, overtaking, contaminate an area equivalent                 Be Weather Wise. Sudden
    People who hunt and fish         should be aware of their differ-    meeting another boat, etc. to three football fields of wa-             wind shifts, lightning flashes
from a boat have one of the          ences.                              Boating safety is no accident. ter surface.                            and choppy water all can be in-
highest boat fatality rates.            Type 1 floats the best, but      To obtain sound knowledge,            Garbage contamination            dicators that a storm is ap-
                                                                                                                                                proaching. Be attune to local
More people die from falling         are bulky. However, it will turn    proficiency and confidence lasts past our lifetimes. These             weather and keep a portable ra-
off or out of boats 16 feet and      most unconscious people face        which are the keys to safe boat- include plastics and containers.      dio to regularly check weather
smaller and ironically, most of      up in water. Type 1 is best for     ing, consider taking a boating Plastic can also clog engines           reports.
the boats are anchored at the        open, rough or remote water.        safety course.                    and propellers.                          Bring extra gear you may
time.                                   Type II is yoke type and less                                          Pollutants such as chemi-        need. Keep on board a flash-
    Be weather wise. Sudden          bulky. However, it will not turn        Let’s Remember to keep our cals and cleansers can be de-           light, extra batteries, matches, a
wind shifts, lightning and           some unconscious people face        Waters Clean                      structive and toxic to fish.         map of where you are, flares,
choppy water all can mean a          up in water.                            It is a violation of federal                                       sun tan lotion, first aid kit and
storm is brewing. Don’t be              Type III is a vest style. This                                                                          sunglasses. Put things that need
caught on the water in a storm.      type is popular among recre-                                                                               to be protected in a watertight
    Tell someone where you are       ational boaters, but it’s only                                                                             pouch or a container that floats.
                                                                                                                                                    Use this handy checklist to
going and how long you will          designed for calm water and a                                                                              verify that you have the proper
be gone. Check your boat,            quick rescue. Wearers may                                                                                  safety equipment and have
equipment, engine and fuel           have to tilt their heads back to                                                                           checked your boat systems for
before heading out on the wa-        avoid a facedown position.                                                                                 operational safety. (See your
ter.                                    Throwable devices are con-                                                                              local United States Coast Guard
    Keep your fishing gear           sidered Type IV, such as life                                                                              Auxiliary for more details of the
clean and well packed. Loose         rings and floating cushions.                                                                               safety features listed below.)
fishhooks can cause a lot of         This type requires you to                                                                                  Check:
pain and ruin your trip. In fact,    “hang-on”.                                                                                                 *   Vessel Numbering
all items should be put away            Lastly, Type V are special                                                                              *   Life Jackets
securely.                            use devices and are specifically                                                                           *   Fire Extinguishers
                                                                                                                                                *   Navigation Lights
    Remember, when you over          for white water rafting and                                                                                *   Visual Distress Signals
load, you are asking for             those types of activities. These                                                                           *   Fuel and Fuel System
trouble. Capsizing and falls         types are inflatable.                                                                                      *   Anchor with Line
over board account for 70 per-          Know what type you need                                                                                 *   Paddle or Oar
cent of boating fatalities.          and use it.                                                                                                *   Manual Pump or Bailer
    When you change seats on                                                                                                                    *   Electrical Installation
a boat, stay low and near cen-           What should be on your                                                                                 *   Galley Installation
ter line. Simple, but extremely      boat?                                                                                                          Tell someone: where
important.                               Life     jackets,       Fire                                                                           you're going, who is with you
                                     Extinquisher, whistle, bell or                                                                             and how long you'll be away.
Alcohol and Boating                  horn. Visual distress signals                                                                              Then get in the habit of check-
   Simply put, alcohol and           such as orange flags or flares.                                                                            ing your boat, equipment, boat
                                                                                                                                                balance, engine and fuel supply
boating do not mix.                  Even a mirror is helpful in day-                                                                           before leaving.
