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					           Workshop on
    Effective Mob Handling
   Techniques for Business

    November 18 – 20, 2010
           BURBAN – MUREE

Human Resource Learning Centre
House 554, Street 49, Sector I-8/2,
Ph: +92-(0)51- 4864529 | Cell: +92-(0)301-
Email:       URL:
Introduction to HRLC                                 Objectives of Workshop
Human Resource Learning Centre - HRLC
                                                  The workshop aims at achieving the
is a dedicated organization for human
resource training, career development             following objectives:
programs and customized solutions. We             Introduce the participant with the
advance by address and support the most               concept of mob handling and its
in-demand training programs to cater the              link with business continuity.
needs of professionals. As a subsidiary of
                                                  Help participants innovate and
Children First we help the individuals to
meet present and future challenges by                 develop tools for analyzing
offering valuable learning experiences that           situation as per the scope/
empower them to maximize performance                  mission of the project
and achieve their full potential. Our-focused     Equip participants with the skill
training solutions are designed to provide            of dialoguing/ communication,
measurable and sustainable value for our              problem solving and facilitation
clients. We blend best-of-breed content with      Enable trainees to get benefit of
cutting edge and time-honored training                the local wisdom for the purpose
approaches, including Traditional Classroom
                                                      of business continuity in the local
Learning, Mentored Learning, LIVE and
ANYTIME to fit the specific learning style of         context
the individual and the broader knowledge
objectives of the organization. Our
researchers and analysts continue to be on       Proposed Contents of the
the cutting edge of their fields, working with   Workshop
policy and decision makers in both the
public and private sectors to find solutions        Conflict assessments tools and
for today's demanding and sensitive                  their relevance & applicability for
development and humanitarian problems.
                                                     business purpose
The profile of our researchers is well-evident
by many development professionals who               PRA tools for situation analysis
have been part of the on-going development          Developing tools for analyzing
process within the country.                          situation for project purpose
                                                    Solving problems and
                                                     developing groups
Brief about the Workshop
HRLC in the endeavors of capacity building          Dialoguing with communities
plans to organize an extensive workshop on          Basic Concepts and
„Effective Mob Handling Techniques for               terminologies
Business continuity” especially for both
public and private sectors. Working with         Duration
people is the need of day and the peoples‟
                                                 Three days
opinions and their participation can enrich
any initiative. The business organizations       Course Fee
particularly corporate sector and others who
involve people for the purpose of business       The course fee is PKR. 38,000
continuity in the respective area can            including        training     material,
encounter an untoward situation if the staff     participants‟ kit, resource person fee,
is not capable to convert the negative           lunch and refreshment during the
energy of patron into positives; a threat into   workshop.
opportunity and a challenge into a passion.
This workshop offers a range of tools to help    Proposed Methodology
the staff work with people, engage them          The workshop will be based on
positively and earn maximum for the life of
                                                 interactive sessions with focus on
                                                 experiential and interactive learning
   models. There will be structured         Faisal Gul Programme Officer Training
   exercises,      group     discussions,   and Admn on or call us
   analysis,        role-plays       and    at 051- 4864 259
   management games. Practically the
   participants will be engaged in
   analyzing the situation, dialoguing      Who Should Attend?
   with communities and team building       Professionals from corporate Sector and
   exercises. The trainers will be          development professionals working with
   flexible    to     arrange      “DAG”    communities.
   (deficiency analysis group) sessions
   other than the set timings to help
   certain group understand the dotted      Training Venue
   areas of training.
                                            The training is arranged at         Pearl
The following techniques will be used in    Continental Hotel Muzaffarabad.
different sessions of the training:         Stay
                                            Participants can have options either to
      Interactive Lecture
                                            stay at PC or choose from other guest
      Group work                           houses available closer to PC for their
      Brainstorming                        stay. Organizations can also arrange
      Role-play                            boarding and lodging facility for
      Presentations                        participants.
      Practical demonstrations
      Mentor Exercise
      Best Participant‟s Award for         Proposed Team of Trainers/ Speakers
       each day
                                            Chief Secretary AJ&K
      Using      Facebook      as     a
       mechanism for follow up of the       Inaugural Session
       training to connect people with      Mr. Azaz Naseem
       other      organizations     and
       individuals to continue the          Additional Chief Secretary        (AJ&K)
       process of learning and sharing      (Speaker for NIPA/ KIPA)
                                            Ms. Rifat Shams
Overall approach proposed for this
assignment will be participatory and        Executive Director, Human Resource
participants of workshop will be involved   Learning Center
in the learning process and other           Mr. Abdur Rub
aligned activities.
                                            General Manager Capacity Building
                                            Omer Asghar         Khan    Development
Registration/ Cancellation                  Foundation
If this training meets the learning needs   Sungi
of your staff, please get them registered
with HRLC. For details please contact       Mr. Mubashar Nabi
                                            Chief Executive Officer, Children First
                                            Mr Amjad Ali
                                            General Manager Capacity Building
                                            American Red Cross

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