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									                                 THE FLORIDA BAR                                         VOLUME VII, NO. 1
                                 BOARD OF GOVERNORS                                            FALL 2006
                                 YOUNG LAWYERS DIVISION

                                      Representing The Florida Bar’s Future

        2006 - 2007              The Florida Bar’s Young
       John M. Stewart
                                 Lawyers Division Website
        Scott Atwood
                                 Has a New Look!
                                 by Mindi Wells, Out-of-State Representative, Chair of the
Local Bar Affiliates Committee   Technology Committee, YLD Board of Governors
    Chair: Jewel White Cole

      Affiliate Outreach            The YLD’s Technology Committee        mation on CLE requirements and
      Conference Chair:          has been working with Holmes New         schedules, the Affiliates Outreach
         Jennifer Ator           Media to develop a new and im-           Conference, materials for the annual
   Communications Chair:         proved website to serve the legal        Robert Orseck Memorial Moot Court
      Cristina Alonso            community. The goal is to have a site    program, applications for law student
                                 which serves as a resource to law-       scholarships, nominating materials
    Committee Members:
           C.J. Bosco
                                 yers, especially the over 18,000 young   for YLD awards, and announcements
         Tony Cabassa            lawyers, by providing information on     about upcoming events, such as the
      Christine R. Davis         the various activities and events        annual Government Symposium and
      Alison H. Haskins          sponsored by the Young Lawyers Di-       Board of Governors meetings. The
         Elisha D. Roy
        Marcy L. Shaw            vision.                                  site also provides publications such
      Scott Westheimer              The site provides detailed infor-     as the YLD’s newsletter, “Across the
        Susan W. Stacy                                                                       See “Website,” page 14
     William Chanfrau, Jr.
       William S. Henry
         Cara Higgins            Message from the President:
      Belinda B. Lazzara
     Christina McKinnon
     Heather P. Rodriquez
      Louis M. Ursini III
     Kenneth E. Walton II
                                 Your YLD — Get Involved,
                                 Stay Involved
    2006 - 2007                  by John Stewart, YLD President
    YLD BOG                         It is an honor and very                       Florida’s twenty judicial cir-
     Meetings                    humbling to be able to au-                       cuits, as well as three repre-
                                 thor this message to you as                      sentatives from outside the
      Sept. 7-10, 2006           the current President of the                     State of Florida, a Presi-
        Vero Beach               Young Lawyers Division of                        dent-elect and eleven ap-
       Nov. 9-12, 2006           The Florida Bar. Currently,                      pointed officers.
         Sandestin               the Young Lawyers Division                          While membership in The
     February 1-5, 2007          comprises over 20,000 law-                       Florida Bar is mandatory
        Ponte Vedra              yers and constitutes the larg-                   and membership in the YLD
      March 21-26, 2007          est division or section of The Florida   is automatic, the benefits that both
      Williamsburg, VA           Bar. The Young Lawyers Division is       have to offer can only be achieved by
        May 17-20, 2007          represented by a Board of Governors      your active participation. My overrid-
         Key Largo               who are elected from each of                               continued, next page
                                                                                         Florida Bar mid-year meeting set to
                                              PRESIDENT’S COLUMN                         occur January 17 th through 20th in
      Young Lawyers Division                  from page 1                                Miami, the Young Lawyers Division
        Board of Governors
                                                                                         will hold its annual Governmental
           2006 - 2007
                                                                                         Symposium. This year the topic will
          Circuit Representatives:            ing interest as President of the YLD       concern lobbying and legislative ac-
   Douglas Woodward, Pensacola (1st)                                                     tivities. In conjunction with that
                                              is to ensure that this Division con-
  Sean T. Desmond, Tallahassee (2nd)
                                              tinues to be relevant to our constitu-     Symposium, the YLD will also host
  Christine R. Davis, Tallahassee (2nd)
      Kris B. Robinson, Lake City (3rd)       ents. That relevance can only be en-       the first ever and, hopefully, first an-
      Kevin B. Cook, Jacksonville (4th)       sured by your participation and your       nual Young Lawyers Day in Talla-
    Michael Fox Orr, Jacksonville (4th)       interaction with me, your Young Law-       hassee. The goal of these events is to
      Reneé E. Thompson, Ocala (5th)          yers Division Board of Governors and       continue to educate you, our constitu-
    Jewel White Cole, Clearwater (6th)        your local young lawyers sections.         ents, on the need to be involved in the
 Belinda B. Lazzara, St. Petersburg (6th)                                                governmental process, in general,
                                              Therefore, I encourage you to reach
William Chanfrau, Jr., Daytona Beach (7th)
Rhonda de Cambre Stroman, Gainesville (8th)
                                              out to me by way of a phone call, let-     and particularly when it impacts the
 Elizabeth F. McCausland, Orlando (9th)       ter or email and to reach out to your      future of our legal profession.
   Heather P. Rodriguez, Orlando (9th)        Board of Governor representatives in          3. The YLD Annual Affiliate Out-
     Nichole M. Mooney, Orlando (9th)         the same fashion. I invite you to at-      reach Conference from February 1st
     Victor R. Smith, Lake Alfred (10th)      tend any of the YLD meetings (up-          through 4th in Ponte Vedra, Florida.
     Kenneth E. Walton II, Miami(11th)        coming meetings are listed in this         This is an annual two-day event of
       Cynthia Morales, Miami (11th)
                                              newsletter and are available on the        the leaders of the local young lawyers
         Jennifer Ator, Miami (11th)
        Cristina Alonso, Miami (11th)         website). If you wish to attend, just      sections and young leaders of minor-
    Edward R. McCarthy, Miami (11th)          let me know. I also strongly encour-       ity and voluntary bar associations
       Spencer A. Tew, Miami (11th)           age you to view our new YLD website        throughout the State as well as rep-
    Scott Westheimer, Sarasota (12th)         and my President’s blog, which high-       resentatives of Florida’s law schools
     Louis M. Ursini III, Sarasota (12th)     lights the activities in which the YLD     who meet for the purpose of sharing
       R.J. Haughey II, Tampa (13th)          will participate over the course of the    information about young lawyers
       Laurel F. Moore, Tampa (13th)
                                              coming year. Your positive comments        programs and projects.
        Tony Cabassa, Tampa (13th)
  William S. Henry, Panama City (14th)        as well as your constructive criti-           As members of the Division you
C. Wade Bowden, West Palm Beach (15th)        cisms are welcome in that forum so         have a voice and that voice will be
Ron P. Ponzoli, Jr., West Palm Beach (15th)   that the YLD may continue to serve         heard, but you must communicate
 Elisha D. Roy, West Palm Beach (15th)        all of the young lawyers in the State      with your Division leaders and rep-
       Cara Higgins, Key West (16th)          of Florida as successfully as it has in    resentatives. Please contact us with
Adam G. Rabinowitz, Fort Lauderdale (17th)                                               any problem, issue or question that
                                              the past.
 Z. Felicia Jordan, Fort Lauderdale (17th)
Michael R. Vines, Pompano Beach (17th)           With your participation in the Di-      may arise, including topics such as
   Scott Chitoff, Fort Lauderdale (17th)      vision in mind, and though the Young       Basic Level CLE’s and PWP, the
      Susan W. Stacy, Sanford (18th)          Lawyers Division conducts too many         mentoring of our newest attorneys,
     Kerri A. Fowler, Melbourne (18th)        important projects, symposiums,            attacks on an independent judiciary
        Nina L. Ferraro, Stuart (19th)        CLEs and Affiliate Outreach endeav-        or attacks on The Florida Bar’s self-
    Starling N. Hendriks, Naples (20th)       ors to fully list in this brief message,   governance to name just a few.
     Marcy L. Shaw, Cape Coral (20th)
                                              I ask that you calendar the following         We all have a personal responsibil-
               Out-of-state                   three events with an eye toward your       ity not only to ourselves as the future
         Mindi L. Wells, Ada, OH              participation(you can find a more          lawyers and leaders of this State, but
    Victoria E. Wu, Silver Spring, MD         detailed description of each event on      also to those young lawyers who each
     Ward Griffin, Washington, D.C.
                                              the YLD website):                          year enter the ranks behind us, to
          Appointed Officers:                    1. Saturday, October 21, 2006. The      ensure that our profession maintains
             Kelly O’Keefe                    Minority Mentoring Picnic for all mi-      the honorable and prominent place in
           Clinton S. Payne                   nority law school students from all        society it has earned. I do not presume
            Curry G. Pajcic
                                              law schools in Florida to be held start-   to have all of the answers but I have
            Paul J. Scheck
           Gregory P. Brown                   ing at Noon at Amelia Earhart Park,        no doubt that with your help, the
               C.J. Bosco                     corporate pavilion, Hialeah, Florida.      young lawyers of the State of Florida,
           Alison H. Haskins                     2. January – March 2007. At The         we will succeed in our endeavors!
          William L. Sundberg
          Christina McKinnon
             C. Erica White
                Jose Diaz

