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      ST.GEORGE’S SCHOOL IN SWITZERLAND                                                     OCTOBER, 2007
                                                                                             Volume 3, Issue 3

School Website:   School Office: 021-964-3411   School Hotline: 021-989-2189   Newsletter Editor:

 Glorious Autumn Fireworks!                                            Inside This Issue :
 By now students and staff are back from their
 school trips, and from the stories we’ve heard, a                              Information on University Applications
                                                                                 from the University Guidance Counselor
 good time was had by all. Mid term break is already                            A Note From the CAS Coordinators
 here and so is autumn’s glorious display of                                    Sports Report from Mr. Hill
 fireworks. But as Robert Frost wrote “nothing gold                             An Evening with Mr. Gillan and his
 can stay” so enjoy it while you can. We hope you                                Atacama Desert Run in Chile
                                                                                Meet some new members of Staff
 enjoy reading our newsletter too, as there is lots of                          A Page from the Librarian
 interesting information on daily school life and                               Updated Babysitters List
 then some. We would like to wish all of our St.                                SAT Exam Dates
 George’s families a happy and safe holiday.                                    PSAT Information from Mrs. Melnick
                                                                                Uni News – From Across the Pond
                                                                                St. George’s Kitchen
   Louis Schwizgebel – Live at St.George’s                                      A Note from the Junior School
                                                                                Who’s Who in the Senior School
   For anyone who was there, it was certainly a                                 PLG Team 2007-2008
   privilege    to    witness   this    young   man‟s                           And Much More!
   extraordinary talent as his hands weaved their
   way across the keys. Not yet 20 for another
                                                                       Calendar of Events
   month, Louis showed why he is fast becoming                         Friday, October 12th
   known both in Europe and latterly in the United                             Play rehearsal
   States. In the coming weeks he will be traveling                    Saturday, October 13th through Sunday, October 21st
                                                                               October Break
   first to Germany and then back to the States to                     Sunday, October 14th
   play in auditoria such as Carnegie Hall. For more                           Play Rehearsal, 12:30 – 15:00
   than an hour this unassuming artist held his                        Saturday, October 20th
                                                                               PSAT exam, Institut le Châtelard, Les Avants,
   audience mesmerized as he played passionately
                                                                                8:45 – 12:30
   pieces by Brahms, Chopin and Mussorgsky. Then                       Sunday, October 21st
   he chatted happily with his admirers. The young                             Play Rehearsal, tentative
   boarders certainly recognized talent in the making                  Monday, October 22nd
                                                                               Classes resume at normal time
   as they sought his autograph. Why then, asked one
                                                                               Assembly – Atalanta
   of the parents present, did so few other parents                    Tuesday, October 23rd
   come?                                                                       Mr. Gillan talks about Atacama, 19:00, Hall
   We would like to encourage all parents to come                      Wednesday, October 24th
                                                                               Parent/Tutor Consultations per schedule,
   along to the events arranged by both the school
                                                                                (letter to follow by post) 16:00 -18:00
   and the PLG. Since the start of term some of                        Friday, October 26th
   you have missed two excellent evenings, the                                 Newsletter distributed via email and website
   concert and the wine tasting evening. Both events                           House Party, 19:00 – 22:00
                                                                       Sunday, October 28th
   gave an opportunity for staff, students and their                           Play Rehearsal, times to be announced
   parents to mix on an informal basis.
      SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                                                 PAGE     2

   Who’s Who in the Senior School?                                        And Now Introducing… MS BABOLAT!
                                                                                   Heads of House
Principal: Mrs. C. Steinson
Vice Principal: Mr. S. Shaw                                             Atalanta House (Red) Babolat to St. George‟s School
                                                                        We welcome Florence
Academic Dean: Mr. J.L. Aupoix
                                                                        Mr. Gillan –has taken Fridaysrole of teaching EFL at the
                                                                        where she available on the *
Student Head of School: Victoria Di Napoli                              Diana House (Yellow) as the role of CAS Coordinator
                                                                        Senior School, as well
Deputy Head: Patrick Scully                                             Mr. the IB available Thursdays a new member of staff,
                                                                        for Katz – Program. As she is *
                                                                        Minerva House (Blue) us a little bit about herself.
                                                                        we‟ve asked her to tell
Boarding school Housemistresses:
                                                                        Ms. Eastham – available Tuesdays *
       Ms. J. Bolton
                                                                        She was born in Lyon, France and at the age of 19
       Ms. S. Zahnd
                                                                        Moved of House will be where she worked in evening per
                                                                        * Headsto New York City available in school one Brooklyn.
       Mrs. Jupp
                                                                        weekthen went on to study at the with them. of Lyon.
                                                                        She if parents would like to speak University Appointment
                                                                        sheets will be put on the parents‟ notice board every week.
Office: Mr. Pedro Miranda and Ms. Patricia Dubois                       Her next move was to Belfast where she did a Masters
Admissions, Principal’s Secretary:                                      in English Literature. She trained as a teacher of
Ms. Perbos-Parsons
Accounts: Mme Momberger, Ms. Helmich                                    English, Modern Languages and Special Education Needs
Travel and Student permits: Ms. Fellay                                  (SEN) at the University of Edinburgh. For the last 12
Housekeeping: Mme Moledo                                                years she has lived and worked in Edinburgh, Scotland,
                                                                        where she loved the bagpipes and the mountains, but
Atalanta House (Red)
Head of House: Mr. Gillan – available Fridays *                         hated the weather. She is a keen climber and enjoys all
Tutors:                                                                 outdoor activities and has already started a running
        Mrs. Schibler                                                  club.
        Mme Bodenmann
        Mrs. Brown                                                     We hope she will enjoy our Swiss Alps just as much as
        Mr. Potts
                                                                        the Scottish peaks and that she finds our weather an
        Mr. Gray
                                                                        improvement. As for the bagpipes, well… the Alpine
        Dr. Lain
                                                                        horns might just be an equal substitution.
Diana House (Yellow)
Head of House: Mr. Katz – available Thursdays *
Tutors:                                                                            New Faces in the Office
       Ms. Aminot
       Mr. Chapuis                                                     We would like to welcome Mr. Pedro Miranda and Ms.
       Mr. Jones                                                       Patricia Dubois, the two new faces in the School office.
       Ms. Devereux
                                                                        Mr. Miranda will be behind the reception desk,
       Mrs. Jakobsen
                                                                        answering the phones, and managing the Office full-
       Mrs. Onslow
                                                                        time, while Ms. Dubois will split her duties between the
Minerva House (Blue)                                                    Office and EFL duties.
Head of House: Ms. Eastham – available Tuesdays *
       Mr. Onslow
       Mme Chambovey
       Mr. Ward
       Mrs. Sanford                                                    Daylight Saving Time (sometimes called European
       Mr. Jupp                                                        Summer Time) ends at 3:00 AM on Sunday,
                                                                        October 28th, 2007. Remember to „spring ahead,
* Heads of House will be available in school one evening per week if
parents would like to speak with them. Appointment sheets will be put   fall behind‟ and set your clocks BACK one hour!
on the parents’ notice board every week.

