Annual Meeting Reunión anual by linxiaoqin


  Volume 14, Issue 2 k April, May, June 2009

                                                                                                                                                                        PROSPECT PARK
West Calhoun

                   Annual Meeting                                                       Reunión anualde Cepro
Cedar Isles Dean

                   at site of old Cepro Grain Elevators                                 en los antiguos silos de granos
                   With music by Adam Levy of the Bunny Clogs/ Honey Dogs               With music by Adam Levy of the Bunny Clogs/ Honey Dogs

                   By Shirley Heyer, Board Member of Midtown Phillips and               Por Shirley Heyer, miembro de la junta de Midtown Phillips,
                   Theresa Nelson, Greenspace and Art Programs Manager                  y Theresa Nelson, Gerente de Greenspace and Art Programs
                   Come hear the history and help chart the future of an                Están todos invitados a escuchar la historia y a ayudar a
                   important new public greenspace on the Midtown Greenway              planificar el futuro de un nuevo e importante espacio verde en
                   at 10th Avenue. This new wheelchair-accessible Greenway              el Midtown Greenway situado en la Avenida 10. Este espacio
                   entrance ramp and greenspace at the site of the old Cepro            verde y rampa accesible para personas en sillas de ruedas en el
East Isles

                                                                                                                                                                        East Phillips
                   Grain Elevators is the result of community involvement and           sitio de los antiguos silos de granos de Cepro, es el resultado
                   vision, and Hennepin County responsiveness. The ramp                 conjunto del trabajo y la visión de la comunidad, y la respuesta
                   provides a much-needed link between the Greenway and the                                                           del condado Hennepin. La
                   Midtown Global Market, Powderhorn Park, and Midtown                     Reunión anual                              rampa brinda un nexo muy
                   Phillips and surrounding neighborhoods.                                 de la Coalición de Midtown                 necesario entre el sendero
                                                                                           Greenway en el 2009
                                                                                                                                      Greenway y Midtown
                                                       Our meeting site is                 k Jueves, 28 de mayo                       Global Market, Powderhorn
East Calhoun

                     2009 Midtown                      currently open land and it                                                     Park, y Midtown Phillips,
                     Greenway Coalition                                                    k 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

                     Annual Meeting                    could be enhanced to serve          k En el lado norte del                     además de los vecindarios
                                                       as a vibrant public gathering           Midtown Greenway, entre                circundantes.
                     k   Thursday, May 28th            space and beautiful gateway             las avenidas 10 y 11                                               an
                     k   6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.         for the neighborhood and            SI FUERA POSIBLE, TRAER                    El sitio de la reunión or
                         On the north edge of the      Greenway users.                     UNA MANTA O UNA SILLA DE                   es en estos             rc
                     k                                                                     JARDÍN PARA SENTARSE                                              o

                                                                                                                                                              < inside
                         Midtown Greenway                                                                                             momentos             C
                         between 10th and 11th          The Midtown Greenway            un lote libre que puede mejorarse para
                         Avenues                                                                                                                      rn
                                                        Coalition will partner          convertirse en un espacio público vital                     o

                     If possible, please bring a picnic
                     blanket or lawn chair to sit on.
                                                        with the Midtown Phillips       y un hermoso medio de acceso para                     de
                                                        Neighborhood Association        los usuarios del vecindario y del                   w
                                                        as the lead agency to involve   sendero Greenway.                                Po
                   the community in conceptualizing and advocating for universal                                                     s
                                                                                        (continuado en                            ip                  Global Bike Day
                   design enhancements to this green space and how it influences        la página 5)                      P hi
                                                                                                                                                         Xcel Update
Lowry Hill East

