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					Sometimes Love Hurts...But if it doesn't hurt...then it isn't Love.

When i saw u...                Until there was u
i was afraid to talk to u...   i cried myself to sleep...
When i talked to u...          while i had u, i fell asleep with a
i was afraid to hold u...      gentle sleep on my face...
When i hold u...               Before i lost u, i worried myself to
i was afraid to love u...      sleep...
Now that i love u...           Now that i know u r gone, i sit up at
i am afraid to loose u...      night,
                               Waiting for u to come back...

U are a good friend                 Never say i love u
That's why i love u...              If u really don't care
U can listen and understand         Never talk about feelings
That's why i love u...              If they r not really there
U r intelligent and funny           Never hold my hand
That's why i love u...              If u r going to break my heart
And i love u for one more thing     never say u r going to
It's what u r                       If u don't plan to start
and not 4 what u can give to me,    Never look into my eyes
cause what u r is my gift           If all u do is lie
AND THAT'S WHY I LOVE U...          Never say hello
                                    If u really mean goodbye
                                    If u really mean forever
                                    then say u 'll try
                                    Never say forever
                                    Cause forever makes me CRY.

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