Shetlands Spotted 29 10 2009 by HC11111721446


									                                REGISTERED SHETLAND PONIES

                                                                                                                                 CATALOGUE OF

VALUE ADDED TAX. All lots from taxable vendors will be sold on a Tax Exclusive basis and will
therefore be subject to an additional 15% on the purchase price. VAT on EXPORTED ponies can
be REFUNDED after receipt of proof of exportation in an approved form.                                              Registered Shetland Ponies
OVERSEAS BUYERS PLEASE NOTE. Under the export of horses and ponies (increase in                                 (under the auspices of The Shetland Pony Stud Book Society)
Minimum Values) Order 1973, Shetland ponies not exceeding 42” must have a value of at least
£145. This value is also attributable to any foals sold with mares.                                                                          40 Colt Foals
                                                                                                                                             25 Filly Foals
Prospective buyers from overseas are advised to make the necessary arrangements with their
shipping agents prior to sale.                                                                                                            24 Junior Females
                                                                                                                                              7 Stallions
NOTE: Buyers must satisfy themselves prior to the sale as to the correctness of the mouth of any                                             6 Entire Males
pony they intend buying.
                                                                                                                                              2 Geldings
Unless otherwise stated in the catalogue, it will be assumed the ponies will have been bred by their                                        19 Older Mares
CERTIFICATE OF TRANSFER will be forwarded to buyers direct from the Society in due course.
The current fee for export transfers is £35.00 per pony, of which £25.00 will be payable by the
PURCHASER (double rates apply for non-members, as with transfers) and £10.00 by the
Vendor.                                                                                                                          10
ORDER OF SALE. The order of sale in each section will be by age with the oldest first, but each
Vendor’s consignment in each section will be kept together and their position in the catalogue will be
                                                                                                                     Registered Spotted Ponies
determined by the oldest entry in the consignment.                                                                 (under the auspices of The British Spotted Pony Society)

                                                                                                                                             2 Colt Foal
                                           NOTE                                                                                              4 Filly Foals
                                                                                                                                           2 Junior Female
    PROSPECTIVE BUYERS ARE REQUESTED TO REGISTER WITH THE                                                                                2 Licensed Stallion
    ARRANGEMENTS. TO OBTAIN A BUYER’S NUMBER TWO FORMS OF                                                                     £5.00 for Catalogue
                IDENTIFICATION WILL BE REQUIRED                                                              Which grants FREE entry to sale ring for 2 Adults & Children
                                                                                                                           Additional Adults £2.00 each
      PLEASE REGISTER IN THAT PERSON’S NAME AND BUY WITH THAT                                            Prospective buyers for the above sale who are not known to the Auctioneers, are required
          NUMBER TO FACILITATE THE NECESSARY TRANSERS –                                                                 to make prior contact to confirm arrangements for payment.
         FAILURE TO DO SO WILL INCUR DOUBLE TRANSFER FEES                                                   To obtain a buyer’s number All purchasers will be required to produce Two forms of
                                                                                                                           identification ie. Driver’s licence, Passport, Utility bill.
                             CONDITIONS/GUIDELINES FOR SALES                                 15.   Passports for all ponies will be checked by Society officials. Should a passport be found to be
                          HELD UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THE SOCIETY                                   incorrect, a charge of £5 will be payable to the Society before the pony will be permitted to go
                                                                                                   through the ring.
1.    Premises must conform to all current animal welfare regulations.                       16.   A draft schedule must be lodged with the SPS-BS Secretary at least three weeks prior
2.    Ponies must not be removed from pens without the owner or his/her                            To printing. Printing must not commence until approval has been given by the Society.
      representative being present.                                                                Entries for checking by the Office should be forwarded as soon as possible and
3.    At all Sales, if the owner is not present in person, a representative must                   Preferably not retained until the closing date.
      Be nominated in advance who will be responsible for the ponies.                        17.   Members of the SPSBS will be given preference over non-members. If no membership
4.    The entry form must include a declaration stating that the pony/ies being                    Number is quoted on the entry form, the vendor should not be given preference.
      Entered in the Sale have been correctly transferred through the Society                18.   If the Sale is preceded by a Show of registered Shetland ponies, the Judge’s must be
      and are registered in the name of the vendor.                                                Members of the SPSBS Senior Judges Panel. A copy of the current Panel is enclosed;
5.    The entry form must state that all stock must be registered with the                         Further copies and updates are available on request.
      Shetland Pony Stud-Book Society by 15 July at the latest. This date                    19.   The Auctioneers must deduct a 1% levy from all Sales on behalf of the Society.
      will be strictly adhered to.                                                           20.   Transfer fees are £8 (inc. VAT) for each male Foal or yearling male sold and £10 (inc. VAT) for every
6.    The minimum age of foals to be sold is eighteen weeks on the day of                          other pony, which are the responsibility of new owners to pay to the SPS-BS on transfer.
      The sale even if being sold at foot. The foal’s exact date of birth must               21.   In the case of a pony being exported, the Auctioneer must deduct £35 per pony - £25
      be stated on the entry form.                                                                 Of this to be paid by the purchaser and £10 by the vendor. An International Pony
7.    It must be emphasised that foals, unless being sold at foot, must be weaned.                 Movement Certificate will be forwarded directly to the foreign Stud-Book Society concerned. The
      This means they must be able to drink water and eat hard feed                                Society would like all vendors of ponies sold for export to be present
      independently.                                                                               Whilst the Vet completes the IPMC.
8.    No ponies will be accepted for sale if they have undergone any form of                 22.   If the transfers are processed by the Society on the day of the sale, purchasers will be required to
      surgical procedure eg. castration, within 4 weeks of the sale date.                          ensure that they inform Society staff of the correct details to enable the transfer to be completed on the
9.    Owners who have had ponies suffering from an infectious disease within                       SPSBS database and the passport to be updated and signed by the Secretary (or nominated Society
      one month of the sale must not present any ponies for sale. Any ponies                       representative) before commencing the onward journey.
      showing symptoms of an infectious disease such as coughing, swollen                    23.   A typed list of full purchaser’s names and addresses must be sent to the Secretary as soon as
      glands, high temperature or a muco-purulent nasal discharge (snotty nose)                    possible after the Sale. The list must include the forename, surname, full address and postcode of the
      will be excluded from the Sale.                                                              purchaser.
10.   Any ponies over the age of eighteen years must have a Vet’s certificate, dated         24.   All ponies must have a Passport. No pony must be permitted to be presented for sale unless the
      the day before the Sale, stating the pony is fit to travel. The pony must only be            Passport has been received by the Auctioneer’s Office prior to the Sale. The Passport must then be
      vetted the day immediately prior to the Sale. If no such certificate is received by          passed to the new owner for the onward journey.
      the Auctioneer, the pony must not be permitted to go forward for sale. No ponies       25.   The Society reserves the right to random DNA test ponies which would involve taking a hair sample.
      over 20 years of age will be accepted for sale.
11.   A statement must be included in the entry form that if a mare is in foal, it is to a
      stallion/entire male registered with SPS-BS, or if in foal to an unregistered
      stallion/entire male, the progeny will not be eligible for registration with the
      society. The covering stallion/entire male’s name and registration number and
      date(s) of covering must be clearly stated on the form.
12.   In the interests of welfare, it is recommended that lactating mares are not accepted
      at Society Sales unless sold with foal at foot, nor should mares due to foal within
      eight weeks or less of the date of the Sale be accepted.
13.   Full details of the following must be given on the entry form and printed in the
      Catalogue :
                   Sire’s name and Stud-Book number
                   Dam’s name and Stud-Book number
                   Exact date of birth of pony
                   Name and registration number of covering stallion/entire male,
                   if applicable.
                   Dates of covering must be included.
                   If mares have not been covered in the current season, this
                   must be stated.
14.   In the interests of welfare, working ponies of four years old or over only may
      be clipped.
                      INDEX TO CONSIGNORS

                               LOCATION        LOT NO’S

BANGER, Mrs D                  Hants           2                          STEVENS, Mrs A        Swansea    15, 50, 150, 151
BASKWILL, Mr N                 Somerset        140                        STEVENS, Mr C         Swansea    59, 60
BOWLING, Mrs S                 Scotland      10, 81, 82, 141, 142,143     STEVENS, Miss L       Swansea    16, 17, 125, 132
BRAMLEY-ROBINS, Messrs C & M   Northampton 76, 77, 78, 120                SWINSCOW, Mrs A       Devon      14, 99, 126
BROOKS, Mrs B                  Hants           133                        THOMAS, Mr IRW        Cornwall   123
COOK, Mrs CM                   Somerset        84, 128                    WALTERS, Mr JM        Devon      7, 148
COOKE, Mrs P                   Devon           152                        WATTON, Mrs HM        Devon      89
COZENS, Mr & Mrs S             Somerset        88, 139                    YAXLEY-DOBLE, Mrs D   Devon      11, 58
CROSS, Mr GC                   Northampton 130, 131
DAVIES, Mr R                   Devon           127, 147
DAWES, Mr A                    Somerset        170, 171
FAIRBROTHER, Mrs J             Derbyshire 18, 19, 20, 21, 83, 145, 146
FELTON, Ms C                   Northampton 135, 136
FRANCIS, Mr N                  Somerset        3, 4, 5, 6, 56, 57, 95
GERRING, Mrs D                 Somerset        121
GILLINGHAM, Mrs MJ             Devon           1, 90
HEXT, Messrs P & RC            Devon           85, 86, 87
HODDER, Mr F                   Somerset        96, 97, 98
HODGE, Mr DAJ                  Devon           62
HODGE, Mr JAT                  Devon         51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 91, 91
HODGE, Messrs JAT & DAJ        Devon           160, 175
HOLT, Miss P                   Wiltshire       41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46,
                                               47, 48, 49
JONES, Mrs S                   Gloucestershire 153
KELLAND, Ms G                  Devon           8, 9, 129, 134
KREMERS, Mrs S                 Devon           93, 94, 144
MANN, Mrs J                    Cornwall        161, 164, 165, 176
MATTHEWS, Mrs M                Cornwall        80, 137
PEARSE, Mr CL                  Devon           63, 64, 65, 124, 149
PLUCK, Mrs S                   Somerset        79, 138
RICKMAN, Mrs L                 Hants           122, 162, 163
SEWARD, Mr & Mrs CJ            Wales           12, 13
SLEEMAN, Mrs T                 Cornwall        61, 100
                Sale commences promptly at 10:30am                              MRS D BANGER                                              Marillion
                                                                                Non VAT                                                   08290

                          COLT FOALS                                        2   Marillion Rosso, skewbald, b.01.05.2009                   23”
                   Minimum upset price of 100gns                                AW0676 826039000

