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									                                    CURRICULUM VITAE.

  Name:                    Stewart Smith B.Sc(Hons) C.Eng. MBCS CITP.
  Address:          Berwin, Sherfield Road, Bramley, Tadley, Hampshire. RG26 5AQ
  Telephone:        01256 883745          Email:
  Mobile:           07715 549899          WWW:

                                  PERSONAL PROFILE.
Stewart is a well qualified and experienced Software Engineer. Working on the full
development lifecycle, he designs software using OO and Structured methodologies and
programs in Java, C++ and C. He works across industries and has specialist skills in the
development of software for real-time systems, datacomms, telecoms and networks.

                                    CAREER HISTORY.
                               April 1991 – Present. Freelance.
Siemens Traffic Solutions. (July 2002 – Present)
Stewart has had 4 contracts at Siemens, developing traffic control systems. His tasks include:
          Port NetSNMP to the OpenVMS platform. C.
          Design an SNMP MIB for traffic control.
          Design and code SNMP manager software for traffic control. Yourdon, C, OpenVMS.
          Design and code a BOOTP server. Yourdon, C, Linux, OpenVMS. Java.
          Design, code and test SNMP agents for carpark monitoring, information displays and
           traffic control. Enterprise Architect, OO, UML, C++, eCos, Linux, embedded, bash,
          Code and test an outstation support server. Java, Jetty, multi-threading, J2EE,
           Servlets, TFTP, HTTP, XML-RPC, SOA, Linux, MS-Windows.
          Support other designers, new to OO.
          Design, code and test Java applications for driving character displays and the
           simulation of information displays and I/O boards. Java, Swing, JavaComm.
          Add features to the embedded platform (GVP) prior to porting to new hardware. Port
           the traffic controller code to use GVP and the new features. C++, C, embedded,
           eCos, Linux, serial interfaces.
          Design, code and test a Java application for storing licence data on ACOS3
           smartcards. Java, Swing, smart cards, Open Card Framework (OCF).
EADS Cassidian (June 2010 – January 2011)
Stewart joined the Master Data Management team at EADS. This team developed the MDM
Web Service. Stewart:
          Coded the subject areas of the MDM. Java, J2EE, SQL, Websphere, Oracle. Spring,
           Hibernate, JAXB, Annotation, Dozer, Rational Software Architect.
          Developed Java unit tests for the subject areas. Junit.
          Developed system test scripts. SOAP, SoapUI, XML, XSD, WSDL.
Infracast (June 2009 – October 2009)
Infracast provide an SMS texting service. Stewart developed new software, including:
          Design and code a SMPP server for sending and receiving SMS messages. Java,
           SQL, SQL Server, multi-threading, JMX.
          Design and code a Blackberry App for sending test messages into the O2 network.
           SMS, J2ME, CLDC, UI, multi-threading.

CV: Stewart Smith                                                                          22/09/11
                                    CURRICULUM VITAE.

Alcatel-Lucent. (May 2007 – May 2008)
Stewart worked on the OVS IPTV video server products. His work included:
          Design, code and test an RTSP interface to the video server. UML, Java, NIO,
           concurrency, SQL, Linux, SQL, Oracle, STBs, TCP, ClearCase, ClearQuest.
          Develop a prototype video cache. Java, JDBC, multi-threading, MySQL, Squid,
           Apache, J2EE, Servlets, SOA.
BT. (December 2003 – March 2006)
Stewart devoped BT's CargoConnect (CCX), a messaging exchange for air cargo networks.
His work included:
          Complete the coding and testing of the Phase 2 gateway. C, SCO Unix. CargoIMP,
           CargoFACT, CCS-UK.
          Develop the Java Message Gateway. Java, JavaComm, multi-threading, EDI, CCS-
           UK, CCN, JavaMail, FTP, Webshere MQ, TAP, 2sms, ksh, sed, awk, grep, expect.
          Port CCX to Solaris, Apache, JRUN, MySQL. C, ksh, CGI, J2EE, JSP, Servlets,
          Revamp the CCX website. HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
LANergy Ltd. (October 2001 – Febuary 2002)
LANergy developed a Homeplug networking device, Appian. Stewart's responsibilities were:
          Port the UPnP software to the eCos Operating system. C, C++, Linux, XML, HTTP,
           GENA, SSDP, SOAP, DOM, embedded.
          Develop the Appian Service and Device Descriptions. UPnP, RFC2665, RFC2233,.
          Interface UpnP into the Appian subsystems. UML, C, eCos, multi-threading,
OM. (August 2000 – May 2001) – now Nasdaq OMX
The JIWAY project was a pan-european financial exchange. Stewart's contribution was:
          Debug and code the FIX engine, market-maker and trading partner interfaces. C++,
           Solaris, TCP/IP, sockets, multi-threading, Corba, STL, ksh, purify.
          Maintain the the FIX Interface Specification.
          Maintain the FIX test client. Java, sockets, multi-threading.
          Specify the acceptance tests and support during testing. Ksh, sed, awk, grep.
Cabletron Systems Ltd. R&D. (September 1999 – August 2000)
Cabletron a networking hardware vendor. Stewart worked on VPN software for their SSR600
routers. His tasks were:
          Specify the integration tests for the AAA software, run the tests and report.
          Develop test harnesses and stubs. C, Unix, MOS, RADIUS, DHCP, Clearcase,
          Debug and code fixes to router software. C, MOS, OSPF, DVMRP, embedded.
          Write IP test programs for Riverstone routers. C, ksh, Solaris, sockets, ARP, IP,
           ICMP, PPP.
ICL. ( April 1991 – August 1999) – now Fujitsu Services
Stewart has had 3 contracts at ICL, working for the Telecoms and Defence divisions.
Typically, developing networking software. Including:
          Design Phase 6 of the BT DDC mediation system. Yourdon.
          Code and test device management and FTAM software for the DDC. Yourdon, C,
           ksh, SQL, Informix, Unix, OSI, XTI.
          Design Authority for BT mediation systems (SFI & Cyclone). Yourdon.
          Design, code, test and maintain network interfaces. C, SQL, Informix, Tuxedo, OLTP,

