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									Office Of Small Business


 Service Disabled Veteran Owned
         Small Business
       Counseling Session

      November 15, 2011

Kimberly Patrick, Deputy

Office of Small Business

         EPA Office of Small Business Programs

Lamont Norwood, Procurement Team Lead

 Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business
               Counseling Session

                 November 15, 2011
     FY2011 Small Business Achievements by Percentage
                          Based on estimated obligations of $2.0 Billion
                     These are preliminary goal achievements as of 9/30/2011

         Direct                              Goal                              Achievements
Small Business                              42.0%                                 43.26%

8(a) Business                                7.5%                                 7.91%

Small Disadvantaged                          3.0%                                 15.28%
Woman-Owned Small                            5.0%                                 5.51%
HubZone Businesses                           3.0%                                  1.13%

Service Disabled                             3.0%                                 *7.62%
Veteran-Owned Small
EPA Small Business Accomplishments FY09- FY11






10%                                             8.92%
                                                        7.91%                              7.86%   5.15% 7.62%
                                           5.89%                   4.77%5.51%
5%                                                         4.35%
                                                                                    0.98% 1.13%
           SB                    SDB            8(a)               WOSB         HUBZone            SDVOSB
       Environmental Protection Agency
   2010 Small Business Procurement Scorecard

Prime Contracting Achievement:

                                 2009 Achievement 2010 Goal 2010 Achievement
Small Business                        47.32%       42.00%
Women Owned Small Business             4.62%        5.00%          4.77%
Small Disadvantaged Business          13.64%        5.00%        13.42%
Service Disabled Veteran Owned
                                      7.76%         3.00%        5.15%
Small Business
HUBZone                               2.13%         3.00%        0.98%

Sub Contracting Achievement:                                     135.57

                                 2009 Achievement 2010 Goal 2010 Achievement
Small Business                        72.90%       53.30%        69.80%
Women Owned Small Business            13.48%        5.00%        18.70%
Small Disadvantaged Business          28.85%        5.00%        28.30%
Service Disabled Veteran Owned
                                      2.62%         3.00%        3.60%
Small Business
HUBZone                               10.64%        3.00%        5.30%
     Agency SBA Ranking
Department of the Treasury                    A 112.1
Department of Labor                           A 111.6
General Services Administration               A 108.7
Department of Agriculture                     A 108.4
Department of the Interior                    A 108.0
Department of Transportation                  A 107.9
Environmental Protection Agency               A 107.3
Department of Homeland Security               A 106.7
Department of Veterans Affairs                A 103.6
Department of Health and Human Services       A 102.9
Department of State                           A 102.6
Social Security Administration                A 102.0
Department of Commerce                        A 100.8
Department of Defense                         B 95.8
Nuclear Regulatory Commission                 B 95.3
Small Business Administration                 B 95.1
Department of Justice                         B 93.6
Department of Energy                          B 92.6
National Aeronautics and Space                C 88.7
Department of Education                       C 85.5
National Science Foundation                   C 83.7
Agency for International Development          C 83.1
Office of Personnel Management                D 77.3
Department of Housing and Urban Development   D 74.6
           EPA’s Top Ten NAICS Codes

1.    562910 - Remediation Services

2.    541620 - Environmental Consulting Services

3.    541519 - Other Computer Related Services

4.    541710 – R&D in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences

5.    541611 – Admin. Management and General Mgmt Consulting

6.    541380 - Testing Laboratories

7.    561210 - Facilities Support Services

8.    541511 - Custom Computer Programming Services

9.    541330 - Engineering Services

10.   518210 - Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services
   Small Business Vendor Profile Database

The system has been developed to track Small, Small
Disadvantaged, Minority, Women-Owned, HUBZone, Service
Disabled Veteran-Owned, and American Indian/Alaska Native
businesses, as well as HBCUs, HACUs and MIs available to do
business with EPA. This database provides a means to
search and retrieve vendors by ownership, NAICS Codes,
corporate capabilities, SBA 8(a) status, and other
designations as desired. The public has access through the


     Helpful Websites

      EPA Procurement Forecast


              USA Spending

      Small Business Dashboard

EPA‘s Office of Small Business Programs
      Teree Henderson,
National Disadvantaged
    Business Enterprise

  Indirect Procurement

          EPA Office of Small Business Programs

 Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
         (DBE) Program

Increasing Opportunities for Disadvantaged Businesses
     under EPA Financial Assistance Agreements

             SDVOSB Counseling Session
                November 15, 2011
           What is the DBE Program?

Formerly the Minority-Owned Business Enterprise and Woman-Owned
Business Enterprise (MBE/WBE) Program, the Disadvantaged Business
Enterprise (DBE) Program is an outreach, education, and goaling program
designed to increase and encourage the utilization and participation of
DBEs in procurements funded by EPA assistance agreements.


   Why Does the DBE Program Exist?

The program was mandated by congress in response to the large
number of procurement opportunities available through assistance
agreements vs. Contracts. At EPA, assistance agreement dollars are
approximately four times as much as contract dollars. The statutory
authority for the program is as follows:

 Public Law 101-549, Nov 15, 1990 (clean air act): To the extent
practicable, not less than 10% made available to DBEs.