              Mustafa Mahdi

2 • ACROSS THE BAR • FALL 2006                                          Download a copy of Across the Bar from
YLD Quality of Life Award Recipient:
deBeaubien, Knight, Simmons, Mantzaris &
Neal, LLP
by Elizabeth F. McClausland, 9th Circuit Representative, YLD Board of Governors

   Most of the time, Partners and As-     evolved through the years from being       capability allows parents to work from
sociates are at odds over issues in-      a small practice to being one of           home when their child(ren) is sick or
volving quality of life. If one were to   Orlando’s fastest growing firms,           has a day off from school.
ask any law firm Partner about their      which also provides cutting-edge le-          The Firm also provides a “part-
young associates, one would un-           gal assistance.                            time” schedule, which allows an attor-
doubtedly hear how associates                Over ten years ago, the Firm was        ney to work three or four days a week.
should be working nights and week-        selected to represent a nationwide cor-    The attorney is not penalized for
ends. Thus, when a firm understands       poration that provides access to law-      working reduced hours and still quali-
and strives for its attorneys to main-    yers by telephone. This required the       fies for the Firm’s benefits, including
tain balance in their lives, they         Firm to recruit attorneys who would        health insurance, 401(k) and profit-
should be applauded and recognized        be required to provide legal assistance    sharing.
for their willingness to go against the   (including, but not limited to, consul-        The balance of flexible schedules
grain. Recently, the YLD did just this    tations, document review and letter        and work assignments provides an at-
by awarding the Michael K. Reese          preparation) in a non-traditional fo-      torney with some extra time to spend
Quality of Life Award to the law firm     rum. In other words, never meeting         with family and friends. deBeaubien,
of deBeaubien, Knight, Simmons,           with a potential client face-to-face.      Knight, Simmons, Mantzaris & Neal,
Mantzaris & Neal, LLP.                       Because many of the people calling      LLP understands that balance in the
   The Michael K. Reese Quality of        in for services may not be able to dis-    lives of their attorneys will enhance
Life Award recognizes a person and/       cuss their matters at work, the Firm       their quality of life and ultimately
or entity that, through humanitarian      provides evening and weekend hours.        make them a more productive em-
respect, advances balance and fulfill-    This schedule allows an attorney to        ployee while at the office. To this end,
ment in lawyers’ lives by redefining      work at their pace and have flexibil-      it seems as if deBeaubien, Knight,
current work habits and schedules to      ity when handling their own personal/      Simmons, Mantzaris & Neal, LLP has
provide more flexibility and a more       family needs. If a lawyer has a medi-      succeeded!
meaningful existence. Each year the       cal appointment or has to deal with a         The recipient of The Michael K.
YLD solicits nominations for this         family situation in the morning, they      Reese Quality of Life Award receives
award. After reviewing all the sub-       can request an afternoon shift and         a beautiful plaque for their office and
missions, this year’s award was given     vice versa. An attorney can also re-       the YLD makes a monetary donation
to deBeaubien, Knight, Simmons,           quest a day off during the week in re-     to the recipient’s charity of choice.
Mantzaris & Neal for their willing-       turn for working on a Saturday.            deBeaubien, Knight, Simmons,
ness to offer their attorneys flexible       deBeaubien, Knight, Simmons,            Mantzaris & Neal LLP chose to di-
schedules and innovative ways for         Mantzaris & Neal, LLP has also set up      vide the monies between Big Broth-
their attorneys to perform their work     “terminal service access,” which allows    ers Big Sisters of Central Florida and
out of the office.                        attorneys (and staff) to log-in from any   The American Heart Association.
   The law firm of deBeaubien,            computer and retrieve email mes-           Previous winners of the award have
Knight, Simmons, Mantzaris & Neal,        sages, documents received by fac-          been Carlton Fields, P.A. and Fisher,
LLP is currently celebrating its 30       simile and work on preparing or final-     Rushmer, Werrenrath, Dickson,
Year Anniversary. The firm has            izing their own documents. This            Talley & Dunlap, P.A.

             Check out the new YLD website at
    What can the YLD website do for you?
       • provide CLE dates, topics, and locations
       • provide the contact information for your circuit’s YLD governor(s)
       • provide information on YLD awards for diversity, outstanding jurist, most productive young lawyer, public
         service project, quality of life, and pro bono service
       • read the latest issue of “Across the Bar”
       • find a local bar affiliate

Download a copy of Across the Bar from                          ACROSS THE BAR • FALL 2006 • 3
Recipients of 2005-06 YLD Awards
by Jewel White Cole, 6th Circuit Representative, YLD Board of Governors