                   three upcoming projects: (1) full accessibility and recreational                                     n
                   features; (2) sustainable landscaping; and (3) public art.           Traducción:                   w                        9th Annual Arbor Day
                                                                                        Franklin Curbelo,           to
                                                                                        Acentos                   id        Advisory Committee Opportunity
                   The Annual Meeting will include food, live entertainment,            Translation
                                                                                        by Accentos           t                          Greenway Safety Program
                   social time, a feedback opportunity on possible site
                                                                                                            es         The Coalition Would Like To Thank . . .
                   enhancements, a summary of recent accomplishments and the                              W
                   year ahead, and Greenway Coalition board elections.                               ip
                                                                                             P hi
                   (continued on page 5)
                             Whittier           Lyndale           CANDO                         LOVEOURPATHWAYS.COM
      Midtown Greenway Coalition                                              Midtown Global
      Awarded Public Art Water
      Feature Planning Grant—                                                 Market announces
      You Could Help                                                          the third annual
      By JoAnn Musumeci                                                       Global Bike Day
      You could help plan the Greenway Water Feature                                                                As we go to press the event is
      Do you have knowledge, skills, and experience in one or more             Third annual                         still coming together. If the
      of these areas?                                                          global bike day                      2009 event shapes up like
           •	Stormwater	runoff	management.                                                                          the 2008 event, there will
                                                                                k   Saturday, June 20, 2009         be discounts for bicyclists
           •	Landscape	design,	especially	ecological	design	
             for stormwater.                                                    k   11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.         at various merchants, funky
                                                                                k   at the Midtown Global           bikes on display, live music,
           •	Public	space	sculpture/art,	especially	designing	
                                                                                    Market and nearby in            short bike films, activities
             with water.                                                            the Greenway                    for children and families,
           •	Water	feature	(such	as	water	fall,	or	fountain)	                   k   920 East Lake Street            a “Baiku” poetry contest,
             engineering and design.                                                                                and information tables and
           •	Urban	design	and	planning,	especially	green	                                                           demonstrations.
             infrastructure, low impact development.
                                                                              You can get there easily by bike on the Midtown Greenway.
      Water Feature Advisory Committee                                        Just exit the Greenway using the Cepro site ramp at 10th Avenue
      If you do, please consider applying for one of 4 to 8 volunteer         where you’ll see Midtown Greenway Coalition volunteers and an
      positions on the Water Feature Advisory Committee we are                out of the ordinary scene. Or park your bike at the Freewheel
      assembling to propose criteria and select a site on the Midtown         Midtown Bike Center, cross the skyway and have fun!
      Greenway	for	a	water/art	feature	that	harvests	stormwater	as	
      a resource. Other tasks will be determined when the group               The Midtown Global Market is an internationally-themed public
      convenes. The commitment will be for a year of monthly                  market with nearly 50 independent vendors offering produce,
      meetings (fewer if possible) and email communication in                 meats, delicacies, prepared foods, grocery items and unique
      between meetings. To express interest, please contact Theresa           gifts and services from around the world, seven days a week.
      Nelson at or 612-879-0103 and
      include a resume or description of your experience.
                                                                                Coalition T-shirts On Sale!
      Water Feature Project Description                                         Show your love for the Midtown Greenway Coalition by
      The Mississippi Watershed Management Organization                         wearing our new and improved Coalition T-shirts! Black,
      awarded a grant to the MGC to plan this public space, water               short sleeve, 100% Cotton and US Made T-shirts featuring
      feature project that incorporates one or more stormwater best             our new love heart logo in bright green available in Men’s
      management practices (BMPs) and public art. The feature could             and Women’s sizes. Stumped for a birthday gift idea?
      be used for both educational purposes (seeing how it works,               Buy’em a T-shirt. These t-shirts move seamlessly from
      monitoring) as well as enjoyment. We anticipate that the water            a ride on the Greenway to dinner at the Midtown Global
      feature can serve as a model for stormwater management for                Market. Represent the Coalition and help support the
      property owners, business and institutions near the Greenway.             Coalition’s work with all proceeds going back to our
                                                                                programs. T-shirts will be available at the Midtown
                                                                                Freewheel Bike Center in mid April 2009.

                                                                                                                       Street access
           cedar                                                                                                       Ramp access


                                                                                                                       Stairway access



                                                  of the












lake st.                    Village

                                   r                                                                                lake st.

