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              Banquet & Catering Menu
                               Kevin Lutz, Owner:
                               Background and Bio

  I have been catering my friends and families’ events and weddings for the past 15
 years as a fun hobby and dreaming of finding the perfect venue to open my dream
                     restaurant… then I discovered Stoney’s…

and can now offer my delicious entrées and fun casual service for the lowest prices
in town. Come in and sample our blackened salmon, slow roasted prime rib or Asian
tri tip. Then let us help you create the perfect menu to cater your next event. We
         offer buffet or sit down service for 20 to 1000 including weddings.

****************** Sit Down Service *******************
         Catering or Banquet @ Stoney’s Menu
          Choose One Salad: Caesar or House / Bread & Butter Included

      Choose One Veggie: Sautéed Garlic Zucchini or French Green Beans

  Choose One Side: Garlic Mashed Red Potatoes or Rice Pilaf or Baked Potato

    Choose Two Meat Entrees: Prime Rib, Filet Mignon, Asian Rib Eye Steak,
                          Garlic Chicken with Mushrooms, Blackened Salmon

                                 $19.99 per person
               Plus Tax and 18% Gratuity. Customization Available
                  Call Kevin at 916 402-2407 for more information
                        Or email:
 Buffet Style Catering or Banquet @ Stoney’s Menu

  Choose One Veggie: Sautéed Garlic Zucchini or French Green Beans or Corn

  Choose One Side: Garlic Mashed Red Potatoes, Baked Potatoes or Rice Pilaf

    Choose One Entrée: Slow Roasted Tri Tip, Asian Tri Tip, Garlic Chicken,
                       BBQ Brisket or Grilled Salmon

                        $10.99 per person for one entrée
                       $12.99 per person for two entrées
                      $13.99 per person for three entrées

             Add an additional veggie or side for $1.00 per person
         Add your choice of House or Caesar salad for $2.00 per person

                          Plus tax and 18% Gratuity
                  Customization Available to Suit Your Needs

**************** Kevin’s Holiday Special Offer!!! **************
                  Month of December Only

Book Your Holliday Party by 11/25 at the Stoney for your group of
        25 or more, held during December, and receive
   $1.00 per person off the above prices or a free appetizer

                Call Two Steppin’ Kevin to book at 916 402-2407
                      Or email:

                            Hurry, Space is Limited
               Have your Next Party at Stoney’s!

           Reserve our New VIP Booth for Ten

               New Bottle Service $225. includes:

  Book our VIP Booth for ten with a bottle of Grey Goose, Jack Daniels
or Patron. Receive mixers and glasses to create your favorite drinks. All
   ten will be on the guest list for no Cover to Stoney’s Rockin Rodeo.

          Or just $20. to reserve the VIP booth for an evening

*********** Stoney’s New Group Reservations **********

        You can now also reserve a room or an area of our
        remodeled club, or even our huge new dance floor

And let us create and serve appetizers that are customized for
your group. Sample appetizers and prices for up to 50 people:

                    Chili Cheese Nachos $75.
               Kevin’s Mushrooms & Meatballs $85.
                         Yakasoba * $100
                 * peppery, garlic chow mein with steak and veggies

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