; Minutes for the 1st Regular Meeting of the 2008-2009 ASU Students
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Minutes for the 1st Regular Meeting of the 2008-2009 ASU Students


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									         Minutes for the 1st Regular Meeting of the
      2008-2009 ASU Students’ Representative Council
                                       September 16th, 2008, 5:30pm
                                          Beveridge Forum, SUB

                       In Attendance                                            Absent

Bronwyn Andrews                                      Claire DeLong (sent regards)
Laura MacKillop (Chair’s Office)
                                                     Sheila Aucoin (sent regards)
Jenn Nguyen
Matt Chapman                                         Janet Kirk

Chancy Cheng
Margaret Keaveny
Steve Barron
Borden Scott,

James Sanford
Jon Saklofske

Kyle Steele
Emma Cullen
Jeff Waugh
Jon Couttreau
Lianna Meredith

          Moved by Kyle Steele
          Seconded by Emma Cullen

          Motion Carries

Chair: I call to order the first meeting of the SRC of 2008-2009, obviously not a
complete council. A few changes to the agenda, under roundtable communications added
the following e) SRC meeting times and f) SRC retreat. Under discussion period Dr.
Saklofske has added additions that will be discussed later in the meeting. Under New
Business item e has been scratched and will be combined with item d. Be it resolved that
the SRC appoint Bronwyn Andrews, blank, blank and blank to sit on the SRC official sub
committee, to make it easier to appoint an Administrative Assistant and a Deputy Chair.
This will make it easier so it will be one committee instead of two. Any additions or
problems that people would like to make known?

(a)      Adoption of the minutes from the SRC meeting on April 1 , 2008

Chair: Introduces Laura MacKillop, not official Deputy Chair but Chief Returning
Officer Deputy Chair, she will be assisting with the meetings. Moving on to the adoption
of the minutes they will be online because the tape recorder is broken. The minutes are
not verbatim minutes. No questions about the minutes, movers are Emma Cullen and Tim
(a)    Executive Summer Reports
       Brought forth by Jeff Waugh, VP Student Affairs

Jeff Waugh: Put on here to let you know that the reports of the summer from the
executive are complete. They are going to be mailed out after this meeting if that is
correct. Please take a look at them and come to us with any concerns you may have.
What I’m going to do is go through the executive and have them give you a 30second
highlight of what they did over the summer and what they thought was important. I’m
going to skip myself since I will be on the next three agenda items.
Chair: If you have any question you want to ask just save them and ask them during
question period.

Emma Cullen: Two highlights are we planed and host the first ANSUB board of directors
retreat hear at Acadia in July. It was the big highlight for the summer because we got to
plan all of our goals. Also, highlight I was named vice-president of ANSUB. I was also
involved in the Alternative First Year program this summer. We worked with faculty
advisors so that first years don’t have to choose a major right of the bat. Any question
about this you can email me or drop by my office during my hours.

Kyle Steele: I’ll take my full 30 secs to go through my platform that I ran in February
super fast. President search I’m still an active member in this. We are moving closer and
closer to appointing a new President of Acadia University, which is nice. Hopefully they
will be appointed by the start of2009 and will start July 1, 2009. Still working with Kings
transited. They still want to work with us. My feeling is that it will be pretty expensive
and not sure how many will go for it, but we shall see how it goes. Right now it looks like
it will be $80 for a years pass. Not what I consider acceptable since we are all pretty cash
scraped right now. Acadia Advantage. One of the problems that we have is the user
support refuses to accept Mac 2008. So people with Mac have to get Windows programs.
This is unacceptable. Also we are working with Cartwells in the sub they have been told
that they have to up their game.
People asking questions about extermal parties coming into the sub. We aren’t prepared
to comment on that just yet. We will have a better picture of food services in the sub as
we get closer to the December. With regards to the website, a virus took it out in the
summer so we had to hire a third party to make a website. Apple is giving the university
money so that will be used to support the website. Finally with regards to lobbying I was
elected to CAS? So I have another commitment but it has only been 20 minutes a week
so far. I look forward to that challenge and I’ll see how the year goes.