                                                                                S. Marillion Georgeo AM0987

MRS MJ GILLINGHAM                                          Mignon                       MGS. Little Jo of Green Meadows 0033015
Non-VAT                                                    1687                 D. Birchwood Primula AE1853
                                                                                        MGD. Birchwood Babycham 016305M
1    Mignon Tristan, Cream dun & white, b.28.04.2009                28”                        MGGS. Ashorne Bri-Nylon 0022365
                                                                                Comments: A good quality striking colt. Excellent breeding and
     S. South Sands Velvet AP0201/S07-033                                       conformation, potential for show or stallion. To make 30”, fully
             MGS. Mardlebrook Dancer AH0546/500-085
     D. Kirkstall Acacia AQ0356M08
             MGD. Kirkstall Lollipop II 014950M
                      MGGS. Little Jo of Green Meadows 033015                   MR N FRANCIS
                                                                                Non VAT                                                   08036
     Comments: A good looking well made colt out of a prize winning mare
     and carries both Kirkstall and Birchwood bloodlines. Tristan is very   3   Inklings Francis, black, b.02.05.2009                     18”
     correct, has good bone, great presence and a wonderful temperament.        AW0096
     He has been regularly wormed, trimmed and should have a great future
     showing or breeding.                                                       S. Camelot of Catchpool AK1788

                                                                                        MGS. Zeal of Houlland 003979S
                                                                                D. Foula Inkling AQ0366
                                                                                        MGD. Bayhall Eva AH0818
                                                                                                 MGGS. Crackerjack of Berry AD0463

                                                                                Comments: Halterbroken.
4   Sunshines Francis, chestnut, b.11.05.2009              17”          MR JM WALTERS                                            Sharptor
    AW0049                                                              Non VAT                                                    005036

    S. Cotmullion Domino AP2284                                  7      Sharptor Atmosphere, black, b.02.05.2009        To make 39” approx
           MGS. Earlsdon Georgian Silver 003865S
    D. Chamness Tallulah Colorado Sunshine AK0099                       S. Kerloch Reality AN0197 S06 109
           MGD. Shamness Muskie of Maddaford AB0310
                 MGGS. Tyros Little Nipper 003622S                              MGS. Knock Gallant Knight 004270
                                                                        D. Schivas Amber AJ1780 M02 179
    Comments: Halterbroken.                                                     MGD. Schivas Emma 016637
                                                                                      MGGS. Lakehead Ember 003370

                                                                        Comments: A striking colt from the very successful show mare
5   Amours Bradley, chestnut, b.12.05.2009                 28”          Schivas Amber. A pedigree that combines Knock, Stow and Westpark
    AW0051                                                              bloodlines.
                                                                        Visit for photos.
    S. Cotmullion Domino AP2284

            MGS. Cranford Ready-Teddy-Go AC11305
    D. Cranford Cherie Amour AJ0391
            MGD. Cranford Little Cherub AA0849                       MS G KELLAND                                                  Onahill
                   MGGS. Barflat Slider 0040255                      Non VAT

    Comments: Halterbroken                                       8      Onahill Whizzkim, skewbald, b.06.05.2009

                                                                        S. Windwillow Muskin S07082
6   Myfanwys Dylan, skewbald, b.14.05.2009                 20”
                                                                               MGS. Birchwood Mandarin S96 62
    S. Cotmullion Domino AP2284                                         D. Seaspur Millennium Fizz AJ1826 M08
                                                                               MGD. Seaspur Cherry Blossom M9742
           MGS. Viceroy of Catchpool AE1908                                             MGGS. Kerswell Sultan 0038715
    D. Myfanwy Illtyd AP2299
           MGD. Illtyd Breeze AH2454
                    MGGS. Prince of Pant-Y-Celyn 0042585

    Comments: Halterbroken
9       Onahill Spelldancer, Black & three white socks, b.20.05.2009                          MRS D YAXLEY-DOBLE                                                Donabi
                                                                                              Non VAT                                                           001721
        S. Onahill Spellbinder S07030
                                                                                    11   11   Donabi Soothsayer, chestnut, b.08.05.2009                         25”
               MGS. Halstock Highland Mist S99 112                                            AW0629
        D. Jackmoor Flight of Fancy AP1484 M08
               MGD. Halstock Nancy M01317                                                     S. Athelney Pale Magic AE0540 S97022
                       MGGS. Windswift Crusader Gold AA0524
                                                                                                      MGS. Little Jo of Green Meadows 003301
                                                                                              D. Birchwood Smallprint AD1988 M05316
                                                                                                      MGD. Birchwood Biscuit D15689
                                                                                                             MGGS. Firth Honey Clover 003598
     MRS S BOWLING                                                    Athelney
     Non VAT                                                          1738                    Comments: Small typey chestnut colt out of multi-champion skewbald
                                                                                              mare. Last years colt exported to Germany to make 30”.
10      Athelney Painter, grey skewbald, b.07.05.2009                         24”
        826039000AW1443                                                                       MR & MRS CJ SEWARD                                        Windwillow
                                                                                              Non VAT                                                         04520
        S. Athelney Masterpiece AR1527 S07 071
                                                                                         12   Windwillow Miracle, skewbald, b.08.05.2009                        27”
               MGS. Vordean Picea 0035935                                                     826039000 AW1144
        D. Kerswell Crystal
               MGD. Torside Cobweb 01674217                                                   S. Rexon McDuff AN1470
                        MGGS. New Park Chieftain 0036835
                                                                                                     MGS. Little Vic of Kelly AC0732
        Comments: Quality colt, full brother to last years top price filly foal.              D. Rexon Miss Moffat M02339 AH1219
        Should do well if produced correctly.                                                        MGD. Rexon Danna M98245 AD0633
                                                                                                             MGGS. Kerswell McDuff 003963

                                                                                              Comments: Quality skewbald colt foal out of prolific winning mare who
..                                                                                            was champion at the Three Counties 2004 – this mare’s progeny
                                                                                              include Windwillow Mischief (34”) under saddle, well placed in Olympia
                                                                                              qualifier – champion in hand. Windwillow Miskin champion in hand, 2
                                                                                              at 2004 Breed Show (coloured); Windwillow Megan – many wins,
                                                                                              including reserve junior champion at 2008 Royal Welsh and Windwillow
                                                                                              Mirage champion Mountain & Moorland at the Royal Welsh Winter Fair
                                                                                              2008. This colt has everything about him to follow in their footsteps.
13   Windwillow Zorro, piebald, b.14.05.2009                       27”                    MRS A STEVENS                                            Catchpool
     826039000 AW1145                                                                     Non VAT                                                        1239

     S. Rexon McDuff AN1470                                                          15   Blue Shadow of Catchpool, blue roan, b.19.05.2009                31”

                 MGS. Seva Simon 004183                                                   S. Nobelman of Catchpool AF0849
     D. Seva Ziggy M96144 AC2973
                 MGD. Seva Joy 011320                                                              MGS. Brin of Berry AG1610
                        MGGS. Seva Frodo 002808                                           D. Kibi of Houlland AR1091
                                                                                                   MGD. Cissy of Houlland AG0707
     Comments: Eye catching piebald colt out of top breeding Seva mare –full                               MGGS. Bramwell of Berry AB1403
     brother to Windwillow Zsa-Zsa who has done extremely well in the show ring
     this year and half brother to Windwillow Zebedee who has had a brilliant             Comments: An attractive colt. Should do well showing.
     season in both Shetland and CHAPS classes. Definitely one for the future.

     MRS A SWINSCOW                                                Kirkstall
     Non VAT                                                       01277                  MISS L STEVENS                                           Catchpool
                                                                                          Non VAT                                                        7366
14   Kirkstall Foxglove, cream dun, b. 19.05.2009                          29”
     AW0161                                                                          16   Hufflepuff of Catchpool, black, going grey, b. 25.05.2009        36”
                                                                                          Bred by Mrs A & Miss L Stevens
     S. Tawna Dynamic AQ1432
                                                                                          S. Ricclaton Gauntlet AE0605
                 MGS. Kirkstall Lancelot 39275
     D. Staplow Fleur AD0561M                                                                     MGS. Gold Crest of Drakelaw 003166
                 MGD. Perriwinkle of Glebe 16144M                                         D. Claylands Celeste AD0248
                         MGGS. New Park Burlington Bertie 37395                                   MGD. Claylands Crystal 016580
                                                                                                         MGGS. Targe of Hutton 004016
     Comments: “Foxy” is a stunning pale cream, with a light brown eel stripe. His
     sire is 31” chestnut and white, dam dun and white, so he should throw cream          Comments: A nice colt foal with plenty of bone. Great bloodlines to be
     and white. He looks to have great stallion potential.                                a top ridden pony, would also be good stallion potential.
17   Morgan of Catchpool, golden dun, b.25.05.2009            30”              19   Libbyjo Buzz, skewbald, b. 30.05.2009                     To Make 31”
     AW1825                                                                         AW1695

     S. Niceman of Catchpool AP1590 S05086                                          S. Barflat Zero AK0583 S03

            MGS. Orion of Brindister 0038535                                                MGS. Tawna Bumble Bee 31315
     D. Diamante of Catchpool AC2632                                                D. Fairy Camomile AK1153
            MGD. Crystal of Waterloo 013586M                                                MGD. Fairy Cappucino AF1629
                    MGGS. Sonny Boy of Tangwick 0024535                                           MGGS. Fairy Viking 23115

     Comments: A lovely colt foal, stallion potential. Good colour and              Comments: Buzz is a real eye catcher. He has some excellent
     movement. Champion Shetland at foal and youngstock show. Would do              bloodlines all the way through with Fairy, Tawna and Barflat. He should
     very well showing.                                                             go a long way in the future as a show pony or future stallion.

     MRS J FAIRBROTHER                                        Libbyjo
     Non VAT                                                            6610

18   Libbyjo Banjo, skewbald, b.25.05.2009                      To Make 31”    20   Libbyjo Bracken, piebald may go blue and white, b.08.06.2009 To make 30”
     AW1696                                                                         AW1694

     S. Barflat Zero AK0583 S03                                                     S. Wolfords Joey 267967

             MGS. Goldsytch Gradbach 42045                                          D. Morjoy Dinky AM2283
     D. Fairytail Florence AN1399                                                           MGD. Kington Auntie Dott AA1790
             MGD. Fairytail Tash AH1032
                                                                                    Comments: Bracken is out of coloured parents. He will mature to
     Comments: Banjo is a stunning little chap he has great bloodlines              around 30”-31”. He was born piebald but he may blue and white. He
     behind him with Barflat and Fairytail lines. He should make a excellent        is a nice little colt.
     show/stallion future prospect.
21   Libbyjo Blake, skewbald, b.21.06.2009                     To Make31”               42   42   Park View Marmalade, chestnut, b.07.05.2009
     AW1801                                                                                       AW0830

     S. Hazelhead Little Big Shot 233246                                                          S. Park View Lancelot AE1435 S03 055

     D. Hazelhead Iona AH2134                                                                             MGS. Comus of Houlland 002666S
            MGD. Shellkirk Bonnie AC2748                                                          D. Park View Kerry 016065M
                                                                                                          MGD. Park View Astral 011846M
     Comments: Blake is a really nice put together colt. He is from small parents so                             MGGS. Pepperpot of Marshwood 0022055
     should mature at 31”-32”.
                                                                                                  Comments: Very sturdy filly, dam 31” chestnut, sire 31” skewbald from
                                                                                                  Champion prizewinning line.

