[………….. EMPLOYER’S NAME ………….]

                         […………….. PROJECT TITLE ……………….]

                                 PROJECT REF NO. […….……..]

                                        C3.3 : PROCUREMENT


C3.3.1.1   Requirements

           The works shall be executed in accordance with the conditions attached to preferences granted in
           accordance with the preferencing schedule.

           [Refer to the Municipality’s Preferential Procurement Policy attached as Appendix B. State
           requirements appropriate to the methodology and procedures which are to be followed. (See Annex
           A of SANS 10396:2003). Make reference to Preference Schedules, if any].

C3.3.1.2   Resource standard pertaining to targeted procurement


C3.3.2.1   Scope of mandatory subcontract works

           The following portions of the works shall be subcontracted to CIDB registered contractors in
           accordance with the subcontracting procedures described hereunder.


           Competitive tenders shall be invited in respect of each of the above portions of the works in
           accordance with the relevant provisions of the latest edition of the CIDB Standard for Uniformity in
           Construction Procurement. The Contract Data in the associated procurement documents shall be
           based on the use of BIFSA Non-Nominated Subcontract for use with the JBCC Series 2000
           Principal Building Agreement / CIDB Standard subcontract (labour only) / JBCC Series 2000
           Nominated / Selected Subcontract Agreement / SAFCEC General conditions of subcontract (2003
           edition) (select appropriate option) / NEC Engineering and Construction Subcontract / NEC
           Engineering and Construction Short Subcontract with minimal project specific variations and
           amendments that do not change their intended usage.

           The Employer together with the Contractor shall evaluate the tenders received in accordance with
           the provisions of the Standard Conditions of Tender contained in Annex F of Standard for
           Uniformity in Construction Procurement. The evaluation panel shall comprise equal
           representatives from the Employer and from the Contractor.

           The Contractor shall without delay enter into contract with the successful tendering subcontractor
           based on their accepted tender submission. The Contractor shall remain responsible for providing
           the subcontracted portion of the works as if the work had not been subcontracted.

                                                                                      Scope of Work : Procurement
                                                                                                          C3.3 - 1
C3.3.2.2   Preferred subcontractors/suppliers

           [List approved domestic subcontractors and suppliers, as necessary].

C3.3.2.3   Subcontracting procedures

           [State specific procedures relating to the selection and appointment of subcontractors including
           requirements for subcontract documents, as necessary].

C3.3.2.4   Attendance on subcontractors

           [State requirements for attendance on nominated and other subcontractors].

                                                                                         Scope of Work : Procurement
                                                                                                             C3.3 - 2
                         [………….. EMPLOYER’S NAME ………….]

                         […………….. PROJECT TITLE ……………….]

                                  PROJECT REF NO. […….……..]

                                           C3.4 : CONSTRUCTION


C3.4.1.1   Applicable SANS Standards

           a)     The following SANS 2001 Construction works standards and associated specification
                  data are applicable:

                  i)     SANS 2001 - ...........................................................................................................

                  ii)    SANS 2001 - ............................................................................................................

                  iii)   SANS 2001 - ............................................................................................................

           b)     The specification data applicable to the SANS 2001 standards referred to above are

C3.4.1.2   Applicable national and international standards

           [List all applicable national and international standards and all values pertaining to specific
           attributes relating thereto].

           a)     For the purpose of this Contract the latest issues of the following Standard
                  Specifications for Civil Engineering Construction, applicable at the date of tender
                  advertisement, shall apply -

                  SABS 1200 A              :    1986              General
                  SABS 1200 AA             :    1986              General (Small Works)
                  SABS 1200 AB             :    1986              Engineer's Office
                  SABS 1200 AD             :    1986              General (Small Dams)
                  SABS 1200 C              :    1980              Site Clearance (Amendment 1, 1982)
                  SABS 1200 D              :    1988              Earthworks (Amendment 1, 1990)
                  SABS 1200 DA             :    1988              Earthworks (Small Works) (Amendment 1, 1990)
                  SABS 1200 DB             :    1989              Earthworks (Pipe Trenches)
                  SABS 1200 DE             :    1984              Small Earth Dams
                  SABS 1200 DK             :    1996              Gabions And Pitching
                  SABS 1200 DM             :    1981              Earthworks (Roads, Subgrade)
                  SABS 1200 G              :    1982              Concrete (Structural)
                  SABS 1200 GA             :    1982              Concrete (Small Works)
                  SABS 1200 H              :    1990              Structural Steelwork
                  SABS 1200 HA             :    1990              Structural Steelwork (Sundry Items)
                  SABS 1200 HC             :    1988              Corrosion Protection Of Structural Steel
                  SABS 1200 L              :    1983              Medium-Pressure Pipelines
                  SABS 1200 LB             :    1983              Bedding (Pipes)
                  SABS 1200 LC             :    1981              Cable Ducts
                  SABS 1200 LD             :    1982              Sewers
                  SABS 1200 LE             :    1982              Stormwater Drainage
                  SABS 1200 LF             :    1983              Erf Connections (Water)
                  SABS 1200 LG             :    1983              Pipe Jacking
                  SABS 1200 M              :    1996              Roads (General)
                                                                                                        Scope of Work : Construction
                                                                                                                           C3.4 - 1
                  SABS 1200 ME       :   1981        Subbase
                  SABS 1200 MF       :   1981        Base
                  SABS 1200 MFL      :   1996        Base (Light Pavement Structures)
                  SABS 1200 MG       :   1996        Bituminous Surface Treatment
                  SABS 1200 MH       :   1996        Asphalt Base and Surfacing
                  SABS 1200 MJ       :   1984        Segmented Paving
                  SABS 1200 MK       :   1983        Kerbing and Channelling
                  SABS 1200 MM       :   1984        Ancillary Roadworks

