The Correlation Between Emotional Intelligence and Project Success by zulfikarads2010


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                <p>Okay, by now most of you know that emotional
intelligence is my thing. Â Don't get me wrong. Â It's not the ONLY
thing. Â I'm not a hammer looking for a nail in everything that I see.
 There are other things that make people and projects successful.
 Things like technical knowledge, education, experience, creativity,
innovation, and a resourceful project team among many others. Â All I am
saying is that we have become so automated with how we market, bid or
negotiate, budget, schedule, and build that this people thing seems to be
the only thing left that can be dramatically improved. Â It's the final
frontier. Â And ask yourself a question: Â Are most problems on a project
process related or people related? Â Everyone knows the answer to that
one. Â Even safety, quality, and productivity have much more to do with
relationships and motivation than some technical procedure that someone
doesn't follow.</p>
<p>Most contractors and engineers have the same reputation, the same
brand identity, and the same marketing. Â They are reliable, responsible,
technically excellent, and they can execute a project like nobody's
business. Â But it seems to me that everyone is bringing that to the
table. Â Contractors get the same vendor and subcontractor and material
prices so there is no competitive advantage there. Â So what is your
competitive advantage? Â It's your people. Â Period. Â And it's not their
technical expertise or experience. Â That is an expectation. Â That is
the price of entry. Â What owners are looking for are people who can
create great relationships, who are easy to work with, who create a sense
of team. Â And many of the owners want the process to be more fun and
engaging. Â Life's too short.</p>
<p>If you are focused on the numbers, reducing margins and overhead,
looking for technical solutions for a competitive advantage, then you may
be looking in the wrong place. Â Owners will choose you because they like
you, trust you, and respect you. Â In that order. Â If they don't like
you, you will never get to the trust and respect part. Â I know what some
of you are thinking. Â It's all about the low bidder. Â That has been
true of late, but there will soon be a backlash from that. Â Defaulting
subcontractors and contractors, rising material prices, high risk, and
low margins make everyone fight for every nickel. Â And many of these
projects are ending up in court. Â The lawyers will be the only ones
making money on those projects.</p>                <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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