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Convener: Dr. Amitabha Raychaudhuri
Chairperson: (Col.) Prof. Madan Deshpande & Dr. Harsha Bhattacherjee
Moderator: Dr. Raghab Ram Sukul (Aligarah)
Session – I. 8.30am – 10.00am : Orations:
   1. 8.30am-8.50am: Padmashree Dr. J.S. Mahashabde Memorial Award
      ACOIN Oration, 2010:
      Dr.Gerard Marinus Smith ,MD, Ph D: Chairman of the―Zelfstandige
      Klinieken Nederland‖ & Chairman,―Dutch Lions Workgroup for the
      Blind‖. :
      Community eye care and future strategy

  2. 8.50-9.10am: Dr. K.D. Bhattacharya Memorial        ACOIN Award,
     Dr. P. Vijay Lakshmi,MS; Dept. of Paediatric Ophthalmology, AEHS,
     Madurai, Tamil Nadu

  3. 9.10am-9.30am: Dr. (Mrs.) Sushila Biswal Memorial ACOIN Award
     oration, 2010:
     Col (Dr) Madhu Bhadauria, MS; Chief Medical Officer Sitapur Group of
     Eye Hospitals & Professor, Regional Institute of Ophthalmology Eye
     Hospital Sitapur UP.

  4. 9.30am-9.50am: Dr. Aroop Midya & Dr. Meenakhi Midya (Roy)
     Memorial ACOIN Award oration, 2010:
     Dr. Sunu Dulal, MD , FICS ( USA), FRSPH ( UK), M Sc Community
     Eye Health( London)

  5. 9.50am – 10.10am: Mehra ACOIN Award Oration, 2010:
     Prof. Sandip Kumar Ray MD; Dept. of Community Medicine, KPC
     Medical College, Kolkata, West Bengal,
     Nutrition, Vision & Research
Convener: Dr. Amitabha Raychaudhuri
Chairperson: (Col.) Prof. Madan Deshpande & Dr. P.L.Saha
Moderator: Dr. B N R Subudhi

Session I: 8:30 to 10:00am: – Awardees’ Session
   1. 8.30-8.50am: Smt Puspa Rani Pattanayek Memorial ACOIN Award,
      Dr. Md Abdul Aziz, MBBS,DO; Senior Consultant, Department of
      Ophthalmology, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University
      (BSMMU), Dhaka,Bangladesh.

  2.   8.50-9.10am: Dr.J C Khanra & Smt. Sarala Devi Memorial ACOIN
       Award, 2010 Dr. Jeewan S Titiyal, MD; Dr. R P Centre for Ophthalmic
       sciences, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.

       Recent trends in keratoplasty

  3.   9.10 – 9.30am: Dr. A. K. Das Endowment ACOIN Award Oration,

       Dr. Sucheta Kulkarni, HOD, Medical Retina, H. V. Desai Eye Hospital.

       Initiating ROP Project at Pune

  4.   9.30-9.50am: Dr. Satangshu Mathur Endowment ACOIN Award

       Dr. R S Dhaliwal, MD; Dy. Director General, ICMR. New Delhi,

  5.   9.50-10.10am: Acoin Golden Eye Award2011:

       Dr. Paul Nigel Baird (Australia): Associate Professor, Head, Ocular
       Genetics Unit; Centre for Eye Research Australia;

       Current challenges in bringing genetic advances for common eye
       diseases to the community
                              SCIENTIFIC SESSIONS

29.10.11: Hall A:
Session – I: Orations by Awardees
Session II: 10-15 am- 11.45 am: Global Ophthalmic Epidemiology (GOE)
Convener: Dr. Sahinur Tayab (Dibrugarh)
Chairpersons: Prof. C. K Baruah (Guwahati) & Dr. Ava Hossain (Bangladesh)
Moderator: Dr. Chet Raj Pant (Nepal)
Rapporteur: Dr. Sadajit Banerjee (Indore)
Key note address: 10.15 -10.35 am:
Prof Ava Hossain: Developing Epidemiological concept of ocular diseases should be prioritized to
reduce blindness
10.35-10.43am: Dr. Chet Raj Pant (Nepal): Development of eye care service in Nepal
10.43-10.51am: Prof. (Col) Madan Deshpande (Pune): Do we need another National
Blindness Survey now in India?
10.51-10.59am: Dr. B N R Subudhi (Orissa) – Programme implementation under NPCB India
11.07-11.15am : discussion

29.10.11: HALL A:
Session III: 12.00 – 1.30 pm: Human Resource Development (HRD)
Convener: Dr. Pulok Nandi (Guwahati)
Chairpersons: Prof. Shah Munir Hossain (Bangladesh) & Prof. (Col) Madhu Bhadauria (Sitapur)
Moderator: Prof. R R Shukul (Aligarah)
Rapporteur: Dr. Manjima Raychaudhuri (Kolkata)

Key Note address: 12.00-12.20pm: Dr. Sunu Dulal(Nepal) Human Resource Development for a cost
effective and sustainable programme
Key Note address: 12.20-12.40pm: Dr. J S Titiyal: Experience in imparting training to residents for
making safe hands