   Over 1,000 people die in          light. Flashlights, heavy line                                                                                 Ventilate after fueling.
boating accidents every year,        for pulling. First-aid kit. Tool                                                                           Open hatches, run blower and
and nine out of 10 drowned.          kit. Sunglasses and sunburn                                                                                most importantly, carefully sniff
About half of those deaths in-       lotion. Paddles are recom-                                                                                 for gasoline fumes in the fuel
volved alcohol. It is no joke but    mended also. Extra clothing in                                                                             and engine areas before starting
50 percent of the intoxicated        case the weather turns cooler                                                                              your engine.
men that drowned had their fly       or you do fall overboard. Food                                                                                 Keep fishing and hunting
unzipped.                            and water is always a good idea                                                                            gear clean and well-packed. A
   It is proved that four hours      to take along..                                                                                            loose fish hook can cause a lot
in a boat with exposure to               You may also want to keep                                                                              of pain and ruin a great outing.
                                                                                                                                                Bring an extra length of line to
noise, vibration, sun glare,         a VHF radio. Spare fuel. Note,                                                                             secure boat or equipment.
                                                                                                               Lakefoto by Jo Gilbreath
Page 50. . .2009 Lake Edition

Deep roots flourish at the
old Mitchum/ Marlett place
by Staff                           place. He said there was a         the boats and onto the land.        crete floor, causing it to fire,    two-story home that first sat on
   Flashing lights and boom-       church named the Mount             They made a large stone bulls-      and shooting him in the shoul-      the Mitchum Place. Now he
ing sounds of explosions are       Horum Church, to the north of      eye target, on the hill where the   der. Six or seven days later, his   and Carolyn invite their grand-
not things that are expected       the Mitchum place. The school      Methodist Camp is now, and          grandfather Mitchum died.           children to make their own
now at Lake Bridgeport, ex-        picked up the name Mount           used if for bombing practice.          Marlett said he can remem-       memories of Lake Bridgeport.
cept on July 4, when Runaway       Horum School; however, the         It was an amazing sight to see      ber visiting his grandparent’s         Since the first house was
Bay hosts the fireworks dis-       name was really the Lyle           when he was a young boy, said       place every summer. Even            built, some of the land has gone
play. However, it was an event     School, according to the Lyle      Marlett.                            though he never lived in Wise       into other hands, but the place
that happened regularly during     sisters, who lived in the area         He said during the time of      County, except when he was an       where Robert and Carolyn’s
World War II, according to Dr.     for a very long time.              the war, his grandfather was a      infant and lived in Chico, he       home sits is just as deeply
Robert Marlett, who, along             Marlett said there is one of   guard at the marine landing         decided he wanted to retire on      rooted into his being as his his-
with his wife, Carolyn, cur-       the Lyle sisters who is 103        craft base stationed on the lake.   the old homestead.                  torical memories of the place.
rently lives at the lake.          years old, now living in Salado,   One day his grandfather                He designed and built a
   Marlett has deep roots and      who remembers that the school      dropped his gun on the con-         home, much like the original
historical memories as the land    was called the Lyle School,
he currently occupies is prop-     possibly because so many
erty that has passed from gen-     Lyles went to school there.
eration to generation in his           Life came and went as usual
family. It was originally owned    on the lake until World War II
by his great-grandfather, J.W.     came around, and military ac-
Mitchum. The land has been in      tivity moved into the area, tem-
his family’s possession since      porarily using the body of wa-
before the lake was even built.    ter as a practice area for land-
Marlett is the fourth generation   ing maneuvers, drills, and
to own the land since the late     other military actions.
