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ACROSS THE BAR The Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division


									                       THE FLORIDA BAR
                       BOARD OF GOVERNORS                                                       Volume IV, No. 1
                       YOUNG LAWYERS DIVISION                                                      winter 2004

                           ACROSS THE BAR
                                    Sharing Ideas and Setting Examples:
         Mark Romance
                                    Affiliate Outreach Conference
        Michael Faehner
                                    Brings Together YLD Affiliates
 Local Bar Affiliates Committee
       Chair: Jamie Moses
                                    From Across the State
    Vice Chair: Kelly O’Keefe
          Jennifer Ator                Guavaween wasn’t the only thing         of you probably know, the AOC is an
          Bill Chanfrau             bringing young people to downtown          annual meeting of the leaders of
        Jewel White Cole            Tampa during the last week of Octo-        young lawyers sections from across
          Joe Colombo               ber. The Affiliate Outreach Confer-        the state at which they share infor-
         Alison Haskins             ence (AOC) brought together over           mation about the various programs
           Shari Hines              two dozen participants plus other          and projects hosted by affiliates dur-
          C.J. Hubbard              past and present young lawyer presi-       ing the year and exchange ideas on
          Carlos Kelly              dents and Board of Governors’ rep-         common challenges faced by affili-
           Victoria Wu
                                    resentatives at the Tampa Waterside        ates, as well as solutions to those
                                    Marriott on October 24 - 26. As most                            continued, page 2

 Upcoming Events:
      January 23, 2004
 Florida Bar YLD Legislative/       YLD Legislative/Governmental
  Governmental Symposium
   “Article V, Revision 7, The
           Sequel” and
                                    Symposium to Focus on Article
YLD Board of Governors Meeting
        Orlando, Florida
                                    V, Revision 7 – Funding of the
    February 5-8, 2004
   ABA Mid-Year Meeting –
                                    State Court System
 YLD House of Delegates Meets                                                  may or may not be funded, potential
                                       The YLD Board of Governors is
     San Antonio, Texas
                                    pleased to announce that it will once      alternate sources of funding and the
     March 12-13, 2004              again be hosting its annual Legisla-       consequences of levels of funding.
 YLD Board of Governors Long        tive/Governmental Symposium. The           This is a timely and important topic
   Range Planning Meeting           Symposium will be held on Friday,          and the outcome of Revision 7 will
      Mt. Dora, Florida             January 23, 2004, at the Walt Disney       affect each and every one of us in the
                                    Contemporary Resort in Orlando,            legal community.
                                    Florida located in the Disney com-            As in the past, the format of this
If your bar association publishes   plex. Last year the Board held a Re-       year’s Symposium will be a panel dis-
a newsletter, please send a copy    vision 7 Symposium in Ponte Vedra,         cussion with a moderator and audi-
to the YLD:                         Florida which many of you attended.        ence participation. We are in the pro-
                                    This year the topic is once again Re-      cess of assembling the members of
        The Florida Bar             vision 7, it is entitled, “Article V Re-   the panel who include members of
    Attn: Austin Newberry           vision 7, The Sequel.” While the gen-      the judiciary, State legislature,
    650 Apalachee Parkway           eral topic is the same, this year’s        prominent attorneys and interested
  Tallahassee, FL 32399-2300        focus will narrow in on funding the        citizens. These panel members also
                                    State Court system, including what                              continued, page 3
AFFILLIATE OUTREACH                        the roundtable was most sections            which presented its “Bigs for a
CONFERENCE                                 have experienced the same problems          Day” project. Not only did this
from page 1                                and conflicts as well as triumphs and       project obtain top recognition from
                                           successes at one time or another.           the Board but it also received special
                                              The second day of the AOC was            recognition in its achievement of the
challenges and resources available to      reserved for project presentations by       ideals supported by Florida Bar
affiliates.                                the Affiliates. The Board of Gover-         President, Miles McGrane’s, program
   This year’s AOC had a two-day for-      nors gave each affiliate a $500.00          The Lawyers Challenge for Children.
mat. A three-hour round table discus-      monetary award for the presentation         This is the first year that Sarasota
sion was conducted on the first day.       of a novel and creative project or for      County has conducted the program,
President-elect, Michael Faehner,          the implementation of new or                “Bigs for a Day” which pairs local
and Affiliate Chair, Jaime Billotte        adapted project which directly ben-         school children with lawyers for a
Moses, led a free thought discussion       efit the general public or an affiliate’s   host of social and school based
that covered everything from obtain-       members. Two new sections formed            projects that continue throughout
ing financing for special projects to      this year and were in attendance at         the calendar year. Over twenty law-
encouraging attendance at social           the Conference. Both the Marion             yers have participated in this project
events to communication with indi-         County and West Pasco sections were         volunteering one hour a week for the
vidual members to issues unique to         awarded $500.00 to help them pro-           entire school year to meet with a
starting a brand new young lawyers         mote and encourage formation of             child to provide mentoring and guid-
section. Additionally, Victoria Wu         their new groups and the implemen-          ance. At least three social events are
gave everyone an introduction to and       tation of projects to benefit their         organized and hosted by the YLD
a brief overview of the ABA and its        members and the general public.             during the year for the lawyers and
various resources and programs cre-           The Board also bestowed first, sec-      schoolchildren, including a kick-off
ating a nationwide connection to           ond and third place awards among            party at a local water park. In addi-
other young lawyers. One of the more       the presentations. This year’s top          tion to reaching many lawyers and
interesting conclusions to come out of     honors went to Sarasota County,                               continued, next page

       YLD presents
        AOC Awards

      Above: Sarasota County YLD representatives John Compton and
      Jennifer B. Compton accept the first place AOC Award from Alison
      Haskins, AOC Co-chair, for Sarasota County’s “Bigs for a Day” Project.