Jon Cottreau: I’m up. This summer was a transition for me. Went to a conference in
Ottawa that gave a lot of insight in to programming in a University setting. Meet a lot of
great people and established some great contacts. Many focus for the summer was frosh
week. This took up a lot of my time. Some of the highlights was working largely with
Kelton and ?. Kelton to establish better communication between house council and
resident life and to ensure that programs were approperated. With Julie (?) to ensure that
the international student are comfortable with campus. This turned out very well. The
frosh packs were the same price as last year and we met budget.
Lianna Meredith: Talk about a few things that are fresh in my memory #1 being frosh
week.. Jon did a good job organizing that and we had a few sponsers, off campus seemed
to enjoy it also. Still tying up a few loose ends with that. Been spending time with the
house councils and internal organizations answering questions about there budgets.
Attended a few meetings over the summer also. Helped Jeff out with Shinearama this
summer. Which was a fun way to get involved. Any questions just fire me a email.

Chair: Reminder to project your voices cause it tends to cut in and out. Next up is the
Shinearama summary brought forth by Jeff Waugh.

(b)   Shinerama Summary
      Brought forth by Jeff Waugh, VP Student Affairs

Jeff Waugh: Shinearama is the responsibility that the VPSA has. My job is to hire a
coordinator and make sure they do their job. This years coordinator (name?) had to have
surgery partway through the July. Don’t have a concret number due to calculating a few
more expenses. The rough numbers are in the summer we rasied 43 hundred dollars, on
shine day we raised 71 hundred dollars and from other sources we raised 358 dollars on a
concert, book store did dollar round up that raised 550 dollars other sources is about
11hundred dollars. So the projected total is around 12 thousand 500 dollars which is
alittle short of our goal but still a good amount. Football team has set up a society called
the grid iron society which purpose is to fundraise for different charities, and has agreed
to fundraise at every home game. Still haven’t received the total from Saturday’s game.

(c)   Student Activities Fund
      Brought forth by Jeff Waugh, VP Student Affairs

Chair: Also brought forward by Jeff Waugh is the student activities fund.

Jeff Waugh: Student Activities fund can be applied to through Jeff’s office by email or
talk to him (trying to reduce paper). Essentially it funds planed student activities. So if
you want to throw an international dinner, dance, or karaoke, something along those
lines, we have over 26thousands to use on these events. Encourage people to apply for
the fund to use during events that will get a large amount of students out. Another point is
that you should do it early, because by the time you send in the application and we meet
about it, the event gets approved and you receive the funds it can be a little bit of a time.
So do it right away.

(d)   Co-curricular Transcript
      Brought forth by Jeff Waugh, VP Student Affairs

Jeff Waugh: The ? transcript was implanted midway through last year. What it is is a
transcript that goes beyond grades. It incorperaites your volunteer experiences as well. It
is an official document approved by the University. So the university gets official proof
of all the things you have done. It is really good for people applying to law school or any
type of job to have that requires volunteer experience. That is something that we are
trying to promote this year. Through student affairs secretary, and Saundra Richards, the
manager for Student Leadership and Pro? (I think that is her title?). She is heading it up
this year. I just wanted to tell you guys about it. You can get one if you like and to tell
other people to get one if they want. During the summer I did a report on how the ASU
can promote the transcript, through clubs and organizations we can real make it fly and
phase it in over the next couple of years. If you have any questions about it just come and
talk to me about it.
(e)   SRC Meeting Times
      Brought forth by the Office of the Chairperson

Chair: The next piece is brought forward by the Chair in regards to SRC meetings time. I
just wanted to let you know that this isn’t the permanent meeting time. We are going to
wait till a full council is called. The bi-elections is are on the 30th. So I figured when we
have a full council I’ll send out an email and we can work out a time that works for the
council. As a posed to me just saying this is when the meeting is work around it.

(f)   SRC Retreat
      Brought forth by the Office of the Chairperson

Chair: The next item is in regards to the SRC retreat. As some of you may know there is
an SRC retreat after a full council is formed. That will be on Saturday Oct. 4th between 10
and 3. I’ll send you an email about this remind you of what is going on. I won’t be
needing executive between 10 and 12. Everyone else between 10 and 12 and 1 to 3 are
the times. Properly be lunch in between there and maybe a dinner. Should be a good time.
Alright if there is no objects we shall move on to – Kyle?