1800s.                                 “They carried wooden
   Marlett said that when the      rifles,” said Marlett.
lake was being built, his              They dug fox holes where
grandfather Marlett stabled        Marlett’s house is now. Marlett
mules on his other grandfather     said he could remember how
Mitchum’s place. The mules         the military would circle out in
were used to facilitate the con-   the lake in landing craft, like
struction of the lake dam. He      the kind that landed in
said the construction of the       Normandy, and then land on
lake helped many people dur-       the shores.
ing the depression era whether         Once landed, the men
it was laying rip-rap on the       would come stampeding out of                                                                      Photo courtesy of Robert Marlett
dam or cutting trees in the bot-
   “A lot of people were glad
to have the work during the
depression period,” said
   Back then, the place was
called “the old Mitchum
place.” Marlett said there is a
slough misspelled as Meechum
Slough, but it actually should
read Mitchum Slough.
   It was named Mitchum for
Troy Mitchum Jr. who was a
graduate of Bridgeport High
School and was in the 71st in-
fantry division in Germany and
was killed in Germany in April
   Another confusion along
the way, according to Marlett
was the name of the school that
used to sit on the old Mitchum
                                                                                                                             2009 Lake Edition … Page 51

Gunplay was also part of history of
building of Lake Bridgeport Dam
continued from page 8               men were working and an that followed in the next tim- sis and the value or price paid people had to work, their fami-
stand between these men and         armed check guard was placed ber clearing project. The next was very low in some cases lies were without food and
their attackers.                    at the entrance of all roads group were put on contract ba- and fair in other cases. But clothing.
    As the result of this and the   leading to the area where they
discussion that Mr. Leamon          worked.
had a few days later with the           It was at this point that the
local group, two of the leaders     Mexican Consular Service en-
of the local group were arrested    tered the investigation. The
for questioning but were not        consular promptly caused all of
put under peace bonds.              the Mexican nationals to be
    The next two weeks would        given safe conduct to their
have caused the tourist to think    homes in Mexico or elsewhere,
that the old wild west was be-      where it was considered safe
ing relived by the members of       for them.
the Leamon faction or maybe             Thanks should be given to
they had not heard of the Texas     the Mexican Consular Service
law that did away with gun-tot-     for relieving a tense situation.
ing. Everywhere that any of the     It is not known whether the
Leamon faction went, whether        Mexican officials were invited
it was in any of the stores or      by the Tarrant Water Board or
into an individual’s home they      came on their own accord to
carried a shot gun and pistols      check on the trouble that had
strapped to their sides.            occurred to their nationals.
    This state of alarm was also        This brought on changes
observed on the job where the       and reprisals to the labor group
                                                                       Photo circa 1931 as Lake Bridgeport was being constructed.

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                                               and Consulting Service
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      committment to the highest professional standards.
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Page 52… 2009 Lake Edition
                                                                                                                                                  2009 Lake Edition … Page 53

Wise County Park rules of conduct
(a)Entrance/user fees: pay-          unless so secured;                 and                                  cluding a motorcycle, a motor-       by permit in areas designated
ment. It is an offense to enter,         (2) permit a pet or other          (2) enter or remain in an        bike, a mini-bike, an all-terrain    or marked for that purpose.
use, or occupy a facility in any     animal to remain unattended or     area of a park that has been         vehicle, a golf cart, or a bicycle   Camping is defined as:
portion of a park for which a        create a disturbance or hazard     closed by the director for any       on a trail or path not designated       (1) occupying a desig-
fee has been established, unless     within a park;                     reason, including security,          and posted for use by such ve-       nated camping facility;
the person has first paid the fee        (3) permit an animal (ex-      safety, preservation, or resto-      hicles (wheel chairs and elec-          (2) erecting a tent, arrang-
or satisfied the requirements of     cept a trained assistance animal   ration.                              tric scooters used by persons        ing bedding, or both, for the
the fee, has received an en-         accompanying a person with a       (j) Alcoholic beverages. It is       with a disability are exempt) or     purpose of, or in such a man-
trance/use permit issued by the      disability) to enter into or re-   an offense to consume or dis-        use the trail in a manner that is    ner as will permit, remaining
department, and has attached         main in any building or enclo-     play an open container of an         dangerous to a person or ani-        overnight; or
the permit to their vehicle as       sure designated for public use     alcoholic beverage in a public       mal.                                    (3) use of a trailer,
and when required by the per-        including, but not limited to, a   place or sell alcoholic bever-       (s) Traffic. It is an offense to:    camper, or other vehicle for the
mit. If the office is closed, pay-   restaurant, snack bar, cabin,      ages within a park.                      (1) operate a vehicle in a       purpose of sleeping during
ment must be made according          lodge room, restore, park store,   (k)Soliciting. It is an offense      park between the park closing        nighttime hours.
