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Vo . 5 N . 1                         January 1999

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                                     B l & J ff

           Bean Day
            Jan. 22
                    Details inside
  Fargo, ND 58102
    Permit 1570
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use the one that ran in
Sept-Oct 1998, pg 2

         Board of Directors and Council Members
                                                                    Northarvest Bean Grower
                                                                     aur 99
                                                                    Jnay19                      l     o
                                                                                              Vo . 5 N . 1
    Northarvest Bean Growers Association                    The Northarvest Bean Grower is published five times
         President               Mark Streed, Milan, MN
                                                            a year (January, March, May, August and November) by
George McDonald, Fisher, MN          320-734-4706           the Northarvest Bean Growers Association, RR3 Box
       218-773-2192                                         520, Frazee, MN 56544. Phone (218) 334-6351.
                                  Gary Paur, G l y, ND
                                              ib            Editorial and advertising material may be sent to
      Vice President                 701-896-2892           Northarvest Bean Grower, RR1 Box 118, Glyndon, MN
 Mark Myrdal, Edinburg, ND                                  56547.
       701-993-8243            Gary Friskop, Wahpeton, ND
        Treasurer                                                               Contents
 Randy Carow, Perham, MN         Brian Frank, Olivia, MN    BEAN DAY -- IT S JAN. 21-22: Northarvest s annual
      218-346-5393                   320-523-1071           Bean Day is set for Jan. 21-22 at the Fargo, N.D.,
                                Alan Juliuson, Hope, ND
                                                            Holiday Inn. The events begin with a pre-Bean Day ban-
 Marty Hettervig, Buxton, ND
        701-847-2434                 701-945-2672           quet the evening of Jan. 21. Pages 4-9.

                                                                                              ciiis rjcs
                                                            ANNUAL REPORT: Northarvest s a t v t e , p o e t
              Minnesota Dry Bean                            and programs for 1998 are summarized. Read about
        Research and Promotion Council                      promotion, market development, research and commu-
        Chairman                      Secretary                                      -
                                                            nication projects.Pages 11
   Dan Hughes , Danvers         Bob Mehlhouse , Olivia       2
       320-567-2283                 320-523-1137
                                                            TALKING BEANS: News
     Vice Chairman                                          and views from the dry bean
  Mark Dombeck, Perham               Curt Thureen
                                                            industry.Pages 24-27.
      218-346-5952                  E. Grand Forks
        Treasurer                                           ROOT ROT RESEARCH:
 Mike Beelner, Park Rapids            Minnesota             U of M scientists try new
       218-732-5792                 Commissioner            ways to get at the root of this
                                    of Agriculture          growing problem. Pages
         North Dakota Dry Bean Council                                                         e
                                                                                              J ff and Bill Grommesh
         Chairman                    Tim Skjoiten                                             explain some of the new
        Phil Longtin                   Hatton               RECIPE CONTEST: Enter             equipment and production
          W ahla
             lal                    701-543-4106            the    Northarvest    Bean        practices that have helped
       701-549-2356                                         Growers      Association s        them grow beans more eff  i-
                                     Mark Sletten           Fiesta Recipe Contest.             inl
                                                                                              c e t y. See pages 32-33.
      Vice Chairman                     Hatton              Pages 36-37.
    Jerome Hagemeister              701-543-4079
        Fessenden                                           1998 CROP: USDA issue
       701-547-3275                 North Dakota            preliminary estimate of bean production by class. Pages
                                    Commissioner            41-43.
        Treasurer                   of Agriculture
  Kathy Walton, Englevale
                                                             Publication of editorial or advertising material
                                                              n h
                                                             i t e Northarvest Bean Grower magazine
        Executive Vice-President Tim Courneya                does not imply endorsement by the
            RR3 Box 520, Frazee, MN 56544                    Northarvest Bean Growers Association. Check
        Phone: 218-334-6351 Fax: 218-334-6360                agronomic advice with local sources and
                                                             always read and follow product labels.

                                                               N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999 Page 3
   New film
   Va e t

Page 4 N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999
                     24TH ANNUAL BEAN DAY
                                     JANUARY 22, 1999
                               FARGO HOLIDAY INN - FARGO, ND
                     A G E N D A
                 Morning Program
               Master of Ceremonies                                          Afternoon Program
                   Randy Carow                                              Master of Ceremonies
  Director, Northarvest Bean Growers Association                                         lo
                                                                                Kathy Wa t n
                                                                  Councilman, North Dakota Dry Bean Council

9:00 - 10:15 a.m.    Registration and C offee
                                                              1:15 -1:30 p.m.              Association Business
10:15 - 10:25 a.m.   Setting The Agenda                                             District Elections
                     George McDonald, President
                     Northarvest Bean Growers                 1:30 - 2:00 p.m.               Leo Reinbold
                      Association                                                   President
                                                                                    North     Dakota     Public        Service
10:25 -10:40 a.m.    Root Rot Control In Kidneys              Commission
                     Consuelo Estevez DeJensen,                                     Bismarck, ND
                     Graduate Assistant
                     Plant Pathology Department               2:00 - 2:20 p.m.               Recapping FY98 Fruits
                     University of Minnesota                  And                                  Vegetable
                     St. Paul, MN                             Planting Violations
                                                                                    And Setting The Agenda For
10:40 - 10:55 a.m.   Is It A Keeper?           Dry Bean
Variety                                                                                           ean
                                                                                    Scott B. Stoff r h ,
                     Performance In 98                                              State Executive Director
                     Ken Grafton, Dry Bean Breeder                                  Farm Service Agency
                     Department of Plant Sciences                                   Fargo, ND
                     North Dakota State University
                     Fargo, ND                                2:20 - 2:40 p.m.           A         Profile        Of      The
                                                              Mexican Bean
10:55 - 11:10 a.m.   Potential Outcomes To The                                 ne
                                                              Producer, Fall Wi t r
                     Illegal Use Of Pesticides                                     Harvest         And      The         Farm
                     Jerry Thompson                           Economy
                     Pesticide Enforcement                                          Dr. Marcial Ortiz, Research Scientist
                     ND Department of Agriculture                                   INIFA P
                     Bismarck, ND                                                   Zacetecas, Mexico
11 1 - 11:40 a.m.    Strategies For Good Weed                 2:40 - 3:00 p.m.          An Inside Look At The
                     Control Plus What s Our                  Domestic                  And Export Trade And
                     Chances For Raptor And                   The                              Challenges To
                     Roundup For 99
                     Richard Zollinger,                             Pre-Bean Day Banquet
                                                              Moving The 98
                                                              Northarvest Dry Bean Crop
                     Extension Weed Specialist
                     North Dakota Extension Service                                  21
                                                                           Jan.Bartsch, Special Crops Trading
                                                                            Continental Grain Co.
                     North Dakota State University
                     Fargo, ND                                                     Minneapolis, p.m.
                                                                          Exhibits open -- 5MN
                                                                         Hospitality Hour -- 6 p.m.
11:40- Noon          Grower     Survey Of             Pest                   Banquet -- 7 p.m .
Problems                      And Varieties
                     Art Lamey, Extension Plant Pathologist                (Cost $15 per person)
                     NDSU Extension Service                            Call 218-334-6351 by Jan. 20
                     North Dakota State University
                     Fargo, ND                                                to reserve tickets.
                                                                     See next page for more details.
Noon - 1:15 p.m.     Lunch
                                                                     N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999 Page 5
    Northarvest district elections set for Bean Day
                                                                                are    be held for      on
                                                                    E lectionsboardtofor theBean postsdis-
                                                                        the Northarvest
                                                                       District 3 -- Alan Juliuson, Hope, N.D.,
                                                                     s h u r n i e t r. e s l g b e o
                                                                    i t e c r e t d r c o H i eiil fr
                                                                       District 6 -- George McDonald,
                                                                             i n , s h u r n i e t r.
                                                                    Fisher, M n . i t e c r e t d r c o He
                   Northarvest                                       s lgbe o eeeto.
                                                                    i eiil frr-lcin
             Election Districts                                        District 9 -- Brian Frank, Olivia, Minn.
                                                                     e s o lgbe o eeeto.
                                                                    H i nteiil frr-lcin

 Pre-Bean                                                Grower Survey To Be
 Day                                                     Conducted At Bean Day
                                                         A grower survey of production problems and practices
 Banquet                                                 will be conducted during Bean Day. The survey used
                                                         to be mailed to a sample of dry bean growers.
 Set for                                                    The survey questions include the number of dry
 Jan. 21                                                 bean acres you planted in 1998, the acres of each vari-
 The annual pre-                                         ety planted, the seed sources used, the worst pro-
 Bean Day banquet                                        duction problems encountered (includes weather,
 i stfrJn 2 a
  s e o a. 1 t                                           weeds, disease, insects, etc.) crop rotations used,
 the Fargo, N.D.,                                        micronutrients used, pesticides used and acres
 Holiday Inn.                                             rae.
    You must call                                           This information helps determine the research
 the    Northarvest                                      needs of the dry bean industry, says Art Lamey, NDSU
                                 Leo Reinbold            extension plant pathologist who conducts the study.
 Bean       Growers
 Association offices at (218) 334-6351 by Jan. 20 to         Your input in this survey is needed and will help
 reserve banquet tickets. Tickets are $15 per per-       research and extension faculty of both Minnesota and
 son payable at the door.                                North Dakota, as well as the Northarvest board of
    The event will start at 5 p.m. Commercial
 exhibits will be set up. The hospitality hour with a     Bean Day Essentials
 cash bar starts at 6 p.m. A banquet follows at 7 p.m.    Here is a quick guide to Bean Day:
 The buffet will include: White bean and chorizo             WHEN: Jan. 22, 1998 -- 9 a.m. View commer-
 soup, tossed green salad, baked stuffed potato in                                                     e.
                                                          cial exhibits, register and warm up with coff e
 half shell, Steak & Chicken Oscar and topped off            WHERE: All events at the Holiday Inn, Fargo,
 with a Dakota Sundae..                                   N.D., at 13th Ave. S and I-29, across from We t s
    Leo Reinbold, North Dakota Public Service             Acres.
 Commissioner, will be the banquet speaker. A w l -          OVERNIGHT:Lodging at Holiday Inn and other
 known public speaker and office holder, Reinbold         nearby hotels and motels. (See list on page 9.)
 is serving his fourth sixth-year term on the North                     eitain
                                                             FREE: R g s r t o .
 Dakota Public Service Commission. He was re-                FREE: Lunch at Bean Day sponsored by bean
 elected in 1998.                                         dealers and processors listed on page 6.
    Before winning a seat on the PSC for the first           E X PA N D E D: Free time has been expanded to