Outstanding Jurist                         financial support from the Dade          the Outstanding Member Service
   Judge John E. Futch was recog-          County Bar Association. Instead, the     Project this year for the seminar it
nized by the YLD as the 2006 Out-          Section funds its programs and com-      hosted entitled, “Unlock Your Poten-
standing Jurist. Judge Futch is a          mittees through the net proceeds of      tial: Strategies for Professionalism
County Court Judge in Florida’s Fifth      its Judicial Reception, Bids for Kids    and Professional Development.” This
Judicial Circuit, located in Marion        fundraiser and Softball Tournament.      half day seminar was aimed at local
County. Prior to assuming the bench,          During 2006, the Dade County          young lawyers and intended to pro-
he practiced in both the civil and         YLD President, Tiffani Lee, promoted     vide them with an opportunity to en-
criminal arenas, and likewise in both      “Empowerment through Service” as         rich their personal and professional
the private and public sectors. In fact,   the Section’s theme. In furtherance      lives. The plenary and breakout ses-
not only did he serve as an Assistant      of that theme, the Section hosted sev-   sions covered relevant professional-
State Attorney, but also as an Assis-      eral projects that benefited worthy      ism and professional development
tant Public Defender. Judge Futch          charities. Over $26,000 was raised       topics, such as, “How to Hang Your
also served on the YLD Board of Gov-       through a silent auction and donated     Shingle the Right Way,” “Finding a
ernors from 1979-1981.                     to the American Red Cross to assist      Creative Legal Career,” and “Rain-
   As a County Court Judge, Judge          in Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.     making.” The keynote speaker was
Futch presides over trials that have       The Section continued a partnership      Stephen Bright, Director of the South-
young Assistant State Attorneys and        with the SafeSpace Foundation in         ern Center for Human Rights, based
Assistant Public Defenders as lead         2006, and raised $1,600 for the orga-    in Atlanta, and former professor on
counsel. Rather than lose patience         nization with its “Casual Day for a      death penalty and criminal law top-
with these young attorneys when            Cause” program. Likewise, the Sec-       ics at Yale and Harvard Law Schools.
they are faced with situations they        tion partnered with the organization     Mr. Bright spoke about the legal
may not yet be equipped to handle,         for its annual “Holidays in January”     profession’s responsibility to bring
Judge Futch actively assists these         program.                                 about equal justice.
lawyers understand various legal              In addition to its public service        In planning the “Unlock Your Po-
complexities and does so in an ethi-       projects, the Dade County YLS also       tential” seminar, Dade County’s YLS
cal and professional manner. He has        hosts numerous programs throughout       was guided by three principles: (1)
been known to turn his courtroom           the year for the benefit of Dade         keep it affordable, (2) make it rel-
into a virtual classroom, employing        County young lawyers. The “Unlock        evant, and (3) invite high quality
the Socratic method to question the        your Potential” half-day workshop        speakers. The YLS was able to keep
young lawyers before him as to the         was hosted in March of 2006 and pro-     the price of the seminar down, due in
procedural and substantive compo-          vided young lawyers with an opportu-     part to a $1,700 grant from the
nents of the law. Judge Futch is the       nity to enrich their personal and pro-   Florida Bar’s Young Lawyers Divi-
type of mentor all young lawyers           fessional lives through attendance at    sion. DCBA YLS members who at-
would be lucky to have in the early        sessions on relevant professionalism     tended received up to 5 CLE credits
phases of their careers and for this       and professional development topics.     for only $40. Both the topics and
reason, he is the 2006 YLD Outstand-       The Section also hosted the              speakers, one of whom was the YLD’s
ing Jurist.                                Superlawyer Trial Seminar, where         former President, Jamie Billotte
                                           some of Miami-Dade’s most promi-         Moses, were highly rated by seminar
Outstanding Young Lawyer Af-               nent plaintiff and defense lawyers       attendees. The Dade County YLS sur-
filiate                                    conducted a mock personal injury         passed its initial goal of 30 attendees,
    The Dade County Bar Association        trial at the Miami-Dade Courthouse.      with 70 total registrants. To find out
Young Lawyers Section was voted the           Former YLD Board of Governor          more about “Unlock Your Potential,”
2006 Outstanding Young Lawyer Af-          member, Garrett Biondo, takes over       or to see the agenda, visit the YLD’s
filiate. The Dade County YLS has the       the helm this year as President of the   website at
largest membership of any young            Dade County Bar Association’s Young
lawyer affiliate in Florida, with ap-      Lawyers Section and will no doubt        Lynn Futch Most Productive
proximately 1,800 members. The Sec-        continue the stellar performance this    Young Lawyer
tion is run by an 18-member Board          affiliate has exhibited in not only         Mary Musette Stewart was recog-
comprised of 4 officers and 14 direc-      2006, but for many past years.           nized as this year’s Lynn Futch Most
tors. Each director serves as the                                                   Productive Young Lawyer, an award
chairperson for one of the Section’s       Outstanding Member Service               for which she is truly deserving. Ms.
14 public service and member service       Project                                  Stewart practices in the Orange
committees. The Dade County YLS is           The Dade County Bar Association        County area, where she is in-house
self-funded and does not receive any       Young Lawyers Section was awarded        counsel for Dr. Phillips, Inc. She is a

4 • ACROSS THE BAR • FALL 2006                                      Download a copy of Across the Bar from
member of the Orange County Bar          Central Florida Chapter leads the         cally the Jacksonville Area Legal Aid.
Association Young Lawyer’s Section,      state in the percentage increase in       The program also sought to raise
where she sits on its Board of Direc-    membership. Much like her work            money for this legal aid organization.
tors. She has been an outstanding        with the YLS, Ms. Stewart has spear-         One of the Pro Bono Award
member of the YLS, where she has         headed numerous projects for              Project’s primary goals was to in-
created and chaired several success-     CFAWL that have made a difference         crease young attorney participation
ful public service projects. Most no-    in the lives of many in her commu-        in pro bono activities, with the hope
table among these projects are those     nity. Additionally, she volunteers        of instilling a lifelong commitment to
that have helped the Rock Lake El-       with other non-profit organizations       pro bono service. As such, the YLS
ementary School improve from an “F”      in what spare time she has, includ-       project was aimed only at those at-
rated school to an “A” rated school.     ing Greyhound Ranch Adoptions,            torneys who are 35 or younger or who
Ms. Musette created the YLS Back         Inc.                                      have been in practice for less than 5
Pack Project, which, during its kick-       Ms. Stewart’s dedication to both       years. The projects’ target groups are
off year 5 years ago, provided back-     the practice of law her local commu-      those with income below the federal
packs and school supplies for 50         nity is obvious. This tireless dedica-    poverty level or those classified as
needy children at Rock Lake. As a        tion is inspiring to all young lawyers    “working poor” within the Fourth
result of her efforts, support for the   in the State of Florida and for this      Judicial Circuit.
program has grown exponentially          reason, she is this year’s Lynn Futch        A secondary goal of the project is
and allowed the YLS to provide the       Most Productive Young Lawyer.             to raise money for Jacksonville Area
necessary school supplies for all 500                                              Legal Aid, Inc. To that end, a
students at Rock Lake.                   Outstanding Public Service                barbeque was hosted to recognize the
   In addition to Ms. Stewart’s work     Project                                   young lawyer who had volunteered
with the Orange County Bar                  The 2006 award for Outstanding         the most pro bono hours during the
Association’s YLS, she is also Presi-    Public Service Project went to the        year. Only a nominal fee was charged
dent of the Central Florida Chapter      Jacksonville Bar Association Young        for admission to the barbeque in or-
of the Florida Association of Women      Lawyers Section. The YLS hosted a         der to encourage attendance. The
Lawyers. As President of this orga-      pro bono competition and fundraiser,      barbeque was attended by more than
nization, Ms. Stewart has worked         aimed at increasing awareness and         250 Jacksonville Bar Association
tirelessly to increase its membership    participation in pro bono projects for    members and guests and ultimately
and as a result of her hard work, the    local legal aid organizations, specifi-   $1,500 was donated to legal aid.

