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									Home Address: 127 Sylvan WayMarietta, Ohio
45750bauerm@marietta.eduOffice-740-376-4768 Home Telephone:

  1.1 PERSONAL DATA Name: William

  Michael Bauer, Ph.D. CRC



  1. B.S.E. Ohio University June 1984

  Major: Special Education/Recreation


  AccumulationField (Supervision) Ohio Department of
  3.95 GPA In

  Education Certification: Supervision (2008) Moderate,

  Severe, and Profoundly Mentally Retarded (MSPR) (2013)

  Educable Mentally Retarded (EMR) (2013)

  Behavior Disordered (BD)(2013)

  Learning Disabilities (LD)(2013)

  Orthopedically Handicapped

Ohio Department of Mental Retardation &
DevelopmentalDisabilities Certification:
Supervisor - Early Intervention Management III

2. M.S.E.D. Ohio University June, 1986
Major: Special Education/Administration
3.95 GPA

3. M.A. (2002) The Ohio State
University Rehabilitation
Counseling 3.88 GPA

4. Ph.D. Rehabilitation Services - Counseling 2003The
Ohio State University 3.87 GPADissertation: "The Impact
of Youth Leadership Programs on High School Students
with Disabilities" copy (www.ohiolink.etd)

Certified Rehabilitation Counselor CRC (Exp. 2010)
1. PREP Scholarship, Ohio University:
1984 - 1985
2. Dean's List - Fall, Winter, Spring
1984 - 1985
3. Phi Kappa Phi 1984 -
4. Kappa Delta Pi 1984 -
5. Phi Delta Kappa 1986 -
6. Outstanding Undergraduate in Special Education
Ohio University,Graduation Ceremony 1985

7. Outstanding Service Award, Student Council
for ExceptionalChildren Ohio University 1986
8. Outstanding Graduate Student in Special
Education Ohio University, Spring
Commencement 1986
9. Selected by State of Ohio Department of Education
to serve on the Teacher Education and Certification
Validation Committee March 1989

10. "Outstanding Program of the Year" for children
with severe disabilities. "A Community Based
Program” selected by SEO-SERC 1989. Recognized at
the State of Ohio Superintendents Convention and
awarded certificate of recognition from the board
of Marietta City Schools.

11. Outstanding Educator Award - Marietta City
Schools 2000&2003.

12. Washington County Career Center Hall of Fame
inductee (2003)
13. Douglass Putnam Service Award- Service to the
College (2004)
14. Advising Award-Marietta College
2005, 2008.
15. Athlete Appreciation Award-MC Athletics-2003,
2004,2005 (Football, Basketball, Track)

16. Distinguished Diversity Enhancement Award
April 10, 2005 (Marietta College)

17. Key Note Senior Baccalaureate May 7, 2005
"The GreatestResponsibility".

18. Lifetime Achievement Award-Ohio Developmental
DisabilitiesPlanning Council and HAVAR-May 25,

19. Innovative Teaching Award 2008.

20.Chi-Omega most involved professor on

21. McCoy award for teaching excellence
Campus 2008.

1. State Superintendent Advisory Council for Special
Education 2005 ($60,000)

2. Mini-Grant-Marietta College (1,500).2004 and
3. Innovative Teaching Award ($600).

s Member of the North Central Evaluation Team for Warren
Local School Systems Special Education Department and
Accessibility Fall1991

2. Member of the Ohio Governor's Council on People with
Disabilities    Sept.   1994.Appointed    by   Governor
Voinovich. Chair ofEducation Committee. Reappointed for
second term ending 8/18/2000.

3. President's Committee on Employment of People with
Disabilities.Member of the Disabilities Communication
Network, Ohio Chairperson. 1995 - 1998

4. Governor's Council on People with Disabilities
EducationCommittee - Chairperson, 1995 - 2000.

5. Ohio TRAIN Advisory Board, Columbus Ohio Dec 1995 - 96
(StateAssistive Technology Board).

6. Disability Political Action Committee "PAC-Able”
Raising money to elect people w/disabilities to office.

7. Resna State Tech Act Advisory Board, Washington DC
Jun. 97 2000.

8. Member Part D Advisory Board Ohio Department Of
Education,Appointed by Ohio Department of Education
Superintendent Goff1997 - present
9. City of Marietta Representative to National
Organization onDisabilities, Appointed 5/29/97 by
Mayor Joe Matthews
10. Chair, Ohio Governor's Council on People with
Disabilities.Appointed by George Voinovich. 1998 -
11. Member, Ohio Task Force on School Monitoring
and   Improvement-Ohio    Dept.   Of   Education
12. Chair, Ohio Governor's Council on People with
Disabilities.Appointed by Bob Taft, Governor of Ohio
13.   Director,   Ohio   Governor's   Council   Youth
Leadership Forum1999-2001 Counselor-Present

