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Who we are: (this is the part I wrote)

As a partner of Dream World Consulting (please link to, DWSC (Dream World
Sales Consulting) was established to provide professional sales consulting and outsourcing solutions to
emerging and established companies.

DWSC provides sales support as well as full scale sales implementation solutions for clients in any business
stage. So whether you are a small start-up, a growing or a fully established company we can create a
customized a sales solution for your business needs.


(This website is my favorite – It is classy, straight to the point, easy to read and follow and very
interesting as well. Here is a copy of everything that is on their website.)

OSA, Inc. is a Professional Sales Outsourcing firm focused on providing customized sales consulting and turnkey
sales force outsourcing solutions to small and medium sized organizations seeking to:

        • Grow revenue
        • Increase Sales Effectiveness
        • Streamline Sales Processes
        • Reduce Sales Costs

What sets us apart is our ability to customize solutions that are unique to our client’s exclusive goals. We
incorporate world class resources to create a system that offers our clients a flexible, cost effective and high
performance sales strategy. Contact us for a candid discussion on your companies’ business growth plans.

Sales Growth Consulting

OSA understands that sales force outsourcing may not apply to every organization. However, inquiring about
methods to improve sales performance is critical to any companies’ bottom line.

Our consulting services are customized to each client. We apply our 30 years of experience in sales and sales
management to offer effective “street level” strategies that are unique to your industry, company and its’

First, we encourage a candid discussion. These discussions allow us to initially offer cost effective projects like
Sales Processes Re-engineering and Sales Force Effectiveness that can lay the foundation for designing a
comprehensive Revenue Growth Strategy for the future!

What we do not do is provide one-time sales or sales force training. We do not believe it works. We strongly
encourage our clients and help them to design sales training around the sales processes and the skills
necessary to execute the firm’s sales strategy.

Sales Force Outsourcing

The decision to outsource your firms’ business development functions is critical. Each organization faces unique
issues that require a solution that is exclusive to their goals. Whether they are a startup, regional or national firm
 and penetrating new territories, exploring emerging markets or resuscitating poor performing regions, they all
 require planning, preparation and execution!

 Outsource Sales Associates DOES NOT offer quick fixes or temporary solutions! There is no substitute for
 planning and preparation. We utilize our network of resource partners to provide world class services that
 encompass all the ingredients necessary to execute the strategy and grow top line revenue!

 Sales Forces
 OSA specifically designs each client’s sales teams. These teams are a combination of the most qualified
 candidates, a strength based training module and a close ratio management structure all defined by a
 performance based compensation program.

 Our quest is to understand the clients’ perceived ideal sales representative candidate and define the skill sets
 necessary to adequately assume the responsibilities of our system. OSA practices our business process
 outsourcing philosophy by incorporating the strengths of professional sales recruitment firms. These partners
 can access up to 100 resumes for each sales position and manipulate their tremendous resources to quickly
 provide OSA and our clients with highly desirable candidates. These candidates provide OSA and our client with
 the best possible business development ingredient.

 Sales Force Training
 Consistent and effective training for a sales force is directly proportionate to their collective success. We design
 specific training programs that focus on the core responsibilities of the sales representative and the required
 skill sets as it relates to their role in the Business Development Team. Individual training concentrates on
 particular strengths and group training revolves around the sales processes necessary to maximize

 The clients’ participation in this partnership enables them to put forth a program that involves the core ideals
 and beliefs of their organization, the fundamental business impact of their products and services as well as the
 culture of their firm.

 All of our compensation programs are performance based! We regularly design compensation programs that
 include tiered commission structures based on performance and metrics goals along with one time, monthly,
 quarterly and residual payments.

 Sales Management

 Our management philosophy is very basic…treat people as you would like to be treated. Simply put, provide the
 sales staff with a system and process that allows them to succeed and offer them the tools to achieve personal
 and professional success. Hold them accountable for what they can control. Then and only then can they be
 responsible for results.

 Whether the campaign calls for strictly an outside sales force, an inside team or a mixture of both, OSA looks to
 keep a close ratio to assure compliance to processes, accurate forecasts and superior results.

The Sales Process is different to every company and industry in that it reflects the delivery of solutions unique to
each prospect. Providing the answer to a prospects’ dilemma deserves an approach that is concise, cost effective
and compelling.
Sales Force Automation
Keep it simple. OSA offers customized systems to profile prospects, accumulate sales intelligence and track sales
activity that allows our clients to accurately forecast new revenue. We promote CRM and SFA programs that
endorse simplicity and offer the ability to grow. We can adapt to our client’s existing system or provide access to
our current programs. All systems feature full accountability and clarity throughout the sales process as well as
real time access to each step in the program.

Sales Processes

OSA believes in the “execution of the process.”

          • Market Analysis
                     • Identify Profitable Client Profile
                     • Competitive
          • Strategy Design
                     • Marketing Tactics
                     • Staffing
                               • Recruitment & Training Criteria
          • Process Design
                     • Sales Force Automation & CRM
                     • Prospect Management & Forecasting
                     • Prospect Assessment & Needs Analysis
                     • Sales Presentations & Negotiations

What is important to recognize is that we strive to enable our staff to incorporate the passion and culture of our
clients’ organization that will reflect in the successful pursuit of revenue growth. At OSA, we do not intend to over-
promise and under deliver on grandiose statements. Moreover, our mettle is measured by the success of our
revenue growth campaigns.

It’s all about the process!

Increasing your organizations’ closing ratio may come in many
forms. Reengineering the systems and applying the necessary skills
to each function of the process can transfer into a more focused
target market and lower cost of sales.

 Industry Overview & Resources
 Business Process Outsourcing is projected to be a $3.15 trillion dollar industry in U.S. by 2004. Other
 fascinating facts state that approximately 15% of a typical business’ operations are outsourced and that is
 expected to grow by 20% annually. Over 30% of outsourcing expenditures will come from the $20mm to
 $500mm dollar companies.

 Sales Outsourcing organizations constitute $180 billion of the industry revenue and is expected to double over
 the next five years!

 The relationship is similar to any other business process that an organization decides to contract to a specialist.
 Firms that understand which internal processes control profit and shareholder value realize that utilizing
 outsourcing partners will provide numerous benefits including:

       • Variable cost structure.
       • Focus on core competencies.
       • Flexibility & accountability.
       • Process expertise.

 Outsource Sales Associates delivers a full range of services designed to meet your specific needs. From consulting,
 planning and market studies to sales strategy and campaign implementation, OSA is committed to creating an alliance
 built on respect, integrity and professionalism.

Industry Resources:                                          Other Resources:
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    agreements to access new business in the UK and           •
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    products                                                  •
Sales Resources:                                              •
 •                                       •
 •                                  •
 •                                       •
 •                                             •
 •                                        •


We help our clients by taking over elements of their sales and marketing process that we can do better or faster
under a fully managed and supported environment. Our client services personnel operate as official
representatives of the companies whose products they sell with full management and support provided by

We are not just another sales consultancy providing services for day rate consultancy. We strongly believe that
such companies merely compound the issues faced by small software companies, often increasing their costs
with no return.

We work with our clients providing outsourced and inside sales skills on a risk reward basis sharing in the
successes linked to the sales revenues secured

We will partner with you to create a sales strategy to increase your revenue while decreasing your costs. All this
is done with a lower risk than trying to create and run internally. Contact our office today to set up a free
consultation. Today could be the first day in creating your winning sales team.