                                                                                             43   Park View Chloe, black and white, b.07.05.2009
                                      FILLY FOALS                                                 AW0823

     MISS P HOLT                                                      Park View                   S. Twyfords Domino AP0901 S07 074
     Non VAT                                                          003389
                                                                                                          MGS. Southsands Gilbert 004319S
41   Park View Lettie, bay, b. 26.04.2009                                                         D. Park View Coco AN1971 M09
     AW0831                                                                                               MGD. Park View Tammy 016064M
                                                                                                                 MGGS. Ash Hill Honey Peppermint 003828S
     S. Park View Lancelot AE1435 S03 055
                                                                                                  Comments: Small lovely filly, dam 29”, sire 30” black and white.
             MGS. Southsands Gilbert 0043195
     D. Park View Bette AC12791 M98 517                                                      44   Park View Ella, grey, b.11.05.2009
             MGD. Park View Tammy 016064M                                                         AW0825
                    MGGS. Ash Hill Honey Peppermint 0038285
                                                                                                  S. Twyfords Domino AP0901 S07 074
     Comments: Lovely tiny filly, dam 30” grey, sire 31” skewbald. Will make a lovely
     brood mare or show pony.                                                                             MGS. Comus of Houlland 002666S
                                                                                                  D. Park View Tuppence 01709M
                                                                                                          MGD. Witchavon Atlast 013460M
                                                                                                                 MGGS. Babycham of Townsend 00277S

                                                                                                  Comments: Sturdy filly, dam 31” grey, sire 30” black and white. Will
                                                                                                  make a lovely brood mare or show pony.
45   Park View Little Shammy, black & white, b. 16.05.2009                        48   Park View Tia Maria, bay and white, b. 23.05.2009
     AW0833                                                                            AW0827

     S. Stranduff Prince Charming AP0863 S07 099                                       S. Twyfords Domino AP0901 S07 074

         MGS. Ash Hill Honey Peppermint 03828S                                                 MGS. Ash Hill Honey Pepperpot 0038285
     D. Park View Tammy 016064M                                                        D. Park View Gina AA0951 M96 235
         MGD. Park View Cherry 013459M                                                         MGD. Park View Buttons 013461M
                 MGGS. Comus of Houlland 02666S                                                       MGGS. Thor of Houlland 002137S

     Comments: Nice filly, will be small, dam 29” and sire 31” black and white.        Comments: Very tiny filly, dam 29” skewbald, sire 30” black and white,
                                                                                       going to be very small.
46   Park View Tangerine, chestnut, b. 20.05.2009

     S. Twyfords Domino AP0901 S07 074
                                                                                  49   Park View Josie, black and white, b. 01.06.2009
         MGS. Ash Hill Honey Peppermint 003828S                                        AW0832
     D. Park View Clementine AM0881 M06 691
         MGD. Park View Astral 011846M                                                 S. Park View Lancelot AW1435 S03 055
                 MGGS. Pepperpot of Marshwood 002205S
                                                                                               MGS. Southsands Gilbert 004319S
     Comments: Nice filly, dam 31” skewbald, sire 30” black and white so should        D. Park View Jodie AH23891 M04 559
     breed coloured.                                                                           MGD. Park View Lizzie 016066M
                                                                                                      MGGS. Lambstack Streaker 003125S
47   Park View Anita, skewbald, b. 20.05.2009
     AW0829                                                                            Comments: Sturdy filly, dam 31” grey, sire 31” skewbald from
                                                                                       prizewinning champion line.
     S. Park View Lancelot AE1435 S03 055

         MGS. Aikeybrae Ben AE1492 S98 030
     D. Park View Venus AR1276 M09
         MGD. Park View Kerry 016065M
                 MGGS. Comus of Houlland 002666S

     Comments: Nicely marked filly, dam 31” chestnut, sire 31” skewbald comes
     from prizewinning champion line.
     MRS A STEVENS                                                   Catchpool
     Non VAT                                                         1239

50   Zara of Catchpool, black, b.27.04.2009                          31”            52   Halstock Maple Brownie, chestnut, b.09.05.2009         Miniature
     S. Camelot of Catchpool AK1788
                                                                                         S. Halstock Napalm Mouse AP2192 S08 036
            MGS. Mormond Superb 003819
     D. Yarpha Tara AR0758                                                                       MGS. Windswift Crusader Gold AA0524
            MGD. Yarpha Sonia AA1833                                                     D. Halstock Golding Brandy AD0844 M97 101
                    MGGS. Wells Plato 003185                                                     MGD. Halstock Brandy II 01664B
                                                                                                        MGGS. Newtown Norseman II 001764
     Comments: Pretty black filly out of an Orkney bred mare.
                                                                                         Comments: A sweet filly with a small attractive head. Sired by Halstock
                                                                                         Napalm Mouse, cream and white 30.6”, a son of Kerswell Dangermouse.
                                                                                         Visit for photos.

     MR JAT HODGE                                                    Halstock
     VAT                                                             000600
                                                                                    53   Halstock Maple Kiawa, skewbald, b.11.05.2009
51   Halstock Shadows Virginia, piebald, b.02.05.2009                Miniature           AW0777
                                                                                         S. Halstock Napalm Mouse AP2192 S08 036
     S. Kerswell Shadow AW0812
                                                                                                  MGS. Firth Golden Fleece 003957
             MGS. Toby of Glenbogie 003711                                               D. Firth Kiwi AG0421 M00 056
     D. Halstock Vixen of the Glen AP2205 M09                                                     MGD. Kiki of Blackboys 013663
             MGD. Halstock Valley Girl AF2541 M01 494                                                    MGGS. Primero of Kellas 003171
                     MGGS. Kilcummer Bilberry 004358
                                                                                         Comments: A well marked skewbald filly by Halstock Napalm Mouse,
     Comments: A stylish piebald filly by Kerswell Shadow, black 31.75”. A son of        cream and white 30.5”. Visit for photos.
     Vordean Picea. Visit for photos.
54   Halstock Flurry, skewbald, b. 19.05.2009                     Miniature         MR N FRANCIS
     AW0773                                                                         Non VAT                                                          08036

     S. Kerswell Crusader AS1418 S97 021                                       56   Brackens Princess Lucy, bay, b.03.05.2009                        20”
             MGS. Gardje Lance AD1453
     D. Halstock Frolic AQ1991 M09                                                  S. Cotmullion Domino AP2284
             MGD. Halstock Fruit AC3117
                     MGGS. Lakehead Evan 003653                                           MGS. Oz of Berry 004162S
                                                                                    D. Somahouse Bracken AM0410
     Comments: A daughter of the two time National Breed show Miniature                   MGD. Edwina of Quimper AA1177
     Champion and out of the 34” skewbald mare by Gardje Lance. Visit                            MGGS. Telfar of Transy 003488S for photos.
                                                                                    Comments: Halterbroken.

55   Halstock Honeydew, cream dun, b.29.05.2009           Miniature       31   57   Laites Jean, brown with grey legs, tail & muzzle, b.01.06.2009   20”
     AW0811                                                                         AW0095

     S. Kerswell Muscat AA0495                                                      S. Cotmullion Domino AP2284

            MGS. Tyros Little Nipper 003622                                                 MGS. O’Islay Maybe AC21145
     D. Chamness Honeysuckle AB0306                                                 D. Blenheim Latte AR0307
            MGD. Meadoak Sunshine 013371                                                    MGD. Winchcombe Sugar Puff 014973M
                  MGGS. Culverwood Sweet Sunrise 002127                                            MGGS. Stanhoe Romulus 0030915

     Comments: A daughter of Kerswell Muscat, golden dun 32.75” and                 Comments: Halterbroken.
     son of New Park Chieftain. Dam palomino 34”. Visit for photos.
     MRS D YAXLEY-DOBLE                                             Donabi          60   Primrose of Catchpuddle, blue roan/grey, b.29.04.2009             29”
     Non VAT                                                        001721               AW1823

58   Donabi Safina, skewbald, b.08.05.2009                          26”                  S. Camelot of Catchpool AK1788 505021
                                                                                                MGS. You-Know-Who of Brindister AC0990
     S. Athelney Pale Magic AE0540 S97022                                                D. Abacus Rose AK0492 M04352
                                                                                                MGD. Abacus Roxy AB1255
             MGS. Little Jo of Green Meadows 003301                                                    MGGS. Rod of Berry 0038795
     D. Birchwood Shamrock AJ1953 M03047
             MGD. Bainden Belinda AD1493                                                 Comments: A lovely filly who will be an asset to any stud. Only for sale
                    MGGS. Ashorne Bri-Nylon 002236                                       as we are cutting back.

     Comments: Very unusual stunning show quality skewbald filly with gorgeous
     head inherited from her multi championship winning skewbald dam. This
     outstanding filly with superb temperament should do well in the show ring.

                                                                                         MRS T SLEEMAN                                             Shimmering
                                                                                         Non VAT                                                        07424
     MR C STEVENS                                           Catchpool
     Non VAT                                                      3151              61   Shimmering Daisy, Palomino, b.19.05.2009                  To Make 30”
                                                                                         826039000 AWO172
59   Coleen of Catchpuddle, blue roan, b.09.05.2009                 30”
                                                                                         S.Whitalis Minnow Boy AN1703 506020
     S. Niceman of Catchpool AN1344
                                                                                                MGS. Meadow Down Sir Humphrey S01 002
           MGS. Adonis of Catchpool 004389                                               D. Mouseholes Cinderella M07 027
     D. Mme Colette of Catchpool AN1344                                                         MGD. Endrick Goldilocks 016128M
           MGD. Mme D’Isle of Catchpool 016344                                                         MGGS. Hayes Hill Edgar 0033035
                    MGGS. Orgill of Mousa 003852
                                                                                         Comments: A sweet natured filly, a good show potential, well handled
            Comments: A pretty blue roan filly with good action. Should mature at        and quiet, can catch her in the field. Miniature bred to make 30 inches.
            about 32”.                                                                   This little filly will be a welcome addition to any stud.
     MR DAJ HODGE                                                Blackertor
     VAT                                                                003467
                                                                                 64    Mardlebrook Odessa, piebald, b.23.06.2009                          24”
62   Blackertor Pluto’s Dora, piebald, b.18.06.2009              To Make 38” +         AW0550
                                                                                       S. Merrylees High Flyer AQ1587 S06 267
     S. Finnister Pluto AK0758 S05 017
                                                                                              MGS. Blenheim Debonair AG0336
            MGS. Wells Headline 003654                                                 D. Mardlebrook Lucy Locket AS2372 M09
     D. Owlacombe Daisy Belle AC1290 M96026                                                   MGD. Mardlebrook Hermione AN0410 M06
            MGD. New Park Radiance 016067                                                             MGGS. Mardlebrook Bonanza AF1715 S98
                   MGGS. New Park Espresso 003592
                                                                                       Comments: Small correct filly, dam skewbald, sire piebald. Excellent
     Comments: Dora is a filly with plenty of scope, with Wells and Newpark            breeding.
     bloodlines behind her. Visit for photos.

