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					BSN School Uniform
What your child will need
& where to buy it
                       to Year 11

                            Updated August 2011
BSN Uniform Shops
Uniform is worn by all students from Foundation 2 until the end of Year 11. The Main School Uniform Shop
is located on our Leidschenveen Campus in the Community Building. The main shop stocks all items of
uniform excluding footwear. The smaller shop, located in the Senior School in Voorschoten, stocks Senior School
items only. Payment at both shops can be made by cash, PIN, Master Card or VISA.

New Families
New arrivals are strongly advised to attend the shop with their child, to allow fitting. Extra opening times are
planned for new families just before the start of each term. These sessions are by appointment only. Please refer
to the school website or BSN Gateway for details of these times. You can also telephone 070 315 4040 or 4077 to
find out when the next special opening is or to make an appointment.

Uniform can be ordered and delivered to you via your child’s school. Payment can be made in cash (in a named,
labelled envelope) via the School Offices. To order uniform this way, please complete an order form on BSN Gate-
way. Please note that online payment is not yet available.

  FINDING THE SCHOOL UNIFORM SHOP                               Main Uniform Shop
                                                                Leidschenveen Campus
                                                                Vrouw Avenweg 640,2493 WZ, Den Haag
  The Main School Uniform Shop is located on our
  Leidschenveen Campus.                                         Monday 08:45 - 10:30
                                                                Thursday 08:45 - 10:30
  Please use the maps below to orientate yourself - the         Thursday 15:00 - 16:00 (first Thursday of the month)
  shop can be found in the third building on the campus
  within the Language Centre/ Community Building.               Senior School Uniform Shop
                                                                Senior School Campus
                                                                Jan van Hooflaan 3, 2252 BG Voorschoten

                                                                Thursday 12:45 - 13:15 (for parents)
                                                                Thursday 13:15 - 14:00 (for students)
What your child will need...
Parents may obtain skirts and/or trousers from other outlets if they prefer, as long as they conform to BSN
regulations. Although the regulations allow for some interpretation according to fashion trends, parents are
asked to be mindful that older students in particular do not push the boundaries of this flexibility too far...
Minimum skirt lengths in particular are to be adhered to.

Junior School - F2 to Year 6
Winter Uniform                                                         Summer Uniform
•	   BSN White Polo Shirt                                              As to the left, but with additional options of:
     with royal blue trim and logo (short or long sleeved)
•	   BSN Royal Blue Sweatshirt or Cardigan                             •	    BSN Summer Blue Stripe Dress (Girls only)
     with lion logo
                                                                       •	    Navy Blue Tailored Shorts (Boys only)
•	   Navy Blue Skirt or Pinafore
•	   Navy Blue Trousers
•	   White or Navy Blue Socks or Tights                                Summer Footwear
     (cropped white or blue leggings under skirts are NOT allowed)     •	   White, Black or Navy Shoes or closed toe
Winter Footwear                                                             sandals NO OPEN-TOED SANDALS
•	   Black or Navy Blue Leather Shoes

Senior School - Years 7, 8 & 9                                         Senior School -Years 10 & 11
•	   BSN White Polo or White Short-Sleeved Blouse                      •	    BSN White Polo Shirt or White 3/4- Sleeved
     with blue lion logo                                                     Blouse with white lion logo
•	   BSN Round-Necked Royal Blue Sweatshirt                            •	    BSN Round- Necked Black Sweatshirt
     with lion logo                                                         with lion logo

•	   or BSN V-Neck Royal Blue Sweatshirt                               •	    or BSN Black V-Neck Sweater or Cardigan
•	   Black Skirt length- length just above knee to mid-calf (Girls)    •	    Black Skirt length - just above knee to mid-calf (Girls)
•	   Black Trousers no jeans - max flare width 25cm (Girls or Boys)    •	    Black Trousers no jeans - max flare width 25cm (Girls or Boys)
•	   Black or White socks or tights                                    •	    Black or White Socks or Tights

Footwear                                                               Footwear
•	   Black or Navy Blue Leather Shoes - NO BOOTS                       •	    Black Leather Shoes - NO BOOTS

Additional items available from the Uniform Shop
•	   Library Bag                                                      •	    School Bag
•	   PE Bag                                                           •	    Technology Apron ( Y7, 8, & 9)
•	   Calculator (Y5 onwards)                                          •	    Laboratory Coat (Y12 & Y13)
•	   Insulated Lunch Bag
BSN Sports Kit
 Junior School
 F2 - YEAR 2                                               YEAR 3 - 6
 •	    Navy Blue Shorts                                    •	    Navy Blue Shorts or Sports Skirt
 •	    Navy Blue Tracksuit Bottoms (optional)              •	    Navy Blue Tracksuit Bottoms
 •	    BSN White Sports T-Shirt with lion logo             •	    BSN Sports Polo shirt in House Colour
 •	    Trainers / Sports Shoes                             •	    BSN Navy Blue Sweatshirt with lion
       with Velcro fastenings for F2 (Reception)                 logo
                                                           •	    Trainers / Sports Shoes

 Senior School
 YEAR 7 - 11                                               Swimwear (Year 7)
 •	    BSN Navy Blue Hoodie with logo                      •	   One Piece Swimming Costume (Girls)
 •	    BSN Sports Top in House Colour with logo            •	   Swimming Shorts                     (Boys)
 •	    BSN Navy Blue Tracksuit Bottoms                     •	   Towel
 •	    Plain Navy Blue or Black Shorts (Girls &
 •	    Plain Navy Blue or Black Sports Skirt or             Additional Sports Items
       Cycle Shorts (Girls)                                                           For the Senior School

 Boys Rugby Kit                                            Essential Items
 •	   BSN Reversible Navy Blue Rugby Shirt                 •	   Shin Guards
                                                           •	   Mouth Guard

 •	   Indoor Trainers (non marking soles only)             Optional Items
 •	   Outdoor Trainers                                     •	    Black Rugby Shorts
 •	   Hockey, Football or Rugby boots                      •	    Black Rugby Socks

School Shoes
Suitable school shoes can be diffcult to find in The Netherlands, but Thiel Kids Shoes in Wassenaar and Clarks in
Den Haag carry a range of suitable school footwear.

There are also sometimes special sales of suitable school shoes organised by external suppliers - details of these
sales are advertised on BSN Gateway.

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