to posted instructions or            shelter, refectory building,       to solicit funds or donation of      hour and 6 a.m. opening hour,        (u)Minors, camping. It is an
signage.                             amphitheater, administration       any item, or offer to sell any       except for emergency or nec-         offense to remain in a park be-
(b)Use of facilities. It is an       building, or railroad coach;       goods, wares, merchandise,           essary purposes; and                 tween the park closing hour
offense to:                              (4) permit a pet animal in     liquid, or edibles, or render any        (2) operate a vehicle in an      and opening hour, if the per-
    (1) use an area or facility      the water of a designated          service for hire, or distribute      indiscriminate or unnecessary        son is under the age of 17, ex-
for any purpose contrary to its      swimming area or to permit a       written material, in a park, ex-     manner (cruising).                   cept the following:
designated purpose; and              pet animal (except a trained as-   cept by authority of a conces-       (t) Camping. It is an offense           (1) a person who is ac-
    (2) keep, use, or arrange a      sistance animal accompanying       sion agreement approved by           to camp except as authorized                  continued on page 59
motor vehicle, trailer, camping,     a person with a disability)        the director.
or other equipment except as         within the land or beach area      (l) Metal detector. It is an of-
specified by the director. All       adjacent to the water of a des-    fense to operate or use a metal
vehicles and trailers must re-       ignated swimming area;             detector.
main on paved surfaces and in            (5) bring into, permit to      (m) Responsibility for minor
designated areas only, unless        range, or release into a park a    children. It is an offense to
otherwise specified by the di-
                                     wild animal, pet, fowl, or live-
                                     stock except as authorized in
                                                                        permit a child or ward to vio-
                                                                        late a regulation when such
(c) Plant life. It is an offense
to willfully mutilate, injure,
destroy, pick, cut, or remove
any plant life except by permit
                                     this chapter or a permit or by
                                         (6) possess a noisy, vi-
                                     cious, or dangerous animal, or
                                                                        child or ward is under 17 years
                                                                        of age.
                                                                        (n)Speed limit. It is an offense
                                                                        to drive a vehicle within a park
                                                                                                                Bridgeport Area
issued by the director.
(d)Fires; smoking; firewood;
fireworks. It is an offense to:
                                     one which is disturbing to other
                                     persons, in a park;
                                         (7) through (10) no horses
                                                                        at a speed:
                                                                            (1) greater than is reason-
                                                                        able or prudent, having due re-
                                                                                                                  Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                                                  Is genuinely committed to the growth
    (1) light, build, or main-       (f) Arms and firearms. It is       gard for the traffic and the road
tain a fire within a park except     an offense to:                     conditions then existing;                 and prosperity, not only of the City of
in a facility or device provided,        (1) possess a firearm with         (2) which endangers the                    Bridgeport, but for the entire
maintained, or designated for        a cartridge or projectile in any   safety of persons or property;                      surrounding area.
such purposes or to smoke or         portion of the mechanism, ex-          (3) which exceeds the                                  •••
build fires when an extreme          cept when authorized by the        posted speed limit in any por-
fire hazard has been posted;         commission or the director;        tion of the park system.               “Come enjoy the diversity, fresh air, and mall-style
    (2) notwithstanding para-            (2) display a firearm, ex-     (o)Vehicle operation. It is an               atmosphere on Main Street Bridgeport.
graph (1) of this subsection,        cept when authorized by the di-    offense to operate a vehicle in        Good food, antique shops, gifts and collectibles.”