      Above, right: Alison Haskins awards Matt Welch and Mark Watts from
      Volusia County’s YLD with the second place AOC Award for Volusia
      County’s “One Child, One Lawyer” Program.

      Right: Alison Haskins presents Wiley Boston from Orange County’s
      YLD with the third place AOC Award for Orange County’s “Give Kids a
      Head Start” Program.

2 • ACROSS THE BAR • WINTER 2004                                        Download a copy of Across the Bar from
children, the Board felt this project         This year’s AOC was one of the          ognition. The Conference, itself
deserved special recognition because        most well-attended in its history. The    opened our eyes to all the wonderful
it fostered an ongoing relationship         projects presented were all creative      things the young lawyers in the State
between the lawyers and children            and meritorious and deserving of rec-     of Florida are doing!
and it could be easily replicated by
other sections throughout the state.
The Board awarded this project a to-
tal of $1,500.00 in hopes of it achiev-
                                            Welcome, New Affiliates!
ing continued success.                          The Young Lawyers Division is         County Young Lawyers Section was
   Volusia County’s “One Child,             pleased to announce its two newest        awarded $500 to get the section go-
One Lawyer” event received second           affiliates.                               ing. The section hopes for its first
place honors. This project was estab-           In August of 2003, a small group      project to be Holidays in January.
lished to foster the representation of      of lawyers from Marion County got to-        In addition to these two newly
children in the legal community. With       gether and formed the Marion              formed affiliates, this year the Lee
this program, the Volusia YLD will          County Young Lawyers Section.             County Women Lawyers Associa-
sponsor a series of guardian ad litem       The Marion County Young Lawyers           tion established a young lawyer com-
training programs aimed at recruit-         Section is led by its President Tommy     mittee and the Cuban American
ing attorneys and other professionals       Thompson. The Marion County Young         Bar Association established a
to serve as guardian ad litem. The          Lawyers Section hit the ground run-       young lawyers section. Both organi-
program will offer a thirty-hour            ning and attended the Affiliate Out-      zations presented projects at the re-
training program led by staff from          reach Conference after being in exist-    cent Affiliate Outreach Conference
the Department of Children and              ence for only two months. Additional-     and were awarded stipend money for
Families. Upon completion of the            ly, it presented a project “The Marion    their projects. Polk County also has
training program, the lawyers will          County Great Debate,” and was             a new affiliate in the works!
attend school-based legal clinics           awarded $500 to help put the project         Interested in forming an affiliate?
which allow children to seek the ad-        on. In establishing its leadership, the   An affiliate is defined as any section,
vice of lawyers on legal matters that       Marion County Young Lawyers Sec-          division or committee of a voluntary
may impact their lives and distract         tion specifically designated a position   bar association in the state of Florida
from their ability to learn. The chil-      on its board for a government lawyer      whose membership is limited to
dren will sign up for the legal clinics     representative. This is a great way to    young lawyers defined as a lawyer
as needed and gain an understand-           encourage government attorney in-         who has been admitted to the bar
ing of how legal proceedings occur          volvement in your section.                within the past five years of less than
and how the proceedings may affect              In addition to the Marion County      thirty-six years old.
their rights. This year will be the first   Young Lawyers Section, an even more          If you are interested in establish-
year that the Volusia County Young          recently formed affiliate is the West     ing a young lawyers section, commit-
Lawyers’ Division hosts this particu-       Pasco County Young Lawyers                tee or division, please contact Local
lar project. The Board awarded the          Section. With President Anthony           Bar Affiliate Chair Jamie Billotte
project a total of $1,250.00 to help        Salzano, and Vice President Tara          Moses at Fisher, Rushmer, Werren-
them get started.                           O’Connor, the West Pasco County           rath, Dickson, Talley & Dunlap, P.A.,
   The third place award went to the        Young Lawyers Section will likely be      Post Office Box 712, Orlando, FL
Orange County’s “Give Kids a                a great success. Tara O’Connor at-        32802, 407-843-2111, jmoses@fisher
Head Start” program, through                tended the recent Affiliate Outreach or contact your circuit
which the YLS purchases books and           Conference and the West Pasco             representative.
organizes events at which the books
are read aloud for disadvantaged
children. Not only does this program                                                  study on state court funding under
                                            ARTICLE V, REVISION 7                     Revision 7, has agreed to make an
provide reading materials for chil-         from page 1
dren aged three to five who may not                                                   opening presentation regarding its
have access to books but it coordi-
                                            have an interest in how funding will         The Symposium is planned to last
nates guest readers and encourages
                                            take place from both sides of the is-     approximately two hours and will
a fun and enjoyable atmosphere              sue and this should prove to be a         begin at 8:30 a.m. If you wish to at-
while encouraging children to read.         lively discussion. Presently we have      tend this important and informative
One of the highlights of this project       commitments from Chief Justice of         event, contact John M. Stewart, Esq.
is that it involves young lawyers as        the Florida Supreme Court Harry           at (limited seating is
well as other members in the legal          Anstead and Florida House of Rep-         available and will be filled first come,
community in collecting donations           resentative Holly Benson (Chair of        first served). If you are unable to at-
and coordinating and hosting the            the House Select Committee on Ar-         tend, the Board intends to videotape
reading event. The Board awarded            ticle V). In addition, Florida Tax        the Symposium and have pertinent
this project a total of $1,000.00 in        Watch, an organization which has          excerpts available on the YLD
order to ensure its success.                been commissioned to perform a            website shortly after the event.