     MR CL PEARSE                                                Mardlebrook
     Non VAT                                                            3072      65   Mardlebrook Olivia, piebald, b.24.06.2009                          25”
63   Mardlebrook Olive, blue dun, eel stripe, b.20.06.2009               21”
     AW0546                                                                            S. Mardlebrook Lone Ranger AS2375 S08

     S. Mardlebrook Lone Ranger AS2375 S08                                                      MGS. Standuff Sparkle 41015
                                                                                       D. Millbrook Nebo AC1894
            MGS. Southsands Rhubarb AJ0799 S02                                                  MGD. Millbrook Autumn Surprise 016195M
     D. Mardlebrook Leone                                                                              MGGS. Newpark Birlington Bertie 37395
            MGD. Mardlebrook Celendine
                    MGGS. Kerswell Hamlet AB04395                                      Comments: A bright, sparky filly, correct in all ways. Both parents are
     Comments: Olive is a very tiny straight moving little filly, her dam only
     28”. When she loses her baby coat she will be blue dun. One not to
     be missed.
                                    JUNIOR FEMALE

     MESSRS C & M BRAMLEY-ROBINS                                  Bramins            78   78   Bramins Hestia, black, b.29.05.2008             To Make 39-40”
     Non VAT                                                         7275                      AU3391

76   Precious in Gold of Clapham, palomino, b.02.05.2006              32”                      S. Millhouse Temptation AQ2177
     Bred by Messrs CM Bramley-Robins & NJ Slaughter                                                   MGS. Highfield Zeus 3538S
                                                                                               D. Vesta of Milton AP0768
     S. Kerswell Lightening AG2121                                                                     MGD. Kensons Velvet 14923M
                                                                                                                MGGS. Lakehead Merry Boy 3002S
             MGS. Kerswell Suntan 3871
     D. Petra of Clapham AJ1603                                                                Comments: Already been shown this year and was always in the top
             MGD. Percilla of Clapham 15697                                                    three, taking reserve yearling at the Royal Show. Hestia has lots of
                     MGGS. Helawis Mighty Atom 3542                                            bone, a nice head, good action and a wealth of mane and tail. Loss of
                                                                                               grazing forces sale.
     At pasture with Earlsdon Vernon AE1119 summer 2009

     Comments: Precious is a true palomino with nice golden colouring. She has                 MISS S PLUCK                                            Dinglefield
     good breeding behind her and has done well in the show ring. She has been                 Non VAT
     running with piebald stallion Earlsdon Vernon. Loss of grazing forces sale.
                                                                                     39   79   Rhydoldog Dera, chestnut, b.03.05.2006                  30” approx
77   Bramins Tamara, black, b.23.04.2008                      To Make 39-40”                   AS1824
     AU3392                                                                                    Bred by Mrs J Jones

     S. Millhouse Temptation AQ2177                                                            S. Helawi Golden Rain AE2307

            MGS. Earlsdon Prince William 36105                                                        MGS. Twyford Pedro AC1819
     D. Topsy of Clapham AC2408                                                                D. Ryndoldog Della AJ1122
            MGD. Kirsty of Haybrake 14317M                                                            MGD. Hayeshill Dorcus 013990
                     MGGS. Rubicon 21915                                                                     MGGS. Speyside Golden Suntan 002485

     Comments: Lovely filly with a very pretty head and a wealth of mane and tail.             At pasture with Holstock Glen Eagle AQ2284 F07-117 summer 2009
     She has good action and a nice temperament. Loss of grazing forces sale.
                                                                                               Comments: A lovely, well handled filly. Vaccinated up to date, good
                                                                                               breeding. Been running all summer with Homozygous skewbald,
                                                                                               Halstock Glen Eagle 30.75”.
     MRS M MATTHEWS                                                 Zennor        MRS S BOWLING                                            Athelney
     Non VAT                                                        3012          Non VAT                                                         1738

80   Zennor Amber, chestnut, b.12.05.2006                           38.5”    81   Kerswell Phlox, cream dun, b.20.05.2006                          30”
     AS1658                                                                       AS1443 M09
                                                                                  Bred by Mrs J Dennis
     S. Moorfield Beechnut 004393
                                                                                  S. Kerswell Morse AM1689 S0396
            MGS. Prancer of Methven 003161
     D. Southley Topaz                                                                   MGS. Vordean Picea 003593
            MGD. Southley Amber 014637                                            D. Kerswell Primrose II AM1688 M04440
                    MGGS. Southley Redskin 002925                                        MGD. Kerswell Prune AH1999 M01364
                                                                                                  MGGS. Kerswell Plum 014948
     Ran with Zennor Arregance AP1757 S08-041 until 12.06.2009
                                                                                  Running with Athelney Masterpiece and Kerswell Cowboy
     Comments: Ideal filly for performance breeding, grand dam mother of
     Southley Red Ember. Has been running with Zennor Arregance.                  Comments: This little mare is bred exceptionally well, she carries both
                                                                                  cream dun and palomino colouring. She has run with two stallions during
                                                                                  2009, Kerswell Cowboy, 30” blue roan and Athelney Masterpiece bay
                                                                                  roan skewbald 29” from foaling until July 7 . Resulting foal will require
                                                                                  DNA test against sire. Sold with colt foal at foot.

                                                                                  Foal at foot:
                                                                             82   Athelney Pepperpot, chestnut dun roan colt foal, b.19.05.2009.
                                                                                  Comments: Correct little chap. Sire is Cranford Bon-Chance 30”
                                                                                  chestnut stallion and should be smart if produced correctly.
     MRS J FAIRBROTHER                                         Libbyjo                    MESSRS P & RC HEXT                                       Bowerdon
     Non VAT                                                             6610             VAT                                                            6594

83   Westbridgepark Dashing Blue, skewbald, b.23.06.2006 33”                    85   85   Bowerdon Dotty, skewbald, b.03.04.2007
     AS2492                                                                               AT2738
     Bred by Mrs Chapple
                                                                                          S. Firth Golden Shred S02-060-AH1261
     S. Helawis Nicotiana Domino AB0692
                                                                                                 MGS. Kerswell Titan AF1860
     D. Blackertor Island Blue AM2205                                                     D. Keensacre Fizz AM1927
             MGD. Islays Blue 16592                                                              MGD. Plumtree Amy 014951
                                                                                                         MGGS. Kerswell Relko 003554
     At pasture with Barflat Zero AK0583 S03 from 12.06.2009 onwards.
                                                                                          Comments: Only for sale as she is daughter of our stallion
     Comments: Dasher is really friendly sometimes to friendly as she
     follows you like a dog. She is a great pony with everything. Dasher is
     only for sale to make room for homebred stock. Dasher has run with
     our skewbald stallion Barflat Zero 32” for 2010.
                                                                                86   86   Bowerdon Dandelion, palomino, b.21.05.2007

     MRS CM COOK                                               Carmaco                    S. Firth Golden Shred AH1261
     Non VAT                                                         7536
                                                                                                 MGS. Southsands Rhubard AJ0799
84   Carmaco Savannah, black, b.26.06.2006                     37” approx                 D. Mardlebrook Honeybun AN0403
     AS0499                                                                                      MGD. Tawna Doughnut 015701
                                                                                                         MGGS. Tawna Fairy Cake 012282
     S. Stepley Troy AH0027
                                                                                          Comments: Reluctantly for sale as she is daughter to our stallion.
             MGS. Tonka 2945
     D. Jesterswell Sweetbriar AF0978
             MGD. Brookfields Bramble AA1747
                     MGGS. Trigger Pegasus 3290

     Comments: Sire – Black, dam – Skewbald. “Sybil” as she is known,
     comes to call and has a lovely temperament. Only for sale as owner
     having a baby.
87   Bowerdon Dolly, brown & white markings, b.27.07.2007                            MRS HM WATTON                                              Helenbrie
     AT2742                                                                          Non VAT                                                         7242

     S. Firth Golden Shred S02-060 AH1261                                       89   Helenbrie Minstrel, skewbald, b.26.04.2007
            MGS. Gyspy Boy 004036
     D. Rowberton Penny AQ1394                                                       S. Newpark Sundance AF1345
            MGD. Wenlock Olive 016449
                   MGGS. Gometra Brodie 003546                                               MGS. Firzefield Little Boy 003581
                                                                                     D. Furzefield Little Cracker AE1633
     Comments: Reluctantly for sale as she is related to our stallion.                       MGD. Boltwood Petit Beure 011994
                                                                                                       MGGS. Boltwood Petitcoat

                                                                                     Comments: Well bred sweet natured and attractive filly, comes to call,
     MR & MRS S COZENS                                         Stepley               easy to handle, wormed regularly.
     Non VAT                                                   291

88   Stepley Tassi, black, b.06.04.2007                To Make 39”-40”
     AT0135                                                                          MRS MJ GILLINGHAM                                        Mignon
                                                                                     Non VAT                                                           1687
     S. Harviestoun Merlin 4401
                                                                                90   Hillash Sprinkle Dust, bay roan, b. 29.04.2007           29”
             MGS. Stepley Oscar AC0537                                               AT1673
     D. Stepley Toyah AK1063                                                         Bred by Mrs AP Gray
             MGD. Blazefield Tracey AA1626
                    MGGS. Tom Thumb of Thanet 3089                                   S. Wotknotts Squirrel Nutkin AP2072

     Comments: Beautifully bred filly that has been shown as a foal                         MGS. Edern Carna AH1958
     successfully. Good bone & hair and a super temperament. Should make             D. Edern Tlysni AP0478
     excellent ride/drive or brood mare. Full pedigree available on sale day.               MGD. Strathlene Highlight AF1197
                                                                                                     MGGS. Edern Domino AC1351

                                                                                     Comments: A well-bred small filly with good bone and kind
                                                                                     temperament, she is vaccinated against Tetanus and is microchipped
                                                                                     and freezemarked. Regularly wormed and seen by the farrier. She is
                                                                                     only for sale due to lack of grazing.
     MR JAT HODGE                                             Halstock                  MRS S KREMERS                                          Mousehole
     VAT                                                             000600             VAT                                                          01650

91   Halstock Cognacs Peppermint, piebald, b.18.05.2007 Miniature             93   93   Mouseholes Hermione, black, b.12.04.2008                       30”
     AT3180                                                                             AU1760

     S. Kington Conquac AE1463 S06 140                                                  S. Mouseholes Widget AJ2271 S03-074

             MGS. Lakehead Evan 003653                                                         MGS. Penanwell Nugget S97-046
     D. Halstock Penny AC3149 M96 460                                                   D. Mouseholes Daisy AMO421 M06-428
             MGD. Halstock Tina II 1665B                                                       MGD. Endrick Goldilocks
                    MGGS. Lakehead Linkman 002124                                                     MGGS. Toy Horse Lord Clayton 0044195

     Comments: A very attractive piebald filly with a good head, sired by               Comments: Run of North Wells, Toyhorse lines. Prospective show or
     Kington Conquac piebald 31”. A son of Fairy Cocktail. Visit                        stud pony. Excellent conformation, must reduce numbers. for photos.