portable camp stoves may be          rector or the commission;          a park except on roads, drive-                                  •••
used in designated campsites             (3) discharge across, in, or   ways, parking areas, and areas                         Lake Bridgeport ...
or picnic areas;                     into a park any arm, firearm,      designated open for vehicles.              Year-’round recreation ... the only reliable
    (3) possess within a park        or device capable of injuring or   (p)Parking. It is an offense to:           source of fresh water in the county ... the
any fireworks, explosives, or        killing any person or animal or        (1) park a vehicle or               addition of countless dollars to our economy
similar devices capable of ex-       damaging or destroying public      trailer in a park except in areas        ... attracting business, industry and outdoor
plosion, or to discharge, set off,   or private property, except        designated, constructed, or                                enthusiasts.
or cause to be discharged in or      when authorized by the direc-      designated for that purpose;
into a park any such device or       tor.                               and                                          President ................... Susan Miller
substance, except with written       (g)Assembly. It is an offense          (2) park, store, or leave a              First Vice President .... Doug Jones
authorization from the director.     to conduct or participate in an    vehicle or trailer in violation of           Second Vice President .. Mike Hurd
(e) Animals. It is an offense        assembly or public demonstra-      subsection (b) of this section               Executive Director ......... Teri Bland
to:                                  tion except with written per-      when signs have been posted                         940/683-2076 • FAX 940/683-3969
    (1) bring into or possess        mission of the director.           in the affected areas.                              email:
within a park a pet or other do-     (h)Nudity and disrobing. It        (q)Motorcycles. It is an of-
mesticated animal, unless the        is an offense to appear nude.      fense to operate a motorcycle
animal is secured by a leash not     (i) Closed area. It is an of-      that is not licensed and in-
exceeding six feet in length, or     fense to:                          spected as authorized by Texas
confined in a vehicle, or to per-        (1) prevent or interfere       Motor Vehicle Laws.                                A Bridge to Tomorrow ...
mit an animal to enter into or       with development, construc-        (r) Trail use. It is an offense
remain in a unit of the park         tion, or management of a park;     to operate or use a vehicle, in-                   A Port to Call Home.
Page 54… 2009 Lake Edition

Building of Lake Bridgeport brought needed jobs to area
continued from page 46             pleted in 1931 and is the north-   sources. They received permits        covers approximately 400                    Lake Worth, constructed
were brought in by wagon           ernmost and third largest res-     in 1957 for two more reser-           miles and its surface covers             from 1911-1914, is owned and
from the surrounding area and      ervoir in the Tarrant County       voirs, which initiated the Ce-        45,000 acres. It delivers up to          operated by the City of Fort
any townspeople with a wagon       Water Control an Improvement       dar Creek Lake and Richland-          180 million gallons per day to           Worth. Its water comes from
and team could find employ-        District. It and Eagle Mountain    Chambers Reservoir.                   the district.                            release at Eagle Mountain.
ment. Trucks were not even al-     Lake form the West Fork part           Cedar Creek Lake construc-            Lake Arlington was built             Marine Creek Lake, on Fort
lowed.                             of the water district . The wa-    tion began in 1960 and began          and is owned and operated by             Worth’s north side, was con-
   Once the levee was fin-         ter from these lakes, flowing      water delivery to the                 that city. The District supplies         structed and is owned by the
ished, work began on clearing      through Lake Worth, supplied       Metroplex through a 72-inch           its water from Cedar Creek               District.
timber from the area between       all the raw water needed by the    pipeline in 1973.                     Lake.
present day Runaway Bay            District until the 1970s.              The Richland-Chambers
bridge on Hwy. 380 and the             In the 1950’s record           Reservoir project began in
Twin Hills dam, located three      drought and a growing Tarrant      1979, was finished in 1988 and
miles away.                        County population led the Dis-     is the third largest to lie totally
   Workers drew lots to deter-     trict to look for more water       within Texas. Its shoreline

Runaway Bay Bridge in the early 1980’s during a major drought.                    Pictured above is Becky Ray, early to mid 1950’s, stand-
                                                  Photo contributed by Doris Ware ing on old beach looking out toward the old river channel.