As a highly-specialized professional services firm, we consult with companies and provide human capital solutions
for their marketing needs. We can help execute a backlog of projects, provide strategic-level marketing expertise, fill
organizational voids with interim contractors or source full-time marketing, sales and communications people through
our network of talented professionals.


Finding the right people, reliable resources, specialized contractors and strategic consultants is critical to the
attainment of your goals and objectives through successful completion of your plans and projects.

Torch Group offers the solutions you are seeking through our four main services:

        Executive Recruiting
        Find the very best executives for your organization

        Interim Professionals
        Fill staffing gaps, cover FTE freezes or add specialized expertise

        Project Outsourcing
        Find competent and reliable resources to execute marketing projects with

        Strategic Consulting
        Tap into senior level marketing experts and gain competitive advantages

Look to Torch Group for highly specialized full-time employees, interim professionals, project
resources and strategic consultants. Our human capital professionals cover over 80 sub-
specializations in the marketing, sales and communications disciplines.

Find Top Executive Talent
Finding quality, executive level professionals to help guide and grow your business is a daunting task at best. Torch Group offers the solution.

Drawing on decades of marketing and human resource experience, Torch Group precisely matches each client's needs with a candidate's
skills and characteristics. In addition to our internal resources, Torch Group uses an extensive recruiting network, a database of over 50,000
marketing professionals and a multitude of proprietary search tools to tailor a separate recruitment strategy for each client to make the best
possible fit in the shortest amount of time.

The Torch Group Difference
With years of experience and success, our difference is clear:

        Human Capital Resources
         Our expertise, knowledge and reach allow us to provide the best candidates in the shortest amount of time

        Strategic Solutions
         We offer a long standing history of success, and a total commitment and dedication to staffing and placement success

        Marketing Experience
         We are marketing specialists - not recruiting generalists. Our senior team of classically trained marketing professionals have held
         many of the positions you seek to fill

We understand your needs and provide a depth of service and value that others cannot. For more information, see a list of our of areas of
specialization, contact us today at, or call 440-519-1822.

Engage the Right Resources to Execute Projects with Confidence
We search, screen, evaluate and recommend resources, suppliers and vendors - specific to your needs - so you can engage them with
complete confidence for any marketing, sales or communication project.

Our Difference is Clear
For years, large and small companies alike have relied on staffing firms to recommend the right employees. Now you can rely on our marketing
expertise to find and evaluate the best resources to implement your marketing projects, saving you time and giving you peace of mind.

        Time and Money
         We save you time and money by searching, evaluating and recommending the right resources

        More Choices
         We uncover all of the possibilities so you can use the very best resource to implement your project

        Industry Experts
         You can rely on our marketing expertise to find and evaluate the best resources

        Confidence
         You can engage our pre-screened talent with complete confidence and peace of mind
        Guaranteed Commitment
         We guarantee our resources and their commitment to you, our valued clients

        Niche Specialists
         We provide companies and organizations with highly-specialized and skilled experts

For more information, contact us today at, or call 440-519-1822.

Gain Competitive Advantages
Being able to tap into seasoned consultants to power up your strategic ideas and planning brings an invaluable competitive edge to the
success and growth of your business. Torch Group offers clients a cache of marketing, sales and communication professionals with a diverse
breadth and depth of marketing expertise.

Find Solutions
Torch Group offers consulting solutions to the many marketing issues facing businesses today by developing marketing plans and strategies
that build competitive advantages in the marketplace. Our Strategic Consultants offer solutions through enhanced branding initiatives,
reinvigorated marketing strategies, high-response tactical programs and potent e-commerce marketing approaches into traditional business

Discover Expertise and Knowledge
Torch Group can provide expert knowledge for a wide variety of consulting assignments:

Marketing research analysis                                                         Offline and online strategies
Business and marketing plans                                                        Tactical marketing plans
Marketing strategies                                                                Creative advertising strategies
Budget development and management                                                   Promotion and merchandising
Market segmentation & penetration strategies                                        Direct and relationship marketing
Market or channel assessments                                                       Organization and staffing plans
New product launches                                                                Agency searches & evaluations
Positioning and branding                                                            Product gap analysis

For more information on our highly skilled consultants, contact us today at

If you are a marketing, sales or communications professional, Torch Group may have a client that needs your services

for full-time or part-time employment, interim assignments, projects or consulting opportunities.

Torch Group is a highly specialized professional services firm that supplies corporations, businesses, advertising agencies

and marketing communications firms with human capital for their marketing needs.

Opportunities & Registration
We are highly experienced and specialized in over 80 sub-specializations of marketing. If you are a degreed professional with

a minimum of 12-24 months of experience in one of these disciplines

there may be a Torch Group client waiting to hire you or engage your services.

To view our current employment opportunities, interim assignments, consulting engagements or marketing projects

or to submit your resume and register with the Torch Group, please click the appropriate link below.

           Career and Project Opportunities
           Updated daily, browse our collection of open jobs and projects

           Register with Torch Group
           Complete a registration form and submit your resume to become eligible for current and future opportunities

Once your registration is complete and your resume submitted, we will be able to use that information to find you.

If there is a potential match for your services, we will contact you by phone.
The best way to stay in touch with us is to update your information or employment status whenever it changes

and to periodically check for career and project opportunities.
Fast and easy registration
In order for us to consider you for one of our opportunities, you must register by doing the following:

           Fill out all required fields (in red) in the form below
           Copy and paste your resume in the space provided at the end of the registration form
           Submit the form

previously registered and your contact or employment information has changed.)

If you are interested in one or more of our opportunities, please list them in the body of an email with
your name and today's date in the subject line.

For permanent, full-time opportunities, email us at
If you are a contractor, consultant or freelancer, email us at

Your personal information is secure and will not be shared with any third parties without your
permission. To understand how your personal information is treated, please read the Privacy Policy.

 Personal Information
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We're Not Just Another Experience... We're the Experience You Need.
The members of the Torch Group team are senior level marketing and human resources professionals with vast experience in some of the
world's most prominent corporations. Our team members have held or staffed the positions and assignments that our clients are looking to fill.

          Founders' Bios
          With extensive corporate marketing and HR experience in Fortune 100 companies Ron and Michele Torch provide the
          leadership and insight to position the Torch Group as the premier resource for marketing, sales and communications

We're Not Just Another Resource… We're the Resource You Need.
This kind of experience and expertise allows us to bring our clients a deeper understanding of their business, position and project
requirements. This results in real value in terms of the quality of our services and the timeliness of our work. We take extraordinary care in
finding the very best people for every client and every opportunity. We are connected to over 50,000 professionals experienced in 80 sub-
disciplines and over 50 industries - allowing us to provide highly specialized human capital for your specific marketing, communications and
sales needs.

          Specialized Areas
          All of our contractors, resources and candidates are highly specialized and have the breadth and depth of marketing
          talent you are looking for. See our complete list of specializations.

We're Not Just Another Solution… We're the Solution You Need.
Torch Group specializes in finding solutions to your marketing needs through a vast array of human capital resources. Whether your needs are
permanent or interim, strategic or tactical, short or long term, we provide the very best marketing, communications and sales talent available.
Torch Group delivers successful solutions through our four main services.

