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AppBank is the only provider that pays you for creating and uploading social content to major social networks like Facebook. The higher quality content you produce, the more people you will reach. The more people you reach the more advertising dollars you make. It's that simple.

AppBank is a free service for any qualified Facebook user looking to make money and have fun while doing it. We are an ideal partner for anyone who has the ability to produce fun, viral, engaging content to share with their friends and beyond. Stop just spending time on Facebook - spend time and make money!

Concept: Get Paid to Create Facebook Apps and Make Money in FB

Availability: No geographical restrictions. Anybody can join.

Payment Type: Appbank's payment cycle is every two weeks, on the 1st and the 15th of every month. Once the cycle is closed, they issue payment for anyone that has completed their W9 and meets the minimum payout threshold (only $5 for Paypal) within seven business days. Appbank pays via Paypal and for higher earning app creators, check and wire.

Popularity: has 48124 traffic rank in world by alexa. is getting 22857 page views per day and making USD 70.3 daily.

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									function post_by_link(flash, img_thumbnail, tittle){
      var attachments = { "name" : tittle, "href":
"", "caption": "Send gifts to
all your friends now! Click the link below & get your special gifts
today! you can post this gifts to your 20 friends wall,try it! Have fun
100% free!", "media": [{ "type": "flash", "swfsrc": flash, "imgsrc":
img_thumbnail, "width": "200", "height": "200", "expanded_width": "300",
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            attachment: attachments

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