           b)     The term project specifications appearing in any of the SABS 1200 standardised
                  specifications must be replaced with the terms scope of work.

           c)     The variations and additions to the specifications listed in C3.4.1.2(a) are annexed.

C3.4.1.3   Particular / Generic specifications

           [Include or make reference to particular (purpose-written for the project or specifications of the
           contracting authority) which are applicable to the works:

           Such specifications should be drafted such that they:

           -      contain acceptance procedures to enable compliance to be determined;
           -      specify requirements uniquely and unambiguously;
           -      set out requirements for items by describing both their physical and functional
                  characteristics in a comprehensive manner;
           -      State what is to be provided and not how it is to be provided.
           -      Such specifications should not contain particulars relating to measurement and
                  payment, i.e. matters pertaining to the Pricing Data].

C3.4.1.4   Certification by recognized bodies

           [State which institutions may certify items for inclusion in the works and building systems e.g.
           Agrément Board of South Africa].

C3.4.1.5   Agrément certificates

           [State requirements for the use of alternative materials, which are the subject of an Agrément
           certificate, requirements for providing Agrément certificates (see w.w.w].


C3.4.2.1   Plant and materials supplied by the employer

           [Provide details of all plant “free issue” and materials and state procedures associated

C3.4.2.2   Materials, samples and shop drawings

           [State requirements for proof of compliance with materials specifications, samples of materials
           and finishes, shop drawings required to amplify the designs of aspects of the works, use of
           proprietary materials, etc].


C3.4.3.1   Requirements for equipment

           [State minimum requirements for equipment as necessary].

                                                                                   Scope of Work : Construction
                                                                                                      C3.4 - 2
C3.4.3.2   Equipment provided by the employer

           [Provide details of equipment made available for use by the contractor and set out conditions
           relating thereto].


C3.4.4.1   Known services

           The positions of existing services, insofar as they are known, are shown on the drawings. Items
           have been allowed in the Schedule of Quantities for dealing with and protecting services.

           [The Contractor shall take whatever precautions are required to protect these services from
           damage during the period of the Contract [Describe known services making reference to
           drawings containing known services and state requirements for locating, marking and recording
           such services].

C3.4.4.2   Treatment of existing services

           [State requirements for the treatment of existing services i.e. their termination, diversion of
           continued use, either temporarily or permanently, and set out the procedures relating thereto].

C3.4.4.3   Use of detection equipment for the location of underground services

           [State requirements, as necessary, for the use and availability of detection equipment for the
           location of underground services].

C3.4.4.4   Damage to services

           [State responsibility for damage to services, known and unknown, and requirements for
           working in close proximity to services, etc].

C3.4.4.5   Reinstatement of services and structure damaged during construction

           [State requirements and reinstatement procedures for the notification and repair of damage to
           services, penalties applicable to the damage of services, etc.


C3.4.5.1   Service and facilities provided by the employer

           [State the facilities and the services which are to be provided by the employer subject to the
           contractor accepting that the employer is unable to guarantee they will be available at all times
           and always in the form or location stated:

           -      water: location, quality, approximate pressure, source, etc
           -      electricity: location, phase, source, etc.
           -      telecommunication services: location of lines, etc
           -      ablution facilities: nature and location
           -      medical / first aid facilities: nature and location
           -      fire protection services: nature and location
           -      other: describe as appropriate
           -      state requirements, as necessary, for the contractor to :
           -      hook up to, and distribute water, electricity and telecommunication services;
           -      clear up and make good when the service or facility is no longer required, leave the
                  employer’s facilities in the condition they were before the contractor first made use of
                  them, fair wear and tear excepted, and
           -      continuously clear and dispose of waste and surplus materials to maintain the site in a
                  tidy state].