We offer four services through which you can engage Torch Group. Each is linked to a Success Story that demonstrates our solutions based
approach. Look to Torch for…

          Executive Level Professionals
          A leading home appliance manufacturer decided to upgrade their entire marketing staff with tier one, classically-trained
          MBA's and challenged Torch group to assist them in creating a new marketing department. Torch Group was placed on
          retainer and within 60 days completely staffed the department that included a consumer insight director, brand directors
          and managers and VP's of product management.

          Experienced Interim Contractors
          By providing a senior-level executive on an interim basis, Torch Group helped a leading regional bank fill a temporary
          need as well as evaluate the impact of adding a full-time media person to their team. This led to a better understanding of
          their media plans, strategies and spending and justified a full-time hire of this individual which was implemented through
          TGI's temp-to-perm services. This highly-specialized contractor had an immediate and long-term impact on their

          Competent Project Resources
          Torch Group was referred to one of the largest financial institutions in the country and was able to source the proverbial
          "needle in the haystack," a commercial-side financial writer that had years of experience building awareness and
          influencing CFO's and senior investment bankers by writing articles on the latest loan techniques such as asset-based

          Seasoned Strategic Consultants
          One of the largest and best known diversified manufacturing companies in the world needed to develop a national
          promotion plan for their consumer products division, but lacked the internal sophistication to create such a document.
          Torch Group recommended one of their senior consultants with over 25 years of corporate consumer and promotion
          agency expertise. This highly specialized experience allowed Torch Group's consultant to quickly acquire and assimilate
          the brand goal and objectives along with the product and market information needed to develop this plan within the 60
          day client parameter.


Our sister division, The APH Group, takes outsourcing one step further - Field Sales Outsourcing
Management -- and handles the entire sales function for clients in North America - from design and
recruitment of the sales channel to day-to-day management of the salesforce.

Outsourcing sales enables companies to enter new markets quickly and cost effectively with a salesforce that
has instant access and established relationships with the seller’s targeted customer base.

This is an especially valuable service for international companies wanting to enter the North American market.
Although the most prevalent business functions that companies outsource have been payroll, human resources,
benefits management) or information processing (IT, computer networking), outsourcing of the sales function is
not new - companies have actually been outsourcing parts of the sales function such as telemarketing, customer
service/help desks, and sales through manufacturer’s representatives for many years.


Our Approach
At *** we integrate traditional and innovative sales and marketing methodologies in the way that is best for your organization and its specific
needs. While every business situation is uniquely different, our step by step process remains tried and true in launching new sales efforts. Our
process ensures a solid business foundation whereby we are able to achieve measurable results. Although there are hundreds of steps
involved in implementing and managing a successful program, these four remain fundamental throughout the process:

        Define the program scope and strategy.
        Create and implement a detailed marketing plan.
        Set and execute sales strategies based on the market plan.
        Manage the process proactively to produce measurable results.

At ***** we understand that finding the right customer for your product is just as important as the product itself. Through our sales team
becomes strategically aligned ensuring a proper rollout of your products and services to the right customers at the right timer. Whether your
products or services are for retail or wholesale; our sales approach ensures that we achieve optimal results for profitable long term

Cost of Building an Internal Sales Operation

The direct and indirect costs associated with building a direct sales organization are staggering. The pain of sales department
turnover is even more egregious considering the costs of replacing non-performing salespeople.

                                    The Direct Costs for Recruiting, Hiring and Training One Top

                                     Salary                                                       $100,000

                                     Recruiter                                                     $25,000

                                     Benefits                                                        $4,800

                                     Taxes and Insurance                                           $15,000

                                     Training                                                        $8,000
                                     Travel and Expense                                            $25,000
                                     Commissions                                        $50,000-$150,000

                                     Equipment and Software                                $5000-$25,000

                                     Total Cost Per Salesperson                       $232,800-$352,800

In addition to the above Direct Costs, the Indirect Costs need to be considered in the overall cost of a sales person as well.
These Indirect Costs include: Training, Supervising, lost sales opportunities, spending too much time on sales that will never
happen, and lost time.

Add up all the Direct Costs, the Indirect Costs, and other intangibles including personality, office politics and performance issues,
and the dollar costs as well as the time costs are significant. When you are trying to get a new product to market quickly, saving
time and saving money means the difference between success and failure you can't afford to lose either.

Strategic Outsourcing

The last several years have witnessed a revolution in the way businesses sell their products. Searching for a way to capture
market share, emerging companies as well as established companies have hitched their corporate wagons to meteoric
buzzwords, only to watch these fads fade away.

Over the past twelve months, the American business media has given tremendous exposure to the practice of Sales
Outsourcing. According to Dun and Bradstreet's Global Outsourcing Study, the practice of sales outsourcing is expected to
increase more than 25% per year for the next three years, from $100 Billion worldwide in 2001 to $195 Billion in 2003. Sales
Outsourcing has become popular due to three major trends:

        Sales Outsourcing enables companies to
        establish themselves in new markets in very
        short time frame.

                                                                          Sales Outsourcing offers companies an
                                                                          attractive pay-for-performance model that
                                                                          mitigates risk and rewards success on a win-
        Sales Outsourcing allows companies to                             win basis.
        establish a lasting presence in an outside
        market without investing in real estate, fixed
        assets, administrative staff, and other
        redundant items.

It is estimated that a successful deployment of Sales Outsourcing can produce a Return on Investment of 15% to 35%, when
successfully deployed.


Outsourcing is is expected to be a $300 billion dollar industry by 2003, and sales outsourcing is quickly becoming a
reliable solution for companies to grow revenues and launch products.

Sales outsourcing allows companies to improve internal focus while gaining access to world-class talent and
capabilities. Companies have quickly realized that sales outsourcing also allows them to share risks with a partner
company - like Mansell Group.

SalesForce Development and Recruitment

           You want to increase your sales but you do not have the capital to hire or expand your sales force.
           You have a new product or service to sell to a market in which you have little knowledge or experience.
           You need a revised strategy to market your products and/or services to a changing competitive market.

 Let DWSC show you how their proven methods of SalesForce Development through outsourcing and Sales
Partnering can help you:
           Get your products and services to the right target markets
           Get immediate attention from the right customer base
           Gain increased sales penetration with minimal cost
           Gain increased market exposure with limited resources
and quickly and cost-effectively increase your company’s sales and profitability.



Manufacturers' representatives are independent professional providers of field sales and marketing
services to manufacturers or suppliers. They typically handle a portfolio of related but noncompetitive
product lines working under a contractual arrangement within a defined geographic territory, on an
exclusive basis within their assigned field of responsibility. In the food industry, these businesses and
their people have been known as brokers--although they now prefer the more descriptive term prevalent
in some other fields agent--which accurately expresses the legal relationship with the manufacturers for
whom they sell.

Manufacturers' representative firms come in all shapes and sizes, from small defined-focus firms to
organizations handling all facets of marketing for their principals, with multiple-staffed offices and 500
or more on staff. Big or small, these firms never forget that their income is directly tied to personal
productivity. They have been quick to adopt the efficiencies afforded by e-commerce and field sales
automation-- often ahead of their principals providing sophisticated opportunity tracking as well as
instant access to all customer and factory data --inventory status, order status, customer history. etc.

