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Indian Institute of Management  North East Hill University
Mayurbhan Complex, Nongthymmai, Umshing, Mawlai
Shillong                        Shillong

Principal                             Principal
Lady Keane College                    K.L. Bajoria College
Keating road                          Lower New Colony, Near neepco
Shillong-793001, Meghalaya            Shillong- 793001
Principal                             Principal
B.K. Bajoria School                   St. Edmounds College
Lower New Colony                      Dhankheti
Shillong- 793001                      Shillong-793001, Meghalaya
Principal                             Principal
St. Mary’s College                    Shillong College
Near Don Bosco                        Shillong-793001, Meghalaya
Shillong-793001, Meghalaya
Principal                             Principal
Shillong Women’s College              St. Anthony
New Colony                            Lachumire
Shillong-793001, Meghalaya            Shillong-793001, Meghalaya
Principal                             T.P. Vijayakumar
Sanker Dev college                    Asst. Director
Bishnapur                             MSME-DI
Laban P.O.                            Lower New Colony
Shillong-793001, Meghalaya            Opposite to B.K. Bajoria School,
                                      Shillong- 793001
Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship- Director
IIE –Ri- bhoi                         KVIC
                                      Auckland raod
                                      Shillong-793001, Meghalaya
DDM                                   To
NABARD                                Mr. U. Muktih
Dhankheti, sale tax office building   General Manager
Shillong-793001, Meghalaya            District Commerce and Industry Centre
                                      East Khasi Hills –
                                      Shillong Industrial Estate
                                      Chowk ground, Shillong 793001
Director                              Shillong Engineering Management College,
NIFT Campus                           Shillong, Meghalaya Jorabat GS Road
Old NEIGRIHMS, Pasteur Hills , Shillong, Meghalaya
Lawmali, Shillong- 793001             India Pin code 793101
Principal                              Principal
Raid Laben College,                    Synod College,
Shillong. Meghalaya                    Shillong Meghalaya

Principal                              Principal
Seng Khasi College,                    BDPS Computer Education Society,
Shillong, Meghalaya                    Dhankheti, Opp. Bawri Mansion
                                       Shillong 793- 001 Meghalaya

Principal                              Principal
Alpine College,                        Budha Bhanu Saraswati College, Mawprem
Nongthymmai Shillong 792 014           Shillong - 793002
Meghalaya                              Meghalaya

Principal                              Principal
College of Teacher Education,          Greater Mawlai College,
Boyce Road, Shillong-793003            Mawlai, Shillong - 793008 Meghalaya
East Khasi Hills Meghalaya
Principal                              Principal
Seng Khasi College,                    Shillong Medical and Dental College,
Shillong, East Khasi Hills Meghalaya   Laitumkhrah Shillong Meghalaya

Principal                              Principal
Umshyrpi College,                      St. Dominic College,
Laban Shillong - 4 Meghalaya           Nongthymmai Shillong - 14 Meghalaya

Principal                              Principal
Goodwill College,                      Nongstoin College
Nongthymmai Shillong - 14 Meghalaya    Nongstoin , West Khasi Hills

Principal                              Principal
Shillong Commerce College,             Ri Bhoi College
Shillong. East Khasi Hills Meghalaya   Nongpoh, Ri Bhoi

Principal                              Principal
Ri Bhoi Area Welfare Association       Union Christian College
Umsning, Ri Bhoi                       Barapani, Ri Bhoi
Meghalaya                              Meghalaya
793105                                 793102
Vice Chancellor                     Vice Chancellor
Guwahati University                 Assam Agriculture University
Jalukbari, Guwahati- 781013         Khanpara, Guwahati

Assam Engineering College           Mr. A.C. Kalita
                                    Assam Engineering Institute
Cotton College                      Handique College

Principal                           Principal
Guwahati Commerce College           Darwin School of Business
                                    20 Darwin Strait
                                    R.G.Barua Road,Sundarpur
                                    Guwahati-781005, Assam
                                    Tel: +91-361-2202436

Principal                           Director
Padmashhree Chandraprabha           North Eastern Regional Institute of
Saikiani                            Management
(Formerly Girl's Polytechnic),      Padma Nath sarmah Bhawan
Bamuni Maidan, Beltola              Tripura Road, Joyanagar Khanapara,
Guwahati 781 021 Assam              Guwahati-781022
                                    Phone: 9864041517, 0361-2234999
                                    Telefax: 0361-2234900
Assam Institute of Management       Central Institute of Plastics Engineering
7th Floor, East Point Tower         & Technology
Bamunimaidam                        Address: CIPET) Chief Manager (Project),
Guwahati – 781021, Assam            CIPET Extension Center, PO Changsari,
Tel: +91 361 2654813/ 2654815       Dist. Kamrup, Guwahati - 781101, India
Fax: + 91 361 2654813               Phone: (+91)-(361)-2680747
Director                            HOD
Indian Institute of Technology      Department of Business Administration,
Guwahati (IITG)                     Guwahati University
Near Kamakhya bridge                Gopinath Bardoloai Nagar,
Guwahati-                           Guwahati 781014 (Assam)
                                    Phone: +91-361-2570867
                              List of NGOs at Shillong
Mr. Caleb Gurung                        Mr. Shanbor
All Community Transformation Society    ARTED SELF HELP GROUP
Opp Jingkieng Hydro Electricity         Shanbor
Top Floor of BSNL Tower                 Mawbynna
 G.S .Road,                             Lummawbah
 Shillong - 793 01.                     Shillong - 793005.
 Meghalaya                               Meghalaya
Director                                Director
Asha Rehabilitation Centre              Impulse NGO Network
58 Gorkha Training Centre               Lower Lachumiere
Happy Valley,Shillong                   Near Horse Shoe Building,Meghalaya
Shillong - 793007.                      Shillong - 793001.
Meghalaya                                Meghalaya
Director                                Director
Impulse NGO Network                     Khyndai Kyntoit Social and Cultural
Lower Lachumiere                        Organisation
Near Horse Shoe Building,               Wahlang Village
Shillong - 793001.                      Near St. George Parish
Meghalaya                               Via-Sohiong, E.K-Hills, Wahlang
Tel : 0364- 2500587                     Shillong - 793121.
                                        +91- 9856006503
Mr. Andreas H Marwein                   Director
Lumparing Thrift and Credit Society     New Hope Centre
Ester Marwein                           Central Ward
Near Sacred Heart School                KJP Synod Guest House LGP,
Lumparing Road, Laban                   Shillong - 793001.
Shillong - 793004. Meghalaya            Meghalaya
Tel : 0364- 2220701                     Tel : 0364- 2225788
Director                                Mr.B.K.Tariang
Roilang Vocational Training Centre      Seng Samla Shnong Mawklot,
ST. Edmund’s Campus                     Upper Shillong.
Shillong - 793003.                      NH-40,Upper Shillong
Meghalaya                               Shillong - 793009.
Tel : 0364- 2220265                     Meghalaya
United Nations Drugs Control Centre
UNDDC Project Office Simply Building
Dhanketi Malki,Shillong
Shillong - 793001. Meghalaya
0364- 2501551

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