14. Member, State-Wide Consumer Advisory Council
15. State of Ohio Monitoring and School Improvement Task
Force 1999-present

16. State Superintendent Advisory Council -ODE
17. Chair Emeritus, Ohio Governor's Council on
People with Disabilities 2000-present

18. Board Member-Residential Housing for People
with Developmental Disabilities (R.H.D.D.)
19. Commissioner-Ohio Legal Rights-Appt. by State
Senate President Doug White (Term April 2004 to April
2007. Player in Martin Vs. Taft settlement.

20. Board Member-American Council for Rural Special
Education (ACRES) April 2006-March 2008

21. Commissioner of Ohio Rehabilitation Commission.
Appointed by Gov. Ted Stricklen. Term ends: 2011

22. Board Member Ohio Special Education Professionals
AdvisoryCommission (SEPDAC) 2008-Present.

C.     Experience      -
1. Associate Professor-Department of Education- Marietta
College. Tenure 2007-Present.
2. Director Intervention Specialist Undergraduate and
Graduate Program. 2008 – Present.

3. Assistant Professor-Department of Education-
Marietta CollegeAug.2002-August 2007

4.Director of Master's in Education Aug.

2003-2007 Other Professional Experience:

1. Leadership on the Pacific Rim. Exchange Faculty,
2.Teacher at Center for Families and Children,
Preschool Sign
Australia 2003.Language. Marietta College 2004

3.Teacher at Center for Families and Children, Middle
School Age Sign Language. Marietta College 2004.

4. Consultant-Warren Local Schools-Special Education
Aug 2000present

5. Graduate Trainee-The Ohio State
University-Rehabilitation Dept.May 2000-2003

6.Private Consultant on Disability Issues May
7. Statewide Director of Regional Centers of Ohio TRAIN
Information & Referral, Ohio State University Oct. 96 - May
8. Director of Education (Principal), Washington
County Board ofMental Retardation and Developmental
Disabilities Ewing SchoolMarietta, Ohio Aug. 1990
9. Instructor, Part-time, Washington State Community
College, School of Education Sept. 1991 - 2000.

10. Teacher, Orthopedically Handicapped Marietta City
Schools Marietta, Ohio Aug. 1986 - 1990
11. Graduate Assistant, Ohio University School of
Curriculum and Instruction Sept. 86 - Jun. 87

12. Student Teaching, 1st and 2nd grade SBH/MH class
PutnamSchool, Marietta Ohio Ms. Ellie Slavin,
Cooperating Teacher Spring 1985

13. Teacher in GED program for developmentally Disabled
adults atEchoing Meadows residential Facility, Athens
Ohio 1984 - 1985
14. Aquatic Specialist, Washington County Board of
MentalRetardation and Developmental Disabilities
Marietta, Ohio Jul. 83 -Jul. 84

15. Physical Development Assistant, Washington County
Board ofMental Retardation and Developmental
Disabilities, Marietta, OhioSept. 80 - Jul. 83

1. EdSp 260 Field Experience, Block II Supervised
practicumstudents at Beacon School

2. EdSp 160 Field Experience, Block II Coordinated
field trips,simulations and activities

3. EdSp 272, EdSp 271, Student Teaching
4. Phil 106 Sign Language- Washington State Community
5. EdSp 466, Multi-handicapped Class Guest
6. Part-time Instructor at Washington State
Community College (1991- 1999)
Taught courses on Exceptional Children and Sign

7. EDPAES 925, Teaching Assistant-The Ohio State
University-Assistive Technology Dr. Joe
Wheaton-Supervisor (1999)


8. EDUC 640-Research Design in Education
Summer2002-MariettaCollege (adjunct)
9. EDUC 640-Research Design in Education
Fall2002,2003,2004,2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 Marietta
10. EDUC 600-Seminar-Teachers as Leaders Fall
2002,2003,2004,2005, 2006, 2007- Marietta
11. EDUC 651-Tests and Measurements Fall 2002-Marietta
12. EDUC 690-Research Practicum-All Semesters-Marietta
13. EDUC 202-Educational Psychology All