The value that manufacturers' representatives bring--both to those they sell to and those they sell for-
emerges in great measure from the synergy created through the representation of multiple lines. Their
product portfolios allow manufacturers' representatives to present broad-based solutions to customer
problems, rather than the price-and-delivery responses typical of single-product selling. Their
consultative approach not only opens the door for other lines, but also adds value and stimulates a
partnering relationship with the buyer, as the purchase progresses through an entire project.

There's even more benefit to synergy: the added market potential it offers, the greater market share it
creates, and the greater speed of market penetration it facilitates. The multiple-line sales professional
can afford to call on customers too small to be profitable for a single line. The new entry into the
cutting-tool business gets in the door and on the floor faster, because the company's representatives
have already established a relationship with the customer for their abrasives and their grinders. The
ability to leverage the entree created by the other lines in the portfolio gets a vendor into more places,
and quicker, than could likely be achieved by a single-line sales force, no matter how aggressive and
proficient. Basic economics may drive most manufacturing start-ups to go the rep route... but
demonstrated successes keep 50% of all manufacturing companies using reps at least in some territories
or market segments--a figure that rises above 80% in the electrical and food service industries.

Manufacturers' representatives are independent professional providers of field sales and marketing
services to manufacturers or suppliers. They typically handle a portfolio of related but noncompetitive
product lines working under a contractual arrangement within a defined geographic territory, on an
exclusive basis within their assigned field of responsibility. In the food industry, these businesses and
their people have been known as brokers--although they now prefer the more descriptive term prevalent
in some other fields agent--which accurately expresses the legal relationship with the manufacturers for
whom they sell.

Manufacturers' representative firms come in all shapes and sizes, from small defined-focus firms to
organizations handling all facets of marketing for their principals, with multiple-staffed offices and 500
or more on staff. Big or small, these firms never forget that their income is directly tied to personal
productivity. They have been quick to adopt the efficiencies afforded by e-commerce and field sales
automation-- often ahead of their principals providing sophisticated opportunity tracking as well as
instant access to all customer and factory data --inventory status, order status, customer history. etc.

The value that manufacturers' representatives bring--both to those they sell to and those they sell for-
emerges in great measure from the synergy created through the representation of multiple lines. Their
product portfolios allow manufacturers' representatives to present broad-based solutions to customer
problems, rather than the price-and-delivery responses typical of single-product selling. Their
consultative approach not only opens the door for other lines, but also adds value and stimulates a
partnering relationship with the buyer, as the purchase progresses through an entire project.

There's even more benefit to synergy: the added market potential it offers, the greater market share it
creates, and the greater speed of market penetration it facilitates. The multiple-line sales professional
can afford to call on customers too small to be profitable for a single line. The new entry into the
cutting-tool business gets in the door and on the floor faster, because the company's representatives
have already established a relationship with the customer for their abrasives and their grinders. The
ability to leverage the entree created by the other lines in the portfolio gets a vendor into more places,
and quicker, than could likely be achieved by a single-line sales force, no matter how aggressive and
proficient. Basic economics may drive most manufacturing start-ups to go the rep route... but
demonstrated successes keep 50% of all manufacturing companies using reps at least in some territories
or market segments--a figure that rises above 80% in the electrical and food service industries.

18 Benefits of Outsourcing Field Sales

   1. Predictable sales costs that go up and down with sales
   2. Standardized sales costs
   3. Lower sales costs
   4. Immediate market access
   5. Broader market penetration
   6. More experienced sales force
   7. Multifaceted, multi-skilled sales team
   8. Wider, deeper coverage
   9. Stronger local relationships
   10.       Reduced sales force turnover
   11.       Training required only on product
   12.       Closer-to-the-customer forecasting
   13.       Better market intelligence
   14.       Increased sales
   15.       Knowledgeable advice and information - hear it like it is!
   16.       Risk-free exploration of new market niches
   17.       Problem-solving approach outperforms product selling
   18.       Vested partner in manufacturer's success


Unlike distributors, who take title and add cost to the goods they sell, reps are not an additional
channel, nor are they middlemen or channel intermediaries. They are the manufacturers' sales personnel
in the territory, simply paid on a different basis--commissions, rather than salary plus incentive plus
expenses. In fact, reaching the channel in the most cost-effective manner is probably the most prevalent
reason for choosing the rep route-- although manufacturers report that their reps bring them many
additional marketplace advantages besides the clear economic benefit of no sales expense until there is
a sale.

           Manufacturers' Representatives                                Distributors
1. Sell only in a defined territory                 1. May sell anywhere
2. Do not handle competing lines                    2. Frequently handle competing lines
3. Sell as an agent; do not take possession         3. Buy for resale; assume ownership
                                                    4. Compensated by margin of sale price over cost
4. Compensated by commission on sales
5. Typically handle 12 to 14 lines                  5. Often handle several hundred lines
6. Typically entrepreneurial, owner-operated        6. Large firms often publicly owned
7. Interface with distributors, refer orders to     7. Rely heavily on rep for referrals, training,
distributors, receive commissions on sales through  engineering support
8. Add value through application engineering       8. Add value through time-place utility
design-in, product synergy
9. May warehouse (for a fee) but do not maintain   9. Maintain inventory
10.Focus on customer needs                         10.Focus on selling what's on the shelf
                                 Win-Win-Win the Customer Benefits Too

   1. Stable relationship with someone who knows the total corporate culture
   2. Long-term commitment to the territory
   3. Serves the customer as a multifaceted resource
   4. More efficient sales calls - cover several products in a single meeting
   5. Consultative selling
   6. Bridges the communications gap among departments
   7. Advocacy, ability to secure exceptions to supplier policy
   8. Help in order strategy, through distribution or direct
   9. Perspective on market conditions and trends
   10. Solutions approach - looking at the forest, not just the trees

                                 MORE THAN A SOURCE, A RESOURCE

The ability of manufacturers' representatives to outperform direct employee sales forces starts with the
inherent benefits of product line synergy, and continues with the caliber of rep sales personnel. Rep
success is directly tied to productivity, so the profession attracts and retains the top talent in each
industry--the entrepreneurial, the competitive, the goal-oriented. Moreover, their success is linked to
their contacts with customers and distributors in the territory, not with their friends in the corporate
hierarchy. The factory-direct salesperson who produces is likely to be promoted, whether to another
location or to the home office. Recent Dartnell figures indicate the average stay of a company
salesperson in a given territory is only 22 months. For manufacturers' representatives, a figure of 22
years would be more likely!

Being rooted geographically leads to stability of relationships, an important added value in a world
where the customer is king. Another, possibly the most simplistic: the multiple-line sales call is simply
more cost-effective. The buyer saves time discussing several needs during a single meeting. Putting
together a power transmission system? The rep knows which control will interface most efficiently with
the specified motor and power supply.

Because of their multiple-line perspective, reps are more likely to look at the forest, not just the trees.
Their job is to add value, satisfying the customer's need and facilitating the flow of goods to the
customer, in the way that the customer wants to buy. Astute manufacturers recognize this, and develop
compensation programs that compensate the representative on all orders from the territory, whether
placed through distribution or direct.