                                                                                                                                                           Contributed by Doris Denton
mine which area they would
clear. If a man was lucky he            MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR PRODUCERS
would draw a lot where there
were very few mesquite trees.
If a man was unlucky he might
                                                                                                                “Marketing with Style”
draw a lot down in the heavy                                                                                                         •WE CARE ABOUT PEOPLE
timbered bottom land.
    The timber had to be cut,                                                                                           • WE KNOW WISE COUNTY AND LAKE BRIDGEPORT
burned.. just eliminated.                                                                                                (We have played on and fished the lake for many years!)
    It was during this construc-                                                                                       • YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN MARKETING AND SALES
tion that entire families would
camp out in tents. Farmers
brought their produce to sell to                                                                              “Finding a way to fulfill the wants, needs
the workers, canteloupes, eggs                                                                              and dreams of our clients is what we do Best!!”
and butter.
    Despite the tough times
there was a lot of excitement
among the workers and their
families in being a part of what
was supposed to be the largest
man-made lake in Texas at the
    Lake Bridgeport was com-
                                        Robert Meek 940-393-2376
                                        Sue Meek 940-393-9607                              •SUCCESS
                                  2009 Lake Edition … Page 55

Construction of Lake Bridgeport Dam
Seen here is two of the repro-
ductions of six photographs
that currently hang in the of-
fice of Lake Superintendent
Richard Ellis. The photo-
graphs depict the construction
of the Lake Bridgeport dam
and were originally taken by
the Freese and Nichols Engi-
neering Firm. The Fort Worth-
based company was hired by
the Tarrant Regional Water
District to construct the dam,
and Ellis says that the 1920
blueprints of the dam were also
done by the Freese and Nichols

Reproduction photographs
taken with permission by
Jo Gilbreath
Page 56… 2009 Lake Edition

The flood that caused lake’s creation....
continued from page 12              made by Mr. Norris, requested     September 1931 and accepted       or 870,000 acre feet. The maxi-   million dollars.
dam. He immediately began           borings at the dam site to test   on December 15, 1931.             mum surface area is 17,000           *Eugene Munn was the
trying to interest the Fort Worth   foundation conditions.               The dam, 1850 feet in          acres. The water surface at       grandfather of Bridgeport resi-
organization (then an unincor-         After preliminary surveys      length and 110 feet in height,    spillway level is approximately   dent Bill, Donna, and Jerry
porated association) in build-      and geological tests, the State   creates a lake with a maximum     12,000 acres. The total cost of   Munn.
ing a dam on the West Fork of       Board of Water Engineers rec-     capacity of 285 billion gallons   the Bridgeport project was $2.6
the Trinity River, four miles       ommended the building of the
west of Bridgeport.                 Bridgeport dam.
    In the spring of 1925, Mr.         On July 29, 1927, plans
Lillard and Mr. Munn suc-           were adopted for flood control,
ceeded in getting a party to        which included Eagle Moun-
come to Bridgeport for inspec-      tain Dam and Bridgeport Dam.
tion of the dam site. The party        On October 7, 1927, the
consisted of Mr. Ireland Hamp-      question was submitted and
ton, attorney, John B. Hawley,      approved by voters as to issu-
engineer, W. E. Bideker, Direc-     ing bonds to provide money to
tor of the Water Improvement        construct the two dams.