                            ce         lake calhoun

                                                                                                            Xcel Update
                                                                                                            By Eric Hart, Longfellow rep., Chair of Land Use and Transportation Committee
the Midtown Community Works Partnership
Photo rendering prepared by Faith Cable for

                                                                                                            In	early	spring,	Xcel	Energy	is	expected	to	submit	an	application	to	the	Public	Utilities	
                                                                                                            Commission for the Hiawatha Project. This project will have a major impact on the Midtown
                                                                                                            Greenway with a high voltage power line running along its rim between two substations on the
                                                                                                            Greenway, one just east of Hiawatha Avenue and another at Oakland Avenue. Many groups have
                                                                                                            come out in opposition to the project as proposed by Xcel, including the Midtown Greenway
                                                                                                            Coalition, the Minneapolis City Council, and the Midtown Community Works Partnership.
                                                                                                            In an attempt to avoid the Hiawatha Project, we are floating the idea with Xcel Energy and
                                                                                                            three local nonprofit groups for an aggressive conservation and renewable energy campaign in
                                                                                                            the Project’s service area (roughly all of south Minneapolis). Also, elected officials at the City
                                                                                                            of Minneapolis and Hennepin County are doing work of their own to protect the Midtown
                                                                                                            Greenway as an important transportation corridor and a spine for future development. Finally,
                                                                                                            we will attempt to impact the project by getting involved in its permitting process at the Public
                                                                                                            Utilities	Commission,	and	so	can	you.		Visit to learn more.

                                              Volunteers Needed for
                                              the 9th Annual Arbor Day
                                              along the Midtown Greenway
                                              Saturday, May 2, 2009
                                              Rain or Shine or Snow!
                                                        k 9:00 a.m. Kickoff ceremony on the
                                                        Greenway on the east side of Hiawatha,
                                                        near the new Sabo Bridge
                                                        k                   9:30 a.m. Begin planting
                                              Tree Trust staff, Master Gardeners and Tree Care Advisors will
                                              provide education on tree and shrub planting. Snacks, coffee,
                                              water and shovels will be provided. Don’t forget your gloves!                                          This Arbor Day event is possible through the generous
                                                                                                                                                     support of many funders and contributors, including:
                                              Please ride your bike if you can! Bicycle parking will be                                              Midtown Community Works Partnership, Hennepin
                                              available on site. Automobile parking will be available at                                             County Regional Rail Authority, Hennepin County,
                                              The Green Institute.                                                                                   Minnesota Department of Transportation, Allina
                                                                                                                                                     Hospitals and Clinics/Abbott Northwestern Hospital,
                                                                                                                                                     Target Corporation, Midtown Greenway Coalition,
                                              For more information or to volunteer, please contact
                                                                                                                                                     Longfellow Community Council, Tree Trust, City of
                                              Theresa Nelson, at                                                        Minneapolis, The Green Institute, and Peace Coffee

                                                        Coalition Offices

                                                        Bike Center and














                                                                                                                                                                               lake st.

                                 Mission                                                                                 Misión
         We empower communities to develop, improve,                                          Nosotros habilitamos a las comunidades a desarrollar,
       protect, and enjoy the Midtown Greenway as a green                                    mejorar, proteger y disfrutar del sendero urbano Midtown
            urban pathway to improve people’s lives.                                                Greenway para mejorar la vida de la gente.

      Thank you to our Winter 2008/2009 Donors and Volunteers!                                                                       (Please call if we have missed you!)
       Foundations &             John & Judy Avoles     Rebecca Joy           Bethany Thomas         Jeff MacPhail            Adopt A                    Penn Cycle &
       corporations              John Becker &             Anthony            Pat Thompson           Angelina Matias          Greenway                      Fitness
       Bikes Belong                  Nancy Reynolds     Ralph Knox            Andrew Thompson        Margaret Kirkpatrick     Abbott                     Phillips Garden