Kyle Steele: I just wanted to talk to you guys about two things. Enrollment up date and
the federal Candidate debate. As of last Friday we have not heard from 44 new student.
Last year we only admitted 940 so we are up, which is good. That number includes
education students. Are total number is not 2934 undergrads full time. The university is
on the upside. Secondly, September 30th 6pm ASU will be hosting the federal candidates
debate. All four of the major parties will be there. All running for this riding. It will be
from 6 to 8 pm at University Hall. The moderator is Ian Wilts from Senate. If you have
questions you would like asked to the candidates you can email it to me. Because we are
going to be doing this through cards passed out at the start of the event. There will be no
microphone just to prevent a made rush. So kind of like the form of the strike last year,
which worked out quite well. So please spread the word and tell people to vote.

Chair: Thank you. If there are no objections we’ll move on to question period.


Chair: Tim?

Tim: I was just wondering about the ? transcripts ????

Chair: Okay, Jeff would you care to answer that?

Jeff: The focus for this year will be on first year students. As long as you have
substantiated proof that you did the volunteer experience your good.
Chair: Any other questions? Okay if there are no objects we will be moving on to
Discussion Period.

(a)    Prospective Changes to the ASU investment Policy Statement
       Brought forth by Lianna Meredith, VP Finance

Lianna Meredith: Okay so the reason, I don’t have this under new business is that it is
going to be two part. I have two speakers for this but only one speaker is able to make it
today. So we are luck to have our auderator Jack ? to speak about the new accounting
rules for our money and then once I have the meeting with ? then I’ll get the other
speaker to ??? I invite Jacklyn to come forward and speak on this new rule.

Jacklyn: I’m a charging account with Grand fortin something in Kentville. And I’m
working with the audit in the ASU this year. Basically what is happening is within the
accounting standards, new standards have come out regarding financial instruments. And
what financial instruments are a contract which create a financial asset with one party and
a financial audin on the other side. And with in the accounting standards it tells how and
when to measure financial instruments on the financial statement and the approperate
disclosure. So the impact for the ASU is that this standard became effective April 1st
2007. So when your year ended March 31st 2008, basically these standards had to be
incorporated for the statements to be incompliance with GAP? The biggest area that it
affects is the investments. With investments there has always been an account with
historical cost. So the amount that you paid for that it was the amount that appeared on
the balance sheet. With this new standard it stated that investments should be accounted
for at their market value which is the value today. So that value is going to go up and
down everyday and every month because of market securities that fluctuate, like Bank of
Montreal, Bank of Nova Scotia. At your end we will compare last years market value to
this years market value and it will be in the drop range. Its not a real gain or loss because
you haven’t sold. Its called unreloss. Just a little more on this particular policy. Its not
retroactive, when it came in to affect 08 your end we had to do a transition to get a
difference between the 07 end and 08 end bumped up or down which everyway it goes.
Basically what needs to happen once I go through a little more and once you have your
other speaker you need to make a decision about which policy you are selecting and a
prove it in the minutes and that is for us as auders to insure our independence that we did
not make a decision on behave management. I’ll just look at your balance sheet really
quickly. For example cash is at fair market value so there is no effect on that same with
receivables. If you collect them today you will get what’s on your books as long as
everyone paid what they said they would paid. Same with implutory.? Pre-paid are opted
out of this policy as well as building improvements and things like that. Tables (?) are
they same as receivables in that when you pay them today you are paying the amount on
your invoice it doesn’t fluctuate. And invert revenues are ? so for the ASU, that is going
to be the only thing in danger that is effected by that scale. And the reason this becomes a
little more interesting is a couple select policy’s you can pick from. You get to pick half
of what is presented. The first choice is for trading and this one is for when investments
are held to fine, in terms of profit making. They are recorded and traded at their value.
But unrealized gains and loses, that will appear on the statement of operations and it isn’t
a real income because its not money that is actually collected. Under the for sale option
financial aspects are not classified as help for trading or help for receivables. They are
recorded and treated at fair value. Realised gains and loses are shown in the statement but
unrealized gains and loses are not shown in the statement but in operating surplus. So it
appears on the second statement on its own. So for 2008 it will be up to the student
councils to determine which way is appropriate and we would go from there. I’m open
for questions.