Independent contractor sales representatives are not only a source but a resource. They supply in-depth
multilevel, interdepartmental coverage, helping to bridge the frequently encountered communications
gap between purchasing and engineering. Their advice is cogent because of the familiarity achieved over
the years not only with the customer's needs, but also with the customer's total corporate culture. Their
greater market exposure gives them access to a broader range of information, which they can analyze
with objectivity and added perspective.


The objectivity and perspective that the multiple-line sales professional brings to the table is never
more important than when the customer's need diverges from the manufacturer's standard operating
procedures. Whether it's a product modification or an expedited delivery, the representative can, and
will, fight harder for the customer. The rep has more at stake, with all the other products being sold
into that company, as well as more freedom than the direct salesperson to carry his clout and the
customer's behalf all the way to the top.

This commitment of the representative to the customer's interest is inherent in the territorial basis on
which reps operate. Nothing is more shortsighted than the efforts that keep surfacing from time to time
by "power buyers" to force out the rep and deal direct with the manufacturer. The vendor who succumbs
to the pressure must now perform the field sales function in house, and thus must bear the increased
costs. If quality, service, and functionality are degraded for short-term number improvement, customers
will go elsewhere; so the vendor protects today's sale at the price of tomorrow's profit. It makes no
sense to force suppliers to use second-best sales methods, limit choices by squeezing out small and
start-up companies, and stifle open competition and free markets in the process.

The representative's role in advocacy goes hand in hand with that in consulting. Because they're in the
territory for the long term, representatives look beyond the sale to the total relationship. Territory
knowledge combined with multiple-line exposure and entrepreneurial personality adds up to a wide-
ranging perspective on who's doing what, how it's working, and where it leads. The market intelligence
gleaned from reps goes far beyond sophisticated forecasting. Good representatives provide immediate
feedback that is invaluable to the manufacturers they represent and to the customers they call on.

Ask any rep, and you'll learn that one of the hazards of the business lies in being perceived as too
successful. Recent estimates in the high tech industries put typical yearly costs for a direct salesperson's
salary, incentives, office, travel, and other support services in the range of $260,000. (In commodity
businesses, they may run a little less.) The sales in a given territory grow to the $4 million point, and the
sales manager pulls out the calculator. With what the outsourced sales firm is being paid (and
commission rates vary widely by industry and circumstances), it seems possible to hire and support
someone dedicated to the company full-time.

Good arithmetic. Faulty reasoning. The calculation ignores the costs borne by the representative, as
well as the administrative and facilities costs that will have to be added at the manufacturer's end, both
in the territory and the home office. Also often overlooked is the likelihood that the outsourced team,
with its multiple sales personnel and regional systems, will grow the territory faster than can a single
direct individual.

What are the costs? The rep not only finances the sale (usually not receiving commission until after the
goods have been shipped), but the commission dollar also covers the cost of recruiting, training,
employee benefits, travel, client entertainment, automation, order entry, and more. (These typically
add half again to the direct salary costs.) The representative takes on a much broader role than sales
alone, whether it's editing, administering, and expediting orders, staffing a trade show booth, or
handling a customer return. Eliminating the manufacturer's exposures on a variety of legal fronts is
another benefit to outsourcing-workmen's compensation, sexual harassment, and ADA lawsuits, state and
local regulations, to name a few of the most obvious.

But anecdotal evidence from countless representatives who have experienced a factory decision to go
direct suggests that the real cost lies in the business that goes away. One manufacturers' representative
tells of being asked to take back a line that he had lost after building it to the $5 million range. After 14
months of "factory-direct," there was $400,000 of business in the territory! In this instance, the
manufacturer determined it was more important to save customers than to save face. Not only were all
the fired representatives invited back, but field sales in the territories that had previously been direct
were outsourced.


As the leaders of corporate America react to the constant pressure for greater profits and faster buildup
of shareholder equity, an old solution has quietly been taking on new relevance. To better focus on their
core competencies, more companies are recognizing outsourcing as a more effective and economical
way to perform many functions—not just security, plant maintenance, payroll, and human resources, but
even such complex activities as purchasing and field sales. The trend is visible today in mega-billion
dollar world-wide companies wide companies like IBM, Maytag, or 3M, as well as in start-ups and
companies with more limited resources. Professional field salespeople who are not on the company
payroll, and who don’t get paid until they actually sell something, are now more than ever the choice of
companies that had not previously chosen the independent manufacturers’ representative route.

The surge toward outsourcing field sales to professionals probably has as many roots as there are
manufacturers moving in this direction. Performance based compensation may be a buzz-word today in
the executive suite, but its been an ongoing reality in the world of sales for decades, if not centuries.

Companies with adequate resources to fund captive sales organizations are newly stimulated to recruit
manufacturers' representatives as a practical approach to downsizing. Diversification into multiple
markets and specialized distribution channels leads others to outsource their field sales. They thus
explore new opportunities without the major financial commitment involved in building, training, and
maintaining their own niche market sales forces. The opportunity to lower overhead and to standardize
sales costs has convinced many manufacturers to utilize representatives even when sales volume would
cover the expense of a dedicated sales force. With outsourcing, a company can cost effectively deploy a
multifaceted team instead of a single individual, and gain greater results for fewer dollars.

Today's sophisticated manufacturers representative is professional, multifaceted. technologically adept
and everywhere. Today he may be traveling around the territory to call on customers, tomorrow, around
the world to meet with principals. And as the rep will be quick to remind the sales managers he reports
to (and their CFOs), he buys his own tickets and pays his own expenses


Why Outsource Sales?

So you are a company ready to launch new products and/or services is the US marketplace? You have a lot of
business development options available. Unfortunately, many of those options can be costly, and not very
effective in the long run.

Hiring your first salesperson is often a lot like gambling. Salespeople are expensive. They are a "different
breed". In general, salespeople have different motivations from "other" people in the organization. In order to
attract a qualified, self-motivated salesperson that is right for your organization, you may have to pay a six-
figure salary, and potentially much higher. Regardless, this person has a big job ahead of them. They may have
to do everything from lead generation via cold calls to attending networking events to visiting prospects, to
follow up calls, etc. It's a tough job that may not show results until many months down the road.

The Home Office…
To reduce up front overhead costs, many companies have their first sales person work from a home office. This
definitely has its benefits (mainly to the sales person) and can make a significant reduction in your startup
costs. However, monitoring the progress of a virtual employee, especially when they are the only employee, is a
difficult and futile task.

What does this employee do the first day of work, from their home office? Are they making calls or are they out
picking up a new stapler, or a nice pen and pencil set for their desk? What do they do the first thing in the
morning. Make cold calls, or drive the kids to work. Do they have to deal with the local phone company to set
up a business line? Do they have a fax machine? How about a copier or high speed internet access in their
home? We've seen that many "work from home" sales people spend a great team of time doing administrative
setup and maintenance activities, which take them away from the reason you hired them: TO SELL.

So what does this high paid sales executive do once they are set up and operational in their home office? They
get on the phone and make calls to potential client, we hope. The problem is, once their first sales call is
successful, this salesperson spends the rest of the day planning a client visit. The next day, the sales person
hops in the car (or plane) and goes to see their newest prospect.