92   Halstock Sorrels Moonspirit, dun & white, greying out, b.15.06.2007

     S. Quakers Sorrel AK0765 S04 056                                         94   94   Mouseholes Hattie, bay, b.07.05.2008                           29”
             MGS. Kerswell Muscat AA0495
     D. Halstock Moorview AN1954 M06 676                                                S. Mouseholes Widget AJ2271 S03074
             MGD. Halstock Moorgate AC3124
                    MGGS. Lakehead Evan 003653                                                 MGS. Penanwell Nugget AD0664 S97-046
                                                                                        D. Mouseholes Esme AR1543 M08
                                                                                               MGD. Mouseholes Sweet Briony
     Comments: A well bodied two year old filly with dun bloodlines through                           MGGS. Toy Horse Lord Clayton 0044195
     pedigree. Visit for photos.
                                                                                        Comments: Small filly – Widget grandson of New Park Cracker (full
                                                                                        brother to New Park Chieftain). Lovely temperament, must reduce
     MR N FRANCIS                                                             97      Eiger Konnie, bay, b.15.04.2008                                     29”
     Non VAT                                                          08036           AU2889

95   Valsheda Solly Solstice, bay, b.21.06.2007                       26”             S. Eiger Charlie AK1917
     Bred by Mrs J Tucker                                                                     MGS. Kerswell Magnet AD1283
                                                                                      D. Eiger Francesca AP1965
     S. Valsheda Viking AK1487                                                                MGD. Athelney Phylis AE0376
                                                                                                     MGGS. Kerswell Firecracker 4215S
             MGS. Fitty of Setter Hall 003272
     D. Zozie of Berry 016304                                                         Comments: This small filly is by the prolific winning stallion Eiger Charlie
             MGD. Zozo of Berry 012950                                                and out of show winning dam. She carries wonderful bloodlines, is a
                     MGGS. Patch of Berry 001933                                      correct mover and has a wonderful temperament, full of character, quiet
                                                                                      and friendly. She is a good show prospect.
     Comments: Halterbroken.

     MR F HODDER                                                      Eiger   98   Eiger Kizzy, brown, b.10.05.2008                               29”
     Non VAT                                                          03723        AU2899

96   Eiger Katie, bay, b.14.04.2008                                   29”          S. Kerswell Minnow 40935
                                                                                               MGS Rod of Berry 3879S
     S. Goodworth Bertie AH1994                                                    D. Parlington Jodie AF0893
                                                                                               MGD. Barclay Arms Golden Rose 011415
            MGS. New Park Chieftain 3683S                                                              MGGS. Rob of Gue 2663S
     D. Kerswell Josephine AA0483
            MGD. Kerswell Molly 012445                                             Comments: This is a sweet natured, quiet and friendly filly. She is out of
                     MGGS. Woodhall Red Robin 2813S                                show winning Parlington mare and by the well known piebald stallion
                                                                                   Kerswell Minnow who was Breed Show Coloured Champion as well as
     Comments: This smart little filly has a lovely small head, is sweet           winning many championships during his showing career.
     natured with a lovely temperament, quiet and friendly. She will make a
     good show pony or brood mare carrying wonderful bloodlines.
         MRS A SWINSCOW                                            Kirkstall
         Non VAT                                                           01277                                      LICENSED STALLION

99    Kirkstall Agapanthus Flower, dun & white, b. 22.05.2008 32”                        120   MESSRS C & M BRAMLEY-ROBINS                             Bramins
      AU0924                                                                                   Non VAT                                                       7275

      S. Kirkstall Achilles AQ0970S                                                120         Earlsdon Vernon, piebald, b.20.04.1995                          33.5”
                 MGS. Kirkstall Lancelot 3927S                                                 Bred by Mrs MV Pooley
      D. Staplow Fleur AD0561M
                 MGD. Perrywinkle of Glebe 16144M                                              S. Fairy Viking 2311
                        MGGS. New Park Burlington Bertie 37395
                                                                                                      MGS. Coffee of Runnymede 2129
      Comments: “Aggie” is a very pretty, well grown filly. Her sire is bay and                D. Runnymede Silk Petal AA1241
      white 32” and her dam dun and white 33.5”. She has not been shown as                            MGD. Runnymede Sateen 1598
      we have been showing the boys this year but she should be an asset to
      any stud wishing to breed that colour.                                                   Comments: Nice stallion who is very kind to his mares and foals. He is
                                                                                               very evenly marked and passes this on to his foals. He has a nice head
                                                                                               and moves very well. Loss of grazing forces sale.

         MRS T SLEEMAN                                             Shimmering
         Non VAT                                                        07424

100      Hawksground Candyfloss, palomino, b.21.07.2008
         826039000 AU2035
         Bred by Mr F Sleeman

         S. Whitalis Minnow Boy AN1703 S06 020

                MGS. Birling Glint of Gold 0039038
         D. Hawksground Pretty Polly M07 270
                MGD. Tregirls Annie AA2118
                       MGGS. Birling Golden Cloud 0030615

         Comments: A quiet natured filly, show potential, well handled, wormed.
         Miniature bred to make 30 inches approx. Loads of presence, a real
         pleasure to own, for sale because I only have the one stallion.
      MRS D GERRING                                           Witcombe               MR IRW THOMAS                                             Kalevan
      Non VAT                                                       07013            Non VAT                                                          07194

121   Redburn Little Sir Echo, skewbald, b.30.04.2001                 33”      123   Kirkstall Golden Celebration, chestnut dun & white, b.04.05.2002
      S04-074 AM0454                                                                 AN0169 50449                                                  33.75”
      Bred by Mrs W McLean
                                                                                     S. Fenland Khinjan 003989
      S. Kellas Pedro AA1399
                                                                                             MGS. Little Jo of Green Meadows 003301
             MGS. Ward of Houlland 003769                                            D. Kirkstall Lollipop II 014950
      D. Meg of Burnside M96 359                                                             MGD. Battleaxe Charity 013592
             MGD. Helga of Setter Hall 008214                                                           MGGS. Kirkbride Knighthood 002544
                     MGGS. Pippin of Mousa 002093
                                                                                     Presented for VVE and passed
      Presented for VVE and passed
                                                                                     Comments: Superb young stallion with excellent temperament. Kind,
      Comments: Echo has a lovely temperament. He runs out with mares and            easy to handle, good with mares and foals. Runs at pasture and covers
      foals. He has produced a very high proportion of coloured foals. Sadly         in hand. Shown with success, winning a first prize at Royal Cornwall
      for sale as we have too many boys.                                             Show. Sad sale as stud concentrating on solid colours and no longer
                                                                                     breeding coloureds. An asset to anyone wanting to breed coloured
      MRS L RICKMAN                                                   Tiptoe         miniatures. Fully licensed, DNA verified and microchipped.
      Non VAT                                                         08964

122   Tawna Blackjack, black, b.18.04.2002                            29”            MR CL PEARSE                                                Mardlebrook
      S07-080 AN1070                                                                 Non VAT                                                          3072
      Bred by Miss A Runnalls
                                                                               124   Mardlebrook Lightening, bay, b.16.05.2006                         30.75”
      S. Brandon Fiery Jack AD1657                                                   862039000 AS1189

             MGS. Kerswell Musketeer 004220                                          S. Mardlebrook Bonanza AF1715 S98-100
      D. Tawna Tiptoe AE0467
             MGD. Tawna Fancy That 012944                                                   MGS. Blenheim Debonair AG0336 S99
                     MGGS. Vordean Picea 003593                                      D. Mardlebrook Ginny AM0384 M04
                                                                                            MGD. Mardlebrook Cleo AG2260 M00
      Presented for VVE and passed.                                                                 MGGS. Newpark McDuff 40715

      Comments: Jack is a super little stallion, stocky with plenty of bone.         Comments: Quality little stallion, easy to handle, runs out with his mares
      Good stockgetter, runs with his mares and is easy to catch and handle.         and foals.
                                                                                          MRS A SWINSCOW                                            Kirkstall
      MISS L STEVENS                                           Catchpool                  Non VAT                                                           01277
      Non VAT                                                       7366
                                                                              126   126   Kirkstall King Alfred, cream/gold dun and white, b.06.05.2007 33.5”
125   Tomos of Catchpool, chestnut flaxen mane, b.05.06.2006         33”                  AT0346
                                                                                          S. Kerswell Muscat AA0495 S
      S. Milday Champagne Charlie AJ0560
                                                                                                  MGS. Mardlebrook Dancer AH0546
             MGS. Orion of Brindister 0038535                                             D. Kirkstall Abigail AP0105M
      D. Diamante of Catchpool AC2632                                                             MGD. Kirkstall Ursula AF0439M
             MGD. Crystal of Waterloo 13586M                                                               MGGS. Fairy Flavian 40028
                     MGGS. Bogs Lucky Bag 0020815
                                                                                          Presented for VVE and passed.
      Presented for VVE and passed.
                                                                                          Comments: “Alfie” is a perfect a gentleman, he has run with two mares
      Comments: Tomos is a lovely stallion and only for sale as we have too               this year and they are believed to be in foal. He has been shown as a
      many. Very sweet natured, easy to handle and always placed when                     foal and as a two year old, with constant success. Regretfully for sale as
      shown. This will be a very sad sale – we will miss him.                             we have his mother, three sisters and his grandmother. He is

                                                                                                                   ENTIRE MALE

                                                                                          MR R DAVIES
                                                                                          Non VAT

                                                                              127   127   Helawi Golden Charm, cream dun, b.07.06.2000                      38”
                                                                                          Bred by Mrs I Fanson

                                                                                          S. Helawi Golden Rain AE2301

                                                                                                  MGS. Birling Golding Boy 003448
                                                                                          D. Barflat Kitti AD1416
                                                                                                  MGD. Ebony Charmaine 00978
      MRS CM COOK                                            Carmaco                  MR G CROSS                                      Castlethorpe
      Non VAT                                                      7536               Non VAT                                                5289

128   Carmaco Party Popper, tricolour, b.22.06.2003                             130   Blazefield Thomas, piebald, b.10.09.2007                38”
      AP1102                                                                          AT2443
                                                                                      Bred by Mrs M Poulter
      S. Summerhayes Court Jester AF1975
                                                                                      S. Rothay Meadow Alfie AH0155
             MGS. Rockwood of Marshwood 3421
      D. Crumpets Princess AG0697                                                             MGS. Tom Thumb of Thanet 3089
             MGD. Scamells Crumpet 17027                                              D. Blazefield Tilly 15673
                     MGGS. Scamells Concorde 3694                                             MGD. Cwyllog Tabitha 12256
                                                                                                        MGGS. Wells Lucky Lad 2848
      Comments: Lovely temperament colt, has been broken to drive with
      previous owner. Has not been put forward for VVE due to lack of time as         Comments: A very well marked colt, would do well in coloured
      owner having a baby. Good breeding lines.                                       classes. He has a nice head and good floating paces.

