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                           Business and Legal Consulting Plan
         A Benefit Made Available to Members of the Maryland Association of Appraisers

                   The Basic Issues - How will I Protect and Grow my Business?

Have You Ever...

           Had to hire or fire an employee?
           Had a dispute with a supplier, landlord, customer or employee?
           Signed a contract or document you had not fully read or understood?
           Had difficulty collecting money from customers?
           Had questions about incorporating and legally protecting your business?
           Wanted to have a resource for ANY business or legal question?
           Been concerned about the risk of being sued by customers, vendors or employees?
           Been concerned about your business being compliant with government regulations?
           Wished you could afford to have an experienced Lawyer or Business Consultant/Coach
           without the worry about the fees involved?

                                A Solution for Your Business
Now you can protect and grow your business with two of the leading service providers in the small
business market...

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc provides you with...

           Legal Consultation
           Legal Correspondence
           Debt Collection at no additional charge
           Contract and Executed Contract Review
           Document Review such as leases, bids, etc.
           Trial Defense Services at no additional cost

Continued on next page provides you with...

              Unlimited Business Consultation with a team of top business consultants
              Timely Small Business Articles
              Internet Presence with your own multi-page Web site
              Tax and Accounting Consultation
              Monthly e-newsletter

Both programs are included in the Business Plan. There are also plans for the Home Based Business
and for the Self-Employed. Which plan is best for you and your business?

Simply put, these Pre-Paid Legal Small Business Plans do for business consulting and legal needs
what medical insurance does for your health needs.

For specific pre-paid plans information and to discuss options that best serve your particular
needs, please contact MAA's representative:

Marty Bossle
Partner, Franklin & Associates

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