A complete staff roster, including photos and e-mail addresses,
will be available on the website shortly.
   SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                                      PAGE     3

                                 From the University Guidance Counselor

                                              University Applications

Here’s just a brief outline of the application procedure for Year 13 students:


By now students should have researched the courses and universities they have an interest in. Research should
cover the possibility of attending an ‘Open Day’ or making individual campus visits. Each University College will
have its own website which will give information on undergraduate courses and basic entry requirements, such
as IB total, SAT score and English requirement. A personal statement concerning the student’s suitability for
admission to a particular course should be prepared. Students may be invited for interview before a place is offered.
Offers may be conditional or unconditional. A conditional offer, based upon past examination record and references,
depends upon the grades obtained in next summer’s examinations, whereas an unconditional offer is independent of
further examination success.

Mr. Jones’s availability for consultation is shown on a timetable outside the Physics Lab. Students can sign
up for any open slot.

UK Applications

For most courses in the UK, application is made on-line via UCAS. The UCAS website ( allows
investigation into courses and the universities at which they are available. Publications such as The Times Good
University Guide and The Guardian University Guide offer unbiased information on universities, including student
feedback. The teaching quality of an institution can also be found from Normally five
course/universities are selected in the application.

Now – 15th October, 2007
This is the deadline date to submit applications for Oxford or Cambridge Universities and Medicine or Veterinary
Science courses. Candidates can only apply for one Oxbridge college per application and only four choices can
be made for Medicine or Veterinary Science courses.

Now – 15th January 2008
This is the deadline date to submit applications to universities other than those shown above. Early application is
strongly recommended. Universities may make Conditional or Unconditional offers. Students must choose one firm
and one insurance offer. The firm offer is the student’s preferred option, the insurance offer is a back up
which will give entry to a chosen university requesting a lower entry grade, if their grades do not quite match the
demands of the first offer, but meet the second’s.

16th January – 30th June, 2008
This date period is considered to be for late application. Universities may choose to make offers, but may have
already filled their offer quota. Any students without offers at this stage will pass through Clearing, a process
used by applicants who have not managed to secure a place at university for the current year. It begins in August and
it can help people find suitable spaces on courses. More than 30,000 people gain a place during Clearing every year.
This is also available to students who do not meet the grade requirements of their chosen university.
   SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                                          PAGE      4

                                 From the University Guidance Counselor

U.S. Applications

Applications are college specific. Application deadlines are usually approximately 6-8 months prior to
enrollment. However, each institution has its own deadline dates and these should be checked with the
individual college concerned. Early application is strongly recommended.

Each university will also require at least one personal essay, and frequently several to show different styles of
writing technique. Titles may be quite general or subject specific, again the university concerned will have their
own demands. General information on application can be found at .

U.S. Universities also require prospective students to take SAT I and SAT II (Subject) Exams. Information on SAT
Exams, registration deadline dates for international students and exam dates can be found at
This site also offers an on-line course to help students prepare for the various exams. Individual universities will state
on their websites which Subject tests are required before applying. Students want to make sure that their exam results
are sent directly to their preferred universities. There are official locations where these exams are to be taken, and for
our area, Aiglon College in Villars is the usual venue.

It is important to check any English language requirement for any course available, e.g. a TOEFL score, to ensure
eligibility. If necessary, students can be enrolled for a TOEFL examination. Please see Mrs. Schibler as soon as
possible if you wish to take the TOEFL examination. Normally, students with a U.S. passport are not permitted to
take the exam, and special permission may need to be granted by the examining board.

Remember, there are some U.S. universities with campuses in Europe so travel to the U.S. may not be a requirement.

Canadian Applications
Canadian Applications are similar to the U.S. applications except Canadian universities don’t require SAT exams. If
you are interested in Canadian universities, please look into the individual websites for specific information and
requirements. This following site is a directory where most of Canada’s universities and colleges can be found:

European Applications

Like U.S. universities, applications are college specific. Frequently there is a basic language requirement of a given
number of years study along with a stated proficiency. Some institutions do teach some courses in English, e.g.
Karlsruhe University’s Engineering Department. Equally some universities have subject requirements based upon
education prior to IB, Most Swiss universities have Humanities and Science requirements which stretch back to Year
10 e.g. Architecture may need a Physics component. This needs to be checked with the individual institution.

Application deadline dates vary from college to college and so this needs to be researched fully. In general applications
should be made by December 2007. Early application is strongly recommended.

Once again essays or personal statements may be required in support of an application.

Finally remember, we are available to try to make the application process as straightforward as possible.
Please don’t hesitate to contact either myself or M. Aupoix if you require further information
                                                                                                        ~Stephen Jones
   SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                                       PAGE       5

A Note From the New CAS Coordinators                                         PSAT Information
                                                             The PSAT will be held on October 20th, from 9:00 AM
Dear Parents,                                                until 12:30 PM, at Institut le Châtelard, Route des
                                                             Narcisses 80, 1833 Les Avants sur Montreux. Please
CAS at St George‟s is changing. The newly appointed          arrive at 8:45 AM.
coordinators, Ms Babolat and Mlle Aminot have finalised      Students should bring with them: Examination fee of
CAS at St George‟s and rethought procedures following        50Chr in exact cash to be paid that morning, a photo ID
the IBO recommendations.                                     such as a passport, a clean eraser, at least four No. 2
                                                             (HB) pencils that are not too sharp, a watch they can
                                                             remove and place in front of them on their desk, a small
CAS: Creativity- Action – Service. For their IB diploma,
                                                             snack (like a granola bar, a banana, etc), and a drink which
students are required to be involved in Creativity, Action   will not increase thirst, but diminish it, while offering a
and Service activities. Students ought to complete 50        little energy.
hours in each category within the first four terms of the    We are still short of participants, and students can sign up
IB diploma.                                                  until 17:00, on October 19th.I have ordered 15 test
                                                             booklets; the minimum participation required is 10. Test
At St George‟s, many students and teachers are already       Booklets are available at the office now.
actively involved in the programme. Some of our students
                                                             Institute Châtelard is already a College Board test center
are helping at the Junior School, others are visiting the    which explains the reason for the PSAT to be held there
elderly. Most of our students are actively taking part in    instead of at St. George’s School. Many thanks are due to
sports at school and outside the school. We have students    Mrs. Gulami, the Exams Officer and teacher at Châtelard,
competing at Swiss national levels. We are hoping to         as well as Madame Perroy, Head of Institute Châtelard, for
create and run a CAS website as soon as possible and         helping me to arrange and make possible the PSAT testing
looking into developing flower beds on the terrace.          for St. George’s students.
                                                             If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.
Many ideas are currently being discussed. The CAS  
programme could take us as far as building a school in
Africa or organising an expedition with orphans to Tibet.    Mary Lee Melnick
We are not there yet, but perhaps, one day…