12.40-12.48: Dr. P Vashist (New Delhi): Why should Ophthalmologist be trained in Community
12.48-12.56pm: Dr. Asim Sil (Haldia): Hospital architecture matching the need
12.56-01.04pm:: Dr. Shawkat Ara Shakoor (Bangla Desh): Human Resource Development, an
Immediate Need for Bangladesh to achieve Vision 2020 goal
1.04-1.12pm: Dr. Y.D Sapkota (Nepal):
1.12-1.20pm: Dr. Harsha Bhattacherjee (Guwahati): Human Resource management: A key issue of
1.12-1.20pm: Dr. Nuzhat Chowdhuri (Bangla Desh): Residency programme of Master of Surgery in
Community Ophthalmology in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University: A changing approach
to education

1.00pm: Discussions

29th: HALL A: Session IV: 2.00-3.30pm: Miscellaneous IEC activities in North East
India under NPCB (IECNE)
(Sponsored by SBCS, Assam)
Convenor: Dr. P.K.Sarma, SPO, Assam
Chairpersons: Dr. N.K.Agarwal, DDG(O) & Dr. Swapan Samanta (Kolkata)
Participants: All SPOs of North-East states
Dr. Swapan Samanta: Community ophthalmology: Implication, importance and
                                    29.10.11: HALL B:

HALL B: Session I1: 10.15 am- 11.45 am Glaucoma Epidemiology:

Convenor: Dr. Dibakar Kalita (Guwahati)
Chairpersons: Dr. Dipali Deka ( Guwahati) & Amitabha Raychaudhuri (Kolkata)
Moderator : Dr. Satyen Deka (Guwahati)

10.15-10.35am: Key note address:
Dr. Amitabha Raychaudhuri: Glaucoma investigations for screening in the community: a tradeoff
between too little and too much

10.35-10.43am: Dr. Pankaj Bhattacharyya (Guwahati): The Glaucomas: Definitions & Classification
for Epidemiological Surveys
10.43-10.51am: Dr. Dipali Deka: Prevalence of Glaucoma in different countries and different ethnic
10.51-10.59am: Dr. Rajen Gogoi: A review of the glaucoma prevalence studies done in south Asia
10.59-11.07am: Prof. Badri Badhu (Nepal): Burden of the glaucoma blindness and glaucoma services
in Nepal
11.07-11.15am:Dr. Swapan Samanta (Kolkata): A Clinc Based Study on Pattern of Glaucoma in West
Bengal Rural Community
11.15-11.23am: Dr. Subhash Mishra, (Chhattishgarh),: Glaucoma detection:need to educate people
and ophthalmologists
11.23: Discussion

HALL B: Session III: 12.00 – 1.30pm: Glaucoma Pathophysiology
Convenor – Dr. Sajjadur Rahaman (Golghat)
Chairpersons : Prof. SS Dhar (Silchar) & Prof. Sharfuddin Ahmed(Bangladesh):
Moderator: Dr. Debdas Mukherjee( Malda)
12.00-12.15pm: Key Note address: Dr. Prafulla Sarma (Guwahati) : Changes in the overall concept
of pathogenesis and pathology of glaucoma (1980-2010)

12.15-12.23pm: Dr. Abhijit Handique (Dibrugarh): Mechanisms for reduced aqueous outflow through
the trabecular meshwork
12.23-12.31pm: Dr. Sachindra (Manipur): Mechanisms of optic nerve damage
12.31-12.39pm: Prof. Sharfuddin Ahmed(Bangladesh): Visual field changes in glaucoma
12.39-12.47: Dr. Debdas Mukherjee (Malda): Pathophysiological mechanisms in Secondary

HALL B: Session IV: 2.00 – 3.30 pm: Childhood Glaucoma (CG)
Convener: Dr. Ronojit Basu
Chairpersons: Dr. P. Vijay Lakshmi (Chennai) & Prof. AHM Enayet Hossain (Bangladesh)
Moderator: Dr. Swarup Kumar Roy (Siliguri)
Key Note address: 2.00-2.20pm: Prof. AHM Enayet Hossain (Bangla Desh): Childhood
glaucoma—a complex issue

2.20-2.8pm: Dr. Swarup Kumar Roy (Siliguri): Classification of childhood glaucoma
2.28-2.36pm:Dr. Debdas Mukherjee (Malda): Clinical work up on a case of childhood
2.36-2.44pm: Dr. Rajeev Tuli: Trabeculotomy or trabeculectomy or combined trabeculotomy
and trabeculectomy—when & why?
2.44-2.52pm: Dr. Anil Ghanta (Kolkata): Decision for cornea grafting in child with glaucoma
and corneal clouding
2.52pm: Discussions

Hall C:
HALL C: Session – II: 10.15-11.45am: Cataract-I (CAT I)

Convenor: Dr. Jananankar Medhi (Guwahati)
Chairpersons: Dr. Md Abdul Aziz (Bangladesh) & Dr. Ratish Paul (Kolkata)
Moderator: Dr. Nabajyoti Dutta (Guwahati)
10.15-10.35am: Key note address: Dr. Gaurav Luthra (Uttarakhand)—Catract surgery in
other concurrent ocular pathologies