Download a copy of Across the Bar from                       ACROSS THE BAR • WINTER 2004 • 3
Message From YLD President Mark Romance:
YLD Affiliates Can and Do Make a Difference
                     I want to thank       Congratulations to all participants!      have a legal aid society, which desper-
                   all the affiliates                                                ately needs just a few hours of time
                   who attended this       “For The Children”                        from your members. But don’t just
                   year’s Affiliate Out-   Initiative                                send an email to your members en-
                   reach Conference           The AOC clearly demonstrates           couraging them to call legal aid. Be-
                   (AOC) in Tampa.         that Florida’s local bar young lawyer     come proactive. Get organized.
                   The conference was      affiliates works tirelessly to meet the      On our website,,
                   a huge success! We      needs of their communities. However,      we have listed numerous entities
                   had a tremendous        I am taking this opportunity to en-       throughout Florida that need volun-
                   turnout with over       courage each of you to do a little more   teer lawyers to provide legal repre-
                   30 affiliates attend-   for a special segment of your commu-      sentation to children in various legal
ing and the projects presented were        nities. The Florida Bar Commission        matters. Many of your members may
outstanding! The affiliate’s projects      on the Legal Needs of Children found      believe that they are not trained to
served a variety of segments of soci-      that the children of our state have       handle these proceedings. If you re-
ety, including that special segment of     legal needs that are simply not being     ally want to make a difference, con-
society that Florida Bar President         met. President McGrane has chal-          tact your local legal aid society and
Miles McGrane has emphasized in the        lenged all lawyers of Florida to pro-     tell them that you are willing to or-
bar program The Lawyers Challenge          vide this much-needed service to the      ganize an effort to have the legal aid
For Children. Numerous projects, in-       children of our communities.              society train some of your members
cluding this years top award winners,         Following President McGrane’s          to provide these services.
were geared toward serving the needs       lead, I challenge each young lawyer          While working with your local le-
of children.                               organization in Florida to do its part    gal aid society to arrange for train-
   What I am especially proud of,          in representing the legal needs of        ing for your members, you may en-
however, is that we were and con-          children. Your community needs you        counter some members who are
tinue to be successful in helping new      and I can think of no greater act of      willing to volunteer, but their prac-
affiliate organizations get off the        service than to help a child in need.     tice area makes them uncomfortable
ground. I believe that we achieved         The best way for you to help this         entering the legal arena on behalf of
our goal — each affiliate in atten-        cause is to spread the message to         children. These volunteers can still
dance took home new ideas and a re-        each of your members that their help      provide a great service to the chil-
newed enthusiasm for bar service.          is needed. Most of your communities       dren of your community. Your
                                                                                     community’s children have non-legal
                                                                                     needs as well. The YLD website,
                                                                           , has a list of numer-
                                                                                     ous community organizations that
                                                                                     are constantly looking for volunteers

                                                                                     to provide non-legal services to chil-
              2004 Practicing With                                                   dren.
                                                                                        Encourage your members to get
                Professionalism                                                      involved in the future of your com-
                                                                                     munity. Participation in legal and
              Seminars Scheduled                                                     non-legal community organizations
                                                                                     will allow your members to provide
                                                                                     valuable assistance to your commun-
        Register Early! Seating Limited to 200!                                      ity’s greatest asset – its children.
                                                                                     President McGrane challenged all
        January 8, 2004                    Miami                                     lawyers to serve our children. As

        February 5, 2004                   West Palm Beach                           young lawyers, we have the most at
                                                                                     stake in the future of our children. I
        February 20, 2004                  Tampa                                     ask you to meet President McGrane’s
        March 12, 2004                     Orlando                                   challenge and organize efforts to
                                                                                     meet the needs of the children in your
        April 16, 2004                     Miami                                     community. And I thank and salute
        May 28, 2004                       Tallahassee                               all of the YLD affiliates who are al-
                                                                                     ready serving the needs of the chil-
                                                                                     dren in our state!