 Public Law 102-389, Oct 6, 1992 (clean water act): To the fullest
extent possible, at least 8% made available to socially and
economically disadvantaged concerns, including HBCUs and women.
DBE Program Key Components

  1      • Fair Share Objectives

  2      • Good Faith Efforts

  3      • MBE/WBE Reporting

  4      • DBE Certification
                 Fair Share Objectives

A fair share objective is a goal based on the capacity and availability
of qualified, certified MBEs and WBEs in the relevant geographic
market for the grant recipient in the procurement categories of
construction, equipment, services, and supplies, compared to the
number of all qualified entities in the same market for the same
procurement categories.

 A fair share objective is not a quota.
 A recipient cannot be penalized for not meeting its fair share
 Once negotiated, fair share objectives remain in place for three
                  Fair Share Objectives

 Grant and loan recipients receiving a total of $250K or less in EPA
  financial assistance in a given fiscal year

 Technical Assistance Grants

 Recipients of Performance Partnership Grants (PPG) eligible program
                    Good Faith Efforts

The Six Good Faith Efforts are required methods implored by all EPA
financial assistance agreement recipients to ensure that all disadvantaged
business Enterprises (DBEs) have the opportunity to compete for
procurements funded by EPA financial assistance dollars.
                               Good Faith Efforts

1.   Ensure DBEs are made aware of contracting opportunities to the fullest extent practicable through outreach
     and recruitment activities. For Indian Tribal, State and Local and Government recipients, this will include
     placing DBEs on solicitation lists and soliciting them whenever they are potential source.

2.   Make information on forthcoming opportunities available to DBEs and arrange time frames for contracts
     and establish delivery schedules, where the requirements permit, in a way that encourages and facilitates
     participation by DBEs in the competitive process. This includes, whenever possible, posting solicitations for
     bids or proposals for a minimum of 30 calendar days before the bid or proposal closing date.

3.   Consider in the contracting process whether firms competing for large contracts could subcontract with
     DBEs. For Indian Tribal, State and local Government recipients, this will include dividing total
     requirements when economically feasible into smaller tasks or quantities to permit maximum participation
     by DBEs in the competitive process.

4.   Encourage contracting with a consortium of DBEs when a contract is too large for one of these firms to
     handle individually.

5.   Use the services and assistance of the SBA and the Minority Business Development Agency of the
     Department of Commerce.

6.   If the prime contractor awards subcontracts, require the prime contractor to take the steps in paragraphs (1)
     through (5) of this section.
                MBE/WBE Reporting

MBE and WBE participation must be reported on EPA Form
5700–52A by all recipients, including those recipients exempted
from the requirement to apply the fair share objectives and those
recipients that have not utilized any MBEs/WBEs or made
procurement expenditures of any kind.

The purpose of MBE/WBE reporting is to monitor the
grant recipient’s:
 Accomplishments in Utilizing MBEs and WBEs;
 Adherence to the Six Good Faith Efforts (i.e., outreach to MBEs,
  WBEs, and other DBEs); and
 Progress in Achieving MBE and WBE Goals.
                        DBE Certification

Pursuant to 40 CFR 33.201, in order for a prime contractor or subcontractor to be
counted toward a recipient’s MBE/WBE accomplishments, it must be certified as
a DBE.

A firm must first attempt to get certified by the following entities before seeking
EPA certification:
 SBA (SDB or 8a Program)
 Department of Transportation (with U.S. Citizenship)
 Indian Tribal Government, State Government, local Government or
   independent private organization as long as their standards for certification
   meet or exceed EPA’s requirements.

If an entity holds one of these certifications, it is considered acceptable
for establishing MBE or WBE status under EPA's DBE Program, and
application for EPA certification is not needed.
                        DBE Certification

EPA Certification Requirements:

 In order to be certified by EPA, an entity must first attempt to be certified by
  SBA or DOT, or a Tribal, State, or local government, or by an independent
  private organization, and be unsuccessful in that attempt.

 To qualify as a MBE or WBE under EPA's programs an entity must establish
  that it is at least 51% owned and/or controlled by socially and economically
  disadvantaged individuals who are of good character and are citizens of the
  United States.

 An individual claiming economic disadvantaged status must have an initial and
  continued personal net worth of less than $750,000.
                   DBE Program Overview

Recipient is awarded    Recipient negotiates      Recipient has a
 an EPA financial           Fair Share             construction,
     assistance         Objectives with DBE     equipment, service
    agreement.             Coordinator.           or supply need.