10.35-10.43am: Dr. Mir Alam Siddique (Guwahati): Understanding the Pathophysiology of
10.43-10.51:: Dr. Gautam Ray Sharma: Classification of cataracts depending on their clinical
10.51-10.59am: Dr. Jayanta Basu (Naogaon) : Large incision cataract surgery is obsolete
now-a-days Dr.
10.59-11.07am: Dipak Bhuyan (Guwahati) – SICS: Techniques
10.59-11.07am: Dr. Praveen Vashist: Surveillance in Blindness in India-Trends of cataract
surgical outcomes and ocular morbidity in India
11.07-11.15: Dr. Ratish Paul (Kolkata): Private Public Partnership under NPCB to combat
Cataract blindness
11.07- Discussion

HALL C: Session III: 12.00 – 1.30 pm: Childhood Blindness (CHB)

Convener: Dr. Himanto Hazarika(Guwahati)
Chairpersons: Dr. Gautam Saikia (Guwahati) & Prof. Satish Thomas (Ludhiana)
Moderator – Dr. Lalhuthangi Hmar (Mizoram)

Key note addresses:

1. 12.00-12.20pm: Prof. Satish Thomas (Ludhiana): When your cataract patient is a child
2. 12.20-12.40pm: Dr. B.S.Goel (UP): Understanding, detecting and managing amblyopia
12.40-12.48pm: Dr. Damaris Magdalene (Guwahati): Early diagnosis of refractive error and
amblyopia in children
12.48-12.56: Prof Ketaki Bagchi (Kolkata): School eye screening—an experience over 15
12.56-01.04pm: Dr. Kalyan Das (Guwahati): Paediatric Cataract Management: Overview
1.04-1.12pm: Dr. J.K.Das (Guwahati): Etiology of orbital malignant tumor.
1.12-1.20pm: Dr. Subhra Sil (Haldia): Early intervention in children with low vision
01.20-01.28pm: Dr. Pradyot Narayan Biswas (Kolkata ): ROP a matter of concern
01.28-01.36pm: Prof. AHM Enayet Hossain (Bangladesh): Paediatric cataract—Home to
1.36pm: Discussions

HALL C: Session IV: 02.00pm – 03.30 pm: Cornea & Eye Banking (COREB)

Convenor: Dr. Jnanankar Medhi (Guwahati)
Chairpersons: Dr. A.K.Khan (Bangla Desh) & Dr. Bhaskar Roy Chowdhury (Kolkata)
Moderator: Dr. Arundhati Barthakur (Guwahati)

02.00-02.20pm: Key note address:
Dr. A.K.Khan: Prevention of Blindness Due to Agriculture Corneal Trauma in Bangladesh
:A Nation Wide Campaign.

02.20-02.28pm: Dr. Arundhuti Borthakur (Guwahati): Corneal infections—clinical
examination and documentation
02.28-02.36pm:Dr: Bhaskar Roy Chowdhury (Kolkata): Management of infective corneal
02.36-02.44pm: Dr. BM Agarwal (Guwahati)– Computer Vision Syndrome & Dry Eye
Disease: Is it an urban epidemic now ?
02.44-02.52pm: Dr. P.Vashist, Dr. Noopor Gupta (New Delhi): Current status of Trachoma
in India
2.52-3.00pm: Dr. Kalyan Das: (Guwahati) : Staus of Eye Banking and Corneal
Transplantation in Assam
03.00-03.08pm: Prof. A.S.M.Hossain (Bangla Desh): Eye banking and Cornea grafting in Bangla
03.08-03.16pm: Dr. Anil Ghanta (Kolkata): My early results of corneal grafting
03.16-24: Dr. Lalhuthangi Mami: (Mizoram): Eye Banking in Mizoram
3.24pm: Discussion


HALL D: Session II: 10.15 am – 11.45 am: Community Ophthalmology: North-Eastern
perspective (CONE)

Convenor – Dr. Simanta P Saikia (Shillong)
Chairpersons – Prof.B.S.Goel
Moderator : Prof. A K M A Muqtadir (Bangla Desh)

10.15-10.35am: Key Note address: Dr. Abdul Aziz (Bangladesh): Community
Ophthalmology: Bangladesh Perspective

10.35-10.43am: Dr. Imna Pokin (Nagaland): Manpower issues in service delivery in
10.43-10.51am: Dr. Lobsang Tsetim (Arunachal Pradesh): Community Surgeries in
Temporary Facilities In Arunachal Pradesh
10.51-10.59am: Dr. Chingsui Yumnam (Manipur): Scenario of Vitreoretinal Services in
10.59-11.07am: Dr. Sukumar Deb (Tripura): Teleophthalmology: Tripura Experience
11.07-11.18am: Dr. Van lal Ruata (Mizoram)
11.10-18.26am: Dr. Valensha Surong (Meghalaya): Moving towards Comprehensive
outreach programmes
11.18-11.26am: Dr. Kumud Lal Saikia (Assam): NGOs in Community Eye Care in Assam
11.26: Discussion

HALL D: Session III: 12.00-01.30pm: Miscellaneous (MISC)
Convenor: Dr. Abhijit Bhuyan
Chairpersons: Dr. P L Saha (Kolkata) & Lion (Prof.) Dr. Barkatoky (Guwahati)
12.00-12.20pm: Key note address: Dr. Pulakesh Bhagawati (Jorhat): Providing effective
eye care services at affordable cost