We are welcoming ideas and parental support. If you feel
you may be able to help please do not hesitate to contact
Ms Babolat or Melle Aminot at
We would be happy to discuss your views and plans at a
                                                                         Reminder of SAT DATES
suitable time! Bear in mind, however, that all CAS
activities MUST be approved by the CAS coordinator             A reminder to all those who are interested in taking
before being run or offered.                                   their SAT Tests, which are required for any U.S.
                                                               university applications, to be aware of the following
                                                                                   esting for St. George’s
Many thanks! We are looking forward to hearing from you!       dates:
                            ~Ms. Babolat & Mlle Aminot         Test Dates 2007: Register By:           Tests:
                                                             If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact
                                                               Nov. 3             Oct 2 *             SAT/ Subjects
                                                             me. We need her Contact Info here
                                                               Dec. 1             Oct 30             SAT/Subjects
While Maladaire Pool is not holding lessons or swim                                                ~Mary Lee Melnick
team practices during the two weeks of Swiss public            Please see for more details
school holidays, the pool is still open for fun! If            *If  you have missed this registration date, please
your family isn‟t planning to bask on a beach                  call Aiglon College in Villars and speak to Mr. Richard
somewhere sunny during next week‟s October Break,              Long (SAT Advisor of Aiglon College) ASAP as to how
you can still have a splash in the waters of Clarens.          a student can take the Nov. 3rd SAT exam as a
                                                               „standby‟. Aiglon College is an official SAT location
Lessons and team practices will resume at their
                                                               offering SAT I and SAT II (Subject tests) exams.
normal time and day starting Monday, October 23 rd.
   SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                             PAGE    6

                                    Sports Report from Mr. Hill

Fixtures (Matches and Competitions):                    Support from parents:
Please find a printed fixture list of all the planned   Many thanks go to all the parents who have helped
fixtures for this term to date, at the end of this      us out so generously in the past with their time
newsletter. We are hoping add a few more senior         (and petrol) by coming to sports events. Above
boys‟ football matches to the calendar as well as       and beyond the general support for the
badminton fixtures in November - just waiting on        kids, it‟s highly desirable to have a second
replies from other schools.                             adult present to attend to emergencies
                                                        should the unfortunate happen. It is a
Cross Country:                                          safety net that allows the teacher in
Following the inter-house cross-country won by          charge to remain with the team whilst an
Atalanta, a team of fifteen runners was selected        injured child is attended to (ambulance/parents
to run in the SGIS cross-country championships at       called, for example). It is not always easy to get a
Chalet-à-Gobet. Congratulations go to our very          second teacher to attend sports events without
own Alex Urquhart-Ducharme, who confirmed               affecting the academic program back at school
what an all-rounder he is by winning a silver medal     even further. So parents, if you know you are
in the Category 3 boys‟ event. Well done Alex!          free, you would be very welcome to come along.
                                                        Bring your shorts and you might even get a game!
Sports kit:
It is important that the children bring the             Team Selections - Clarification:
correct sports kit to school. If you receive a small    Pupils are selected to go to sports events based
note in your child‟s planner asking you to help them    upon the educational value of the experience for
prepare missing items, please just sign the slip and    them. Have they trained? If not, will they be
return it in the planner so that we know you have       motivated to do so by participating? How does the
received it.                                            experience gained, tally with loss of lessons?
                                                        Amongst these and other factors, numbers are
Clubs change-over date:
                                                        also limited by the organizers and/or logistics of
It doesn‟t affect many clubs but don‟t forget that
some (tennis, gymnastics) will finish on Oct 31st
                                                        Following fruitful conversations with several
and others will take their place (largely
                                                        parents about team selection, it was decided that
                                                        high level performers who train extensively with
                                                        clubs outside of school but find it difficult to join
                                                        in school practices may be invited to represent
The Lausanne Marathon is literally right around
                                                        the school if, at the discretion of the coach, they
the corner!      Whether you‟re in training to
                                                        turn up to “special” practices immediately
complete a full marathon or a mini-marathon, are
                                                        preceding an official tournament. We thought this
planning to walk, jog, Nordic walk, or run, or simply
                                                        approach took into account the educational value
to cheer on the runners, there is still time to do
                                                        for the child, fairness to all, and the needs of the
so! Take a look at for
                                                        team as a whole
all the information you need to compete or
spectate; on-line registration is open until
October 14th. Rumor is that there will be more
than a few St. George‟s families putting in an
appearance on the course!
   SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                           PAGE     7

        A Page from the Librarian                           Mr. Gillan’s Adventure in Chile!
                                                            Hear all about his Desert Run
First the bad news, then the good! Despite our
pleas for Junior Fiction books to be returned to
the library, no books have arrived. Before we
make another order, we need to feel that the
children respect the borrowing policy and
understand that the books are to be borrowed
for two weeks, so that as many other students
as possible may read them too. Once again,
please look at home to see if the St George’s
Fiction books are there. They can easily be              Following my run in
put discretely onto the trolley just inside the          the driest place on
library, no need to sign them back in, the               earth, in Chile‟s
librarians will do what is required.                     Atacama Desert, I
                                                         will be doing a
During the Field Trips, the two librarians               presentation about
worked non-stop to put the Dewey system back             the race in the
into place on the 1st floor of the Library and as a      School     Hall  on
result another task awaits. The books need               Tuesday, October
tidying up, covers replaced, date stamp labels           23rd at 19:00.
inserted, spine labels made etc, the work is not         Everyone Welcome:
onerous but it is really necessary for the books         parents, students
to have a fresh „allure‟. Are there any mothers          and staff!
who would be interested in helping out either
for a couple of hours in the morning or                          ~Mike Gillan
afternoon for a short while, so that we can make
headway with the tidying? If so, please
telephone Mrs. Baerfuss on 021-963-2141 or
send an e-mail to

