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									                             The Canadian Cane Corso Association, otherwise known as the CCCA,
                             is very pleased and excited to publicly announce our new club, and
                             open our doors to new North American members who share our passion
                             for, and commitment to the Cane Corso breed!

                           We are very pleased to announce that the CCCA has recently
                           formalized a relationship with the AKC Parent Breed Club, the
Cane Corso Association of America (CCAA). We believe this is a very positive development for
the breed in North America as:

      Both Clubs wish to assure that as the breed continues to progress, mature, and evolve in
       North America, that the breed standards in use in both countries be as closely aligned as
       possible, so that the breed evolves in a harmonized path on both sides of the border;
      We wish to ensure that CKC judges are receiving the same high level of education and
       materials related to the Cane Corso breed as is available to AKC judges through the CCAA.
       To that end, the CCAA Board of Directors has agreed to allow our Club to share the use of
       the materials for Judges’ Education in Canada. The material will have to be very slightly
       modified to address the current differences between the CKC and AKC breed standard, but
       overall, we believe we will be able to create a high degree of consistently and
       professionalism in Judges Education on both sides of the border;
      We wish to ensure that members of both Clubs on either side of the border are kept well
       informed and well educated in regard to all aspects of the breed in a consistent manner;
      We also feel it is important for both Clubs to work in harmony with all in the breed to share
       the responsibility of breed rescue the fight against Breed Specific Legislation and Anti
       Dock/Crop Legislation.

The new club was formed on February 1, 2010, and the initial directors of the club have been hard
at work creating all the materials required for the club to function properly now, and in the future,
as a legitimate and accredited national breed club within the Canadian environment. To that end we
have recently launched our new website which can be found at, which we
would invite you to visit. It is still a work in progress, but we believe it is off to a strong start.

This club was initially formed by a group of Cane Corso and Working Breed passionates, who are
long time Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) members, with deep experience in all aspects of
Conformation and Performance Events, Training, and Breeding. Many of the founding members of
this club currently sit on the Executive Boards of other National Breed Clubs, or have done so in the
past. To that end, the founding BOD members are well steeped in the experience of properly
establishing and operating a valid and functional breed club

Right up front, our club believes it is important to establish our founding principles and beliefs in
relation to the Cane Corso breed as it exists in North America, which includes the following

          We believe that a National Breed Club MUST represent the interests of all owners and
           breeders of the Cane Corso, and not cater to the tastes or beliefs of any one subgroup;
           We believe that the club must be focused on the interests of North American and more
            specifically, Canadian owners and breeders, as well as the breed itself as it exists today
            within our borders;
           We believe the club must operate in clear alignment with the Canadian Kennel Club
            (CKC), in addition to having a good relationship with the AKC and their Parent Club, to
            better establish a consistency of the direction of the breed in North America;
           We believe the club needs to embrace and recognize the valid breadth and diversity of
            the Corso breed as it has existed both in history, and at the current time, with a range of
            acceptable “within standard” breed types in evidence, and not demonstrating a
            preference to any subtype, blood line, or geographical origin within the breed;
           We believe that the provision of in-depth, accurate educational materials to owners,
            breeders, judges and the Canadian Kennel Club is important;
           We believe in the importance of Rescue within the breed. If you are a breeder of the
            Corsi, we believe that you should be contributing in some way to general breed Rescue
            efforts, and in no uncertain terms, always be willing to take back and re-home the
            offspring of your own breeding program. If you are made aware of a dog of your own
            breeding requiring rescue, and you refuse to undertake the same in some meaningful
            way, you should be identified to the entire community as a non-responsible breeder.
            Take responsibility for what you produce;
           We believe that breeding the Cane Corso should only be undertaken in the true spirit of
            continually striving to improve the breed. We do not in general terms encourage mass
            breeding “for profit,” though at the same time, we also recognize that good breeders who
            are either large in scale, or commercial in nature, do exist;
           We will fight to ensure the continued personal and legal right of the North American
            Cane Corso owner to choose to crop and dock the breed as it relates to the historic and
            modern dog, as reflected in the current CKC and AKC standards for the breed.
           We will fight to preserve the continued recognition of all relevant bites – Scissor, Level
            and Undershot, as it currently is in the CKC and AKC breed standards.

We recently hosted our first “Corso Fun Day” on July 24th, and all who attended from Western
Canada were treated to demonstrations of high level working-breed dogs and their owners “doing
their thing” in a variety of working events. We are looking forward to planning many more such
events in an attempt to help introduce our fellow Cane Corso owners and enthusiasts to the wide
variety of sports and activities we can participate in with our dogs.

Check us out at!


Byron Osing
Interim President
Canadian Cane Corso Association (CCCA)

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