       McKnight                  Eric Berger & Maia     Susan & Jim           Becky Thorson          Stacy Meshbesher            Northwestern            Phillips West
           Foundation                Twedt                 Lenfestey          Gerry Tyrrell &        Leslie Modrack              Hospital                   Neighborhood
       The Minneapolis           Amy Brugh              Walter Lentz &           Kevin Reuther       Shaun Murphy             Allina Commons                Organization
           Foundation            Patrick Burns             Susan Nixon        David & Lynn           Jo Ann Musumeci          Anderson                   Pilgrim Lutheran
       Quality Bicycle           Bill Cook              John & Anne Levin        Vander Haar         Paul Nelson                 Elementary                 Church of St.
           Products              Alicia Cozine & Eric   Mary Elise Lowe &     Thomas Wald            Michael Nelson           Bikram Yoga                   Paul
       REI                           Johnson               Jane Austin        Kim Walton             George Puzak             Biota                      Pizza Luce Uptown
       St. Paul Travelers        Thomas Crampton        Kent & Nanette        Liz Walton             Todd Sample              Birchwood Café             Rotary Clubs of
       Surdna Foundation         Anne Crampton             Malcomson          Dick & Sandra          Steve Sando              Bituminous                    Minneapolis &
       Thomson West              John DeWitt            Karen Margolis &         Westby              John Slaight                Roadways                   Uptown
                                 John & Elizabeth          Robert Simonds     Brook White            Aaron Smith              Blue Moon Coffee           Seward Co-op
       Business &                    Dietrich Ryan      Anne McKinsey         Bob Williams           Karl Stoerzinger            Café                       Grocery & Deli
       Organization              Genie & Joe Dixon      Eric Mueller & Burt   Ann Williams           Michael T’Kach           Breck Middle School        Shari Seifert & Neil
       Members                   Melissa & Jay             Coffin             Paul Zerby             Jeanne Tweet             Bryant-Lake Bowl              Hailstone
       (new/renewed                  Hambidge           Clareyse Nelson                              Jesús Vité Melchor       Carbon Creative            Sheraton Mpls.
          12/19/08 to 3/19/08)   Susan Elsner           Michael Nelson        Volunteers                                      Children’s of                 Midtown Hotel
                                                                                                     Kim Walton
       Bituminous                Peter & Karen             & Marcy            Mary Arneson                                       Minnesota               Smiley’s Clinic
                                                                                                     Dawn Wangen
          Roadways, Inc.             Erickson              Cheeseman             & Dale                                       Clicquot Club Café         Smith Foundry
                                                                                                     Judy Wendt
       Bromelkamp                Gerald Flom            Ben Olk & Kristine       Hammerschmidt                                Coldwell Banker            Spirit of the Lakes
                                                                                                     Edward Weck
          Company LLC            Bob Fried                 Berggren           Robert Barry                                       Burnet South               UCC
                                                                                                     John Zarth
       The Depot Coffee          Tina Frontera          Stephanie Oyen &      Dorothy Beckvall                                   Mpls.                   The Chicago Lofts
          House                  Lisa & Colin Gardner      Stephen Kung       Simon Blenski                                   Dero Bike Racks               Homeowners
                                                        Michael Peller                               In-Kind Donors                                         Assn.
       Redesign, Inc.                Springer                                 Bob Corrick                                     Jessica Edwards
                                                        Erin Peterson                                Accentos, inc.                                      The Mugge Group
       Smith Partners            Nancy Gaschott &                             Janet Court                                     First Unitarian
                                                        MaryLynn Pulscher                            Bills Imported                                      Transition Plus
                                     Mark Ritchie                             Matthew Dahlquist          Foods                   Society Green
       individual                Lisa Genis & Steve        & James Bode       John DeWitt                                        Team                       REACH Team
                                                        Mark Rabinovitch                             Carbon Creative                                     Twin Cities Bicycling
       Members/Donors                Pratt                                    Bob Fried                                       Hiawatha Bicycling
                                                        Leonard D. Schloff                           Dorsey & Whitney                                       Club
       (new/renewed              Miriam Goldfein                              Marcus Gilliam             LLP.                    Club
          12/19/08 to 3/19/08)   Peter Goss             Chris Schoonover      Ayla Mia Graden                                 Midtown Farmers’           U of M Students’
                                                                                                     Favor Cafe                                             Co-op
       Darren Acheson &          Eric Hart              Andrea Shimp          Eric Hart                                          Market
                                                                                                     Freewheel Bike                                      Wedge Community
          Carol Peterson         Kim Havey              Markus Silpala        Fleur Higginbotham                              Minnesota Inline
                                                                                                     Green Institute             Skate Club                 Co-op
       Dick Adair                Frank & Jane           John & Elizabeth      Gabriel Hoffman
                                                           Siqveland                                 Indio Restaurant         Mrs. Meyer’s Clean         West Calhoun
       Russ Adams                    Hennessy                                 Brendan Jordan
                                                        Rob Smith                                    Perkins + Will              Day                        Neighborhood
       Leeann Anderson &         Susan Hoch & Leo                             Margaret Kirkpatrick
          Brian Rock                                    Dottie Speidel                               Peace Coffee             Northstar                     Council
                                     Haefemeyer                               Kristin Lammi          Quality Bicycle
       Paul Andre                Paul Hogrefe &         Ted & Nancy                                                              Rollergirls             WFDL Redeemer
                                                                              Herb Lauritzen             Products                                        Whole Foods Market
       Mary Arneson                  James Sauder          Springer                                                           Old Arizona
                                                                              Charles & Rebecca      Rainbow Foods
          & Dale                 Sandra & David         Joseph Sweet             Lyon                                         Peace Coffee
          Hammerschmidt                                                                              Valspar