12.20-12.28pm: Dr. Jennifer Basaimwoit (Shillong): Public Private Partnership
12.28-12.36pm: Dr. Shubhra Kinkor Goswami (Guwahati): Role of an individual practitioner
12.36-12.44: Dr. P.Vashist, Vasundhara Misra (New Delhi): Sharing experiences of primary eye care
services in Urban slums of Delhi
01.00-01.08pm: Mr. Anirban Dey: (Kolkata): Intervention of low vision service—step by step
approach from community to clinic
1.08-1.16pm: Mrs. Manisha Choudhury: Role of an NGO in Eye Care
1.16pm: Discussions
HALL D: Session IV: 02.00 pm – 3.30 pm: Free paper-1 (FP I)
Convener: Dr. Sudipta Dey (Kolkata)
Chairpersons: Dr. Tapan Gogoi (Dibrugarh) & Dr. Ketaki Bagchi (Kolkata)
Moderator:Prof.A.H.M.Enayet Hossain.(Bangladesh)
   1. Dr. Y.D Sapkota: (Nepal)
   2. Dr. Subhra Sil (Haldia)
   3. Dr. P.L.Saha (Kolkata)

Presenters: 8 mins each; (Discussions for 2 mins after each presentation)

1. Mr. E. Shiva Sankar (Srisailam): Rapid Assessment of Avoidable Blindness in ITDA Srisailam
2. Rajashekar Rao N: (Adilabad): Reasons for Loss to Follow-Up & Visual
Outcomes after Cataract Surgery at Secondary Eye Centre in Adilabad District of Andhra Pradesh
3. Sreenivas. N.G.S. : (Andhra Pradesh) The determinants of spectacle use among school children in
West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, India.
4. Hari Nath Nehru, Ravi Kumar Chukka: (Andhra Pradesh): Utility of Trained Teachers in

Identifying Visual Defects among school Children in Medak District, AP, India

5. Dr. P. Srinivasa Reddy: Barriers for uptake of cataract surgery among patients at a secondary eye

care centre in Andhra Pradesh, India

6. Mr. Goutam Dutta (Tripura): Blindness pattern in tea garden workers at Tripura

HALL E: SessionII: 10.15-11.45am: Free Paper II (FP-II)
Convenor: Dr. Kruto Kalita (Guwahati)
Chairperson – Dr. Shubhra Das (Guwahati) & Dr. Madhusudan Jhamwar (MP)
Moderator: Dr. Sekhar Sarkar (Katwa)

Key note address: (20mins.) Dr. Madhusudan Jhamwar: '"community awareness programme of
squint and amblyopia in rural Maharashtra - 25 yrs experience ''

    1. Dr. Bhaskar Roy Chowdhuri (Kolkata)
    2. Dr. Arundhati Barthakur ( Guwahati)
    3. Dr. A.K.M Nazus Saquib (Bangla Desh)
Presenters: 8 mins each; (Discussions for 2 mins after each presentation)

   1. Dr. Bani Sadat (Aligarah): Evaluation of consumer digital camera (Canon powershot TX1) as
   screening tool for amblyogenic risk factors: strabismus, anisometropia or both.
   2. Dr. Mir Alam Siddique (Guwahati): A study on ultramicroscopic features of age-related
   human cataracts
   3. Dr.Amit Rathore: Prof(Dr.)P.K.Goswami, Dr.S.Sarma, Dr.Rohit.R.Modi: Microbiological
   Study of Purulent Keratitis in a tertiary care hospital in Guwahati
   4. Dr. Angshuman Deka, Dr.Kalyan Das: Pterygium excision and Mitomycin-C application and
   scleral perforation: Management of a challenging case.
   5. Dr. (Mrs.) Barnali B. Thakur (Guwahati); Prof. R.Devi: A study of Glycated hemoglobin and
   serum uric acid in proliferative and non proliferative diabetic retinopathy
   6. Dr. Mir Alam Siddique (Guwahati): A study on some parameters in sera of individuals with
   senile cataract
   7. Dr Bindu Singla (Goel), Dr Kalyan Das, Dr Anil Kumar Ghanta, Dr BM Agarwal, Dr JN
   Medhi : Indications and outcome of Penetrating Keratoplasty in North-Eastern India
   8. Dr. Rajat Gupta; Prof. R.R. Sukul, Dr. A.K. Amitava, Dr. Kshitij Sukul, AMU, Institute of
       Ophthalmology, Aligarh (UP)
   9. Dr.Rohit.R.Modi, Prof(Dr.)Dipali deka, Dr.Kabita Bora : Status of Diabetic Retinopathy after
       cataract surgery

   29-E-III:: 12.00-1.30pm: Free paper-III (FP III)
   Convener: Dr.Ridip Baruah
   Chairpersons: Renu Dhasmana <>
   Moderator: Prof.A.S.M.Kamaluddin(Bangladesh)

   1. Dr. Jajneswar Bhunia (Kolkata):
   2. Dr. Chet Raj Pant (Nepal):
   3. Dr. Subhra Das (Guwahati)
   Key note address: (12.00-12.20pm) Dr. Yousuf Talukder : ―GAMSA CAMP",a new
   innotative(cost effective),eye camp procedure,alternative to the conventional eye camping

   Presenters: 8 mins each; (Discussions for 2 mins after each presentation)