Page 6 N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999
        EXHIBITO R S
American Cyanamid          Elf Atochem
Tom Gardner                North American Inc.        Kuchar Combines             Poma Industries, Inc.
2709 33nd St. SW           Elton Ruble                Performance                 Rt 2 Box 47
Fargo, ND 58103            1230 N. 5th St.            P.O. Box 595                Mayville, ND 58257
(701) 237-4238             Fargo, ND 58102            Carlinville, IL 62626       (701) 786-3596
                           (701) 235-7004             (217) 854-9838
ASI                                                                               Preator Bean Co.
  Appleton, MN             Emery Visto’s Implement    Lee Bean & Seed, Inc.       Lynn Preator
  Barney, ND               1009 7th St. S.            RR1 Box 55                  P. O. Box 234
  Cavalier, ND             Oakes, ND 58474            Borup, MN 56519             Burlington, WY 82411
  Galesburg, ND            (701) 742-2167             (218) 494-3330              (307) 762-3310
  Grafton, ND              (800) 726-0108
  Hector, MN                                          MayPort Farmers Co-op       Raedel’s
  St. Thomas, ND           Foundation Seedstocks      Edible Bean Division        Hard Surface Welding
  Olivia, MN               LeRoy Spilde               P.O. Box 211                Franklyn Raedel
  Northwood, ND            NDSU                       Portland, ND 58274          P.O. Box 23
  Casselton, ND            Fargo, ND 58105            (701) 786-4062              Neche, ND 58265
  Casselton address:       (701) 231-7971                                         (701) 886-7688
  P.O. Box 249 Front St.                              MN Ag Statistics Service
  Casselton, ND 58012      Fugleberg Seed             PO Box 7068                 RanDean, Inc.
  (701) 347-5321           and Bean Co.               St. Paul, MN 55107          Randy and Dean Hoverson
                           Richard Fugleberg          (651) 296-2230              Highway 200 Box 135
B.A.G. Corporation         RR1 Box 49                                             Sutton, ND 58484
Mark Aufderhaar            Portland, ND 58274         Nissen Mfg Sales, Inc.      (701) 769-2649
1576 63rd St.              (701) 786-4129             Jay Nissen                  (701) 769-2338
Sommerset, WI 54025                                   RR1 Box 48
(715) 247-5431             Green Valley Bean Co.      Larimore, ND 58251          Richardton Mfg. Co.
                           RR2 Box 114                (701) 343-2444              Box 290
BASF Corporation           Park Rapids, MN 56470                                  Richardton, ND 58652
Gregg Webster              (218) 573-3400             ND Ag Statistics Service    (701) 974-3356
RR2 Box 64                                            PO Box 3166
Hillsboro, ND 58045        Harriston Industries       Fargo, ND 58108             S-M Enterprises, Inc.
(701) 436-5875             P.O. Box 187               (701) 239-5306              2310 28th St. S.
                           Minto, ND 58261                                        Moorhead, MN 56560
Chippewa Valley Bean Co. (701) 248-3286               ND Dry Seed Bean            (218) 236-5050
N2960 730th St.                                       Growers Association
Menomonie, WI 54751        Idaho Seed Bean Co.         il ut
                                                      Bl Knz                      Scott Moeller Co.
(715) 664-8342             John and Bill Dean         P.O. Box 5607               2200 14th Ave. S
                           P.O. Box 1072              Fargo, ND 58105             Moorhead, MN 56560
Continental Grain Co.      Twin Falls, ID 83303       (701) 239-7210              (218) 236-9336
PO Box 15187               (208) 734-5221
Minneapolis, MN 55415                                  Norwood Sales              Sund Manufacturing
(612) 339-8056             KBC        Trading      and Dan Norwood                P.O. Box 79
                           Processing                  102 Sunflower              Newburg, ND 58762
Dow Elanco                  Oakes, ND                  Cooperstown, ND 58425      (800) 334-7863
Bridget Hoffmeyer           W yndmere, ND              (701) 797-3684
311 1st St. SW              Cavalier, ND
Hillsboro, ND 58045         Hatton, ND                Ostlund Chemical
(701) 436-5262              Mayville, ND              Box 5015
                            Northwood, ND             Fargo, ND 58105
DuPont                      Perham, MN                (701) 282-7300
Ruth Anderson               Bird Island, MN
1395-A S. Columbia Rd. #308 Fargo address:            Pickett Equipment
Grand Forks, ND 58201                     e .
                            1790 32nd Av . S          Steve Pickett
(701) 594-4480              Fargo, ND 58103           976 E. Main
                            (701) 280-0061            Burley, ID 83318
                                                      (800) 678-0855

                                                              N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999 Page 7
          LUNCH                                       SPONSORS
ASI                      Cavalier Bean Co.                                Oakes, ND 58474           Manvel Bean Co.
P.O. Box 124             P.O. Box 297             Fessenden         Co-op 701-742-3219              P.O. Box 84
Appleton, MN 56208       Cavalier, ND 58220       Assn.                                             Manvel, ND 58256
612-289-2430             701-265-8495             P.O. Box 126                                      701-696-2271
                                                  Fessenden, ND 58438
ASI                      Central Va l y
                                    le            701-547-3354            KBC                       MayPort
P.O. Box 249 Front St.   Bean Co-op                                       P.O. Box 189              Farmers Co-op
Casselton, ND 58012      P.O. Box 162             Forest River Bean Co. W yndmere, ND 58081         Edible Bean Division
701-347-5321                            e
                         313 Railway Av .         P.O. Box 68             701-439-2489              P.O. Box 211
                         Buxton, ND 58218         Forest River, ND                                  Portland, ND 58274
ASI                      710-847-2622             58233                   KBC                       701-786-4062
P.O. Box 427                                      701-248-3261            P.O. Box 249
Northwood, ND 58267      Chippewa Valley Bean                             Bird Island, MN 55310     Northland   Marketing,
701-587-5900             N 2960 730th St.         Grand Forks Bean Co. 320-365-3070                  n.
                         Menomonie, WI 54751      P.O. Box 5357                                                 e
                                                                                                    4082 22nd Av .
ASI                      715-664-8342             Grand Forks, ND         KBC                       Larimore, ND 58251
P.O. Box 149                                      58206-5357              P.O. Box 99               701-397-5261
Industrial Park Dr.      Circle C Seeds           701-775-3984            Cavalier, ND 58220
Olivia, MN 56277         P.O. Box 9                                       701-265-8328              Perco, Inc.
320-523-1637             Gary, MN 56545           Green Valley Bean                                 P.O. Box 289
                         (218) 356-8214           RR2 Box 114             KBC                       725 E. Main St.
ASI                                               Park Rapids, MN         P.O. Box 230              Perham, MN 56573
P.O. Box 255             Crookston Bean           56470                                  e
                                                                          1328 Dakota Av .          218-346-2355
St. Thomas, ND 58276     P.O. Box 53              218-573-3400            Hatton, ND 58240
701-257-6721             Crookston, MN 56716                              701-543-3000              SRS Commodities
                         218-281-2567             GTC-GTC, LLC                                      P.O. Box 386
ASI                                               Falkirk Farmers         KBC                       411 2nd Ave. NE
P.O. Box 68              Continental Grain Co.    Elevator Co.            RR2 Box 11A               Mayville, ND 58257
Hector, MN 55342         P.O. Box 15187           RR1 Box 130             Mayville, ND 58257        701-786-3402
320-848-6257             Minneapolis,MN           W ashburn, ND 58577     701-786-2997
                         55415-0187               701-462-8572                                      St. Hilaire Seed Co.
ASI                      612-339-8056                                     KBC                       P.O. Box 85
16255 Highway 13                                  Haber            Foods P.O. Box E                 St. Hilaire, MN 56754
Barney, ND 58008         Dahlen Farmers           International           Northwood, ND 58267       218-964-5406
701-439-2266             Elevator & Oil Co.       Rt 1 Box 772            701-587-5206
                         Rt. 1 Box 29             Morris, MN 56267                                  The Bean Mill
ASI                      Dahlen, ND 58244         (320) 795-2468          KBC                       Rt2 Box 86E
P.O. Box 98              (701) 384-6144                                   P.O. Box 253              Perham, MN 56573
Galesburg, ND 58035                               Headwaters              650 2nd St. NE            (218) 346-2151
701-488-2214             Farmers Elevator Co.     Commodities             Perham, MN 56573
                         P.O. Box 547             Rt 1 Box 236            218-346-2360              Turtle River Bean Co.
ASI                      Cooperstown, ND          Ponsford, MN 56575                                P.O. Box 55
P.O. Box 25              58425                    218-573-3782            Klindworth Seed           Highway 33
77 3 3rd St.             701-797-2631                                     and Bean                  Manvel, ND 58256
Grafton, ND 58237                                 Hubbard Prairie Bean RR1 Box 32                   701-696-2517
701-352-1030             Farmers Elevator Co.     Co.                     Fessenden, ND 58438
                         PO Box 95                RR4 Box 208             701-547-3742              Valley Bean
ASI                      W alhalla, ND 58282      Park Rapids, MN                                   Association
9451 Highway 18          (701) 549-3210           56470                   Larimore Bean Co., Inc.   P.O. Box 128
Cavalier, ND 58220                                218-732-5552            P.O. Box 607              301 Oak St.
701-265-8385             Farmers Finest      Bean                         Larimore, ND 58251        Oslo, MN 56744
                         Co.                      Johnstown Bean Co.      701-343-6363              218-695-2201
Alvarado Bean Co.        P.O. Box 374             RR1 Box 409
P.O. Box 961             Highway 2 E.             Johnstown, ND 58235     Lee Bean & Seed, Inc.     W alhalla Bean Co.
100 Main St.             East Grand Forks,        701-869-2680            RR1 Box 55                P.O. Box 67
Alvarado, MN 56710       MN 56721                                         Borup, MN 56519           W alhalla, ND 58282
218-965-4668             218-773-8834             Kirkeide’s Northland    218-494-3330              701-549-3721
                                                  Seed and Bean
Bush Brothers & Co.      Farmers Elevator Co.     P.O. Box 33             LOK Commodities           W alton Bean
P.O. Box 384             of Honeyford             Fessenden, ND 58438     P.O. Box 13919            Growers Co-op
Augusta, WI 54722        2472 30th St. NE         701-547-3556            Grand Forks, ND           P.O. Box 297
715-286-2211             Gilby, ND 58235                                   58208                    Clarkfield, MN 56223
                         (701) 869-2466           KBC                     218-779-3426              320-669-4464
                                                  P.O. Box 290
Page 8 N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999
     Register to win                                                                           eitain s
                                           Be sure to register when you attend Bean Day. R g s r t o i
                                           free and it’s your ticket to the grand door prize to be given away
                                           during the day. Farm Credit Services - AgCountry will be giving
   color TV at Bean                        away a color television. You must be a Minnesota or North
                                           Dakota dry bean grower to win the television.

Bean Day Lodging Guide
The following is a partial list of hotels and motels in Fargo. All addresses are Fargo.
The area code for the phone numbers is 701:
HOLIDAY INN                            e .282-
                         1-29 & 13th Av . S           D AYS INN                                e .282-9100
                                                                                  3333 13th Av . S
20                                                    KELLY INN                                 e
                                                                                  3800 Main Av . 282-2143
AMERICINN                1423   35th St. SW234-9946   H A M P TON INN             3431 14th Ave. S 235-5566
ECONO LODGE              1401   35th St. SW232-3412   HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS         1040 40th St. S. 282-2000
COMFORT INN              1407   35th St. SW280-9666   RADISSON                    201 5th St.      232-7363
COMFORT INN SUITES       1415   35th St. SW237-5911   RAMADA PLAZA SUITES         1635 42nd St Sw 232-7000
C O U N T RY SUITES      3316          e .234-0565
                                13th Av . S           REGAL 8                     1202 S. 36th St. 232-9251

Buyers and Processors of Pintos,
    Navies and Black Tu t e
        Certified seed
      New crop contracts                                 Quality ND Seed - Certified or Registered
        Receiving Stations:                            Maverick, Hatton, Mayflower, Chase, Norstar,
          Hope Farmer Elevator                             T-39, Frontier, Black Night and Raven
             contact Dale Enerf
         Sharon Farmers Elevator
                                                               Thanks For Your Business
          contact Tom Amundson                              W e also do custom cleaning, sizing, treating
                                                                       and bagging of beans.