Chair: Thank you very much. Are there any questions directed to Jacklyn, Laura will
have a running speakers lists so just raise your hand. Any questions at all?

Jeff Waugh: So what you are saying is that the adjustments are only going to happen at
the end of each year?

Jacklyn: If you guess where looking at internal statement it is usually done at the end of
the year but I could help Lianna look at them monthly. But generally it is done at the end
of the year.

Chair: Any other questions?

Borden Scott: I’m trying to follow this. Are we basically asking your firm to do audits to
the student counting standard or not to.

Jacklyn: The standard is out there and I guess at this level we are looking for what choice
of whether it is shown on the base of the statement or on a separate statement. There is
also the choice not to adopt this policy. However, not adopting this policy results in a
fault in the auditing report.

Chair: Any other questions?

Lianna Meredith: I did send out a copy of this to you guys and I was just wondering if
you would go over the one we were discussing.

Jacklyn: The one that we were using in the 2008 is the available for sale option its on the
memo, pretty close to the bottom. This option was selected when we mocked up some
situation at the years end. Revenue over expenses flows into the operating surplus,
which is fine. The other method as opposed to appearing on your statement it goes
directly to the statement of operating surplus. Dollar for dollar it will end up the same it is
just presentation of where things go that is different.

Tim Hansen: So the second one is easier for people trying to figure out our statements?

Jacklyn: I think the available for sale option will be fine enough for people to understand.

Chair: Thank you Jacklyn. Moving on to the next item that is brought forth by Dr. Jon

(e)    Diminishing Assistantships
       Brought forth by Dr. Jon Saklofske, Faculty Representative

Chair: Thank you Jacklyn. Moving on to the next item that is brought forth by Dr. Jon
Dr. Sakloske: I wanted to bring this to the attention of the council because it is something
that I discovered recently at the department meeting and it disturbed me quite a bit. In
holding informal conversations with other professors I’ve become more disturbed. It is a
pretty serious issue. I’m sure you are aware that the budget for the departments where cut
by 30% this year, I’m here to inform you how those cuts are effecting students in the
departments. Here is an example from the English department this year we went from 15
permanent teaching assistantships or research assistantships for mostly undergraduate
studies to 5. The History department only have enough money to fund there TA’s and
RA’s for the first semester, they have no funds left for the second semister. Poli Sci has
cut 3 to 5 of their permanent positions because of those cuts. That is just three
departments; I’m wondering how this is effecting across the board. I’m hoping that the
Students Representative Council will be able to distant themselves from the writeups I
saw in last weeks Ath which suggested that the deficit is equally to the increase in
professors salary. I suggest that the SRC looks into this, remember these are informal
numbers and all departments should be looked at. The TA and RA are beneficial to the
students, they provide a salary and work experience.

Chair: Any questions or comments? No, alright thank you very much Dr. Saklofske.

VI.    New Business
(a)    Be it resolved that the SRC approve an extra six (6) hours worth of coursework for Kyle
       Steele for the current term.

       Moved by: Kyle Steele, President
       Seconded by: Emma Cullen, VP Academic

       Motion Fails

Chair: Moving on to new business, there is quite a bit here. Item A be it resolved that the
SRC approve an extra 6 hours worth of courses for the current academic term. I’ll just
clarify that academic term means this term. Brought forth by Kyle Steele, second by
Emma Cullen. Kyle would you like to go ahead.