   1. Dr. Mir Alam Siddique (Guwahati): Phospholipid and protein contents of lipid –
   protein complexs of the lens in human senile cataract
   2. Dr Pulakesh Bhagawati (Guwahati): Glaucoma following temporal manual SICS.
   3. Dr Amarendra Deka(Guwahati): Role of Participatory rural appraisal (PRA) in community
   4. Dr. Rohit. R.Modi (Guwahati): Intraocular pressure change during hemodialysis
   5. Dr. Dakki (Nepal): Outcome between the conventional extracapsular cataract extraction with
   posterior chamber intraocular lens performed with loupe and microscope magnification by
   ophthalmic resident
6.  Dr. Utkarsh, Dr. R.R. Sukul, Dr. R. Maheshwari, Dr. Yogesh Gupta(Aligarah): A study of
various parameters influencing Binocular vision
7. Dr. J.K.Das (Guwahati): Paediatric orbital malignancy, misdiagnosis, late diagnosis etc.
Issues beyond the therapeutic regimen in the third world countries.
8. Dr. Mir Alam (Guwahati): A study on the chromatographic behavior of the lipid-protein
complexes present in the human senile cataractous lens
29-E-IV: 02.00-03.30pm: Free apaper session –IV: (FP IV)
Convener: Dr. Dulan Deka
Chairperson: Dr. Jasdeep Singh Sandhu (Ludhiana)
Moderator: Dr. B M Agarwal (Guwahati)

    Dr. Dipankar Das (Guwahati)
    Dr. Anirban Bhaduri (Kolkata)
    Dr. Aloy Mazumdar (Lucknow)

Presenters: 8 mins each; (Discussions for 2 mins after each presentation)

    1. Dr. Mir Alam Siddique (Guwahati): Comparative study of experimental galactose
       cataract and senile human cataract in respect of phospholipids and proteins content of
       the lipid- protein complexes of the lens
    2. Dr. Manasi De: (Kolkata): Society and Eye Health at Aizawl District in Mizoram
    3. Prof. R.R. Sukul, Dr. Utkarsh (Aligarah): Target Intraocular Pressure
    4. Dr Khandkar Fariduddin (Kolkata): Electric cataract: Diagnosis and management
    5. Dr. Rohit R Modi, Prof(Dr.)Dipali deka, Dr.Kabita Bora: (Guwahati): Status of diabetic
       Retinopathy after cataract surgery
    6. Dr. Bindu Singla (Goel) : Phaco: How far is it feasible in community cases?


Hall A
Session I: 8:30 to 10:00am: – Orations by Awardees

Session II:
30th: HALL A: Session II: 10:15 to 11:45am: Research in Community Ophthalmology
Convener: Dr. Amarendra Deka
Chairpersons: Prof. Amit Chaudhuri(Guwahati) & Dr. R S Dhaliwal (ICMR, New Delhi)
Moderator: Dr. Bhaskar Roy Chaudhury (Kolkata)

Key note address: 10.15-10.35am: Dr. R S Dhaliwal; (ICMR, New Delhi): Research and
development opportunities in India

Speakers: (8 mins each)
10.35-1043am: Prof. Sandip K Ray: Publish or perish (Kolkata): How far is true in developing
world’s context?
10.43-10.51am: Prof. Kunal Ray (Kolkata):
10.51-10.59am: Dr. Bhaskar Roy Chowdhuri (Kolkata): Research opportunities in clinical specialties:
with a community outlook
10.59-11.07am: Prof. Amit Chaudhuri (Guwahati): Use of statistical methods in epidemiological
11.07-11.15am: Dr. Pankaj Bhattacharyya (Guwahati) : How to critically read a scientific publication
11.15am: Discussion
Session III: 12:00 to 1:30 pm – Eye in Systemic Disease (ESD)

Convenor : Dr. Debajit Deka
Chairpersons: Dr. Pradip Sarma (Guwahati) Prof. Shah Munir Hossain (Bangla Desh)
Moderator: Dr. A.K.M Nazamus Saquib (Bangla Desh)

Key Note address: Dr. Pradip Sarma: Basics of ocular immunology and its clinicalk implications
12.20-12.28pm:Dr. Dipankar Das (Guwahati): Ocular Tuberculosis
12.28-12.36pm: Dr. Swapan Samanta : A 2011 Update on Community Eye Health of the People
Affected with Leprosy
12.36-12.44pm Dr. Dipankar Das: HIV and eye diseases
12.44-12.52pm: Dr. Kalyan Das: Ocular allergies
12.52: 01.00pm: Dr. Swapnali Shabhapandit (Guwahati): on Steven-Johnson Syndrome and eye
01.00-01.08pm: Prof. Santiranjan Bagchi (Kolkata): Importance of metabolic disorders as a cause for
ocular problems in the community
01.08-01.16pm: Discussion

Session IV:2.00-3.30pm : Vision 2020 : Current status
Convenor: Dr. Himanta Hazarika (Guwahati)
Chairpersons (Col.) Prof. Madan Desh Pande (Pune) & Dr. Harsha Bhattacharjee(Guwahati)
Moderator : Mr. Sanat Das (Orissa)

2.00-2.20pm: Key note address: Dr. Madan Deshpande: Planning of mode of operation of vision
2020 in underserved areas