       Mike Hallingstad, Manager
        P.O. Box 386, 411 2nd Avenue NE                  Richard H. Fugleberg
               M y i l , ND 58257
                avle                                          RR1 Box 49
                                                          Portland, ND 58274
      (701) 786-3402                                     Phone: 701-786-4129
                                                       10 miles West on Hwy 200

                                                            N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999 Page 9
     Reach A New High In Harvest Profits                                     Lilliston Bean Combines
     Less bean damage and superior cleaning
  provided by the Bush Hog/Lilliston 6200 Bean                                    Sund Pickups
Combine will mean higher harvest profits for you.                         Pickett One Step & Windrowers
               Choose the 6200                                                Speed King and Rapat
            from Bush Hog/Lilliston                                                 Coveyors

                                                                                 Translation Error.
                                                                             low res fpo bean:pickette
                                                                         Bean Windrowers                         Used Harriston 12-22 or 8-30, hydraulic
                         pickup May-June                                 (all windrowers are hydraulic driven)   Convey-All
                                                                         New Pickeett 6-30                       Used BT65 Tender Box, Gas Drive
                         1998 photo page 9                               Used TFI 6-30, Center Table             BT240 Tender Box, Hydraulic or Gas
                                                                         Used Lockwood 6-30, Center Table         rv
                                                                         Used Heath 1082, 6-30, Center Table     All Sizes of Belt Conveyors
                                                                         Used Heath 8-30, Center Table
                                                                         Used Lockwood 6-30, Semi-End            Miscellaneous
                                                                         Used Lockwood 6-30, Center Delivery,    New Bucket Elevator For Lilliston
                                                                            PTO Drive                            Speed King Conveyor (10 x 65 )
                                                                                                                 New Bush-Hog 6 , 7 - 3-pt Mowers
                                                                       Bean Cutters                                                                 odn
                                                                                                                 Used 1997 Bush-Hog 15 Mower, F l i g
                                                                       New Elmer s 6-30                                                  al ie)
                                                                                                                 New Westfield Augers ( l s z s
                                                                       New Elmer s 8-30                                  sfed n ae rl il
                                                                                                                 New We t i l E d G t D i l F l s
                                                                       Used Speedy IGW 6-, 8- or 12-Row             (regular or brush auger)
                                                                       Used Speedy IGW 6-30 Offset Shank             eeti r yrui)
                                                                                                                    (lcrco hdalc
Bean Combines                       Pickett One-Steps
                                                                       Used Speedy IGW 8-30 Offset Shank         Used IHC 810 head with IH pickup
2 New 1997 Lilliston 6200           1 New 1999, 8-22, Cushion Shank, 8
                                                                       Used Speedy 6- or 8- Row                  Used IHC 800 planter with Dry Fertilizer
3 Used 1997 Lilliston 6200          Finger
                                                                       Used Heath 6- or 8-Row                       12-row 30 , with Transport
1 Used 1991 Lilliston 6200            Tube
                                                                       Used Harriston 8-30 Midmount              Used Road Boss Goose Neck Tr i e 3a l r,
1 Used 1987 Lilliston 6200          4 New 1999, 6-30, Cushion Shank, 8
                                                                       Used Harriston 12-22 or 8-30 Midmount     Axles,
1 Used 1982 Lilliston 6220          Finger
                                                                                                                    Brakes All Axles, Chain Box, 34 ft.
2 Used 1981 Lilliston 6200            Tube
                                                                       Bean Rods
1 Used 1980 Lilliston 6200          2 New 1999, 8-30, Cushion Shank, 8
                                                                       Used Nissen 6-30, Hydraulic               Axle Raise Kit
1 Used 1976 Lilliston 6200          Finger
                                                                       Used Nissen 8-30, Hydraulic               This kit will raise a Lilliston the same as
Pickups                             2 Used 1998, 6-30, Cushion Shank,
New Pickett Pickup for Lilliston    Center Table
Used Pickett Pickup for Lilliston
New Sund Pickup for Lilliston
                                    1 Used 1997, 6-30, Cushion Shank,
                                    Center Table
                                                                                  Call us -- 0ur inventory is
New Sund Pickup                     1 Used 1995, 6-30, Cushion Shank,
                                    Center Table

                                             E M E RY                                                                      W e accept
       Special dis-                                                                                                             s,
                                                                                                                              Vi a
     counts for buy-
        ing early!

        Stop by our
          booth at
                                    VISTO S
                                                                                                                          MasterCard &

                                                                                                                         Parts shipped
                                                                                                                         same day UPS
                                                               Oakes, ND
                             (701) 742-2167 or (800) 726-0108
                        e-mail us at:

Page 10 N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999
 Annual Report
  To Producers


             January 1999 Page 11
A message from the president
1998 did create a year of challenges and transition.
   Few people outside the industry recognize the magnitude of the dry bean busi-
ness that is in North Dakota and Minnesota. This year marked a historical record
planting and harvest for Northarvest. We were the host site to 940,000 acres of dry
beans representing approximately nine different classes.
Forty-six percent of all the dry beans planted in the U.S.
were in North Dakota and Minnesota.
   Since 1980, we have always demonstrated a strong
presence to planting dry beans. But due to our changing
agriculture economy and productivity by commodity, more
and more of our producers are looking for a way to increase
their bottom line and dry beans seem to be a temporary fit.
As we try to increase our bottom line, we will put pressure
on these minor crops due to their price sensitive markets,
which are purely driven by supply versus demand. We
have always grown enough, plus a little extra. We will need
to keep on top of this subject matter if we want to ultimately
remain a competitive supplier to a system driven by supply George McDonald
versus demand.
   Since we can t stand in one place too long, we will need to produce and deliver a
sound production-related research program, domestic promotion program, export
surveillance and development, and inform the media that you are a credible source
of information. One of our goals is to have at your finger tips or in the mail box the
information that will allow you to make important decisions next spring.
   I encourage you to review the annual report, which outlines your Association s
involvement. The report shows that sometimes we stand alone and other times we
                                      l i a e y,
stand together as a U.S. industry. U t m t l no matter what we are doing by our-
 e v s o l c l h s fforts and it makes a team.
sle,cletal toee
   A president s term is set at two years and this is my last year to serve in that
capacity. As a producer and investor in my future, it has been a wonderful experi-
ence to see our growers stand up and accept the responsibility of being the number
one producer of dry beans in the U.S.
   Everything starts at the grower level and we need to hear from you to set our
agenda. Good luck in 1999.



Page 12 Northarvest Bean Grower January 1999
                1998-1999 Budget By Category
                                                                                       BOARD AND COUNCIL
                                               Research                                    MEMBERS:
                                                                                     Bean Growers Association
                                                                                       George McDonald, Fisher, Minn.
                                               Program                                           218-773-2192
                                               management                                Mark Myrdal, Edinburg, N.D.
                                               13%                                               701-993-8243
                                                                                        Randy Carow, Perham, Minn.
                                              Market Development                        Marty Hettervig, Buxton, N.D.
National                                      5%                                                 701-847-2434
& regional                                                                                 Mark Streed, Milan, Minn.
promotion                                 Communication                                          320-734-4706
                                          3.5%                                                            ib ..
                                                                                             Gary Paur, G l y, N D
56%                                                                                              701-869-2892
                                                                                        Gary Friskop, Wahpeton, N.D.
        How Your Bean Groups Work Together                                                       701-642-2378
                                                                                           Brian Frank, Olivia, Minn.
       Minnesota Dry Bean                               North Dakota                       Alan Juliuson, Hope, N.D.
     Research and Promotion                           Dry Bean Council                           701-945-2672
              Council                              Administers the Dry Bean
     Administers the Minnesota                      Industry Promotion Act                   Minnesota
      Dry Bean Promotion Act.                          of North Dakota.                Dry Bean Research and
                                                                                         Promotion Council
                                                                                       Curt Thureen, East Grand Forks
                  Northarvest Bean Growers Association                                          218-773-3026
                        Coordinates Minnesota and North                                   Mike Beelner, Park Rapids
                   Dakota Bean Council promotion, market                                        218-732-5792
                    development and research programs.                                      Dan Hughes, Danvers
                                                                                            Bob Mehlhouse, Olivia
     National Dry Bean              Northern                 American                           320-523-1137
           Council               Crops Institute         Dry Bean Board                    Mark Dombeck, Perham
      Carries out foreign         Promotes use         Coordinates domestic                     218-346-5952
     market development            of northern-        promotion programs,
     and promotion, and           grown crops.         and market and nutri-                 North Dakota
    serves as government                                   tion research.                  Dry Bean Council
                                                                                            Phil Longtin, Wa h l a
                                                                                       Jerome Hagemeister, Fessenden
    Annual Budget Appropriation by Category                                                     701-547-3275
                                                                                           Kathy Walton, Englevale
Expense                                       1997-1998            1998-1999                    701-683-5743
Program Management                             $115,200             $115,200                 Tim Skjoiten, Hatton
National and Regional Promotion                $413,260             $502,750                 Mark Sletten, Hatton
Research                                       $159,775             $201,597                    701-543-4079
Market Development                              $79,900             $ 44,000
Communication                                   $46,102             $ 32,700                      Office:
To a                                           $814,237             $896,247           Tim Courneya, executive director
                                                                                                 RR3 Box 520
Income                                                                                        Frazee, MN 56544
                                                                                              Ph: 218-334-6351
North Dakota Dry Bean Council                  $615,000              $679,000                 Fax: 218-334-6360
Minnesota Dry Bean Research
and Promotion Council                          $194,000              $218,000
To a                                           $809,000              $897,000

                                                                       N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999 Page 13
                       Domestic promotion
                       Imagine a New York City chef teach-
                       ing thousands of other chefs across
                       the country how she prepares
                       Southwest Pinto Bean and Pork Stew.
                          Or a chef from the Frontera Grill
                       and Topolobamp in Chicago showing
                       how he makes his award-winning
                       bean dish Drunken Pintos with
                       Cikinatro and Bacon.
                          Imagine the look on kids faces as
                       they taste zesty new bean dishes.
The                       Imagine a tall, graceful Olympic
NortharvestBean        skater sitting down across from 30
Growers                food editors for some of the biggest
Association s
Promotion              consumer magazines in U.S. and explaining how beans energize her life.
Committee                 Imagine seeing the printing presses roll -- printing millions of copies of magazines
creates and directs    containing the message that beans are the hot food of the 1990s.
promotion                 Imagine the look of Ah-ha! on bean grower faces when months of research
activities. Members    reveals a huge marketing gem -- that the next big food trend is take-home meals
Tim Skjoiten           and that is where they will get the biggest bang for their promotion buck in the future.
 Hatton, N.D.             All these scenes -- and many more -- were part of the Northarvest Bean Growers
(701) 543-4106         Association s 1998 promotion program.
Kathy Walton                                                   Part of the program focused on creating
 Englevale, N.D.                                            excitement about beans among restaurants and
(701) 683-5743
Dan Hughes                                                  school and university foodservices. More than
Danvers, Minn.                                              two years ago, the Northarvest identified these
 (320) 567-2283                                             markets as prime targets for bean growers
Mark Dombeck                                                because they serve millions of meals each year
Perham, Minn.                                               and influence consumer food choices.
 (218) 346-5952
Alan Juliuson                                                  To reach this market, Northarvest sponsored
Hope, N.D.                                                  a national recipe contest for restaurant and food-
 (701) 945-2672                                             service professionals. The Use Your Bean con-
Gary Friskop                                                test kicked off a two-year promotion program in
W ahpeton, N.D.                                             which Northarvest representatives attended food-
(701) 869-2378
Randy Carow                                                 service trade shows, met one-on-one with food-
Perham, Minn.                                               service companies and worked with trade
(218) 346-5393                                              magazines on publicity about dry beans. The
Mark Streed
Milan, Minn.
 (320) 734-4706                  The Northarvest
                                    Bean Growers
The Northarvest                  Association pub-
Bean Growers                       lished and dis-
Association s repre-                      rbtd
                                         tiue a
sentatives to the                           uiay
American Dry Bean                     school guide
Board are:                       (above) to using
Kathy Walton                       dry beans. The
Englevale, N.D.                   book included a
 (701) 683-5743                      ud rgt o
Dan Hughes                            i
                                     dfferent bean
Danvers, Minn.                              types.
 (320) 567-2283
Alan Juliuson
Hope, N.D.
(701) 945-2672
Marty Hettervig
Buxton, N.D.

