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					                             Central Valley Youth Symphony Association
                                          2009-2010 Season
                                      Business Ad Information

Business ads are accepted for publication in all programs listed below. This is a great way to advertise
your business and support the Central Valley Youth Symphony Association. Business ads can be
deducted as a business expense. Please check with your accountant for details.

If you would like to place an ad for yourself or your business, please complete the information below,
attach a business card or an ad you want printed in the programs, and enclose with your payment.
Please mail to Central Valley Youth Symphony Association, PO Box 690276, Stockton, CA 95269-0276.
Ad prices are as follows:

Business card size in three programs:         $100
Business card size in one program:            $ 50

Quarter to half page in three programs: $250
Quarter to half page in one program:    $100

Concert Dates for the 2009-2010 Season that will include a program are:

       Fall Concert                   Grand Theatre, Tracy
       Winter Concert                 Hutchins Street Square, Lodi
       Spring Concert                 Faye Spanos Concert Hall, Stockton

For further questions or information please contact the Central Valley Youth Symphony Association at
(888) for CVYS.
---------------------------Please detach and send with payment-------------------------------
Name of business or individual advertising:

Name and phone number of contact person for further information:

Specify size and concert dates for business ad:

Name of young musician in CVYSA to acknowledge for your contribution:

Special wording or comment to add to advertisement:

Please remember to attach your ad information (ie: Business Card) and payment.
Thank you for your support of the Central Valley Youth Symphony Association.
Support music and young musicians for over 40 years.

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