                      Practicing With Professionalism
                            Seminars Scheduled

                            September 29, 2006
                            October 6, 2006
                            November 17, 2006
                            December 1, 2006
                            January 4, 2007
                            January 5, 2007
                                                             Orlando, Rosen Centre
                                                             Fort Lauderdale
                                                             Jacksonville, Hyatt Regency
                                                             Deerfield Beach

                            February 6, 2007            ––   Tampa
                            February7, 2007             ––   Tampa                  w w w ister on
                            February 15, 2007           ––   West Palm Beach             .flayl
                            March 9, 2007               ––   Orlando
                            April 12, 2007              ––   Miami
                            April 13, 2007              ––   Miami
                            May 10, 2007                ––   Tallahassee

Download a copy of Across the Bar from                        ACROSS THE BAR • FALL 2006 • 5
Sarasota County Bar Association Diversity
by Louis M. Ursini, 12th Circuit Representative, YLD Board of Governors

   Formed in 2003, the Sarasota           dents and law students about the         announce its Diversity Summer
County Bar Association Diversity          benefits of engaging in the legal pro-   Clerkship Program beginning the
Committee’s mission is to encourage       fession in Sarasota County. The Com-     summer of 2007. The program is de-
a diverse legal community truly rep-      mittee has engaged in panel discus-      signed similar to a scholarship pro-
resentative of the diverse population     sions with local high school students    gram in which diverse law students
of Sarasota County by promoting dia-      and each semester presents a panel       complete an application and essay for
logue among Bar members concern-          discussion before diverse student bar    the Committee’s review. A select
ing the benefits of inclusion, by edu-    associations at law schools through-     number of applicants will be inter-
cating lawyers and the public about       out Florida. The panel discussions       viewed by various law firms in
diversity policies and practices, and     before law schools also include an       Sarasota County, which have com-
by creating programs to foster coop-      invitation for students to submit        mitted to hire a summer clerk from
eration between members of the lo-        their resumes to the Committee’s re-     this pool of applicants. Furthermore,
cal legal community and people of         sume pool to share with potential        the Committee has created a stipend
diverse races, ethnic, religious and      employers in Sarasota. The Outreach      in addition to the clerk’s pay to de-
cultural backgrounds.                     Initiative further includes an active    fray the cost of living in Sarasota. The
   The past three years, the Commit-      effort to engage law firms to commit     program will provide two of the hired
tee has been very active in designing,    to review the resumé pool when con-      clerk’s with a $5,000 stipend.
implementing, and promoting vari-         sidering candidates. This year, the         The Committee is also considering
ous programs to promote inclusion         Committee also secured the St. Pe-       a number of new programs for the up-
and diversity within the Sarasota le-     tersburg Bar Association’s fine ex-      coming year, which include an informa-
gal community. The Committee has          hibit on inclusion and diversity which   tional and financial workshop related
established an Outreach Initiative        was on display at the county court-      to funding support, recruitment and
which is a proactive program de-          house for the month of June.             common issues facing minority owned
signed to reach out to high school stu-      The Committee is also proud to        law firms in Sarasota County.

           Third Annual Minority Mentoring Picnic
        There will be music, great food, a friendly volleyball tournament, and good times.
                               Amelia Earhart Park at the Corporate Pavilion
                                          401 East 65th Street
                                               Hialeah, Fl
                                            Saturday, October 21, 2006
                               Park is accessible for persons with disabilities.
                                              No cost to attend.

               This is a great event to bring your family to! There will be activities for
                   children of all ages. There is no charge for the food or the fun!

6 • ACROSS THE BAR • FALL 2006                                     Download a copy of Across the Bar from
2006 Annual Meeting: First Class Memories
Created From a Ferociously Fun Time
by Jennifer Ator, 11th Circuit Representative, YLD Board of Governors

   The Young Lawyers Division had               ognized YLD Board of Governor               Saturday Night Live’s Darrell
a very busy weekend at The Florida              members for all their hard work. At         Hammond, who is a Florida son,
Bar Annual Meeting from June 21 to              the end of the evening, there were          growing up in Melbourne and attend-
June 24, 2006 in Boca Raton, Florida.           fantastic prizes including t-shirts and     ing the University of Florida. He even
The meeting started with the Moot               prize baskets with liquor donated by        wore his Gator apparel for the
Court Tournament. Nine of the ten               Bacardi.                                    evening. Darrell Hammond is known
law schools in Florida participated in             On Friday, John Stewart and Scott        for his witty political humor and he
this year’s tournament. Each school             Atwood were sworn in as President           did not disappoint the crowd.
was permitted to enter one team, ex-            and President-Elect during the An-             On Saturday, the YLD, in conjunc-
cept last year’s winner, Florida                nual Meeting General Assembly. Dur-         tion with The Florida Skin Cancer
Coastal Law School, which was per-              ing the assembly, incoming board            Foundation, hosted a 5K at Spanish
mitted to enter two teams. Remark-              members were also sworn in by Jus-          River Park on beautiful A1A in honor
ably, Florida Coastal ended up on top           tice Pariente. Thereafter, the YLD          of Alan C. Sundberg, Jr., who died of
again, with both of its teams qualify-          hosted the 50 year member luncheon          skin cancer when he was only 33
ing for the final round – talk about            where Governor Askew, a member of           years old. There were free skin can-
knowing the strengths and weak-                 the 50 year class, spoke about the ac-      cer screenings, sunscreen from NO-
nesses of your competition.                     complishments of those in his class.        AD, fresh bagels from Bagelworks in
   On Thursday night, the YLD went              During the luncheon all lawyers in          Boca Raton, fresh fruit, t-shirts, and
a little wild at the YLD Dinner and             Florida that have practiced for 50          medals for everyone who finished the
Casino Night, which was a sold-out              years were recognized and group pho-        race.
event. There was gambling, dancing,             tos were taken.                                The Board of Governors attended
conga lines, cigars, and even special              On Friday night, the all bar event       to its business, hosted a great party,
entertainment from our own version              was Justice in Jeans where everyone         and raised money for a good cause.
of the “Village People.” The YLD hon-           line-danced, ate BBQ, and enjoyed           Overall, the YLD had a very busy, but
ored its outgoing president and rec-            the outstanding comedic talent of           productive Annual Meeting.

   Best YLD Local Affiliate and Outstanding Member                Outstanding Public Service Project WInners
   Service Project Winners                                        - from the Jacksonville Young Lawyers Section
   - from the Dade County Young Lawyers Section                   From left to right: YLD President-Elect Scott Atwood,
   From left to right: YLD President-Elect Scott Atwood,          Troy Smith, Beth Luna, Katie Dearing, and YLD President
   DCBA-YLS Board Members Stephanie Carmen, Gisela                John M. Stewart.
   Munoz, Tiffani Lee and YLD President John M. Stewart.

                           50-year members of The
                           Florida Bar who graduated from
                           the University of Florida,
                           College of Law.

                                                                                                        photos continued, next page. . .

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                                                                                Village People

  Gene Shipley counts his raffle tickets
  over a good cigar at the YLD Dinner.

           Past YLD President Jamie Moses recognizes Eric Meeks,
           the second place winner of the 5K run in the 35 and over

                                                                                           Tony Cabassa Does “Thriller”

                    Past YLD President Jamie Moses recognizes Elisha Roy, who
                    received top honors in the young lawyer category.

