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									                                    CARDIOVASCULAR TECHNOLOGY
                                   Associate in Science Major Code 2186

Program Description
Cardiovascular Technology is a specialty dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of patients with cardiac and
vascular disorders. Graduates of the program are provided with a wide variety of career opportunities in
cardiovascular technology including, EKG stress testing, Holter monitoring, cardiac catheterization, pacemaker
clinics, and electrophysiology laboratories. Program completers qualify for the Cardiovascular Credentialing
International (CCI) Basic Science Exam, Certified Cardiographic Technician Examination, and the Invasive Registry
Examination. The Cardiovascular Technology Program and Respiratory Care Program share several courses. This
provides students in these two programs the opportunity to cross train and develop multiple skills without
unnecessary duplication of coursework. Students who complete the Cardiovascular Technology Program will be
granted priority admission status for the Respiratory Care Program. The program is comprised of two primary areas
of study: invasive and non-invasive cardiovascular procedures. The invasive cardiovascular courses, CVT 2420,
CVT 2420L, CVT 2421, CVT 2421L, CVT 2840L and CVT 2841L involve exposure to radiation. Therefore, no one
who is pregnant may be enrolled in these courses. Students who become pregnant while taking these courses will
be allowed to withdraw without grade penalty, but may not continue in the courses.

Applicants should call (954) 201-2085 for additional information. Program is offered at Health Sciences,
North Campus.

Criteria for Admission to Cardiovascular Technology Associate in Science degree:
         Applicants must complete the requirements for admission to Health Science Programs. See page 32.
         Student must have satisfactory completed all College Preparatory Courses.
         Complete all pre-requisite courses with a grade of “C” or higher prior to submitting an application
         Students must have a minimum 2.0 overall degree GPA.
         Applicants must complete the Pre-Health Core requirements (HCP 0130, CAE 0299, CAE 0382,
          CAE 0474, and CAE 0476)) prior to admission to the program.
         Complete a four-hour observation.

Pre-requisite Courses                                       Second Year Term I
*MAT 1033 Intermediate Algebra or higher            3       *CVT 2840L Clinical I                            4
*BSC 1085 Anatomy and Physiology I                  3       *PHY 1001 Applied Physics                        3
*BSC 1085L Anatomy and Physiology I Lab             1        CGS 1100 Introduction to Computer Applications 3
*CHM 1033 Chemistry for Health Sciences             3        SPC 1600   Public Speaking or
*ENC 1101 Composition I                             3        SPC1024    Introduction to Speech Communication 3
        Total Semester Hours                       13       *CVT 2920   Cardiac Pathophysiology              3
                                                                   Total Semester Hours                    16
First Year Term I
*CVT 2620     Non-invasive Cardiology I              3      Second Year Term II
*CVT 2620L Non-invasive Cardiology I Lab             1      *CVT 2841L Clinical II                                   4
*RET 1485     Cardiopulmonary Anatomy and                   *STA 2023      Elementary Statistics                     3
              Physiology                            3       *MCB 2013 Microbiology                                   3
 HSC 1531 Medical Terminology                       3       *MCB2013L Microbiology Lab                               1
*BSC 1086 Anatomy and Physiology II                 3        Elective      Humanities/Fine Arts                      3
*BSC 1086L Anatomy and Physiology II Lab            1                 Total Semester Hours                          14
         Total Semester Hours                      14                 Total Program Semester Hours                  77

First Year Term II                                          *Requires a pre- or co-requisite or proper score on
*CVT 2420     Invasive Cardiology I                 3        placement test. See course description in this catalog
*CVT 2420L Invasive Cardiology I Lab                2        or online.
*CVT 2842L Non-invasive Clinical                    4
*CVT 1200     Cardiopulmonary Pharmacology          3       It is strongly recommended that students see an
         Total Semester Hours                      12       academic advisor or counselor every term.

First Year Term III, Session II and Session III
*CVT 2421     Invasive Cardiology II                 3
*CVT 2421L Invasive Cardiology II Lab                2
 Elective     Social/Behavioral Science              3
         Total Semester Hours                        8

Broward Community College                         Catalog 2005-2006                    1

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