                                        The Coalition is                                             Thank you to all who donated
                                        grateful for all the                                         in Jack Hanson’s Memory
                                                                                                     James & Diane Achter     Joann & James              John & Sheila
                                        donations made in memory                                     Daniel & Judith
                                                                                                                              Lawrence & Lisa
                                                                                                                                                         Bruce & Leslie
                                        of Jack Hanson. Jack was a lifelong                          Judith & Terrence Ball
                                                                                                     David & Barbara
                                                                                                                              Leland & Judy
                                                                                                                                                         Sarah Rutledge
                               resident of Minneapolis. When the                                         Baumann
                                                                                                     James & Esther Bergren
                                                                                                                              Katelyn Kovalesky
                                                                                                                                                         Ila Saxena
                                                                                                                                                         Marcia Schug
                               Greenway opened, he relished using                                    Patricia Blakely
                                                                                                     Barb Bottolene
                                                                                                                              Charles Landis
                                                                                                                              Gregory Lehman
                                                                                                                                                         Lynn Searle
                                                                                                                                                         John Shoefstall jr. &
                               the less-crowded paths for exercise                                   Joan Brzezinski
                                                                                                     Nicole Buchholz
                                                                                                                              Jackie Krohn
                                                                                                                              Cate MacDonald
                                                                                                                                                             Bonnie Lindstrom
                                                                                                                                                         Richard & Delores
                               and for scrounging artifacts or photo                                 Jess Cherico             Sue & Jim Miles
                                                                                                                              Ann Moll
                                                                                                                                                         Inez Smith
                                                                                                     Liz Dahl
                               opportunities that might one day be                                   Brian & Alison Dvorak    Kirsten Mortensen          Debbie Strand
                                                                                                                                                         Rob & Jody
                                                                                                     Anjali Englund           Steven & Cynthia
used in an artwork. Each of the past 8 years, he tracked his bicycle                                 Erika Englund               Mueller                     Stefonowicz
                                                                                                                                                         Bill Stenross
                                                                                                     Brad & Kay Englund       Barbara Myers
mileage; 2008 was a record year, with over 1700 miles logged on his                                  Kevin & Patricia Fair    Mary Oelke                 Deborah Strand
                                                                                                     Ilana & Mike Favero      Kelsey Okey                Sheila Stolusky
odometer. Jack was an inspiring art teacher, avid collector, prolific                                Patti Flikeid            Mary Ellen Olson           Nate Tangen
                                                                                                     Linda Fredrickson        Peter Hobart’s 1st grade   Kristin Thomas
artist and most of all, a treasured husband, father, brother, uncle,                                 Ana Gamble                  team                    Andrew Vaaler
                                                                                                     Barbara Goldberg         Peter Hobart’s 2nd         Mary Redgrave &
neighbor and friend.                                                                                 Jeanne Grates               grade team                  Sharon West
                                                                                                     Sue Grieme               Peter Hobart’s 3rd         Gary and Wendy Wold
                                                                                                     Jon Gustafson               grade team              Patricia Zajac
All donations made in his honor will be directed towards the safety                                  Dale & Lynne             Peter Hobart staff         and anonymous
                                                                                                         Hendrickson          Theodore & Carol               donors
and greenspace programs of the Midtown Greenway Coalition.                                                                       Politis

