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October 2011
The summer has flown by and we have returned to
a very blustery September ready to start the new
academic year. We have welcomed twenty new
children in to our Reception Class, who have all
settled well, ready to begin their exciting learning
journey. It is staggering to think that these children
will probably complete their education in 2024, (we
wonder what the world will be like then) and we
seek to provide them with an education which will
prepare them for their future. Exciting things are
already planned for this term, a visit to Cadbury
World for our younger children and to Mary Arden’s
House for Key Stage 2, we will be preparing for our
Harvest Celebrations, inviting our parents to lunch
and the senior members of our community to tea.
We are always grateful for volunteers to help with
all kinds of activities in school and if you would be
interested in hearing children read, helping with
Forest School, being creative in an art lesson or
any support you feel you could give do get in touch
with us (830695). We look forward to the year
ahead, to the challenges and fun times and to
providing the very best education we can for the
children in our care.

Helen Brambani
                   Littletons’ WI

Following the singing of Jerusalem President June
Lloyd remarked on the excellent work done in
refurbishing the village hall. We do not have a club
meeting in August but instead have a BBQ usually
held in the garden of West Barn, Amery Lodge,
North Littleton and this year’s one was as usual
thoroughly enjoyed by all present, helped along by
the lovely weather and good company. The
forthcoming events in the Blue Book include a
garden visit to Stretton-on-Fosse, the WFWI
celebration of WI Day at WI House, a fund raising
event for the WFWI by Hanley Castle WI, the Group
Skittles competition and the Group Meeting at
Wickhamford with the guest speaker talking on
Haunted Worcester.
 The WI News advised that they required local WIs
to teer to supply teas for other WIs visiting the area
and we have put forward for this. The target of
£1,000 for the Villupurum Project had been raised
after just one year and the ACWW Pennies for
Friendship will be held in November.
We were reminded of the upcoming the Silver Band
Concert in the Church at Middle on Thursday, 15th
September and the McMillan Coffee Morning/bring
and buy sale on Friday, 30th September at the
Village Hall.
June then introduced the speaker for the evening,
The Master of the Lord Leycester Hospital, Lt Col
Gerald Lesinski. He gave a very interesting and
entertaining talk on the Hospital which is in fact a
retirement home/hostel for wounded soldiers and
has never been used as a medical facility. He
presented a slide show depicting the history of the
building and organisation and passed round one of
the twelve silver badges worn by a resident which is
a bear and ragged staff each of which was handled
by Queen Elizabeth I. We were invited to visit the
Lord Leycester next summer when The Master will
give us a guided tour. Following the vote of thanks
given by Frances Stretton, we enjoyed a supper
prepared by Jean Baylis, Benita Smith and Carol
Williams. The competition, a display of home
grown vegetables was won by June Lloyd with Jean
Baylis 2nd and Mo Simmons 3rd.
Date of next meeting (which will be out 61st
Anniversary) is Tuesday, 11th October at Littleton’s
Village Hall. The speaker, Mrs Phred Newbury, will
give a talk entitled E is for Elephant and the
competition is to bring along an object of your
choice beginning with the letter E.

Margaret Dalton


       We are pleased to report that the Village Hall
is now in operation again after the improvement
work carried out during the school summer holiday.
        The fixed stage has been removed and the
lighting and ceiling improved. Now everywhere has
been redecorated and looks fresh and clean.
        The only work still to be done is the
replacement of a small area of floorboards in the
old stage area. This will be done as soon as
possible but does not affect the normal working of
the hall.
        The demountable stage units have now
arrived. Hirers of the Hall will be able to state
whether or not they require the use of the stage
when booking. It is very versatile and can be
assembled at different heights and sizes and in
different formats i.e. ordinary stage; catwalk etc
according to needs.
        We would not have been able to carry out
this work without the help of Wychavon District
Council who awarded a grant of £6800 towards the
        Come and see for yourself - there are lots of
events going on at the hall.

Mrs V H Davies
Secretary-Littleton Village Hall Management Committee
Phone 01386 830096 email

Knowing every                               child so that they
 can discover and make the most of their skills and talents
“This is a good school. It is improving rapidly and provides
               a good quality of education”
                       (Ofsted 2011)

              OPEN EVENING

               Thursday, 6 October 2011

                   6.00pm - 8.00pm.
              Meet the staff and students
               See our first class facilities
     Experience the calm and purposeful atmosphere

