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					Info-products-How to Earn More From Your Info-
product Business
What is the best way to build an info-product business or expand an already successful one?

Create a physical product

The hottest selling items on the Internet today are info-products. E-books, software, how-to courses, magazines,
newsletters, self-improvement guides and an endless number of digital products are in demand on every
conceivable topic. And with customers' ability to instantly download their purchases, producing and selling a quality
info-product can be your road to success.

Although the beauty of info-products is the ability to instantly download, the best way to increase your profits for
the same product is to burn it onto a CD and include a printed companion manual. Selling a kit that might also
include an audio CD and some kind of bonus materials has several advantages.

You can charge more for a physical product. Customers are willing to pay more for something they can have in hand
and keep on the shelf or at their disposal on their desk. An accompanying manual or any other printed material is
great for reading on the train home from work. And who hasn't experienced the anticipation of the package delivery
man at your door.

Another great benefit is that your affiliates now can earn larger commissions. There's no better way to attract more
affiliates and encourage your existing affiliate base.

But what about all the storage, packaging and shipping? Won't that take a lot of time?

Yes, if you did it yourself. But that's not necessary. This is where the whole concept comes together.

Since your goal is to build your business, not to take orders, burn CDs, print booklets, and get them to the post
office, you can farm out all the work to allow you to concentrate on marketing and producing more and better
products. Naturally it will cost money to have a third party do the work, but, again, the time you save can be better
used to build your business.

There are many resources available to help you:

Manuals and booklets is a website run by a group of professional printers set up to connect a print buyer with printing
companies. When you submit your print request, let's say 500 copies of a 40-page booklet, it is emailed to all the
member printing companies that specialize in that type of printing. They then respond directly to you with price
quotes. This can save you huge amounts of time from shopping different sites for competitive quotes.

CDs and DVDs

Do a search for "CD replication," and you will find many sites that will replicate CDs and DVDs for very competitive
prices. For example, and, to name just two, can supply a CD in a paper sleeve for
under a dollar each.
For a little extra they will supply a jewel case with inserts in black& white or color, card board or vinyl sleeves, and
any kind of labels. Nationwide also does some printing, so you might find other sites that also do both.


A fulfillment company warehouses your CDs, DVDs, manuals and booklets, puts them together and ships the orders.
These companies handle every step from processing credit card payments to returns. is a good site to visit for resources on every aspect of fulfillment.
Here you'll find detailed articles on exactly how fulfillment companies work, how to choose a fulfillment house,
problems to expect, costs, and more. There are also hundreds of links to companies that perform every type of
fulfillment service.

Your role as a business owner is to provide the best product you can to your customers. Creating a physical package
in addition to your digital product, and farming out the order processing and fulfillment, will allow you more time to
focus on building your business and increasing your profits.

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