4 • ACROSS THE BAR • WINTER 2004                                     Download a copy of Across the Bar from
Keeping Up With the Young Lawyers Division Board of Governors:
August 2003 YLD Board of Governors Meeting–
The “Battle of the Boards” in Clearwater
   The Young Lawyers Division             Board (the 16th Judicial Circuit com-      sic skills course requirement would
Board of Governors met August 22,         prises Monroe County). That seat           be satisfied by attending a one-day
2003, in Clearwater, Florida, holding     had been left vacant and remains           Practicing with Professionalism pro-
its meeting in conjunction with the       vacant along with a seat in the 8th        gram within the twelve months pre-
Florida Bar’s Board of Governors.         Circuit (compromised of Alachua,           ceding or the twelve months follow-
During the joint session, the Board       Baker, Bradford, Gilchrist, Levy and       ing, admission to the Florida Bar and
of Governors addressed two topics         Union Counties) and the 18th Circuit       by completing three elective, basic,
that may be of interest to young law-     (Comprised of Seminole or Brevard          substantive continuing legal educa-
yers. The Chair of the Florida Bar’s      Counties). If you can recommend an         tion programs sponsored by the YLD
Professionalism and Ethics Commit-        attorney living in the 8th, 16th or        during the member’s initial three
tee stated that his committee recom-      18th Judicial Circuits, who has prac-      year continuing legal education re-
mends opposing an exemption from          ticed law for five years or less or who    quirement reporting cycle assigned
the Practicing with Professionalism       is 35 years of age or less, and who is     upon admission to the Florida Bar. If
requirements for government attor-        interested in serving as a member of       the change is implemented, all
neys. The Professionalism and Eth-        the YLD Board of Governors, please         Florida lawyers would be required to
ics Committee believes that requir-       contact YLD President Mark Ro-             complete a one-day Practicing with
ing all newly admitted lawyers,           mance, Esquire, at Richman, Greer,         Professionalism seminar, regardless
whether they be involved in private       et al, 201 S. Biscayne Blvd., 10th         of whether the new members are
or public practice, to attend a Prac-     Floor, Miami, FL, 33131-4325, tele-        practicing in the public or private
ticing with Professionalism seminar       phone number (305) 373-4048, e-mail        sector, no later than twelve months
will benefit all concerned, including     address mromance@richmangreer.             following admission to the Florida
the general public. The Practicing        com.                                       Bar.
with Professionalism issue was also          Next, the Board considered an              After that, the YLD Board made
addressed, as detailed below, during      amendment to Practicing with Pro-          plans for the 2003 Affiliate Outreach
the YLD’s separate meeting later          fessionalism seminar requirements.         Conference, which took place October
that day.                                 In particular, the Board recom-            24-26, 2003, at the Tampa Marriott
   The other topic that should be of      mended that Rule 6-12.3, Rules             Waterside Hotel and Marina and was
interest to young lawyers, concerns       Regulating The Florida Bar, be re-         a great success. The YLD Board also
the Florida Bar’s decision to under-      vised such that the Florida Bar’s ba-                          continued, next page
take a study on the disciplinary pro-
cess for lawyers in the state of
Florida. It has been approximately
fifteen years since the Bar last stud-
ied its discipline system. No single
event has caused the Bar to re-ex-
amine its discipline system; the Bar
felt that, due to the passage of time,
a review of the discipline system
would be healthy. The Bar invites
the comments of lawyers and the
public with regard to the fairness,
efficiency, and speed of the disciplin-
ary process.
   Prior to the YLD Board’s depar-
ture fromt he joint meeting, ESPN’s
Lee Corso made a surprise visit via
satellite to offer words of encourage-
ment to the YLD in preparation for
the much-anticipated “Battle of the
   The YLD then turned to its own
agenda. First, the YLD Board of Gov-
ernors discussed the appointment of
a qualified lawyer to represent the       PULL! The YLD team led by President, Mark Romance, gives it their best effort in the
16th Judicial Circuit on the YLD          “Battle of the Boards” tug-of-war, but will they WIN?

Download a copy of Across the Bar from                       ACROSS THE BAR • WINTER 2004 • 5
 made plans for the 2004
 YLD Legislative / Govern-
 mental Symposium set for
 January 23, 2004.
    After concluding the
 business meeting for each
 of the respective Boards,
 the Boards met a final
 time. The annual “Battle of
 the Boards” pitted the two
 Boards against each other
 in five different athletic
 events. The YLD pum-
 meled the Board of Gover-
 nors and reclaimed the
 event’s trophy!

                                          Above: The Battle continues...
                                          Senior Board members struggle
                                          valiantly against the amazing
                                          strength of the YLD team, but vic-
                                          tory eluded them as the YLD
                                          Board won the day!

                                          Left: Let there be no doubt! Mark
                                          Romance proudly displays the
                                          Battle of the Boards trophy.

                                          Right: YLD Board member Bill
                                          Sundberg defeats the “Senior”
                                          BOG team in the coconut carry-
                                          ing contest at the Battle of the

       Our YLD Website – A Valuable Resource
   The YLD website ( provides information concerning the YLD such as: upcoming meet-
   ings and events and links to your local representatives; links to free legal research sites; applications for
   awards and scholarships; our newsletter; our judicial directory which gives you insight into what various
   circuit judges around the state require for practicing law before them; etc.

