The following Boy�s Teams are conducting 2010 Player Try-Outs by Uzh9fg


									The following Boy’s Teams are conducting 2010 Player Try-Outs

GS Boys U8 (2002)
The U8‟s are under way and are our first year competitive teams. The Club is looking
forward to creating two competitive teams which will be coached by Rob Gillies who has an
extensive track record of developing young players over the past 15 years. Rob is a recent
addition to the GSSC Coaching Staff after being pursued for a number of years. Along-side
the Academy Staff the players will learn how to play the game appropriately and learn what
it takes to win at the competitive level.
Coach Rob Gillies
Email: or
Academy Director: Deesh Bhattal
Phone: 416-569-1961

GS Boys U9 (2001)
The U9 boys (born 2001) team is actively seeking to add dedicated players who have a hard
working ethic to its team following a successful outdoor season. Our comprehensive
programs are scheduled and running with a goal to develop players to focus on the
fundamentals of the game in order to play and compete to win.
Coach Pat Ferraro
Phone: 416-818-3614

Team Manager Paula Cipollo
Phone: 647-993-3180
Team Website: For full program information

GS Boys U10 (2000)
Boys (Born 2000) are looking for players to join our YRSL cup winning team.
The team is seeking hard working and experienced players who have support from parents
who understand the commitment to a player‟s individual development with long-term goals
of winning on the 11-a-side field and not just the mini-field. Goalies who are committed to
the position are welcome. The team is fully supported by the Club with a commitment for
the indoor and outdoor season with a Professional Coach from within our Academy Staff.
Aldo Lippa

GS Boys U11 (1999)
The U11 Boys have two teams who are moving from Mini-Soccer to 11-a-side in 2010. Both
teams welcome any player who has playing experience to join our teams who have been
together for the past 3 years. Both the Red & Black teams have the complete support of the
Club with Professional Academy Staff training the teams as it is important to our Club to
have two competitive teams at the U11 age group which at some point in time in the future
will be combined. At the moment it is important to develop our player‟s necessary
fundamental skills in order to play the game appropriately and understand how to train to
Red Team:
Coach Ted Sholsser
Email: (have hockey players on team)

Black Team
Coach Brad Kalk

GS Boys U12 (1998) Red Team
The U12 Red team is coached by Pro Academy Staff Coach Elvis Azevedo a Benfica fan who
is committed to teaching the players to play possession based soccer a philosophy of the
Club itself. „Winning is important but not if it compromises the development of the individual
player‟ says Azevedo. We welcome any player who has the support of their parents to long-
term goals in the game and feels they can have an impact to improve the quality of play.
The team played extremely well in the outdoor season but are actively seeking players who
can play up front who can score or in the midfield to create and one centre-back who can
man-mark. Coach Azevedo has worked so well with the development of these player‟s in
mini-soccer that 5 players who could play U11 this past summer played U12. „Having lost a
number of games 1-0, this team could have finished better if we had held onto the players
who were promoted to the U12 team, but again the importance is the individual player and
what is best for them. I agree with the philosophy of the Club 100% and if we can develop 5
players who can move on then we can do it again especially how the boys were
complimented by so many on how they played possession soccer rather than the typical
kick and run.‟
Coach Elvis Azevedo Email:
Team Mngr: Nick Montesano Email:

GS Boys 1998 Black Team
The Boys U12 Black team will hold tryouts Monday‟s or Tuesday‟s, excluding Holiday‟s 6:30-
8pm @ Thornhill Woods PS (341 Thornhill Woods Drive). The Club is looking to develop as
second team to compete in the YRSL and is looking for players and goalies for a new team.
We are looking for kids to excel in the Passion of soccer, And the Success of Life. This is the
best way to give back, to the future of our children.
Coach Frank Tripodi
Phone: 416-629-2081

