Candy Floss by keralaguest


									                                       Candy Floss
Richard is making Candy Floss – in his kitchen…

He starts with a cylinder of sugar (diameter = 5cm, length = 8cm).

He melts this down.

Then he spins it into a single, long fibre of sugar (a cylinder of cross-sectional diameter
1mm), using his Grandmother’s pedal-driven spinning machine.

What length of Candy Floss (known as ‘Barbe Papa’ in France) does he make?

We need to assume that the volume is unchanged by the melting and spinning process.

Let’s call the new length of the sugar L. It will still be a cylinder…

Then,          x 2.52 x 8 =  x 0.052 x L

    x 2.52 x 8
L=                     502 x 8       20000 cm = 200m
     x 0.052

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