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									                                      Past Officers’ Council
                              Marriott Downtown, Salt Lake City, UT
                                 Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Members in Attendance, for all or part of the meeting:
Karen Agee                         Russ Hodges                           Gretchen Starks-Martin
Sue Brown                          Kate Sandberg                         Sharon Taylor
Wesley Brown                       Gladys Shaw, Chair                    Ann Wolf
                                   Valerie Smith Stephens

   1.      Call to Order
           Meeting was called to order at 5:05 by Chair Gladys Shaw.

   2.      Selection of a Notetaker
           Chair Shaw appointed Karen Agee to take notes.

   3.      Approval/Revision of Agenda
           Agenda was amended to include additional topics for Gretchen Starks-Martin, CRLA Board
           Liaison, to address.

   4.      Approval/Revision of Minutes
           It was moved (Hodges), seconded (S. Brown), and passed to approve the Minutes of the
           October 28, 2009 (Richmond Conference) meeting.

   5.      Time Limit for Agenda Items.
           Chair Shaw announced a time limit of 20 minutes for any single agenda item, to end the
           meeting in time for the Welcome event.

   6.      Selection of a POC Chair-Elect
           It was moved (Hodges), seconded (Taylor), and unanimously passed to elect Joe Barnhill
           the 2010-2011 POC Chair-Elect. Joe is leaving the CRLA Board on Nov. 6 after
           outstanding service as Treasurer 2008-2010; his term as Chair-Elect begins at the end of this
           conference. Becky Johnen, the 2009-2010 Chair-Elect, becomes 2010-2011 POC Chair
           on November 6.

   7.      Report of the Memorial Task Force
           a. Starks-Martin reported that the task force (Gretchen Starks-Martin, Karen Agee, Dorothy
              Bonser, Rick Sheets, and Awards & Scholarships Chair Leta Tyhurst) had considered a
              request to change the names of existing awards, for instance, renaming the Outstanding
              Tutor Award for someone more closely involved in ITPC than Tom Pasternack had been.
              Concerned that CRLA history might thus be lost, many on the POC urged that
              current memorials not be changed.
           b. Starks-Martin reported that the task force had considered creating a new travel award in
              honor of deceased persons; individuals to be memorialized each year would be
              determined by the Board. It was POC’s decision to request that the CRLA Board
              create a CRLA Leaders Memorial Travel Award (not associated with any
              individual’s name) in the amount of $1000 annually, to help with conference travel
              expenses and to be awarded to individuals assuming leadership positions in CRLA.
           c. Starks-Martin reported that the task force recommended posting memorials on the
              LSCHE website to collaborate with other organizations in the field. It was POC’s
         decision to post and maintain memorials for CRLA members on the CRLA website
         as well as on LSCHE.
      d. As Starks-Martin reported, the task force recommended that memorials be written by
         CRLA members and sent to the NewsNotes editor and Website Manager or web
         contact so these individuals are not charged with writing memorials. POC agreed.
      e. Starks-Martin reported that the Board asked POC or the task force to develop
         qualifications and selection criteria for any new awards. POC decided that authority to
         determine awards criteria and application forms should be assigned to the Awards
         & Scholarships Chair.

8.    Update on the Archives
      Starks-Martin reported that the Board is considering scanning most materials in the CRLA
      archives for electronic storage. If the Texas State-San Marcos proposal for a doctoral
      program in developmental education is approved by Texas, that program may be interested in
      hosting the physical archives. CRLA would continue to fund maintenance of the archives.

9.    Proposed Bylaw to Change the Name of Certification Programs
      Starks-Martin reported that the Board has voted to approve a CRLA bylaws amendment to
      change the names of its certification programs to International Tutor Training Program
      Certification and International Mentor Training Program Certification. If there is no quorum
      at the Nov. 5 business meeting at this conference, then the amendment will go to members for
      a vote with the spring 2011 election balloting. POC approved this change by consensus.
      In answer to Hodges’ question about programs already certified, Starks-Martin reported that
      the Board will invite programs to choose to update their certificates to the new name or retain
      ITPC/IMPC terminology until recertification or renewal. POC suggested that the Board ask
      ITPC to consider a clear statement as to 1) when certified programs should change their
      certificates to the new name, and 2) when the new name would probably be put into use.