14. EDUC 253-Diverse Learners Sping 2003, Fall 2004,
Spring2006, all semesters beginning 2006

15. EDUC 680-Admin. and Org. of School Guidance
Spring 2003,2004

16. EDUC 332/632 Sign Language-Summer 2003, Spring
2004,Spring 2005, Spring 2006, Spring 2009

17. EDUC 612-Appalachian Culture in
Education-Summer 2003,2004,2005

18. EDUC 682- Career and Vocational Development-Fall
19.    EDUC   649-    Educating   Children      With
Disabilities-Summer 2004,2005,2007,2008

20. EDUC 671C-Behavior Management -Summer 2004,2005

21. EDUC 341\641-Introduction to Mild Moderate Learners
Summer 2006.

22. EDUC 342/642- Introduction to mild moderate methods.
2007, 2008,2009.

22. EDUC 343\643-assesment of Mild and Moderate Learners
23. EDUC 110-Principles of Education
24. EDUC 457\657-Educators and leaders abroad.
2004,2007 (Australia, Italy, Egypt, Greece)

25. EDUC 475\693 Intervention Specialist/Clinical
Internship allsemesters beginning 2007 to present.

1. Member Graduate Council of Marietta College
2. Chair-Diversity Committee-Marietta College
3.   Member-President's    Planning    Committee-Marietta
College 2003
4. Hartel Fellow-appt. 2004-2006 by Dean of
5. Member Marietta College Career Center Advisory Panel

6. Member Marietta College     Physician   Assistant
AccreditationTeam- 2003-2006

7. Chair Faculty development committee
8.    Director Hartel Program
9. Coordinator Mild and Moderate Licensure Program
10. Member of the Student Evaluation Team
11. Member of the interview team for new athletic
director 20072008.

12. Member of Residence Life and Athletics committee
13. Member of Human Subjects Committee
14. Faculty Representative for the drug and alcohol
task force2008-Present.

15. Co-Director Summer Honors Institute For Ohio School Students who are “gifted”
June 2009. 0

A. Professional
1. Member, Council for Exceptional Children 1984 -
present Member TED (Teacher Education Division)

     President, OU Chapter 173, Student Council for
ExceptionalChildren 1985 - 1986 Member, Mental Retardation
Division CEC1985 - 2000).
     President, SE Ohio Chapter Council for Exceptional
Children 1989
- 1991

2. Member, Professional Assoc. on Retardation (PAR)
1983 - present
3. Member, Phi Delta Kappa 1986
- present
4. Member, Phi Kappa Phi 1985
- present
5. Member, Kappa Delta Phi 1985
- present
6. Member, Chi Sigma Iota 1999
- present
7. Peer Reviewer, Office of Special Education
and RehabilitativeServices (OSERS), October
8. Program Reviewer for the Council for
Exceptional Children (NCATE-CEC) November
2003- present.

A. Presentations at Conferences (by
1. Physical Development for the Multi-handicapped
Individual Title IWorkshop,Orient Development Center
Orient, Ohio Jan. 1983

2. Physical Development & Aquatic Programs for the
Mentally Retarded Title I Workshop, Ewing School
Marietta, Ohio Jun. 1984

3. Physical Development for the Mentally Retarded Title I
Workshop, Ohio University - Belmont St. Clairsville, Ohio
Jul. 1984

4. The Preschool Multi-handicapped Individual Weaver
SchoolAkron, Ohio Nov.1984

5. Aquatics: A Unique Approach for the Multi-handicapped
Individual Ohio Professional Association on Retardation
Columbus, Ohio Nov. 1984

6. Education for the Multi-handicapped - Motivation
Aquatics EdSp475, OhioUniversity Guest Lecturer Athens,
Ohio Mar. 1985

7. Aquademics Beacon School SEOVAC In-service Athens, Ohio
May 1985

8. Language Development in Physical Development & Aquatics
Workshop, Ohio University - Belmont St. Clairsville, Ohio
Aug. 1985
9. Physical Development & Aquatics for the
Multi-handicapped EdSp 217/590,
Ohio University - Belmont St. Clairsville, Ohio
Aug. 1985
10. Aquatics and Exceptional Needs Ohio Federation of the
Councilfor Exceptional Children Cleveland, Ohio Nov. 1985

11. Aquatics and Exceptional Needs SEOVAC, Good
Samaritan HospitalZanesville, Ohio Dec. 1985

12. Orthopedically Handicapped United Methodists Women's
Club Marietta, OhioApr. 1987

13. Nobody's Perfect (Program on Handicapped Awareness)
United Methodist Women's Club Marietta, Ohio 1989

14. All About Me (Program on Growing Up With a Disability)
Second Grade Class,Putnam Elementary School Marietta,
Ohio 1991

