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					                           Bumper Sticker Assignment - Due Monday – August 15

GPS: Students will communicate scientific ideas and activities clearly.
Task: Using the strip of paper given to you, design a meaningful bumper sticker that relates to lab safety.   Be creative,

         make it colorful – create an idea of substance! An average bumper sticker will receive an average grade 

Rubric: (any bumper sticker scored less than 80% are to be re-submitted)

                                      Scholar - √ (100%)
Creativity                   Interesting, engaging, visually stimulating
                             Aesthetically appealing, flavorful use of color
                             Effort and obviously shows time spent
                             All spaces are consumed with a concept and color
                             Slogans are appropriate for ideas

Science Content              Content is accurate comprehensive and well supported
and Literacy                 Scientific concepts are connected
                             Concept is fully and properly explained

Quality of Presentation      Flawless in appearance, not folded
(Professional appearance     Graphics are neatly designed
of product)                  Layout well organized

                                      Amateur - √ (80%)
Creativity                   Some interest and visual appeal
                             Very colorful – gaps on paper, leaving room for other concepts
                             Indicate average time spent

Science Content              Most concepts are accurate with some comprehension
and Literacy                 Slight vagueness in the depiction of scientific thought
                             Ideas presented are creative

Quality of Presentation      Layout is somewhat small, sticker is folded,
(Professional appearance     Slight grammatical errors, graphics are well defined
of product)

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