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									An-Najah National University                           Session II   University English I (10103)
The Language Center                                                 1st Exam. 2nd Semester 2008/'09
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    I          Comprehension                                                                              (10 pts)

    Q1         Read the following passage; then answer the questions that follow.

     1 Every society has to tell a story about happiness, about how individuals can satisfy
    themselves and feel good. According to advertisers, the way to happiness and satisfaction is
    through the consumption of objects in the marketplace. They say their products will make us
    2 However, the question that we need to ask is, "Is it true?" Does _______ come from
    material things? Do we get happier as a society as we get richer, as our standard of living
    increases, as we have more access to a large collection of objects?
    3 The general answer to these questions is "no." What people say they really want out of life
    is good self-esteem, warm family relationships, tension-free leisure time, close and intimate
    friends, and romance and love. This is not to say that material products are not important.
    They form a necessary part of a good quality of life. But above a certain level of poverty and
    comfort, material things stop giving us the kind of satisfaction that the magical world of
    advertising insists they can deliver.

    1. A suitable title for this passage could be:
       a. Advertising and Happiness
       b. International Advertising Networks
       c. The Rules of Advertising

    2. The missing word in " Does _________ come from material things?" in paragraph 2 is
       a. advertisement                b. question                 c. happiness

    3. According to the passage, material objects stop being very important to people when
       a. people have low self - esteem
       b. a certain level of comfort has been achieved
       c. advertisers are happy and satisfied

    4. The main idea of this passage is that ______.
       a. advertising is what people want in life
       b. products do not bring happiness
       c. happiness is not important

    5. The word "warm" in paragraph 3 is:
       a. noun                          b. verb                                                 c. adjective

    6. The possessive pronoun "their" in paragraph 1 refers to _____.
       a. objects                        b. advertisers                                         c. society

 7. The phrase "consumption of objects" is similar in meaning to ______.
    a. selling cars                   b. buying products            c. eating meals

 8. Examples on non- material things that people want out in life are:
 a. ______________________________           b.     _______________________________

 9. The article suggests that the goal of advertisers is to
   a. reduce tension in life
   b. sell products in the market
   c. bring happiness and satisfaction to the consumer

 10. According to this article, advertisements try to ______ us that their products make us
   a. conclude                           b. convince                    c. introduce

 II         Vocabulary                                                                 (12 pts)

     Q1     Fill in each blank with a suitable word or phrase from the following list: (5 pts)

     looks at the big picture / successful / firms / failed / competition / come overnight

1.        Success needs hard work and strong determination because it does not_______________.

2.        The _______________among the Palestinian Football teams is very strong because each
          one of them wants to win the National Football Tournament.

3.        Palestinian business men need to open new _______________to help solve the
          unemployment problem.

4.        My friend Sara _______________when she plans for and carries out a project because she
          likes to do an excellent job without any mistakes.

5.        The campaign launched to promote the new orange drink _______________to convince
          the people to buy the new product.

 Q2         Circle the correct synonym for each underlined word.                    (3 pts)

1.     Haddarah launched a comprehensive campaign for its new high speed internet service.
      a. a massive fight against          b. a planned, organized effort      c. an operation
2.     Advertisers work hard to create and produce convincing ads.
      a. persuasive                      b. ineffective                c. forceful
3.     IPods have a huge market among teenagers.
       a. a store where you buy electronic equipment
       b. a group of people to whom goods are sold
       c. a group of stores that sell merchandise
4.     Tony Hawk was considered a freak because he wore baggy skater clothes.
       a. strange and unusual            b. normal and ordinary        c. friendly and sociable
5.     Passing the English courses is a difficult goal to accomplish for the majority of the
       a. succeed in doing something b. fail in doing something c. plan to do something
6.     Most teenagers get hooked on live internet games.
       a. become careless about          b. become obsessed with       c. become good players

 Q3        Match the words on the left with their meanings on the right.                (2 pts)

                      1._______commercial              a. international
                      2._______custom                  b. advertisement
                      3._______obsession               c. aim/ objective
                      4._______global                 d. strong desire to do something
                                                       e. tradition/ practice
 Q4       Fill in the blanks with a suitable word of your own.                      (2 pts)

       1 The _______________ of the ad depends a great deal on the content and the language
       of the ad.
       2 It's usual for _____________ to become obsessed with their weight.

 III      Structure:                                                                       (6 pts)

 Q1       Circle the correct answer:                                                    ( 4 pts)
       1. Omar’s dream is to ----------- play football like Maradona
          a. can                           b. be able to                 c. be able

       2. Please be quiet .I --------------to concentrate.
          a. try                             b. was trying               c. am trying

       3. Television ads for fast food restaurants always --------- the food look delicious.
          a. makes                        b. make                         c. are making

       4. We always ----------------tennis on Saturday
          a. are playing                  b. is playing                  c. play

       5. Because of global communication, the world ---------- smaller today
          a. becomes                 b. became                        c. is becoming

       6. I ------------- your attendance today .
          a. am appreciating               b. appreciate                 c. appreciating

       7. When I was a secretary I ------- type 60 words a minute.
           a. could                      b. were able to                  c. can

       8. The gymnast was very sorry because she ----------- win the gold medal.
          a. was able to              b. couldn’t                      c. can’t

     Q2           Use the correct form of the words between brackets:                   (2pts)

     1. Students must take _______________ (benefit) courses to get their levels up.
     2. She usually _______________ (escape) from her problems by taking drugs and
        drinking alcohol.

IV      Writing:                                                                   ( 12 pts)

Q1      Label the following sentences as: (TS, D1, D2, CS ) to form a paragraph. (4 pts)

______: So now Tomas is stuck doing a paragraph assignment for his teacher who was
shouting at him because he's always late.
______: He missed first period and was late for second.
______: Tomas got up late for school and ran into repeated problems getting there.
______: During his lunch he went to his first period teacher, explained the situation, and asked
about the assignment given to the class.

Q2      Choose the suitable topic sentence for the following paragraph:           (1 pts)
______________________________________________________________. He writes about
his land, farming, and American life. He has written over 30 books. Berry lives on a small
farm in Kentucky with his wife, Tanya. He uses his own hands or animals to do most of the
work on the farm. He grows most of his own food, and he buys what he can't grow from his
neighbors. His writing is often about his land, his farm, or his town.

     a. Wendell Berry is a writer.
     b. Wendell Berry lives on a farm in Kentucky.
     c. Wendell Berry is an American writer and a farmer.

Q3      Use one of the following words in a meaningful sentence:                   (2 pts)

                       communication     -     practice

Q4      Write a well organized paragraph on ONE of the following topics:           ( 5 pts)

     1. Describe your favorite TV ad.
     2. Obsession can lead to negative effects.


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