                       Page 14 N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999
                                                           W inning recipes
                                                           such as Baja
                                                           Tacos and
                                                           Lasagana from
                                                           two contests con-
                                                           ducted by the
                                                           Northarvest Bean
                                                           Association cre-
                                                           ates excitement
                                                           about beans. At
                                                            a et s h
                                                           frlf i te
                                                           brochure contain-
                                                           ing winning
                                                           recipes from pro-
                                                           fessional chefs.
                                                           At near near left
                                                           is the winning
                                                           recipes from chef   Alan Juliuson, a Northarvest
                                                           students.            i e t r, discusses beans with a

contest led to media mailings
about the winning entries, a
series of press kits to consumer
and trade publications and creation of a booklet of the
winning recipes.
   Northarvest also conducted a recipe contest for chef
students. The Bean Appetit contest encouraged stu-
dents to learn how to make beans a part of their reper-
toire. The contest yielded many creative recipes -- from
Southwestern Sushi to Black Bean Pancakes with             A chef signs up for bean information at meeting break
Jalapeno Syrup -- and led to the creation of a brochure    sponsored by Northarvest.

                                                                                           More than 1,500 people
                                                                                           stopped at the
                                                                                           Northarvest Bean
                                                                                           Growers Association s
                                                                                           booth to receive informa-
                                                                                           tion about dry beans and
                                                                                           sample Bean Bruschetta
                                                                                           and Black Bean
                                                                                                      t h
                                                                                           Pancakes a t e
                                                                                           American Culinary
                                                                                           Federation s national

                                                                N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999 Page 15
More domestic promotion...                                                 Pictures worth
                                                                           10,000 words
                                                                           A key part of promoting beans is show-
                                                                           ing consumers how good bean dishes
  Rx from                                                                  look. The art below accompanyied
    Debi:                                                                  some of the media packets distributed
                                                                            h s e r.
                                                                           t i y a The packets include recipes.

Eat More

Debi Thomas -- former Olympic skating
                    champion and now a
                    doctor and mother --
 championed beans. In 1998, she went
  on a national media tour organized by                                      Orange Soup        Benanaza Bars
  the ADBB. Above, she speaks to food
      editors. At right, she tapes a radio
 address about the importance of folate
       in women s diets. Her memo pad
  (above right) says, One cup of beans
      al o        e l h cie ietl.
     d i y f r a h a t y, a t v l f s y e

                                                        etr urto
                                                       Bte Ntiin
                                                       magazine                   Popeye s Bean Soup
                                                       published a story
                                                       on the impor-
                                                        ac f oae n
                                                       tneo flt i
                                                       women s d e s
                                                       after meeting
                                                       Thomas. Dry
                                                       beans are a
                                                       major source of

                                                                           Mexican Lasagna               hl
                                                                                                   Pa s C i i

     Beans make the magazines
       Another part of the domestic promotion pro-
       gram focuses on individual consumers. The
              American Dry Bean Board (ADBB) -
        Northarvest Bean Growers Association is a
   member-- coordinates a campaign that involves
      meeting with food editors and providing them
  with press releases, recipes, health and nutrition
                                   o t o l c r i-
     information and food art. Eff r s t p a e a t
   cles about beans in the nation s magazines and
     newspapers have been extremely successful.
   To date, ADBB has generated 8,200 stories and
       more than 90 million audience impressions.
        National magazines carrying articles about

Page 16 N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999
Promoting beans at home...
                                       Urging more
                                       bean use at home
                                       From Field To Fiesta is the theme of
                                       Northarvest Bean Growers Association s
                                        e xii ot lf) t s sd t oa,
                                       nwehbtboh(et.I i ue a lcl
                                       national and international trade shows.

                      Lynne Bigwood, Northarvest home economist, behind
                      the booth counter, promotes dry beans at Big Iron, a
                      farm show held in September in West Fargo, N.D.
                      (left) and at a restaurant trade show in Minneapolis,
                      Minn. (above).

                                N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999 Page 17
                            Export market development
                            A gathering of nearly every member of the Mexican dry bean trade at a two-day
                            meeting in Mexico City capped the Northarvest Bean Growers Association s f r-
                            eign market development activities in 1998.
                               Northarvest works with National Dry Bean Council (NDBC) -- an organization of
                            U.S. dry bean grower and shipper organizations -- to develop export markets.
                               Dry bean buyers and market consultants from Mexico and South and Central
                            American countries gathered in Mexico City for the second annual Mexico Bean
                            Congress and Harvest Tour. At the meeting, participants learned about the sup-
                            ply-demand situation in Mexico, Central America and South America.
                               On behalf of Northarvest, and the other members, the NDBC:
                               * Exhibited at trade shows in Mexico, France, Italy and Spain.
                               * Conducted trade team trips to Columbia and Venezuela, Southeast Asia and
                               * Organized trade
                            tours of the U.S.bean
                            production areas for
                            buyers from Mexico,
                            Iay, France and other
                               The NDBC received
                            $30,000 more from
  The NortharvestBean       U S D A s Market Access
  Growers Association s     Program (MAP) in fis-
  degelates to the          cal year 1998 than
  National Dry Bean         1997. Total funding for
  Council are:              the period from July 1,
  Mark Sletten
   Hatton, N.D.             1998 to June 30, 1999
   (701) 543-4079                                                                                         s
  Phil Longtin                                                               Clockwise from above:
  W ahla ND
     lal, ..                                                                 Showcasing U.S. beans at the
  (701) 549-2356                                                             SAIL food show in Paris; pro-
                                                                             viding information on the U.S.
  National Dry Bean                                                          bean industry at a trade show
  Council Members                                                            in Mexico; beans for sale in a
  California Dry Bean                                                        Mexican market.
    Advisory Board
  California Bean
  Colorado Dry Bean
  Idaho Bean
  Michigan Bean
      Commission            $761,832.
  Michigan Bean
  Nebraska Dry Bean
  New York State Bean
     Shippers Association
  North Central Bean
     Dealers Association
  Northarvest Bean
    Growers Association
  Rocky Mountain Bean
     Dealers Association

Page 18 N O RT H A RVEST
                            Page 18 Northarvest Bean Grower January 1999
                     Traders from other countries
                     frequently ask the Northarvest
                     Bean Growers Association for
                     information about the region.
                     The Association made it a little
                     easier for Spanish-speaking
                     buyers to understand what
                                            e y
                     Northarvest has to off r b
                     translating some of its promo-
                     tional materials into Spanish
                      h s e r.
                     t i y a The brochures and
                     video show where the
                     Northarvest region is located in
                     the U.S., the types of bean
                     Northarvest farmers produce
                     and how the industry can
                     process and ship dry beans
                     around the world.

N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999 Page 19
                            If this were basketball, it would be a fullcourt press.
                               If this were football, it would be a blitz on the quarterback.
                               If this were war, it would be D-Day on the Normandy shore.
                               That is three ways to describe the Northarvest Bean Growers Association s
                            approach to research in 1998. The Association is pulling out all the stops to develop
                            new varieties with disease resistance, and to come up with better, less costly ways
                            to control diseases in the field. Projects funded in 1998 were:
                               Breeding Dry Beans For The Northern Plains. Scientists make 300 to 500
                            hybridizations each year to develop new dry bean varieties adapted to the
                            Northarvest region. Funds from the Association cover some of the annual equip-
                            ment and operating costs for the program, which is conducted at North Dakota State
                            University. Lead scientist: Ken Grafton, NDSU dry bean plant breeder.
                               Breeding For Multiple Disease Resistance. This on-going program screens dry
                            bean lines for white mold, root rot rust and common mosaic virus resistance. Lead
                            scientist: Ken Grafton, NDSU dry bean plant breeder.
                               Enhancement of Dry Bean Breeding Program. This continues a project to iden-
                            tify white mold resistance genes and to insert the genes into new dry bean varieties.
                            Lead scientist: Ken Grafton, NDSU dry bean plant breeder.
                               Grower Trials For Reducing White Mold With Combined Fungicide and
                            Calcium Treatment. This involves field-scale testing of calcium and fungicide tank
                            mixes to control white mold. If successful, the combination will offer white mold con-
                            trol for less than $10 per acre. Lead scientist: Jim Venette, NDSU plant pathologist.
                               Timing Calcium Applications to Reduce White Mold and Other Diseases.
                            Previous trials showed foliar applications of calcium solutions could reduce white
 The Northarvest
                            mold. This trial evaluates tim-
 Research Committee         ing of calcium application to
 screens research           optimize white mold control.
 proposals and makes        Lead scientist: Jim Venette,
 funding recommends         NDSU plant pathologist.
  o h ul or.
 t tefl bad
 Committee members
                               Rust Races in North
  r:                        Dakota      and      Minnesota.
 Mark Sletten               Researchers plan to collect,
  Hatton, N.D.              preserve and characterize
  (701) 543-4079            races of rust found on com-
 Jerome Hagemeister
 Fessenden, N.D.
                            mercial bean varieties in North
 (701) 547-3275             Dakota and Minnesota. The
 Mike Beelner               samples and information are
  Park Rapids, Minn.        used in breeding and disease
 (218) 732-5792             control programs. Lead scien-
 Mark Dombeck
  Perham, Minn.
                             it i
                            t s : J m Venette, NDSU plant
  (218) 346-5952            pathologist.
 Mark Myrdal                   Continuing Studies on
 Edinburg, N.D.             Control of White Mold On
 (701) 993-8243             Dry Beans. This project con-
 Gary Paur
 Gilby, N D
                            tinues evaluation of Actigard,
  (701) 869-2892            which activates a plant s nat-
 George McDonald            ural defenses prior to contact
 Fisher, M n .              with a disease pathogen. Lead
 (218) 773-2192             scientist: Jack Rasmussen,
 Gary Friskop
 W ahpeton, N.D.
                                                                                                                v l-
                            assistant professor, NDSU Ken Grafton, North Dakota State Univeristy plant breeder,e a
                                                                ae ie n lt ra er re ..
                                                               utslnsi apo tilna Ei,ND
 (701) 642-2378             Department of Plant Pathology.
 Randy Carow                   Molecular Markers for the CNC Rust Resistance Gene. Researchers will
 Perham, Minn.              attempt to identify molecular markers so bean breeders can use the information to
 (218) 346-5393             develop varieties that can withstand new rust races. Lead scientist: Jack Rasmussen,
                              GROWER January 1999
Page 20 N O RT H A RVEST BEAN Page 20 N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999
Members of the NDSU dry bean breeding program team harvest beans with a plot   Dry beans are seeded in the green-
combine.                                                                       house to test for disease resistance

NDSU plant pathologist.                                        about the production practices and the problems they
   Selection of Bean Varieties High in Seed Zinc               encountered growing beans in 1998. The survey
and Seed Iron. Researchers aim to determine if analy-          guides research and extension programs, supports
sis of dry bean seed for high zinc and iron concentra-         pesticide registration applications and documents pro-
 i n s n ffective procedure for selection of
tos i a e                                                      duction trends. Lead scientist: Art Lamey, NDSU
genotypes resistant to zinc and iron deficiency.Lead           extension plant pathologist.
scientist: John Moraghan, professor,            NDSU              Quality Evaluation of Dry Edible Beans. T i i  hs s
Department of Soil Science.                                    an on- going project that evaluates the culinary quality
   New Herbicide Screening. Researchers will screen            of promising cultivars in NDSU s advanced breeding
several new and experimental soybean herbicides for            trials. Screening helps ensure that released varieties
use in dry beans, and test ways to increase dry bean           will meet canning and packaging quality standards.
tolerance to Raptor.Lead scientist: Richard Zollinger,         Lead scientist: Sam Chang, NDSU              professor,
NDSU extension weed specialist.                                Department of Food and Nutrition.
   Grower Survey of Pest Problems and Va i t e .                  Culinary Quality of Dry Edible Beans As Affected
NDSU will again survey Northarvest dry bean growers            By Farm Storage. Research will be conducted to
                                                                      N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999 Page 21
                             How bad is Mexico s drought?
                               W ill Mexico lose most of the late-planted crop to a November frost?
                               Are Mexican traders going to import more U.S. beans?
                               Northarvest Bean Growers Association gave its members the latest scoop on
                                                                 those questions and more through four new
                                                                 newsletters this year. The Association pub-
                                                                  ihd h
                                                                 l s e t e Talkin Beans newsletters after har-
                                                                    An annual Research Report made its debut
                                                                 in 1998, too. Scientists who received funds from
                                                                 the Association, wrote articles describing what

 The Northarvest
 Committee directs the
                            Magazine covers Northarvest
  program. Members                                                                  In 1998, the Northarvest
  r:                                                                                Bean Growers
 Phil Longtin                                                                       Association produced five
 W alhalla, N.D.                                                                    issues of the Northarvest
  (701) 549-2356                                                                    Bean Grower
 Jerome Hagemeister                                                                 magazine.The publication,
 Fessenden, N.D.                                                                    distributed to more than
 (701) 547-3275                                                                     4,000 members in
 Tim Skoiten                                                                        Minnesota and North
 Hatton, N.D.                                                                       Dakota, profiled
 (701) 543-4106                                                                     growers and covered mar-
 Kathy Walton                                                                       ket, production
 Englevale, N.D.                                                                    and industry news.
  (701) 683-5743
 Mark Dombeck
 Perham, Minn.
 (218) 346-5952
 Mark Myrdal
 Endinburg, N.D.
 (701) 993-8243
 Gary Paur
 Gilby, N D
  (701) 869-2892
 Marty Hettervig
 Buxton, N.D.
 (701) 847-2434
 Randy Carow
 Perham, Minn
  (218) 346-5393
 Mark Streed
 Milan, Minn.