                  PETER HUMPHRIES ,
                    HEAD TEACHER
                  TEL: (01386) 830311
Once again, many thanks for allowing me to contribute
to the Littleton Link. You will see elsewhere in the Link
that we are having our Annual Open Evening on
Thursday 6th October 6pm to 8pm. The evening will
begin at 6pm in the School Hall with a welcome and
introduction from the Leadership Team and Student
Representatives. We do hope that you will be able to
join us and share in the calm and purposeful atmosphere
at the school.
We started the year with our Student Congress elections
which were a great success and were reported in the
local press. The Student Congress is a committee of
seventeen students who represent the views of the
student body. Their meetings are chaired by the Head
boy and Head girl and their views are communicated to
the school’s Leadership Team and Governors. It never
ceases to amaze me how well even very young students
can communicate their thoughts, beliefs and values. In a
time when our youth culture is under the microscope it is
an absolute pleasure to work with such eloquent,
thoughtful and considerate young people. If there are
Parish or District Councillors reading this who would
like to contribute to the Student Congress meetings they
should contact me at the school.
The Blackminster Middle and Pebworth First School
collaboration hit the ground running as Ofsted visited
Pebworth in the second week of term! It was a positive
inspection and the report will soon be available on the
Ofsted, Pebworth and Blackminster websites.
On a more negative note, it is sad to see that the
spending cuts are starting to bite and that a bus service
used by our students, to the Long Lartin estate, has been
discontinued. This now presents problems for students
and their families as they have to make alternative travel
arrangements. Cycling to school after the clocks go back
will be a hazardous experience as there are no street
lights on certain sections of the road. It is to be hoped
that high standards of education provision will remain a
priority for all politicians and that appropriate funding
will be provided so that outstanding outcomes can be
maintained. Anne Piercy, our Business Manager, has
worked tirelessly to generate funding for the school and
it’s great to see that the Littleton U12 Football team will
be using our facilities this season. If anyone reading this
article would like further information on hiring our
facilities they should contact Anne at or on 01386
At Blackminster Middle School we look forward with
ambition. We are excited about the new curriculum we
are developing and how learning and teaching continues
to be our main focus and priority. We are lucky to work
with such motivated students and in a community that
values and supports education. You can see all of this in
action of course on 6th October, it would be lovely to
meet you and welcome you to our wonderful school.
Peter Humphries
Blackminster Middle School

        Cleeve Prior hosts various theatrical evenings at
our Village Hall on roughly a monthly basis, several
being financially sponsored by the Shindig organization,
administered by Live & Local of Warwick. Shindig was
set up by the Arts Council of Great Britain, Arts Council
West Midlands, Worcestershire CC and Wychavon DC,
and meets up to half the cost of touring acts. The idea is
to bring art to the villages, and it succeeds brilliantly, we
have had some incredible musicianship, artistry and
entertainment visit our village hall, for under a tenner a
head (refreshments included!). Doors and licensed bar
are normally open at 7.15 pm, kickoff at 8.00 pm.
Tickets usually from me please, or from Lis Hughes,
details below.

 Sunday 23rd October brings “Hoagy, Hornpipes,
Handel and Hoedown”. From their own publicity:
“This talented musical duo‟s great combination of music,
stunning vocals, friendly banter and offbeat humour
makes for an especially entertaining evening.
“Hilary James and Simon Mayor have loads of
experience and have worked as TV presenters,
songwriters and musical directors for the BBC. Simon is
a world class virtuoso mandolin player and Hilary‟s voice
has been described by BBC Radio 4 as „one of Britain‟s
finest voices‟.
“Simon is an expert on the mandolin as well as being a
fine fiddle and guitar player. His finger-flying talent
doesn‟t just stop there as he can master pretty much
any stringed instrument! Mixed with Hilary‟s stunning
voice and her wonderful and extraordinary Mandobass
(giant mandolin) this will be a thrilling and varied
“Beethoven gets the mandolin treatment and rubs
shoulders with Gershwin, there‟s a foot-stomping Texas
fiddle hoe-down and there‟s even a children‟s song
where they get you to join in with the actions.
“Hilary and Simon are lovely people who are used to
working with all sorts of audiences. As well as their
musical talent, they have a great rapport with the
audience; have bubbly and friendly personalities and a
lovely offbeat humour that will keep the audience
entertained all night.”
Then, we are greatly honoured to be visited on Friday
11th November by Messrs Sherlock Holmes and Dr
Watson on their farewell lecture tour before retirement.
We are promised all sorts of stories, deductions and
explanations of the great pairs’ careers, put in a very
entertaining and amusing way. Do note this date in your
Chris               Nicholson                01789491236
Lis Hughes 01789 772 578
South Littleton Parish Council Meeting-
September 2011