Kyle Steele: First I would like to thank Bronwyn for entertaining this motion today.
Short of this whole thing is that I need to graduate this year. You guys gave me
permission to take a 6 hour business course this summer unfortunately that course was
moved from a calendar course to a distance course, just shortly after we talked. So the
course being offered is a music course for non-music majors. I can play 6 instruments so
that shouldn’t be a problem. With that in mind I had to add a course into my full year, its
still distance just being taken during the year, so its cool. Last year I took three very
heavy duty Poli Sci courses that required a lot of my time, they are certainly more heavy
duty then the five I am registered in now. I also ask that the SRC keep in mind that this is
my second year in the position that I know what it takes and what a time commitment it
is. Just to give you an outline of the courses I am taking Natural Disasters, Music for non-
Music majors which is the distance course, Introduction to computers; I’m a web-
designer, Introductory Physiology, English using Canadian and Municipal politics. Those
last two are the two I need to take to get my minor the other four are electives. That’s all I
have left to take in my university career is electives. So, I feel that they won’t take up a
lot of my time. I’ve been dealing with them now for two weeks. Also, I would like to
remind the SRC that two executives from last year were allowed to take extra course

Chair: Just to clarify the two Kyle are talking about are Colin Hoult VP Academic took
and extra course and Andrew MacLeod who also took an extra courses. Emma.

Emma Cullen: I think Kyle summed it up nicely.

Chair: Okay we will open it up for question and discussion now. Please address your
questions to me and obviously Kyle will answer them. So does anyone have any
questions they would like to ask? Tim

Tim Hansen: I’m just wondering what next semester will look like.

Chair: Kyle do you want to answer that?

Kyle Steele: It is an extra two classes per semester. One would be distance and one would
be in the class.

Chair: Just to clarify this, this resolution is for this term only. Other questions?

Steve Barron: I am just wondering why you didn’t take a different course this summer to
make up the 6 hours?

Kyle Steele: My biggest thing is I didn’t want to take a courses that wouldn’t take up a lot
of my time. Which is why I am taking Music for non-music majors it will take minimal
amount of my time. I would just like to mention that I have finished 95% of what I said I
would do.

Chair: Jenn

Jenn Nguyen: Just to clarify, you said that Music for non-music majors was not offered
this summer?

Kyle Steele: It went from being a calendar course to being an open course. All of
Acadia’s distance education program is changing right now. This course was not an open
course till August.

Jenn Nguyen: So it wasn’t offered till August?

Kyle Steele: It wasn’t an open course till August. It was offered through the calendar. SO
this courses went from being a calendar course to an open course this summer.

Jenn Nguyen: I just don’t understand what an open Acadia Course is.

Kyle Steele: Open Acadia is now the distance education. So they just changed the name
from distance education to open Acadia. There are two courses 1013 and 1023 this is
1033 ad 1043.

Jenn Nguyen: What is the difference?
Kyle Steele: One was not one I was interested in and they only take so many reservations
at a time.

Chair: You guys can start addressing your questions through me please.

Jenn Nguyen: Chair, as President of the ASU how many courses are you allowed to take,
is it three?

Chair: According to the constitution it is three.

Jenn Nguyen: So for an extra 6 hours that would make it 6 courses.

Kyle Steele: It would be 5 courses. I would be taking an extra two three hour courses.

Chair: Matt

Matt Chapman: Did you overload last year at all?

Kyle Steele: No, I didn’t
Tim Hansen: I just want to say one last thing. I am not as concerned as I initially thought
it was going to be 6 courses and that fact that last year executive members were allowed
to overload. I think that we shall have to see this semester to determine about next

Chair: Right now we will only worry about this term and we will deal with next term
when it comes up. Margaret.

Margaret Keaveny: I just want to know how many days you will be away this semester?

Kyle Steele: Non this semester.

Chair: Any other questions for Kyle. Alright, can I ask for someone to call question end
of discussion. Emma and Jenn seconds.

Steve Barron: Chair, can I get a secret ballot.

Chair: Yes, can I get a seconder for that. Jenn. Alright, I have asked Kyle to refraim from
voting since this involves him. So we have 8 voting members. Laura will come and grab
them when you are done. We are voting for Yes, No and Abstain. Alright we have the
votes, by a result of 2 yeses, 4 no’s, and 2 abstains the motion fails. Moving on to item b)
be it resolved that the SRC let Lianna Meredith be approved three extra hours for the
current term. Brought forth by Lianna Meredith and seconded by Kyle Steele. Lianna
would you like to begin.

(b)    Be it resolved that the SRC approve an extra three (3) hours worth of coursework for
       Lianna Meredith for the current term.