                               GROWER January 1999
Page 22 N O RT H A RVEST BEAN Page 22 N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999
pickup from
Jan 1998, page 23

                              Thank you
                              for doing
                              with us
                              in 1998

                    N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999 Page 23
                                                         sr       ldxnl
                                                        i t y, f u i i i ,       PRICE INSURANCE
                                  Ta k n                which is active at
                                                        very low use o
                                                                                 Nodak Mutual Insurance Co. will
                                                                              ffer revenue assume policies for
                                                                               h is ie n 99
                                                        rates on seed t e f r t t m i 1 9 .
                                  Beans                 and seedling dis-        Policies that covers losses due
                                                         ae. s ite s o o il, o rcs
                                                        e s s A l t l a t l w y e d l w p i e or b t w l      oh il
                                     News               1.25 grams of be available for corn, soybeans,
                                  From Around           active ingredient hard red spring wheat and durum in
                                  The Industry          per 100 kg of 1999. At least four more crops -- dry
                                                        seed     controls beans, sunflowers, canola and bar-
                                                        disease such as ley -- will be added in 2000. Policies
   WOMEN NAME KARLEY                 fusarium, rhisoctonia, seed rots and may eventually cover livestock, too,
   Denise Karley, a partner with her other fungi. This reduces the envi- says Jim Harmon, a Carrington,
husband, Jim, in Karley Farms, ronment load by more than
Johnstown Bean Co., Cavalier 90% vs current standard treat-
Bean Co. and North Central ments such as captan. The
Commodities was recently named E PA classified the seed treat-
the Red River Valley Farm Woman ment as a reduced risk prod-
of the Year.                         uct and gave it the lowest level
                                     sign word Caution. Maxim is
   E PA LABELS MAXIM                 available through dry bean
   The Environmental protection seed supplier as a commercial
Agency labeled Maxim seed treat- applied treatment to dry bean
ment fungicide for use on dry beans seed. -- Information supplied Promoting beans at Big Iron
and 200 crops.                       by Novartis Crop Protection, Lynne Bigwood (behind the counter) greets farm-
   Maxim -- produced by Novartis I c  n.                                ers with dry bean samples at the Northarvest
Seed Treatment -- is a new chem-                                        Bean Growers Association booth at Big Iron ear-
                                                                            i r h s e r.
                                                                           le ti ya

        Ask about exciting new developments and 1999
                      ra nre rm h
                     tiletisfo te
          Asgrow Vegetable Seeds Dry Bean program

Page 24 N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999
N.D., farmer and Farm Bureau       ment clinic in Fargo, N.D., March 9.   more than 1.2 billion, is the 61st
president.                                                 h lnc il
                                      Called CPM Day, t e c i i w l       country where Heinz baked beans
   Farm Bureau has not yet         feature live plants and their pests,    r od
announced premiums. -- Source:     real-time electronic information and      In 1996, Heinz introduced
Fargo Forum.                       displays and educational speakers.     canned beans in Russia and
                                      To obtain a program and regis-      exceeded it sales goal by 50% -
   D RY BEAN WORKSHOPS             tration information, contact the       Source: Michgan Bean Digest.
   Two North Dakota Cooperative    CPM Day staff at (218) 253-4391.
Extension Service workshops        Companies interested in exhibiting        ADM TO BUILD PLANT
focusing at least in part on dry   should contact Jim Satter, Ostlund        Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)
beans are set for this winter.     Chemical Co., at (701) 282-7300.       plans to build a value-added dry
   The annual Dry Bean/Soybean        Net proceeds from CPM Day           bean processing plant at Enderlin,
Day will be held in Grand Forks,   will be donated to university          N.D., in 1999, says Curt Stern,
N.D., Feb 4. For more information, research projects.                     ADM field manager.
contact the Grand Forks County        CPM Day sponsors include               ADM will produce finished food
Extension office at (701) 780-8229.Ostlund Chemical, Case IH,             products such as refried bean
   Dry bean production will be on  Concord, Novartis and the Red          mixes, Stern says. No additional
the agenda at a Jan. 12 meeting in River Farm Network. -- Source:         details about the plant, products or
Carrington, N.D., sponsored by the C P M Day press release.               marketing plans are available yet.
Carrington Research Extension                                             Engineers started work            in
Center. For more information, con-     CHINA GETS BAKED BEANS                           tr ad
                                                                          September, S e n s i .
tact the Carrington Research           H.J. Heinz, one of the world s        North Dakota is the nation s
Extension Center at (701) 652- biggest food companies, has intro-         largest producer of dry beans, said
2951.                               duced baked beans in China. The       Stern, who spoke at the North
                                    company hopes to sell approxi-        Dakota       State       University
   CPM DAY SET                      mately 1.2 million 1 pound tins       Cooperative Extension Oilseed
   Several businesses are spon- annually of their traditional baked       W orkshop in Carrington Dec. 15.
soring a crop poroduction manage- beans. China, with a population of      TALKIN BEANS continued on 26

                                                            N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999 Page 25
                                                               tive vice-presi-     both grasses and broadleaf weeds.
                                      Ta k n                   dent    of
                                                               Michigan Bean
                                                                             the      For more information, contact
                                                                                    Valent USDA Corporation at 800
                                                               Shippers             (682) 5368 or visit the company s
                                      Beans                    Association,
                                                               McGill was editor
                                                                                    web site at -
                                                                                    Information provided by Valent.
                                         News                  and publisher of
                                      From Around               h
                                                               t e Michigan Dry
                                      The Industry                          DOANE EARNS AW A R D
                                                               Bean Digest fr o
                                                               22 years.    Russell Doane, a        Menomie,
TALKIN BEANS continued from 25                                            W is., dry bean grower and founder
     It makes sense that we start        NEW SELECT TANK MIX              of Chippewa Valley Bean and sev-
making value-added products in the       Valent     USDA     Corporation eral other dry bean related busi-
 tt, e ad
sae h si.                             recently issued new tank mix com- nesses, has been honored by the
                                      binations for use on dry beans in University of Wisconsin-Madison.
   JOHN McGILL RETIRES                North Dakota, Minnesota and other The U of W College of Agriculture
   John McGill, executive vice-pres- s a e .                              and Life Sciences recently pre-
ident of the Michigan Bean               According to new recommenda- sented Doane with its Honorary
Shippers Association for the past tions, Select 2EC Herbicide can Recognition Award.
29 years, has retired.                now be tank mixed in a new combi-
   McGill started his career with the nation to control grass and weed      MORE DRY BEAN RESEARCH
Farmers and Manufactuers Beet i f s a i n .                                 The North Dakota State Board of
Sugar Association, serving as            In dry beans, Select works as a Agricultural Research (SBAR) Dry
director of advertising and public post emergence treatment with Bean Granting Committee recently
relations for Michigan and Monitor Basagran to provide control of a allocated $17,235.88 to research
Sugar Companies and several variety of hard-to-control grasses. projects. The money comes from
sugar beet grower associations.       In combination, this tank mix off r an off-road gas tax refund. The fol-
   In addition to serving as execu- e  ffective crop measures against lowing projects were funded:

   The front-mount Poma Bean Cutter is built in the
   heart of North Dakota’s edible bean country. The cut-
    e s vial n h ihe
   t r i a a l b e i t e l g t r, economical 4-row size with
   a 4" tube frame or in the heavier 4 x 6" rectangular tube
   construction in 6-, 8- or 12-row with 22" to 36" row
   spacing. The cutter lift mechanism is a front-mount
   three-point, which also can be utilized for other pur-
   poses. Depth on each set of knives is controlled by
   individual gauge wheels with easy positive turnbuckle          8-row cutter, 30" spacing            el n ntl
                                                                                                   W esl adisal
   adjustment        and                                                                           perforated iron in
   spring tension for                                                                              combine headers.
   maintaining depth in
   hard ground. Both
   knives and openers
   have      individual
   adjustments       for
   separate leveling.
   Also available i    n
   3-point quick hitch.

Page 26 N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999
   * $3,000 for research attempting        Plant breeders are making
to eliminate the marsh spot in cran-    progress identifying new rust resis-
berry bean.
   * $3,700 for research comparing
                                        tant lines. Recently, the USDA
                                        Agriculture Research Service, North
                                                                                  Lee Bean &
common broadleaf crops for relative
susceptiblity to white mold and the
                                        Dakota Agricultural Experiment
                                        Station and Michigan Agricultural
                                                                                   Seed, Inc.
production of reproductive bodies.      Experiment Station released an               Borup, Minn.
   * $3,750 to determine whether        erect, short-vine, rust and mosaic
resistance in developed dry bean        resistant pinto bean germplasm                W e’re a full service,
lines will stand up to natural epi-      ie
                                        ln.                                          independent elevator.
demics which develop in the field
and determine the genetic basis for        S A S K AT C H E WAN SITUATION             Locally owned.
resistance.                                Saskatchewan farmers are look-            Locally operated.
   * $6,785 contigent funding for dry   ing to grow more dry beans, partly         In business 34 years.
bean greenhouse research.               because they have discovered
                                        including pulse crops in their rota-     Handling pinto, navy
  GERMPLASM LINES                       tion boosts cereal grain yields, says
                                                                                 & black turtle beans.
                                                                                  Also receiving navy beans at:
                                                                                 Heartland Seed, Comstock, Minn.
                                                                                   Bejou Elevator, Bejou, Minn.
                                                                                  Farmers Elevator Co., Pelican
                                                                                           Rapids, Minn.
                                                                                                etl, in
                                                                                        T D S, F r i e M n .

                                                                                Call Steve, Lowell or Mark
                                                                                      (218) 494-3330
                                                                                      (218) 582-3360

                                                                                Bean Machine
                                                                                    Front-mount Bean Puller
                                                                                  Tough, Heavy, Spring-loaded

                                                                                        We also handle
                                                                                     Orthman 3-pt hitches.