DVDs! We want to replace our video stock with
DVDs and update our films. Please find in the         Uniform Check:
Newsletter, on pg. 8, a list of the films we would    October Break is the perfect time for parents to
like to have in the Library, and if you have one      double check all items of uniform. Are the pieces
of these and would like to donate it, please e-       at your house all yours? Many ties and blazers –
mail Mrs. Baerfuss on as        both Junior and Senior sized – did some „traveling‟
soon as possible. Your support will be much           on Photo Day when some students needed to
appreciated by both students and staff. Thank         share. If anything has arrived at your house that
you!                                                  doesn‟t belong – please return it to the School as
                                  ~Mrs. Baerfuss      soon as possible! The families missing uniform
                                                      pieces will thank you!
   SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                                  PAGE   8

                                            DVDs For The Library

Please contact Mrs. Baerfuss on 021- 963- 2141 or        ENGLISH if you would like to donate any       In The Heat Of The Night
of the following to the Library. There will be a            Becoming Jane
Dragon given for two DVDs!                                  Of Mice and Men
                                                            Shakespeare in Love
HISTORY                                                     The History Boys
    Apocalypse now                                         The Mayor of Casterbridge
    The Suffragettes                                       David Copperfield
    The English Civil War                                  King Lear
    Life in Victorian Britain                              A Christmas Carol
    The Crusades                                           Oliver Twist
    History Makers – Oliver Cromwell, Henry VIII           Madame Bovary
      and his 6 wives                                       Girl with a Pearl Earring
    A Man For All Seasons                                  The Railway Children
    Apollo 13                                              Shakespeare in Love
    City of Joy                                            1984
    Citizen Kane                                           Fahrenheit 9/11
    Indochine                                              Human Nature
    Joyeux noël
    Schindler’s List                                      TOK
    The Name of the Rose                                       1984
    Master and Commander                                       Being John Malkovich
    Braveheart                                                 Cube
    The Mission                                                Eternal Sunshine
    Malcolm x                                                  Existenz
    Ghandi                                                     Human Nature
    Cry Freedom                                                I, Robot
    The Queen                                                  Intelligence Artificielle
    Kingdom of Heaven                                          Lost in Translation
    The Red Line                                               Matrix
    The Blue Planet                                            Truman Show
    The Dead Poet’s Society                                    Vanilla Sky
    The Name of the Rose                               -:
                                                                Goodwill Hunting
    Chariots of Fire                                           12 Angry Men
                                                                Minority Report
GEOGRAPHY                                                       Oedipus Rex
   Ganges                                                      City of God
   Everest
   March of the Penguins                                FRENCH
   Atlantis                                                 Amelie Poulain
   Supernatural                                             Manon des sources
   An Inconvenient Truth                                    Jean de Florette
   The Big Blue                                             Le Bossu
                                                                                               ~Mrs. Baerfuss
  SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                               PAGE     9

        Year 11 Activity Days Report
As traditionally in year 11 a three day excursion
takes place in June, after the IGCSE examinations,
three pedagogical activity days were organised now
for these students that took place from Monday 1 st
October to Wednesday 3rd October. These activity
days involved all students in year 11.
                                                       From the Art Department
Monday 1st October was a very active day for
everyone! We went on an excursion whose theme
                                                       Could Mums please dig out an old shirt or
“Traditions Valaisannes” included activities such as
                                                       apron for the students in years 7, 8, & 9 to
horse-riding, archery, a visit to the interesting
village of Hérémence and the “Grande Dixence
                                                       protect their clothes during art lessons? We
Dams”.                                                 will always do one or two painting projects
                                                       each term and accidents can happen!
Tuesday 2nd October was a Maths activity day in        Thanks
school organised by the math teachers, Mr. Ward                                          ~ Mrs. Bartlett.
and Mrs. Steinson. It was an interesting and useful
day for future year 12 IB students!
                                                                  Careers Information
Wednesday 3rd October was         a reflection day.
                                                       To All Parents,
Our excursion was planned around the topic “Santé,
humanisme et humanitaire”. We had the opportunity      Are you or your friends willing to give some
to get to know about Vulnerable Populations at the     time to meet with St. George‟s students to
“CHUV Policlinique Médicale Universitaire” in          offer some information on your career
Lausanne. Afterwards, a guided visit to the            choices? This might include what the role
International Red Cross Museum in Geneva gave us       entails, qualifications required and the positive
relevant information about healthcare in difficult     aspects of the post.
situations such as wars or catastrophes. We
finished the day with a very interesting talk to the
                                                       Anyone willing to help should contact Stephen
doctor in charge of Health issues in the Geneva
                                                       Jones at
prison “Champ d‟Ollon”.

The magnificent display work done by year 11           Thank you
students illustrates the success of these Activity                                     ~Stephen Jones
Days. Please come along to the Senior School main
corridor and share the students‟ feed-back from        Just a reminder for our Junior School
their experiences!
                                                       families that Summer Uniform is no longer
                                                       allowed after the October Break. Pack away
Thank you to all teachers; Mr Hernandez, Mrs
                                                       those gingham dresses, polo shirts, shorts and
Muller, Mr Ward, Mr Steinson and Mrs Brown, for
their help!                                            sandals! It‟s back to navy skirts with white
                                   ~L. Bodenmann.      button shirts and ties or long gray trousers
                                         Organiser     with white button shirts and ties, and black or
                                                       navy shoes for all. Take a look at the website
                                              for complete uniform
                                                       descriptions and photos! Don‟t forget that
                                                       raincoats EVERY DAY are a must!
    SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                                       PAGE      10

                                                                       Tips for Researching U.S.
    Uni News From Across the Pond…                                            Universities