10.   Board FYI: New Positions on Board
      The CRLA Board has created two new ex-officio positions, to begin on November 6. Lori
      Saxby will be Professional Development Coordinator; Rick Sheets will be Technology

11.   Committee to Develop 2011 Institute
      Chair Shaw had on the agenda to recruit two additional volunteers and selection of a
      chairperson for the committee to develop the curriculum for a pre-conference training
      institute for new professionals in learning assistance. It was decided not to form such a
      committee in light of the new Board position, but instead to ask Lori Saxby, CRLA
      Professional Development Coordinator, to include some POC members on her committee.

12.   CRLA Policies & Procedures
      Agee reported President-Elect Norm Stahl’s comment that CRLA lacks a real Policies &
      Procedures document. Agee agreed and shared with POC (a) the P&P document created by
      CLADEA to operationalize the Council’s bylaws and (b) information about the P&P
      Handbook of the Literacy Research Association (available on the NRC website at sent by Stahl. POC agreed that the current list of
      Board actions currently called the CRLA Policies & Procedures should be augmented with an
      actual policy and procedures document. CRLA Board Executive Assistant Starks-Martin
      asked for assistance to create the document. Agee agreed to assist and suggested that Susan
      Deese-Roberts, also a former Executive Assistant, be invited to collaborate on the project.
   13.     CRLA Statements on the Website
           Agee requested that the 2002 Position Statement on the Rights of Adult Readers and Learners
           and the 2003 Statement of Professional Ethics be available on the CRLA website in a section
           for statements and policies.

   14.     Recommendation to the Board re ACPA/NASPA Consolidation
           Now that the CRLA/NADE Working Group has published its report in both associations’
           journals (see Fall 2009 JCRL), Agee suggested that, if CRLA and NADE want to move
           forward, the Proposal for the Consolidation of ACPA & NASPA may be instructive. Chair
           Shaw urged the CRLA Board to read the consolidation proposal document at

   15.     Proposal of a Bylaws Change
           Sandberg reported that she regretted the ill will caused by her proposal a year ago and wanted
           to make clear that she is not accusing anyone on the Board of malfeasance but rather respects
           all its members. As a matter of policy, however, Sandberg moved and S. Brown seconded
           that a different bylaw be adopted: Current voting Board members and their family
           members may not receive a stipend or salary from CRLA. After discussion of the
           motion, it was moved (Hodges), seconded (Smith Stephens), and passed that the vote be
           taken by paper ballot. Votes on the Sandberg motion were read by Chair Shaw, tallied by
           Agee, and announced: 5 for and 3 against. Motion passed.

   16.     Other. Hodges expressed concern that the new CRLA mission, vision, and guiding
           principles, while reviewed by many CRLA leaders, were not revised with input from the
           entire membership as in 2004. There was some agreement that liaison Starks-Martin should
           share that concern with the Board.

Chair Shaw adjourned the meeting at 6:35 p.m.

On December 1, it was moved (Karen Agee) and seconded (Jo-Ann Mullen) to approve the minutes of
the November 3, 2010, meeting of the Past-Officers’ Council. Gladys Shaw announced on December
3, 2010, that the motion passed by e-vote.

Becky Johnen announced by email to Gladys Shaw that she would not be able to serve as Chair of the
Past Officers’ Council 2010-2011, for health reasons. On December 1, 2010, it was moved (Valerie
Smith Stephens) and seconded (Jo-Ann Mullen) that Gladys continue as POC Chair, with Joe Barnhill
as Chair-Elect, 2010-2011. The motion passed by unanimous consent of all e-voters on December 3.
Past Officers Gretchen Starks-Martin (Executive Assistant to the CRLA Board) and Ann Wolf (CRLA
President) conveyed the will of the POC to the Board.

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