The Problem…
The problem is, no more phone calls are made while this eager sales person is out of the office. Many times,
even INCOMING calls and emails are not returned. This is fine if your salesperson has a 100% hit ratio, or if
your product or service is so outstanding that you have never lost a prospect (in which case you are wasting
your money on a sales person anyway). More often than not, your eager salesperson is focusing on the egg in
this one basket, but doesn't have the time or attention to develop a pipeline. Money is being wasted.
Opportunity is lost. But most small companies don't know, until it is too late (many times it takes 3-6 months).

The moral of this story is that when a company hires a single sales person to launch a sales and marketing
efforts in the US, that person can only effectively do one thing at a time. If you hire a qualified individual
(usually at a six-figure salary), your dollars are going to either cold calling or client visits. One or the other, but
rarely both, effectively.

You want both. You need both. You want an executive level, "solution sales" person that can sell to executive
decision makers AND you also want a tele-sales guru that can "dial for dollars" and won't take no for an answer.
To get both, you may need to hire two people at once. To get the true benefits, you'll have to pay the overhead
of office space in order to give them a place to work together, as a team. This costs additional money is and
usually too big a step for small to midsize companies.

The Total Sales Solution…
With VirSaForce, that needed infrastructure is already in place. The very day you sign on with VirSaForce, the
phone calls and emails start going out. When we have a qualified prospect on the line that requires a face-to-
face visit, we follow through that sales cycle while simultaneously, other VirSaForce team members are making
calls to bring in your next prospect and further develop the pipeline. The cycle continues on through the day,
the week, and all year long. Since we already have state-of-the-art facilities and the technological infrastructure
in place, or costs are low and our minds are focused on one thing: SELLING!!!.

With VirSaForce, you can have a virtual sales team selling next week, often for less than $10,000k/month.

Sure you can have your employees working from home, but are they actually working? Are they networking
with peers? Are they meeting clients for coffee, or are they sleeping late and taking the kids to school? You
won't know until the sales reports come in, at that point, it may be too late.

With VirSaForce, we have the technology in place for you to monitor our progress on the first day. You'll know
how many calls we've made, to whom we have made them. You'll know the client visits we've taken, as well as
the visits that are planned. You can know as much (or as little) as you would like. You can log on to our website
the first week of our contract and view our progress reports. Our learning curve is quick. We know how to sell
and we know what questions to ask of you, and your prospects.

Interim Sales Solutions…
In business, it is rarely "all or nothing". At VirSaForce, many of our clients turn to us for interim sales solutions.
While you are conducting an executive search for that perfect VP of Business Development, why not let
VirSaForce kick-start your tele-sales campaign so you will have qualified leads ready and waiting for your new
hire? Finding the right VP of Business Development takes time. You shouldn't be rushed. However, finding the
right VP doesn't mean your sales pipeline should wait. With our proven methodology and turnkey solutions, we'll
get the pipeline going and it will be ready to turn over on the VP's first day. Never before would you imagine
hiring a salesperson to work for you on a month-to-month basis. What salesperson would accept a job, knowing
they will have a new boss in 30-60 days? At VirSaForce, we provide cost-effective interim sales solutions that
can help you build your sales pipeline, right away!


Our Focus is on Sales!

"How will your firm attract the right clients, qualify, convert and retain them as

Building intelligent sales outsourcing solutions has been our only focus for the past 7 years. Sales
Focus Inc (SFI) launched the SalesBPO industry in 1997, focusing on companies that needed
immediate revenue generation. S.O.L.D, our repeatable process, has allowed us to work with many
industries including Technology, Energy, Financial Services, Telecommunication, and Healthcare. Our
SalesBPO solution is a "true" business process outsourcing model whereby the sales team is
exclusively recruited, trained, and managed for each client. Each sales agent only represents one
client. We protect our clients' brand through extensive recruiting and training processes.

We develop sales plans, recruit highly qualified sales professionals and manage them to meet our
clients' revenue goals. Many organizations may have a sales team in place but our flexible solutions
allow them to meet the demands of today's market. If acquiring small and medium business (SMB) is
part of your organization's charter, SFI is your solution. SFI has partnered with Fortune 100
companies across the USA to supplement their existing sales organizations for SMB acquisition. In
less than 45 days, we will build a team and have feet on the street acquiring clients!
Emerging companies and Fortune 500 companies alike-- every organization needs a sales strategy
and a tactical level sales plan. SFI offers a range of services from sales outsourcing to sales
consulting and professional sales training. We provide our clients free information via white papers on
developing effective sales pitches and building top performing sales teams.

We create repeatable and sustainable business processes designed to bring positive results in a short
period of time. Our programs and services are designed by sales professionals with technical and
executive level business experience to ensure your success. Whether you're selling a technical
product or professional services our experienced executives make sure you achieve your desired

QuikLaunch        TM

Dedicated inside or outside sales professionals focused on generating immediate revenue for our clients!

Our approach to your success is based on a team approach. Each client is assigned a team of experts to make
sure your transition goes smoothly.

Program Executive         - Your acting VP of Sales, will manage your dedicated sales team to meet revenue
Account Manager           - Responsible for client satisfaction and account review.
Sales Agents              - Implements our proven methodology S.O.L.D. to insure communication and
                            success throughout the contract life.
Sales Administrator       - Manages all Human Resource functions.
Financial Administrator   - Manages all expenses and commissions.

For less cost and in a shorter amount of time, we will develop a selling process, implement sales support
structures and manage a dedicated group of sales professionals that are focused and driven to achieve your
revenue goals.

Sales Focus, Inc. will incorporate our extensive business management consulting and executive sales and
marketing experience into a solution that reduces the risk for our clients.

Whether it's "feet on the street" or lead generation programs through our New Business Development
Center, our sales professionals are recruited, hired and managed specifically to meet your revenue goals.

Your assigned Sales Focus transition and management team of experts will assess your current sales strategy,
devise a marketing plan, develop a process driven organization then manage it to meet your corporate goals all
within 45 days!

Our QuikLaunchTM solution integrates our SalesAdvisorTM and SalesStaffingTM services.

Our commitment to our clients;

      Tactical Sales and Marketing Plans
      Organizational Planning & Development
      Dedicated and Focused Sales Professionals
      Solution Based Strategic Sales Training
      Focused Sales Management

                        Feet on the street in 45 days! Guaranteed!
SalesAdvisor        TM

Sales Focus, Incorporated will provide you with an in-depth sales and marketing analysis that we will implement
into a program that will align with your corporate goals and objectives.

Utilizing our proven methodology S.O.L.D., Sales Focus will develop a sales and marketing strategy focused on
generating immediate revenue opportunities while developing a structure that will incorporate a value chain for
future business.

Sales Focus, Inc. will incorporate our extensive business management expertise and executive sales and
marketing experience into a solution that reduces the risk for our clients.

Our highly experienced Sales & Marketing Executives will provide you with the following;

      Clear, consistent marketing message, elevator pitch, and tag line
      Detailed Client acquisition plan
      Sales organization layout
      Requirements for additional sales support infrastructure
      Current sales staff evaluation report
      Targeted Customer and Partner profiles
      Sales Force Automation tools
      Competitive landscape evaluation
      Lead generation programs
      Sales support requirements analysis

                                      Building Success! Today!

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SalesManagement              TM

You already have a sales and marketing team, but they're not achieving your revenue goals? Our unique mix of
business consultants and sales & marketing executives will have your sales team performing like rainmakers!