                                                               A quick Google search can yield all sorts of
As a recent graduate from St. George’s School, Brad            information about applying to universities,
Stark has been corresponding with us, giving us some           preparing for entrance exams, and school life
insight as to what life is like as a first year University     after St George‟s. A few of our favorite
student living an ocean away from his family and from          websites to help with studying and research,
his adopted Lac Leman. He is attending the University
                                                               especially if you are considering an American
of Michigan and with a population of more than 40,000
students and more than 6,200 teachers, it makes a big          university:
change from our cozy spot across the pond. This time  – THE place to go for
he tells us about one of the most important aspects of         SAT exam registration and information
any student’s life:
                                                      – a recently discovered site
Food! It‟s the most important thing of any institution         for SAT practice tests, vocabulary building,
after education, teachers and friends. Living in a
                                                               and even a section for an adult to act as your
residence hall means that I have the three essential
                                                               „coach‟ and guide you toward SAT success
meals of the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Meals
                                                               (Thank you, Mrs Kilmer for sharing this site
here at the University of Michigan are based on a
credit system, meaning that you have an allotted               with us!)
number of credits per week and each meal costs one
credit. The basic plan is 13 meals per week. Now if you – a wealth of
do even simple maths, it's easy to see that you're             information about the entire university
missing a few meals a week! Well, you miss them in the         process, for both students and parents. Click
sense that they aren't provided so you have to fend for        on the “college discussion” tab for discussion
yourself, which can require some ingenuity in a in a dorm
                                                               threads about anything and everything you
where cooking is not permitted in students' rooms,
                                                               might have a question about, but other tabs
(Except, of course, for the Nespresso machine tucked
                                                               include financial aid, scholarships, admissions,
away in the corner of my room!). I chose the better
route and went for the ultimate plan, unlimited meals          and college life. Don‟t be put off by the
per week, and yes, that is correct, I can have two             advertisements for their own counselors – the
breakfasts! Food quality has its ups and downs,                website information is free and open to
breakfasts are bountiful with numerous cereals, lunches        anyone, and it is not necessary to purchase
have a small selection of hot plates and a salad bar, and      their counseling services to benefit from it.
then the dinners get the leftover lunch meals plus a few
other main dishes. But no matter what meal you're going
to the dining hall for, the self serve ice cream machine       Researching Canadian Universities
is always running and is a staple of the university diet;      SUniversities
at least at this university there is always a queue            For those interested in Canadian universities
before it!                                                     there is a digital version of MacLean’s 2007
                                                               Guide to Canadian Universities that offers a
We’ll be hearing from Bradley again, as well as other recent   comprehensive     guide    to  67   Canadian
graduates about their experiences. Got a question about life
at Uni? Send an e-mail to and we’ll find    Universities, which can be purchased and
a Uni student to answer it!                                    downloaded in minutes. Try:
                                                               10851&productId=194360&langId=-1 -
    SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                             PAGE     11

St. George’s Address Book                                              By Word of Mouth Only
            On Sale Soon!
                                                               Need to find a restaurant open on a Sunday
                                                               night? Looking for that Yoga class that
After Autumn Break,
                                                               maybe might offer Ayurvedic massages?
the St. George‟s address book will go on sale. This
directory is distributed only within the St. George‟s          What about a food store where you can get
community, and both the School and parents find it to          that special Asian ingredient for that Thai
be an invaluable resource. Contact information is              dish your family loves? The answers to these
essential and it is an excellent way to find out which         „needs‟ and more are found in the PLG‟s best
families are part of your child‟s year group (and find         resource, By Word of Mouth, their new
babysitters!). E-mail addresses are especially useful for      reference guide book where you can find all
the PLG reps to keep everyone informed of changes to
                                                               sorts of information pertaining to the
schedules, provide notices of social events, and help you
                                                               Montreux, Vevey and La-Tour-de-Peilz area,
meet new friends, and of course mobile phone numbers
                                                               from doctors to shopping to skiing. And best
are crucial to disseminate information in the case of
emergencies. You will find that most people purchase           of all this information comes from the
two handy copies, one for home and one for the car.            recommendations of our St. George‟s
You want to make sure you don‟t miss it.                       families. So what are you waiting for?
                                                               Purchase a copy now while supplies last. You
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact   certainly don‟t want to be without it next
MamiSchmidt     at     021-971-1143     or    079-298-8902
                                                               time you need something in a hurry, like
                                                               oops! “Where do I find a plumber?” Look for
                                                               copies on sale at the school office and
         Updated! Babysitters List                             various school venues like the upcoming
                                                               Parent/Tutor evening or call anyone from
Sarah ANDERSON                    Charné ROUX                  the By Word of Mouth Team:
16 years old (Year 12)            16 years old (Year 12)
3 years experience                Some experience              Namhee Barreau
English                           English/Afrikaans            Orie Marchionne
                                  (fluently)                   Virginia Scully
Romina BARRERA                    French (not fluently)        Carey Turner
16 years old (Year 12)
2 years experience                Allison SCHMIDT
Spanish (mother tongue)           16 years old
Simone Koopmans                   English
16 years old (Year 12)            French                       This is for anyone who is feeling nostalgic for
Experienced                       Spanish                      places like Vermont or Ontario at this time of
Dutch (mother tongue)                                          year…as there is bound to be in our international
English, French                   Lucy SCRIVENER               community…
                                  16 years old (Year 11)
Brita MIDNESS                                                  Nature‟s fist green is gold,
16 years old (Year 12)                                         Her hardest hue to hold.
3 years experience                                             Her early leaf‟s a flower;
Child CPR and First Aid           Megan STARK                  But only so an hour.
Certificates                      16 years old (Year 12)       Then leaf subsides to leaf,
English (fluently)                4 years experience
French (not fluently)                                          So Eden sank to grief,
                                   (younger siblings)
                                                               So dawn goes dawn to day
                                  English (mother tongue)
For Contact Information,                                       Nothing gold can stay.
                                  French (fluently)
please see the                    German                                                      ~Robert Frost (1923)
St.George’s Phone Book

   SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                                        PAGE   12