          Tim Springer, Executive Director                   Theresa Nelson, Greenspace & Art Programs Mgr             Nate Kerr, Lutheran Vol. Corps Comm. Organizer
     612-879-0105 •                   612-879-0103 •                 612-879-0106 •
    2834 10th Avenue South, Greenway Level, Suite 2, Minneapolis, MN 55407 • • Fax: 612-879-0104
                                                                                            With the onset of our Safety Program, we hope to greatly
                                                                                            decrease the harassing and sometimes violent behavior
                                                                                            present on the Greenway. We are addressing these issues
                                                                                            with continuing cooperative work with police, especially
                                                                                            implementing after-dark bicycle police patrols, buddy-up stations
                                                                                            at safe locations along the trail and hopefully, a web-based bike
                                                                                            pool program. The most important aspect of the Safety Program,
                                                                                            however, is our volunteer base.

                                                                                            As of now, we have about 40 volunteers (and need about double
    Midtown greenway                                                                        that) ready to participate in weekly trail watch rides and we
                                                                                            have finally worked out the insurance issues that hindered these

    safety program                                                                          rides in the past. These rides will likely be in two hour shifts
                                                                                            after sundown and with a small group of volunteers. Watch
    Before introducing the Midtown Greenway Coalition’s Safety                              riders will be recognizable to the public; wearing things such as
    Program, I’d like to introduce myself. I am an intern working                           armbands and creative reflective stripes. This important work
    with the Coalition on making the greenway a safe place to bike,                         is a fun way to spend a couple hours each week and meet new
    walk and enjoy the outdoors at all times of day and night. As                           people and we’re working on feeding you for your trouble.
    a year-round rider and someone who works on the trail, I am
    really looking forward to working with fellow trail users and the                       If you want to help, but cannot commit to a weekly or bi-weekly
    surrounding communities to make the greenway an even more                               scheduled ride, we’re also searching for informal trail watchers.
    amazing place. See you on the trails!                                                   This involves riding the Greenway whenever you happen to do
                                                                                            so, but making sure you’re carrying cell phone and wearing an
    No muggings or attempted robberies have been reported                                   armband. Informal watchers would be trained on who to call
    along the Greenway since December 4, 2008…knock on wood.                                and how to report suspicious or inappropriate behaviors in the
    The cessation of this crime rash is attributed to the really                            Greenway. The presence of a few hundred informal Greenway
    dang cold weather this winter, cyclists being alert and                                 watchers will significantly improve the safety and security of the
    buddying up after dark, volunteer patrols organized via                                 trail for everyone. Anyone interested in taking back the safety and some extra police                                       of the Greenway, please contact Kristin Lammi at Kristin@
    surveillance.                                                                  .

    annual meeting                                                                          Reunión anual
    (continued from page 1)                                                                 (continuado de la página 1)
    This event is free and open to the public. In case of rain, the                         La Coalición Midtown Greenway colaborará con la Asociación
    event will be in the Freewheel Midtown Bike Center, 2834 10th                           Vecinal Midtown Phillips,.para tratar de involucrar a la
    Avenue South, on the Greenway between 10th and Chicago                                  comunidad en el concepto y en el diseño global de las mejoras
    Avenues.                                                                                de este espacio verde y de cómo influenciar tres proyectos: (1)
                                                                                            acceso completo y elementos recreativos; (2) jardinería sostenible;
    Please come and bring your neighbors!                                                   y (3) arte público.