 Recipient Reports                             Recipient follows Six
                        subcontracts to EPA
     MBE/WBE                                   Good Faith Efforts to
                        DBE Certified firms
 participation using                            locate MBE/WBE
                         to provide goods/
EPA Form 5700-52a.                               subcontractors.
 Finding Indirect Contracting Opportunities

DBE firms looking for indirect contracting
opportunities should search the Grants Award
Database at:
 Small Business Regional Coordinators
Region (States)              Name                Phone Number      E-Mail Address

1 (CT, ME, RI, MA, NH, VT) Larry Wells            (617) 918-1836

2 (NJ, NY, PR, VI)           Michele Junker      (212) 637-3418*
                             Peggy DeLuca        (212) 637-3369**
3 (DE, VA, MD, PA, DC, WV) Kinshasa “Shasa”      (215) 814-5404
                           Brown- Perry

4 (AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC,   Charles Hayes       (404) 562-8377

5 (IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, WI)   Adrianne Callahan   (312) 353-5556

6 (AR, LA, NM, OK, TX)       Debora Bradford     (214) 665-7406

7 (MO, NE, IA, KS)           Chester Stovall     (913) 551-7549

8 (CO, MT, WY, SD, ND, UT) Marshell Pullman      (303) 312-6499

9 (AZ, HI, CA, NV)           Joe Ochab           (415) 972-3761

10 (AK, ID, OR, WA)          Greg Luchey         (206) 553-2967

EPA Headquarters             Al Demarcki          (202) 564-5209

Research Triangle Park,      Jerry Dodson        (919) 541-2249
Cincinnati                   Billy Oden          (513) 487-2126

EPA Office of Small
Business Programs

                            Teree M. Henderson
                      DBE Program National Coordinator
General Contracting and Construction Management

            Focused  Driven  Committed
Services   Service Distribution

Company Profile/History
   Brix Corporation is a full service general contractor and construction management firm
    founded on the principle of providing superior construction related services.

   Founded in 1998 by Ije Charles Osuagwu, Brix Corporation represents a new breed. A
    company with a dynamic team of dedicated professionals, committed to understanding our
    customers construction needs, and exceeding their expectations.

   With every project, our goal is the same—provide our customers with the most value by
    building an exceptional final product that is delivered on time, on budget while maintaining
    the highest safety and quality standards!

Sales by Industry

                     Office Renovation
                 Fuel Dispensing Renovation
    USEPA – National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory
                        Ann Arbor, MI

    Contracting Agency: Environmental
     Protection Agency (EPA)
    Project Value: $5.8 Million
    Scope: Construct new fuel testing
    Role: General Contractor
    Status: 100% Complete and Operational
                 Fuel Dispensing Renovation
    USEPA – National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory
                        Ann Arbor, MI

   The Existing Fuel Conditioning System was located
    in the center of the proposed addition. This
    system was to be maintained in full operating
    condition thru the full duration of the project. Not
    only were the EPA operations maintained during
    construction, the switchover to the new system
    happened prior to completing demo of the old

   A portion of the roof structural supports had to
    be left unfastened in order to be removed at a
    later date when the heating and cooling skids
    arrived. These skids were connected to the fuel
    conditioning skids which allowed the EPA to
    temperately condition specific fuels.
                           Cold-Test Facility
        USEPA – National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory
                            Ann Arbor, MI

   Contracting Agency: US Environmental Protection
    Agency (EPA)
   Project Value: $4 Million
   Scope: Construction of a new Cold Test Facility
    inside the existing EPA NVFEL Facility in Ann Arbor,
   Brix Corporation is the General Contractor and self-
    performed all demolition and carpentry.
   Project Status: 90% Complete
   Commissioning Phase in progress
                4WD Vehicle Test Facility (Hot-Test)
       USEPA – National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory
                           Ann Arbor, MI

   Contracting Agency: US EPA
   Project Value: $3.0 Million
   Scope: Construction of a new Hot Test
    Facility inside the existing EPA NVFEL
    Facility in Ann Arbor, MI.
   Brix Corporation is the General Contractor
    and self-performed all carpentry work.
   Project Status: 70% Complete
              Dynamometer Test-Cell 511
 USEPA – National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory
                     Ann Arbor, MI

 Contracting Agency: US EPA
 Project Value: $2.07 Million
 Scope: Construction of a new
  Dyno Test Facility inside the
  existing EPA NVFEL Facility in Ann
  Arbor, MI.
 Role: General Contractor
 Project Status: 65% Complete.
               Additional Chiller Capacity
 USEPA – National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory
                      Ann Arbor, MI

 Contracting Agency: US EPA
 Project Value: $1 Million
 Scope: Install new Chiller and
  Building Cooling Tower.
 Role: General Contractor
 Project Status: 98% Complete
         Mezzanine Task Order (Design/Build)
 USEPA – National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory
                     Ann Arbor, MI

 Contracting Agency: US EPA
 Project Value: $175,813.00
 Scope: Design/Build Mezzanine
  Platform inside Facility.
 Role: General Contractor
 Project Status: 100% Complete
      Crane Bay Addition Task Order (Design/Build)
  USEPA – National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory
                      Ann Arbor, MI

 Contracting Agency: US EPA
 Project Value: $279,549.00
 Scope: Design/Build Crane Bay
 Role: General Contractor
 Project Status: 100% Complete
Contact Information
  Brix Corporation-Detroit Office Brix Corporation-Livonia Office
  2990 West Grand Blvd., Ste.M-17 30591 Schoolcraft Road
  Detroit, MI 48202               Livonia, MI 48150

  For both locations:
  Telephone: (313) 965-0000        Facsimile: (313) 965-0253

                                     Ije C. Osuagwu
Paula Zampieri, Program

    Greening Your Small

     Environmental Protection Agency’s
Asbestos Small Business Ombudsman Program
     Greening Small Business Initiative

                               Paula Zampieri
    EPA Office of Small Business Programs
                      November 15, 2011

           OSBP’s Veteran’s Counseling Session
   EPA and OSBP Mission
The mission of the Office of Small Business Programs
(OSBP) is to support the protection of human health
and the environment by advocating and advancing
the business, regulatory, and environmental
compliance concerns of small and
socio-economically disadvantaged businesses,
and minority academic institutions.

