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          Do we      Included                                                                                                                                       Water
Priority Have a        in WQ       Study ID Publication                                                                                                           Resource       Valuation       Water Quality     Pollutants/Water Quality
  Code    Copy?      data file:    Number     ID number             Publication Name                            Publication                 Geographic Focus        Type          Method      Services Evaluated          Indicators
6        Yes                      79        1           Ribaudo, Marc O., and Daniel               Ribaudo, Marc O. and Daniel Hellerstein. Methodology review Methodology    Methodology     Methodology review Methodology review
                                                        Hellerstein. 1992. “Estimating Water       1992.                                                       review         review
                                                        Quality Benefits: Theoretical and
                                                        Methodological Issues.” Technical
                                                        Bulletin Number 1808. Washington, DC:
                                                        U.S. Department of Agriculture,
                                                        Economic Research Service.
6         Yes                     80        1           Ribaudo, Marc O., and C. E. Young.         Ribaudo, Marc O. and C. E. Young.      Nationwide                          Benefit transfer Not specified         Sedimentation, erosion
                                                        1989. “Estimating the Water Quality        1989.
                                                        Benefits of Erosion Control.” Water
                                                        Resources Bulletin 25(1):71-78.
6         Yes                     78        1           Ribaudo, Marc O. August 1989. “Water       Ribaudo, Marc O. 1989.                 Nationwide          Not specified   Benefit transfer Not specified         Soil erosion
                                                        Quality Benefits of the Conservation
                                                        Reserve Program.” Agriculture
                                                        Economic Report No. 606. Washington,
                                                        DC: U.S. Department of Agriculture,
                                                        Economic Research Service, Resources
                                                        and Technology Division.

6         Yes                     270        1           Renzetti, Steven and Diane P. Dupont.   Renzetti, Steven and Diane P. Dupont.    Canada (No change                   Cost Function   Water Supply           None
                                                         2003. "The Value of Water in            2003.                                    in WQ)
                                                         Manufacturing." CSERGE Working
                                                         Paper ECM 03-03.
5         Yes                     222        1           Ready, Richard C., Janis Malzubris, and Ready, Richard C., et al. 2002.          Guauja River, Latvia River          CV              Recreation,            Sewage
                                                         Silva Senkane. 2002. “The Relationship                                                                                               aesthetics
                                                         between Environmental Values and
                                                         Income in a Transition Economy:
                                                         Surface Water Quality in Latvia.”
                                                         Environment and Development
                                                         Economics 7:147-156.
                                                         Randall, Alan, Damitha DeZoysa, and
                                                         Side Yu. 2001. “Ground Water, Surface
                                                         Water and Wetlands Valuation in Ohio.”
                                                         In The Economic Value of Water Quality                                                                                               Reduction in sediment
                                                         Bergstrom, J.C., K.J. Boyle and G.L.                                                                                                  loadings, reduction of
                                                         Poe, eds., pp. 83-99, Northampton, MA:                                                                                                       nitrates in
                                                         Edward Elgar.                                                                      Maumee River                                            groundwater,
    2       Yes                         22       2                                               Randall, Alan, et al. 2001.                  Basin, Ohio       River, Lake         CV        protection of wetlands Sediments, soil erosion, nitrates
4         Yes                     105        1           Ralston, Scott N., and William Park.    Ralston, Scott N. and William Park.      Reelfoot Lake,      Lake            TCM             Boating, recreational Subjective ranking (1-5) of WQ,
                                                         1989. “Estimation of Potential          1989.                                    Northwestern                                        fishing                 sedimentation and NPS
                                                         Reductions in Recreational Benefits due                                          Tennessee                                                                   pollution from agriculture
                                                         to Sedimentation.” Water Resources
                                                         Bulletin 25(6):1259-65.
6         Yes                     265        1           Rae, Douglas. 2002. "An Assessment Rae, Douglas. 2002.                           Review
                                                         of Information and Data Necessary to
                                                         Quantify Impacts and Benefits of
                                                         Reducing Mercury in Saltwater Fish."
                                                         Final Report: Office of Wetlands,
                                                         Oceans, and Watersheds (EPA).

                                  274        1           Rae, Douglas. 1997. "Impacts of           Rae, Douglas. 1997.
                                                         Mercury Reductions in Minnesota, for
                                                         Hagler-Bailly, Boulder, CO and Division
                                                         of Air Quality, Minnesota Pollution
                                                         Control Agency, St. Paul, MN,
                                                         September 30.