8 • ACROSS THE BAR • FALL 2006                                         Download a copy of Across the Bar from
A Jewel in the YLD Crown
by Renee E. Thompson, 5th Circuit Representative, YLD Board
of Governors

   When the Award for “Most Produc-
tive YLD Board Member” was given,
                                           ideas and suggestions, with the aim
                                           of making the PWP seminar relevant          “I CAN DO
it was no surprise to anyone on the        to their areas of practice. As current
YLD Board of Governors that Jewel          Chair of the PWP Committee, Jewel          THAT ON THE
White Cole was a co-recipient for          is striving to revise the curriculum
the 2005-2006 bar year. Jewel worked
tirelessly last year, chairing both the
                                           and review participant evaluations
                                           in an attempt to update the content
Practicing With Professionalism            of the PWP seminar in order to make
(“PWP”) committee and the Local Bar        it relevant and responsive to the
                                                                                      • Change your member
Affiliates committee. She put in           needs of government lawyers and              information,
countless hours to ensure each com-        their fellow members of the bar.
mittees’ goals were met with the              As Chair of the Local Bar Affiliates    • Check/update your
same level of professionalism and          Committee of the YLD Board, Jewel            CLE Credit record,
enthusiasm with which she ap-              oversaw the planning of the Affiliate
proaches her job as Managing Assis-        Outreach Conference, as well as pub-       • Register for CLE
tant County Attorney for Pinellas          lication of the “Across the Bar” News-       courses,
County, where she supervises six at-       letter. In these roles, she strived to
torneys in the areas of Land Use,          include the various minority bar as-       • Access free legal
Environment and Public Infrastruc-         sociations of the state, in an effort to
ture.                                      increase the participation of young
   Jewel Cole “seems perfectly won-        minority lawyers in YLD events. To         • Pay fees,
derful and what you see is what you        that end, Jewel personally invited
get,” said Susan Demers, Director of       the leaders of various minority bar        • And more!
the Legal Assistants’ Program at St.       associations to the Affiliate Outreach
Petersburg College. Susan Demers           Conference. She also ensured that          Locate the box with
was Jewel’s predecessor as President       each issue of the “Across the Bar”
of the Clearwater Bar Association, an      Newsletter included an article on
                                                                                      “Member Tools” on
office Jewel presently holds. Susan        minority lawyer mentoring or on a          The Florida Bar’s
suggested that when Jewel “assures         voluntary minority bar association
you that a project will be done, it is     and the accomplishments of its young       Web site. Click on
not only done, but well done.” This        lawyer members.                            “Member Profile.”
tenacity for a job done right is re-          As a triple Gator, receiving her
flected in the success of the projects     Undergraduate, Masters and Law             Do all this and MORE
she has chaired: Clearwater Bar            Degrees, with Honors, from the Uni-        ONLINE!
Great Debate, Goldilocks Trials, and       versity of Florida, she continues to
Oyster Roast, all benchmark projects       make her school proud. In addition
of the Clearwater Bar Association.
   As Chair of the PWP Committee
                                           to her work on the YLD Board and
                                           the Clearwater Bar Association, she
                                                                                       Try it! It’s Easy!
of the YLD Board, Jewel advanced           is Board Certified in City, County, &
and continued the dialogue the Su-         Local Government Law and edits ar-
preme Court of Florida began be-           ticles for the Florida Bar Journal on
tween the government lawyer sec-           behalf of the Executive Council of
tions of the Bar regarding the PWP         that Section of the Florida Bar. She
requirements. Specifically, Jewel or-      also represents local planning
ganized a retreat that brought to-         boards, further emphasizing her fo-
gether lawyers from around the state       cus on Land Use and Environmental
who were members of the Florida            Law and Enforcement Work.
Public Defenders Association, Florida         The YLD Board of Governors is
State Attorneys Association, Govern-       proud to honor Jewel White Cole for
ment Lawyers Section, Military Law-        all of her outstanding achievements
yers Section, and City, County & Lo-       by presenting her with this award.
cal Government Law Section. The            Those on the board look forward to her
goal of the retreat was to listen to the   continued success and commitment to        Need a password? Get yours by going to
                                                                                      “Register” on the “Member Profile” page.
variety of both shared and competing       young lawyers around the state.

Download a copy of Across the Bar from                           ACROSS THE BAR • FALL 2006 • 9
Jennifer Ator, Thinking Big for the YLD
by Cynthia Morales, 11th Circuit Representative, YLD Board of Governors

   Traditionally, the “Most Produc-                                                         Florida Skin Cancer Foundation: the
tive YLD Board Member Award” is an                                                          YLD’s “Hat, Shirt, Squirt 5K”. Jenni-
award bestowed upon a fellow YLD                                                            fer made several trips to Boca Raton
Board Member for his or her contri-                                                         to process paperwork and contacted
butions in a particular year. This                                                          the Mayor to ensure the YLD could
year, Jennifer Ator was honored as                                                          obtain the necessary permits. She
the co-recipient of the award for the                                                       worked with Publix and No-Ad to
2005-06 bar year. The title of the                                                          obtain fruit and sunscreen for par-
Award not only aptly describes Jen-                                                         ticipants. Participants also had the
nifer Ator’s contributions to the YLD                                                       opportunity to get free skin screen-
Board for the past 5 years, but also                                                        ings from local doctors, who actually
her many contributions to her local                                                         found some potential skin cancer and
community and the profession.                                                               probably saved some lives.
   Now in her sixth year on the Board,                                                         Jennifer’s work on the Annual
Jennifer has served on nearly every                                                         Committee is but one example of her
committee. It is her service as Chair                                                       “productivity.” During her tenure on
of the Annual Meeting Committee                                                             the Board, Jennifer served as The
that has twice earned Jennifer recog-                                                       Florida Bar YLD delegate to the
nition from her fellow Board mem-                                                           House of Delegates of the American
bers. As Annual Meeting Committee               During the 2005-2006 bar year,              Bar Association since 2002. More-
Chair, Jennifer served on The Florida        Jennifer had the challenge of re-              over, three YLD Presidents have
Bar Annual Meeting Committee and             vamping many of the events coordi-             asked Jennifer to serve on the Execu-
coordinated the specific YLD events.         nated by the YLD Annual Meeting                tive Committee, which provides
In her first stint as YLD Annual Meet-       Committee. For example, the YLD                counsel to the President and is autho-
ing Chair, Jennifer drew inspiration         dinner, traditionally a formal dinner          rized to take action on behalf of the
from the American Bar Association            held in honor of the YLD’s past                Board in between Board meetings.
YLD meetings that sponsor a Public           Presidents, was converted to a ca-             While serving on The Florida Bar
Service project in connection with           sual Casino Night that was open to             YLD Board, Jennifer also served as
their conferences. Believing that the        all Annual Meeting attendees.                  President of the Dade County Bar
Annual Meeting was a great opportu-          Guests were treated to a splendid              Young Lawyers Section.
nity for young lawyers to make a posi-       exhibition of Jennifer Ator’s creativ-            Jennifer manages to run her own
tive impact on the local community,          ity and party-planning skills. Al-             practice, serve in leadership positions
Jennifer organized a public service          ways attentive to detail, Jennifer             in national, state, and county bar as-
project with a local facility for disabled   arranged for party favors for each             sociations while also making great
children. Young lawyers rolled up            guest. The casino night involved               recipes, such as her homemade maca-
their sleeves to clean, paint, mulch,        play money that was exchanged for              roni and cheese for her husband and
and plant a garden for the playground        raffle tickets. Jennifer also created          two sons. Unfortunately for the
of this facility. As a result of her ef-     magnificent gift baskets featuring             Board, Jennifer is serving her last
forts, in 2004, Jennifer was nominated       liquors donated by Bacardi.                    year as a young lawyer in 2006-2007.
for the Most Productive Board Mem-              The 2006 Annual Meeting was                 While it may be impolite to point out
ber for the first time. Humbled by the       topped off with another public service         a lady’s age, it is only because her “re-
service of a fellow nominee, she de-         project spearheaded by Jennifer. This          tirement” will truly be a great loss to
clined the nomination.                       year she organized a 5K Run for The            The Florida Bar YLD.

                                  NEED JUST THE RIGHT SPEAKER FOR YOUR GROUP?
                                         WE HAVE THE SPEAKER FOR YOU!