OSBP also supports small business with sustainability
tools and resources to help small business go green and
remain competitive in the federal procurement process.

               “Gaining Opportunities by Going Green”
Asbestos Small Business
Ombudsman Program (ASBO)
   ASBO serves as a liaison and point of contact between EPA and the
    small business community.

   ASBO is tasked to support the small business community in their
    environmental and regulatory compliance performance.

   ASBO also works to reduce regulatory burdens on small businesses,
    including the cost of compliance and the adverse impacts on small
    business operations, through agency representation and collaboration.

ASBO Functions
   ASBO advocates for small business by reaching out
    and partnering with;
     State Small Business Environmental Assistance Programs
     Small business trade associations;

     EPA headquarters & regional offices;

     Small Business Administration (SBA),

      as well as other federal agencies

Quarterly Small Business
Environmental Updates

              Small Business Ombudsman Bulletin

              Summer 2011; Volume 3, Issue 3

The Small-Biz@EPA Bulletin provides a variety of updates and event
announcements that includes fresh ideas and initiatives that have been
implemented to assist small business in improving their environmental

Clean Air Act – 507 Program
Section 507 of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA) requires
each state to establish a Small Business Stationary Source Technical
and Environmental Compliance Assistance Program.

The Program consists of three components:
1.  Small Business Environmental Assistance Program : Providers of detailed
    technical assistance, publications, and tools to help small businesses come
    into or remain in compliance with environmental regulations.
2.  Small Business Ombudsman : State advocate acting on behalf of small
    businesses relating to environmental issues.
3.  Compliance Advisory Panel : Small business owners and representatives
    who consult and advise on SBEAP content.

ASBO Technical Assistance
ASBO works directly with small business:
 Answering technical and regulatory questions on the toll free
  Asbestos hotline;
 Maintaining and distributing EPA publications;

 Developing compliance assistance tools;

 Giving direct access to technical assistance through the Small
  Business Environmental Home Page; and
 Providing support and guidance in other Small Business
  program questions, including procurement and environmentally
  sustainable business practices.

            Benefits to Greening
             a Small Business
   Highly marketable within the government acquisition
   Saves money by reducing waste
    and increasing efficiency.
   Attracts green consumers.
   Attracts motivated employees.
   Differentiates your business from competitors.
   Provides flexibility in uncertain times.
   Demonstrates leadership and commitment.
Legal Basis for Greening Government
Federal government’s legal progression in going green:
 Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA),
  Section 6002 (1994).
 Farm Security and Rural Investment Act (2002 Farm Bill),
  Section 9002.
 Energy Policy Act of 2005.
 Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.
 Executive Orders 13514, 13423, 13221, and 13101.

Executive Order 13514
Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy,
and Economic Performance
   Issued in October 2009.
   Expands energy reduction and environmental performance
    requirements of EO 13423 by making reductions of greenhouse
    gas emissions a priority of the federal government, and by
    requiring agencies to develop sustainability plans focused on
    cost-effective projects and programs.

        Building Momentum…
      September 2010: White House released Federal Agency
      Strategic Sustainability Performance Plans

      April 2011: OMB Released Federal Agency Sustainability and
      Energy Scorecards

Table: The Alliance      
To Save Energy
OMB Scorecards:
   Agency’s were rated green, yellow or red, based on the benchmarks and
    goals they set for themselves in targeting and tracking their efforts to improve
    efficiency, reduce pollution and eliminate waste.

   Meeting federal agency GHG pollution reduction targets is estimated to
    result in a cumulative $8 billion to $11 billion in saved energy costs through

EPA Voluntary Partnership Programs
An EPA launched brand that identifies
products and services that reduce
transportation-related emissions.

Design for the Environment (DfE):
A voluntary program that allows manufacturers to put
the DfE label on household and commercial
products, such as cleaners and detergents,
that meet stringent criteria for human and
environmental health.

EPA Voluntary Partnership Programs
Green Power Partnership:
A voluntary program that supports the
organizational procurement of green
power by offering expert advice,
technical support, tools and resources.

GreenChill Refrigeration Partnership:
An EPA Partnership with food retailers
to reduce refrigerant emissions and
decrease their impact on the ozone
layer and climate change.

Small Business Resource Guide
EPA’s free, on-line greening
publication designed
especially for
small businesses.

Assistance in moving
beyond compliance
and into
Smart Steps Highlights
   Focus on different opportunities to conserve and reduce
     Waste
     Water
     Energy
     Purchasing
   Encourage participation in EPA voluntary programs for
    industry and business.
   Environmental statistics and case studies.