2.20-2.28pm: Dr. Asim Sil: Present activities of VISION 2020 GLOBALLY
2.28-2.36pm: Dr. Harsha Bhattacheryay: VISION 2020 in INDIA
2.36-2.44pm: Dr. Chet Raj Pant: VISION 2020 in NEPAL
2.44-2.52pm : Prof.A.H.M.Enayet Hossain (Bangladesh):: VISION 2020 in BANGLADESH
2.52 – 3.00pm: Dr. Ahmed Jeza (Sri Lanka): VISION 2020 in SRI LANKA
3.00-3.08pm: Dr. Palleria Srinivasa Reddy: Programme impact of VISION 2020 on reduction of
avoidable blindness

3.08pm: Discussion
Session II: 10:15 to 11:45am: – Glaucoma Diagnosis (Gl Diag)

Convenor: Dr. Sahinur Tayab (Guwahati)
Chairpersons: Dr. Atiqul Hussain (Guwahati) & Dr. Prafulla Sarma (Guwahati)
Moderator –Dr. Sanjoy Kr. Bargohain (Guwahati)

10.15-10.35am: Key note address: Dr. Tanuj Dada (New Delhi): Looking beyond IOP


10.35-10.43am: Dr. Sanjoy Kr. Bargohain (Guwahati): Optic Disc Evaluation
10.43-10.51am: Dr. Shahinur Tyab (Guwahati): Visual Field Analysis : Detecting Functional
Changes in the Patient’s Vision
10.51-10.59 am: Dr. Shahinur Tyab (Guwahati): Frequency Doubling Perimetry as a Screening Tool
10.59-11.07am: Dr. Deven Tuli (New Delhi): Investigative tools for Pre-perimetric glaucoma and
their clinical relevance
11.07-11.15am: Dr. Tanuj Dada: The pearls of Gonioscopy—a video instruction programme
11.15 Discussion

Session III: 12.00-1.30: Glaucoma Medical Management (GMM)
Convenor : Dr. Amarendra Deka (Shillong)
Chairpersons – Prof. Badri Badhu (Nepal) & Dr. Md. Shaifiqul Alam (Bangladesh)
Moderator –Dr. Deven Tuli(New Delhi)

12.00-12.20pm: Key note address: Dr. Deven Tuli: Decision making in medical management of

12.20-12.28pm: Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Buragohain—Criteria for selecting a treatment strategy
12.28-12.36pm:: Dr. Swarup Kumar Roy (Siliguri): Follow up of a patient of glaucoma receiving
medical treatment
12.36-12.44pm: Dr Shaifiqul Alam (Bangladesh): Management of secondary glaucomas
12.44-12.52pm: Dr. Prafulla Sarma (Guwahati): Cost containment in glaucoma management
12.52pm: Discussion

Session IV: 2.00-3.30pm: –Glaucoma Surgical Management (GSM)
Convenor : Dr. Lobsang Tsetim
Chairpersons –Prof.(Dr.). Rajeev Tuli & Dr. Bejoy Debbarman (Tripura)
Moderator – Dr. Prafulla Sarma (Guwahati):

2.00-2.20pm: Key Note address: Dr. Rajeev Tuli: Decision for Surgery for all types of glaucoma
should be taken early for the economically weaker section of the people

2.20-2.28pm: Dr. Partha Mondal (Barrackpore, WB): Criteria for selecting a patient for surgery
2.28-2.36pm: Brig. (Dr). J K S Parihar (New Delhi): The tips for a basic filtration surgery
2.36-2.44pm: Dr. Prafulla Sarma (Guwahati): Bleb management
2.44-2.52pm: Dr. Jasdeep Singh Sandhu: (Ludhiana): Surgeries with various implants in glaucomas
of guarded prognosis
2.52-3.00pm: Dr. Van Lal Ruata: (Aizwal): The types of glaucoma surgery commonly practiced in
Mizoram with results
3.00-3.08pm: Dr. Sachindra (Manipur): Miniexpress shunt
3.08pm: Discussion


Session II: 10:15 am - 11:45am : AMO Catract session (CAT II)
Convenor: Dr. B.M.Agarwal (Guwahati)
Chairpersons: Dr. Biraj Jyoti Goswami (Guwahati) & Dr. Harinarayan Goswami (Tripura)
Moderator: Prof.Deen Md. Noorul Haq (Bangladesh)

10.15-10.35am: Key Note address: Prof.Deen Md. Noorul Haq: Cataract Backlog: Bangladesh
10.35-10.43am: Prof. J S Titiyal (New Delhi): High end phaco machines:
10.43-10.51am: Brig. Prof. J K S Parihar (New Delhi): Intraocular lens designs
10.51-10.59am: Dr. Narayan Bordoloi –Phaco techniques.
10.59-11.07am: Dr. Ronojit Basu (Guwahati): Pitfalls in phaco surgery
11.07-11.15am: Dr. Shah Aminul Islam : (Bangla Desh) : Instant made iris hook—cheap, available &
11.30am: Discussion

Session III: 12.00-1.30pm: Genetics in Ophthalmology:
Convener: Dr. Dipankar Das
Chairperson: Prof. Kunal Roy (Kolkata)
Moderator:Dr. Paul Nigel Baird (Australia)
12.00-12.20pm: Key note address: Prof. Kunal Ray (Kolkata):

Speakers: (8 mins each)
12.20-12.28pm: Dr. Dipankar Das (Guwahati): Genetics for general ophthalmologists
12.28-12.36pm: Dr. Paul Nigel Baird (Australia): Recent developments in the genetics of eye disease
12.36-12.44pm: Dr. Rajarshi Mukhopadhay (UK): Genetics of inherited Retinal Dystrophies
12.44-12.52pm: Dr. Mainak Mukhopadhayay (Kolkata): Genetics of Oculocutaneous Albinism in
12.52pm: Discussion