GS Boys BU13 (1997)
The Boys U13 Coach Bobby Randhawa was unanimously chosen as the recipient of the 2009
„Boys Coach of the Year‟ Award for his team‟s outstanding style of soccer on the field built
around his and the Club‟s philosophy of possession based soccer. Bobby played for the
Toronto Lynx in USL „A‟ League and understands the commitment to long player
development. „I have been fortunate to have a professional career and I enjoy the
opportunity to work with young players who have their parents support to understand
winning will come in time but young players need to be able to do the fundamentals
consistently and that is why I Coach here at Glen Shields who has the philosophy and a
proven track record of moving players onto the next level.‟ The team finished 2 nd in the L4P
division as a result of truly committing to the program of player development to possession
soccer at U11 where the team struggled against the kick and run soccer of its opponents.
Today this team is one of the most entertaining teams to watch within the Glen Shields SC
as they can compete with any team in York Region and the GTA. The team has 5 U12
players on the squad with NO individual egos but a commitment to team performance based
on individual technical ability. The team welcomes any player whose parents support the
philosophy of the Club to long-player development.
Coach Bobby Randhawa

GS Boys U15 (1995)
BU15 (1995) Tryouts held every Thursday night at St. Michael‟s Academy at
8:15 PM – 41 Simonston Boulevard, Thornhill.

GS Boys 1996 Red Team
The Glen Shields Sun Devils Boys 1996 Red team is looking for dedicated players with
experience to join our 2009/10 indoor and outdoor season. The team was promoted to
the CSL L4 Premier Division for 2010 and are looking for players with an excellent work
ethic, positive attitude and a strong desire to learn and develop their soccer skills. The
players will be trained by Pro Academy Coaches from within our in house Academy Program.
The team will be travelling to the USA in November and then again to Buffalo and Michigan
in Jan/Feb instead of playing in an indoor league. „We feel it is more beneficial to continue
to find competition on a full field rather than in a 6-a-side league.‟ Newly appointed Coach
Joe Tersigni who replaces Vince Naccarto who moved to the GU17 returns to the younger
age group after coaching at the U18 and U21 levels. „I am looking forward to starting with
another young team and my experience with the last team will undoubtedly make these
players better.‟
Coach Joe Tersigni
Phone: 416-578-9121

GS Boys U16 (1994/95) Black Team
Glen Shields Boys U16 Black born 1994 or 1995 tryouts have started! We will be training
twice a week Tuesday and Thursday with occasional weekend exhibition games throughout
the winter and attend 2 Indoor 11-a-side tournaments in the USA. Warren Hackett our
Professional Academy Coach will be conducting training sessions throughout the winter
months. For the outdoor 2010 season the team will be competing in the CSL L3 Division
with the Club‟s full support to attain promotion to the OYSL Level.
Alberto Tari
Phone: 416 805 3074
GS Boys U17 (1993)
Boys 1993 Team has been promoted to OYSL! They are coached by Pro Academy Staff
and are looking to add new talent to the team for the upcoming season who can make an
impact and are looking to the next level of competition in their soccer careers whatever that
might be here in Canada or in the USA. This team will travel to the USA to attend
College/University Showcase Tournament(s).

Boys U17 (1993) OYSL team looking for keepers! The team practices at St Joseph the Worker on Monday
nights from 8-10, Westmount Collegiate on Wednesday nights from 8 to 10 and Terra Sports on Saturday
from 11 to 1. Please contact manager, Don Watt at 416 – 697 -8635 for more details.

Team Manager Don Watt
VP Rep Director Aldo Lippa

The following Girl’s Teams are conducting 2010 Player Try-Outs

GS Girls (2001) GU9
Our Glen Shields Sun Devils GU9 (2001) team is looking for dedicated athletes to join their
team. Goalies are welcome! The girls program at Glen Shields is completely supported and
promoted as much as the boys by the Club. The player development program is very strong
as proven by the number of female players who are competing at the Provincial Team level
at U14. It all starts at the U9 level and if you wish to have your daughter learn the
fundamentals of the game to compete at the competitive level then we welcome you to our
family at the U9.
Coach Christina Allegretto
Phone: 905-738-6744