      MS G KELLAND                                                   Onahill
      Non VAT                                                                   131   Hermits Columbo, piebald, b.23.05.2008                  29”
129   Windwillow May-Be Blue, Pale Blue Dun, b.09.07.2006            29.5”            Bred by Mr & Mrs A Butterfield
      Bred by: Mr & Mrs CJ Seward                                                     S. Hermits Sunlight AP0422

      S. Rexon Little Cumbrae S0151                                                          MGS. Patch of Glenbogie 37025
                                                                                      D. Hermits Lady Jane AE0488
              MGS. Helza Little Blue Boy 004286                                              MGD. Hermits Pippadee AB0286
      D. Fenland Belinda M98                                                                         MGGS. Tory of Southfieldgate 41695
              MGD. Fenland Nanette 015620
                                                                                      Comments: Very nice yearling colt. He is well marked, has lots
                                                                                      of bone and a very nice head.
      MISS L STEVENS                                        Catchpool                      Non VAT
      Non VAT                                                     7366
                                                                               134   134   Onahill Fizzkin, skewbald, b.12.05.2008                       30”
132   Puzzle of Catchpool, grey and white, b. 07.05.2008            38”                    AU1816
      Bred by Miss L & Mrs A Stevens                                                       S. Windwillow Muskin 8260390000

      S. Riccalton Gauntlet AE0605                                                                MGS. Birchwood Mandarin S96/062
                                                                                           D. Seaspur Millennium Fixx AJ1826/M08
             MGS. Adonis of Clibberswick 0041145                                                  MGD. Seaspur Cherry Blossom M9742
      D. Ulverscroft Empress AH1790                                                                        MGGS. Kerswell Suntan 0038715
             MGD. Ulverscroft Ester 010782M
                      MGGS. Crusader of Carner 0024415
                                                                                                                     OLDER MARE
      Comments: Puzzle is a lovely colt that will make someone a tremendous
      stallion/gelding. Bred to be a performance pony. Done very well
      showing. He was second at the Royal Welsh this year.                                 MS C FELTON                                           Tussilago
                                                                                           Non VAT                                                      06144

                                GELDING                                        135   135   Ulverscroft Tot Sunflower, piebald, b. 21.05.1993             33”
                                                                                           AC2860 M97 063
      MRS B BROOKS                                              Blashford                  Bred by Mrs PV Renwick
      Non VAT                                                       06637
                                                                                           S. Ola of Scotia 004312
133   Marillion Sunspot, skewbald, b.11.05.2005                     31”
      AR0422                                                                                       MGS. Ulverscroft Tot Timbrill 003134
      Bred by Miss T Banger                                                                D. Ulverscroft Tot Sunbeam 012987
                                                                                                   MGD. Ashorne Sunbeam 583B
      S. Marillion Georgeo AM0987                                                                          MGGS. Silver of Thorne 40B

              MGS. Kerswell Suntan 003871                                                  At pasture with Hermits Chariot AQ0640 S07 096 from 01.05.2009 –
      D. Birchwood Meadowsweet AD1982                                                      19.08.2009.
              MGD. Birchwood Bantam 016833
                    MGGS. Tyros Storm of Lambridge 003427                                  Comments: Sunflower is a beautiful well marked and kind piebald mare.
                                                                                           She is very easy to do in all ways, wormed and foot trimmed to date.
      Comments: A good looking strong gelding, correct conformation and                    She has been running with my 31” cream dun stallion, Hermits Chariot
      good movement. Kind loving temperament fully wormed and vaccinated.                  and has not been seen to return.
      MS G KELLAND                                                   Onahill
136   Keensacre Thyme, brown, b. 06.04.2003                                    32”         MISS S PLUCK                                          Dinglefield
      AP1895 M09                                                                           Non VAT
      Bred by Mr H Hutchings
                                                                                     138   Southsands Ophelia, skewbald, b.03.04.1996                     30”
      S. Kerswell Gold Finch AE2278 S98 44                                                 AE1522
                                                                                           Bred by Mr J Hodge
             MGS. New Park Commander 003360
      D. New Park Tomasina 016246                                                          S. Southsands Jackanapes AA0130
             MGD. Bogs Tiny Twink 011919
                    MGGS. Ian of Dandies 2638                                                     MGS. Park View Marcus 003252
                                                                                           D. Quennel First Attempts 016972
      At pasture with Copperfields Nutmeg II AH1737 S01 013 from                                  MGD. Kellas Pandora 014771
      01.05.2009 – 08.09.2009, not seen to return.                                                         MGGS. Schore of Kellas 002392

      Comments: Thyme is a lovely chunky mare, she is very well bred with                  Has been at pasture with Holstock Glen Eagle AQ2284 F07-117,
      Kerswell and New Park breeding. She has loads of bone and mane and                   summer 2009
      tail, wormed and foot trimmed to date. She had a gorgeous chunky filly
      foal this year.                                                                      Comments: A good brood mare, nice head, good bone. Last years filly
                                                                                           has proven very successful in the show ring. Been running wall summer
      MRS M MATTHEWS                                                 Zennor                with Homozygous Skewbald, Holstock Glen Eagle 30.75”.
      Non VAT                                                        3012

137   Zennor Goldfinch, chestnut, b.14.05.1994                       37”
      AD1616 M99 334

      S. Moorfield Beechnut 004393

             MGS. Newtown Northman 001668
      D. Southley Jenny Wren 011190
             MGD. Southley Redwing 009576
                     MGGS. Slacks Solid Gold 002446

      Covered by Southley Snowman 004296 in June

      Comments: A lovely mare of good old bloodlines. Ideal for breeding
      coloured standards. Had a good strong foal by Snowman this year and
      has been running with Southley Snowman again this summer.
      MR & MRS S COZENS                                    Stepley               MR N BASKWILL
      Non VAT                                                        291         VAT                                                                08069

139   Stepley Baby Belle, skewbald, b.19.04.1998                     32”   140   Top Rock Vanity, black, b. 14.05.1999                              44”
      AH1230                                                                     AJ0204
                                                                                 Bred by Ju Derricott
      S. Byways Tuscany King AB0357
                                                                                 S. Buckberry Ebony AC0427
             MGS. Southfieldgate Victory 3803
      D. Texan Bell AC0756                                                              MGS. Lakehead Winston 003660
             MGD. Texan Bunty 14509                                              D. Kensons Viola AD1611
                     MGGS. Earlsdon Dougal 3567                                         MGD. Kensons Velvet 014923
                                                                                                MGGS. Damespere
      Has been at pasture with Stepley Dangermouse AP0034 from
      24.05.2009 – 31.05.2009.                                                   Comments: A lovely mare to have around, could not find a suitable
                                                                                 stallion for her this year and will be sorry to see her go. Also cutting
      Comments: Well marked mare with a sweet temperament. Has been              down on my stock. I had a lovely black filly foal from her last year, which
      running with Stepley Dangermouse CH. 32”. Both winners in the show         I am keeping. A very kind, loving mare.
      ring, only for sale as retaining three of her daughters.
      MRS S BOWLING                                             Athelney           143   Cranford Petite Pink, cream dun, b.19.04.2004                   30”
      Non VAT                                                          1738              AQ1263 M08
                                                                                         Bred by Hart & Whitmee
141   Kerswell Ruby, bright red bay, b.21.05.1999                       31”
      AJ2133 M04331                                                                      S. Copperfields Nutmeg II AH1737 S0113
      Bred by Mrs J Dennis
                                                                                                 MGS. Barflat Slider 004025
      S. Vordean Picea 003593                                                            D. Cranford Plie AD0988 M9768
                                                                                                 MGD. Crown Princess 011354
             MGS. New Park Chieftain 003683                                                              MGGS. Hamlet of Hayes Hill 002373
      D. Kerswell Radish 014949
             MGD. Kerswell Rosa 012446                                                   Running with Kerswell Cowboy and Athelney Masterpiece.

      Comments: A very well bred mare, easy foaler, good mother. Daughters               Comments: Lovely, sweet little mare, foals easily and regularly has run
      retained. Has run with two stallions from foaling until 7 July 2009.               with two stallions since foaling in March 2009. Kerswell Cowboy 30” Blue
      Resulting offspring will require DNA test against sire. She is sold with a         Roan and Athelney Masterpiece 29” Bay Roan skewbald. Resulting foal
      bay and white colt foal at foot who is by Athelney Masterpiece.                    will require DNA test against sire.

      Foal at foot: Athelney Corsican born 21.04.2009. Smart, correct colt,
      who should do very well if produced correctly.
                                                                                         MRS S KREMERS                                           Mousehole
                                                                                         VAT                                                           01650
142   Athelney Misty, skewbald, b.08.05.2001                            31”
      AM0100 M05344                                                                144   Mouseholes Daisy, chestnut, flaxen mane and tail, b. 21.04.2001 32”
      S. Kerswell Buster 004342
                                                                                         S. Penanwell Nugget S97 046 AD0664
             MGS. Kinlet Fairy 009879
      D. Quartz’s Crystal AD1317 M98197                                                          MGS. Endrick Fergie 003872
             MGD. Quartz of Brindister 014480                                            D. Endrick Goldilocks 016128
                      MGGS. So Bo of Berry 003559                                                MGD. Endrick Goldie

      Running with Kerswell Cowboy and Athelney Masterpiece.                             Comments: Has been running with Mouseholes Widget AJ2271 S03-074
                                                                                         June – September.
      Comments: Outstanding mare, foals regularly and easily. Foaled April               Has bred some lovely foals. Sold through no fault of her own, must
      this year and has been running with both Kerswell Cowboy and Athelney              reduce numbers. Her yearling filly is also in the sale. Running with
      Masterpiece resulting offspring will need a DNA test against sire.                 Mouseholes Widget all summer.
                                                                                              MR R DAVIES
    MRS J FAIRBROTHER                                                   Libbyjo               Non VAT
    Non VAT                                                             6610
                                                                                        147   Megan of Sladedown, dark grey, b.26.05.2001                     33”
145 Goytre Kara, silver dun, b.16.05.2001                                         32”         AM2347
    AM1775                                                                                    Bred by Mrs AE Swabey
    Bred by Mrs J Rawlings
                                                                                              S. Hippominimus Felix 004292
    S. Rothay Meadow Sonny Boy AC2253
                                                                                                     MGS. Hippominimus Huggy Bear
    D. Goytre Hoffi AH1357                                                                    D. Morage of Sladedown
            MGD. Debron Cream Fudge 016455                                                           MGD. Ebony Dainty 010517

    At pasture with Benstonholm Ludo AS0503 S09 and covered 12.06.2009.