Session IV: 2.00-3.30pm: LVA & Blind School Study Reports (LVABS)
Convenor – Dr. Ronel Soibam (Guwahati)
Chairperson – Dr. Bhushan Punani (Ahmedabad) & Dr. D. Magdelene
Moderator – Dr.Nuzhat Chowdhury(Bangladesh)

2.00-2.20pm: Key Note address: Dr. Bhusan Punani: WHO CBR Guidelines
Speaker :
2.20-2.28pm: Dr. Bimal Poudyal (Nepal): National Low Vision Program – Achievements and
2.28-2.36pm: Dr. Dr. Subhra Sil (Haldia): LVA and social rehabilitation
2.36-2.44pm: Mr. Anirban Dey (Kolkata): Intervention of low vision service: Step by step approach.
From Community to clinic
2.36-2.44pm: Dr. Sudipta Dey (Kolkata): Blind school survey in West Bengal
2.44-2.52pm: Dr. Swapan Samanta: (Kolkata): Blind school study of Eastern and North eastern India
2.52-3.00pm: Dr. Harsha Bhattacharjee (Guwahati) : Blind school survey in northeast India

3.00pm: Discussion

Session II: 10:15 to 11:45am – Social Implications on Community Ophthalmology Practice
    Convenor – Dr. Lobsang Tsetim (Arunachal Pradesh)
    Chairpersons – Dr.P.Vashist (New Delhi) & Dr. Manak Nahata (MP)
    Moderator – Dr. Arjun Bhowal (Siliguri)

   10.15-10.35am: Key Note address: Dr. Manak Nahata (MP): Socioeconomic impact of visual

   10.35-10.43am: Dr. Jnanankar Medhi (Guwahati) – Teleophthalmology: A boon to community
   eye care service
   10.43-10.51am: Dr. Arjun Bhowal – Training a cataract surgeon for handling high volume
   surgery in the community
   10.51-10.59am: Dr. Asim Sil (Haldia): : Developing tertiary care in rural area—community
   driven approach
   10.51-11.07am: Dr. P.Vasisth( New Delhi): Assessing Magnitude of Blindness in a given
   population and key strategies for control of blindness
   11.07-11.15am: Prof.A.S.M. Kamaluddin(Bangla Desh): :Use of Computor Monitoras a
   Standard Vision Testing Chart at Community Level.
   11.15-11.23am: M.A.Hannan (Bangla Desh): ;The thing that defool Our Eyes
   11.23am: Discussion

Session III: 12.00-1.30pm:: Posterior Segment: Diabetic Retinopathy (DR)
Convenor – Dr. Bipul Baishya
Chairperson: Dr. K.Ravishankar (Chennai) & Dr. SU Ahmed(Guwahati)
Moderator: Prof. Pradyot Narayan Biswas (Kolkata)

12.00-12.20pm: Key note address: Dr. Sucheta Kulkarni: Diabetic retinopathy has emerged
as an important blinding problem of the developing nations
12.20-12.28pm: Dr. Subhra Das (Guwahati) : Current Global Scenario of Diabetic
12.28-12.36pm: Dr. Ronell Soibam (Siliguri): Pathogenesis of diabetic retinopathy
12.36-12.44pm: Dr. Purabi Debnath (Bangla Desh): Screening methodology in Diabetic
12.44-12.52pm: Dr. Aloy Mazumdar (Lucknow)): Role of General Ophthalmologists in the
Management of Diabetic Retinopathy
12.52-01.00pm: Dr. Pradyot Narayan Biswas ( Kolkata) : Principles of Laser treatment in DR
1.00-1.08pm: Dr. Satyen Deka (Guwahati): Management of PDR with complications
1.00-1.16pm: Dr. K. Ravisankar: Pharmacotherapy in DR
1.16pm: Discussion
Session IV:02.00pm – 3.30pm: Nutrition and vision: (NUTRIVIS)
Convenor: Dr. Ronojit Basu
Chairperson: Prof. Sandip Ray (Kolkata) & Prof. P.K.Goswami (Guwahati)
Moderator: Dr. Jajneswar Bhunia (Kolkata)

02.00-02.20pm: Key note address: Prof. Sandip Ray : Is Vitamin A deficiency still a threat
to cause blindness in children?
Speakers –
2.20-2.28pm: Prof. Kailash Bhattacheryya(Dibrugarh): Nutrients and Micronutrients
2.28-2.36pm: Dr. Biraj Jyoti Goswami (Guwahati)—Nutritional deficiency and blindness
2.36-2.44pm: Dr. Krishna Gogoi( Guwahati): Vitamin A deficiency in North East
2.44-2.52pm: Dr. BNR Subudhi (Orissa): Vit A Def in Orissa
2.52-3.00pm: Prof. Ramkrishna Chandorkar (Indore): Vitamin A deficiency Diseases,
prophylaxis and therapy
3.00-3.08pm: Dr. Subhankar Home (Kolkata): Antioxidants in ophthalmology
3.08-3.16pm: Dr. J.Bhunia(Kolkata): Hooch blindness
3.16pm: Discussion