CV: Stewart Smith                                                                          22/09/11
                                    CURRICULUM VITAE.

            Unix, ksh, FTAM, FTP, IACF, TCP/IP, X.25, OSI, ethernet, ...
           Analyse, design code and test CHOTS Workstation Managagement system. Secure
            Unix, C, sh, XTI, OSI.
           Debug and code military messaging interface and conversion software. X.400, Nexor
            API, Solaris, HPUX, NT, C++, Oracle, STANAG4406, ACP127, BSG.
           Perform code coverage anaylsis on secure software. C++, gcov, ksh, sed, awk.
           Design, code and messaging test stats package. C++, Roguewave, VBA, Excel.
                                 August 1978 – April 1991.
Stewart had several roles ranging from Trainee Programmer to Chief Designer and Project
Leader, working on the design and development of networking and security products. He
worked for:
           Unisys Europe-Africa Division. (1990-1991).
           Carnell Computer Consultants Ltd. (December 1986-1990).
           ICL. (1979-1986)
           Data 100 Systems Ltd. (1978-79).

         Degree:         B.Sc. First Class Honours in Maths and Computer Science. UEA.
                         Postgraduate Diploma in Computing for Commerce and Industry. OU.
         'A' Levels:     Maths, Physics, Computer Science.
         Professional:   MBCS CITP. C.Eng. Eur Ing.
                         ISEB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing.
         Vendor:         Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform 1.4.

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References are available on request.

CV: Stewart Smith                                                                          22/09/11
                                  CURRICULUM VITAE.

                               TECHNICAL SUMMARY.
                                     System Experience.
Sun:           SunOS, Solaris 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 9.
Compaq:        Alpha, Vax.
PC:            Linux, Solaris, SCO.
Other:         U6000, HPUX.
ICL:           Super Server, Team Server, DRS6000, DRS300, DRS400, Clan, Perq.
Other:         Unisys U6000, HPUX.

ICL:      DRS300 (CDOS), Quattro (C/CPM), OSLU, 7500, 7900, 1500.
Compaq:   Alpha (OpenVMS).
Embedded: Blackberry. PowerPC (MOS, eCOS). Coldfire (eCOS). DATA100 Terminals.

                                    Languages Experience.
C:         ANSI, GNU, ... Over 20 years experience.
C++:       RogueWave, STL, Corba.
Java:      1.2, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6. NetBeans, Ant, AWT, Swing, Sockets, Threads, J2EE,
           JavaComm, JavaMail, J2ME (CLDC), J2EE, JDBC, JUnit, JMS, JMX, JNI, SOA,
           JAXB, OCF, Servlets, Jakarta, NIO, Concurrency, log4j, TFTP4JAVA,
Unix:      sh, ksh, bash, cron, make, pkgmk, sed, awk, grep, expect, ...
SQL        MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Informix.
Assembler: Intel 80x86, DATA100, ICL1500, ICL7500.

                                     Protocol Experience.
           UDP, WSDL, XML, XML-RPC, XSD, ethernet.
ITU-T:     X.25(sockets, XTI), LAP, X.400 (X/Open API, Nexor).
ISO:       Transport (XTI, ADI, PTSI), FTAM, ASN.1.
Telecoms: SMPP, Ericsson MTP, Nortel CMS, BTNR 192, BTNR 194, IACF, RCF.
Military:  ACP127 (Compucat), BSG (Compucat).
Financial: Reuters Monitor, FIX, NASDAQ.
Cargo:     CargoImp, CargoFACT.
ICL:       ICLC-01, ICLC-03, Model 85 terminals.
BSC:       2780, 3780.
Misc:      Ansi terminals, Videotex, Hayes Modems, UPnP, Y.13, TAP, Siespace, GSPI,
           RS-232, Bootloader.

                                      Tools Experience.
Design              Enterprise Architect. Westmount. Design Patterns.
Management:         Clearcase, cvs, Subversion (svn), SCCS, Clearquest, Mantis.
IDE                 NetBeans, Eclipse. RSA.
Test/Debug:         gdb, dbx, gprof, tcov, valgrind, PURIFY, ethereal, wireshark, SoapUI.
Middleware:         Websphere MQ, Tuxedo, Corba. Spring. Hibernate.
RDBMS:              Informix, Oracle, SQL Server, MSQL, MySQL, SQL, JDBC.
www:                HTML, Apache, Websphere, Tomcat, JRUN, Jetty, Squid.
System:             IPC, shared memory, semaphores, threads, mutex, conditions, sockets,
                    streams, ...

CV: Stewart Smith                                                                   22/09/11

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