                                                                                   Scope of Work : Construction
                                                                                                      C3.4 - 3
           (i)     Source of Water Supply

                   The Contractor may make application to the Municipality’s Water Division for a clean
                   water supply point, but shall bear all the costs for the installation of such supply point.
                   Water used by the Contractor from the Employer’s mains will be charged for at the
                   tariffs ruling at the time of use.

                   The Contractor shall make himself thoroughly acquainted with the regulations relating to
                   the use of water and shall take adequate measures to prevent the wastage of water.

                   The Employer accepts no responsibility for the shortage of water due to any cause
                   whatsoever, nor additional costs incurred by the Contractor as a result of such shortage.

                   The Contractor shall take note that no direct payment will be made for any costs
                   incurred for the provision of a water supply point nor for the cost of water drawn.
                   Payment for the aforementioned shall be deemed to be covered by the rates and prices
                   tendered and paid for the various items of work included under the Contract.

           (ii)    Source of Power Supply

                   The Contractor is to make his own arrangements with the Electricity Department for a
                   supply of electricity, if required, and shall pay establishment and consumption costs at
                   the tariffs ruling at the time.

           (iii)   Location of Camp and Materials storage area

                   The camp site and storage area will be indicated to tenderers at the site inspection for
                   the contract.

                   The Contractor shall confine his camp and storage of materials to the areas designated.
                   On completion of the construction works the surface of the areas utilised shall be re-

C3.4.5.2   Facilities provided by the contractor

           [State requirements for facilities to be provided by the contractor such as construction camps,
           offices and workshops facilities for the due and proper fulfilment of the contract and those
           facilities for use by the employer and his agents. Also state what happens to these facilities
           upon completion of the contracts. Set out constraints, if any, as to the location by the
           contractor of such facilities on the site and requirements for drawings of site facilities, as

           (i)     Temporary Offices

                   An office for the Engineer is required. The type of office required for the Engineer is
                   specified in clauses AB 3.2 and PSAB 3.4.

                   Site meetings will be held in the Contractor’s site office.

           (ii)    Sanitary Facilities

                   The Contractor shall supply chemical toilets for use by his workmen. The number of
                   toilets shall be based on one toilet per fifteen personnel on site.

                   Under no circumstances will the Contractor’s staff be allowed to use public toilet

                                                                                      Scope of Work : Construction
                                                                                                         C3.4 - 4
           (iii)   Telephone Facilities

                   A site telephone will not be required by the Engineer, but the time-related tendered rate
                   for the Contractors telephone shall include for local official calls by the Engineer or his

C3.4.5.3   Storage and laboratory facilities

           [State requirements for storage and laboratory facilities].

C3.4.5.4   Other facilities and services

           [State requirements for all other temporary facilities necessary for providing the works which
           are not provided by the employer including power, water, telecommunications, security
           services, medical, fire protection, sanitation and toilets, waste disposal].

C3.4.5.5   Vehicles and equipment

           [State requirements for vehicles, computers, survey and testing equipment, office furniture etc
           for the use of the employer and his agents].

C3.4.5.6   Advertising rights

           [Establish the rights relating to advertisements].

C3.4.5.7   Notice boards

           [State requirements, if any, for notice boards e.g. size, content, placing, design, timing for
           removal etc. including those in respect of all types of subcontractors].

           The identity board required shall be as detailed on Drawing ….. as per the Engineer’s
           Department “Standard Details” (Jan. 2000 edition).

C3.4.6     SITE USAGE

           [State restrictions, if any, placed on the contractor and his subcontractors].


           [Provide information on permits and wayleaves obtained by employer from authorities and state
           requirements for the contractor to obtain permits and way leaves from authorities].


           [State requirements, for the contractor to satisfy himself that the dimensional accuracy,
           alignment, levels and setting out of existing structures or components thereof are compatible
           with the proposed works and procedures for notifying the employer’s representative where this
           is not the case. Also state procedures for dealing with the detection of defects in work
           previously executed that will impact on the works].


           [State requirements for the inspection with the owners of adjacent buildings and properties and
           representatives of all local authorities before commencing with the works that have the
           potential to damage surrounding buildings and property].


           [State arrangements for procuring, transporting, storing, distributing and applying the water
           needed for construction purposes].
                                                                                     Scope of Work : Construction
                                                                                                        C3.4 - 5

          [Provide information on survey controls established by the employer, if any, and state
          requirements for survey control and the setting out of the works].

          Before commencement of work, the Contractor is to liaise with the Engineer to establish
          exactly the status of all boundary pegs in the Township. The position of all erf pegs found will
          be recorded on a marked-up print of the Township.

          On completion of the Contract the pegs that have been unavoidably disturbed will be replaced
          by the Employer. Pegs which have, in the opinion of the Engineer, been disturbed due to the
          negligence of the Contractor will be replaced at the Contractor’s cost.

                                                                                 Scope of Work : Construction
                                                                                                    C3.4 - 6

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