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The Measurement Criteria






…. Energy




(-) Is demotivated or frustrated by difficult situations

(+) Remains positive despite setbacks and failures. A self-starter.

(+) Maintains emotional control when under duress or in difficult circumstances

(+) Remains focussed on reaching end goals rather than getting distracted by problem.

Enormous personal energy…. Ability to strive tirelessly to achieve Goals … strong bias for Action.

(-) Becomes irate in confrontational situations .

(-) Gets more involved with distractions at work and loses focus of the objective.

(+) Copes with physically demanding tasks in a variety of conditions

(-) Has difficulty coping with physically demanding work culture .

(+) Is not unduly effected by stresses at workplace.

(-) Performance is effected when opposed, rejected or stressed.

…. Energise
(+) Supports and encourages individuals by giving positive strokes whilst they are attempting any challenge.


(-) Is individualistic and believes that an individual is expected to deliver on his/her own. (-) Is hard to reach. The long term view he / she holds is not shared by many & some do not understand his /her language. (-) Not the kind to push individuals to share their experiences with one another and grow (-) Is confused and irritable in a stressful situation. Others hardly look upto him/her in such moments (-) Is unduly affected by a setback and is inconsistent in his/her future actions

Inspires and energises others to commit to a vision… Leads and inspires others by example… Infectious Enthusiasm to maximise Organisation Potential

(+) Is open, frank and transparent in his / her manner. Clarifies his/her vision in easy-to-understand language. (+) Pushes the team members to interact and share skills and participate as equal partners. (+) Is calm and consistent even in stressful situations. Is a pillar of strength for others. (+) Learns and recovers quickly from setback.

…. Edge



(-) Invariably delays decisions. Is afraid of taking those that could adversely effect him/her if they do not deliver results. Or, is reckless in decision making. (-) Hardly aware of the business vision of the organization. Talks only of immediate goals / targets regardless of their lasting impact on organisational culture. (-) Does not care much for the viewpoint of others. Believes he/she knows it. (-) Is oversensitive and allows feelings to effect his/her decisions. (-) Is threatened by the strengths of the other individual. Is jealous of others skills.

(+) Makes his / her decisions in a timely manner without fear. His / her decisions are well informed and have a proper perspective (+) Is not satisfied by reaching mere routine targets. Would never compromise on company values to reach short-term goals. Looks beyond a quick fix

Competitive spirit… Instinctive drive for Speed / Impact… The ability to make difficult decisions… strong Convictions and courageous advocacy

(+) Encourages differing opinions and seeks to evolve a better strategy by accommodating them. (+) Is professional in his/her manner and does not allow sensitivities to effect his/her decisions.

(+) Respects the strengths of the other members and does not feel threatened by them.

…. Execute

actually to achieve. Sets challenging goals which are specific, measurable and achievable.


(-) Fails to demonstrate a focus on achieving goals. Gets sidetracked/bogged down in other issues.

(+) Focuses on need for results and

EXECUTE The ability to deliver commitments… make things happen… consistently.

(+) Breaks down a project into measurable stages. Sets goals against these stages to maintain motivation levels.

(-) Fails to finish a project or see the whole initiative through. Or set realistic goals

(+) Recognizes the need for quick action.

(-) Slow to see the need for action or to act on the need.

(+) Acts upon available information, makes evaluated commitment and stays with them.

(-) Finds it tough to “walk the talk”

(+) Takes calculated risks and demonstrates tenacity and perseverance when chasing stretch targets

(-) Demonstrates a fear of taking risk . Procrastinates

…. Communication Skills



(-) Is not clear and is barely
understood. Uses far too many jargons

(+) Is easily understood. Language is jargon-free

(+) Patiently listens to a differing view by showing healthy respect towards other(s)

(+) Uses facts to change opinions or justify points of view.

(+) Is confident in his/her style and sure of him/herself. Not rigid in defending individual agenda / opinion. (+) Open to receiving feedbacks from anyone and appreciates them for doing so. Provides feedback in a constructive manner without prejudice.