Case Studies



Smart Steps Highlights cont…
   Step by step guidance for a strategic approach to
   Impact questionnaire worksheets to assess one’s
    environmental sustainability interest and awareness of
    green initiatives
   Motivation and vision charts to progress after internal

                    Free Greening Guide:

In Closing….

Paula Zampieri
EPA, Office of Small Business Programs
Asbestos and Small Business Ombudsman’s Team

 Michael Lillard, Small
Business Liaison Officer

  Computer Sciences

                                 Supplier Diversity Program

                                                            Michael Lillard
                                                        November 15, 2011

                                  Environmental Protection Agency

CSC Supplier Diversity Program
Our Customers — We Serve All Government Agencies

                      A balanced client portfolio for civil/defense
                               and IT/mission services

 CSC Supplier Diversity Program
CSC Is Strongly Committed to Partnering and Supporting Small

 Attends over 100 supplier diversity events annually
 Counsels hundreds of representatives of companies owned by
  diverse suppliers per year
 In 2010 NPS subcontracted $1.9B to small businesses, including:
   $399M to Minority Businesses
   $315M to Women-Owned Businesses
   $112M to Veteran-Owned Businesses
   $104M to Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses
 Maintains an extensive internal database of small business
  enterprises and advocates small business participation to
  operational units
 Supports a Mentor-Protege Program, providing developmental
  guidance to multiple proteges in the Federal Sector (requires 2
  years of subcontracting experience with CSC)

    CSC Supplier Diversity Program
    Outreach Organizations We Support

• National Minority Supplier Development   • Fairfax County Chamber of
  Council in Virginia, Connecticut,          Commerce
  Houston Texas, Maryland, Southern        • Women President Education Org.
  California, Florida, North Carolina.       (WPEO) Local Council of (WBENC)
• Tri-Association Small Business           • Information Technology
  Advisory Panel (Aerospace Industries       Association‘s Small Business
  Association, Government Electronic         Enhancement Subcommittee
  Industries Association, National         • Institute of Supply Chain Mgt.
  Defense Industrial Association)          • National Contracts Management
• NASA/OSDBU Prime Contractor                Association
  Roundtable                               • AFCEA
• DoD Regional Council for Small

   CSC Supplier Diversity Program
         CSC – For Small Business Education and Networking

•The CSC Supplier Diversity Program sponsors small business workshops once a
quarter with a focus on educating, engaging and Supporting small business.
Attendees are typically selected based on registration in our database.
The events are ―free‖.

•CSC also through its membership with the VMSDC (Virginia Minority Supplier
Development Council), supports scholarships to Minority Executive Education
Program for certified MBEs.

•Supports a Mentor-Protege Program, providing developmental guidance to
multiple proteges in the Federal Sector

  CSC Supplier Diversity Program
                  We Are Recognized by Key Influencers

• CSC Recognized as a Top Employer for Persons with Disabilities by CAREERS & the disABLED
  magazine as one of America‘s ―Top 50 Employers for Persons with Disabilities,‖ according to the
  magazine‘s January 2011 issue.
• CSC was awarded the SAP Customer Center of Expertise certification for our work with the U.S.
  Army‘s Logistics Modernization Program. SAP (February 2010)
• CSC was recognized by CAREERS & the disABLED magazine as one of America‘s ―Top 50 Employers
  for Persons with Disabilities.‖ (January 2010)
• CSC was recognized as the leader in enterprise resource planning healthcare implementations KLAS.
  (January 2010)
• Leaders Quadrant, Magic Quadrant for Oracle Outsourcing, North America, Gartner (December 2009)
• CSC recognized as ‗Best Technology Vendor‘ by Reactions Magazine (November 2009)
• CSC ranks as World‘s Sixth Largest Software Company by Software Magazine in the magazine‘s
  Software 500 ranking of the world‘s largest software and service providers. CSC was also named the
  leader in the Outsourcing Services category (November 2009)
• CSC wins 2009 ‗Best Award‘ from the American Society for Training & Development (October 2009)
• CSC recognized as ‗Military Spouse Friendly Employer‘ for Third Year by Military Spouse Magazine
  (October 2009)
• The 2009 Black Book of Outsourcing lists CSC as the third best Green Outsourcing vendor.

        CSC Supplier Diversity Program
       CSC Supplier Diversity Program Awards & Recognition
•      CSC presented an award for exceptional support of Service Disabled veteran small businesses by the National
       Veteran Small Business Coalition.

•      CSC’s Defense Group (National Security Agency, NSA) received the DoD Nunn Perry Award recognizing CSC’s Mentor
       Protégé agreement with Knight Point Systems (Reston, VA) as one of the top Mentor Protégé teams in the country.

•      CSC’s Defense Group (National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, NGA) received the DoD Nunn Perry Award recognizing
       CSC’s Mentor Protégé agreement with NVsion Solutions Inc. (Bay Saint Louis, MS) as one of the top Mentor Protégé
       teams in the country.

•      Department of Justice Award for FY 2009 Small Business Subcontracting Accomplishments.

•      CSC’s Defense Group (Army Unit) received the DoD Nunn Perry Award

•      CAREERS & the disABLED magazine as one of America’s ―Top 50 Employers for Persons with Disabilities

•      Department of Justice Award for FY 2008 Small Business Subcontracting Accomplishments.