    Midtown Greenway Coalition Board Members                                                En esta reunión anual se ofrecerá comida y entretenimiento
    The Coalition board of diectors consists of one seat for each of the 17 neighborhoods
    along the Lake Street-Midtown Greenway Corridor, and four at-large seats.               gratis, socializar con los vecinos, una oportunidad para comentar
                                                                                            sobre las mejoras posibles del sitio, un resumen de los logros
    Matthew Dahlquist            Margaret Kirkpatrick          Michael Nelson               recientes y el plan para el resto del año, y las elecciones de
    Cedar Isles Dean             (Secretary)                   (president)
                                 East Phillips                 Lyndale                      miembros de la junta de la Coalición Greenway.
    John DeWitt                  Improvement                   Neighborhood Assoc.
    Prospect Park                Coalition
                                                               George Puzak                 Esta actividad es gratis y abierta al público. En caso de lluvia,
    Amanda Dlouhy                Angelina Matias               At Large
    Phillips West                Approval Pending                                           se realizará en el Centro Freewheel Midtown Bike, 2834 10th
    Approval pending                                           Todd Sample
                                 Jesús Vité Melchor            (Treasurer)
                                                                                            Avenue South, en el sendero Greenway entre las avenidas 10 y
    Eric Hart                    Approval Pending              At Large                     Chicago.
    Community Council            Leslie Modrack                Karl Stoerzinger
                                 Lowry Hill East               Corcoran                     Los esperamos en la reunión y por favor vengan acompañados de
    Fleur Higginbotham           Neighborhood                  Neighborhood OrG.
    (Vice President)                                                                        sus amigos y vecinos.
    Powderhorn Park              Jo Ann Musumeci               Dawn Wangen
                                 Whittier Alliance             Phillips West
    Gabriel Hoffman
    Neighborhood Group
               For a list of board members’ roles and responsibilities, visit Follow the links to Board of Directors, or call 612-879-0103
                           2834 10th Avenue South
                           Greenway Level, Suite 2
                           Minneapolis, MN 55407

                           RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

Phone: 612-879-0103

 Love the
      Donate Today!

       Printed on 30%
       recycled material

                                                      Clip and post on fridge

                                                      calendar of events
                 Membership and
                 Donation Form                        Arbor Day Planting Event
                                                      Saturday, May 2nd
                                                      9:00 a.m., east side of Hiawatha near Sabo Bridge (see p. 3)
 Name __________________________________              Annual Meeting
                                                      Thursday, May 28th
 Address ________________________________             6:30–8:30 p.m.
 City, State, Zip ____________________________        On the north edge of the Midtown Greenway between
                                                      10th and 11th Avenues (see cover article)
 Phone, E-mail _____________________________          Global Bike Day
                                                      Saturday, June 20, 2009
 m	 $250 – Greenway Angel                             11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
 m	 $100 – Greenway Patron                            at the Midtown Global Market and nearby in the Greenway
                                                      920 East Lake Street
 m	 $50 – Greenway Advocate
 m	 $25 – Greenway Sponsor                            Greenspace committee
                                                      Join the Mississippi Watershed Advisory Committee
 m	 $12 – Greenway Friend (low income)                (see p. 2)
 m	 Business $__________                              Land Use and Transportation Committee
 m	 Other $__________                                 Second Mondays, 6:00-8:00 p.m.
                                                      April 13, May 11, and June 15.
 m	 Yes, I want to volunteer
 My main interest is: _________________________       Board of Directors
                                                      Fourth Thursdays 6:00-8:00 p.m.
                                                      except in May, Annual Meeting in lieu of board meeting
 Please make your check payable to:                   April 23 and June 25
 “Midtown Greenway Coalition”
 and mail to: Midtown Greenway Coalition              All meetings, unless indicated otherwise, are at the
                                                      Coalition office (2834 10th Avenue South, Greenway Level,
 2834 10th Avenue South, Greenway Level, Suite 2      Suite 2, Minneapolis, MN 55407).
 Minneapolis, MN 55407

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