                                                                                       Hwy 200 Box 135,
                                                                                     Sutton, ND 58484-9637
                                                                                 Dean or Randy Hoverson

                                                                 N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999 Page 27
Rooting out the rot:
 cetss ok o ilgcl
Sinit lo frbooia
control of root rot disease
    A benefical bacteria seed treatment may prove
effective in reducing edible bean root rot. Jim Percich,
a Univeristy of Minnesota plant pathologist, is explor-
ing the use of biological control.
    Currently, the only controls for fungal root rot are
chemical seed treatments and fungicide sprays. If
spring is cool and wet, root rot can easily develop. The
rot kills some of the roots, compromising the bean
plant. Farmers have found that if they irrigate fre-
quently, the small root will get enough water so the
plant yields. But heavy irrigation is not a good answer;
i s expensive and may have environmental implica-
    The U of M team of Percich, plant pathologist
Richard Meronuck and student Consuelo Estevez-
Jensen hopes to find good biological control to use
along or in conjunction with fungicides. The scientists
think a bacteria seed coating containing Bacillus sub-
tls may be the answer. As the seed germinate and
roots start to grow, the bacteria grows along the root
surface, forming a defense barrier against harmful
                                ROT continued on page 29

                                                           * Also available, the Harriston 5000 Series
                                                             Bean Cutters

                                                           * Also the Harriston 2010 Bean Cultivator
                                                             in most row sizes.

Page 28 N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999
                                                    were treated with the biological              U of M researchers, North Dakota
Continued from page 24
                                                    seed treatment. Plants in treated
                                                    fields were larger and healthier than
                                                                                                  State University plant breeder Ken
                                                                                                  Grafton, the Northarvest Bean
fni                                                 non-treated fields.                           Growers Association and the
   As part of their work, the team                      The biological control targets a          Central Lakes Agricultural Center.
also found three out of more than                   very, very specific pathogen,                    Research also showed the fun-
100 kidney bean varieties that show                 Percich says. There is no extra use           gus affects corn and potatoes. In a
promise for resistance to root rot.                 of the chemicals or non-targeted              corn-potato-bean rotation, root rot
 The seed treatment looks very                       ff c s
                                                    e et.                                         worsens.
good when coupled with the best                        In previous projects, a team of                The rotation sustains the
resistant material we have in                       researchers pinpointed the specific           pathogens, Percich says. The rot
beans, Percich says.                                fungus causing root rot in kidney             can also affect peas, soybeans,
   More than 300 acres of kidney                    beans. With that information, they            wheat, sunflowers, alfalfa, clover,
beans near Park Rapids, Minn.,                      identified proper fungicides to               sweet corn and many types of
                                                    reduce root rot. The team included            weeds. -- Reprinted with permis-

           Congratulations to our
           1998 Top Gun Winners!
                         Top Quality Growers
      Brad Narloch                                     Rick & DeeDee Helgoe
          Mno                                                  aair
     ne t ontw
  W inra Jhson                                      Winner at Cavalier

   Order your seed early to ensure the quantity and variety
   of your choice. We have good availability of high quality
        certified seed to fit your farming operation and
        maximize your profit for this year s bean crop.
                     Stop in or call today.
                                    Chili Bean Pockets
                                       ra h is il oe
                                     Atettekd wl lv
   1 8 oz pkg. refrigerated crescent dinner roll*   1 egg, slightly beaten

   3/4 lb lean ground beef                          1 Tblsp. chili powder
   1/4 cup chopped onion                            1/4 tsp. salt
   1/4 cup chopped green pepper                     1/8 tsp cumin
   dash garlic powder                               1 cup cooked pinto beans, kidney beans or
   8 oz. can tomato sauce                           small red beans
   1/4 cup chili sauce                              1/2 cup cheddar cheese, shredded
   Brown hamburger, onion and green pepper. Drain. Add garlic powder, tomato and chili
   sauce and seasoning. Simmer 10 minutes. Add beans and heat through. On a floured
   surface separate dough into four rectangles. Gently pinch diagonal perforations together
                          t ihl lue oln i, ol ah etnl o                              lc
   on each rectangle. Wi h l g t y f o r d r l i g p n r l e c r c a g e t 5 x 7 . P a e a
    pofl f iln n et af f etnl.
   s o n u o f l i g o l f h l o r c a g e Top with some cheddar cheese. Brush rim of
   dough with some egg. Fold right half over filling and press edges together with fork to
   seal. Place on cookie sheet and brush with remaining egg. Bake at 375 degrees for 10-
   12 minutes until browned. Serve with vegetable sticks and milk.

                                                        Receiving Stations:
                                                        Edinburg Co-op Elevator
                                                        Fordville Co-op Elevator
        Johnstown, ND 701-869-2680                  Locally owned, independent deal-                 Cavalier, ND 701-265-8495

                                                                                     N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999 Page 29
                         Fountain of youth?
  New diet research conducted in Grand Forks, N.D., shows that beans help reduce
  cell oxidation, a process that plays a role in aging and development of chronic dis-
               research by the
A dditionalAgriculturalN.D., and
Service in Grand Forks,
                                         Western refined-food diet to a
                                       plant-rich diet, their bodies relaxed
                                       their natural defenses by producing
                                                                               eggs and dairy their hearts desired.
                                                                               They limited fruits and vegetables
                                                                                                        ih o ef
                                                                               to two servings a day, w t n l a y
a private company in California smaller amounts of two enzymes                 green and yellow varieties allowed.
added to the weight of evidence that protect cells against oxidative              Then, for four weeks, the volun-
linking increased consumption of damage.                                       teers ate at least six servings daily
pulses in reducing oxidation of the       To compare antioxidant power of      of green and yellow fruits and veg-
body s c l s                           the two diets, Leslie Klevay and        etables. They switched to whole
   Beans, pea s and lentils need to Sandra Gallagher with ARS Grand            grain bread and ate as many other
be combined with leafy green and Forks, N.D., Human Nutrition                  whole grains and legumes as they
yellow-orange vegetables and Research Center looked at                         wanted.
fruits, whole grains, raisins and nuts changes in the two enzymes. One,           They also downed two table-
in up to six servings per day to have a copper-containing enzyme called        spoons each of almonds, hazel-
a noticeable impact on the supply superoxide dismutase, dropped by             nuts, pecans and sesame oil
of antioxidant substances in the two-thirds when the women ate the             (tahini); a tablespoon of wheat germ
body.                                  plant-rich diet. A selenium-contain-    oil for cooking or dressing; 4-1/2
   These prevent and reduce oxi- ing enzyme, glutathione peroxi-               ounces of raisins; one cup of ginger
dation in the body s cells. Oxidation dase, dropped by one-third.              tea and two cups of green tea.
in the cell appears to play a role in     For four weeks, the volunteers          Fried foods, refined products
aging and chronic diseases.            consumed all the white bread,           and reduced-calorie and fat-free
   When 12 female volunteers in a pasta, pastry, snack foods, conve-           products were forbidden. Eggs
study switched from a typical nience foods, meat, fish, poultry,               were allowed, but meat, fish and

                                   Black Tu t e
                                    Small Red
                                  * Western-grown
   Box 211, Portland, ND 58274          seed
  (701) 786-4062                   * Competitive
  (800) 491-4062                    * Dividends
        Dean Nelson, mgr.             services

        Receiving Stations:
            Finley Farmers Grain
         Contact Elton: 701-524-1500
          W ilton Farmers Elevator,
              W ashburn Station
        Contact: Duane: 701-734-6780

Page 30 N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999
          A PA C H E PINT O

 No Rust!                                                                                  Rust!
( PA C H E)                                                                             (OTHELLO)

                                                  the two

              1997 Average: Oakes, Cavalier, Hatton



        W inchester
 2050         2100                 2150                2200                2250               2300

        Idaho Seed Bean Co.
                     John or Bill Dean P.O. Box 1072   Twin Falls, ID 83303-1072
                                Ph: 208-734-5221    Fax: 208-733-1984

                                                         N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999 Page 31
               Open door policy
                 Most corporate bosses have an open door
               employee policy. J ff and Bill Grommesh,
               Casselton, N.D., have an open door policy , too --
               but theirs pertains to dry beans. We don t shut the
               door on new things, Jeff s y .
                                                    continued on next page

Page 32 N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999
                            r o e l h eal ih.
                        We t y t g t a l t e d t i s r g t
                           The little things add up.
Continued from previous page           vest losses.                              first application goes on 14-21 days
                                          The brothers had been straight after planting. They spray a second
     We are willing to try new prod- cutting navies with a flex head and time 7-10 later. Exact timing varies
ucts and practices -- anything to field losses were high -- so high according to the weather.I i i cl            f t s od
produce an extra bushel of beans                                     as
                                        that it made us sick, Jeff s y .         and dry, the sprayer interval is
economically. We do the same              But pintos could be cut and longer. If it is warm and wet, and the
thing on the cost side, Jeff s y .
                                as     windrowed with a Pickett One Step weeds are germinating and growing
                                                                                            h pa nevl s hre
   As a result, the Grommesh and then harvested with a combine quickly, t e s r y i t r a i s o t r.
brothers -- who farm separately,b t u  equipped with a Pickett pickup The Grommeshes also add a
share labor and equipment -- are head. Harvest losses were much micro-rate of a postemergence
constantly fine-tuning their crop pro- less than with the flex head and grass herbicide with Basagran
duction practices. They raise dry because the Pickett combined when they need to control foxtails
beans, sugar beets, soybeans and steps, the harvest operation was or wildoats. A micro-rate is usually
wheat.                                 nearly as efficient. The system also 1/4th to 1/8th the recommended
                                       is much easier on the combine than rate. If applied when weeds are
   Recently they rented out most a flex head because it brings in less small, a micro-rate can be eff c i e         etv.
of their sugar beet allotment and      dirt and the bean plants are usually           We use micro-rates in beets
replaced the sugar beet acres with d i r.                                        with a lot of success. It works in dry
dry beans.                                                                       beans, too, Jeff s y .as
     We were starting to have dis-        Other new production prac-                *Applying fungicide to control.
ease problems with sugar beets,        tices that the Grommeshes adopted The Grommeshes budget to apply
J ff explains. Their three-year recently include:
 e                                                                                  ugcd n ils ih itr f
                                                                                 af n i i eo f e d w t ah s o yo
sugar beet/dry bean or soy-               * Applying 10-34-0 and ACA with white mold. They spray if the
beans/wheat rotation was creating the seed. ACA is a fertilizer that weather is wet shortly before the
a buildup of root diseases.            stimulates plant root growth.             beans begin flowering, if the fore-
     We thought it would be best for       You can see the difference in cast is for wet weather, o i t e g n-r f h e
the land to not grow beets for a       root growth, Jeff says. But we eral weather pattern has been rainy.
while, rather than to rent or buy don t know yet if ACA consistently                Like most other dry bean grow-
more land to lengthen the rotation,                                               r, e
                                       increases yields on our farm. Ask e s J ff and Bill face constant chal-
J ff s y .
 e as                                  me a couple
   Growing more dry beans turned years from
out to be a good move financially. now.
     We like the dry beans because           pitn
                                          * Sltig
they are a high value crop. They       Basagran
respond to good management, and applications.
we can finish up harvest earlier in Rather than
the fall than other row crops, he applying the
says.                                   ul ae f
                                       fl rt o
                                       the poste-
   In another big change, J ff mergence
and Bill switched from navies to pin- herbicide
tos. Several factors led to the once, they
change. One major one was intro- spray half Bill (left) and Jeff Grommesh check pinto beans for white mold. On
duction of equipment that made it the           rate fields with a history of white mold, they budget for spraying if the
possible to dramatically reduce har-   twice. The weather is wet in the weeks before the plants flower.
                                                                   N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999 Page 33
                                                       by the Northarvest     or chop a can of drained, rinsed kid-
Bean                                                   Bean       Growers
                                                                              ney beans. I used my processor for
                                                                              the chopping. Stir all of the ingredi-
Recipes                                                    Recipe winners
                                                       were chosen by
                                                                              ents together and bake it until the
                                                                              beans are hot and the cheese
                                                       the school children    melts. The filling seems to be
From                                                   who taste-tested
                                                       the     10     final
                                                                              thicker with a better quality cheese,
                                                                              with processed cheese you could

Lynne                                                  recipes.
                                                       Central Kitchen
                                                                              probably use it for a dip. The sea-
                                                                              sonings may be adjusted according
                                                                              to personal taste preference. Any
                                                       Manager           of   unseasoned bean from the cup-
By Lynne Bigwood                      Riverside Unified School District,      board or leftovers from the fridge or
Northarvest Home Economist
                                      Placentia, Calif., submitted the win-   freezer would work, just remember
Baja Bean Tacos were the grand        ning recipe. He won a trip for two to   one 15 ounce can equals          1 1/2
                 prize winner in      the 1998 ASFS conference in New         cups.
                 the Use Your         Orleans, La.                               Baja Bean Tacos can be served
                 Bean     recipe          I gave out samples of the           as a meatless entree or a side dish
                 contest for the      recipe s filling at the Minnesota       with a beef or pork burger.
                 1998 American        School Food Service Conference.
                 School Food          It was very popular. Many people
                 Service              who tasted it sent the rest of their
                 (ASFS)                t ff
                                      s a over to try a sample. That is a
                 Conference.          nice compliment!
                 The     contest          The filling is very simple to
                 was sponsored        make. Chop the onion and saute it.
Lynne Bigwood                         While that is cooking, lightly mash

          Planter-Applied Fertilizer?
      What s New In Fertilizer Technology
               Is Old Hat For Us!
     For over 50 years NA-CHURS Liquid Fertilizer has made a difference at planting
  time...A difference you can see ...Better yields...Outstanding Crops ...Increased Maturity!