       Moved by: Lianna Meredith, VP Finance
       Seconded by: Kyle Steele, President
       Motion Carries

Lianna Meredith: In order for me to graduate this May I need to complete two courses
this year. My courses load is pretty light. I have one accounting courses, two business
course and an elective and if this is improved I would be taking an other elective. This
elective will have an assignment due once a week.

Chair: Kyle would you like to improve on that?

Kyle Steele: Sounds good so far.

Chair: Moving on to questions? Matt

Matt Chapman: I just want to know what you’ve been doing with your job so far.

Lianna Meredith: Meeting with the House Presidents, Clubs and committees, operation
managers, and so forth to make sure that their budgets are all in order. As well as some
other day to day stuff.

Chair: Any other questions? Jenn

Jenn Nguyen: What is you elective right now?

Lianna Meredith: Nutrition : Contemporary Issues.

Chair: Any more questions. Matt

Matt Chapman: So you are taking three courses now and want to take your fourth.

Lianna Meredith: No, I’m taking four course and want to take a fifth. I just need this one
course to graduate.

Chair: Any other questions. Margaret.

Margaret Keaveny: How many courses are you allowed to take in the constitution?

Chair: Four. Called to question Jenn and seconded by Steve. Time to put to a vote.

Steve Barron: I would like to request secret ballot again

Chair: Do we have a seconder? Emma. So you can vote Yes, No, and Abstain. By a vote
       of 6 yeses, 1 no’s, and 2 abstains the motion is passed.

(c)    Be it resolved that the SRC approve the financial statements of the 2007-2008
       academic year.

       Moved by: Lianna Meredith, VP Finance
       Seconded by: Kyle Steele, President

       Motion Carries
Item C) of new business be it resolved that the SRC approve the financial statement of
2007-2008 fiscal year. By Lianna Meredith seconded by Kyle Steele.

Lianna Meredith: Okay I’ve just been informed that not everyone has received a copy. If
we have any questions they can be asked with Jaclyn here.

Chair: Kyle, care to add to that?

Kyle Steele: Its all good.

Chair: No questions okay can I get someone to call to question. Jenn seconded by Emma.
Okay we will put this to vote that the SRC approves the statements. Yeses: 6, No’s 0, and
abstains: 2. Motion carries. Last item of business be it resolved that SRC appoint Kyle
Steele, Bronwyn Andrews, and three blanks to sit on the committee for hiring Deputy
Chair and Administers Assistants. Brought forward by Emma Cullen. Care to elaborate

(d)    Be it resolved that the SRC appoint Bronwyn Andrews, Kyle Steele, Tim Hansen, Steve
       Barron, and Emma Cullen to sit on the official sub-committee of the Chair’s Office until
       both positions can be confirmed by the SRC.

       Moved by: Emma Cullen, VP Academic
       Seconded by: Kyle Steele, President

       Motion Carries

Emma Cullen: This is a committee that is established every time someone needs to be
hired in the chairs office. So it is pretty standard and done every year.

Chair: So basically, this is how it works, if you would like to nominate someone raise
your hand, the nominee can say yes or no. If more then three people are nominated it
will be put to vote.

Jenn Nguyen: How many hours does this take?

Kyle Steele: It depends on how many people apply. It is usually 30 to 40 minutes an
interview then the discussion with the committee. So probably no more than 5 hours.

Chair: Okay nominations.

Emma Cullen: I nominate Steve.

Chair: Do you accept.

Steve Barron: Yes

Matt: Can I nominate Emma.

Chair: Emma, do you accept.

Emma: If no one else is accepts
Steve: I nominate Tim.

Chair: DO you accept.

Tim Hansen: Yes.

Chair: Any other nominations. No okay let it read that Kyle Steele, Bronwyn Andrews,
       Steve Barron, Emma Cullen, and Tim Hansen will sit on SRC official
       subcommittee until Deputy Chair and Administrative assistant has been
       appointed. Can I get a call to question to move to vote. Tim and seconded by
       Emma. Okay 8 yeses, 0 no’s and 0 abstains.



Chair: If there are no objections, we’ll move to adjournment.
       Moved by Tim Hansen
       Seconded by Steve Barron

       Motion Carries

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