                              The Florida Bar Speakers Bureau
                      Will provide a lawyer to address your group on a variety of law-related topics.
                                                   There is no fee for this service.
                        To arrange a speaker for your group, contact: Gail Grimes, The Florida Bar Speakers Bureau,
                        651 East Jefferson Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-2300, 850/561-5767, or

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                                         Continuing Legal Education — Programs                                                                 For th
                                                                                                                                                u p - most
                             The Florida Bar • Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2300 • (850)561-5831                                           scheduto-date
                                                                                                                                         f l o r i d a les, visit
                             Schedule of 2006-2007 Courses                                                                                  
                                      (As of September 12, 2006 • Subject To Change)
  Basic Administrative Law (0482)                                                  February 22     Tallahassee* (The Florida Bar Annex Room 114 #054)
  December 7       Tallahassee** (Civic Center #288)                               February 28     Miami* (Hyatt Regency Downtown #062)
  January 10       Tampa* (Airport Marriott #049)                                  March 2         Tampa*
  January 11       Orlando* (Ivanhoe Plaza Hotel #071)                             Basic Family Law (0434)
  January 24       Miami* (Hyatt Regency Downtown #024)                            February 22     Miami*** (Hyatt Regency Downtown #024)
  January 26       Fort Lauderdale* (Westin #120)                                  February 23     Tampa** (Airport Marriott #049)
  Basic Construction Law (0390)                                                    March 9         Fort Myers*
  August 24        Miami*** (Hyatt Regency Downtown #024)                          March 9         Jacksonville* (Omni Hotel #154)
  August 25        Tampa** (Airport Marriott #049)                                 March 9         Orlando* (Ivanhoe Plaza Hotel #071)
  September 14     Orlando* (Ivanhoe Plaza Hotel #071)                             March 15        Fort Lauderdale*
  September 15++   Fort Lauderdale* (Westin #120)                                  March 15        Sarasota*
  September 15     Fort Myers*                                                     March 15        Tallahassee* (The Florida Bar Annex Room 114 #054)
  September 15     Jacksonville* (Omni Hotel #154)                                 March 21        Miami* (Hyatt Regency Downtown #062)
  September 21     Tallahassee* (The Florida Bar Annex Room 114 #054)              March 21        Tampa*
  September 28     Pensacola* (Escambia/Santa Rosa Bar Association #040)           March 22        Pensacola* (Escambia/Santa Rosa Bar Association #040)
  September 28     St. Petersburg* (Bar Association #263)                          March 22        St. Petersburg* (Bar Association #268)
  September 28     West Palm Beach* (Palm Beach County Bar Assn. #232)             April 18        West Palm Beach* (Palm Beach County Bar Association #232)
  September 29     Sarasota* (Hyatt Hotel #042)                                    Basic Federal Practice (0444)
  October 3        Tampa* (Hilton Airport Westshore #172)                          March 29        Miami*** (Hyatt Regency Downtown #024)
  October 4        Miami* (Hyatt Regency Downtown #062)                            March 30        Tampa** (Airport Marriott #049)
  Basic Appellate Practice (0398)                                                  April 19        Fort Lauderdale*
  September 7      Miami*** (Hyatt Regency Downtown #024)                          April 19        Orlando* (Ivanhoe Plaza Hotel #071)
  September 8      Tampa** (Hyatt Regency Downtown #048)                           April 20        Fort Myers*
  September 28     Orlando* (Ivanhoe Plaza Hotel #071)                             April 20        Jacksonville* (Omni Hotel #154)
  September 29++    Fort Lauderdale* (Westin #120)                                 April 20        Sarasota*
  September 29     Fort Myers*                                                     April 25        West Palm Beach* (Palm Beach County Bar Association #232)
  October 5        Jacksonville* (Omni Hotel #154)                                 April 26        Pensacola* (Escambia/Santa Rosa Bar Association #040)
  October 5        Pensacola* (Escambia/Santa Rosa Bar Assn. #040)                 April 26        Tallahassee* (The Florida Bar Annex Room 114 #054)
  October 6        Sarasota* (Hyatt Hotel #042)                                    April 27        St. Petersburg* (Bar Association #263)
  October 12       St. Petersburg* (Bar Association #263)                          May 2           Miami* (Hyatt Regency Downtown #062)
  October 12       West Palm Beach* (Palm Beach County Bar Assn. #232)             May 2           Tampa*
  October 18       Miami* (Hyatt Regency Downtown #062)                            Basic Commercial Litigation (0455)
  October 24++     Tampa* (Marriott Waterside #021)                                April 19        Miami*** (Hyatt Regency Downtown #024)
  November 17      Tallahassee* (The Florida Bar Annex Room 114 #054)              April 20        Tampa** (Airport Marriott #049)
  Basic Corporate Law (0405)                                                       May 4           Fort Myers*
  October 18       Tampa** (Airport Marriott #049) (Tentative)                     May 4           Orlando* (Ivanhoe Plaza Hotel #071)
  October 19       Miami*** (Hyatt Regency Downtown #024)                          May 10          Pensacola* (Escambia/Santa Rosa Bar Association #040)
  November 3       Tallahassee* (The Florida Bar Annex Room 114 #054)              May 10          Tallahassee* (The Florida Bar Annex Room 114 #054)
  November 9       Fort Lauderdale* (Westin #120)                                  May 10          West Palm Beach* (Palm Beach County Bar Association #232)
  November 9       Orlando* (Ivanhoe Plaza Hotel #071)                             May 11          Jacksonville* (Omni Hotel #154)
  November 14      Tampa* (Hilton Airport Westshore #172)                          May 11          Sarasota*
  November 15      Miami* (Hyatt Regency Downtown #062)                            May 11          St. Petersburg* (Bar Association #263)
  November 16      Jacksonville* (Omni Hotel #154)                                 May 18          Fort Lauderdale*
  November 16      Sarasota* (Hyatt Hotel #042)                                    June 1          Miami* (Hyatt Regency Downtown #062)
  November 17      Fort Myers*                                                     June 1          Tampa*
  November 29      West Palm Beach* (Palm Beach County Bar Association #232)       Basic Probate & Guardianship (0463)
  December 7       Pensacola* (Escambia/Santa Rosa Bar Association #040)
                                                                                   May 3          Miami*** (Hyatt Regency Downtown #024)
  December 7       St. Petersburg* (Bar Association #263)
                                                                                   May 4          Tampa**
  Basic Real Estate (0414)                                                         May 18         Fort Myers*
  November 8       Miami*** (Hyatt Regency Downtown #024)                          May 18         Jacksonville* (Omni Hotel #154)
  November 9       Tampa** (Airport Marriott #049)                                 May 18         Orlando* (Ivanhoe Plaza Hotel #071)
  December 7       Orlando* (Ivanhoe Plaza Hotel #071)                             May 31         Fort Lauderdale*
  December 8       Fort Lauderdale* (Westin #120)                                  May 31         Pensacola* (Escambia/Santa Rosa Bar Association #040)
  December 8       Fort Myers*                                                     May 31         Sarasota*
  December 8       Sarasota* (Hyatt Hotel #042)                                    May 31         Tallahassee* (The Florida Bar Annex Room 114 #054)
  December 14      Jacksonville* (Omni Hotel #154)                                 June 1         St. Petersburg* (Bar Association #263)
  December 14      Miami* (Hyatt Regency Downtown #062)                            June 6         West Palm Beach* (Palm Beach County Bar Association #232)
  December 14      Tallahassee* (The Florida Bar Annex Room 114 #054)              June 7         Miami* (Hyatt Regency Downtown #062)
  December 14      Tampa* (Hilton Airport Westshore #172)                          June 7         Tampa*
  December 15      Ft. Pierce* (Fort Pierce Courthouse #299)                       Basic Tort Litigation (0464)
  January 11       Pensacola* (Escambia/Santa Rosa Association #040)
                                                                                   May 17         Miami*** (Hyatt Regency Downtown #024)
  January 11       West Palm Beach* (Palm Beach County Bar Association #232)
                                                                                   May 18         Tampa** (Airport Marriott #049)
  January 12       St. Petersburg* (Bar Association #263)
                                                                                   June 1         Jacksonville* (Omni Hotel #154)
  Basic Criminal Law (0425)                                                        June 1         Orlando*
  January 25       Tampa** (Hyatt Regency Downtown #048)                           June 1         Tallahassee* (The Florida Bar Annex Room 114 #054)
  January 26       Miami*** (Hyatt Regency Downtown #024)                          June 7         Fort Myers*
  February 8       Jacksonville* (Omni Hotel #154)                                 June 7         Pensacola* (Escambia/Santa Rosa Bar Association #040)
  February 8       Orlando* (Ivanhoe Plaza Hotel #071)                             June 7         West Palm Beach* (Palm Beach County Bar Association #232)
  February 9       Fort Myers*                                                     June 8         Miami* (Hyatt Regency Downtown #062)
  February 9       Sarasota*                                                       June 8         Sarasota*
  February 15      Fort Lauderdale*                                                June 8         St. Petersburg* (Bar Association #263)
  February 16      St. Petersburg* (Bar Association #263)                          June 8         Tampa*
  February 21      Pensacola* (Escambia/Santa Rosa Bar Assocaition #040)
  February 21      West Palm Beach* (Palm Beach County Bar Association #232)
                                                                               *** Live Session **Videotaping Session *Video Replay ++Changed Date/Location