Open forum: One parishioner was present
Apologies: Cllr. Witheford and a resignation from
Cllr. Humphries.
District Councillor: Cllr. Lasota expressed
concerns about a hedge at the bottom of Bennets
Hill which has grown and makes access out of the
village hazardous. He also informed us that there
is to be a Presentation of the schemes for the
Development Plan for our area at The Scout Hut on
November 11th 2-8p.m.
Youth Project: The Youth Bus visits were a
success and it is hoped that it will be booked again
– dates to be confirmed.
Open Spaces:
1.There have been concerns voiced by a local
resident, about anti-social behaviour late at
night/early morning on the Recreation ground. We
have contacted the Community Police Officers who
have asked that ANYONE who witnesses any such
nuisance should ring the police and report it AT
THE TIME. The more reports they receive the
quicker the problem can be dealt with, as patrols
will be increased. Call 0300 333 3000
2.Complaints were made, yet again, about the
unsightly rubbish which surrounds the Bowls Club
and the Pavillion. This has been an on-going
problem and does little to enhance the look of the
Recreation Ground.
3.The trees on the Rec. and in The Paddock that
have not survived this dry summer are to be
replaced and a maintenance plan set up to ensure
they get established properly.
4.A replacement bench will be ordered for the area
by the bus stop.
5.The planter that was stolen from the approach to
the village near to Long Lartin Estate is to be
replaced, but in a different form. All the planters will
be re-planted for the winter, Hopefully this time
plants will be left in situ. The planter near to
Meadwell Farm shop had half of the begonias
removed early in the season, obviously by
someone who likes yellow!
6. It has been requested that the tree that has fallen
into the brook be removed by the agents
Traffic Group:The VAS sign has arrived! We are
now awaiting the poles to be installed by Highways.
The Link: Many apologies to anyone who received
their copy late last month, this was an unfortunate
oversight due to the main distributors being away
on annual holiday.
Christmas Event: This will take place on Friday
23rd December. It will take a similar form as last
year. More details will follow soon.
Next meeting: Thursday 20h October 2011
7.30pm at the Scout Hut.

After a cloudy morning with a light drizzle falling we
were fortunate that by 2.00pm the clouds had rolled
away & we were blessed with a warm and Sunny
afternoon. Friends from the village & Evesham were
able to sit in the garden & enjoy a lovely cream tea
prepared by a faithful band of helpers. With money
raised from the teas & stalls & donations we were able to
send the sum of £401.39 to Action for Children once
again our invaluable support enabled us to further the
wonderful work that Action for Children do amongst
vulnerable children of whom sadly there are so many at
the present time.
Thank you all so much
Lorna Howarth
            FUN RACE NIGHT
               (Not video)
            15 October 2011
      7.30pm in the Village Hall
    Admission Adults £4 Children £1
               Refreshments available
               Bring your own drinks
    This is a fun race night for ALL the family.
Please come along and bring your family and friends

      Proceeds to Littleton Village Hall
        Tickets from 830096/832398
          Or Committee members
              THE LITTLETONS AND

             AT 10.50AM
The Annual General Meeting of the Branch
will take place on Thursday 17th November
  2010 in the Village Hall (Back Room) at
7.45pm. Reports of the year’s activities will
 be given. Election for the Branch Officers
and Committee will take place. All Members
       of the Branch are invited attend.
  This summer, during August The Worcestershire
 Youth Bus visited South Littleton and Long Lartin.
 This was a free activity and both events were well
supported. Thank you to all the children who turned
 up and had fun on the X Box Connect, games and
         Annabel said,” It was awesome”.

   Confirmed future dates for the Youth Bus are
 Monday 17th October & Thursday 24th November
The Bus will visit South Littleton Scout Hut 5.00pm-
 6.00pm and then Long Lartin 6.30pm-7.30pm on
  both days. All Children middle school age and
               upwards are welcome.
          Come along and enjoy for free.
   North and Middle Littleton Parish Council
              October Meeting

Open Forum: Items discussed. Littleton Link, it is
proposed to carry paid for advertisements.
The Pound, the condition of the poplar tree was
discussed. This to be inspected.
Diamond Jubilee: A meeting is to be held with
South Littleton Parish Council to discussed joint
Kanes: Parish councillors are to make a site visit in
early October.
Bus Service to North Littleton: A communication
has been received from Worcestershire County
Council stating that a service to North Littleton will
not be provided but. They will keep information on
Highway Matters: There are a number of issues
outstanding. Councillor Bean to take these up with
Worcestershire County Council.
Parish Plan: This is being investigated.
Play Area: The suppliers of the equipment to be
contacted again regarding the closure of the
entrance gate. Some of the safety matting has been
vandalised. This to be replaced.
Sheepwash Bridge: Concern was again
expressed regarding the condition of the wall.
Worcestershire County Council to be contacted
Road condition: The state of the road surface in
the area of The Pound was discussed.
Worcestershire County Council to be contacted
regarding this.
Parking: The number of cars parking in West Side,
North Littleton is causing problems for large farm
vehicles. It was resolved that this is a police matter
as the highway is being obstructed.
Street Lighting: Please report any street lighting
faults to the clerk. The number on the lighting
column and location to be stated.