15. Washington State Community College, Exceptional
Children Marietta, Ohio 1992

16. Inclusion: Perceptions and Possibilities,
Marietta College Marietta, Ohio 1993

17. Communities and Sports Inclusion CEU Workshop,
MariettaCollege Marietta,Ohio May 21-22, 1993

18. Group and Team Functioning Governor's Council on People
with Disabilities Columbus, Ohio Mar. 9, 1995

19. Exceptional People Special Education Class,
Marietta College,Marietta, OhioApr. 1995

20. Building a Dream Team Goodwill Industries Uniworks
May 15, 1995

21. Team Decision Making Goodwill Industries
Uniworks Columbus,Ohio Jul. 17,1995

22. Diverse Learning Marietta College Marietta,
Ohio Dec. 19, 1995
23. Sign Language for Bank One Employees,
Bank One Seminar,Marietta, Ohio1995

24. Sensitivity Training and Team Building
Marietta Tourist and Convention Bureau
Marietta, Ohio Feb. 10, 1996

25. Sign Language for Fenton Art Glass Employees,
Fenton Art Glass CompanyWilliamstown, West
Virginia Feb. 1996

26. Leadership Development, Uniworks,
Columbus, Ohio Apr. 20,1996

27. Exceptional People, Marietta College
Marietta, Ohio Apr. 1996
28. Ohio TRAIN Team Building, Ohio
SuperComputer Center,Columbus, Ohio Jul.
29. Meeting the Customers AT Needs in Rural
America California NorthridgeCSUN Conference
on Assistive Technology Los Angeles,California
Mar. 16-19, 1998
30. Rural Assistive Technology in the
Heartland Assistive Technology in
theHeartland Indianapolis, IN
Apr.25-29, 1999
31. Meeting the Customers AT Needs in Rural
America Long Beach,California - Annual RESNA
Conference June 24-26, 1999
32. Disability Perspectives Series with Dr. J.W.
Smith-Ohio UniversityMay 8, 2003.
33. Ohio Association of O.T.'s/P.T.'s-
Columbus, Ohio Aug, 6,72003

34. Ohio PT/OT conference Easton Hilton,
Columbus, Ohio Aug 3,2003

35. Empowering Children with Disabilities.
COVA-Columbus, Ohio "The Appalachian Consumer"
Sept. 2, 2003.
36. Physician Assistant Program Guest Lecturer
"The Patient from Appalachia" Fall 2002, Fall
37. Adolescent Depression- A lecture to
seniors at Frontier HighSchool-Fall 2003

38. Adolescent Depression-A lecture to student
body at Fort Frye High School-9/16/03

39. Special Techniques for Special
Students-Warren Local High School Fall 2003

40. The Youth Leadership Forum- The AMerican
Council on Rural Special Education Confernce
March 2005. Tulsa, Oklahoma.
41. Increasing Access to Assitive Technology
for People with Disabiities in Rural
America-The AMerican Council on Rural
SpecialEducation Conference March , 2005.
42. Multiple Perspectives On Access,
Inclusion, & Disability Conference April
12-13, 2005-"The Consumer with
Disabilitiesfrom Appalachian America".
43. The Appalachian COnsumer with a Disabillity,
The West VirginiaAssociation of Rehabilitation
Professionals, May 20, 2005
44. The Write Place, APA Style,
March 29,2006
45. Multiple Perspectives on Access,
Inclusion and Disability Conference, For
Cryin' Out Loud!! Can't You Hear Me? The Ohio
State University, Columbus, Ohio April 17,
46. Keynote Speaker-Midwest Disability
Lifestyles Conference. TheOhio State
University 2007.
47.Developed Workshop for educators from Marietta City
Schools in conjunction with OSIM Grant 2007.

48. “Welcome to My World” Lecture on Appalachian Culture,
Washington County Partners, Washington State Community

49. Solidarity Ohio Commissioners Discuss the
Rehabilitation Services Commission 2009.

50. “Same world Different Difference” Keynote Disability
Conference 2009.

A. Presentations and Lectures (by
1. Physical Development for the Multi-handicapped
Individual Title IWorkshop, Orient Development Center
Orient, Ohio Feb. 1984
2. Challenges and the Hearing Impaired 20th Annual
Special LDConference, Ohio University Athens, Ohio May
16-17, 1986
3. Community Based Programs for the Handicapped Ohio
University Athens, Ohio Apr. 1988

4. Working with External Agencies Instructor - Ohio
University –Belmo0nt St. Clairsville, Ohio 1992

5. Supported Education, OACB MRDD Columbus, Ohio Nov.

6. Advocacy for People with Disabilities - It's Our
Job JAPESConference Columbus, Ohio Jun. 17, 1997

7. Roundtable Discussion - Advisory Council on
Technology, Rehabilitation Services Commission
Solidarity Conference,Columbus, Ohio Jun. 10, 1997