•      CSC received two "Large Business Prime Contractor of the Year" awards for information technology services contracts
       at both the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the NASA John C. Stennis Space Center.

•      CSC won the National Eagle Leadership Institute's (NELI) Award for Diversity and Inclusion.

•      Department of Treasury Award for FY 2007 – Large Business of the Year Award for meeting subcontracting goals

•      Department of Justice Award for FY 2007 Small Business Subcontracting Accomplishments

    CSC Supplier Diversity Program
How to Get Started

   Go To
       Follow Link to ―Supplier Profile‖

           Populate Website
           with Detailed and
           Informative Content
           on Your Company‘s
           Products and

    The information from the company
    profile is available on CSC‘s intranet as
    a resource for any CSC unit. The
    information also provides a basis for our
    internal company supplier advocacy
     CSC Supplier Diversity Program
CSC Supplier Diversity Program
                                  Teaming – The Proper Approach

• WHEN – Engaging a potential partner at the right time will maximize your return
   Understand the potential
   partner‘s capture process –
   processes may differ
   slightly across the industry

• WHO – It is important to understand the roles involved in making teaming decisions

   The Capture Manager is the
   central figure in winning
   contracts – others play
   important complementary

• TIMING is important, but PREPARATION trumps timing…

            The right      WHAT       at the right   WHEN         to the right   WHO

 CSC Supplier Diversity Program
                 Joining a Team - General Guidance
                      How YOU Can Be Ready

 •Do research and determine which prime contractors have a reasonable chance of
 winning the bid – focus your efforts on these companies -- your ultimate goal is to
 get on the winning team, not merely just to get on a team

 •Be up front with the prime and let them know early about any constraints you may
 have – surprises can be devastating to the outcome of the procurement and can
 irreparably damage your relationship with the prime (e.g., pricing, resources,
 systems, SB category)

 •Competition is fierce and you may not get on a team – never burn your bridges; the
 next procurement is around the corner

 •Never assume anything- ask questions and make sure you have the same
 understanding on critical issues (e.g., the level of resources expected of you during
 proposal development; pricing targets; etc.)

 •Get a commitment from the prime to let you know as soon as possible if you are not
 a fit – you deserve an opportunity to look at other options

 •PREPARE - don‘t waste your time or the prime‘s if you‘re not ready to discuss
 exactly how you can help them win – if you‘re not prepared, the next meeting will be
 hard to come by

CSC Supplier Diversity Program
               What a CSC Capture Manager Looks For

• Strong skills/capabilities – ability to provide individuals with solid expertise and
  strong resumes
• Certifications and clearances (if applicable) [SEI-CMMI, ISO, Six Sigma, ITIL,
  EVMS, etc.]
• Proven past performance
• Price/ competitive cost
• Approved accounting system is a ―plus‖
• Solid customer relationships – able to understand customer culture and needs
      • Previous work with agency/contacts
• Financial Strength
• Location and ability to support pertinent geographical areas

CSC Supplier Diversity Program
                                  Reality Check

Prime Contractors

 – Get many calls on a daily and weekly basis

 – Don‘t find opportunities for your solutions

 – Won‘t market your solution to their clients/prospects; but

 CSC Supplier Diversity Program
                                 Be in the ―KNOW‖

KNOW the business areas and customer sets of the prime

KNOW your ―customer‖

KNOW what opportunities are present at the customer areas you are targeting.
  This includes current and future in regard to your capabilities.

KNOW what your strengths and your value proposition

CSC Supplier Diversity Program
Supplier Diversity Contacts

  Chireda Gaither– Manager 703.818.4217

   Teena Sirohi - SBLO 703.818.4915

   Jennifer Ingersoll - SBLO 703.818.4812

   Etmara J. Smith – SBLO Commercial 703.818.4265

   Michael Lillard - Mentor Protégé Program 703.818.4932

   CSC Supplier Diversity Website:

 CSC Supplier Diversity Program

  Office of Acquisition

Contracting Opportunities
   Panel Presentation



Presented by Jami J. Rodgers and Sandra Caesar
U.S. EPA Office of Acquisition Management

         Increase awareness about EPA’s
         procurement processes and types of
         contractor support required
         Provide useful online tools and
         resources for SDVOSBs seeking
         business opportunities to support
         EPA’s mission of safeguarding human
         health and protecting the environment
         Discuss upcoming Agency needs

   Technical Support - Technical reviews; exposure, fate, chemistry and toxicology
    support; tolerance assessments; literature reviews; and evaluation of scientific
   Policy and Regulatory Support - Regulatory impact analyses; economic analyses;
    biological impact assessments; and quality assurance support.
   Communications and Outreach Support - Conference support; training; workshops;
    development of outreach materials, preparation of charts, graphs, photos, maps,
    brochures, posters.
   Administrative Support - Records and file management; training; and supplies.
   Information Technology Support - Computer programming and applications support;
    equipment and maintenance.
   Supplies and Materials - Laboratory supplies; and other general purpose office
    equipment and consumables.