          Do we   Included                                                                                                                                   Water
Priority Have a     in WQ       Study ID Publication                                                                                                        Resource          Valuation       Water Quality     Pollutants/Water Quality
  Code    Copy?   data file:    Number     ID number            Publication Name                        Publication                     Geographic Focus       Type            Method      Services Evaluated           Indicators
6        Yes                   121       1           Qiu, Zeyuan Y., and Tony Prato. 1998. Qiu, ZeyuanY. and Tony Prato. 1998.          Goodwater Creek, River             Agricultural    NA                 Sediment, atrazine
                                                     “Economic Evaluation of Riparian Buffers                                           MO                                 yield model
                                                     in an Agricultural Watershed.” Journal                                                                                (total
                                                     of the American Water Resources                                                                                       watershed net
                                                     Association 34(4):877-890.                                                                                            return)

6      Yes                     294       1            Pulido-Velazquez, Jenkins, and Lund.       Pulido-Velazquez, M., et al. 2004.
                                                      2004. "Economic values for conjunctive
                                                      use and water banking in southern
                                                      California." Water Resources Research
2      Yes                     283       1            Provencher, Bill and Richard Bishop.       Provencher, Bill and Richard Bishop.   Lake Michigane     Lake            TC              Recreational Fishing   Not Specified
                                                      2004. "Does Accounting for Preference      2004                                   (Milwuakee-Racine)
                                                      Heterogeneity Improve the Ofrecasting
                                                      of a Random Utility Model? A Case
                                                      Study. Journal of Environmental
                                                      Economics and Management 48, 793-
6      Yes                     76        1            Poor, P. Joan. 2000. “Water                Poor, P. Joan. 2000.                   Nebraska          Rivers, Lakes,   CV              Not specified          Agricultural chemicals
                                                      Contamination from Agricultural                                                   Farmlands         Groundwater
                                                      Chemicals: Welfare Measures for
                                                      Chemigation Producers.” Journal of
                                                      Sustainable Agriculture 16(2):77-88.
6      Yes                     75        1            Plantinga, Andrew J. 1996. “The Effect     Plantinga, Andrew J. 1996.             Southwest         Benefit transfer Milk prices??   Not specified          Erosion from Farming
                                                      of Agricultural Policies on Land Use and                                          Wisconsin
                                                      Environmental Quality.” American
                                                      Journal of Agricultural Economics.
2      Yes                     296       1            Piper, Steven. 2003. "Impact of water      Piper, Steven. 2003.
                                                      quality on municipal water price and
                                                      residential water demand and
                                                      implications for water supply benefits."
                                                      Water Resources Research 39(5):1127.

1      Yes        5            120       1            Piper, Steven, Marc O. Ribaudo, and     Piper, Steven, et al. 1987.               Oakwood Lake and Lake              TCM,            Recreation (camping, Nutrients
                                                      Ardelle Lundeen. 1987. “The                                                       Lake Poinsett,                     contingent      picnicking, swimming,
                                                      Recreational Benefits of an Improvement                                           South Dakota                       behavior        boating, and other
                                                      in Water Quality at Oakwood Lakes and                                                                                                day uses)
                                                      Lake Poinsett, South Dakota.” North
                                                      Central Journal of Agricultural
                                                      Economics 9(2):279-87.


    Water Quality Change Evaluated
Methodology review

Present value of benefits of 3 erosion control
programs evaluated for 10 regions and 10
benefit types

Present value of benefits of Conservation
Reserve program evaluated for 9 regions in


Program that would upgrade sewage
treatment facilities such that th water quality I
the Gauja river would be swimmable

  15 percent reduction in sediment loadings;
  reduction in groundwater nitrate levels to 1
  mg/liter; protect existing wetlands, restore
  3,000 additional acres, provide 20 percent
            more waterfowl habitat.
Subjective WQ measure had statistically
insignificant effect on site demand


     Water Quality Change Evaluated
WQ improvements resulting from riparian

Increase in Catch Rtes

WTP of Agricultural producers for a new
technology that maintained production but
reduced water contamination by %50.

WQ improvement from erosion control
resulting from land use conversion

WQ improvement such that "algae would not
form thick mats" on the lakes

             Priority code notes
1   Already in wq data file
2   Candidate for wq data file
3   Supplement
4   WQ but not meta analysis candidate
5   Foreign study
6   Unrelated (not wq valuation)
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