     NA-CHURS Liquid Fertilizer is an N-P-K true solution. Low salt index. Near neutral pH.
  This allows placement close to the seed for an outstanding planter-applied program.

     From start to finish, NA-CHURS Distributors are there for you. Soil and tissue testing,
  agronomic recommendations, and the assurance that you re dealing with the liquid fertil-
  izer leader.

     Call your distributor today and find out what we ve known for years.

                                Northern Va l y
                                  e t l z r, n .
                                 F r i i e Ic
                                (701) 699-5351
Page 34 N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999
                                                                                         New Va i t
6 servings, two tacos each
1/2 cup onion, chopped (1 medium)                                                       Pinto Bean
1 Tablespoon vegetable oil                                                                * NDSU Release
1 15 ounce can kidney beans
1 15 ounce can pinto or black beans                                                          ih il
                                                                                          *Hg yed
2 teaspoons chili powder                                                                     11% higher than
1/4 teaspoon ground cumin                                                                     Maverick)
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder                                                                * Upright vine
1/4 teaspoon onion powder                                                                     architecture
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
1 cup cheddar cheese, shredded                                                            * Rust resistant
1/2 cup monterey jack cheese, shredded
12-6 c r o f o r t r i l s
       on r lu otla                                                                      To book your
1 1/2 cups lettuce, shredded
Tomato salsa                                                                            seed, contact:
Sour cream or yogurt                                                                        North Dakota
                                                                                       Foundation Seedstocks
1.Saute onion in oil in medium sized frying pan until tender, about 5 min-                  PO Box 5051
ue.                                                                                 North Dakota State University
2.Drain and rinse each can of beans. Lightly mash or coarsely chop kid-                Fargo, ND 58105-5051
ney beans.                    Combine beans, spices, cheese and onion; pour              Ph: (701) 231-8140
into greased 1 1/2 quart                                                                Fax: (701) 231-8474

                                 W A LTON BEAN
                                GROWERS CO-OP
                                          GROWER OWNED
  Englevale, ND                                                                                  Clarkfield, MN
  Deon Maasjo                  Receiving stations for Navy and Pinto beans:                            Frank Miller
  General Manager              Buffalo, ND -- Jerry and Hattie Melvin, (701) 633-5234                     Manager
  (701) 683-5246                           W yndmere, ND -- EZ Ag, LLC                              (320) 669-4464
                                      Receiving station for pinto beans
  Fitz Trading Inc.                      Hillrose, CO - Gary Gahagen                               W iggins, CO
  Longmount, CO                                                                                      Gary Gahagen
  Jim Fitzgerald                      Les Dale, Executive Vice-President                             Plant Manager
  Marketing                      Mike Janke, Bean Origination and Seed Sales                        (970) 483-7303
  (303) 776-3460

                              W elcome All Nonmembers
      Check out our DTN-FA R M D ATA pages or contact us via
           our Internet address --
                   W orking Together for a More Successful Future for Farmers

                                                                 N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999 Page 35
      ENTER THE 1999
  Sponsored by the Northarvest
    Bean Growers Association
   Contest Rules
   1. The recipe entries must look like the Fiesta
bean dish pictured at right.
   2. The recipe must include a minimum of 1 cup of
cooked dry beans. The dry beans used must be one
or more of the following classes: navy, great northern,
pinto, pink, light red kidney, dark red kidney, cranberry,
small red or black. Canned or homecooked beans may
be used.
   3. Recipes must be original. Recipe instructions
previously published in a magazine, cookbook or other         ORDER OF USE. Include exact measurements, sizes
source will be disqualified. Contestants are solely           and/or weights of products or containers as well as
responsible for complying with any applicable copy-           complete directions for combining ingredients, cook-
right restrictions and Northarvest Bean Growers                                                  i n eie etn,
                                                              ing time(s) and temperature. To a d i r c p t s i g
Association assumes no obligation in that regard. All         please include brand names of ingredients.
entries must be signed by the contestant.                        5. Once submitted, recipes become the property of
   4. Recipes must include the recipe title, number of        the Northarvest Bean Growers Association, which
servings and a list of specific ingredients IN THE            reserves the right to use and publish recipes. Winning

                                                                       University tests
                                                                      have shown that
                                                                       calcium sulfate,
                                                                    in combination with a
                                                                 fungicide, will increase dry
                                                                         bean yields
                                                                        by as much as
                                                               500-800 lbs. per acre and cut
                                                               application costs by two-thirds
  New and Used Bean Equipment Available                                    per acre.
  1 Pickett 8/30                Rodweeders
  1 Speedy cutter 6/30
  1 Heath cutter 8/30
  1 TFI cutter 8/30
                                  4,6 & 8 row Morris
                                  Harriston 8/30 recutter        Call NWC, Inc.
  Bean heads    Sund pickups   Slow down kit for JD 7700-20       1-800-315-2469
                                                                    for more information and a
                                                                  complete line of micronutrients
                                                                      Box 33, Emerado, ND 58228
Page 36 N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999
recipes will be printed in a brochure.
   6. Only Minnesota and North Dakota residents are             FIESTA      BEAN RECIPE CONTEST FORM
 lgbe o ne
e i i l t e t r.
   7. Mail entries by August 30, 1999 to: Fiesta Bean           Please type or print
Recipe Contest, 230 E. Owens Ave., Bismarck, ND
58501-1712 Ph: (701) 258-6750.                                YOUR
   Contestants may enter more than one recipe. Each
recipe must be entered on a separate form. Recipes            ADDRESS_____________________________
must be typed or neatly printed on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper    ____
and include name, address and telephone number
(home and work) of the contestant. The contestant             CITY______________
must sign the entry form or recipe.                         STATE_______ZIP_______
   W inners will be selected by judges and will be            PHONE
announced at Bean Day, January 2000. Criteria will          (H)___________(W)_________________
include appearance, flavor, ease of preparation and
o i i a i y. The decision of the judges will be final.        NAME                                            OF
   Judging Standards
   35%          Appearance        2 0 % Ease of               NUMBER             OF                       SERV-
Preparation                                                 INGS____________________
   3 5 % Flavor            10% Originality
                                                               To the best of my knowledge, this recipe is orig-
   Prizes                                                   inal and has not been published in another source
    is         $150                                         such as a magazine, newspaper, cookbook, adver-
   Second      $ 100                                        tisement or product label.
    hr         $ 50                                            ENTRANT S                                SIGNA-

      VB                             CENTRAL VALLEY
                                       BEAN CO-OP
                                                Gary W. Fuglesten, Manager
                                                       PO Box 162 Buxton, ND
                                               Tel: (701) 847-2622 Fax: (701) 847-2623
  Four Good                                    1-800-286-2623
  Reasons To
  W ork With Us:                          Pinto Beans Navy Beans
  1 Quality "Western
  )                                             Quality Seed
    Grown" Seed
  2 Friendly                                   Pinto Bean                     Hatton Farmers Elevator, Hatton, ND
                                                                                 Contact Lynn at (701) 543-3773
    Service                              Receiving Stations At:              Reynolds United Co-op, Reynolds, ND
                                            Harvest States, Pisek, ND
  3 Competitive                         Contact Francis at (701) 284-6012
                                                                                 Contact Don at (701) 847-2261
                                                                              Cando Farmers Elevator, Cando, ND
    Prices                             Sheyenne Valley Grain, Kloten, ND
                                                                                Contact Wayne at (701) 968-4446
                                          Contact Paul at (701) 322-5549
  4 Dividends                              Harvest States, Lankin, ND
                                                                              Mid Valley Grain Co-op, Climax, MN
                                                                                  Contact Ken at (218) 857-2275
                                         Contact Paul at (701) 593-6255

                                                                 N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999 Page 37
Norstar, Othello, Moncalm
Va i t e Top Survey
Norstar navy and Othello pinto were planted by more
farmers attending Northarvest Bean Growers
Association s Bean Day last year than any other vari-
e y.
   That s according to a survey conducted by Art
Lamey, North Dakota State University extension plant
pathologist. The survey -- partly funded by the
Association -- helps guide research by identifying the
most production problems.
   Out of 206 usable forms returned at Bean Day,
Norstar was planted on 14% of the respondents acres
in North Dakota following by Othello pinto on 10%.
Montcalm dark red kidney was the most commonly
planted variety in Minnesota, planted on 16% of the
respondents acres, followed by Norstar navy on 13%
and Topaz pinto on 10%.
   W eather was the worst production program on 46%
of the respondents acres, following by disease.
   The worst disease problem was white mold on 63%
of the North Dakota and 62% of the Minnesota respon-
dents acres. Root rot was the worst disease problem
on 10% of the Minnesota respondents acres. Rust was
the worst diease problem on 7% of ND respondents
   Redroot pigweed was the worst weed for the

                                                    Grain Company
                                         Buyers and Processors of Edible Beans, Lentils and
  Plant locations:
                 Continental Grain Co., Ray, N D                          (800) 543-5561
                 Continental Grain Co., Carman, Manitoba                  (888) 384-2838
                 Farmers Finest Bean Co., Inc.,East Grand Forks, Minn.    (800) 773-8834

  Receiving stations:
                Hagert Seed Farm, Emerado, N.D.                           (701) 594-6474
                Hoople Farmers Grain Co., Hoople, N.D.                    (701) 894-6116
                O Brien Seed Inc., Mayville, N.D.                         (701) 786-9118
                Prairie Cooperative, Cleveland, N.D.                      (701) 763-6264
                Jenson Seed, Stephen, Minn.                               (218) 478-3397
                Galesburg Co-op Elevator,Galesburg, ND                    (701) 488-2216

  Field Representative:                           ..
                            Lee Klocke, Harvey, N D                       (701) 324-0957
  Marketing:          Mike Slauson & Pat Wallesen
                            Continental Grain Co., Minneapolis., Minn.    (800) 395-1003

                   Call for information on programs and prices
Page 38 N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999
                                      MacDon introduces new bean
                                      cutting equipment
                                      Macdon Industries
                                      of Winnipeg has
                                      developed        the
                                      Model 972 Harvest
                                      Header which can
                                      be adapted to cut
                                      edible beans by
                                      installing a stub
                                      guard in place of
                                      the        standard
                                      swather     guards.
                                      The unit features a
                                      modified cutter-bar
                                      system          that
                                      enables the knife to cut right in       widths that feature double
                                      the soil. An adjustable six-bat         swath capability. Single pass
                                      pick-up reel sweeps the beans           cutting and windrowing reduces
                                      o the cutter bar leaving a              shattering and the amount of
                                      swath that is easy for the com-         dirt going through the combine
                                      bine to pick up.                        and shatter losses. The result is
                                         The unit comes in 15- or 18-         higher yields, less dockage and
                                      foot widths (center delivery            less combine wear. For more
                                      only) and 21, 25 and 30-foot            information, contact Gene

Convey-all tenders are available with hydraulic or gas
engine drives. Belt-tube unloading makes Convey-all
tenders ideal for delicate edible bean seed. Call us for
all your edible bean handling and harvesting needs.