         -36 to -24                                                               -12 to -10
                                  -18 months                -12 months                                   -8 to 0 months
          months                                                                   months

•An Agency               •A procurement             •The procurement     •Proposals are           •Final Proposal
 requirement is           initiation notice (PIN)    strategies is        received and the         Revisions are
 identified.              package, including         developed and        evaluation process       received, if
•General information      the Government’s           approved and a       begins.                  applicable.
 is provided in the       requirements (e.g.,        solicitation is     •A competitive range     •A final award
 program’s acquisition    the Statement of           reviewed and         may be established to    recommendation is
 plans which is           Work, Performance          approved.            hold negotiations if     made.
 published in the         Work Statement, or        •The solicitation     needed.                 •The source selection
 Agency’s forecast.       Statement of               (RFQ/RFP/IFB) is                              is approved and
                          Objectives), is            released to the                               contract award(s) are
                          provided to the            public.                                       made.
                          Contracting Officer.

   View by End User (e.g.,
    “AAship” or Region)
   View by NAICS Code
   View by Anticipated Dollar
   View by Anticipated
    Solicitation Release Date
   View by Target Award Date

RFP   – Request for Proposal (FAR Part 15): A
solicitation for supplies/services typically for
major procurements greater than $150K
RFQ – Request for Quote (FAR Parts 8, 12, 13):
A solicitation for supplies/services that may be
based on GSA Schedules, simplified
acquisitions, or one-time commercial item
RFI – Request for Information: Government
seeks industry information to assist in
procurement planning, including requirements
development or comments on draft Statements
of Work (SOWs)

   Each agency publicizes as list of
    upcoming procurements as part of
    the acquisition planning process.
   Currently there are over 250
    opportunities listed in OAM’s
    Acquisition Forecast Database.
   Many are full or partial small
    business set-asides in FY11 alone.
   Over 30% of planned EPA
    procurements are currently in the
    market research stage.

   FY 11-287 Document and Data Management Support and
    Labeling Use Information System (DDMS/LUIS) for Office of
    Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention – Finalizing SOW
    and Sources Sought Notice will be posted in December
   FY 11-373 CDX Helpdesk Services - 8(a) STARS II
   FY 11-286 Support for DEEM-FCID and Calendex FCID

 GSA Schedule can be used for stand-alone
  projects, often times with quick
  turnaround times
 Commercial items
 Pre-negotiated terms and pricing
 Streamlined ordering for Agencies

   Explore the possibility of teaming
    arrangements when responding to
   Introduce yourself to prime contractors
    with socioeconomic goals in their
    contracts. (See OAM’s “Active Contract
   Attend symposia, industry workshops,
    and outreach sessions to build
   Know your business and how you

              Read the solicitation and its
               requirements thoroughly.
              Ascertain whether or not you are
               capable of providing the
               supply/services required.
              Follow all of the directions given. Do
               not deviate. If the instructions seem
               ambiguous, contact the Contract
               Specialist/Contracting Officer for
              Submit your proposal/quote/bid by
               the due date in the required format.

   Monitor the EPA and
    FedBizOpps websites for
    updates, extensions, deadlines,
    and announcements.
   Request a debriefing whether
    you are successful or not.
   If at first you don’t succeed, try,
    try, try again! Persistence pays
   Ask questions!

   Register your firm in the Central Contractor
    Registration. Registration is required for
    most Government procurements.
    ( See FAR 4.11.
   Register your firm free-of-charge with D&B
    for a Data Universal Numbering System
    (DUNS®) number.
   Know your North American Industry
    Classification System (NAICS) Code.

              Central Contractor Registration
              Know your NAICS code!
            Online Reverse
              EPA Office of Acquisition
              FedBizOpps

   Register to do business with Government in the Central
    Contractor Registration.
   Review the Agency’s Acquisition Forecast Database.
   Review EPA and FedBizOpps websites.
   Get listed on the GSA Schedule.
   Explore teaming arrangements and subcontract

Jami J. Rodgers, Contracting Officer/Team Leader
Office of Acquisition Management
Headquarters Procurement Operations Division
(202) 564-4781

Sandra Caesar, Contracting Officer/Team Leader
Office of Acquisition Management
Headquarters Procurement Operations Division
(202) 564-5390
              Opportunities for Small Businesses in
                     Superfund/ RCRA Regional
                Procurement Operations Division

                                                     Mark Heare
                                                     Percy Jones

US EPA Superfund/ RCRA Regional Procurement Operations Division
                                              SRRPOD Service Centers

               Headquarters Contracts                             Program Management
                  Service Center                               and Regional Coordination
                     (HCSC)                                           Service Center
                                                   Superfund/ RCRA
                                                 Regional Procurement
                                                  Operations Division
                  Emergency Response                              Laboratory Analysis
                    Service Center                                  Service Center
                        (ERSC)                                          (LASC)

US EPA Superfund/ RCRA Regional Procurement Operations Division
                                                       Opportunities – HCSC
       • SOL-HQ-11-00015 – Site Characterization (Assessment)
         and Remediation of Leaking Underground Storage
         Tanks (LUSTs) in Indian Country
       • NAICS: 562910 Environmental Remediation Services
       • Method: 8(a) Competitive
       • Status: Solicitation released (closed 08/12/11)
       • Contact: Blase Etzel