Did you know? ………

        Drama Workshops and Music                            Private Art and Creative Lessons
          for Children and Adults                            are now on offer from Mrs.
                                                             Bartlett (St. George’s Visual
Budding young thespians and aspiring musicians may be        Arts teacher) for both adults
interested in some upcoming workshops organized by           and children. Mrs. Bartlett has
Riviera Piano School in La-Tour-de-Peilz.                    a small studio space in central
There are two aimed at 6 to 14-year-olds. The first          Montreux     and    can    offer
takes place on Sunday November 4 from 11:00 – 17:00          drawing, painting, silk painting,
at a cost of 130 CHF. The second runs from December          sculpture, and jewelry making.
10 to 13 from 10:00 – 16:00 and costs 500 CHF for the        Evenings      and      Saturday
four days, including lunches and refreshments.               mornings.    Call for details:
                                                             021- 921-3969 or
For those aged 14 and above, there is a three-day            021- 921-3970 or
program from December 17 to 19 which costs 370 CHF.          078- 785-3160
                                                             Rue de Centre, 13, Montreux
British drama director Jeff Chandler will again be
flexing his acting muscles and helping the participants         The English Church is having a Bazaar
put together some entertainment for the parents.
Mums and dads are invited to attend a Bonfire Party on
November 4 from 17:00. Christmas cocktail hour will be         ALL SAINTS’ CHURCH in Vevey is holding an autumn
offered at the end of each of the December programs.           Church Sale where you will find homemade cakes and
                                                               jams, toys, books, bric-a-brac, linen, second hand
For grown-ups wishing to brush up their piano skills - or      clothing, Christmas decorations and presents. There will
indeed take it up for the first time! - the school will be     also be light refreshments on hand. Drop by for a look.
offering group lessons (3 to 4 people) on weekday
mornings.                                                      Date: Saturday, 3 November 2007
For more information, please contact:                          Time: from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm
 Judith Waker-Herron at Riviera Piano School at                Location: at All Saints’ Church Hall
 021- 971- 1060 or 078 -767- 2883.                                          Avenue de la Prairie, VEVEY

                                                               ÉGLISE ANGLAISE DE VEVEY
                                                               Samedi 3 novembre 2007
Prospective New Drivers                                        de 9 heures à 15 heures
If someone you know is turning 18 this year, or in the
very near future, and is interested in obtaining their         VENTE DE PAROISSE
driving license, a set of 3 courses and exams must be          à la Salle paroissiale
taken, one of which includes „theory‟, plus a two year         de l‟Église All Saints‟
probation waiting period before they can do so. Until          Avenue de la Prairie, VEVEY
the end of December, 2007 these courses will be
offered in English, however as of January, 2008, this          Cakes et confitures „maison‟
will no longer be the case as there will be a new law in       Habits d‟occasion – Bric-à-Brac
effect that would essentially require these courses,           Jouets – Livres – Linge de maison
(among other things) to be offered in French only. If          Décorations et cadeaux de Noël
interested, calling local driving schools soon and
enquiring as to which ones offer any courses in English        PETITE RESTAURATION
is suggested.
SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                                    PAGE       13

        Traffic Congestion Relief

Many thanks to all of the parents who have taken
the initiative to park at Maladaire in the
afternoons. Every car helps! A few simple steps
will aid in reducing the congestion in both the AM
and PM:
             Drop all children off at the Senior
              School courtyard and please do not
              block traffic by stopping in the
              middle of the road at the Junior
              School car park

            Reverse in to parking spaces –
             especially in the Junior School car
             park – which makes it much easier to
             see pedestrians when you are ready to
             leave                                      Bright Lights Creative Drama
                                                        Will run a four day workshop from Monday 15th
            DO NOT park along the tennis               October until Thursday 18th October.
             courts road or on the grass at any         The cost of the course is 180chf per child (150chf for
             time                                       second child) for the four days. The workshops will take
                                                        place in the Theatre Du Chateau, Rte du Chateau 7, La
                                                        Tour De Peilz.
            Please leave pets in cars at ALL
             TIMES                                      5-7 year olds from 9am until 12pm
                                                        8-11 year olds from 12.30pm until 3.30pm
            Remember the one-way system in
             place from 8:00 – 9:00 and 15:15 –         The theme for this workshop is: 'The Secrets of the
             16:15 every day.                           Volcano Children'
                                                        The days are split into three sections-
                                                        1.    Drama games & theatre activities.
Please bear in mind that although there is a one –
                                                        2.    Music interpretation & movement
way system through the school grounds, Ch. de St.       3.    Narrative pantomime.
Georges has two-way traffic, as well as Ave.
des Bosquets de Julie. Mrs. Steinson has recently       The workshop theme will be carried through all sections
received several complaints from local residents        and over the course of the four days. On the final day
about the dangerous speed at which some                 of the workshop your child will participate in a
parents drive and their less than courteous             performance piece they will have helped create &
                                                        develop which you and any other family members and
behavior towards other drivers. Some have
                                                        friends are welcome to come and watch.
mentioned calls to the police as well. It would not
be surprising to find speed checks and ’controles’      Demand for this workshop is expected to be high and
from the local police along both of these routes        we have limited places so if you would like to register
in the future! Please watch your speed and driving      your child please email as soon as possible. Contact Mary
habits, not only to save yourself a fine, but also in   & Mags at if you have any
the interest of safety and courtesy.                    questions or to register your child.

Thank you for helping alleviate parking and traffic
problems – and the „road rage‟ that sometimes
accompanies those parking problems!
 SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                                        PAGE      14