HALL E: Session II: 10.15-11.45am – Management of Ocular & Orbital Trauma (MOOT)
Convenor: Dr.Ganesh Chandra Kuri
Chairpersons: Dr. Jayanta Kr Das(Guwahati) & Dr. Shawkat Ara Shakoor (Bangla Desh)
Moderator: Dr. Chandana Chakraborty (Kolkata)
Rapporteur: Dr. Bidyut Mondal (Kolkata)

10.15-10.35am: Key Note address: Dr. Kasturi Bhattacharjee: Ocular trauma – a different outlook
in its overall management in the background of recent advancements

10.35-10.43am:Dr. Chandana Chakraborty (Kolkata): Paediatric ocular trauma
10.43-10.51am:Dr. A.K.Khan (Bangla Desh): Prevention of blindness due to Agricultural
Ocular Trauma during harvesting seasons in Bangla Desh
10.51-10.59am: Dr Anirban Bhaduri(Kolkata).Management of eyelid and adnexal injury
10.51-10.59am: Dr Chandana Chakraborti (Kolkata): Management of closed globe injury.
10.59-11.07am: Dr Tuhin Chowdhury( Barrackpore). Management of corneal rupture
11.07-11.15am: Dr. Bhaskar Roy Chowdhury(Kolkata): Management of traumatic cataract.
11.15-11.23am: Dr Partha Mondal( Kolkata): Management of Traumatic glaucoma
11.23-11.31am: Dr. Ganesh Chandra Kuri: Management of Orbital injuries
11.31pm: Discussion
E: Session III: 12.00-1.30pm: Jt session with the International Society of MSICS

Convever: Dr. Pulok Nandi
E: Session IV: Posterior Segment II – Miscellaneous (PSM)

Convenor – Dr.Kruto Kalita
Chairperson – Dr. Satangshu Mathur (Uttarakhand) & Dr. Hiren Saikia (Jorhat)
Moderator – Dr. Satyen Deka

12.00-12.20pm:Key Note address: Prof. K. R. Viswanath: Restoring vision from posterior segment
problems: a real challenge
12.20-12.28pm:Dr. Aloy Mazumdar (Lucknow): Role of OCT in diagnosing posterior segment
12.28-12.36pm: Dr. Hemalata Deka (Guwahati) – Age Related Macular Degeneration—what is new?
12.36-12.44pm: Dr. Satangshu Mathur: (Uttarakhand): Management of vitreous hoemmorhage
12.44-12.52pm: Dr. Kasturi Bhattacharjee (Guwahati) – Retinoblastoma—current management
12.52-1.00pm: Dr. Bipul Baishya: Management of IOFBs
1.00pm: Discussion

   POSTER Session:
   1. Dr. Swapan Samanta (Kolkata)
   2. Dr. B N R Subudhi (Orissa)
   3. Dr. R R Sukul (Aligarah)

      1. N. Rajasekhar Rao (Hyderabad): Reasons for Loss to Follow-Up & Visual Outcomes
          after Cataract Surgery at Secondary Eye Centre in Adilabad District of Andhra Pradesh
      2. Mr. Tapas Ghosh, Mr. Nand Gopal Shaw, Mr. Subrata Mondal (Kolkata):
      3. Mr. Anirban Dey (Kolkata): Project report to establish a tertiary low visual centre for
          visually handicapped
      4. Sanhita Chakraborty (Tripura): Eye problems in tea plantation workers versus rubber
          plantation workers in Tripura
      5. Pritam Saha (Tripura): Cataract in tea garden workers of rural Tripura
      6. Rahul Roy (Tripura): Cataract from sunlight exposure among tea garden workers
      7. Tarun Kanti Bhowmik, Joydeep Das, Bishal Deb, Dipankar Debnath (Tripura): Cataract
          due to vitamin deficiency in tea garden workers of Tripura
      8. Tanni Goswami, Soma Bhowmik, Aniruddha Das, Rajesh Majumder, Shubhajit Nath
          (Tripura): Cataract in female community of rural Tripura

Chairpersons: Dr. Asim Sil (Haldia))

Moderator: Dr. Subhankar Home (Kolkata

Dr. Rajarshi Mukhopadhya (UK)
Dr. Partha Mondal (Barrackpore )
Dr. Anirban Chowdhuri (Kolkata)
Participants ((8 mins. each )
   1. Dr Jayanta Kr Das (Guwahati), Dr Munlima Hazarika, Dr Harsha Bhattacharjee, Dr Rajen
        Gogoi, Dr Kabindra Dev Sarma: Pediatric orbital malignancies-scenario behind lost to
        follow up patients in underdeveloped country.
   2. Dr Jayanta Kumar Das, Dr Pankaj Bhattacharyya, Dr Harsha Bhattacharjee, Dr Nilotparna
        Deori, Dr Jnankar Medhi, Dr Jiten Bhattacharyya. (Guwahati): A unique case of orbital and
        ocular injury following bear attack in remote rural area: Struggle, misdiagnosis and
        management of case in different level of health care system.
   3. Mr. Goutam Dutta: (Tripura): Vision 2020 in the remotest Tripura
   4. Dr. Rohit Sarma: (Palanpur): Reaching the unreached
   5. Dr. Kalyan Das (Guwahati): Ideal Ophthalmic Operation Room Practice

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