                       Visit our webpage at

6 • ACROSS THE BAR • WINTER 2004                                  Download a copy of Across the Bar from
September 2003 YLD Board of Governors Meeting–
Sun and Fun at South Beach
   The Young Lawyers Division             Court.                                          Florida had been recently formed.
Board of Governors met from Sep-             Next, Fourth Circuit Governor,               Chairman Moses also announced
tember 18 through September 20,           Courtney Grimm, Esq., announced                 that she has undertaken efforts to
2003 in Miami Beach, Florida. Judge       that the Awards/Scholarships Com-               renew the Young Lawyer organiza-
Rosemary Barkett of the Eleventh          mittee still seeks nominations for the          tions in Volusia, Seminole and Pasco
Circuit Court of Appeals opened the       YLD Pro Bono Award. The deadline                Counties. If you know of any young
Meeting by welcoming the YLD to           to nominate an attorney was Decem-              lawyers in Volusia, Seminole or Pasco
Miami Beach. Judge Barkett visited        ber 15, 2003.                                   Counties, or any other counties, who
the theme of judicial independence in        The next significant agenda item             would like to participate in Young
her remarks. Judge Barkett noted          was the YLD’s proposed budget for its           Lawyer organizations, please have
that regardless of the perceptions of     next fiscal year. Budget Committee              that person contact Jamie Moses,
any one particular branch, all three      Chair, Paul Scheck, Esq., noted that            Esq. at Fisher, Rushmer, et al., 20 N.
branches of Florida government            the YLD’s budget has been trimmed               Orange Avenue, Suite 1500, Orlando,
work for the citizens of Florida. Judge   slightly, but expects that YLD pro-             Florida 32802-0712, telephone num-
Barkett also noted that the judiciary     grams will, at a minimum, remain                ber (407) 843-2111, e-mail address:
depends upon the good will of the         consistent with current levels. YLD             jmoses@fisherlaw
executive branch in order to enforce      members will be reviewing the pro-                 Final preparations for the Affiliate
orders the judiciary renders. Judge       posed budget soon so that the Board             Outreach Conference were also dis-
Barkett concluded her remarks by          can make a final decision on the mat-           cussed. The Board opined that it
thanking the YLD for its efforts to       ter.                                            looked like this year’s AOC would be
improve the practice of law.                 After Chairman Scheck’s report,              the most successful yet, given the
   Judge Barkett was followed by          Local Bar Affiliates Chair, Jamie               number of affiliates slated to attend
David Sampedro, Esq., the President       Moses, Esq., announced that a Young             and the quality of the projects to be
of the Dade County Young Lawyers          Lawyers Section in Marion County,               presented.
Division. Mr. Sampedro explained
some of the beneficent activities his
organization has undertaken on be-
half of the citizens of Dade County,
   After Mr. Sampedro concluded his
remarks, the YLD opened its meet-
ing for business. First, the Board re-
viewed internal policies regarding
Members’ service and attendance.
After that, President Mark Romance
announced that the Government
Lawyers Section of the Florida Bar
continues to question the elimination
of a deferral for government lawyers
of the Practicing with Professional-
ism requirements embodied in Rule
6-12.3, Rules Regulating the Florida
Bar. Recently, the Government Law-
yers Section proposed six alterna-
tives to the elimination of the defer-
ral for government lawyers. While
the YLD’s position has been sup-
ported by the Chair of the Florida
Bar’s Program Evaluation Commit-
tee, Hank Coxe, Esq., the YLD con-
sidered the Government Lawyers
Section’s proposals. Ultimately, any       The Honorable Rosemary Barkett, U.S. Circuit Judge, United States Court of Appeals, Eleventh
                                           Circuit, opens the September 2003 meeting in Miami Beach, Florida. Looking on are YLD
change to Rule 6-12.3, Rules Regulat-      President, Mark Romance and YLD Secretary, Virginia Pagliery.
ing the Florida Bar, must be ap-
proved by the Florida Supreme

Download a copy of Across the Bar from                           ACROSS THE BAR • WINTER 2004 • 7
October 2003 YLD Board of Governors Meeting–
The Affiliate Outreach Conference
   The Young Lawyers Division             Florida Tax Watch study is to conduct    of Governors’ By-Laws.
Board of Governors met October 23 -       research and prepare a report that           Youth Projects Committee Chair,
25, 2003, in Tampa, Florida for its Oc-   explains the state government’s re-      Victoria Wu, Esq. announced that af-
tober Meeting and the Affiliate Out-      sponsibility for funding the state       filiates must send requests for Holi-
reach Conference. The Affiliate Out-      court system and affiliated legal ser-   days in January funding were later
reach Conference is an annual             vices under Revision 7 to Article V of   than November 21, 2003. The Youth
meeting of the leaders of local Young     the Florida Constitution. The study      Projects      Committee       recently
Lawyer Sections, Divisions and Com-       also proposes to describe the role of    awarded $250 each to the 10 affili-
mittees from throughout the state.        the rule of law in a civil society and   ates that applied for funding. A list
The AOC convenes for the purposes         describe the state judiciary’s impact    of the recipients can be found in this
of sharing information about young        on the citizens and businesses of        edition of the newsletter. For more
lawyer programs and projects, which       Florida. In addition, the study will     about this program please consult
benefit the public; establishing a li-    make various assessments of the          the YLD website at
aison between state and local young       court system. Of critical importance         Next, President-Elect Faehner in-
lawyer groups; and promoting the          will be the assessment whether cur-      troduced Tampa Mayor Pam Iario.
exchange of ideas and contacts be-        rent funding levels have delayed ac-     Mayor Iario welcomed the YLD to
tween young lawyers from different        cess to justice.                         Tampa. In her remarks, Mayor Lario
areas of the state.                          In other business, Courtney           described a vision she has for the fu-
   On the morning of October 24,          Grimm, Esq., Chair of the Awards/        ture of downtown Tampa, which in-
2003, the YLD conducted its October       Scholarships Committee, advised the      cluded encouraging residential devel-
business meeting. The meeting was         Board that the YLD Pro Bono Award        opment.
conducted by President-Elect              was open for nominations through             After Mayor Lario’s address, the
Michael J. Faehner. President-Elect       December 15, 2003. Ms. Grimm en-         Board concluded its regular business
Faehner advised the Board that pro-       couraged Board members and their         meeting. Later that day, the Board
posed Rule 6-12.3, Rules Regulating       affiliates to nominate deserving         hosted the President’s Roundtable.
the Florida Bar, would be considered      young lawyers for this award.            The purpose of the President’s
by the Florida Bar’s Board of Gover-         Budget Committee Chair, Paul          Roundtable was to allow local young
nors at its next business meeting,        Scheck, Esq. submitted the YLD’s         lawyer leaders to exchange ideas on
which took place in December 2003.        proposed budget for the coming fis-      topics ranging from member recruit-
The Rule was approved at that meet-       cal year. The proposed budget is less    ment to fundraising.
ing and now goes to the Florida Su-       than the YLD’s current budget. The           The following day, October 25,
preme Court for consideration. The        budget reduction met Mr. Scheck’s        2003, Young Lawyer Sections from
Rule, among other things, eliminates      goal of maintaining the current level    around the state presented public
a deferment for government lawyers        of YLD services at a reduced cost.       service projects to the Board in order
of the Practicing with Professional-         The Board then turned its atten-      to obtain funding from the YLD. Each
ism Seminar requirements.                 tion to amending its own By-Laws. In     Young Lawyer Section that pre-
   President-Elect Faehner also ad-       particular, Article V, Section 12,       sented a project received a $500.00
vised the Board that a study entitled     which regards removal of Board           grant. In addition, the most outstand-
“Florida Tax Watch” has been funded       members, was amended such that it        ing projects received additional fund-
by the Florida Bar. The purpose of the    comports with the Florida Bar Board      ing. The Sarasota County Young Law-
                                                                                   yers received both the First Place
                                                                                   Award and the Outstanding Child
                                                                                   Services Award for its project entitled
                                                                                   “Bigs for a Day.” More information
               2004 YLD Meetings                                                   regarding this project and the other
                                                                                   award recipients can be found on
  January 22-24, 2004         Walt Disney Contemporary Resort, Orlando             page 1 of this edition of the newslet-
  April 12 - 17, 2004         Out-of-state meeting,
                                                                                       The Affiliate Outreach Conference
                              Royal Caribbean Cruise                               Awards were announced at a lun-
  May 20-23, 2004             Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo                           cheon on October 25, 2003. At the lun-
                                                                                   cheon, Ms. Moses thanked AOC Co-
  June 23-26, 2004            Boca Resort and Club, Boca Raton                     Chairs, Governor C.J. Hubbard, Esq.
                              Florida Bar Annual Meeting                           and Governor Allison Haskins, Esq.,
                                                                                   for their efforts in organizing the
                                                                                   YLD’s most successful AOC to date!