From St. George’s Kitchen
On those rushed, cold and seasonally wet
                                                             The School Uniform Shop              is restocked
                                                             and open for business! All students are reminded
 evenings, after you‟ve spent the afternoon cheering at
                                                             that now that the new uniform items have been
interhouse events and driving one or more of your
                                                             received and restocked, the correct uniform is
troops back and forth to their after school activities,
                                                             expected every day on every student.
you need some warm and nutritious comfort food fast!
This creamy spinach risotto will hit the spot, ready in
                                                             Notice the belt loops on trousers? Wear a belt!
20-25 minutes. Even for those who are not found of
                                                             More than one pair of holes in your ears? Only one
anything „green‟ to eat will be converts.
                                                             pair of earrings is allowed – and only one per ear!
                                                             Love the look of nail polish? Enjoy it on the
Spinach Risotto – (4 to 6 persons)
                                                             weekends, but please remove it for school. And
                                                             don‟t forget to leave flashy jewelry, night-life
       7 cups broth (whatever you have handy, can
                                                             make-up, off-beat hair colours, and dancing shoes
        be vegetable or chicken, homemade or made
                                                             at home.
        from bouillon powder)
       2 cups Arborio rice (can use long grain but
                                                             St. George‟s students are not only smart on the
        would not recommend it as it will not have
                                                             inside; they look smart on the outside.
        any of the velvety creaminess of a real
       1 TBLS olive oil
       2 TBLS unsalted butter
                                                             From your home …’From St. George’s Kitchen’
       1 large or 2 small onion finely chopped
                                                             If you have an idea or recipe that helps you make
       ½ cup parmesan cheese
                                                             your time in the kitchen more efficient, or an old
       300 - 350gr frozen spinach (puréed)
                                                             standby that helps to get the troops fed quickly
       Nutmeg to season
                                                             and happily, why not share it with us? We are all
                                                             looking for ways to make our busy lives easier.
Bring broth to a steady simmer in a saucepan and keep
                                                             Please send your suggestions and ideas to any
to a low simmer. In a 4 quart casserole (I like to use a
                                                             member of the Newsletter Team:
non-stick wok), sauté onion with the gently heated
butter and olive oil, until softened. Add the rice and
                                                             Cindy Stark -
stir with wooden spoon for about 1 minute, until grains
                                                             Christine Barnsley –
are well coated. Begin to add the simmering broth about
                                                             Orie Marchionne –
½ cup or ladleful at a time, stirring frequently to
prevent sticking, making sure that each addition is
almost completely absorbed before adding the next
ladleful. (Save ¼ cup to add at the end). After 15
minutes add the spinach and keep stirring to help the                        Heads of House
thawing process, and keep adding the warm broth. In
                                                           Atalanta House (Red)
about 5 or 10 minutes more, the rice should be tender
                                                           Mr. Gillan – available Fridays *
and creamy. Remove from heat, add reserved broth and
                                                           Diana House (Yellow)
parmesan and stir vigorously to combine with the rice.
                                                           Mr. Katz – available Thursdays *
Add nutmeg to taste, and 1 tbs of low-fat cream or
                                                           Minerva House (Blue)
butter if more creaminess is desired. Voilà! Serve
                                                           Ms. Eastham – available Tuesdays *
A warm, creamy concoction with a green vegetable too,
                                                           * Heads of House will be available in school one evening per
that‟s guaranteed to warm and comfort.
                                                           week if parents would like to speak with them. Appointment
                                                           sheets will be put on the parents‟ notice board every week.
                    ~from the kitchen of Orie Marchionne
 SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                                 PAGE      15

 Students’ reports from Year 8 Trip                                   EXTRA! EXTRA!
              to Zurich                                             Late Breaking News!

We went to Zürich for our field trip and stayed in a    Yesterday, Thursday, October 11th, the ADISR
youth hostel. Have you ever stayed in a youth           girls‟ football tournament in Versoix brought our
hostel? I wouldn't repeat the experience but it         Minimes girls home with both the Silver and the
suited our needs perfectly. Mme Chambovey, Mr.          Bronze medals! As they arrived too late for the
Hill, Dr Lain and Ms Angelo accompanied us. There       Newsletter Team to gather any more information,
were many interesting and exciting things to do. My     the details will be found in the next issue for the
favorite activity was going to the water park called    Senior School Newsletter.
Alpamare. It had lots of amazing slides and many of     Nevertheless, a hearty well deserved
them came out in the open air. We stayed there          congratulations goes out to all our girls and their
until 10:00 pm which made it all the more fun! It       coaches, Miss Liddy, Miss Hobbs, and Mrs. Dudink.
was a very enjoyable trip and we had a great time!      Well done!
                          ~’By Natasha Tomkinson

                                                        Why not get your ski equipment ready and certified
                                                        this October break? Winter and skiing season is
On Monday 1st October, we went to Zürich for our
three day field trip. We were accompanied by Mme        just around the corner.
Chambovey, Ms Angelo, Mr. Hill and Dr Lain. We
had a two and a half hour bus journey to Zürich.       You’re Invited....
Our first stop was the Zürich Zoo. There we had
                                                       for Wine and Cheese and Shopping!
our lunch (which was a sandwich). We also had 1
hour with the teachers going around the zoo, a 1       Wednesday, October 24th from 19:30 and again for
hour guided tour in the rain forest, and 1 hour in     coffee on Tuesday, Novmber 6th, 9:00 – 12:00.
small groups of friends.
Our second stop was the hostel were we where  with an extensive range of British
staying in. When we got there everyone got their       products including Christmas crackers, Christmas
key and went up to their rooms and got ready for       Pudding, Mince Pies and many other food items
dinner. For dinner we had risotto mixed with
                                                       Danusia McDonald and her lovely handcrafted jewelry
vegetables and for dessert we had vanilla and
chocolate ice-cream. Once dinner was over we split     Okhra Boutique, selling Designer tableware and Carrol
up into groups and did a quiz about different          Boyes functional art
subjects, which was organized by Dr. Lain. Each
team got a prize. The winning team got a monkey        Le Girafe Bleu with Haba Wooden and Soft toys and
toy from the zoo and a bar of chocolate.               games
After the quiz was finished and Mme Chambovey
                                                       Forget-Me-Not Cards, stocking Christmas cards in packs
had given out all the prizes we went up to our room
                                                       and individual family cards as well as rolls of Gift Wrap,
to get ready for bed. At 11:00 pm one of the           2008 calendars, and small gifts, as well as Greeting Cards
teachers came around to tell every room to turn        for all occasions.
their lights off.
The next day we had to wake up by 8:15 for             Please contact Liz Andrews (Forget-Me-Not cards)
breakfast. The second day we went to the               ( 021-964-5091 or
Technorama in Winterthur.                              079-376-3079) or Danusia McDonald
                                                       ( 021-784-0679) for more
                                ~ By Claire Chauvel
      SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                                  PAGE     16

                              A Note From the Junior School
                   It’s that time of the year for our After Dark Party!

 To All Junior Department children only, (that is
Chalet students, staff and parents) are invited to
attend the Year 6 sponsored: AFTER DARK PARTY on
Friday, November 2 from 18:00 – 20:00 pm in the
St. George’s Sports Hall.

Start with spooky stories in the tee-pee and then trick-
or-treat your way along the path in front of the Chalet
to visit Winnie the Witch in the Chalet!

Costumes encouraged for children and parents! There
will games & activities, trick- or- treating, and food to
purchase. This is guaranteed to be a SPOOKTACULAR
evening and you don‟t want to miss it!

All Proceeds go to the Year 6 charitable gift fund.
Tickets go on sale soon
All children must be accompanied by an adult!

