Melbourne Underworld by 2aaQwF


									Melbourne Underworld

   Meet the real people
Carlton Crew
Alphonse Gangitano. The Black Prince
Private school education from a good
Italian family with no history in crime.
Tough guy but no wise guy. Careless
and erratic. Never paid for nothing.
Whacked by his associate Jason
Moran in 1998. Long live the Prince!
Mark Moran half brother of Jason.
36, is shot dead outside his
Essendon home while sitting in his
car in 2000. Doesn’t he look a bit
Jason Moran, 36, and his
associate Pasquale
Barbaro, 40, shot dead in
the front seat of a van
while watching a children's
football clinic in Essendon
in June 2003.
Lewis Moran father of Jason. Ex
Painter and Docker. Whacked in a
pub in Brunswick 31st March, 2004.
Small time loan shark Mario
Condello. Apparently he was also a
lawyer. Whacked near his home in
Brighton. On 6 February 2006, the
eve of his murder trial he was shot
dead in his driveway at around
Graham ‘the Munster’ Kinniburgh. Ex
Painter and Docker. The last of the wise
guys, was ambushed and shot dead
outside his home in Kew just after midnight
on December 13, 2003.
Melbourne Godfather,
Mick Gatto. Ex Boxer. Carlton
Crew Boss. Mr Teflon! Nothing
sticks to this guy. A real wise
guy. Last of the Carlton Crew.
Pasquale Barbaro. Got whacked whilst sitting in van with Jason
Moran while watching a children's football clinic in Essendon.
Some bodyguard! Useless prick!
Williams Crew
Carl Williams. Mastermind or small time crim?
Roberta Williams. Abandoned
by her mother when about 12.
Estranged wife of Carl. A real
fucken SLAG!
Victor Brincat. The Runner. In 1993 Brincat
escaped from Yatala Jail in South Australia,
where he was serving a long sentence for
armed robberies. Moved to Melbourne to
expand his chosen career. Allegedly whacked
Jason Moran and Pasquale Barbaro, order
from Carl Williams. I think he’s serving time
Thomas Hentschel. The Driver. Allegedly drove Carl
Williams from Mark Morans murder scene to the Pub
in record time for a prefect alibi.
Was also the alleged driver for Victor Brincat in the
Jason Moran hit. Is apparently the crowns star
witness. Can’t find a bloody photo of this guy.
Dino Dibra. Grew up in Albanian family
in Sunshine. Knocked around with Carl
and Rocco Arrico. This guy was
insane. Big time drug dealer in all the
happening clubs in Melb. Allegedly
coached Carl prior to the Mark Moran
murder execution. Was allegedly
whacked by his old friend Benji when
Lewis Moran placed a 40k contract on
his head. Benji never got the money.
Andrew ‘Benji’ Veniamin. Also grew up in Sunshine
Greek family. Hired gun and stand over man.
Was also working for the Carlton Crew. Allegedly
whacked his friends Dino Dibra and Paul Kalipolitis
and many many more. Benji was finally whacked
himself by Mick Gatto in the La Porcella restaurant
after a struggle in a tight corridor.
Lewis Caine. Yep! The guy who was
banging the hot lawyer Zarah Garde-
Wilson. Originally with the Carlton Crew.
Yes, he eventually got whacked too!
Tony Mokbel
Tony Mokbel. Known in the underworld
as "The Octopus" or "Fat Tony", Antonios
Sajih Mokbel was born in Kuwait on
August 8, 1965.

                                           Alleged associate of Carl Williams.
                                           Was apparently banging Zarah
                                           Garde-Wilson. Skipped bail and fled
                                           to Greece when it all unfolded. Still
                                           alive, Amazing!
The Russian
Nick Radev. The Bulgarian. Radev was a
notorious career criminal and has been
described as a difficult man with lots of
enemies. Very dangerous man and alleged
cop killer. Prime suspect in the Dino Dibra
murder. Radev had a reputation as a stand-
over man who preyed on white-collar
criminals. Possibly whacked by Benji in
Queen St, Coburg in 2003
Legal team
George Defteros. Carlton Crew lawyer.
Recently got his license back. And got thru
the ordeal alive! Fuckin lawyers!
Zarah Garde-Wilson.
Garde-Wilson is originally from
rural NSW but a drop in wool
prices saw her family close its
6000-head merino farm near
Armidale and move to
Queensland, where she
completed high school while
boarding at Fairholme Ladies
College in Toowoomba.
She crossed the country to
complete a law degree at the
University of Western Australia,
then landed a job as an articled
clerk with Pryles and Defteros'
Perth office before being relocated
to Melbourne.
Got involved in a relationship with Lewis
Caine, after representing him in court for
some minor crime. Lewis was eventually
whacked but at least he got to sink his
sausage into this hot piece of legal ass.
Zarah had her licence taken away for her
association to the Underworld figures but
has been fighting to clear her name and
get back her right to practice law.
So incredibly fit

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