Download a copy of Across the Bar from                                              ACROSS THE BAR • FALL 2006 • 11
ABA Works and Plays in Honolulu at 2006
Annual Convention
by Jennifer Ator, 11th Circuit Representative, YLD Board or Governors

   The American Bar Association                  During the YLD Assembly, the Di-
Annual Convention was held in Ho-             vision approved a resolution proposed         The American Bar Association
nolulu, Hawaii from August 2 to 8,            by the ABA Task Force on Access to         House of Delegates met on August 7
2006. The sections and divisions, in-         Civil Justice that urges states to pro-    and 8. Jennifer Ator, a member of The
cluding the Young Lawyers Division,           vide legal counsel to low income per-      Florida Bar YLD Board of Governors,
held individual meetings, as did the          sons in adversarial proceedings where      serves in the ABA House of Delegates
ABA House of Delegates.                       basic human needs are at stake.            as the under 35 delegate for the State
   Many members of The Florida Bar               As is tradition in the ABA-YLD, the     of Florida and finished her second
Young Lawyers Division Board of               Division honored Outstanding Young         term in that position in Hawaii. The
Governors attended the ABA Young              Military Lawyers, which was espe-          new under 35 delegate, as was ap-
Lawyers Division Assembly on behalf           cially poignant during this difficult      pointed by The Florida Bar Board of
of The Florida Bar YLD, including             time with so many young men and            Governors in June, is Jose Diaz, from
John Stewart, Scott Atwood, Jennifer          women serving overseas. In fact, one       Miami, Florida.
Ator, Tony Cabassa and Cristina               of the honorees was not even in Ha-           It was an exciting meeting for the
Alonso. There were also representa-           waii to receive his award; he was in       Florida delegation as Steve Zack, a
tives from local bar affiliates, includ-      Iraq with the Multi-national forces.       past president of The Florida Bar
ing Gisela Munoz of Miami, Florida               At the end of the Annual Meet-          Young Lawyers Division and past
and Randi Whitehead of Sarasota,              ing, C. Erica White, from Tallahas-        president of The Florida Bar, finished
Florida. Also attending the meeting           see, Florida, became the new Dis-          his term as Chair of the House of Del-
was Suzanne Gilbert, an Orlando               trict Representative to the                egates. To say the least, the Florida
young lawyer that serves as the ABA           ABA-YLD Council for the State of           delegation is excited about having
Young Lawyers Division Representa-            Florida. Erica can answer any ques-        him return to represent the state.
tive to the American Bar Association          tions you might have about the                The House of Delegates debated
Board of Governors.                           ABA-YLD and you can reach her at           many interesting issues and passed

                                  Enjoying a reception in honor of
                                  Stephen N. Zack, Immediate Past Chair
                                             Zack,             Past
                                  of the ABA House of Delegates

        Left to right: ABA House of Delegates member from Florida         YLD President John M. Stewart and Stephen N. Zack,
        Michele Kane Cunnings, Florida Bar President Hank Coxe,           Immediate Past Chair of the ABA House of Delegates.
        Florida Bar Past President Kelly Overstreet Johnson and
        YLD President John M. Stewart.

12 • ACROSS THE BAR • FALL 2006                                         Download a copy of Across the Bar from
many resolutions. The calendar was            taken what was traditionally a “press      closures for testifying experts and
very busy, especially for a meeting           release” and transformed it into a         their reports and that draft expert
that was 4000 miles away. On Mon-             proclamation stating which parts of        reports be protected by the attorney-
day, the House recessed for a special         the law the President will follow and      client privilege. There was much de-
panel on “Liberty v. Security” where          which parts he will simply ignore.         bate on the issue with both propo-
Elizabeth Rindskopf Parker, former               An ABA Task Force on Presiden-          nents and opponents claiming that
general counsel of the CIA; John Yoo,         tial Signing Statements and the            their position would eliminate
professor of law at UC Berkeley;              Separation of Powers Doctrine rec-         “gamesmanship” in expert litigation
Florida’s own Neal Sonnett, former            ommended that the ABA oppose the           discovery. Eventually, however, the
Assistant U.S. Attorney and chief of          misuse of presidential signing state-      House adopted the Section of
the criminal division for the South-          ments by claiming the authority or         Litigation’s proposed resolution.
ern District of Florida; and Catherine        stating the intention to decline to           The next meeting of the American
Crier, Court TV anchor and former             enforce the law. After some debate,        Bar Association Young Lawyers Di-
Texas Judge debated the constitu-             the resolution passed.                     vision is the Fall Conference, which
tional and legal questions raised by             The House of Delegates also ad-         will be held in Baltimore, Maryland
efforts to keep the United States safe        dressed the issue of the preservation      from October 19 to 21, 2006. The Di-
from terrorist threats while protect-         of the attorney-client privilege and       vision conferences are full of CLE,
ing civil liberties and individual            work product doctrine. Another ABA         local bar affiliate assistance pro-
rights. The panel was lively and in-          Task Force – the Task Force on At-         gramming and fun social activities.
teresting with each panelist having           torney-Client Privilege – recom-           Each affiliate of the ABA-YLD re-
very strong opinions on the issues at         mended that the House support the          ceives reimbursement of $100 per
hand.                                         preservation of the attorney and           day and can send 3 representatives
   The House of Delegates also                work product doctrine and oppose           (or 4 if one minority is among the rep-
passed a significant resolution that          government policies and procedures         resentatives). In Florida, many local
established ABA opposition to presi-          that erode constitutional and legal        voluntary bars are ABA-YLD affili-
dential signing statements. Presiden-         rights of employees. This recommen-        ates and The Florida Bar YLD is also
tial signing statements are state-            dation also passed.                        an ABA affiliate – thus there is a sig-
ments by the President on the                    In a third interesting issue, the       nificant potential for funding for
enactment of laws. However, over the          Section of Litigation brought to the       those who would like to attend. For
years, and most significantly with the        House of Delegates a resolution that       more information on the fall confer-
most recent administration, these             urges states to adopt consistent rules     ence or the ABA-YLD in general,
signing statements have arguably              governing the scope of required dis-       check out

                                                                           Left to right: YLD President-Elect Scott Atwood, Janet
                                                                           Atwood, Brandy Stewart, Immediate Past President of
                                                                           The Florida Bar Alan Bookman and Connie Bookman.