Marion Brighton
Telephone: 01386 832906
Next meeting scheduled for October 19, 2011 at
7pm in the village hall.
           Littleton Wednesday Club

August 31 saw members meet in the Chapel bringing
back memories to some of the members of their
childhood when Sunday School was attended.
Unfortunately the speaker was unable to attend so home
entertainment was the substitute.
On September 14, members and friends set out on their
journey for a mystery tour. The tour went through the
village of Broadway travelling through the Cotswold
countryside to Cirencester. Here members were able to
have lunch and visit the shops. Back on the coach at 3pm
on the final stretch of the mystery. The destination was
Broadway Tower where on a sunny afternoon the
scenery was breathtaking and a cup of tea and cake
Meetings in October/November
        October 12     Harvest Festival in village hall
        October 26     Afternoon entertainment at
Bridges, Worcester
        November 9 Celebrating 40 years dinner in the
village hall
        November 23 Village Hall AGM
        November 30 Christmas Shopping - Banbury
Meetings held in the village hall are 2.30pm to
New members are welcome to join us and if you require
further information please contact..
Lady Carolyn Harford 830478; Mary Hilton 830763;
Marion Brighton 832906.
Non members welcome on outings.

Littleton played Droitwich Spa in a WFA Saturday
Junior Cup fixture on the last Saturday in
September and proceed to the next round with a 2-
1 victory.
After playing 11 league matches they are currently
fourth in the league table
Fixtures for October 2011
Saturday 1: Hampton (Away) 3pm ko
Saturday 8: Droitwich Spa (home) 3pm ko
Tuesday 11: Pershore (Away) 7.45pm ko
        (Cup match)
Saturday 15: Coton Green (Away) 3pm ko
Tuesday 18: Bromsgrove Sporting (Away)
      7 .45pm ko
Saturday 22: Northfield Town (Home) 3pm ko
Saturday 29: Stretton Eagles (Away) 3pm ko
Church Services for October
      2nd    The Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity
             Harvest Thanksgiving
    Middle         8.30 am Holy Eucharist
    South          9.30 am All Age Worship

     9th     The Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity
   Middle         8.30 am Holy Eucharist
   South          9.30 am Parish Eucharist

       17th The Twentieth Sunday after Trinity
    Middle       8.30 am Holy Eucharist
    South        9.30 am Parish Eucharist

      23rd   The Last Sunday after Trinity
   Middle          8.30 am Holy Eucharist
   South           9.30 am Parish Eucharist

      30th   The Fourth Sunday before Advent
   Middle          8.30 am Holy Eucharist
   South           9.30 am Parish Eucharist

     6th     The Third Sunday before Advent
   Middle          8.30 am Holy Eucharist
   South           9.30 am All Age Worship
In addition to the Services listed here there are
opportunities to worship every Sunday at
St Andrew’s Church, Cleeve Prior at the 11 am

Parish Eucharist.
If you would like an opportunity to worship on a
weekday, or are unable to come to a service and
would like to receive Holy Communion at home, or
would like the Vicar to call, then please ask :

The Revd. Richard Evans
The Vicarage, Main Street, South Littleton,
Evesham, WR11 8TJ
Telephone 01386 830397
e mail:

From the Parish Registers
Holy Matrimony: 10th Sept      Jon Hayward and
Faith Nutter

                   "Did You Know"

                   "Medieval Fact"

              "By Lee Gibson Historian"

Did you know from the Norman Conquest for 300 years
 1366 French was spoken in England, then after 1366
                English was Spoken.
    Exciting New Opportunity!
         The Littleton Link is now open for
The Littleton Link covers 910 residential properties
throughout North, Middle and South Littleton, as well as
being on South Littleton’s website
There are many off-line and on-line advertising
opportunities for you to choose from elsewhere, each
promising the earth and delivering very little. Most in fact
cost you a lot of money, so we do understand how
important it is for you to advertise your company
effectively. Perhaps now more than ever advertising
budgets matter. To fully understand how advertising
works, a potential customer has to see your logo or
company name between 4 and 6 times for it to become
As a local brand we want to promote local businesses,
local news stories and information from relevant
elements of the community, including a monthly update
from our parish councils.       Paper directories, such as
Yellow Pages and local advertising formats, generate
waste that doesn't necessarily get recycled. Ours are
totally recyclable.
              THE EDITOR
          Editor information:
Entries and enquiries for the next link should be sent to
                     Mrs E Goodge,
           8 Elm road, Evesham, WR11 3DL
           Or Email
                    Or 01368 443522
                   Entries to be in by
             TUESDAY 25TH OCTOBER
   All entries should be spell checked before hand
       is I do not accept responsibility for any incorrect
                 information or spelling errors.
    When emailing information please use word A5
         format or paste information directly in to the
    If sending PDF files make sure they are not set
                          to read only.

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