For more information or to volunteer to help please
contact any of the following:

Lynda Coughlin 021.943.3570                                 ATTENTION SENIOR STUDENTS                                      WE NEED YOUR HELP:
                                                            Please note that while this party is for Chalet students
Maryanne Chauvel 021.944.6788                               only, but we hope that our senior school students sign                                         on as volunteers to help with games, set up and clean
                                                            up. Senior students can look for sign up details on the
Montse Nogueroles 021.960.1515                              volunteers‟ sheets posted on the notice board. CAS and                                  LVS hours may be available for students who
                                                            enthusiastically and responsibly help with the Party and
Liz Castillo 021.921.0733                                   complete the required documentation!
     SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                          PAGE     17

 Parents’ Liaison Group (PLG) Team for 2007-2008

Pre-reception:         Melinda Morris
021-943-4072         Year 8:                 Sarah Nimmo
Reception:               Karin Semon
021-964-7973                    Year 9:                  Sue Elsworth
Year 1:                  Marita Mellos                                      Jane Dunn
021-791-2313          021-921-4157

Year 2:                  Tricia Besson             Year 10:                Jo Hodding
021-943-1174               021-799-3779
                         Sandra Schlaepfer                                 Mary Kilmer
021-921-2167               021-943-5644

                                                   Year 11:                 Kyoko Ichijo
Year 3:                  Stacey Savant             021-312-2178
021-943-4164                                  Janice Bramston
                         Patricia Campedelli       021-922-9477
                                                   Year 12:                Margaret Hutton
Year 4:                 Alison Simpson             021-943-3958
                        Martha Kubacsek            Year 13:                  Victoria Bentham
021-943-6677        021-961-9359
                                                                             Orie Marchionne
Year 5:                  Beth Davis                078-800-8545
                         Manon Dudink              JD Coordinator:        Danusia McDonald
021-964-1017                 021-784-0679

Year 6:                 Liz Castillo               Senior Coordinator:    Margaret Hutton
021-921-0733                021-943-3958
                        Maryanne Chauvel
                        Lynda Coughlin             Newsletter Editor:         Cindy Stark
021-943-3570            021-943-3088
                                                   Newsletter Copy:           Christine Barnsley
Year 7:                  Maria Drury               024-498-2036
021-922-5434           Newsletter Layout:         Orie Marchionne
                         Judith Wright             078-800-8545
                         Cindy Stark
                                                   This updated 2007-2008 list will be available in the PLG
                                                   section of the school’s website shortly
   SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                                    PAGE        18

                                              Sports Calendar
24-Sep    football   girls "Seniores"         ADISR championnat v CDL             home         1700-1830        Mr. Potts
26-Sep    football   boys "Moyens"      ADISR championships à 11 joueurs         Monthey        all day         Mr. Hill
26-Sep    football   girls "Seniores"         ADISR championnat v ISL           Lausanne       1600-1900        Mr. Potts
27-Sep    football   girls "Seniores"         ADISR championnat v LAS             Leysin       1505-1900        Mr. Potts
 1-Oct                                               Field Trips
 2-Oct                                               Field Trips
 3-Oct                                               Field Trips
 5-Oct      X-C          Cat 2-5             SGIS Cross Country Champs        Chalet-à-Gobet   1100-1700        Mr. Hill
 8-Oct    football     boys Cat 3                  friendly v ISL               Lausanne       1600-1900        Mr. Hill
 8-Oct    tennis      mixed Cat 4                  friendly v ISL               Lausanne       1600-1930        Mr. Hill
 9-Oct    football       Yrs 7-9             inter-house football Yrs 7-9                      1620-1750
10-Oct    football   girls "Seniores"         ADISR championnat v LGB             home         1620-1845        Mr. Potts
10-Oct    football    boys 1994-95         Invitation football league v JFK      Saanen        1505-1900        Mr. Hill
10-Oct    football   boys "Moyens"                 friendly v CDL                Versoix       1600-1930        Mr. Hill
 11-Oct   football      Yrs 10-13           inter-house football Yrs 10-13                     1620-1750
13-Oct                                                half term
14-Oct                                                half term
15-Oct                                                half term
16-Oct                                                half term
17-Oct                                                half term
18-Oct                                                half term
19-Oct                                                half term
20-Oct                                                half term
21-Oct                                                half term
22-Oct    football     boys Cat 3                  friendly v ISL                 home         1600-1815        Mr. Hill
23-Oct    football   girls "Seniores"     ADISR championnat v Brillantmont        home         1615-1830        Mr. Potts


  SENIOR SCHOOL NEWSLETTER                                                                    PAGE        19

31-Oct    football     boys "Juniors"    ADISR championships à 7 joueurs         Le Rosey      all day         Mr. Hill
 2-Nov    football    girls "Juniores"   ADISR championships à 7 joueurs        Lausanne       all day         Mr. Potts
 6-Nov    football    girls "Moyennes"   ADISR championships à 7 joueurs           CDL         all day         Mr. Potts
 7-Nov    football     boys 1994-95      Invitation football league v Aiglon      Villars     1505-1900        Mr. Hill
 7-Nov    football      Cat 1-2 boys      Indoor 5-a-side friendly v ISL       St George's    1615-1745        Mr. Hill
10-Nov    football      girls Cat 3        SGIS indoor soccer 5-a-side            Basel        all day
11-Nov    football      girls Cat 1-2      SGIS indoor soccer 5-a-side            Basel        all day         Mr. Potts
12-Nov   basketball       Yrs 7-9         inter-house basketball Yrs 7-9                      1620-1750
13-Nov   basketball      Yrs 10-13       inter-house basketball Yrs 10-13                     1620-1750
14-Nov    football     boys 1994-95       Invitation football league v ISL        home        1600-1815        Mr. Hill
17-Nov    football      boys Cat 1-2       SGIS indoor soccer 5-a-side         LGB (Geneva)    all day         Mr. Hill
18-Nov    football      boys Cat 3         SGIS indoor soccer 5-a-side         LGB (Geneva)    all day         Mr. Hill
27-Nov   badminton       Yrs 10-13       inter-house badminton Yrs 10-13                      1620-1750
28-Nov    football    girls "Seniores"    ADISR indoor soccer 5-a-side         LGB (Geneva)   1300-2200        Mr. Potts
29-Nov   badminton        Yrs 7-9         inter-house badminton Yrs 7-9                       1620-1750
07.dec                                           break for holidays
09.dec   swimming       mixed Cat 3             NJC swimming meet               Neuchatel      all day          Mr Hill
From the Art Department

Could Mums please dig out an old shirt or
apron for the students in years 7, 8, & 9 in
order to protect their clothes during art
lessons? We will always do one or two painting
projects each tern and accidents can happen!
Thanks for your cooperation.
                                 ~ Mrs. Bartlett.

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