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									- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Stuart
MANUFACTURER: STUART PRODUCTS 2542 STONEGATE NORTH BEDFORD, TEXAS 76021 PHONE: 817-280-0701 NFPA HAZARD RATINGS: HEALTH: 1 FLAMMABILITY: 1 REACTIVITY: 0 OTHER: None ----------------------------------------------------------SECTION 1: PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION ----------------------------------------------------------TRADE NAME: Injectable AD-Tocopherol FORMULA/MOLECULAR WEIGHT: N/A CHEMICAL NAME/SYNONYMS: Vitamin A,D,E Product CAS NUMBER: N/S - Mixture GENERIC NAME: Vitamin A,D,E Product DOT HAZARD CLASSIFICATION: Not restricted COMMON NAME: Retinyl Palmitate, Cholecalciferol, D-AlphaToxopherol Preparation TECHNICAL CONTACT: Dr. Robert L. Stuart 817-581-4538 EMERGENCY NO.: 817-280-0701 ----------------------------------------------------------SECTION 2: PRODUCT DESCRIPTION ----------------------------------------------------------APPEARANCE: Light yellow liquid ODOR: Mild PHYSICAL PROPERTIES BOILING POINT: N/D MELTING POINT: None SPECIFIC GRAVITY: .970 VAPOR DENSITY: Is heavier than air PERCENT VOLATILES: 1 at 70 deg F. WATER MISCIBILITY: Dispersible in water HAZARDOUS COMPONENTS: LISTED BELOW ARE THE HAZARDOUS COMPONENT(S) AS DEFINED IN 49 CFR 172 AND 29 CFR 1910 WHICH ARE PRESENT IN THIS PRODUCT AND ALL COMPONENTS WHICH APPEAR ON THE HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCE LIST OF ANY STATE: Ethanol, Flammable, CASRN 64175 20.00 +/-.00 ----------------------------------------------------------SECTION 3: FIRE AND EXPLOSION DATA ----------------------------------------------------------FLASH POINT: >200 deg F TEST METHOD: Setaflash closed cup LOWER FLAMMABLE LIMIT: N/D UPPER FLAMMABLE LIMIT: N/D RECOMMENDED EXTINGUISHING MEDIA: CO2, foam, dry chemical UNUSUAL FIRE OR EXPLOSIONS HAZARDS (Conditions To Avoid): None known to Stuart. HAZARDOUS DECOMPOSITION PRODUCTS: None known to Stuart. SPECIAL FIRE FIGHTING PROCEDURES: None known to Stuart. ----------------------------------------------------------SECTION 4: REACTIVITY DATA ----------------------------------------------------------Product is stable under normal conditions. INCOMPATIBLE MATERIALS (Materials To Avoid): None known to Stuart. HAZARDOUS POLYMERIZATION: Will Not Occur ----------------------------------------------------------SECTION 5: ACUTE HEALTH AND SAFETY DATA ----------------------------------------------------------Test Type Result Type Animal Species Hazard Rank ----------------------------------------------------------Eye Relatively Irritation harmless Oral Relatively Toxicity harmless Skin Slight Irritation LC (50) N/D LD (50) N/D

----------------------------------------------------------SECTION 6: HANDLING PRECAUTIONS/FIRST AID RECOMMENDATIONS ----------------------------------------------------------SKIN AND EYE CONTACT: May cause eye irritation on prolonged or repeated exposure. Protect eyes from contact with product. Wash thoroughly after handling. FIRST AID: In case of eye contact, flush thoroughly with plenty of water. Based on Toxicological Data For Components. INHALATION: May be harmful if inhaled in large amounts or for prolonged periods. Do not inhale product. FIRST AID: Move to fresh air. ORAL INGESTION: Notice; May be harmful if swallowed in large quantities. FIRST AID: If swallowed, immediately drink a large quantity of milk or water and call a physician. OTHER: The preceeding was estimated from safety data for components. ----------------------------------------------------------SECTION 7: SPILL PROCEDURES ----------------------------------------------------------STEPS TO TAKE IF SPILLED: Add dry material to absorb spill (if large spill, dike to contain). Using recommended protective equipment, pick up bulk of spill and containerize for recovery or disposal. Flush area with water to remove residues. WASTE DISPOSAL: This product, if disposed as shipped, is not a hazardous waste as specified in 40 CFR 261. Dispose of in an approved landfill in accordance with State and Local regulations. ----------------------------------------------------------SECTION 8: SPECIAL PROTECTION INFORMATION ----------------------------------------------------------VENTILATION REQUIREMENTS: General PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT RECOMMENDED FOR NORMAL USE CONDITIONS: EYE PROTECTION: Safety glasses SKIN PROTECTION: Rubber or plastic gloves RESPIRATORY PROTECTION: N/A with adequate ventilation ----------------------------------------------------------SECTION 9: SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS ----------------------------------------------------------Store away from excessive heat and direct sunlight. Protect from freezing. ----------------------------------------------------------This product and/or all of it's components are registered as required by TSCA. The Information Herein Relates To The Product Named And Is Based Upon Information Stuart Products, Inc. Considers To Be Accurate. No Warranty Expressed Or Implied Is Intended. This Information Is Offered Solely For Your Consideration And Interpretation. ----------------------------------------------------------APPROVED BY: Robert L. Stuart DATE REVISED: 2-21-91 ----------------------------------------------------------DISCLAIMER OF EXPRESSED AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES: Although reasonable care has been taken in the preparation of this document, we extend no warranties and make no representation as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained therein, and assume no responsibility regarding the suitability of this information for the user's intended purposes or for the consequences of its use. Each individual should make a determination as to the suitability of the information for their particular purpose(s). A request has been made to the manufacturer to approve the contents of this material safety data sheet. Upon receipt a new MSDS will be made available. ----------------------------------------------------------COMPAS Code: 19810010

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