8 • ACROSS THE BAR • WINTER 2004                                   Download a copy of Across the Bar from
                                           ABA Update
   Fall Conference, Pittsburgh,          Jamie Moses (Orlando, Florida) pre-         from playacting a part to get the
PA (Oct. 9-12, 2003). What a kick-       sented on behalf of the Florida Bar         point across, to singing, to rapping.
off! The Pittsburgh meeting was a        Young Lawyers Division on the panel         All are welcome!
great success. Approximately 300         program “Using Unique Locations                The YLD social event will occur at
young lawyers gathered for a week-       and Creative Programming to Im-             the historic Sunset Station, a turn-
end of how-to seminars for affiliates,   prove your Meetings and to Build            of-the century train station with
CLE, substantive programming, and        Camaraderie.” In this program Jamie         soaring gold leaf and stained glass
committee meetings. The meeting          shared her experience and knowl-            ceiling and windows, now renovated
also included first rate social events   edge as a state wide Affiliates Chair       into a lively location for the party.
at the Hard Rock Café in the Station     and former local bar affiliate presi-       Bring your appetites and bring your
Square District and an amazing           dent with those in attendance from          Texas Tux because the music will
party at the club level of PNC Park.     all over the county. Rumor has it she       keep you dancing and the caterer will
   The conference started with the       did a wonderful job!                        offer foods from Mesquite Grilled
Summit for Children. Three premier          Congratulations to Kyle Mitchell         Beef Tenderloin and Pork, Oysters
attorneys who advocate on behalf of      (Tallahassee, Florida) who won the          Ernie, to Mexican favorites of
children gave inspirational speeches     Chair’s Star of the Quarter Award!          Gorditas, Shrimp or beef Quesadillas,
about the children in their work:                                                    fried jalapenos, open bar all evening,
Scott Hollander (the inspiration for     Upcoming National                           and more. Texas Tux? It is a tux
the TV show The Guardian), Andrea        Conferences.                                jacket, jeans and boots, but everyone
Khoury and her former client “Bran-                                                  is encouraged to come up with a cre-
                                            Midyear Meeting, San Antonio
don”, and Frank Cervone (Executive                                                   ative, casual theme.
                                         (Feb. 4-8, 2004). The next meeting
Director of the Support Center for       will be at the Marriott Rivercenter in
Advocates, Philadelphia, PA). Every-                                                 Other upcoming ABA meetings
                                         San Antonio for the Midyear Meet-
one was especially moved when Ms.                                                    are as follows:
                                         ing. Most of the other entities of the
Khoury’s client, Brandon, spoke          ABA will meet at this meeting as            • April 29-May 2, 2004 – ABA/YLD
about how Ms. Khoury helped him          well. Be forewarned that you will             Spring Conference, Memphis, TN,
through his journey through the fos-     have to register with ITS, the hous-          The Peabody Hotel, $172 single/
ter care system to independent living.   ing agent for the ABA because there           double. Call the hotel directly 901-
   The One Child, One Lawyer Spe-        are so many who attend!                       529-4000.
cial Project Team presented three           In order to be a delegate to the         • August 5-9, 2004 – ABA Annual
programs. In Adoption and Guard-         ABA-YLD assembly, you must reside             Meeting, Atlanta, GA
ianship 101, attendees learned the       and practice in Florida, be an ABA
                                                                                       Westin Peachtree Plaza, rate TBA
basics about how they could assist       member, be 36 or under, and be pre-
families who wished to adopt or be-      registered for the ABA Mid Year             • October 7-10, 2004 – Austin, Texas
come a guardian. In Become a             meeting (unlike the Annual Meeting,           – Fall National Affiliate Confer-
Child’s Voice in Court – Guardian        there is no charge to register for the        ence
Ad Litem Training, Susan Khoury,         Mid-Year Meeting).
the guardian ad litem program coor-         In addition to substantive pro-          Funding:
dinator in Orange County, Florida,       gramming and CLEs, the YLD As-                 Although funding is not available
presented a CLE on what being a          sembly meets to vote on issues and          for Midyear or Annual, funding is
GAL entails. In Keeping Children         debate resolutions. The YLD Assem-          available for the Memphis national
on the Right Track: How to Start         bly consists of representatives from        conferences for your affiliates. A
Your Own School Based Legal              all the state and local affiliates across   maximum of three members of each
Clinic, attendees were taught what       the nation. Also, the YLD Fellows           affiliate who attend the Conference
to expect when a clinic first starts     Debate is always a lively time for ev-      will receive up to three days per diem
and different ways to establish a        eryone! The YLD Fellows are a group         (at $100 per day) to a maximum of
clinic.                                  of former YLDers whose purpose to           $300. A fourth member of each affili-
   All the YLD Committees also met       mentor and assist other YLDers in           ate may receive the standard up to
at this conference to prepare for the    the greater association. Each year a        three day’s per diem if that person is
coming year and to converse about        two-on-two debate with ‘pro’ and ‘con’      a minority, government, or solo and
co-sponsoring potential resolutions      side is staged between two current          small firm attorney. Additionally, Dis-
for the Midyear and Annual meetings      YLD members and two Fellows. The            trict Representatives may nominate
as well as substantive programming       debate topic is usually a current le-       the representatives of certain affili-
for the upcoming conferences.            gal issue. Debaters are very creative       ates for a special lowest discounted
   Local Bar Affiliates Chair,           in their presentations, which range                            continued, next page