The ability to convey one’s meaning clearly, adequately and with ease. He/she verbalises his/her enquiries in a pleasant and comprehensible manner. The individual’s manner should be affirmative , business like without being intimidative. The tone should also enable the person to assert, ‘set limits’ and ‘close’ or say ‘No’ at the opportune time

(-) Is intolerant of a differing opinion. Shows little respect for the other(s) intelligence

(-) No facts presented to back up ideas. Little reasoning to support arguments

(-) Lacks confidence in oneself. Is rigid and fixated in his/her opinion(s) however indefensible

(-) Is extremely critical in h is/her opinion(s) of others. Feedback lacks the performance focus and evaluations lack objectivity.

…. Interpersonal Relationship



(-) Argues his/her point of view without listening to others. Is aggressive in his / her reactions when the others express dissent.

(+) Pays adequate attention to the others point of view however different. Accepts productive dissent and acts on it.


(+) Keeps his/her commitments and provides credible assurances/ positive strokes to those who need. Is a lively sought-after team player.

(+) Exudes genuine concern for the other‟s point of view.

(+) Though tracked of the team goal, he / she also seeks harmony in relationships.

(+) Is open , transparent and sharing by nature

Is both sensitive and supportive of the aspirations and concerns of his / her customers, colleagues, seniors and all other professionals he/she interacts with at workplace. Balances a concern for results with a concern for the needs of individuals in his/her work group”

(-) Hardly the person to turn to in times of need. His/ her personal anxieties affects relationships. (-) Manner is cold and aloofish and does not inspire confidence

(-) Pushes individual agenda. Does not value relationship.

(-) Is closed , guarded and cautious. Is selfish

…. Analytical Skills

accommodative of differing opinions and does not effect an early closure. Is information hungry.


(-) Effects an early “closure”.
His/her opinion lack the width of awareness

(+) Awareness span is wide. He is

Possesses the skills to logically analyze the key issues in any situation, evaluate the merits of different courses of actions and act decisively to resolve the problems. It includes the urge to update his/her business awareness by a constant drive to seek and collate information/ data. The individuals decisions are invariably supported by critically elaborated evidences.

(+) Fragments the gathered
information into utility parts for complex problem solving. His/her information base is well evidenced

(-) Is confused with the quantity of data collected. Or the data is “quality-short”. His / her opinion is rarely supported by evidenced data.
(-) Is dependent on organizational support to perform. Keeps advancing excuses like the lack of promotional support for a declining business (-) Unreasonable in his/her expectation of organization supports for resources that are critical for his/ her business results. Fails to deliver in a resource-crunch scenario. (-) Accepts ‘fait accompli’ as far as placing of the products at the counter is concerned. His/her presentation is a mere rote repetition and lacks the expected warmth .

(+) Thinks differently. Sustains the
capacity to abstract a solution when in a tight corner. Encourages different perspectives

(+) Is industrious, creative in
searching for resources that aid his/her business results. Deploys available resources in systemic priorities to maximize their utility

(+) His / her knowledge band helps
him align the short term acts with his/her long term vision

…. Innovativeness



(-) Is “tunnel-visioned” and
usually approaches problem solving with “blinkers on”. (-) Closed and impatient with people who differ. Unable to uncover possible solutions due to bias, prejudice, culture, arrogance, insecurity or haste. (-) Feels concerned when confronted with lack of resources. Leans on others to provide fresh inputs in problem solving. (-) Roots for the tried and tested structure when approaching problem solving. Believes experimenting is a wasteful exercise. (-) Moves in closed social cliques. Has few interactions with others and effects an early “closure” in decision making

(+) Thinks “out of the box” when
approaching problem solving.


(+) Open and patient with different ideas, views, conscious of his/her biases or preferences and steers clear from them.

(+) Sees a resource crunch situation
as a challenge. Sieves a larger number of alternatives, priorities them and comes with an evaluative option that is different. (+) Is bored with the „tried‟ and „tested‟ and is more in sync with the need to continuously evolve a better method.

(+) Likes a different experience and
encourages a plural interaction prior effecting a closure

Actively seeks and takes advantage of ideas, best practices, and solutions developed elsewhere. Fosters an environment that supports innovation and ideas. Generates innovative ideas, fresh perspectives and creative solutions that add value.

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