District (which succeeded the          The contract for construc-
association that originated the     tion was awarded to the Trin-
project), John A. Norris, Chair-    ity Farm Construction Com-
man of the State Board of Wa-       pany, the McKenzie Construc-
ter Engineers, Mr. Lillard and      tion Company, and the Uvalde
Mr. Munn.                           Construction Company on
    The State Board of Water        January 23, 1930. The Bridge-     The core trench, where rock was excavated for the dam, was allowed to be placed on
Engineers, through inspection       port Dam was completed in         each slope and “puddled in with soil.”                           Photo by C.L. McNair

According to the information written on the back of the original photograph, “a man was killed on this part of the job. The shovel operator backed
the machine- the Caterpillar tracks catching the man’s feet. The victim was sitting beside the machine with feet behind him. The accident happened
a few minutes before midnight.”                                                                                                   Photo by C. L. McNair
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Volunteers clean up Lake Bridgeport every year in spring
by Jennifer Haney                    cals and other liquid pollutants.   “stuff” out of the watershed.      portant roles played by volun-   ket Road 1658. For more in-
    The annual Lake Bridge-              “We just hope if they dump          Ellis said the clean-up day    teers.                           formation, call Ellis directly
port Clean-Up event is a             it here, they won’t dump it in      is very beneficial to the condi-       The clean-up day is spon-    (940) 683-2349 or visit the
chance each spring for citizens      the watershed,” said Ellis.         tion of the lake, and the wild-    sored by TRWD. That office       district’s    website       at
to pitch in to make the lake             He explained that the main      life that is sustained by the      is located at 1710 Farm Mar-
look beautiful.                      objective was to keep all that      lake. He also stressed the im-
    This year, it is to be held
Saturday, April 25. The spe-
cific times of the event have
not yet been announced, but
the clean-up usually starts in
the morning. At various loca-
tions around the lake, individu-
als from the community join
forces to clean up litter.

   Lakefoto by Jo Gilbreath

    “Everything around the
lake is connected to the water-
shed,” Lake Superintendent
Richard Ellis said, in a previ-
ous interview. “That’s what
we’re trying to protect.”
    In previous years, partici-
pants have been treated to a
party after the clean-up con-
cludes, complete with activi-
ties and giveaways and other                                                                                                                   Lakefotos by Jo Gilbreath
fun events.
    Ellis said in the past, people
have picked up trash on not just
the shoreline, but also in sub-
divisions and down access
    In 2005, more than 200 vol-
unteers showed up and col-
lected approximately two tons
of trash and debris, according
to Ellis.
    “They pick up a lot of
trash,” Ellis said.
    In 2006, after all the gar-
bage was collected, it weighed
6.43 tons, and there were 266
registered participants in-
volved in the clean-up around
the lake.
    In some years, the popular
“Crud Cruiser” has been avail-
able to give residents a place
to dispose of common chemi-
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Wise County Park rules of conduct
                                                                       vehicle unattended after the        tions of wildlife from a unit of   tamper with, or disturb any ar-
                                                                       closing hour, unless such per-      the park system, except by a       tifact or cultural feature except
                                                                       son is legally in the park after    permit issued by the director or   by permit issued by the direc-
                                                                       closing, and unless he has          as provided by the Parks and       tor.
                                                                       parked the vehicle in a place       Wildlife Code, Chapter 62,         (ee) Waste water, sewage, and
                                                                       designated by the director or he    Subchapter D; and                  gray water. It is an offense to:
                                                                       has prior permission from the          (2) release any fish into           (1) deposit waste water,
                                                                       director.                           the waters of any park, except     sewage, or effluent from sinks,
                                                                       (x)Water skiing; swimming.          as authorized by the Parks and     toilets, or other plumbing fix-
                                                                       It is an offense to:                Wildlife Code.                     tures directly on the ground or
                                                                           (1) engage in water ski-        (cc) Geological features. It is    into the water;
                                                                       ing, surf boarding while being      an offense to take, remove,            (2) use any water foun-
                                                                       towed, towing a person or a         destroy, deface, tamper with, or   tain, drinking fountain, pool,
                                                                       similar device, or operate a        disturb any rock, earth, soil,     sprinkler, reservoir, lake or any
                                                                       motorized ski device on lakes       gem, mineral, fossil, or other     other water body contained in
                                                                       of less than 650 surface acres      geological deposit except by       the park for bathing, launder-
                                                                       located in a park;                  permit issued by the director.     ing, and washing dishes, pets,
                                                                           (2) enter water or swim in      (dd) Cultural features and/or      or vehicles; and
                                                                       an area closed for that activity;   artifacts. It is an offense to         (3) deposit fish parts at
                                                                           (3) swim at night unless        take, remove, destroy, deface,     any location except park fish
                                                                       otherwise posted; and                                                  cleaning facilities.