Download a copy of Across the Bar from                      ACROSS THE BAR • WINTER 2004 • 9
ABA UPDATE                               ther never sent a representative to a       sion members, develop programming
from page 9                              national conference or have not done        for conferences, debate policy issues
                                         so for at least three years. Please visit   and publish or write for a newsletter.
                                         the ABA website for more informa-           The Chair-elect, Barrett Watson, will
                                         tion:            make appointments to these commit-
airfare and up to three days per diem    awards.html                                 tees for 2004-5. The deadline for se-
scholarship reimbursement. Affili-                                                   nior appointment (director, coordina-
ates that qualify for consideration to   How to Get Involved:                        tor or liaison) is January 31, 2004.
receive this special reimbursement          The ABA YLD has over 30 sub-             The deadline for other appointments
are either new affiliates who would      stantive and standing committees            is Feb. 28, 3004. You can find more
benefit greatly from meeting atten-      and that may interest you. This is a        information at
dance or older affiliates who have ei-   great way to work with other Divi-          election_info.html.

YLD Elections: Some Seats Remain Open
   The following YLD Board of Governors representatives in even number Circuits were elected without oppo-

  SECOND CIRCUIT                                          FOURTEENTH CIRCUIT
  (Seat 1) William L. Sundberg                            (Seat 1) William S. Henry
  (Seat 2) Kelly A. O’Keefe

  FOURTH CIRCUIT                                          EIGHTEENTH CIRCUIT
  (Seat 1) Kevin B. Cook                                  (Seat 1) Rachel A. Gorenflo

  SIXTH CIRCUIT                                           TWENTIETH CIRCUIT
  (Seat 1) Jewel White Cole                               (Seat 1) Starling N. Hendriks
  (Seat 2) Brandon S. Vesely                              (Seat 2) Carlos A. Kelly

  TWELFTH CIRCUIT                                         OUT-OF-STATE
  (Seat 1) Scott Westheimer                               (Seat 1) Mindi L. Wells
  (Seat 2) Alison H. Haskins                              (Seat 2) Victoria E. Wu
                                                          (Seat 3) Scott E. Atwood

  Congratulations to all of the new and returning Representatives!

  Elections will take place for the following 2 seats in even circuits in March 2004.

  Curry G. Pajcic
  John M. Phillips

  Kevin M. Kohl
  Sara L. Reyes
  Victor R. Smith

 Look for ballots beginning March 1, 2004 or vote online at Votes must be received by midnight,
Monday, March 22, 2004.

   Seats remain open for the Eighth (Seat 1), Sixteenth (Seat 1) and Eighteenth (Seat 2) Circuits. If you are
interested in serving in one of those seats send a letter to YLD Administrator Austin Newberry, The Florida
Bar, 651 E. Jefferson Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-2300. Those vacancies will be filled by appointment by YLD
Board of Governors.

10 • ACROSS THE BAR • WINTER 2004                                    Download a copy of Across the Bar from
                   FOR BASIC REQUIREMENTS
                                        AS OF JANUARY 14, 2004
                                              SUBJECT TO CHANGE

                                        (COURSES FOR JANUARY - JUNE 2004)