         Past Florida Bar President Kelly Overstreet Johnson          Past Florida Bar President Edith Osman and YLD President
         and YLD President Elect Scott Atwood.                        Elect Scott Atwood.

Download a copy of Across the Bar from                             ACROSS THE BAR • FALL 2006 • 13
June 2006 Young Lawyers Division Board of
Governors Meeting Report
by Carlos A. Kelly, Former 20th Circuit Representative, Starling N. Hendriks and Marcy L. Shaw,
20th Circuit Representatives, YLD Board

  The Florida Bar’s Young Lawyers       President-Elect Scott Atwood, Esq.       of business traditional to the last
Division Board of Governors held        Several YLD Board members ended          meeting of the Bar year. The YLD
their June 2006 meeting during The      their term and the YLD welcomed          Board conferred its Most Productive
Florida Bar’s Annual Meeting and        incoming Board members who will be       Board Member Award on Represen-
Convention, which took place in Boca    filling their positions.                 tatives Jewel White Cole, Esq. and
Raton, Florida, from June 21 through        At the YLD’s Board of Governors      Jennifer Ator, Esq. Also, in her last
June 24, 2006. Several activities in-   meeting, several items of business       official act as YLD President, Jamie
volving the YLD’s Board of Gover-       were addressed. Among other things,      Billotte Moses, Esq. presided over the
nors took place during the Annual       the Governmental Affairs Committee       “Pass the Gavel” Ceremony, which
Meeting.                                recommended that the YLD advise          saw several YLD Past Presidents,
  In addition to the Robert Orseck      The Florida Bar’s Board of Governors     dating back to 1990, offer words of
Moot Court Competition, the YLD         that the YLD Board continues to sup-     encouragement to the incoming YLD
installed new members and ap-           port legislation that creates reason-    President, John M. Stewart, Esq.
pointed officers. The YLD Board of      able financial student loan assistance      For more information about up-
Governors also said farewell to de-     to all government lawyers and legal      coming meetings or the Young
parting President Jamie Billotte        aid attorneys who have served in that    Lawyers Division Board of Gover-
Moses, Esq., and welcomed incoming      capacity for more than three years.      nors, please see the website http://
President John M. Stewart, Esq. and         The YLD attended to some items

                                                                                 from page 1

                                                                                 Bar,” a brochure on getting involved
                                                                                 with the Florida Bar, and articles on
                                                                                 quality of life issues. The YLD website
                                                                                 also provides information on affili-
                                                                                 ates throughout the state, include a
                                                                                 listing of local bar affiliates and vol-
                                                                                 untary minority bar associations,
                                                                                 their contact information, web ad-
                                                                                 dresses, and meeting schedules.
                                                                                    A new addition to the website is
                                                                                 the President’s Blog, a place to inter-
                                                                                 act with the YLD President on vari-
                 To obtain your own                                              ous issues concerning the Young
        KIDS DESERVE JUSTICE specialty plate:                                    Lawyers Division of the Florida Bar.
                                                                                 Visit to see the YLD’s
         • Visit your local tag office                                           new and improved site. If you have
                                                                                 any comments, suggestions, or ques-
         • Contact The Florida Bar Foundation at                                 tions, feel free to contact me at m-
           1-800-541-2195, ext. 104                                    

         • E-mail
         • Or visit

14 • ACROSS THE BAR • FALL 2006                                  Download a copy of Across the Bar from
                     Materials to Enhance Your Practice
   AUDIO / VIDEO TAPES                                                                                                                PRICE EACH
    _____ Maintaining a TRUSTworthy Trust Account (videotape) .................................................................. $65.00
             *CLER credit: 2.00 Gen. including 2.00 Ethics*
    _____ Starting Anew (two videotapes) ....................................................................................................... $75.00
             *CLER credit: 5.00 Gen. including 2.00 Ethics *

    _____ Anatomy of a Law Firm Merger ....................................................................................................... $78.00
    _____ Collecting Your Fee: Getting Paid From Intake to Invoice ............................................................... $68.00
    _____ Compensation Plans for Law Firms ................................................................................................ $78.00
    _____ Complete Internet Handbook for Lawyers ....................................................................................... $43.00
    _____ Essential Guide to Starting and Managing a Law Practice in Florida .............................................. $65.00
    _____ Flying Solo, a Survival Guide for the Solo Lawyer .......................................................................... $78.00
    _____ How to Draft Bills Clients Rush to Pay ............................................................................................ $56.00
    _____ How to Start and Build a Law Practice ............................................................................................ $56.00
    _____ Law Firm Partnership Guide: Strengthening Your Firm ................................................................... $28.00
    _____ Lawyer’s Guide to Increasing Your Revenue .................................................................................. $58.00
    _____ Lawyer’s Guide to Marketing your Practice ..................................................................................... $78.00
    _____ Lawyer’s Guide to Strategic Planning ............................................................................................. $68.00
    _____ Maintaining a Trust Account Using QuickBooks ® .......................................................................... $65.00
    _____ Of Counsel Agreement .................................................................................................................... $78.00
    _____ Results-Oriented Financial Management ........................................................................................ $89.00
    _____ Who is in Charge Around Here? ...................................................................................................... $45.00

    _____ Administrative Forms Handbook (on CD) ........................................................................................ $25.00
    _____ Sample Policies for Law Office Personnel (on CD) ......................................................................... $25.00

    _____ The Essential Guide to Starting and Managing a Law Practice in Florida,
          Starting Anew videotape set, and How to Start and Build a Law Practice book (basic set) .......... $164.00
   or receive the above three items plus......
    _____ Maintaining a TRUSTworthy Trust Account videotape (expanded set) ......................................... $210.00

                                                                                       SUBTOTAL:                                    $ __________
                                      SALES TAX (Florida residents only – apply your county’s rate):                                $ __________
                                           POSTAGE & HANDLING (must be added to ALL orders):                                                  $10.00
                                                                                                                   TOTAL:           $ ________
   Name and address to which items should be shipped (no P.O. Boxes):
   Attorney / Customer Number ___________________ Name: ______________________________________
   (Physical) Address: _________________________________________________________________________
   City/State/Zip: _____________________________________________________________________________
    Sorry, no credit card orders. Make check payable to The Florida Bar and mail along with this order form
           The Florida Bar, Attention: LOMAS, 651 East Jefferson Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-2300.
                You can also obtain an order form from The Florida Bar’s website:

Download a copy of Across the Bar from                                             ACROSS THE BAR • FALL 2006 • 15
The Florida Bar                                                     FIRST CLASS
Young Lawyers Division                                              U.S. POSTAGE
651 E. Jefferson Street                                                 PAID
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2300                                        TALLAHASSEE, FL
                                                                    Permit No. 43

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