Sales Focus Inc will be your SalesManagementTM and implement proven process and methodologies to ensure
that your sales force is successful!

Our SalesManagementTM solution integrates years of management consulting experience and sales & marketing
knowledge into solution based selling techniques.

We'll focus on customer retention and client acquisition strategies while integrating customer relationship
management tools (CRM) and sales force automation tools (SFA) to ensure long term corporate success.

We will deliver to you:

      Sales Executives Evaluation Reports
      Organizational Layout Recommendations
      Future Staffing Requirements
      Customer Retention Programs
      Compensation Programs
      Sales Management Techniques
      Sales Training Solutions

                             Increase sales by 25%! Guaranteed!
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Round Table Workout
If you build it they will come! Don't bet on it! You can build it, but if you can't sell it, you might as well trash it!

Selling in today's market requires a new set of specific management traits and decision-making abilities to be
successful within a volatile economic environment.

There are many obstacles to stability, growth and profitability. Can you identify your company's obstacles and
problems that are keeping you from achieving your desired success?

      Leadership - Corporate direction is clouded and inconsistent.
      Communication - No method to share problems, concerns or creative ideas.
      Management - Process is cumbersome and without verification.
      Courage - Unwilling or unable to take necessary risks.
      Timeliness - It takes time to change the direction of the ship, the Titanic taught us that!

What traits keep organizations consistent and moving in a positive, profitable, forward direction?

      Leadership - Clear Vision and Direction on achieving the desired result.
      Communication - Top down clear communication and buy-in of corporate goals and objectives.
      Management - Check points and processes in place to monitor progress.
      Courage - Instinct and the gut to make the difficult decisions.
      Timeliness - Maneuverability to meet customer and market demands.

Round Table "Sales Focus Workout" Session

Let us help to get your juices flowing! Sales Focus has developed a proven method to find out what's really
behind your lackluster performance - A One-day "Sales Focus Workout" will make you sweat!

Through a series of initial interviews and analysis, we will gather the key people in your organization for a round
table workout session focused on discovering issues revolving around weak corporate performance and
formulate a plan of action for resolution.

We will evaluate the following six key ingredients that are essential to every organizations success.

   1. Culture - How is Sales viewed within your company? What do your vision and mission statements say
      about sales?
   2. Process - Is your sales force strangled by too much process or has management lost control and new
      processes need to be developed?
   3. Communication - Is your organization laid out for effective communication internally and externally to
      meet customer demands and expectations?
   4. Revenue - Are you meeting your current revenue goals? Do you have a "tactical revenue generation"
      plan in place to fix the problem?
   5. Motivation - Are the incentive plans in place to help your organization meet the goals of the company?
      Have the training programs been launched?
   6. Personnel - Have you made the right decisions in hiring? Are your skill sets aligned with job
      requirements? Are compensation plans actually holding you back?

Through years of experience, Sales Focus has developed a series of steps, processes and procedures that will
identify the unique six key ingredients for your success.

Now through our one-day workout session your company can identify the problem areas and develop solutions
that will get your company back on the path to success!

With today's economic climate, every company needs to improve upon their rate of selling success. Sales are
not only dependent upon the few individuals with the "Salespersons" title, but the entire organization. Sales
Focus has identified six key ingredients for corporate success. We will share these ingredients with you through
our one-day workout session which has the ability to increase win rates and improve overall corporate morale.

It's imperative for companies today to reach out and assist everyone within their organization - including
corporate executives - on effective selling and lead generation techniques. Today can be the beginning of your
"new sales focus"!

Call Sales Focus today @ 410.442.5600 or send an email to schedule your one-day
Sales Focus Workout.

                                    You can't wait to see the difference!

Workout Sessions are scheduled by appointment only and require a two-week notice. Workout Sessions may be
conducted over a two or three day period.

Additional programs are available. Please call Sales Focus at 410.442.5600 or toll-free 866.840.8305 to hear
about all our consulting and training programs.

                                     Any Questions? Why Outsource?

                        Feet on the street in 45 days! Guaranteed!

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New Business Development Center
  Inside Sales Programs That Really Work!

Our sales and marketing experts leverage our proven methodology S.O.L.D. into a solution that will jump-start
your revenue, through generating qualified leads from our inside sales professionals, or performing Customer
Satisfaction Surveys.

We will work with you to develop an executive level plan that brings out the strengths within your organization.
Then we will dedicate inside sales professionals to generate qualified leads that your outside sales executives
can develop into a long-lasting relationships.

Your Sales Focus Management Team will perform the following services for each client:

      Design a sales plan aligned with corporate goals
      Develop a clear sales message
      Define your Ideal Client Profile (ICP)
      Develop internal sales processes
      Develop lead generation initiatives
      Develop sales tracking and management tools

We will plan, implement, and manage your sales strategy that will get your revenue started quickly!

Our Inside Sales program will give your company the revenue stream today and get you in a position to grow
your business for tomorrow.

Professional Sales people generating quality leads - that's what our New Business Development Center is all
about. Don't have your outside sales team wasting time making cold calls. It's too expensive and wastes
valuable face time when they should be out selling in front of the customers.
                                                   Any Questions? Why Outsource?

                               Complete Programs in 30 days! Guaranteed!

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Our Methodology
  Sales Outsourcing Acceleration Process

SOLD - Study Organize Launch Direct

Phase I - Study

Discovery Review

The Discovery phase of our project will begin prior to the kick-off meeting. SFI will provide our client with a list
of materials that are requested prior to the kick-off meeting.

The requested information is designed to also help our client gather, collate and assess the state of their

If relevant, SFI will conduct in-depth interviews with existing customers, partners, and employees to better
understand the perceived presence of our client in their market.

SFI will review the existing business plan and evaluate all functions within the organization including operations,
marketing, finance, and customer support.

SWOT Review

SFI will work closely with our client to review the results of their SWOT analysis and determine if it has, in fact,
addressed the factors critical to positioning the company for success.

Special attention will be paid to the key market differentiators since the market space is crowded, and
competition for all business segments is increasing and highly volatile.

SFI will work closely with our client to make certain that all areas within the discovery segment have been
completed and the information that was gathered will provide sufficient content for beginning phase II.

Phase I Result:
SFI will have clearly identified and quantified corporate goals and objectives.

                                                                                                         back to top
Phase II - Organize

Sales and Marketing Plan
Attention will be paid to critical elements in the marketing plan that will include performance metrics to measure
success, detailed organizational staffing plan with sales processes and support requirements, market direction,
and targeted client profiles.

Branding and Message

A company's brand and message is extremely important in today's competitive market. SFI will identify a
unique quality marketing approach that will deliver a clear consistent message that your customers will
understand. SFI will work to align the message with the corporate culture and identity.

Decision Processes

One of the most critical functions for a company is to set goals and measure the results of activities so swift
action can be taken to make course corrections, prior to the onset of fiscal challenges.

Working with our client, SFI will determine key metrics that can be used to measure progress and influence the
organization in the short-term.

This segment includes the creation of criteria used to determine what a valid opportunity is, and how that
opportunity will get promoted from Suspect to Prospect to Lead to Customer.

Processes for cross organization Sales Team development and support will be generated and documented.