    Comments: Kara is extremely friendly and a great mum, she breeds lovely
    chunky dun foals. Kara is great to handle and loves attention. She has run with           MR JM WALTERS                                                  Sharptor
    our piebald stallion, 31” Benstonholm Ludo for 2010. Only for sale to make room           Non VAT                                                         005036
    for homebred stock.
                                                                                        148   Sharptor Chantilly, chestnut, b.24.05.2002                      33”
                                                                                              AN1915 M08

146 Foldhouse Moll Flanders, skewbald, b.03.06.2003                               31”         S. Cwmhen Farthing 003781
    Bred by Mrs S Wilmott                                                                           MGS. Merriville Jupiter 004051
                                                                                              D. Cwmhen Quadrille AD2291 M98 277
    S. Seva Little Lord 3314                                                                        MGD. Cwmhen Louise 015988
                                                                                                           MGGS. Seva Little Lord 003314
    D. Swarthoull Catalena AJ2109
           MGD. Robins Brae Kesley 1619B                                                      At pasture with Castlebrook Bucks Fizz AN1915 May - July

    At pasture with Benstonholm Ludo AS0503 S09 12.06.2009 onwards.                           Comments: A well boned sound mare, Chantilly bred a skewbald filly
                                                                                              foal this year. Cwmhen and Seva bloodlines. Chantilly ran with the 31”
    Comments: Sherry is a lovely small mare, she had a lovely little filly this year.         palomino stallion Castlebrook Bucks Fizz for a 2010 foal. Visit
    Sherry is extremely friendly and loves lots of attention. She has ran with       for photos.
    Benstonholm Ludo, piebald stallion for 2010. Only for sale to make room for
    homebred stock.
                                                                                      MRS A STEVENS                                           Catchpool
      MR CL PEARSE                                               Mardlebrook          Non VAT                                                       1239
      Non VAT                                                          3072
                                                                                150   Halstock Bears Cherry, chestnut, b.12.05.2004                   30”
149   Mardlebrook Isabella, skewbald, b.27.07.2003                    32”             AQ0571
      AP2113                                                                          Bred by Mr JAT Hodge

      S. Blenheim Debonair AG0336                                                     S. Keensacre Paddington AG1897

             MGS. Newpark McDuff 4071                                                         MGS. Fairy Chorus AE0438
      D. Mardlebrook Dinky AH2474                                                     D. Halstock Chyanne AK2006
             MGD. Elisha of Lodden Valley AD1023                                              MGD. Fairy Chypre 017038
                     MGGS. Bowani Boy 4092                                                           MGGS. Fairy Redstart 003532

                                                            st        st
      At pasture with Mardlebrook Lightening AS1189 from 1 June – 1                   At pasture with Camelot of Catchpool S05 021 AK1788
                                                                                      Comments: Cherry is a lovely little mare with a brilliant temperament.
      Comments: A quality little mare. Regular breeder. Sold with her dun             Only selling Cherry as we are cutting down. Brilliant brood mare. We are
      skewbald colt foal at foot.                                                     retaining Cherry’s daughter. Has been running with Camelot, 31” black

                                                                               151    Kibi of Houlland, black, b.19.05.2005                           36”
                                                                                      Bred by Miss ID Sandison

                                                                                      S. Brin of Berry AG1610

                                                                                              MGS. Bramwell of Berry AB1403
                                                                                      D. Cissy of Houlland AG0707
                                                                                              MGD. Willa of Houlland AA1772
                                                                                                      MGGS. Victor of Houlland 003768

                                                                                      Running with Camelot of Catchpool

                                                                                      Comments: Only for sale as we are reducing numbers. Bred a blue roan
                                                                                      colt foal this year. Bred on the Shetland Isles with a lot of Berry
       MRS P COOKE                                             Tickners
       Non VAT                                                        2157                          REGISTERED SPOTTED PONIES
                                                                                                           COLT FOALS
 152   Rickalton Dahlia, grey, b.21.05.2004                            39”
       Bred by Mrs CE Logan                                                           MESSRS JAT & DAJ HODGE                                 Halstock
       S. Claylands Chieftain AD0247 S975
                                                                                160   Halstock Comanche, bay leopard spot, b.04.05.2009 To Make 31” Appr
               MGS. Dryfesdale Double T 004233                                        82601509106M000
       D. Riccalton Crocus AGO724 M01136
               MGD. Riccalton Fantasia 011524                                         S. Twineham Pink Champagne 00023ML
                       MGGS. Kirkbride Whisky 003507
                                                                                              MGS. Ariel 00114PML
       At pasture with Zenor Drizzle AQ0599 S06, believed not covered and             D. Halstock Cortina 82601503039PF00
       examined not in foal.                                                                  MGD. Wantsley Caramel 03038F
                                                                                                      MGGS. Wanstley Ariel S77 11
       Comments: This mare is bred for performance. She has been backed
       and is hacking out sweetly on her own and in company. She is forward           Comments: Comanche is a full brother to Halstock Cleopatra who was
       going, but sensible and with further schooling should make a top class         Supreme Champion at this year’s BSpPS Breed Show. His two other full
       performance pony.                                                              sisters Halstock Corvette and Halstock Coral-Shell have both been
                                                                                      overall yearling champions over the past two years. A well marked colt
       MRS S JONES                                             Chasend                with great potential. Visit for photos.
       Non VAT                                                       4374
                                                                                      MRS J MANN                                             Penwarne
153    Chasend Vanessa, Chestnut b. 21.04.2005                         31”            Non VAT                                                      M026
                                                                                161   Penwarne Little Joe, chestnut leopard spot, b.20.06.2009       32”
       S. Athelney Lightening AG0951                                                  82601509190i2PM

              MGS. Brandon Canaster 004282                                            S. Tip Toe Ice Storm 02028M
       D. Chasend Lady Tara AJ0323
              MGD. Staplow Teasel AE0718                                                     MGS. Kilcummer Dino S94 IGB
                     MGGS. Kirkstall Lancelot 003927                                  D. Bruannon Peach Blossom 98169INTPFSCGBI
                                                                                             MGD. Furzefield Snowie S97 209
       Comments: This most attractive mare bred a lovely skewbald filly which                       MGGS. Duke of Haslemere S885 GRADE
       has been retained. She was successfully shown as a youngster and is
       easy to handle. Only for sale due to no stallion to run her with.
                     REGISTERED SPOTTED PONIES
                            FILLY FOALS                                                 MRS J MANN                                             Penwarne
                                                                                        Non VAT                                                M026
      MRS L RICKMAN                                                     Tiptoe
      Non VAT                                                           R006      164   Penwarne Pixie, black leopard spotted, b. 30.04.2009   To make 32”
162   Tiptoe Scarlet, chestnut b. 20.04.2009                      To make 34”
      82601509071F000C                                                                  S. Tip Toe Ice Storm 02028M

      S. Sadlers Half A Mo BSpPS 99052                                                         MGS. Ulysses of Hasguar AC2337
                                                                                        D. Chamness Tamara AQ2016
              MGS. Kerswell Cavalier AE2293                                                    MGD. Chamness Cocoa AK2289 M03227
      D. Tyrcoeds Reality AJ2375                                                                     MGGS. Earlsdon Georgian Silver 003865
              MGD. Rosamund of Mailand 013181
                    MGGS. Spangle of Berry 002686

      Comments: Chestnut filly, very pretty head, should “spot out” later on.
      Well bred.
                                                                                  165   Penwarne Crystal, bay spotted, b.13.05.2009                  34”

163   Tiptoe Gold Nugget, palomino, b.11.05.2009             To Make 32/33”             S. Tip Toe Ice Storm 02028M
                                                                                               MGS. Spitfire S9516
      S. Sadlers Half A Mo BSpPS 99052                                                  D. Kerswell Gigi 01084PF
                                                                                               MGD. Kerwell Nannette 01083F
             MGS. Chinook of Clonyard 003999                                                            MGGS. Kerswell Buster 4342
      D. Bransgore Primrose AK1733
             MGD. Kerswell Mimosa 015935
                     MGGS. Tyros Storm of Lambridge 003427

      Comments: Palomino filly, good breeding. A quality filly who should “spot
      out” later on.
                                     JUNIOR FEMALE                                                                 LICENSED STALLION

    MR A DAWES                                                          Spreyton
    Non VAT
                                                                                               MESSRS JAT & DAJ HODGE                                Halstock
170 Halstock Fancy, chestnut snow flake, b.12.05.2007                   33” Approx             VAT
    Bred by Messrs JAT & DAJ Hodge                                                       175   Kerswell Tempest, varnish roan, b.17.06.1994          31”
    S. Twineham Pink Champagne 00023ML                                                         Bred by Mr & Mrs A Dennis

            MGS. Pickles 00042PML                                                              S. Kerswell Nijinsky 003118
    D. Castle Folly 82601501020F000
            MGD. Confetti 01014F                                                                      MGS. Wantsley Mithril S80 04
                                                                                               D. Wantsley Treasure F83 02
    Comments: Fancy is a nice filly with lots of spotted breeding behind her. Only for                MGD. Wantsley Tiara F80 19
    sale as reducing numbers.
                                                                                               Comments: A well bred stallion combining both Kerswell and Wantsley
171 Spreyton Affinity, black turning snow flake, b.06.05.2008           31” Approx             bloodline. Tempest is the sire of the 2006 supreme BSpPS breed show
    82601509027F000BC                                                                          champion Kerswell Tiptop daughters retained by the stud. Visit
                                                                                      for photos.
    S. Kerswell Nero E01506056MB

            MGS. Twineham Pink Champagne                                                       MRS J MANN                                            Penwarne
    D. Halstock Twiggy 82601504199PF00                                                         Non VAT                                                     M026
            MGD. Halstock Tilly 03024PF
                                                                                         176   Kerswell Tyrian, chestnut blanket extended, b. 11.05.1998    34”
    Comments: A nice little filly, easy to handle, catch etc. Only for sale as cutting         826026904200077
    down.                                                                                      Bred by Mrs J Dennis
                                                                                               S. Spitfire S9516 GRADE

                                                                                                      MGS. Unknown
                                                                                               D. Kerswell Tuppence F98102
                                                                                                      MGD. Kerswell Tiddlywink AMR9514
                                                                                                              MGGS. Wantsley Camelot S8708
                                                                                                                      DIRECTIONS & ACCOMMODATION

       IMPORTANT                                                               DIRECTIONS:
                                                                               From M5 Junction 24: (travelling North) take the first exit off of the roundabout, keep in left hand lane and
                                                                               take the first exit off the next roundabout onto the A38. The market entrance is located on the left hand side
                                                                               at the traffic lights. Continue along estate road to a statue of a bull, keep left. The market car park is found

        NOTICES                                                                immediately beyond. For the loading bays keep left around the car park and follow to the rear of the market

                                                                               From M5 Junction 24: (travelling South) take the third exit and proceed as above.