                                                                           (4) introduce, carry into,
                                                                       or possess, use, break, dispose
                                                                       of, throw, or abandon any glass
                                                                       container in the water of a
                                                                       swimming area, swimming
                                                                       pool, or in the beach area adja-
                                                                       cent to the water of a swim-
                                                                       ming area.
                                                                       (y)Mooring. It is an offense
                                                                           (1) moor, dock, or berth a
                                                                       boat or any other object be-
                                   Lakefoto by Shelley Moore           tween the hours of 10 p.m. and
                                                                       6 a.m., except in mooring ar-
                                                                       eas designated by the director;
continued from page 53             ing or singing, by using a ra-      and
companied by a parent or le-       dio, phonograph, television, or         (2) moor, dock, or berth a
gal guardian;                      musical instrument, or by op-       commercial vessel at any part
    (2) a person who fur-          erating mechanical or elec-         of a park except by permit from
nishes to the park headquarters    tronic equipment:                   the director.
the written consent of and the               (A) use electronic        (`z) Public use limit. It is an
full name, residence, and tele-    equipment, including electrical     offense to:
phone number of parent or le-      speakers, at a volume which             (1) enter into, or remain
gal guardian;                      emits sound beyond the imme-        in, an area or facility for which
    (3) a person who is part of    diate individual camp or pic-       a public use limit has been es-
a group which is supervised        nic site at any time without spe-   tablished when such action will
during those hours by at least     cific permission of the direc-      have the effect of exceeding the
one responsible adult for each     tor;                                established limitations; and
15 persons under the age of 17;              (B) create a distur-          (2) exceed the public use
and                                bance by causing excessive          limit establishing a maximum
    (4) married couples.           noise by any means.                 number of persons and, if ap-
(v)Peace and quiet. It is an       (w) Abandoned and unat-             propriate, the number and type        Bridwell Publishing Co.
offense to:                        tended property. It is an of-       of motor vehicles, trailers, and
    (1) disturb other persons in   fense to:                           equipment permitted to enter
sleeping quarters or in camp-          (1) abandon a vehicle or        into, or remain in, a designated                      Publisher: Keith Bridwell
grounds between the hours of       other person property;              area or facility at any time.                         Photo Editor: Jo Gilbreath
10 p.m. and 6 a.m.; and                (2) leave a vehicle, boat,      (aa) Checkout time. It is an                      Pagination Director: Francine West
    (3) cause, create, or con-     barge, or other property unat-      offense to continue to occupy                                Reporters:
tribute to any noise which is      tended in a unit of the park sys-   a facility past checkout time                        Whitney Bridwell, Angela Dale
broadcast, or caused to be         tem in such a manner as to cre-     when a checkout time has been                     Front Cover Design by: Jo Gilbreath
broadcast, into sleeping quar-     ate a hazardous or unsafe con-      established by the director.                      Design & Layout by: Francine West
ters or campgrounds, or which      dition; and                         (bb) Wildlife. It is an offense                         Sales Representatives:
emits sound beyond the                 (3) leave property unat-        to:                                                   Tricia Bridwell, Mike Webster
person’s immediate campsite,       tended in a park without hav-           (1) harm, harass, disturb,                               Photography:
between the hours of 10 p.m.       ing received prior permission       trap, confine, catch, possess, or                      Keith Bridwell, Jo Gilbreath
and 6 a.m.; whether by shout-      from the director or to leave a     remove any wildlife, or por-                          Shelley Moore, Francine West

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