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Bobby S by ClI7ZlS3


									                                          Bobby S. Stowe
                                       2268 Allbritton Road
                                           Olla, La 71465
                         Cell: (318) 355-7606/Secondary (318) 355-7949

                               Oil and Gas Explorations Consultant


I have worked in the oilfield since the summer of 1995. I began as a Roustabout in the shallow
water division and worked my way up to a Driller. I transferred to the deepwater division where I
 worked as an Assistant Driller and as a Subsea Engineer, stateside and internationally. After
  approximately 7 years with the company I transferred to the land division where I drilled for 3
years and pushed tools for 1 year eventually hiring on with Schlumberger Drilling, where I was a
     Directional Driller for a little over a year. I hired on as an Oil and Gas Consultant with
Southwestern Energy/Seeco in March of 2008 specializing in Air and Fluids Drilling Operations,
                                  on both vertical and horizontal wells.

                                PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

HELMERICH & PAYNE DRILLING- Shreveport, LA January 2010-present

SOUTHWESTERN ENERGY/SEECO- Conway, AR. March 2008-January 2009
Drilling Consultant
Responsible for all aspects of the onsite exploration, including but not limited to drilling depths
vertical and horizontal, casing points, well integrity tests, and all surveys. .
      Worked on DDI and Pense Bro rigs in both Spud and Deephole lateral wells, air and fluid
         operations. Maintained a no incident/accident record throughout my time on all locations.
         During air drilling operations, negotiated the use of a portable air manifold connecting
         compressors to the mud pump to assist in lifting excess water from well bore, saving an
         average of 5 hours per trip time.
      Locations of operations: White County, AR, Van Buren County, AR, Conway County, AR,
         Faulkner County, AR, and Cleburne County, AR

Directional Driller
Responsible for creating and maintaining desired well bore deviation angles. Keeping detailed
reports of footage drilled, change in parameters and drilling zones, as well as anticollision if
     Maintained constant communications with Company Rep, as well as home office in
        Houston to convey all progress and/or changes in well prog and anticipated dates of
     Locations of operations: North and Central Louisiana, Central and South Arkansas,
        spanning all of Texas.
     Drilled in various formations and configurations, such as, Vertical, S curves, Lateral and
        Multilaterals in the Barnett, Haynesville, and Fayetteville Shales, as well as the Austin
TRINIDAD DRILLING- Houston, TX June 2006 – February 2007
Responsible for carrying out the duties of the drilling plan as delegated by the Company Rep and
Drilling Superintendant, while maintaining the highest standard of safety and rig moral, as well as
overseeing the maintenance of all drilling equipment.
      Locations of operations: East Texas

CACTUS DRILLING- Houston, TX March 2005 –May 2006
Derrickman, Assistant Driller, and Driller
Responsible for carrying out the daily drilling activities, including but not limited to drilling, tripping
pipe, running casing, and testing well bore and drill equipment while maintaining the highest
standards of safety and rig moral.
     Locations of operations: East Texas, South and Central Louisiana

TRANSOCEAN- Houston, Texas 1995 – 2003
Floorman, Derrickman, Assistant Driller, and Subsea Engineer
As a Subsea Engineer I was responsible for safe deployment and retrieval of subsea systems,
including Stack, LMRP, and Riser. Also monitored the constant activities with Stack during
drilling operations and kept a detailed log of said activities and constantly communicated with
drilling superiors.
       Locations of operations: Offshore domestic and overseas

                                       Highschool Diploma- 1995

                                        TECHNICAL SKILLS
                                       Word, Excel, Power Point

            Well Control, Firefighting, Water Survival (ABS), HAZMAT, HAZCOM, H2S


     Jim Tulley, President of Operations, Southwestern Energy/Seeco, Phone: 501-548-6600

        Ken Murray, Directional Drilling Coordinator, Schlumberger, Phone: 713-921-5326

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