  Basic Federal Practice (#5452-5466)                       Basic Personal Injury (#5455-5469)
  January 08    Pensacola* (Escambia/Santa Rosa Bar         March 16    Miami*** (Hyatt Regency Downtown #24)
                Association #40)                            March 18    Tampa** (Hyatt Regency Downtown #48)
                                                            April 21++  Fort Lauderdale* (Marriott Marina #223)
  Practicing with Professionalism (#5462-5463)              April 22    Orlando* (Radisson Plaza Downtown #71)
                                                            April 28    Jacksonville* (Omni Hotel #154)
  January 08    Miami*** (Hyatt Regency Downtown #24) 150
                                                            April 29    Tallahassee* (The Florida Bar Annex #54)
  February 05   West Palm Beach*** (Hilton Airport #37)
                                                            May 05      West Palm Beach* (Palm Beach County Bar
  February 20   Tampa*** (Airport Marriott #49)
                                                                        Association #232)
  March 12      Orlando*** (Radisson Hotel at Universal
                                                            May 06      Fort Myers* (Holiday Inn Riverwalk #170)
                Studio’s #225)
                                                            May 12      Pensacola* (Escambia/Santa Rosa Bar
  April 16      Miami*** (Hyatt Regency Downtown #62)
                                                                        Association #140)
  April 17+     Miami*** (Hyatt Regency Downtown #258)
                                                            May 13      Sarasota* (Hyatt Hotel #42)
  May 28        Tallahassee*** (University Club #003)
                                                            Basic Labor and Employment Law (#5450-5464)
  Basic Corporate/Intellectual Property (#5453-5467)
                                                            April 22      Miami*** (Hyatt Regency Downtown #24)
  January 29    Tampa** (Airport Marriott #49)
                                                            April 23      Tampa** (Airport Marriott #49)
  January 30    Miami*** (Hyatt Regency Downtown #24)
                                                            May 13++      Tallahassee* (The Florida Bar Annex #54)
  February 13   Orlando* (Radisson Plaza Downtown #71)
                                                            May 14++      Fort Lauderdale* (Marriott Marina #223)
  February 19   Fort Lauderdale* (Marriott Marina #223)
                                                            May 27        Orlando* (Radisson Plaza Downtown #71)
  February 19   Jacksonville* (Omni Hotel #154)
                                                            May 27        Pensacola* (Escambia/Santa Rosa Bar
  February 19   Pensacola* (Escambia/Santa Rosa Bar
                                                                          Association #40)
                Association #40)
                                                            May 27        West Palm Beach* (Palm Beach County
  February 20   Tallahassee* (The Florida Bar Annex #54)
                                                                          Bar Association #232)
  February 26   Fort Myers* (Holiday Inn Riverwalk #170)
                                                            May 28        Fort Myers* (Holiday Inn Riverwalk #170)
  February 26   Sarasota* (Hyatt Hotel #42)
                                                            May 28++      Jacksonville* (Omni Hotel #154)
  March 03++    West Palm Beach* (Palm Beach County Bar
                                                            May 28        Sarasota* (Hyatt Hotel #42)
                Association #232)
                                                            June 18       St. Petersburg* (Bar Association #263)
                                                            June 18       St. Petersburg* (Bar Association #263)
  Basic Real Estate (#5454-5468)
  February 26   Miami*** (Hyatt Regency Downtown #24)       Basic Government Law (#5486-5487)
  February 27   Tampa** (Airport Marriott #49)
                                                            May 13        Miami***
  March 12      Fort Lauderdale* (Marriott Marina #223)
                                                            May 14        Tampa**
  March 12      Jacksonville* (Omnni Hotel #154)
                                                            May 28        Fort Lauderdale***
  March 18      Orlando* (Radisson Plaza Downtown #71)
                                                            May 28        Orlando*
  March 18      Pensacola* (Escambia/Santa Rosa Bar
                                                            June 03++     West Palm Beach* (Palm Beach County
                Association #40)
                                                                          Bar Assoc. #232)
  March 19      Fort Myers* (Holiday Inn Riverwalk #170)
                                                            June 04       Tallahassee* (The Florida Bar Annex #54)
  March 19      Sarasota* (Hyatt Hotel #42)
                                                            June 10       Pensacola* (Escambia/Santa Rosa
  March 26      Tallahassee* (The Florida Bar Annex #54)
                                                                          Bar Assoc. #40)
  April 15      West Palm Beach* (Palm Beach County Bar
                                                            June 11       Fort Myers*
                Association #232)
                                                            June 11       Sarasota*
                                                                                                    ****Satellite Session
                                                                                                         *** Live Session
                                                                                                  **Videotaping Session
                                                                                                           *Video Replay
                                                                                             @Section Sponsored Course
                                                                                                        +Added Location
                                                                                              ++Changed Date/Location

Download a copy of Across the Bar from                   ACROSS THE BAR • WINTER 2004 • 11
  Affiliates Receive Funds for                                                   Establish a
  Holidays in January and                                                      Young Lawyers
                                                                                 Section or
  Child Family Room
    The following YLD affiliates received $250 to support their Holidays
  in January programs:
                                                                             If you are interested in forming a
     1.    Broward County Bar Association YLS;                               young lawyers section, division or
     2.    Clearwater Bar Association YLD;                                   committee and need assistance or
                                                                             ideas, contact The Florida Bar Young
     3.    Dade County Bar YLS;                                              Lawyers Division Board of Gover-
     4.    Hillsborough County YLD;                                          nors. The YLD can answer your
     5.    Jacksonville Bar Association YLS;                                 questions and get you started on the
                                                                             track to a productive and fulfilling
     6.    Lee County Bar Association YLS:                                   YLD!
     7.    Orange County Bar YLD;                                                          Contact:
     8.    Palm Beach County Bar Association YLS;                                    Jamie Billotte Moses
     9.    Sarasota Bar Association YLD; and                                    YLD Local Bar Affiliates Chair
     10.   Tallahassee Bar YLD                                                  Fisher, Rushmer, Werrenrath,
                                                                                Dickson, Talley & Dunlap, P.A.
  Child Friendly Room Project:                                                 20 N. Orange Avenue, Suite 1100
                                                                                      Orlando, FL 32801
    $1,250 also went to the Hillsborough County Bar YLD for its Child                407/843-2111 (phone)
  Friendly Room Project.                                                              407/422-1080 (fax)
  For more information, contact Victoria Wu at             

The Florida Bar
                                                                                                FIRST CLASS
Young Lawyers Division
                                                                                                U.S. POSTAGE
651 E. Jefferson Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2300                                                                     TALLAHASSEE, FL
                                                                                                 Permit No. 43

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