                                                                                                              , lcrc u
                                                              Convey-All belt conveyors are available with PTO e e t i , a x-
                (701) 454-3875 / 3456 Fax                     iliary gas engine or hydraulic drive options. Electric shown

                                                       N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999 Page 39
Northarvest beans airlifted to
Hurricane Mitch victims
Efforts to help Hurricane Mitch victims in Hondorus gen-
erated some good publicity for the Northarvest dry bean
industry.          USDA
Commodity        Credit
Corporation       (CCC)
bought 3,500 cwt. of
black beans from KBC
Trading Co.
   The beans were
shipped from Hatton
and Northwood, ND
processing plants and
trucked to Fargo. The

repacked the hundred pound bags on special skids for
the Boeing 747 and An-124, two of the largest cargo
planes in the world. Fargo Jet Service loaded the beans
in the cargo holds, a job that was further complicated by
a blizzard that dumped as much as 9-inches of snow

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Page 40 N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999
                                      dered form of folate provides the         Many people think that lacto-ovo
Diet research                         recommended daily allowance. It s      vegetarians are not getting enough
looks good for                        the quantity found in 1 3/4 cups of
                                      organge juice or about 4/5 cup of
                                                                             zinc in their diets. Milk and eggs
                                                                             typically supply about 44% of the
dry beans                             cooked red beans, for example,
                                      says ARS researcher Robert Jacob
                                                                             zinc that the human body needs.
                                                                                But Hunt s research at Grand
A new study by USDA Agriculture       -- Source: Agricultural Research,      Forks shows that even though veg-
Research Service (ARS) indicates      June 1997                              etarian diets contain less zinc and
that current recommended dietary                                             people absorb less zinc from
allowance of 180 micrograms a day        LEGUMES BOOST ZINC                  legumes, it is possible to boost zinc
 f h     iai oae flc cd o
o t eBv t m nf l t ( o i a i )f r        Lacto -ovo vegetarians -- those     levels by increasing the amount of
women is probably too low.            who do not eat milk or eggs in their   legumes and grains consumed.
   Adequate folate intake has been    diets -- can meet their requirements      Hunt sees a much greater risk of
linked to decreased risk of spina     for zinc by eating plenty of whole     zinc deficiency in economically dis-
bifida and other birth defects, as    grains and legumes, says USDA          advantaged countries where vege-
well as reduced risk of cardiovas-    ARS researcher Janet Hunt., who        tarian diets contain less protein,
cular disease and stroke.             works in Grand Forks, N.D. Human       which enhances zinc absorption. -
    A very small amount of the pow-   Health and Nutrition Center.           Source: Agricultural Research,

                                                               N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999 Page 41
Page 42 N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999
N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999 Page 43
         Production of dry edible beans is estimated at 31 million cwt for
         1998, 6% above 1997 and 11% above two years ago. Area for
         harvest is estimated at 1.92 million acres, up 12% from 1997
         and 10% above 1996. The average yield, at 1,615 pounds per
         acre, dropped 80 pounds from 1997. Production of many minor
         varieties are below 1997 level except for black, pink and pinto
         varieties. Black production increased 70%, pink increased 25%
         and pinto increased 37% from 1997.

Page 44 N O RT H A RVEST BEAN GROWER January 1999
                                                                                N AVIES
      U.S. and Ontario Production & Minnesota-North Dakota Grower Price, 1988-1998
          Marketing Year    Marketing Year   Marketing Year   Marketing Year    Marketing Year    Marketing Year   Marketing Year   Marketing Year   Marketing Year    Marketing Year
             1989              1990             1991             1992              1993              1994             1995             1996             1997              1998
           et          Ag
                        u   Sp
                             et         Ag
                                         u   Sp
                                              et          u
                                                         Ag    et
                                                              Sp            u
                                                                           Ag    et
                                                                                Sp            u
                                                                                             Ag    et
                                                                                                  Sp           u
                                                                                                              Ag    et
                                                                                                                   Sp          Ag
                                                                                                                                u   Sp
                                                                                                                                     et          u
                                                                                                                                                Ag    et
                                                                                                                                                     Sp           Ag
                                                                                                                                                                   u    et
                                                                                                                                                                       Sp           u
           Highest Price     Highest Price    Highest Price    Highest Price     Highest Price     Highest Price    Highest Price    Highest Price    Highest Price
             Sept. $25      May-June $16         Aug $17         Sept. $21          July $22         Dec.-Aug.        July $24         Sept. $23         Aug. $15
 $55       Lowest Price      Lowest Price      Lowest Price    Lowest Price       Lowest Price         $28.50        Lowest Price     Lowest Price     Lowest Price                     $55
          Dec.-June $23        Oct. $11      Dec.-Jan. $10    Jun-July $12.50      Sept. $14        Lowest Price   Sept.-Oct. $14     Aug. $13.50       Sept. $11
 $50                                                                                                  Aug $23                                                                           $50
 $45                                                                                                                                                                                    $45
 $40                                                                                                                                                                                    $40
 $35                                                                                                                                                                                    $35
 $30                                                                                                                                                                                    $30
 $25                                                                                                                                                                                    $25
 $20                                                                                                                                                                                    $20
 $15                                                                                                                                                                                    $15
 $10                                                                                                                                                                                    $10
   $5                                                                                                                                                                                   $5
          North American                      10,735                                                                 9,282
          Production (000 omitted)                n.
                                                 Ot                                                                                                                                      Ontario
Grower                                          2,467                                                                    n.
                                                                                                                        Ot                                                               Production
                                                                                                                       1,950                                                             (000 omitted)
Prices,                                                                                                                                                                  Dec 1998
                              8,748                                               6,813                                               6,896                             Preliminary
Market                                                                                              6,667             U.S.                                               Estimate
                                                                                                                                                                                         Other Canada
  News                           n.
                                Ot                                                                                                    Ont. 895         6,407
                                                                                     n.               Ot
                                                                                                       n.            7,319                                                               (000 omitted)
                                                U.S.                               1,550             1,350                             U.S.            Ont. 920                          Source:
            6,008                              8,268             5,620
                                                                                                                                                                                         Ontario Bean

              Ot               U.S.                                                U.S.             U.S.                              6,001             U.S.            5,265            Producers
                                                                Ont. 912                                                                                               Other Canada
             1,551            6,593                                               5,263            5,317                                               5,487                             Board
                                                                  U.S.                                                                                                     845
             U.S.                                                                                                                                                       Ont. 485
            4,457                                                                                                                                                         U.S.           US
 Crop                                                                                                                                                                    3,935           (000 omitted)
 Year       1989               1990            1991              1992             1993              1994              1995             1996             1997             1998            USDA
                                                                              PINTO S
          U.S. Production & Minnesota/North Dakota Grower Price, 1989-1998
          Marketing Year   Marketing Year   Marketing Year   Marketing Year   Marketing Year   Marketing Year   Marketing Year   Marketing Year   Marketing Year   Marketing Year
             1989             1990             1991             1992             1993              1994            1995             1996             1997             1998
          Sp          u
                     Ag     et
                           Sp         Ag
                                       u     et
                                            Sp          u
                                                       Ag     et
                                                             Sp         Ag
                                                                         u    Sp
                                                                               et         Ag
                                                                                           u   Sp
                                                                                                et        Ag
                                                                                                           u    Sp
                                                                                                                 et         u
                                                                                                                           Ag     et
                                                                                                                                 Sp          u
                                                                                                                                            Ag     et
                                                                                                                                                  Sp          Ag
                                                                                                                                                               u    et
                                                                                                                                                                   Sp             u
          Highest Price    Highest Price    Highest Price    Highest Price    Highest Price    Highest Price    Highest Price    Highest Price    Highest Price
          May-July $40     May-June $17        Aug. $16        Dec.-Jan.         Oct. $30        Sept. $16      May-Aug $25        Sept. $24         Jan. $23
 $55       Lowest Price     Lowest Price     Lowest Price        $19.50        Lowest Price     Lowest Price     Lowest Price     Lowest Price     Lowest Price                       $55
             Aug. $17       Aug. $11.50     Dec.-Jan. $10     Lowest Price       Aug. $14      Dec.-Jan. $13    Nov.-Jan. $14       Aug. $15        Sept. $13
 $50                                                         June-July $13                                                                                                            $50
 $45                                                                                                                                                                                  $45
 $40                                                                                                                                                                                  $40
 $35                                                                                                                                                                                  $35
 $30                                                                                    Off the board
 $25                                                                                                                                                                                  $25
 $20                                                                                                                                                                                  $20
 $15                                                                                                                                                                                  $15
 $10                                                                                                                                                                                  $10
   $5                                                                                                                                                                                 $5
                                                                  US Production (000 omitted)
MN/DK                                                             Source: USDA                                                                                     14,832
                           13,650           13,643
Prices,                                                                                                                                                               USDA
  Bean                                                                                                                                                              Dec 1998
Market                                                                                                                                                             Preliminary
                                                                                                12,741                                                              Estimate
                                                                                                                11,349                            10,827
                                                              9 112

                                             1991             1992                               1994            1995              1996            1997             1998
   Year    1989             1990                                                1993
                   The Preferred Bean Cutting System
                 See us at:
Ag Show, Fargo Dome, Jan. 12-14
                                                                                                              The Pickett
Bean Day, Fargo Holiday Inn, Jan 21-22                                                                         One-Step
KMOT N.D. Ag Expo Minot, Jan 28-30                                                                            Rod Cutter
Small Grains Institute, Fargo Dome, Feb. 9-

                                                             N E W on all One-Step machines and combine pickup
                                                             heads: The Follow Cam System. Also available in
                                                             eight rows of fingers. Ask your dealer for informa-

             New For 98! Universal Combine Platform & Header
                                                                      Deep flighted 24 auger with 6 flights with no retractable high-
                                                                      maintenance fingers provides more consistent flow of product into
                                                                      the entire combine throat. Helps eliminate unwanted slugs. Spring-
                                                                      loaded float capability built in! The platform is built Pickett tough,
                                                                      and is operated by the combine s PTO. The pickup head speed is
                                                                      powered hydraulically and regulated from the combine cab.

                                                                                    LILLISTON PICKUP HEADS
                                                                      W e manufacture a floating pickup head for your Lilliston combine.
                                                                      Easy to mount.

                                                                                Call Toll Free 800-473-3559
                                                                               or See These Pickett Dealers:
                                                                             AMUNDSON EQUIPMENT Elbow Lake, MN
                                                                             E M E RY VISTO S IMPLEMENT Oakes, ND
                                                                          GREEN VALLEY EQUIPMENT Morden, Altona, MB
                                                                             LELM EQUIPMENT Fessenden, Harvey, ND
                                                                              MONDOVI IMPLEMENT CO.Mondovi, WI
                                                                           PRO-AG EQUIPMENT Grand Forks, Grafton, ND
                                                                                            N.           sbr, ibn D
                                                                           RDO EQUIPMENT,IC Casselton, Wa h u n L s o , N
                                                                          TWETE INC. McVille, Jamestown, Devils Lake, ND
The entire bottom of the platform is slotted with special elongated
perforations., Wo k n i t e d r c o f o t e p r o a i n w l
                  r i g n h i e t f l w, h e f r t o s i l                       UGLEM-NESS CO. Northwood, ND
clean themselves and eliminate dirt and prevent seed check.                     WEARDA IMPLEMENT Clara City, MN

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