US EPA Superfund/ RCRA Regional Procurement Operations Division
                                                       Opportunities – HCSC
       • PENDING – Brownfields and Land Revitalization
         Technical Support Contracts
       • NAICS: 541620 Environmental Consulting Services
       • Currently Two Separate Procurements
              – Large Business
                     • Current contract expiration in December 2011
                     • Multiple awards anticipated
              – Small Business Set Aside
                     • Current contract expiration in June 2012

US EPA Superfund/ RCRA Regional Procurement Operations Division
                                                                  Successes – HCSC
       • Targeted Brownfields Assessment
              – Office of Brownfields and Land Revitalization
                phase I and II environmental site assessments
       • NAICS: 562910 Environmental Remediation Service
       • Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business set
       • Currently Multiple Award/ IDIQ
                     •   5 contractors participating
                     •   Time and Materials
                     •   Currently 75 task orders issued, $7 Million awarded
                     •   Current contract expiration September 2012

US EPA Superfund/ RCRA Regional Procurement Operations Division
                                             Opportunities – PMRCSC
                                          HCSC                    PMRCSC
       • RCRA Enforcement, Permitting, and Assistance (REPA) V
         Contracts Region 1, Region 2, Zone 2, and Zone 3
       • NAICS: 541620
          – FSS 899-1 Environmental Consulting Services (R1, R2,
            Zone 3)
       • Estimated Value: 5 Years @ R1: $3M; R2: $3M; Zone
         2: $15M; Zone 3: $39M (Zones are Multiple Award)
       • Status: R1: Est. Sol. Closed; R2: RFQ released
         11/4/11; Zone 2: Est. Sol December 2011; Zone 3:
         Est. Sol. August 2011
       • POC: R1: Susan Neiheisel,; R2: Derek Davis,; Zone 2: Corey Kerzhner,;
         Zone 3: James Langan,
US EPA Superfund/ RCRA Regional Procurement Operations Division
                                             Opportunities – PMRCSC
                                          HCSC                    PMRCSC
       • National Air Toxics Assessments (NATA) and Risk
         Assessment Activities within the Integrated Air Program

       • Small Business Set-Aside

       • NAICS: 541620

       • Estimated: 5 Years @ $5M

       • Status: Estimated Solicitation Issuance: Nov. 2011

       • POC: Michael Ottariano,
US EPA Superfund/ RCRA Regional Procurement Operations Division
                                             Opportunities – PMRCSC
                                          HCSC                    PMRCSC
       • Expert Financial and Corporate Analysis and Training
         Contract for Financial Assurance Enforcement
       • NAICS: 541618 Other Management Consulting
          – FSS 899-1 Environmental Consulting Services
       • Estimated Value: 5 Years @ $1M
       • Status: Estimated Solicitation Issuance: December 2011
       • POC: James Langan, CO,
          – Wallace Sermons, CS,
US EPA Superfund/ RCRA Regional Procurement Operations Division
                                                         Opportunities – ERSC
                                          HCSC                    PMRCSC   ERSC
       • ASPECT IV Response Support Services
       • NAICS: 541370
       • Competition Restricted to Small Businesses
       • Est. Dollar Range: $10M - $25M
       • Request For Proposals closed: July 28, 2011
       • POC: Elaine Scott, CO,
          – Kenneth Irby, CS, NO CALLS
US EPA Superfund/ RCRA Regional Procurement Operations Division
                                                         Opportunities – ERSC
                                          HCSC                    PMRCSC   ERSC
       • The Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) for the
         Expanding the Industry Base (ETIB) Initiative
       • Covers 26 areas of technical expertise
       • Current BPAs set to expire in October 2011
       • Funding Ceiling of $5 Million per BPA
       • POC: Ron Bell – Irby –
US EPA Superfund/ RCRA Regional Procurement Operations Division
                                                         Opportunities – LASC
                                          HCSC                    PMRCSC   ERSC   LASC
       • SOL-HQ-11-00038 – Support for the Chemicals,
         Coatings, and Commerce Sector (OAR)

       • NAICS: 541620 Environmental Consulting Services

       • Method: Full and Open Competition

       • Status: Request For Proposals closed: October 25,

       • Contact: Kristin Farris/
US EPA Superfund/ RCRA Regional Procurement Operations Division
                                                         Opportunities – LASC
                                          HCSC                    PMRCSC   ERSC   LASC
       • PENDING – Environmental Services Assistance Team
         (ESAT) (10 contracts, 1 per Region)

       • NAICS: 541380 Testing Laboratories (anticipated)

       • Method: To be determined per Region

       • Status: Acquisition Planning / Solicitation anticipated in
         Early 2012

       • Contact: Jared Van Buskirk/
US EPA Superfund/ RCRA Regional Procurement Operations Division
                                           Access Information Online

       • OAM Forecast Database:

       • OAM Current Active Contracts:

US EPA Superfund/ RCRA Regional Procurement Operations Division
       Mark Heare
                     Title: Team Leader & Contracting
                        Officer, PMRCSC

       Percy Jones
                     Title: Contracting Specialist, ERSC

US EPA Superfund/ RCRA Regional Procurement Operations Division
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