Creative by stariya


									Creative Brief
This is a template creative brief. Try to fill out as much as you can, not all
questions will be equally relevant but by filling them out you will arm us to
assist you achieve your communication goals


Note to briefer: the best briefs are brief…Take time and trouble to distil the
task down to the very few issues which are insightful, relevant and motivating.
Everything else is background, to be attached. Use the targets’ language.

1.     What are the client’s objectives for the job?
If more than one, split into primary and secondary—but note: you can only
have one primary objective.

2.     Who are we talking to?
Try to go beyond customer status and demographics—attempt to paint a
relevant and evocative picture of their lifestyle or business.

3.     What do they currently think about our church and our
       ministry/church brand?
Both rationally and emotionally—what really turns them on/off—focus on
target perceptions, not reality.

4.     What do we want them to think?
What single thought should they take out from our communication?

5.     What do we want them to do?
Enquire, visit, buy, change their behaviour?

6.     What is the single most important proposition?
What is the one motivating benefit—ideally a word, at most a phrase (if a
phrase, underline the key word). This may be the same as 4 but try hard to go
beyond this to give the creative team an inspired thought—be creative, have a
go at the headline.

7.     Why should they believe it?
A checklist of benefits for supportive subheads—rank logically. Keep details to
attachment, not here.
8.    What is the offer?
What is the special deal for responding now?

9.    How should we speak to them?
Tone of voice? What is the brand character? What care, media personality,
other brand could we be?

10.   Mandatories
What are the absolutely must-haves? (logos, website addresses etc)

11.   Creative guidelines
What would be smart to have?

12.   Requirement
What do we need to deliver—mailpack with leaflet, insert, etc. And to what
level of finish? Very rough, colour finished, subheads, copy outline or full

13.   Timings
Internal Review 1
Internal Review 2
Ready for Ministry partner/event

14.   Restrictions
Budget. Photography/illustration. Simple/involved/high impact pack.

15.   Background/more details
Attach these. Competitive work? Keep out of brief.

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