PURCHASERS TO REMOVE PONIES FROM THEIR                                         Meals, light refreshments and bar are available at the Market Restaurant. The Market Restaurant will also be
                                                                               open on Wednesday evening for vendors delivering their ponies that evening.

The Society would like all vendors of ponies sold to foreign purchasers to     Walnut Tree Hotel, 87 Fore Street, North Petherton (M5, J24)
accompany the pony whilst the International Pony Movement Certificate is       Tel. 01278 662255
completed by the Vet. This is in order to reduce any delay should a query
                                                                               Travelodge, Huntworth, Bridgwater, TA6 6TS (M5, J24)
                                                                               Tel. 0871 984 6243

A list of registered potential purchasers will be provided to the SPSBS        Lower Farm, Thornfalcon, Taunton, TA3 5NR (M5, J25)
prior to the start of the sale. This is to benefit the smooth transfer of      Tel. 01823 443549 (Mr and Mrs John Titman)
ownership, in particular those ponies being exported, of ponies sold at this
sale. The list will NOT be used for any other purposes and those               Travelodge, Hankridge Farm, Taunton, TA1 2LR (M5, J25)
                                                                               Tel. 0871 984 6056
registering will be protected under the Data Protection Act.
                                                                               Holiday Inn, Taunton, TA1 2UA (M5, J25)
Passports for ponies legally required to have one will be checked at the       Tel. 0870 400 9093
Society Sales in 2008. Please ensure you contact a ‘checker’ to have your
pony looked at with its passport prior to handing the passport in to the       Boat & Anchor, Huntworth, Bridgwater, Somerset (M5, J24)
market office. It is the responsibility of the vendor or his/her agent to      Tel. 01278 662473

ensure this is carried out.
                                                                               Blackmore Farm, Blackmore Lane, Cannington, TA5 2NE (M5, J24)
                                                                               Tel: 01278 653442
All ponies sold for export from Society Sales in 2008 must have a passport.
If a pony is bought by a foreign purchaser and the pony does not already       TRAIN CONNECTIONS
have a passport, the PURCHASER will be required to pay £15.00 for a            Are available at Bridgwater (5 miles) and Taunton (10 miles) – First Great Western 0845 700 0125.
passport to be produced. This decision has been taken in order to ease
acceptance by the foreign Stud-Book Society concerned.                         The nearest airports are Bristol (0871 334 4344) via the A38 (28 miles) and Exeter (01392 367433) off Junction
                                                                               29 of the M5 motorway (35 miles).
                                             SALE INFORMATION                                                                                              CONDITIONS OF SALE

                                                                                                                   1.    The highest bidder for each lot shall be the purchaser, and in the event of any dispute the
CONDITIONS OF SALE                                                                                                       Auctioneers shall have absolute discretion either to settle such dispute or to re-offer the lot
The sale will be held under the Auctioneers’ normal conditions of sale (at the back of this catalogue), but if           immediately.
there should be any variance between these and the Special Conditions signed by the Vendor, the latter shall       2.    No person may advance less at a bid than a sum to be named from time to time by the
apply.                                                                                                                   Auctioneer, nor shall any bidding be retracted. The Auctioneer may, without giving any reason
                                                                                                                         therefore, refuse to accept the bidding of any person or persons.
CLEARANCE OF LOTS                                                                                                  3.    The Auctioneers reserve on behalf of themselves and the Vendor the following rights:-
All ponies should be removed from the premises on the day of sale. However, it may be possible for                       a.           to fix a reserve price
purchasers to leave their stock overnight if absolutely necessary, strictly by arrangement with the                      b.           to bid on behalf of the vendor
Auctioneers.                                                                                                       4.    Each purchaser shall give his or her name and address in writing (if required) to the Auctioneer
                                                                                                                         at the Sale, and pay the full purchase money at the close of the Sale, or, if required, the whole
INSURANCE                                                                                                                or a portion of the purchase money, as the auctioneer may determine, during the course of the
All lots are at the risk of their purchasers from the fall of the hammer, but insurance, can be affected through         Sale. If any Purchaser fails to comply with any of these conditions the lot or lots in respect of
NFU Mutual (01404 42051).                                                                                                which such failure is made may, if the Auctioneers thinks fit, be put up again and resold. If
                                                                                                                         upon such resale a lower price is obtained for any of such lots than was obtained on the first
PAYMENT                                                                                                                  sale the difference in price shall be a debt due from the Purchaser in default upon the first sale.
Payment for all lots must be made on the day of sale and methods are (1) CASH,                                           All goods sold will remain the property of the Auctioneers until the purchase price has been
(2) CHEQUES supported by either a letter of reference from your bank or a cheque guarantee card to cover                 paid in full. The purchaser will remain a bailee only until payment is made.
the sum of your purchases (3) BANKER’S DRAFT, (4) DIRECT DEBIT CARDS such as Switch, Delta, Solo, Classic          5.    No lot or lots shall be removed from the premises until paid for, but each and every lot shall
and Connect, (5) CREDIT CARDS subject to a 2% premium charge. Our bankers are NATIONAL WESTMINSTER                       immediately at the fall of the hammer be considered as delivered, and be and remain in every
PLC, Bridgwater. No clearance of purchases will be allowed until satisfactory payment has been received. IF              respect at the absolute risk of the respective Purchaser or Purchasers thereof, and shall be
YOU CANNOT COMPLY WITH THESE PAYMENT TERMS, PLEASE DO NOT BID AT THIS SALE.                                              removed at the Purchaser’s expense after the conclusion of the Sale and taken with all faults or
                                                                                                                         errors of description.
PRIVATE SALES                                                                                                      6.    The Auctioneers act only as agents for the Vendor(s) and are not responsible for any default by
Every lot is accepted on the understanding that it must not be sold prior to being auctioned, and any                    either Vendor(s) or Purchaser. In particular, they shall not be liable to pay the Vendor until
transaction resulting from it’s inclusion in this sale must be conducted through the Auctioneers.                        payment is received from the Purchaser.
                                                                                                                   7.    No undertaking of the Auctioneers or their employees to take charge of any lots after the sale
PEDIGREES                                                                                                                or to forward them to their destination shall be held to impose upon the Auctioneers any legal
Every care has been taken to ensure that the pedigree particulars are correct, but the Auctioneers cannot                obligation or vitiate any of the foregoing conditions.
hold themselves responsible for any errors that should occur.                                                      8.    Purchasers paying by cheque must be prepared, if required, to produce a banker’s reference.
                                                                                                                         The Auctioneers reserve the right in their sole discretion to refuse payment by cheque.
PONIES SOLD FOR EXPORT                                                                                             9.    In all cases of transfer the original Purchaser shall be held responsible for the purchase money.
The vendors of any animals sold for export must be prepared to take such animals back until such time as all       10.   The Auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw or divide any lot or to combine any two or more
the formalities for export have been completed. However, for vendors travelling long distances every                     lots at his sole discretion and to sell in such order as he may think fit.
endeavour will be used to make alternative arrangements.                                                           11.   The Auctioneers have described the lots to the best of their ability and belief from information
                                                                                                                         furnished by the Vendors who shall be alone responsible for any error or mis-statement which
                                                                                                                         there may be. The Auctioneers undertake no liability whatever in respect of any faults,
                                                                                                                         deficiencies and errors of any description, oral or printed, nor do they accept responsibility for
                                                                                                                         the authenticity, genuineness, origin, age, condition or quality of any lot and all statements as
                                                                                                                         to these matters whether contained in the catalogue or made orally are statements of opinion
                                                                                                                         only and are not to be taken as being or implying a statement or representation of fact. Any
                                                                                                                         intending Purchaser must satisfy himself by inspection or otherwise as to the correctness of
                                                                                                                         each such statement.
           The Vendor does not make or give and neither the Auctioneers, nor any person in their employ                                                       SHOW
have any authority to make or give any representation or warranty in relation to any of the lots without the
express instructions of the Vendor(s).
12.        The Auctioneers accept no responsibility in connection with the commissioning of their staff to                           Commencing at 9am in Concourse Ring
           bid for any lots. Reserves and commissions given verbally or by telephone are accepted at
           sender’s risk and must be confirmed in writing before the Sale.
13.        THIRD PARTY LIABILITY. All persons on the Auctioneers’ premises before, during or after the                           Judge: SPS-B Society Judge (To be confirmed)
           Sale shall be deemed to be there at their own risk and with notice of the condition of the
           premises and of the method of arranging lots and shall have no claim against the Auctioneers
           in respect of any injury or accident which may occur from any cause whatsoever.
                                                                                                                         Class            1st                    2nd                    3rd                    4th
14.        If any purchaser shall fail to comply with the above conditions or any of them, the Auctioneers
           shall be at liberty to recover in full the amount of the purchase money of the lot or lots brought              1
           by such Purchaser together with all interest costs , charges and expenses, without reference
           to any delivery or acceptance of the lot or lots, other than the first delivery by the fall of the
           hammer, or to resell any lot or lots bought by such Purchasers, either by public or private                     3
           sales, and the full amount of the purchase money at the present sale, or the deficiency (if any)
           arising from the second sale, together with all interest thereon at the rate of 15% per annum,
           costs, charges and expenses, shall be made good by the defaulter, and be recoverable as and                     5
           for liquidated damages.
15.        All private sales made on the day of sale must be booked through the Auctioneers any vendor
           found to be trading privately on the market premises will not be accepted into future sales.              Class 1      For the best Colt or Filly Foal born in 2009
                        Vendors who have agreed private sales before the day of sale of stock not listed in the
                        catalogue, may lair their ponies in a designated part of the market, on the basis of prior   Class 2      For the best Yearling Colt or Filly Foal born in 2008
                        notification and on the payment of £10.15 per pony to the Auctioneers.                       Class 3      For the best 2 and 3 Year old Colt or Filly born in either
                                  Auctioneers: GREENSLADE TAYLOR HUNT                                                             2006 or 2007
                                                                                                                     Class 4      For the best 4 Year old and over Female born in 2005 or
NOTE -     Purchasers or their agents are requested to obtain accounts and delivery orders at the
           Auctioneers’ Office before leaving the place of sale and carefully to examine same. The                                before
           Auctioneers cannot be held responsible for any errors in accounts or delivery orders unless               Class 5      For the best 4 Year old and over Entire Male or Gelding
           they are notified of such errors on the day of sale and before the lots are removed from the
           premises.                                                                                                              born in 2005 or before

                                                                                                                     Champion     ........................................................................................

                                                                                                                     Reserve Champion        .............................................................................

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