GS Girls (2000) GU10
Girls U10 team is actively seeking to add dedicated players who have a hard working ethic
to its team following a successful outdoor season. Our comprehensive programs are
scheduled and running with a goal to develop players to focus on the fundamentals of the
game in order to train, play and compete to win. The Technical Director of the Glen Shields
Girls Program is the coach and assisted by Menashe Levi who is 10 year veteran of the Girls
Assistant Coach Menashe Levi
GS Girls (1998) U12
Girls U12 are looking for committed goalkeeper for the indoor/outdoor season as well as a
few other players for positions on the roster which are currently pen due to the lack of
commitment to training in order to compete at the next level. Goalkeeping training is
available by the in house Iplay Academy with a Pro Staff Coach. Training is conducted by a
female Pro Academy Staff Coach.
Coach Nunzio DiLecce
Phone: 416-527-7925

GS Girls (1998) U12 Black

Trials for the Girls 98 U12 Black (B) team are commencing. The team will be coached by
our Technical Director, Deesh Bhattal. Coach Bhattal holds National Licenses by the CSA and
USSF, has worked as a coach in the U.S. Olympic Program, and the NCAA university level,
and currently is a Technical Director for GSSC and Head Coach for the Seneca women‟s
program. The teams focus will be on Technical Development through the winter, then
phasing into functional sessions in the spring and summer to develop tactical awareness.
The emphasis will be on Long term results and the “winning” will come through proper
development of the individual and team. The Team will train Mondays and Thursdays
evening, with more session to be introduced in the New Year. For more information please

Deesh Bhattal

GS Girls U13 (1997)
The Glen Shields Girls U13 team (born 1997) will be looking for athletic and committed girls
to join our soccer program for the upcoming season. Newly appointed Coach Fabio Rocca
has a strong playing/coaching background and is looking to add players who can make an
impact on the field. This team is setting a target of being in the OYSL at age 14.
Fabio Rocca
Phone: 905-303-1743

GS Girls U14 (1996) Red
The GU14 is ranked in the top 3 in the province of Ontario and is still looking to add to the
roster players who are athletic and committed to competing in the OYSL. The team is
looking to add players as a result of some players who could no longer commit to the
training program which has been designed for the elite player looking to play at the next
level. 7 players from this team are presently training with the Ontario Provincial Team. The
team has an assigned Pro Academy Staff Coach to lead the program which is in-line with the
Club‟s                   Player                   Development                     Philosophy.
Coach Mark Goldasic
Phone: 905-669-4708

GS Girls U14 (1996) Black
Girls U14 1996 Black team is holding continuous tryouts on Monday's and Wednesday's with
Friday night practices beginning in the New Year. The team has been promoted to the CGSL
L3 level and has the complete support of the Club to be very competitive. The players on
the Black team will have the opportunity to be promoted to the Red team who compete in
the OYSL as much as possible on merit of ability and commitment to the team performance
of the Black team. Players who feel they need to develop further in order to compete at the
OYSL level have the perfect opportunity to do so under the coaching staff of this team and
Pro Academy Staff assigned to this team. This team will be travelling to the USA to compete
in       11-a-side       tournaments        throughout       the        indoor       season.
Team Manager Joe Caza
Phone: 416-570-7648 or

GS Girls U16 (1994)

     Players are need for the Girls U16 (1994) team. Tryouts are Tuesday's 8:15-9:30 at
     Vaughan Secondary School and Thursday's 6:45-8:00 at Thornhill Woods Public
     School. Please contact Coach Eva if interested at

Current University of Toronto Head Coach Eva Havaris is the newly appointed Pro
Academy Staff Coach of the GU16. She will be looking to add players to the team who will
have an impact and are looking to play and compete at the next level. „Winning‟ is
important at this level and it should be a characteristic of the players who wish to be part of
her program which is in-line with the overall philosophy of the Club.
Team Manager Sue Sohota

GS Girls U17 (1993)
Girls U17 (1993) The team will compete in the CGSL L4P division in 2010. We are looking
for a few high skilled players to compliment the talented pool of players already on the
team. If you are a hard working, team player we would welcome you to be part of this team
under new Head Coach Vince Naccarato who has moved over from the Boys Program to
improve the team and the individual players.
Coach Vince Naccarato
Team Manager Vito
Phone: 416-991-6719.

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