Recommendations will be made for Sales Force Automation tools and a discussion of Client Relationship
Management tools will take place as well.

Staffing Plan

A model for the organizational layout of the sales organization will be developed, including estimates of the
number of internal and external sales representatives that will be required to achieve specific sales goals.

SFI will provide detailed Job Descriptions for all levels within the Sales organization, including Sales
Administrator, Sales Representatives, Technical Sales Support, Account Managers, and Sales Managers.

Compensation plans will be developed with a detailed focus on retaining key employees while gaining customer
loyalty and market share. Commission plans will be developed to generate revenue in market segments which
are beneficial to corporate goals and objectives.

Initial sales quotas will be established and aligned with corporate goals and objectives.

Channel Entry Points

SFI will develop a set of channel entry points for the product and service that map to the market segment the
organization is best fit to serve, based on current experience.

This does not mean that we will recommend not entertaining requests from outside the segment, but will
encourage the company to stay focused. These business segments are designed to focus the development of
materials designed to make the sales staff extremely effective.

Ideal Client Profile

Understanding the Ideal Client Profile (ICP) is extremely important to the sales process. To manage the Cost Per
Opportunity (CPO), or the costs involved in selling the product, an organization must know if the sales team is
targeting the right organizations.

SFI will develop a profile of the ideal customer, including a landscape of motivators and detractors that our
client will face from the buyers, influencers, and decision makers.
Ideal Partner Profile

The Ideal Partner Profile (IPP) is developed to assist the organization in developing long-term, mutually
beneficial business partnerships. The Ideal Partner Profile focuses on developing a picture of what these
organizations look like, where to find them, and how to establish relationships with them.

Phase II Result
SFI will provide a comprehensive sales and marketing plan including guidelines and metrics designed to drive the organization to success by
preparing them with the materials, processes, and tools they need to sell on target.

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Phase III - Launch

A fully mobilized sales force on the street in 45 days! Guaranteed!

Recruiting, training, and implementation of a dedicated sales force targeted at our client's ideal customer
profile. The launch phase of our process includes the following;

Sales Team Training

SFI will teach pipeline management and solution-based selling skills, including the utilization of a sales reporting
tool. Additional training may be required in the basics of selling, such as dealing with customer objections and
negotiating or closing the sale.

The training program will be customized to meet the client's specific requirements and the skill level of sales


SFI will first search our existing database of well-trained sales professionals who can accelerate the process. If a
search is required SFI has internal recruiters dedicated to finding the right individuals.

We also have relationships with some of the world's largest recruiting organizations if a difficult requirement is
needed to be filled. We will perform all the interviewing, reviewing of candidates' skill sets, and evaluation of
sales executives' selling skills.

SFI can also assist our client with certain HR functions that will allow the client to select the candidates more
quickly and with better efficiency.

Phase III Result
Specifically Recruited, Fully Trained Dedicated sales force within 45 days!

                                                                                                                                     back to top
Phase IV - Direct

Outsourced Sales Staff & Management

With the Sales Focus, Inc. QuikLaunch program the SFI Program Executive will act as the Sales Manager or VP
of Sales for our clients.

SFI will closely recruit, train, then manage the sales organization to meet Service Level Agreements and achieve
the corporate goals and objectives.
                              SFI Program Executives will represent our client at the highest-level customer
                              negotiations to ensure success. Our Program Executives will manage the client
                              expectations and ensure the sales team is fully operational and focused on generating
                              revenue for our clients.

                              Reward and Retention

                              Developing loyal employees is essential to the success of business in a competitive
                              market. SFI will work closely with the management team of our client to develop key
                              employee reward and retention programs, including bonus programs, presidents clubs,
                              and stock incentives.

                       SFI will continue to work with our client to develop a positive team culture within the
                       sales and marketing force that will enable groups of people to work closely together in
achieving the desired corporate goals.

Phase IV Result
Fully Managed, Dedicated Sales Force focused on generating new business for our clients. Managed pipeline of opportunities, aggressive selling
programs, and satisfied customers.

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You Outsource your HR, and/or IT process...
  Why Not Sales?

Industry experts acknowledge that outsourcing has become a standard business practice. Outsourcing functions
like logistics, administration, help desk/ IT, payroll etc. can save you as much as 20%. What if outsourcing your
selling functions could save you 20% in cost...AND INCREASE SALES REVENUE AND PROFIT MARGINS?

Total Solution Delivery

Are you tired of interviewing sales candidates due to turnover? Are you frustrated because forecasting and
reality have nothing in common? Does it make you sick to walk by your sales department and find no one is on
the phone? Are you concerned that your salespeople are selling less, discounting like crazy, losing clients faster
than they bring new ones on? By partnering with Sales Focus Inc. you can do what you do best and allow a
results proven company do what they do best.

Our wide variety of services gives you a high degree of flexibility. Our consulting services, sales training
programs, business plan development, recruiting and sales management have the ability to be implemented on
their own. You have the option of selecting and implementing the services necessary to meet your company's
immediate needs. Over time you can implement additional services. We can crawl before we walk, walk before
we run or simply sprint to the winning finish line...the choice is yours.

20 Reasons Why Sales Outsourcing Works

    1. More effective prospecting
    2. Greatly improved lead generation effectiveness
    3. We have a high comfort level calling on "the top"
    4. Eliminating non-buyers earlier
    5. Shorter selling cycle
    6. Less discounting
    7. Higher per sale average
    8. More effective management of the proposal process
    9. Higher close ratio
    10. Better relationships with prospects and clients
    11. Lower cost per sale
   12. More effective team selling
   13. More accurate forecasting
   14. Higher activity per sales representative
   15. More effective negotiations
   16. Creates stronger company image
   17. New Sales people get up to speed quicker
   18. Reduced turnover
   19. Better communications
   20. Overall increase in morale

If you're thinking about outsourcing, make sure you understand the pros and cons and find a provider that
brings value to your company. Find a provider willing to share the risks and rewards of a partnership.

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Who Are We?
Sales Focus, Inc. delivers innovative solutions that address the challenges faced by businesses in today's
evolving economy. Our experienced executives provide tailored Market Strategies, Sales Management and
Outsourcing solutions to fit your business. By implementing our QuikLaunch TM program you will have dedicated
feet-on-the-street within 45 days! Guaranteed!

Why Use Us?
Sales Focus, Inc. was developed by a group of seasoned sales executives who have a strong commitment and
understanding within the technology sector. Each client is individually addressed with solutions that fit their
business requirements. With over 30 years of sales and marketing experience, Sales Focus, Inc. is uniquely
positioned to deliver expert strategies through proven processes and methodologies. Our extensive technical
background within the IT sector has helped us to cater our business practices to fast paced high growth

Sales Focus Inc will develop your solution by people who understand your product, your market and your

Who Should Use Us?
Organizations that want to grow! Companies trying to achieve their next level of development and maturity!

Companies in high growth, fast paced markets or those in transition will capitalize on our unique approach to
market definition and sales management. Sales Focus Inc has solutions tailored for startups and Fortune 50
companies, each program developed and delivered specifically for you.

If you are looking to launch a new company, a new product, or a new territory Sales Focus Inc will reduce your
time to market and save you money. If you need to saturate a territory for a short period of time and need it
quickly, Sales Focus Inc will deliver in 45 days or less! Guaranteed!

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