8. The Future of Disability Issues, Ohio Governor's
Council 50th Anniversary Celebration, Columbus, Ohio
Aug. 13, 1998
9. Autism Spectrum Disorders Conference, Aug. 7, 8,
9 2002.Autism Spectrum: A Mixed Methodology.
Columbus, Ohio
10. State Superintendent's Task Force for Preparing
SpecialEducation Personnel, January 17, 2003. Poster
Session. Columbus,Ohio

11. Northeast Rehabilitation Association-New York, New
York, July2003.

12. Lecturer on Appalachian Culture for Cleveland State
University's 9th Annual Diversity Conference, November 14,
13. Transition Planning for youth with Special Health
Care Needs (Sept. 28, 2004)

14. American Association on Rural Special Education,
"Increasing Access to Assistive Technology for Students
with Disabilities" and "The Ohio Youth Leadership Forum"
March 17-19, 2005.
15. Ohio Confederation of Teacher Education
Organizations-Innovations in Teaching and Learning: Higher
Education, Columbus, Ohio "Out of the Classroom and Into
the Community" October 2728, 2005

16. Hawaii International Conference on Education,
Honolulu, Hawaii"Out of the Classroom and Into the
Community" January 6-9, 2006
17. Special Education Personnel Advisory Committee,
AnnualConference, Co-teaching:Does it Work? You Bet it
Does! Columbus, Ohio March 3, 2006

18. “What about Co-Teaching in Ohio?” OCTEO Conference
19. “CO-Teaching and Collaboration in Public Schools.”
Inservice 2009.

A. Attendance at Meetings/Workshops
1. National Swimming Coaches Convention Chicago,
Illinois June 1978
2. Workshop: Physical Development for
Multi-handicapped ProjectMobility,Morrison
Elementary School March 1983
3. National Aquatics Conference, Indianapolis,
Indiana March 1984
4. LD Conference Speaker, Ohio University
Nov. 1984
5. LD Conference, Ohio University
May 1985
6. State CEC Convention Speaker, Cleveland, Ohio
Nov. 1985
7. State Leadership Conference, Council for
ExceptionalChildren,Columbus,Ohio Mar.

8. MR Division Meeting, Council for
Exceptional Children,Columbus, Ohio Mar.1986

9. LD/Special Education Conference - Chairperson,Ohio
University, Athens, OhioMay 1986

10. CEC Conference, Toledo,
Ohio 1988
11. CEC Conference, Dayton,
Ohio 1989
12. "Positive Approaches to People with Challenging

13. Chapter 2 Spring Conference
June 1991
14. "Administration of the OEDI"
Aug. 1991
15. "Early Integration Training
Project" Aug. 1991
16. "Implantation of Rules for Preschool
Children" Oct. 1991
17. "Genetics in the 90's and Framework for Success
Oct. 1991
18. NCATE Chicago
Illinois 2004.
19. NCATE CEC Training New Mexico
20. Collaborations of psychological science roundtable
Ohio May 21,2004.

21. Leadershape training at salt fork state
park 2005.
22. State Superintendent task force for preparing
special educationpersonal annual meeting March 4-5
23. OAPCTE|/OTE Curriculum conference “Meeting NCATE
Standard andmeaning it” Ashland University Feb. 9, 2006.

24. NCATE/CEC Professional reviewer training CEC Salt Lake
City 2006.
18. OCTEO Conference: Facing the Challenges of Change in
TeacherEducation, October 2007.

19. Lead Trip to Sydney, and provided a course that allowed
ourEducation students to learn the best practices in Australia
July 2007.
20. Reviewing Editor of the Ohio Psychologist (Quarterly
21. Continue to update my skills as needed to upload all the
MariettaCollege’s Theses on Ohio Link ( Electronic Database
of Theses.)
22. Developed a relationship with the Punahou School in
area of technology for students 2008.

23. Preparing Highly Qualified Special Education Teachers.
LicensureModel Development, Ohio 2008.

24. Ethics Education-Ohio Dept. of Ethics, November 2008
Columbus Ohio.

25. 7     International Conference on Education January

1. Peer Reviewer The Ohio Psychologist (Bi monthly
journal) The Ohio Psychological Foundation 2007-
2. Rehabilitation Counseling in Appalachian America. The
Journal ofRehabilitation 2003.

3.   Children with Disabilities An Awareness 2004. Book
Dorrance Publishing, Pittsburgh.

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